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  1. The 'geisha' is instantly gossiped and slandered by their siblings,one even scratching their nails on your wrist,levaing bright red welts as their facial features return to that of a normal human,though still plasttered in makeup. The knowledge that you once held as A geidha,as a Love floats away.you know though that the Broken Hearted the ones howling,arent as dangerous as the Loves or the Scorned Love in the pond
  2. The geisha whispher to each other as you pass,a few mockingly laughing behind long silk sleeves.you can hear something in the pond splashing about along with the shattering of glass.beyond the trees,uou catch glimpses of...something. the howling and growling indicates a wolf or other canine.
  3. it directs you towards the dome in reponse to your thought of "more meaningful lead"
  4. as soon as you touch an orb,it blooms like a flower.Inside is a small glass doll,full of multicolored smoke. the pond's waters ripple. Nope,it was all just tradtional stuff
  5. You cant really see inside,the glass too foggy...but it looks like it could open....
  6. the wooden door opens to a Traditional Japanese garden. Geisha woman with long sashes and only a mouth are hiding behind trees and sculptures. the glass orbs in the pond floated among the waterlilies.Some had small beings curled inside. A huge Glass dome was off in the distance.THe whole area is surrounded by japanese maples and wisteria
  7. upstairs is a lounge straight out of the great gatsby. deactivated people made of shiny metal and old clock parts stand around. THe tables are full of pearls,vases of flowers and bottles of alcohol.dented pocket watches hang from the light fixtures. A white wooden door stands unassisted in the middle
  8. Inside are clocks,all out of sync and cogs controlling the clock above. a stairway leads up.
  9. You were getting hungry slowly but it was normally.had to be food somewhere. Across the river...or i down the oath...or...or ...something!
  10. ((All the items are useful in a way,just not what they seem.sorry its not a proper update thingy bit i thought yall should know.
  11. She's very flirtatious looking,with that sense of danger. Every peice of fabric and fishnet seems like actual cloth,despite being cold marble. The same love and care was put into this one, along with being made for the cup she raised triumphantly. The cup has a few drops of a golden liquid inside.It smells so sweet and almost intoxicating. Like chocolate and honey and pomegranate The lantern has a small dial on the side,it's latch to open it rusted shut. you cant see into it really,like the void itself is contained inside
  12. There was...nothing..nothing to indicate who made this incredibly life like statue.like a large piece of rock wwawwas hit and it was there all along. The boy with ththe lantern eminated a sort od fierceness, a willingness to fight tooth and nail to achieve his goal. The onlthing you can..truly figure out is that whoever made him,loved whoever this boy was very much,clear perfection and care put into his creation. also made to hold this lantern and this lantern alone.
  13. the pocket watch is a bit dented,made of brass and silver with floral decorations.the clock is stuck on four,same as the big clock face on the tower
  14. Your RP has really taken off!

    1. Slime Mother

      Slime Mother

      Thanks to you and the announcment! If you wanna join,you can my dude. And if other people wanna join,i can make another one so that we dont get too big and confused

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