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  1. Within a fe minutes,you had three packages of flesh,packaged in brown paper and twine.the thing returned to the depths of the shop.
  2. "Mostly human.troll.mutant. infected. Last bit of god i think. Nd yes." He grunted,peeling off another bit of fat from his mask
  3. "Will be free for a heathen.Saviors are in the cathedral.what kinda meat?
  4. "Guards of the Martyr and servents of Apathy" the name of that beast sent shivers down your spine. "He invaded this haven. He dared harm Fate.will you buy meat or not?" He slowly tapped fat,pudgy fingers along the grimy counter
  5. "Saviors ended up huntin the thing down after it sinned." His mask of flesh jiggled like demented jello as he spoke.it was a shock it wasn't infested with flies or maggots
  6. "anywhere we can.got some angel in just the other day." A small bit of rotting flesh feom the things face......no thats a mask made of several dozen faces,peels off,falling to the ground.he pays it no mind. From the little knowledge you still retained as one of the Uselessness,this was Desperation,whose duty was to sell the meat.
  7. a stomping precedes a squat....thing wearing a dirty apron and a drooping face “want meat?” ((It didint fit in the lil edit box lol-the cathedral,the offset path,the butchers,the clock tower and the stairs down to the river. In the courtyard itself, theres some statues and the fountain you can ingestigate
  8. What first appears to be a piranha snaps at the pin before descending back into the tank,snapping at...a tiny little mermaid,taking a chunk of flesh out of them.on second look,its a mermaid as well bestial at that.the tank is full of these things. The struggling body of the qounded one sinks to the bottom,where its eatwn alive by others. A sign above the tank proclaims,in that clean and tidy way all those 50's housewife magazines eith smiling ladies are, that these things are perfect for a snack or a pet.
  9. the butcher shop was very very small, the sign a bright red.the inside is full of cases of human and other humanoid beings flesh,organs and body parts. a small bell was on top of the counter and a fish tank off to the side ...this is .....most likely a fucking nope to clues and survival.
  10. Perhaps the answer to the death issue was in the butchers.they had to get meat from somewhhere.either it was automaticlly there anand just more set dressing or they found itnsomewhere.something would have to die for the meat to be produced
  11. Indeed,this world did run upon childish thoughts and dreams,though with an underlying darkness,a madness enjoying the pain behind the smiles and flowers. But what was the truth? A childish realm poisioned by malevolence? Or a darker,sinister wolf in sheeps clothing?
  12. Qhen you return to the courtyard, not a thing has changed. The time on the clock tower is the same. The crayon scribble sun with red face hasint moved at all.not even the clouds seem to have moved at all..... How lobg have you really been here? And how long was it in the real world... Was the real world even real anymore?
  13. The deer and Fate seems to murmer to each other before she gestures for yoy to leave this place,going tk one of the many book shelves and pulling out anchient tomes.All the Loves ofthe garden seem to be gone.its strangly....disturbing without thwm,despite their mocking ways and lack of facial features...Maybe it was best to investigate somewhere else in this hell
  14. ".......i....i dunno.I wont...let you near her...you're crazy...m...maybe the other 2 but nOt you
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