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  1. The forests were burning with fury and fire. Explosions in all directions with lasers dropping from the sky in unimaginable ways. But the people who probabaly came from the Tavern just saw smoke and flashes of light in the distance.. Kaboom! Kabaam! There were a lot of different stuff going on back there. However, the forest was already flattneed and it was just a gigantic warzone with just flat and rocky ground. Prosumingly because the railguns ,lasers, cannons and all that had flattned everything in the vicinity. The Celvestians and the Retruvians only had to rely on their deflectorsheilds. The battlefield fumed with smoke and toxic fumes being emited from the Retruvian tanks that were just destroyed by Celvestian infantry. Those who were far away can only see smoke rising to the clouds and blinding flashes of light. The Celvestians were resourceful but the Retruvians only kept firing and firing endlessly at them. Of course almost dropping the entire mag at them. People around the area could ONLY see air units in the distance along with some small mushroom clouds from the explosions. Did someone nuke it? Nobody knows for sure what technology or whatever the hell it was. Everything about 1KM radius was totally a battlefield , completly flattned , absouloutly obliterated and burnt to ashes. The ground had been blown up many times by many units indeed. However the war was still ongoing and nobody knew what was going on at the moment... However there were still units fighting in the battlefield like a dogfight. The sheer ammount of pure power must been a tremendous ammount to have flattned such areas. Meanwhile Nesy was 1,3KM of in a Celvestian camp that was holding troops. They had to go through there to meet Nesy. Now it was time to talk to Nesy because he was having a break. Altough some troops were fighting out there. "Squadron 2. To your left there are 5 anti-aircraft units!" Nesy alerted the air-squad about anti-aircraft units being placed there. "Working on it sir!" A voice blurted out from the transmission. So the Celvestians decided to use stealth bombers to eradicate the anti-aircraft and so far it has gone really good! "All clear, sir." Now it was time to meet Nesy in the Celvestian camp. Their camp looked a bit strange then other camps because it looked like a temporory command center which had a few blue tents and troops chilling by with some awesome weaponry along with some railgun-based tanks which were siege-tanks and they could definently are hybrids between a tower and a tank.. Very nice artillery based tanks indeed! Heavily armoured tanks that were long ranged but very powerful. Now or never. Find Nesy first and meet him because he's getting ready to fight some Retruvian scum!
  2. @Greenmntman You actually noticed that the alien has left. For what reason? Because the alien recived a threat from an enemy race and he already left for the door.. He left before you could say anything and before you woke up long time ago. But you could hear small bombings in the distance. Guns firing in the distance. There was a loud war in Terrenus's Wilds in a location isolated. However they can track it by sound. All that they can do now is.. To follow the source of the massive faint bombings very far in the distance. What will happen? What really happened is that there was an ongoing alien war. Will Nesy survive? Or sucumb to his fate? It'll for the people to think about.
  3. There's an ongoing small-scale war between 2 unidentified forces. People have reported hearing bombings and strange sounds in the morning. Smoke rising above the sky of Terranus's nature.. Flying objects in the sky firing at eachother in rappid paces. Who is behind this war? If you have any idea who've caused it. Contact your empresses/Nations or anyone higher ranks that are responsible for managing nations immidietly!
  4. --(May contain language)-- 12:00 PM -- Date: ????/??/?? -- Operation: #SaveValucre Meanwhile, somewhere in an isolated location in Terrenus..................................................... After the threat that was sent out in the tavern Nesy had been using his spaceship in kilometers upon kilometers before he landed in an isolated forest, running for his life to confront the Retruvians and the war will shortly start. The war will be so loud that it will shake Terrenus's nature appart by a bit.. Nature can be destroyed. But it is for this planet's best. Nesy couldn't let the retruvians take away all the bautiful world that it present. As Nesy went through the forest of Terrenus and his suddenly armor began bleeping a red alarm and a hologram displayed with a red text that almost scared the heck out of Nesy. They have found him. Nesy had to act quickly after this but there is no needed for a war in this situation. But the Retruvians that were currently hunting for Nesy gave him no damn choice. His railgun was bouncing on his back as he went through the forest with his armor LED alarming Nesy. "....Hmph.." He breathed out and he'd open the transmission. A sudden female robotic automated voice began blurting out of the transmission. "WARNING! WARNING!" "INCOMING ENEMY TRANSMISSION, Retruvia-X91 INBOUND!" A very loud laughter spat out of the Nesy's transmission as he listened through the horrible static and now communications were clear... The demonic voice from the Tavern he had heard had just gotten even fucking scarier.. Following a psychotic laughter and the wind blowing on his back a little. His enemy spoke in the hologram. "Nesy Celvius, you are a fool to come here!" "I will give you a proper fucking funeral!" It said to Nesy with an other laughter. Nesy would have enough of this trickstery from this Retruvian son of a gun. Nesy's arm was by his sides and his legs on the soft darkened ground. "..." He didn't respond but he decided to listen further. "Oh, I'll make your suffering slow and painful! I shall send my small little platoon on you. See how it feels to be shot by 1000 railguns up your nifty little Celvestian bumhole." Nesy somehow burst out laughing to his remark. "You want a mini-war homie? Then I'll give you one! Come at me then scumba-" Nesy was interupted with a bang in the distance. There were 200 siege tanks,400 infantry and 400 spacecrafts incoming to his postion and they were coming in a bit quicker he expected. So Nesy began running for cover. "...Oh! Better send my reinforcements before I get my bumhole wooped!" Nesy navigated swiftly on the hologram and he began transmiting to Celvestia. "Hey guys! I'm bout to get my goose cooked. Better send some help here!" Nesy transmitted to his home planet. A response was quickly set out by one man.. "Nesy Celvius, I have been expecting you. What's botherin ya?" The Celvestian man began to type out some cordinates and he gave a nodd towards Nesy while his face was displayed on the hologram. "Our forces will be positioned there. Run there ASAP!" The hologram transmission cut off.. So Nesy had to make a run of his damn life. There was rappid fire and screams behind Nesy and railguns being shot. These were warcries from his own enemy approaching and the forest was going to get cooked very soon. But in Nesy's suprise there was a platoon of Celvestians stationed close to Nesy as his radar began showing ally reinforcements. "You guys came!" Nesy yelled and the Celvestians gave a cheer towards Nesy. They somehow arrived here before he did. Lucky him! "Attention our Celvestian soilders! My little brother's being attacked by Retruvian forces! We need to make a move and wipe them out!" Nesy's brother? That is a huge suprise. Has he been spying on him since he had came to this planet? Very facinating job honestly. The Celvestians did their quick planning as the Retruvian forces were approaching them by 1KM by every 10 second. They were just 3KM away. "Alright, go defensive! Attack when needed!" "Also! Even saving this planet from Terrorist assholes! This is not about Nesy! This is about the planet as a whole! LET'S DO THIS!" The Celvestians had 300 Infantry, 300 tanks,300 siege tanks and along with 400 very heavily armed big robot units that can morph into a plane and to a space-craft.. Very good units! The Retruvians wont know what's ahead of them.. Suddenly Celvestians took cover and waited for the Retruvians to approach. Nesy would be also fighting along with his brother.. "I die with you in battle, big bro! Nesy said. "I die with you too, brother." Suddenly charges came from the front and the tanks began firing at the Retruvians! The war has started definently.. The Celvestians began firing defensivly at the Retruvians.. Their deflectorsheilds clashed against the bullets and all the lasers coming towards them like a defensive energy shield barrier.. This fight may take a while. There were loud banging in the area around Terrenus's wilds. There were a lot of loud explosions. Rappid fire and bombs being dropped onto the Retruvians as Celvestian anti-spacecraft units shot the Retruvians from the sky and to be bombed... The sky was filled with explosions,fire n fury! There were lasers being fired over all directions and they were in many different colours.. Laser guns,railguns and laser blasters all over the place and there were a lot of Alien technologies being used during this fight.. There were smaller explosions in the area and the trees fell down and succumbed to their fate and there was a lot of smoke.. What will everyone react to this? It'll time to find out.
  5. The attempt of assasination that they carried out on Nesy failed horribly and when the drunk person shot Nesy. At the same time he activated a deflectorsheild which caused a damn energy dome to form around Nesy. The projectile of the weapon hit the sheild causing it to bounce around the room. But luckily nobody was hit. "..." Nesy was not suprised with this. But when people started to scream Nesy had to do something and he immidietly began yelling.. "EVERYONE, STAY BLOODY CALM!" He began yelling ".. Alright.. Allow me to freaking explain here.." When he explained to everyone in the Tavern they begun to understand. "I'm gonna have to deal with this bullshit from now on.. So stay calm! These are just terrorist aliens trying to track me down!" Nesy would announce to the Tavern. Nesy began to calm down a little as he grabbed his helmet on the table and snapped it on. Then he turned towards Vaddok. "... We are all in potentiall danger to get wiped out. It is not my fault.. The enemies of Celvestia are terrorist. They somehow found my frequency so the only fault here was just that the Celvestians haven't patroled this area good enough.. But they do not know where I am yet. Right now they're on this planet looking for me. So I have to deal with some assholes." "Sorry everyone! But I need to deal with a potentiall threat!" He would announce again before turning to Vaddok.. Before giving this madlad a little salut. "If I die on the battlefield I die for you all.." Nesy responded with a heroic voice as he began to walk towards his railgun that was on the table.. "I'm leaving, I'll be back if I'm not already dead." Nesy grabbed his railgun and he snapped it on the back mount. "...." Nesy began walking towards the door.. This is it.. The war will start soon enough. But he had to get out of the Tavern. However! Everyone was safe in the Tavern rather then outside. "You guys are safe in here! I just need to go to an isolated location before they find me here. So, no worries guys! I'll be far away before this war starts!" Nesy would be gone before this war started. The war has just started..
  6. Greetings ladies and gentlemen in Valucre. A disturbing war has broken out between 2 races. One are Celvestians which are commanded by Nesy. One are Retruvians commanded by..Someone. This will become an epic battle in between 2 races! However not the entire force will be there. So what should you expect? Destruction Ruined nature Chaos Potential death tool. Loads of violence. Terror. How did the small scale war start out? It all started out in the "Tavern of Legends Season 3." when Nesy got a transmission from his enemy that they have found him. While he was just goofing around with his extra terrestrial friends which was interupted by a warning. The Retruvians will send an entire arsenal of 1000 troops that will be hunting for Nesy and including eradicating this entire planet.. But Nesy wont give up because his troops will reinforce Nesy during the fight so the troop ammount is like 1000. This war will happen somewhere in the forests of Valucre in an isolated location 50KM away from the large Tavern. So where will this war break out? Somewhere in Terrenus in the wild natures. It'll start out silently but ends with total destruction. Will Nesy save Terrenus from total destruction by Retruvian forces. Or he'll die in glory? Time to find out who wins.. -- My OC. So who's going to be the retruvian? It's work in progress but maybe it's going to be NPC's Everyone may join this small little event I planned.
  7. I'm gonna make something REALLY crazy.

  8. Nesy's hologram suddenly began displaying a gigantic red text infront of him..His armor's LED's began turning bright red. The screen blinked red in an alarm-fasion. The hologram was 30CM away from his face and that made him jump. His hologram blurted out a female voice that was fairly loud. There was a sudden transmission on something and an alarm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. ... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... .... .... ... .... .... ... ... ... .... .... .... .... .. .... . . . . . . .. . . . .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... . "WARNING! WARNING!" "INCOMING TRANSMISSION FROM AN ENEMY SOURCE! RETRUVIA-1X93 INBOUND." Should Nesy accept the transmission? Well, Nesy couldn't do anything as he'd clicked on the "Accept" buttom on his screen. What were Retruvians? They were the enemies of Celvestia. Nesy thought for a moment.. This has to be a mistake! No no! Nesy began to have this paniced expression as he saw static on the screen.. Following by a psycothic laughter.. Well it was fairly loud. Laughter was heard along with some static behind the screen and it seemed to be from an enemy who has long hated Nesy due to his popularity back at his planet. Whoever this enemy is.. That is someone who comes for Nesy. "Where are you? Nesy.. Come out come out wherever you are.." Psychotic laughter was heard once again. Nesy gulped and he'd angerily said.. "What the bloody hell do you want from me? How the hell did you find my frequency?!" Nesy asked with a slight more angrier but more confident voice. "SHUTUP!! CELVESTIAN SCUM!" A psychotic scream was heard.. It sounded male but demonic. A table slam was heard from the transmission and it was almost if like the person behind the static was sitting by a table. "Nesy Celvius... I've been looking for you for decades. I know which planet you are in and I will be the one to put your head as my trophy once I... FIND YOU!!" The voice sounded even more scarier and threatning.. Which made Nesy snap. "Piss off you son of a gun! You have no right to interupt me!" Nesy seemed to have a horrible arguement with his own enemy behind the holographic screen and he shut the hologram off. Before he shut the hologram he heard something else.. "I WILL FIND YOU-" The feed cut off with a terrifying scream from the enemy. Nesy gave off a deep deep sigh.. This arguement can probabaly make the entire tavern turn to Nesy's area. This wasn't good. This arguement was indeed very loud.
  9. Nesy blinked and he'd turn the LED lights on which offered a little bit of visability as he looked through the darkness.. "Oh.. If someone robs my railgun then I can just track it down using something called a: GPS.." He explained to him silently.."Though I can always buy a new one because I got insurance on it.." Nesy was silent on his seat as he stared around the dark room.. Altough he has a little visability. His armour looked pretty red and slick during the dark. "Hmph.." Due to the LED's on his armour of course!
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