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  1. Note: So something I'm doing (since I already have the race up there) is doing a bit of lore. I know that this part should be in another section but I'd rather keep it all here so no one has to rummage through the site for this stuff. This will be a major work in progress. _______________________________________ History of the Old Wolf Kin Lycarias Index Eras and Ages History and Development Clans and Hierarchy Variants and Races Technologies and Advancement Culture Territory and Domains
  2. The evening sun's ever reaching light laid upon the span of the Moonwood giving it a beautiful view of it's lush wilds, and it's great people: the Fae, or for better lack of knowledge Fairies. However within the lush wilds remains a roaring river, filled with sharp rocks and dangerous currents that lead out to the ocean. The river itself is big, maybe not the size to add to the map but just big enough to be avoided by careful travelers and merchants should they stray from main roads. The rivers wicked push is followed by many twists and turns, however, a divide created another smaller stream, still as fast as ever. This divide if not the main river lead to many deaths as treasure hunters and explorers trying to reach an all but forgotten place of old. No one knew it's true name, no one knew if any inhabitants still lived there, but tales spanned of an old kingdom hidden beyond the river that once held great power. Whatever happened to it left it but a fairytale amongst children, who's parents grew up with the same tale. Many searched for it and for many years the old kingdom remained a mystery. Only one map was found in an old ruins of Terrenus and the bidder sold it for a high price, skeptical if the fools who bought it would disappear. No one's ever made through that river. And even if they did there was said to be a demon lurking within the kingdom, but archeologists, explorers, and cartographers of all kinds searched for it despite the warnings. And where were they now? The divided river traveled to a large lake, hidden by tall trees and thick brush and at it's end were a cave. Within it, a massive cavern housed a huddled bunch of houses, all leading to a large temple. Above, tree branches covered an open top of the cage, but sunlight still shone through allowing the area illumination. Many birds chirps above, this place perfect for their homes as predators can't catch them. The old kingdom did in fact exist, but much of it was either drowned or crumbled to rubble. The old streets were but cracked stone with much of the flora covered, old buildings either falling apart or barely intact were invaded by vines and weeds. Beyond this sorry state was a large temple, a hundred stairs crawling to it's entrance, and inside through the dark halls is a room. Skeletons of humans and unknown creatures littered it's entirety, a smooth black granite sarcophagus in the center. A purple hue, much like a slow fog, surrounded the sarcophagus as runes at the bottom glowed brilliantly. But they faded in color before disappearing entirely leaving a simple carving. The entire object moved, vibrating just lightly before shaking, slowly the lid cracked and then exploded outward. From it quickly raised a large body of black, the dust and fading purple hue helping its obscurity. A beast of a roar escaped the dust as it cleared up, revealing a tall humanoid wolf. Followed by it's roar, it weild two silver longswords, and followed by it's roar it leapt from the sarcophagus. The beast looked about, it's rage as it looked more around the he entire room. It breathed heavily, and dropping the swords it began to step forward inspecting the surroundings. Confusion began to take root, there was no battle, no one around to hear it's war cry, nothing that would spark a fight. It walked out of the room and into the long dark halls, and as it walked it stepped into a large puddle. It knelt down above it, looking at its own features. Rain Dark was a prophet of the Old Ones, old gods they worshipped and even fought alongside. Prophets weren't meant for combat though, they were shepard's that lead others into their religion, that were much like rulers in a way but still followed orders under the one sovereign. Rain Dark however was different, as he was built more as a warrior than anything. As much of a prophet he was, he led many to war and every time they won. Almost every time. In his own reflection of the puddle, Rain Dark saw the grievous wounds from combat were gone, while he didn't feel it, he was certainly healed to a bare extent. Scars spanned his torso, neck, and arms, no doubt leading up his shoulders and across his back. Bit blocking parts of his chest were rusted chains, heavy and tight, he remembered the reason why they were on but kept them instead of tossing them away, an old tale for another day. The wolf looked lower, remembering the brass plated leather leggings he wore but beared no footwear. He didn't need any boots, too uncomfortable. The prophet then looked into his own eyes, pitch black the orbs were but his irises were a glowing blue. The prophet then continued his way until outside the temple, shocked to see his home, the very thing he fought for ruined and shambled. The realization struck him hard, he wasn't simply pushed into that tomb to knock off his balance, purposefully he was put under some spell. And if correct that the town below was nothing but ruins, skeletons of the once proud people present, even the armor and weapons rusted and missing chunks of their once glorious blades missing. Rain Dark knew he'd been put to rest, had he not, he would have ended like the others. A fluster of emotions swelled, anger, sorrow, grief, and confusion all clouded his mind. How long was the once proud prophet asleep for? We're the humans, orcs, and dwarves gone as well? Rain Dark collapsed to one knee and slammed a fist into the stone beneath, a solid crunch gave way as the ground cracked under the force. Tears began to build as Rain Dark knew the lives that were in his grasp were all gone. Whoever did this were long gone, and whoever did this couldn't pay which only angered him even more but nothing could be done about it. The damage was done, long ago it seems. He stood, wiping away tears looking at everything from above in the cavern. He could still see a time when everyone was walking these streets, where the water was once were massive bridges and a city below. Lupus Sanctauii. A dominant city in its day that rivaled the dwarves advanced smithing and architecture, their might rivaled the orcs, and their numbers silently threatened the oh-so-weak humans. However the day came when an old enemy since the beginning. The Liminias Empire. When Lycarias were brought to the world there came Lycanthropy, which affected the race itself as well, much like rabies. But another race came to be, when Liminias arrived they felt threatened that Lycarias were successful in the world, whereas their violent acts inflicted to their banishment underground by the Old Ones. Since then, they loathed the Lycarias and promised a day when Liminias would wipe out Lycarias. And they held it up well. Rain Dark breathed slowly, trying to get his composure before he could do anything else. After minutes of standing, he walked back into the temple and traveled down a fleet of stairs. The more he looked the more decrepit and ruined the place was. It must have been a hundred years at least, but that never explained the lake in the cave. There are many explanations that could solve that problem, the old bridges that led out were either destroyed or submerged in the lake, and beyond that there was a dim light of a hole. He could only assume that was the entrance to the cave, all the way across the lake. Sighing, Rain Dark reached a circular door at the end of a hall. The door was a solid silver and rusted brown, rust however ruled it's once smooth surface and in its center a shape of a wolf's skull, no bigger than a hand. He was glad the vault was still closed, only he had the key to it around the neck. If anyone was here and they stole whatever was inside Rain Dark would have hunted them down. Eventually. He made his way back up to the main rooms and began to wonder about, investigating the entire temple in its ruin.
  3. *Waves back* Thank y'all for the welcome! Can't wait to start playing!
  4. And one last question (sorry), is there a discord or online chat y'all use?
  5. XD I accidentally switched lore and RP up... Whoops! Alright, thank you for the help.
  6. Ight cool. So my characters "awakening" is more lore than roleplay (that's made clear), but would it be Canon so longs it remains in the sites lore? It's a confusing question I know, and I'm not trying to be a bother or anything, I just wanna tread carefully before jumping in.
  7. I have another question. So regarding roleplay, do I wait for someone to approve of a character sheet or do I just jump in? Also how would I start an RP? Like I know where to start it, I just didn't know if you guys had special "requirements" or that jizz.
  8. Oh wow! Thank you! I can see it now
  9. I'm on a phone, and the fonts or sizes don't even show up. I see the buttons for bold, underline, and italic but nothing that allows me what I need.
  10. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can seem to find it. How do I change the size (and font) of words?
  11. Before hand: I will be editing this every now and then, going into more description in certain areas instead of being vague/brief and half assed about it. What I have right now was something of a quick description, nothing more. Name: Lycarias Type: Humanoid/Animal Size: Under normal circumstances: Females- 5'6" to 6'0"- 140lbs. to 159lbs. Males- 6'0" to 6'3"- 187lbs. to 215lbs. Location: Near Moonwood, caught between it and the Fracture deep in a valley of raging rivers and jungle-like forests. Taking a small roaring river that leads to a massive cavern. Environment: Jungle/Cave/Ruins Organization: Group/Pack Special Qualities/Abilities: Lycarias are wolf people, so while they have a humanoid body they still retain the traits of regular wolves, such as enhanced hearing and smell. The entire race were more of primordial druids, practicing an ancient Earth Worship alongside a race of Giants. Because of their worship they used earth magic and bindings. The race as a whole are quite experienced with weapons, masters at hand to hand with claws and gauntlets, a secondary mastery is of weapons however nothing can compare to their stealth. As for individual powers, save Druidry, each of the tribes spammed the globe at one point. This diversity in certain environments allowed them powers/abilities pending on their area: say an Arctic tribe, they would generally have a thicker coat but in turn they would be weak to fire magic, capable of using Frost Magic and contacting ice elementals. The particular tribe Rain Dark is part of, the Cave tribe, were able to utilize camouflage (most of them), shadow and darkness manipulation, and were able to influence their physical prowess pending on how "in touch" they were woth said powers. They were also capable of summoning spirits, contacting the dead, and speaking with Earthly elementals. Alignment: True Neutral Description: Lycarias are humanoid wolf people, having more a human appearance whilst retaining fur, strong hind legs, tails, ears, and an almost wolfish head (think of a werewolf on this). Generally a Lycarian are a tribe of people who's growth turned into a kingdom, while still active during the day, they are well known for hunting predators and prey at night. The Lycarias range in different colors from white, to grey, to black, and to brown. Their eyes are a pitch black but their pupils (Iris) stand out by glowing any given color. Colors are used as a form of ranking, most Lycarias while warm colors like red and orange make them hunters, scavengers, and gatherers; brown and yellow are marked as warrior and guard. Yellow and white are deemed as higher ranking members (sages), while cooler colors like green are marked as scouts. Blue would be marked as a prophet and holy leaders, while purple or magenta are marked as pack Alphas. Those who have a grey or silver Iris are deemed as a war chieftain. As for their build in muscles and intelligence. Starting from the feet up, there two different types of legs that diverge this particular tribe, half having hind legs much like a wolves (bear that the legs have the same density as a humans albeit thicker in muscle) where the "feet" are more like back paws, however more accommodated to the races walking in evolution; they are particularly faster but can't turn too quick while running due to different joints in the ankles. The other half are what one would expect of humans legs, the defining difference are there are hair covering the legs (and entire body, much like any animals) and there are tough pads on the feet much like a canines. The only difference with Lycarias is they've grown a tail. The rest of the body is almost human. Below is a primary example of how they look male/female:
  12. How to get there, into the Lupus Thick Lupus Sanctauii is an ancient kingdom of it's own, while residing within the Fracture region in an opened-roof cavern, it is heavily hidden by many ravines, hills, and resides in the thickest and most dangerous of jungles. It's easy to get lost in the Thick as there are many twists and turns, but with the right knowledge of it's original geography one could possibly find the old kingdom. But how could someone know of a map? Turns out, it's difficult to even get one. There's only one map in existence and for it to reveal the location of a "place full of treasures" it would be set at insane prices from merchants and selling cartographers. Once the map is attained, one would follow a heavy river near Moonwood, following it till it reaches a massive ravine with rapid waters. Going along the ravine will not get someone into the entrance, instead, they'd have to travel in the rapids and be carried at least ten miles North. Once beyond that distance they would need to quickly take a smaller river that breaks left of the main rapids, doing this would take perfect timing as the currents travels at 40mph. If they do make it, the small river can take them down steep paths that lead to a peaceful lake, and along the lake are massive stone bridges leading out to the once open cavern. Above, the top of the cavern is missing, tree branches grow overhead allowing decent amount of sunlight through. Across the lake is an old wooden gate, but instead of a welcoming appearance it's aged wood and vines tell of abandon. Past the gate, a place abandoned, the old village Far beyond the gate there is a village of old stone and wood. This village is the ancient Lupus Sanctauii, or rather a relic of it. The village appeared to have been a city at one point, housing thousands of citizens. Once it was a bustling place, full of souls who simply lived. Littering here and there are skeletons of odd bipedal wolf creatures, still clad in robes or armor. The cobblestone streets are covered in moss and overgrown weeds, the oak trees planted there long ago either died, fallen over or surprisingly still standing full of life. Buildings remain almost intact, either crumbling lightly or heavily, but the further one goes into the village, just before the massive temple buildings appeared to have been destroyed and lit ablaze. There are many of the odd skeletons clad in bonemold armor, however amongst them are many orcish, drawven, and humans remains. A battle was held here once and it appeared no one made it out. These remains of the four races and damaged buildings can be seen littered all the way to the steps of the old temple. There, barracades of wood and iron were breached and massive chunks of the temple steps are missing, leaving many spots crumbling away and a hazard for those walking up. Vetus Lupus Abstulit The temple itself is filled with catacombs and rooms housing more skeletons and war riddled walls, cuts, scratches, and bloodstains market the wall and floors. Straight forward a half mile is a massive chamber filled with long tables and more remains thought to be a throne room. In its center rests a black granite sarcophagus, a purple hue of a glow surrounding it. Along all its surface are old etchings of a different language and glyphs of old runes, still active and keeping whatever is inside there. In one room is the forge, a place of crafting items and weapons. Another is a large library holding sealed scrolls. However not many of these other rooms can be determined what they were used for as the crumbling temple crushed their insides or they were destroyed beyond repair by battle. Underneath the entire temple is a vault, truly filled with many treasures and ancient relics that could land a massive price. In its center however is a massive mummified wolf lies on the floor, curled up with its head resting on it's front paws. In front of it is a small shrine built purely of iron, it retains the shape of a wolf's skull, runes and markings carved into it. The entire vault remains locked, the only way of opening it is through an amulet as a key, but not one of these rooms nor skeletons possess such a thing resembling it's shape.
  13. act i. The Profile Birth Name: Rain Dark, in his native language "Tenebris Pulviam" Name: Tenebris Pulviam Title: "Son of the Moonlight" Age: 134 Race: Lycarias (Wolf Folk/Furry) Sexuality: Heterosexual Class: Warlock/Warrior (Hybrid class) act ii. The Diagnostics Height: 7'3" Weight: 257lbs. Hair/Fur: Black as night. There are many small speckles of fur that glow a dim white when in the moonlight, making him look as if he were the night itself. There are designs of white, red, and grey fur along his chest (seen in his picture) that glow dimly in the moonlight as well. Eyes: Eyes are a pitch black themselves, however the irises are a glowing blue. They glow more a bluish green and much brighter when in the moonlight. Voice: Deep, more a gruff tone than anything. act iii. The Armament : Weapon: Redde: A ten foot sword crafted of bone, harder and sharper than any steel, gifted from an old god. Redde was used by the war chief of all tribes, and to use it without such rank is punishable by death. Tenebris, familar with the blade, knowing it as his own mentor and only friend weilds it with a berserkers ferocity yet mastery over the weapon. The weapon grants him the power to cut through magic shields, and allows for few techniques: Flash Moonlight, Deep Cycle, and Judgment. -Flash Moonlight: Devised by the first Lycarias chief, this move allows it's caster to charge moonlight into the weapon. Then it is released upon the actual weapon, causing it to glow a bluish green. This form of enchantment allows for the weapon to deal magic damage, or all the power can be released as a ranged attack where the weilder launches a wave of energy at a foe, crushing, slicing, and damaging them greatly. (Deals physical, magic, and frost damage. 2 turn charge, 6 turn recharge, can only be used 4 times per topic) -Deep Cycle: Devised of the first prophet of the Lunar Church, deep cycle allows it's caster to send blades of shadow at a foe, ripping from the ground up. It is a move that requires great concentration without conflict, while this would be an obvious weakness it is rewarded by five shifting blades of shadow pursuing a targeted foe. The shadows come up to impale and slice at a foe, causing strictly physical damage. (Deals physical damage. 4 turn charge, 10 turn recharge, used only 2 times per topic) -Judgement, Tier I: Devised by an old god and gifted to only a worthy war chief, Judgement is powerful by all means. It can be used only in the presence of the sun or moon as it charges based on the natural light provided. This attack varies based on day and night and due to this it's relatively easy to cast, but only those who learned it can weild it's awesome power. Once the charge is complete, the caster sends a massive wave of elemental power surging for a foe. The initial wave is 20ft in width, 10ft in length, and 10ft in height, making it an attack that's hard to dodge. (Deals Fire/Magic/Physical Damage during the day VS. Frost/Magic/Physical Damage at night. 6 turns to charge, 12 turns recharge, only used twice per topic) Armor: Alba Subit: A wolf's skull of an old god, as hard as steel, Alba Subit acts as a helm of power and righteous authority. Only pack members, namely prophets or sages, wore this skull. Fitting over his head just snug perfectly, the helm is imbued with Old Moonlight; a power that grants him the abilities to see through illusions/holograms, allows him to control shadows and darkness for few moments at a time, and also creates a barrier against weaker magics and curses. Armis Alta: A bone armor of an ancient wolf, gifted from an old god, Armis Alta are a set of gauntlets that extend up to the tricep of ones arms. The bone armor is only granted to the war chief of the tribes and no other, as to wear it without such rank is punishable by death. As hard as steel, the gauntlets are spiked all over giving the protection of the arms. Fitting snugly on Tenebris, the gauntlets grant unto him supernatural strength, durability, and allows him to summon a spiked bone round shield. Accessories: Altum Torque: Cast upon those who are imprisoned for treachery beyond sin by the old gods, the chains are made of an unknown metal and cover Tenebris' torso and neck. While possible to remove, the chains remain on as they provide minor protection but act a symbol that he was wrongly accused for. For him to remove them is to remove his purpose and his mission. It would be a sign that be broke free of a destiny. Thesauri Deorum: Granted as a sign of strong faith and full loyalty to an old god, this old iron amulet is in the shape of a wolf's skull attached to an iron chain. It grants it's bearer a resistance to pestilence and curses (but not a complete immunity) and gives them a small portion of extra stamina. act iv. The Dossier Personality: Being an older being, a being asleep for so long, Tenebris has not the idea that his race, Lycarias, were long erased from time. Meant to bring a "coming dark of the moon" Tenebris has a pride of self sacrifice and fulfillment of his kind. Originally in a war with the lion folk, dwarves, and orcs the Lycarias were severely outnumbered as humans hunted them down slowly due to the mix up between Lycarias and werewolves. Because of this small history that was major in its day Tenebris discriminated against those four people, believing them to be demons and self hypocrites. He loathed them, and still does. What drives the old wolf is his need to bring about an old prophecy that was meant to allow his kind to weild the power of moonlight, not as a weapon, but as a tool to unite all tribes of Lycarias into one and combat Lycanthropy, and age old illness of their kind. Well, that was till they went extinct. This self drive causes Tenebris to be ruthless, unconcerned of others, and a stone cold killer. He becomes careless in his mission and will do whatever it takes to complete it. How he reacts when he realizes his people are gone is quite unknown. Since he was revered as a prophet, Tenebris has a knack for studying religions and other pantheon's as to understand how his religion differs from most. That said, he carries a pride of Lycarias and is strong willed. Likes: There's not much that he likes, but to name just the few things, Tenebris rather enjoys studying other religions, collecting items like armaments and artifacts, and he loves basking in the moonlight. Dislikes: Orcs, Dwarves, Humans, and the Lion Folk from beneath the surface are something more of a "loathing" feeling than "disliking" them. Tenebris doesn't like being bothered when he is alone, nor while training, and he certainly hates ignorance, arrogance, and complete stupidity from others. Attitude: Since he was but a pup, Tenebris was always taught of how to be a prophet of his people, as he was born with the markings/symbols of their old gods on his chest. Ever since then Tenebris felt no choice but to force this destiny upon himself, he will complete it at all cost. His attitude toward others varies quite a bit: Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, and Lion Folk he will either avoid or (if he's having a bad day) will kill on sight no matter the risk. He cares less for Elves and other races, but canine races similar to his he treats almost like brothers and sisters, just with a distance. Those inflicted with Lycanthropy he takes pity and takes them in, either killing them if too far gone or teaching them if not far into the infection. Habit/Twitch: Since a pup, Tenebris has had the oddity of grinding his teeth. It can be through happiness, anger, sadness, or just sheer boredom. Another habit is organizing items, for example the colors of books on a book shelf are all different, so he would reorganize them from. cool colors to warm colors, or rather light to dark colored books, and this can be with anything. Quote: "When your kind laid eyes upon us, you saw not a people but a beast, a fearsome savagery you couldn't understand. You, the green skins, and the underfolk have pledged allegiance against us, yet you barely understood our nature. Through unquestionable blinding rage you marched to our home and began what we will finish. You took away my home and my family, now I shall do the same unto you"
  14. I can start there, I was thinking of Moonwood though. So giving you two a bit of insight on my character; he was practically a prophet of sorts, he helped his people fight in wars and during times of need he directly contacted the gods they worshipped for guidance and for help (these are old gods long forgotten). He was a sort of shaman, but was more involved than anything. Well to sum it up he was caught off guard by an old (and forgotten) god he worshiped and was bound into a caves tomb, that was until the seal broke off and he was released many years later. Now I'm not certain how long I was gonna make that, I figure 1.5k years would do as new religions are discovered, his died out as well as his people, and no one would even know what race he is or who his people were either. Because his race were fighting early humans, orcs, and dwarves so it would kinda fit in there. Not trying to dump all this on you it's just what I had. Now as far as a place goes, I can imagine Rain Dark waking up in an old and crumbling tomb, possibly in the middle of a thick forests or jungle where no one could find it. I figured Moonwood would be a good place for that but I can start in the Fracture as a start. As far as cities go, I rethought that and decided it wasn't a good idea. He's racist toward humans, orcs, and dwarves for good reason, so he'd kill them on sight XD
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