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  1. the butcher shop was very very small, the sign a bright red.the inside is full of cases of human and other humanoid beings flesh,organs and body parts. a small bell was on top of the counter and a fish tank off to the side ...this is .....most likely a fucking nope to clues and survival.
  2. Perhaps the answer to the death issue was in the butchers.they had to get meat from somewhhere.either it was automaticlly there anand just more set dressing or they found itnsomewhere.something would have to die for the meat to be produced
  3. Indeed,this world did run upon childish thoughts and dreams,though with an underlying darkness,a madness enjoying the pain behind the smiles and flowers. But what was the truth? A childish realm poisioned by malevolence? Or a darker,sinister wolf in sheeps clothing?
  4. Qhen you return to the courtyard, not a thing has changed. The time on the clock tower is the same. The crayon scribble sun with red face hasint moved at all.not even the clouds seem to have moved at all..... How lobg have you really been here? And how long was it in the real world... Was the real world even real anymore?
  5. The deer and Fate seems to murmer to each other before she gestures for yoy to leave this place,going tk one of the many book shelves and pulling out anchient tomes.All the Loves ofthe garden seem to be gone.its strangly....disturbing without thwm,despite their mocking ways and lack of facial features...Maybe it was best to investigate somewhere else in this hell
  6. ".......i....i dunno.I wont...let you near her...you're crazy...m...maybe the other 2 but nOt you
  7. Hey! First,I wanna say thank you to everyone who has joined my roleplay! I really apreciate it.Now,on to buisness-The Down the rabbit Hole I have is a bit far in.If I were to make a new thread and start a new one so new people and characthers can be explored,Would anyone want to join?

    Secondly, If I were to post a new choose your own adventure,would yoy want itto be in the same vein as Down the Rabbit Hole? Or should I make something new? 


    Thank you for taling the time to pop in and see what I have to say!

  8. '....I presume she wont.Because I shall not allow you to draw any closer to the Martyr. It is the solemn duty of all familliars to protect her. As for the two of you,You shall be duly punished for daring to disobey. Be grateful it is I and not Apathy who has decided to pass judgement.She is not as Merciful.I am not certain if yoy were gaining humanity or if you simply inpersonated a Love and a Uselessness,but no matter.'he snarled,his maw openeing to reveal very not deer like teeth.Fate glanced up and sighed,returning to her notes ".....she's the one god thatll ever exist or ever will. She created life with her wonderlands and,once this universe had finished its needed time,she'll destroy it and move o to the next.
  9. 'They are two types of Familliars within this WonderLand.Love,a Geisha with no eyes yet obsess over their appearance.Their duty is to gossip. And Uselessness,a cloaked figure,silenced and eyes removed so they mamay never glare at or speak ill of The Martyr and that they may be taken care of with minimal issues.Their duty is to drown.' The stag huffs,a group of origami birds pulling round cushions for it to rest upon as it watches you with too bright eyes....too wise. 'All being seho reside naturally here are familliars,crafted by the Martyr herself.'
  10. "Big Sister,Aley..shes the martyr.shes always really ssad and tired nowadays so me n Aparht and Charon nd all thw others take care of her since she barely wants.....to...do anything....after losing her favorite knight" a deep male voice gently wanders into your head. 'Fate....you are far too trusting.its admirable but at this time,you should focus upon your scrolls' turning, a magnificent stag,antlers dipped in copper and fur incredibly mossy, is standing in the entrance of the tree.Fate looks properly chastised "i...i just.....I want her better!" '.....I know....I know.'the stag turns to you 'you are the ones they spoke of. How intriguing that a Uselessness anand a Love would gain more human features and their own personality...it is something we shouls study.'
  11. She whimoered,origami and living scrolls dying down as she wiped at her eyes,pulling a lace handkerchief from a pocket in her skirts.she latches onto your leg,peaking round at katana.she pitifully snigfles for a moment more "M...M Fate.....please dont kill me...big sister will be mad
  12. The little girl stopped,falling back and began sobbing.the scrolls and books and loose papers all began to float and fold into origami dragons and birds that began sswoopingat you,scratching with razor sharp claws and beaks.more and more pf the fishfrom before began floating in,blocking the only entrance.the girl only sobbed louder
  13. The humming abrubtly stoopped as a young child,with black hair in pigtails and bright innocent eyes,peaked over the armchair before she took a leap off the chair and skidded to a stop before you,mary jane shoes squeaking as she shyly fiddled with the lace edging on her dress "...um...hiya" she seemed the perfect rendition of a child,one you would see in those fancy old magazines
  14. The inside was warm and lit with fireflies. cushions were spread out in knots of the tree and scrolls hang from the ceiling. in the middle is a group of armchairs. someone is humming from one facing opposite
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