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  1. A bright beam would come from the sky and strook into the ground like a lighting strike. A apperition of some sorts began to materlise into existance and the beam would disapate. There was a black figure who walked along the road, with a matching helmet and armor which included a contraption on his back that could fire things at hypersonic speeds. A railgun to be precise which seemed to be an extreamly powerful ranged weapon which could accelerate projectiles via two conductive rails. Upon closer inspection it seemed to be a "out of this world" type of person. The name of this fellow space-adventurer was called, Nesy. Nesy is kind and very ambitious when it comes to seeking new places and discovering things that he has never even done before or maybe going out to a exploration of his own. Nesy was dedicated to pioneering in the first place! "...Well, I guess I am in the middle of a forest it seems." He thought. The skies were blue with feathery clouds above the heavens, a beaming sun that penetrated through the forest in the outskirts of the city that he was located in. The enviroment teamed with life and it seemed to be neverendingly going on for what seemed enternity, varriations of plants and a technicolar surrounding that was beautiful to look at. "Sure it looks cool though." He said while he was scanning things around a bit and found very interesting things nevertheless. He had never been to these places of the planet and he was mostly slurping around in the Tavern but now he's finally out of there to continue. He ventured through the vast alien nature and he would be making his way to the location the other guy was. The trees were tall which stretched high into the sky along with leaves that swayed gently with the wind. His feet dragged him through the lush and vegetative ground which made some snapping sounds as he would step on sticks and broken biological residents of trees. His radar was showing biosignatures of animals, beings that were activly moving through the forest but he noticed something else on his 3D map. "...What is that? A shack of some sorts?" He would turn south and walked towards that direction as to fufill his curiosity. "Whoever lives in that shack on my map is sure intelligent." He thought, scratching his head. When he finally saw the house, he was curiously looking around the enviroment surrounding it and there was a few close-by buildings on his map but this one was particularly interesting. Who this alien was seemed to be egalitarian which meant that he believed every intelligent/non-intelligent thing was equal in a sense. Though his concepts were strikingly democratic, maybe a social democracy was the most fitting ideological description. He felt compelled to find out who lived in this strange building or shack. He decided to step from the forest and closer to the building. "...Rather interesting to me." He thought for a brief moment.
  2. Is this in the middle of the forest or something? Or it's in a town.
  3. Yeah! So I do like any race to be honest, demons or angels whatever.
  4. I've actually been here a long time lmao. But sure, we can team up.
  5. Well guys, how about meeting this lad? Maybe learn him some things or maybe make friends! You want to try it out? Sure! Hit me up my friends! He can be anywhere.
  6. I'm back from the dead.

  7. @Waking_Warrior Nesy's eyes moved towards all directions. He seemed to be rather curious about the particular forest. He was very interested in the kind of forest he had stumbled onto anyway. "..Well this forest is sure great." Although, he did not even know anything about what was going on. Thoughts about his own adventures spiraled in his head endlessly. He was just heading towards the Tavern which was far away. Altough he was using his GPS systems to get there. It did take some time but it was better to burn some calories anyway. ":..Wonder what else is hiding there." He thought, continuing to walk through the forest ever so gracefuly. The alien being continued his walk through the woods undisturbed unaware of what was behind or infront of him.
  8. Hey! Announce this for me. Extra-Terrestrial in the wilds of Fracture! Feel free to join!
  9. Nesy would be walking through the wilds of Fracture. He stepped on branches that cracked by his every step since they were on the ground. The sound of the forest engulfed him and it was peaceful; meaning it was quiet and there were no animals around. It may be because of Nesy's precense but maybe they're just more uncommon at his location. Nesy wore a black armor with a matching helmet along with a contraption which was an electromagnetic gun(Railgun) which was capable of firing projectiles at colossal speeds. Overhanging branches on top of the tall trees blocked most of the sun's rays from passing through. It was a dimm forest with many varriations of green plants and just as any other alien planet he had been in there was always something unique about them. How their composition was made up which made him very interested in what elements it could bear as it could prove to be useful in the future. He continued to venture through the strange forest. As any other life-planets he had been in, this planet proved to be one of his interesting findings. He thought about the extra-terrestrial war that went on the wilds of Terrenus or somewhere along that area. He had fought a terrorist apperently but he was mostly calm but very tired after his adventures with other people. He remembered the Preistress and Dauner who were his 2 new companions. Except, she probabaly got ate up by the dragon or kidnapped and Dauner went to chase after it to save her. These were some memories he had which made him smile. They were also funny but grusome as well, being almost destroyed by a dragon was a classic thing that happened to Nesy. Looks like Nesy had been here a lot of times. The thoughts spiraled in his head as he went through the woods of Fracture. His goal was to find more information about this particular planet, to boost his research in the process too. He had been to worse places like lava planets or even celestial bodies that were beyond the size of the largest star he had ever known in the multiverse. Technically, he has never landed on any of the stars because he would obviously be incinirated! The craziest place he had been in was presumingly planet: Aurora which had many aurora borialises scattered across the planet. That was sure a crazy memory. Ohh.. The memories were so satisfying. Nesy, a multiversal member of the Celvestian race. He came here to explore and adventure just like any other curious alien beings that step foot on this planet. Though, he's presumingly the first alien to come here unless if there were other aliens too because he does not know anything else that he was the only living Celvestian on this planet. What will happen now? What will he meet? It'll be the time to find out.
  10. Thanks for the like.

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      No problemo! Cool idea you've got there; I'd join if I could, but am currently maxed out on threads ? hopefully someone joins up with you, though! ❤️

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  11. A thanks for liking my interest check.


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      Unfortunately, my small plate is full at the moment. I won't really be able to bust out and write a lot until March.

      I will be more than happy to write with you at that time, being the area I am working on will soon have many different alien/extraterrestrial plots.

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      Alright, see you then.

  12. UUWHAAAH! Baack from the deaaad!

  13. Hello my name is Nesy! I'm here to do another roleplay perhaps. So I am here to do an alien encounter with someone whatever it is an elf or whatoff. However, I'm an intermediete writer and I love all types of genres. I don't have much to write honestly and I'll just display my character right here. Sorry for being inactive as well, for those who know me. Make sure to PM or reply here if you are up for it.
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