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  1. @Waking_Warrior Nesy's eyes moved towards all directions. He seemed to be rather curious about the particular forest. He was very interested in the kind of forest he had stumbled onto anyway. "..Well this forest is sure great." Although, he did not even know anything about what was going on. Thoughts about his own adventures spiraled in his head endlessly. He was just heading towards the Tavern which was far away. Altough he was using his GPS systems to get there. It did take some time but it was better to burn some calories anyway. ":..Wonder what else is hiding there." He thought, continuing to walk through the forest ever so gracefuly. The alien being continued his walk through the woods undisturbed unaware of what was behind or infront of him.
  2. Hey! Announce this for me. Extra-Terrestrial in the wilds of Fracture! Feel free to join!
  3. Nesy would be walking through the wilds of Fracture. He stepped on branches that cracked by his every step since they were on the ground. The sound of the forest engulfed him and it was peaceful; meaning it was quiet and there were no animals around. It may be because of Nesy's precense but maybe they're just more uncommon at his location. Nesy wore a black armor with a matching helmet along with a contraption which was an electromagnetic gun(Railgun) which was capable of firing projectiles at colossal speeds. Overhanging branches on top of the tall trees blocked most of the sun's rays from passing through. It was a dimm forest with many varriations of green plants and just as any other alien planet he had been in there was always something unique about them. How their composition was made up which made him very interested in what elements it could bear as it could prove to be useful in the future. He continued to venture through the strange forest. As any other life-planets he had been in, this planet proved to be one of his interesting findings. He thought about the extra-terrestrial war that went on the wilds of Terrenus or somewhere along that area. He had fought a terrorist apperently but he was mostly calm but very tired after his adventures with other people. He remembered the Preistress and Dauner who were his 2 new companions. Except, she probabaly got ate up by the dragon or kidnapped and Dauner went to chase after it to save her. These were some memories he had which made him smile. They were also funny but grusome as well, being almost destroyed by a dragon was a classic thing that happened to Nesy. Looks like Nesy had been here a lot of times. The thoughts spiraled in his head as he went through the woods of Fracture. His goal was to find more information about this particular planet, to boost his research in the process too. He had been to worse places like lava planets or even celestial bodies that were beyond the size of the largest star he had ever known in the multiverse. Technically, he has never landed on any of the stars because he would obviously be incinirated! The craziest place he had been in was presumingly planet: Aurora which had many aurora borialises scattered across the planet. That was sure a crazy memory. Ohh.. The memories were so satisfying. Nesy, a multiversal member of the Celvestian race. He came here to explore and adventure just like any other curious alien beings that step foot on this planet. Though, he's presumingly the first alien to come here unless if there were other aliens too because he does not know anything else that he was the only living Celvestian on this planet. What will happen now? What will he meet? It'll be the time to find out.
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  6. UUWHAAAH! Baack from the deaaad!

  7. Hello my name is Nesy! I'm here to do another roleplay perhaps. So I am here to do an alien encounter with someone whatever it is an elf or whatoff. However, I'm an intermediete writer and I love all types of genres. I don't have much to write honestly and I'll just display my character right here. Sorry for being inactive as well, for those who know me. Make sure to PM or reply here if you are up for it.
  8. Nesy turned towards the patrons and he spoke to answer the man's question. "Yes, it was a heck of a war out there." Nesy spoke to the man and he turned towards the window. So as proof Nesy snapped open a holographic video. Seeing the results of the war that happened in the wilds of Terrenus. Indeed everything was a desolated wasteland but Terrenus is so big that it wont make any difference for such alien war that happened but it was sure a lot of damage. Nesy had taken the mug of ale that was delivered to him and he took it. "Thanks" He nodded to him and he would continue to speak. But while they were doing buisness Nesy took a little look around the area and he decided to continue talking to him. "Yeah, that war went well. It's over and there.. Aren't anymore enemies to fight because they've probabaly retreated." He explained once again before he snapped off his helmet. Revealing his quad-coloured eyes as he blinked. Then he sipped the drink and placed the helmet on the table. "Huh... Man I am just tired." He chuckled a little. @jaistlyn
  9. All of the sudden the door would be opened and the alien high-technological humanoid walked through the door of the Tavern. Fun fact.. He is an extra-terrestrial or an alien to be precise. "Good to be back." Nesy spoke to himself as he continued. He was wearing a high-tech armor with a huge weapon that appeared to be a FREAKING railgun on his back and he was simply all tired after the extra-Terrestrial alien war that happened in Terrenus. Nesy would be standing there his armour was slightly dirty and greasy but still very fancy looking and he appeared to be very tired from walking a huge mile of distance from the warzone and then back at this place. The Alien man was 5¨9 or 5¨8. Who was this extra-terrestrial being? Well a few people in the Tavern knew this man and they knew he was an alien. Although Nesy's suit did a little robotic noise as he passed the rows of tables as he was headed towards the disposal of weapons although he would unlock the railgun that was mounted on his back and he put a safety-mount on the barrel so that it wouldn't accidently freaking fire. Then he placed the railgun down on the disposal where it would be tempororly taken care of. "...Whew.. I am finally back." Nesy exclaimed to himself before glancing at everyone inc,uding Tella. But it wasn't seen because his helmet was blocking where he was looking at. The glass of the helmet seemed black but it looked like a military helmet with military goggles intergrated. His suit was having these fancy LED looking lines on the torso and the arms which looked like they were glowing a red colour in that. Nesy's eyes were Quad-colured if his face was exposed and his face looked pretty casual although the eyes would give it away that he was an other extra-terrestrial being. "..Whew.." He exclaimed to himself before he sat down on an empty table and he looked down roughly to himself and he snapped open this holographic floating screen and he began typing about the war that happned. "Whew! This war was crazy!" Nesy wrote and he began writing the details. "Yes, we had a war out there and basically against terrorist groups trying to destroy the entire freaking planet! Well-" He continued to write a lot of details of what happened out there and meeting Dauner,Aya which were both very good friends indeed. Question is............ Who will notice Nesy's arrival from the war? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. Nesy discovered that Aya was missing including the man but Nesy immidietly noticed that the man was incased in a crystaline structure. "Okay, I am breaking this." Nesy slammed the crystaline structure with the railgun because it was used for smashing things too as it was a multi-tool thing. "Hehe.. Always good to have multi-tools." But Nesy heard that the man had been shouting about Aya was missing. "Holy crap, she's been swooped." Appearently he had gotten the answers.. Nesy was appearently noticing that he was gone and he was simply scratching his head. "..Aya is gone. Oh well. I.. That's a shame." Nesy looked down as the man was untrapped from the crystaline barrier and he let out a big sigh. He had also noticed there were gold-coins and such including currency that was important but should he share with Dauner? Of course he would and he would including the map too. Nesy didn't need to because he would snap a picture of the map on the ground with the hologram and he knew he could navigate. "Alright Dauner. I think we should go now. I am not sure if Aya survived but that's her..Belongings.." He would call Dauner over and once he had arrived he would say. "...Let's get back to the Tavern shall we?" He would respond to the man who had appearently slain the dragon along with Nesy. So Nesy went over to the Tavern which were to be miles away. So across the warzone as well including towards the other lands that has been destroyed by the alien-war that had ended. So Nesy disappeared if Dauner didn't come with but if he did.. Then he would just be at the Tavern.
  11. Nesy was thrown upwards and Gozen catched him of course. "WUAAAAHHOWAAH!" Nesy would be catched while in the air by Gozen which was the allied dragon to Dauner and the rest of the group and Nesy would sigh in relief. "Thanks mate!" He told Gozen as he was fled off towards an other location and he was almost unaware what was happening right behind of Nesy. He turned his head towards the Dragon who wanted to kill him and yelled. "Suck that dumb dragon-ball-explosive-piece-off-worthless-crap!" Nesy yelled behind the dragon who tried to kill him and he was done with the fight now. Once Gozen put him into the ground he sighed in relief over that he lived. After that there was just silence. @Dauner Light @Priestess
  12. "Oh oh! It's coming straight at me!" Nesy yelled as he began running towards Dauner. While Nesy ran he would activate the deflectorshield once again which acted as an energy barrier which could presumingly to act as a second line of defence against the dragon or something. But Nesy was running pretty atheltically towards Dauner and he would literally pant as Dauner and Nesy meet paths and they would be running straight at eachother. "I'm comin mate!" Nesy said as he was having the deflectorshield barrier on and Dauner could see this weird glowy dome around Nesy and it seemed to move along with him. He attempted to run towards him now with all of his speed and Nesy would aim the railgun as he ran towards Dauner and it was aimed at the feet of the dragon and he shot one big hell of a bullet at the Dragon's claws which basically shredded up the dragon's claws that were headed for Nesy and the railgun pierced through the dragons foot which caused the leg to snap and fall off the Dragon just as he managed to get to Dauner. "THAT WAS INTENSE!" Nesy yelled as he would manage to get to Dauner while the Dragon was roaring in pain due to loosing it's leg. What Dauner saw is that there was a gigantic beam of light coming from the railgun and the bright bullet headed towards the dragon's foot. @Priestess @Dauner Light
  13. The Alien was shaking around due to the explosions and Nesy had ENOUGH of this. So Nesy activated a deflectorshield appearently some kind of energy barrier as he aimed the railgun at the enemy dragon. "WATCH OUT! Time to be a bait" Nesy screamed and he would fire the railgun shaking the ground violently underneth his feet. So Nesy was acting as a bait for the dragon so he would run around and fire the railgun at the dragons maulth. It was like a bullet traveling at alarming speeds at the dragons maulth as it fired upon Nesy, but he appearently dodged the firebeam and slided across the ground as he fired an other shot at the dragon. But he would also distract the dragon by running around and firing railgun non-stop. The deflectorshield was going to run out of energy pretty soon and his energy barrier thingy was definently can be seen and he was definently getting a little fiesty at the enemy dragon so Nesy kept acting as a bait and he continuesly ran around the area for it to chase Nesy. The enemy dragon would definently chase Nesy around after firing a lot of shots at it. Nesy was feeling a lot of rage in his body as he fired the railgun at the dragon's eyes furiously and including it's weaker spots he thought it had. Nesy's firing at the dragon continued and continued which constantly sent the bullets at it in violent speeds. Presumingly enough to shatter or pierce through the dragon that was doing it's explosions at the group. "DIE DIE DIE!" He yelled as he continuesly shot it at least 3-4 times before he continued to run around and distract it like a madlad alien he was. @Priestess @Dauner Light
  14. "Dragons? Oh well these are certainly some interesting creatures-" He would be interupted by the sound of a distress call from somebody being chased from a dragon. "Huh?" Nesy thought for a moment whenever to fight or not but he decided to fight because Nesy's railgun offers great range for killing a dragon this large but Nesy thought that was the biggest dragon he had heard before. Nesy listened and appearently learned about the goblin thing they have killed and Nesy would think for himself about all of this happening. So Nesy would be seeing a dragon to see that approaching and he would even hear it and it was fairly big. His radar systems beeped and Nesy would grab his railgun out of his back once more. "Alright.." Nesy reloaded and he dug his feet to the ground a little while aiming the railgun at the incoming dragon. "Yeah, it's quite small honestly. Though, easy to kill am I right?" Nesy exclaimed breifly before turning his head towards the dragon approaching. He was about to fire at the Dragon. "Tell me whenever to fire. Because it might be out of range." Nesy said while still aiming for the right moment to shoot. Nesy seemed rather confident that they could take out a dragon like that big! "Wow.. This dragon's sure a big one.. But we can take it down together.."
  15. He would let him do the job and he watched as he literally killed the monster infront of him. "Hm.. Nice." Nesy thought as he began to grab his heavy railgun and he examined it for a brief moment. There seemed to be no damage done and he placed it behind his back on the mount. Nesy would snap it in place and when she said her name to him and Dauner he responded. "Well, that's a bautiful name for a lady like you. Aya, We appreciate your help. " Nesy nodded to the lady and he would check his body for any damages. "No damages done to my body at least. No thank you, appreciate it." Nesy gave a respectful nodd towards the Aya. Nesy turned towards the dead monster on the rocky road and he shrugged. "Well, this thing's had a bad day already. Appearently it wont get up anytime soon." Nesy had a scandinavish voice and he seemd rather calm after that event. Though Nesy spoke to Dauner. "Trust me man, I've seen worse then that..." Nesy pated him on the shoulder and nodded respectfuly. Before he stretched his back. He seemed and alright and fine. "I am gonna bet that we're gonna come across beings on this planet may be worse and a lot stronger then that thing we have killed.. Who knows? " Nesy spoke and appearently he didn't say anything further then that because he was done speaking for now.
  16. Nesy saw the wounding and the furious battle going on and but Nesy was strong and he knew what to do in these situations anyway! So Nesy began to prepere himself as he stood next to Arya and he was readying his railgun.. He was constantly aiming his railgun at it but he was pretty much breathing a little heavily.. "Holy crap.." Nesy saw the monster still alive and appearently it must've had a second brain or some weird metabolism of course. Nesy was almost prepering his deflectorshield before she took the strike first and Nesy would immidietly position himself next to her. "Oh man!" Nesy responded as the monster almost hit him and Arya saved him appearently. "Thanks for that one!" Nesy nodded to Arya and he began to prepere himself for more battle. He noticed the man with the pistol trying to decapitate the monster but of course there was something wrong. Altough Nesy didn't seem to be phased or endangered by Arya's magic and it was of course having some healing energy on it. Considering Nesy's ranged and powerful but maybe together they could even be more powerful then the monster! When Arya mentioned the barrier Nesy began to think for a moment and he noticed that it might have some protection...He thought this idea of hers was wonderful for breaking a barrier like this "Yes! We need to break this barrier of course. Because appearently overloading it with a lot of damage breaks it! So we need to be together to merge our damages together! It just works like an energy shield!" Nesy liked the idea of Arya and he began to aim the railgun at the monster. "Okay so it's just like a deflectorshield! Charge Charging the electricity!" Nesy began noticing that It was appearently an other kind of deflectorshield so it was magic eh. "Aha!" Nesy began to get an idea. So Nesy decided to charge the railgun up and he was holding the trigger and he was not releasing it. "ALL SET! READY TO GO!" Nesy's railgun was supercharged at this point and it could literally do some serious damage. Appearently the voltage and the speed of the railgun was maximized so it should do some insane ammount of damage to the barrier which can also appearently blow up due to the high speeds. "Guys! Make some room because this thing has some insane recoil!" Nesy said to them as he was doing some things with his legs and they noticed that he was digging his feet down for better support and standing. So Nesy would dig his feet into the ground and held it as a Rocket launcher. If they all were ready and if Nesy released the trigger then it would shake the ground increadibly violently and can cause a lot of havoc if not careful with where it is being aimed at. The insane recoil would've had sent him flying if he wasn't ready and obviously he was ready and steady.
  17. Nesy responded with an odd tone on his voice. "..I nearly don't know anybody.." He responded with a strange tone as always. "Are there people coming towards u-" But when before he could say anything he discovered that there was a lot of rustling in the bushes and Nesy blinked for a brief moment. He squinted at the sight of the 2. "Hey there..." He waved a little weakly but he managed to rise up. But when he pulled up his pistol he almost gripped his railgun but before he could've done that he hesitated for a moment. Maybe he isn't hostile. But he saw the girl who was next to the armored guy and he began to rethink here. But before he could ask anything he'd heard thundering in the distance and something bad was going to come and he noticed everything starting to rappidly change around him and then he suddenly noticed the light levels changing and that he had a black weave on his body and including Dauner's body. "What the he-" He saw the thing smash on the ground and he'd grabbed his railgun running besides them and he pointed at the gigantic creature. Appearently his stamina is all restored as well. "Whoah! That thing's hella furious that's for sure!" Nesy responded with a serious yelling tone he always uses when discovering a heavy hostile and he even gave a small little chuckle.. "This will be fun for sure.." Nesy was definently ready for an imminent fight and he readied himself. Nesy was right besides Arya and he'd aimed the railgun at the thing.. He was about to fire at the thing but he discovered a lot of details in the process. "..." He saw the arena-like structure too and everything else that was absouloutly terrafying. "Challange accepted!" Nesy said and he began firing at the thing with his railgun. He charged it up and then it begun firing at the thing which sent out a beam of cyan light with a bright projectile at the neck of the monster . If the thing had not enough armor then it would've pierced through it or blown it up on the spot. But if the thing had enough armor then it'd seriously dent it's armor and probabaly damage it's structural integrity. The railgun had a little recoil but he managed to handle that serious recoil this powerful weapon of his had. @Dauner Light @Priestess
  18. It was now silent and nothing seemed to be flashing. The war had appearently stopped and there was absoloute silence following by after that war that happened over there. That was an interesting war that could've been felt all the way from here. But most importantly it had stopped and they never knew what happened to Nesy. But when will they find out? Maybe soon enough when they will find him. But where could've Nesy had gone?
  19. He opened his maulth and spoke to Daunar. "I honestly don't mind you asking a few questions..." He responded and meanwhile Nesy was too focused in the conversation with an other person and he didn't notice anything happening in the background and he responded to the guy's question about what he was doing here. "My name is Nesy Celvius and I'm a Celvestian.." Altough Nesy did notice some weird light fading in the area and he decided to ignore it because he was too focused conversing with a dude. He'd cracked his back for a moment and he rose up from the ground to take a little look at Dauner. So he was a multiversal member of a powerful race but he was just one of them and he introduced himself to an other being just like he's been doing to other beings around this planet. When he asked about the dead soilder he responded with a little serious tone. "If you see any dead soilders. They might be Retruvians or Celvestians. Retruvia is an enemy and a terrorist nation in the multiverse." He explained to the other male who was currently asking questions for him to answer. "Yes, there was a furious battle just broke out 2,3 or 2,4KM east from here. Just saying there's nothing much to see and there's just ashes and flattned ground so there might be some dead bodies and destroyed tanks." He answered pretty much all his questions so he didn't mind it. "Yes there was a serious war on a terrorist group who were hunting for me appearently.."He coughed a little and he'd cleared his throat before giving off a little chuckle. "It was more like a very weird warfare goin' on you see.." Just 2,4 KM off there was a former-warzone that was appearently flattned and in ashes. Appearently there was a furious skirmish going on and the Celvestians luckily dealed with it. @Dauner Light @Priestess
  20. Nesy could hear something coming towards him and he didn't know what it was but he was breathing all fine and he didn't seem to be dead yet.. Who could this man be? Nobody knew the exact answer but who was he? He could notice his breathing patterns are slow and optimal and it seemed to be alive. This would get Nesy's attention and this resulted him in slightly jolting a bit. Which then his hand moved to the side. Nesy's head peaked up at the curious man who was standing right infront of him.. "Oi.." He said with a suprised tone of a voice because the man appearently had startled the alien a little.. Altough he didn't seem hostile and in reality he was now neutral. He would still have his railgun on his back like he usually does. "What's up?" Nesy didn't seem bruised but he had some dirty armor indeed. Of course he was a survivor but he was very tired. "Just very tired, that's it.." He answered his question just in case if he was asking that kind of question anyway.
  21. After the colosal war that happened in a isolated forest in Terrenus, Nesy was simply wandering around the wilds of Terrenus in a forest somewhere. He simply walked along a path entierly tired. His railgun on his back was seen bumping around on his back. Appearently he was armed with a suit along with a visor helmet. Appearently Nesy sighed as he walked along the path and his armour was dirty. That's what happens when a war is engaged. This tired alien soilder wandered aimlessly along the dirt path. "Aggh..." Nesy would fall to his knees and roll onto the dirt ground and into the sky. He would be crawling his way to a big rock to the left and he simply sat in a upright position. Well, Nesy was simply very tired and he was exauhsted. "Man.. Oh man.." The Alien soilder rested on a very big rock that was appearently very mossy. He was breathing a little heavy altough he looked like he walked through a desert. His armor was covered in moss and metal splinters. "....Man.." He said to himself as he cracked his back and he seemed to be rather exauhsted after the war and the 2.5KM walk away from the warzone.
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