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  2. Kitana was surprised to see the man sit and relax. she was very confused as his aura was a deep shade of green. Kitana could see how one felt by the color around them the green around Duaner indicated he was calm and content. "Who are you?" Kitana worked up the courage to say whilst still hide among the trees, crawling about quietly. she watched and waited. She didn't understand Humans They were. . . Ineresting yet frustrating. she watched but was iritable
  3. Kitana Watched and waited unaware that she was able to be sensed and slowly crawled over the branches silently trying to find the source of the original sound that rang in her head. it came as no suprise to Kitana that she wanted to find the source, she was always, since she was little, a curious creature. always trying to find something and never giving up until she found or killed it, she felt uneasy with this, this source. like they knew something. just then, Kitana caught it, or rather him, a man walking looking around him, it seemed as though he couldn't see. Kitana contined to crawl on the branches and trunks of tree doing the best to make no noise "Curious. . ." she whispers to herself. Kitana felt calm and eager, yet still, worried and distant.
  4. Kitana sat silent full of loathing. "free...free...free.free" She rocked back and forth. hitting her back against the tree in the forest. staring at the lights of the city. She got up when she heard the sound of someone entering the forest, it was loud and yet quiet, Kitana could tell that the person was alone. "Scared...scared...scared" she climbed up the tree and sat peacefully on a thick branch
  5. In an asylum she sits constantly being watched. there wasn't anything for her. Kitana Sat in her room waiting to be transferred to a cell. "We need to keep her calm or she's kill one of us" Kitana floated in her room, curled i a ball. She felt the eyes watching her. she couldn't help it. it was fun to be as 'crazy' as she was. Kitana was send to get 'treatment' for her crimes. she killed 12 innocent kids and her teacher. she loved it. And yet. . . it was odd to her that other thought it as 'wrong'. The men in white coats came back and Kitana dropped to the floor. "Restraine the Mut," said the biggest. "And make sure you drag her" ~~~ Kitana walked inside of her class room and sat. she pulled out a book and stated reading. Then, a student thruogh an eraser at the back of her head, she ignored it until it happened for the ninth time. "WITH YOU QUIT IT!?!? YOUR SO IMATURE!! MAYBE YOU SHOULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO KEEP YOU IMMORALITY TO A MINIMUM!!" She grabbed the pencil off of her desk and guided it into a students neck. then pulled it out watching as the blood spurted out onto her and the floor. It was the best moment of her life. ~~~ @Dauner Light
  6. "It's fine" Kitana was getting annoyed with Dauners exuses.
  7. She noticed Dauner's emotion change from earlier, she was one to be careful with victims and friends, often to be caught seeing them the same, but there were rare moments the Kitana would put in thought of her choices, "Hmm? you know what," Kitana shaped into her fox form and lay down so she was low enough for Dauner to hop on "I'm asking that you politely get on". Kitana suddenly got a sense of anxiety, anger, worry, and fear over herself. "Quickly."
  8. Kitana walked out of her room in a teal towel and called to Tsubaki "Lets go bunny" she looked at Dauner smiling "I cant leave you here. you wanna go to the pool"
  9. "no . . . it feels like shes. . . .hm. . . nevermind. how long till your friend gets here?" asked Tsubaki. she trotted over to the plate of scones "you mind" she asked
  10. "Yes i Hunt" said kitana almost too quiet to hear. she stood and went to her room quietly "hmm. . . shes not normally like this, she is being very odd. but only since you came along"
  11. "she rarely eats 'human' food. when she does its cuz she can't find any food to catch" the cat used a paw to point to the fridge "might i ask who your friend is?" Tsubaki asked rather interested.
  12. Kitana Silently walked back into the Kitchen not looking up and put the last scone on the plate and sat down starring at her empty plate, while Dauner ate she silently listen to music . "well it looks like she can't hear us. . . poor girl shes been alone since she was 9 yrs old. . ." Said Tsubaki "here" Tsubaki Shifted into a cat and sat on a stool next to Dauner. "She's was very odd last night. . . put aside the fact that she doesn't sleep. How long Have you Been in the city?" Asked the cat. Kitana circled her finger around her plates outer line, her face covered by her long blue hair.
  13. "Really?!?!" Yelled Kitana Who was now on the floor. she got up and dusted herself off "no but i can be a different animal" Kitana walked over to Dauner And Got Very Close with an angry expression before her face completely change and she blushed brightly. "breakfast is about done" She put her head down and pointed the Kitchen island that had a few full plates of the most delicious smelling food ever "Sorry. . . "
  14. Kitana was in the kitchen with her earbuds in dancing to the music and swiftly moving from one spot to another she had a odd feeling of eyes on here but dismissed it as her pup. she flipped pancakes and iced cookies, mixing what looked to be iced tea and floated upward to grab a couple plates from a cabinet. she never noticed that the other person in her home finally came out and kept flouting here and there dancing happily. Tsubaki walked out and stood nest to Dauner watching her owner. "Shes lonely" Said the dog "See how she moves . . . like she's dancing with someone? i wish i could help her" the dog laid down by Dauners feet with sad eyes.
  15. Kitana Was not one that needed sleep so she sat on her bed and silently read for the next few hours, every now and then getting up so go grab a snake or let Tsubaki out. she went to her window and notice that it was dawn. "i should make breakfast" she whispered to herself before heading for her bedroom door
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