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  1. The liquid burns your mouth..alcohol. so either not more set dressing or the martyr knew what it tastes like.....no.nonono this isint the burn of alcohol. This is the burn of acid. In the courtyard,you see jack. And the martyr,for once out of her throne. And one more person you dont know about and were pretty ssure you hadint seen in the travel in this place
  2. The compass was currently swaping rapidly between the martyr and the doors you entered through. Escape and outside The dragon flaps its wings and returns to the raftere,no previus sign of it save some lingering smoke. 'Aley'makes her way outside,talking with the other
  3. "They're ok?! They ..theyre still out there?" She pushes away the smooth dragon tail
  4. "....i understand. A-and i will. Im sorry,i ..i never meant...i never.. i didint want to hurt anyone but...i...guess its in my nature,n-no matter how much I wish...I want to be different." She began shaking. The cathedralbegan to feel terribly unsafe, a feeling or force that made your instincts scream 'run.run and hide so you dont die'. Something crawled down the walls,a huge shadow that slowly made its way to the martyr. It was a giant,dark green insectoid dragon,with compound eyes and gossamer wings and a bladed tail. It breathed out some sort of incense smoke,a calming blend you cant quite identify. The beast coils around the girl,open enough that the formerly slime person could reach her easily but not sophie. The beast just stared at you
  5. "...if....if i did...im sorry....for trapping you.i didint mean to." The girl rubs at her face "i couldint.go on in a world if qll of you were gone. And not just you and otto and Mike. But everyone. Theyre gone.....i.....did what i always do in this situation. I hid. Here. Aleays here because it wont remind me or hurt me." She fiddles akwardly with her hands "if....theres anyone else with you...that i pulled in. I can have them brought here for...talking or...something. I...Apathy wont hurt them,she promises" a low rumble echoes throughout the cathedral,as if in agrement
  6. Sthe martyr tears up,the bonds slowly disapearing as she stands,hesitantly reaching for the newcomer's hand "im...not hallucinating agiain..am I..this is real.
  7. the figure is a young woman,dressed only in a simple white gown and covered in runic tattoos gently swirling all over her skin.Her hands are kept in prayer by rosary beads,red ribbon and a spike. One of the chains pierces her heart and Her head lolls to the side, a small ring of flowers tucked into raven hair.to your shock,shes breathing gently,as if in sleep. She slowly opens her eyes,one palr blue and one gold,burn scars covering that side of her face. She slowly lifts her head,wincing and chains rattling "....its.....you. youre...alive....how?
  8. The soldiers gaurding the doors kneeled to the strqnge creature. They knew it and respected it,opening the doors to it.
  9. The star has light blue gems into it,the base made of some sort of dark,heavy metal. you feel....odd.Like something else is there with you,a gentle hand on your shoulder Theres no way to activate them,the space in the metal that shows whirring gears inside of them is very narrow. Maybe a couple sheets of paper would fit but not a finger or even a screwdriver
  10. I would love to join in! Give me a bit and ill have a few ideas put together
  11. Giants made of seashells guarded the doors,opening them. The cathedral is dim, lit only by the light coming through the many stained glass windows. The pews omce chock full of veiled figures are now empty, leaving offerings of hundreds of lit candles,flowers and other things along the path to the altar and on the steps. In lew of an altar, a throne sits at the front, a small figure chained to it. Off to the side is another set of doors This is it. The martyr is here
  12. A huge sound would shock you. Upon a moment of reflexion,its church bells. Another set of cloacked Uselessness wander out of the cathedral and down the steps,paying no attention to you
  13. Still.nothing had changed in this place since you were here last. Not a cloud had moved,not a movement on the clock face,not even a darkening of the sky or a splotch of blood on the edge of the fountain.
  14. Within a fe minutes,you had three packages of flesh,packaged in brown paper and twine.the thing returned to the depths of the shop.
  15. "Mostly human.troll.mutant. infected. Last bit of god i think. Nd yes." He grunted,peeling off another bit of fat from his mask
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