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  1. Ooo that's a new one. Well,when we get a couple more people,I'll get things started. Please be patient!
  2. Oh! Whenever some people join. You're first person interested in joining in.could you tell me a bit about your characther and such?
  3. ((Oh! No continent in particular since..i didint even know that was a thing lol. But the concept is it has multiple doors all to the building.like in howl's moving castle
  4. Want to go to a academy devoted to magic and many other lost arts? The headmistress is interested in filling the roster,both of her students and some aisstant teachers! Come on in with whoever you want,just tell me the fandom its from ,if any, and a lil about them! I'll see you in class! Pst,down here. Wanna infiltrate or attack that magic academy and take it down? Step right over here. But keep it hush hush,the headmistress has the eyes of a hawk.
  5. "Fall down the rabbit hole once more" Hi,could i have this as a banner?
  6. Looking for small group Genre-horror,fantasy,adventure So my old down the rabbit hole is...kinda dead. And i still feel like doing it so heres a fresh start for peeps to join! You appear in a strange Courtyard, the buildings looming over you. The fountain in front of you is made of a smooth white stone and spewed a scarlet liquid. There are six statues scattered about. Behind you is a long stairway leading down. To your left is a Clock tower. To your right is a butcher shop. In front of you is a huge cathedral. In between some of the statues is a worn path and a few far away buildings ....What will you do?
  7. "...you know i dont just....control every tiny detail.i cant."she mumbles from the edge of the courtyard,on the base of the statue of the noble woman,the candle flaring to life in the marble hand "Though i think i know why it would be acid of all things in the bottles"
  8. She panics as thestar is hurled,slamming herself into the ground to prevent it from breaking,gown and skin ripping and leaving streaks of bright crimson blood.she winces,cradeling the hunk of metal as she stands. Her wounds slowly disapear,even the blood vanishing,just a dtain and some disturbed rocks "i dont....i didint purpously do it. ...and the star shouldint have done that...cousin wouldint...he cant do rhat,stuck here..perhaps a side effect?" The buzz fades slowly. she returns to the edge of the group, reppacing the star in the statue along with the goblet
  9. Thee martyr...flinches. she collects the goblet from the statue of the devil woman and presses it into your hands. "Drink...it...it will help" The ornate goblet,inlaid with rubies and wolf like beasts carved into yhe side,has a few drops of a golden liquid inside.It smells so sweet and almost intoxicating. Like chocolate and honey and pomegranate.the
  10. The liquid burns your mouth..alcohol. so either not more set dressing or the martyr knew what it tastes like.....no.nonono this isint the burn of alcohol. This is the burn of acid. In the courtyard,you see jack. And the martyr,for once out of her throne. And one more person you dont know about and were pretty ssure you hadint seen in the travel in this place
  11. The compass was currently swaping rapidly between the martyr and the doors you entered through. Escape and outside The dragon flaps its wings and returns to the raftere,no previus sign of it save some lingering smoke. 'Aley'makes her way outside,talking with the other
  12. "They're ok?! They ..theyre still out there?" She pushes away the smooth dragon tail
  13. "....i understand. A-and i will. Im sorry,i ..i never meant...i never.. i didint want to hurt anyone but...i...guess its in my nature,n-no matter how much I wish...I want to be different." She began shaking. The cathedralbegan to feel terribly unsafe, a feeling or force that made your instincts scream 'run.run and hide so you dont die'. Something crawled down the walls,a huge shadow that slowly made its way to the martyr. It was a giant,dark green insectoid dragon,with compound eyes and gossamer wings and a bladed tail. It breathed out some sort of incense smoke,a calming blend you cant quite identify. The beast coils around the girl,open enough that the formerly slime person could reach her easily but not sophie. The beast just stared at you
  14. "...if....if i did...im sorry....for trapping you.i didint mean to." The girl rubs at her face "i couldint.go on in a world if qll of you were gone. And not just you and otto and Mike. But everyone. Theyre gone.....i.....did what i always do in this situation. I hid. Here. Aleays here because it wont remind me or hurt me." She fiddles akwardly with her hands "if....theres anyone else with you...that i pulled in. I can have them brought here for...talking or...something. I...Apathy wont hurt them,she promises" a low rumble echoes throughout the cathedral,as if in agrement
  15. Sthe martyr tears up,the bonds slowly disapearing as she stands,hesitantly reaching for the newcomer's hand "im...not hallucinating agiain..am I..this is real.
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