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  1. Penrod, feeling quite exhausted and still nervous about his black liquid, decided to answer both questions directed to him all at once. "Greetings. I'm just on the move from some... thieves. Err... they lost a big gambling game to me and they're trying to kill me for their gold back. And I had no idea this place existed until now, I'm just looking for places to lay low for a night of two." Thieves? Really? My blind granny can see through that lie. Thought Penrod, but he was too worn out to care at that time. He tossed one of his coins into Vadock's hand.
  2. Penrod gratefully tugged off his backpack and sank into a chair, taking in the tavern. It was still dark, but his people's native magic granted him special sight, a good deal better than other races. He saw someone in one of the corners, but decided to ignore him. "So, how much for one night?" Asked the satyr as he reached into his pack and pulled out a small pouch stuffed with gold, and took out a few pieces. His gold were the shapes of studded hooves. "I know the currency is much different around here, but I've experienced that any form will do for most people, as long as it's gold." Penrod looked at Vaddock for an answer, but realized with a shock of horror that he was peering curiously at the small glass flask of floaty black liquid, poking out from other contents and belongings. Penrod slowly closed his pack, repeating, "How much for a night?" He asked the question steadily, but his heart was hammering. If the man before him knew what the black liquid is, and what it can do, then the tavern might not be a safe place to rest after all. He did not need more people tracking him down, seeking the very thing that Penrod swore to protect and keep from groping hands. OOC question: I still know very little about the lore, so I just totally made up this satyr thing. Is that alright, or is there already lore about the race that I need to follow?
  3. What the hell is that guy talking about? thought Penrod. Then he addressed the other man's question. "You could say that. I'm not having a problem with the law, but I've been on the run. I really need to tend to my arm. Does this place have any..." His mouth dropped open at the sight of the tavern revealed within. It was huge, but did Penrod not just walk into a rusty shack? He was used to seeing unusual things in his time, but this... was beautiful.
  4. The door to the shack opened, and inside walked a young and weary half-goat half-man, wearing a large backpack and a broadsword stained with dried blood hung over his shoulder. He stood still for a moment, taking in the dingy establishment. It was dark, but he could make out a couple of maids(?) and a strangely dressed man. Usually, he would have shown interest towards the strange man, but right now he didn't care. All he wanted then was some hot food and a soft bed to take a long sleep in, after properly bandaging the giant cut across his left arm.
  5. Welcome to the site!

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      Thanks! I'm probably not going to post anything in a while, I want to know most of the lore first.

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      As long as you don’t feel daunted by the decade’s worth of content then take your time! Just don’t feel you need to know the proverbial encyclopedia back to back just to dip your toes in. At any rate let me know if you have any questions! 

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