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  1. Just as expected, it happened , someone lit the fuse and, in an instant chaos had erupted. Screeching from several skeletons being torn apart, limb from limb. Something about that made him chuckle. He overheard someone shouting "i bought this, its mine" and worked his way towards them as, they were the target of the skeletons. He Fired his weapon, Targeting joints specifically, Bits of shattered bone flying ever which way he worked his way through the crowd, careful to aim low to avoid any crossfire. "Smart, cant put themselves together again if there's no joints to reassemble" ignoring the voice he focused on the battle unfolding in front of him. He was nearly to the scrollbearer when he noticed that one of the skeletons were different. putting off much, much more heat. He flung open his duster, grabbed the reloader marked explosive and loaded the big revolver before aiming at the skeleton and firing. The recoil was significantly more than normal but entirely manageable as it pushed the explosive payload towards its target, not worried about the increased heat, which he noticed the ground near it was melting. These were tungsten cased shells The round struck true, between the eyes of the skeleton, its head flying off the neck bones holding it Then the strangest thing happened, there was no explosion , no kaboom, the Skeleton kinda stumbled around untill it found its head and replaced it on its shoulders and then it leveled its gaze at him "WEVE MADE A FRIEND , HOW NICE! I WANNA PLAY I WANNA PLAY LETS CALL HIM JEFFEREY!!!" The voice in his head exclaimed "I cannot express to you, the amount of hatred i have for you at this precise moment" wendin said. no caring who heard him among this chaos "your millennia old , act like it" "someones grumpy" He sighed
  2. Navigating the alleys wasnt overly difficult, he turned to find a small crowd had formed. Though he couldnt see the spectacle, he could hear it, somthing about a seal? He overheard a couple men discussing it amd worked his way towards them. He saw the flaming creatures and paused a moment, de-thonging his revolver just in case "An auction selling off ancient articfacts, then suddenly these hotheads show up? Thats no coincidence" He saw one tightening his grip on his swords , holding up a hand "theyre not aggressive...yet. Lets see if we can resolve this another way first" He thought back . The auction had been going on for a little while, why now? Somthing triggered them. The scroll. "The scroll that was on the auction block when i left, who bought it? They must be after it!..." His voice trailed off when he saw a certain drunk shambling around the blacksmith obviously trying to break his cuffs. "Jokes on you asshole, i got the densest metal i could possibly find, itll take that smith quite some time to break through" he thought to himself "Hmmm im intrigued, not quite seen flaming skull skeletons before. Im looking forward to seeing how spectacularly they die" the voice in his head mused He leveled his revolver at the nearest skeleton, just in case this powderkeg was set off
  3. Seeing his target leave the tent wendin saw his opportunity and left after, following him around the corner where he, unashamedly vomited in an alleyway. The sounds of his vomit masket his footsteps as he approached and drew his revolver "Do it, the alley will muffle the sound and the sounds of the nearby auction, nobody would even notice.." Shaking his head he noticed he had absentmindedly aimed the big revolver at his target, he quickly bashed him over the head with it, knocking the drunk out cold Then he heard the scream looking around for the witness, he saw none. Handcuffing his target and binding his hands he moved the drunk into a nearby corner before departing towards the sound of the screaming "oh boy, action, and her i thought this would be another boring job"
  4. While standing in the corner searching for his target he couldnt help but botice the kids amongst the crowd. Pickpockets obviously, he chuckled to himself. Majority of the people here wouldnt miss anything they lost to the hands of the children. They were just trying to survive. He flicked some coin to a passing child who nabbed it and look up at him, wendin just smiled and nodded off to the side. The child taking the hint quickly scurried off back into the crowd "no sign of the target" the voice spoke "perhaps we were sold out or he was tipped off" wending thought on this for a moment "Na, hell show, charismatic little shit like that wouldnt possibly miss an event like this" As if on cue an extravagantly dressed dwarf entered the tent reeking of powerful cologne and whiskey. Sitting near the side of the tent he almost immediately began bidding, throwing out some large numbers and getting more than one persons attention. He was all smiles and laughs, buying drinks for those around him and holding conversations between items Wendin smirked , he had a scar on his left cheek "Gotcha" "hmmph, well we found him, best wait untill hes alone or goes to collect his items after the auction to take him down" "For once" he muttered to himself "you and i agree"
  5. Realizing the ulway was following him, wendin nodded to Fjorn "Alrighty then, see you in a bit" he nodded to the little ulway, gesturing towards the tavern "Come on , lets go get somthing to eat and get warm" turning towards the tavern Upon entering the tavern proper, the glance he got earlier didnt do it justice. His eyes having adusted to the darkness he could see fairly well. This place was MUCH larger than it looked, After a moments gawking he led the ulway towards the bar ensuring she wasnt harrased and felt comfortable. After she was at the bar he sat down next to her and waited for a moment to get the bartenders attention "Vaddock i presume?" He said gesturing towards the little ulway "The blond haired man i met outside, who i just realized i never exchanged names with..., anyways he said to take her in. Shes got somthing called Ercaniron, said it wasnt at the most volatile state, and to keep it away from somthing called the waygates. Hell be back in a minute hes restarting the generator as we speak"
  6. Wendin had been in town a few days working a case, small time case, decent pay ,nothing to write home about. Sitting on the edge of the bed he ran his fingers through his black hair, careful not to disloge the feather from his former tribe. He knew the auction would be starting soon. Just the place he needed to find his culprit, a charismatic dwarf who ripped of the wrong person, and wendin was here to find him. He quickly got dressed, donned his duster and hat, made sure his weapon was in good service and headed to the auction. Upon arrival at the auction he quickly found a spot near the rear if the participants, using his senses to anaylze the people entering and leaving carefully, the caucophany of sensual imput in the locale was almost too much to handle. Dozens of different colognes. Perfumes, cigar smoke, nonstop chatter, shouting and dazzling displays of jewlery from noblesooking to show off. It didnt distract wendin however, hec was looking for the telltale scar along the left cheek that would give away his quarry. "it would be much more simple to just bring his head to the client you know. Dwarves can be quite protective of one another, wrong ones see us, a human, attacking one of thier own? Tsk tsk much easier to just eliminate him, toss him in a bag and call it a day." the spirit in his head pointed out. After a few moments thought he responded "Silence" and went back to the hunt
  7. Wendin nodded as the man explained the situation at hand. "Maybe we should kill it, just to be safe. It'd be quick, painless...mostly." the spirit in his head voiced. Wendin shook his head slightly ignoring the naagloshii. "Well if shes a long way from home, shes probably hungry and tired." then somthing he said rang into thought "Volatile?" He repeated "and you want to bring it into the super tavern back there?" He gestured with his thumb. Then realizing he may as well be in wonderland here he shrugged "well you'd know better than i would" turning to the little ulway "Well how about it? Would you like to come in and get bite to eat and get warm?" He said Still squatting to her level so as not to seem threatening. Stepping aside slightly so she wouldnt feel crowded "Yes invite the midget with a bomb into the house, great idea nimrod" The naagloshii spoke to him . Wendin sighed slightly cautious of his surroundings , he waited for the little ulway to make its decide "nobodys going to harm you little one" his blood ran cold for a moment. Little one is a phrase the naagloshii used often, why had he used it just now. His brow furrowing slightly in thought.
  8. Wendin nodded in appreciation taking the dagger from the man, readying it just before he kicked the door in. "Not much for subtley eh?" He joked. The room was dark and musty. His eyes quickly ajusting to the darkness, he reached into the room with his senses. What his eyes missed at the moment his nose and ears didnt. He heard a soft muttering, rythmic , repetitive. He could smell the grease and oils it was covered in. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness a short figure, maybe 3 feet tall was crouched in the corner clutching somthing metallic and whispering somthing. Wendin approached cautiously , looking around the shack containing the now powered off generator. He noticed that there was a bit of metal bridging the gap between two conduits bearing blackend marks on it. "Well i found where the sparks came from, our little friend here caused a short" turning his attention to the figure it was now eyeing him cautiously, still muttering to itself and the piece of metal it was holding. Its hands blackened from the burst of electricity but it seemed ti be suffering no other outward effects from it. He squatted slightly , tucking the dagger into his belt and holding his hands palm out to the creature. "Heyy there, its ok nobodys here to hurt you, whatcha got there?" The creature tightened its grip at first before showing them after a period of time. Wendin, turning back to the other man "any idea what that is?"
  9. "Terrenus? Genesaris? Renovatio? Three continents? Where i come from there are seven" he shook his head talking as they walked around the building "Im from a place called earth, then a portal brought me here. Are you familiar with it at all, better yet is there anything i should be aware of while im here?" gesturing to his revolver "im assuming this still works since i saw a freaking spacecraft a few moments ago, but im pretty sure the person entering as we were departing was part goat so im not sure what to expect to be honest with you" as they approached the generator shed, the man placing the key into the lock "Ready?" he repeated back to the man quizzically, he paused hearing the screeching and creaking inside the shed, his instincts kicking in causing him to squat slightly in case something came barging out at them "Ready as a P.I. from earth can ever be i suppose" nodding his hat
  10. He tilted his hat to the man with the lantern "No worries, no harm done" looking inside, his eyes adjusting to the darkness he could see that it was much larger inside than it appeared nodding to the sign he said " an exception? expecting some trouble? Maybe thats what those sparks were that i seen walking up" He gestured to the back of the shack "After you, an extra pair of eyes and ears never hurt anything, especially when there's trouble"
  11. The portal was an interesting experience for Wendin to say the least, one moment he was on earth fleeing for his life and the next, he just wasn't. After taking stock, his belongings came with him and everything seemed to be in order , he wandered a bit before finding the dim path to the tavern. He arrived in time to see sparks fly from a generator outside the shack. He shouldered his bag, the leather creaking slightly in protest but it would hold. "Ahh crap" He muttered to himself "New guy in town, and the generators fried" he shook his head "Just my luck" "Yes, we might get blamed. The inhabitants might try to kill us for it" The voice in his head mused The thought sent a chill up his spine, he paused and the hairs on his coffee colored skin stood up in response. He took a deep breath and brushed his arms down over his jacket to soothe them. Removing the thong from his revolver out of instinct. "Sure hope not" he said as he resumed his approach to the shack. To say he jumped out of his skin when the loudspeaker on the ship above blared would be an understatement. His heart rate increased and adrenaline reflexively filled his veins. Collecting himself he couldnt help but stare, intrigued by the craft as it ascended and sped off into the distance. He couldn't help but pause, looking at this shack and busted generator, then back to where the craft had been "We are definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto" He muttered to himself "I have a proper name you know, and it isn't Toto" The voice responded to him "Yea i know" He chuckled "and ill never say it out loud spirit" he said resuming his walk to the door of the shack, the lights now dark as night. "Lets see whose home shall we"
  12. Name: Wendin Otakatay Alignment: Chaotic good Age: 40 Apparent Age:27 Height: 6' 00” Weight: 250lbs Hair: Straight black hair, feather from his former Tribe Eyes: Pale blue/Colorless Skin: Tan/red native American heritage Gender: Male Race: Human/ Naagloshii hybrid https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Skinwalker_Physiology?fbclid=IwAR3ZnzhcJBPqeaArPZmTW_E3AGps0uHQ8nUrkm2ppKRh405vy9C0YfITHVY https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Supernatural_Reflexes https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Supernatural_Regeneration https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Supernatural_Senses Physique: Fit frame, high cheekbones accenting his native American heritage. Dominant Side: Calm and inquisitive Region: Native American reservation, Midwest USA Occupation: Private investigator Weaknesses: Short tempered when it comes to woman and children in danger, or disrespect to him or his loved ones Strengths: His Naagloshii blood instills him with supernatural abilities, most of which he tries not to use unless necessary Likes: Peace, Dresden files novels he grew up on, old world respect, Animals, his reinforced leather duster, his revolver, bourbon Dislikes: Disrespect, thieves, loosing his temper Quirks: Has a near constant power struggle with his semi-divine bloodline, the Naagloshii part of him is speaking to him nigh constantly Attire: Leather duster, jeans, boots, revolver on his hip holster at all times Gear/Weapons: His revolver, a custom made revolver shotgun hybridization. Allowing him to shoot either the standard .50 caliber round it was designed for, or specially made “shotgun” esque rounds with specified payloads. Enhanced senses make him a incredible shot with it. His reinforced leather duster, Specially made with bulletproof materials between the leather Tattoos/Scars: Lots of scars from loosing his temper in past instances, but the blood of the Naagloshii healed them quickly, primarily along his arms and body but one runs vertically along his throat from a failed suicide attempt, the Naagloshii took over before fatal damage could be done. Background : Wendins mother, Kaya, was attacked while she was a young woman near her home on the reservation, it is unclear whether she was raped or just attacked by the Naagloshii, she has never spoke of it to anyone, her then husband discovered the attack and was killed defending her, allowing her to escape. After Wendins birth it became quickly apparent there was something..different..about him. The medicine men of his tribe couldn't identify it, he was strong for his age and especially quick witted. They weren't sure what until his lost his temper, which resulted in him murdering several members of his tribe including the chief in especially gruesome and violent ways. It was decided, near unanimously, that they should be exiled from the tribe. The only voice of reason amidst the chaos was the chiefs brother He who walks with pride, who, while saddened at the loss of his brother, understood that wendin was not entirely at fault for his actions, and recognized them as the mark of the Naagloshii He, having became chief at the loss of his brother abjucated his position in favor of departing with Kaya and wendin and teaching him ways of controlling the beast inside him. Upon arriving in the city they quickly found jobs to support themselves, nothing fancy but it made ends meet. This is where wendin fell in love with his old world Dresden files novels, he found that reading soothes his weary mind, and where he found his love for leather dusters and investigation. He was an investigator part time for the police, then the incident happened. He lost control while on a case, 4 dead another 4 critically injured and more with lesser injuries. Luckily no-one was left to identify him, nor could they because once the Naagloshii takes over, he no longer looks the same. This left him an outcast with the police, who in order to save face, wouldn't work with him. This led him to where he is now, a Private investigator, he uses his enhanced senses to aid him in his investigations. Which hes had decent success with. its far from luxurious but its an honest days work. It was during this line of work he come into contact with an object that merged his human and Naagloshii blood, Uniting them and leaving him with a voice in his head, speaking to him, advising on situations at hand. Most of the times on how to eliminate them. It was on this same case actually that led him to the portal. The client had hired him to locate it, and locate it he did. After gathering the research he reported back to the client who, in an attempt to tie up loose ends tried to eliminate him. Things did not go as expected and needless to say there was one less, crazy, powerful political figure in town. Wendin quickly became wanted and after gathering his things escaped through it to be placed here on Valucre
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