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    Verrik Graves

    Rage An entity from deep within the Abyss, which has came forth to claim a host among the realm of the living. The being had existed in darkness for eons, far beyond the reach of even the Abyssal Lords. The sentient beings true form was miasmic in nature with a consistency of crude oil and jet black in color. It chose to emerge from deep within the Abyss so to learn more of the living realms. For far too long, the shadows were home. An empty void filled with energies unknown to any save for the Lords who ruled the domain. This sentient creature had existed there for eons, soaking in the flow of energy for all that time, waiting.. Abilities: Shapeshifting Can form any melee style weapon from itself at will Enhanced Healing Factor Super Strength Stealth (can cloak itself or blend into the shadows more or less even when attached to its host) Can sprout dragon like wings for flight. (Once fully bonded on an atomic level with a host, it will acquire enhance abilities relative to the genetic makeup of it's host.) Immunities: Supersonic-Sound Magic Anti-Magic Fire Weakness(es): Hellbringer ( A sword forged deep with in the Abyss, long forgotten in time to most any creature old enough to remember the day of creation) Divine Lightning ( This will not kill him, but it will slow him down. A strong enough or an overwhelming amount of divine lightning can result in seperation of the Symbiote and it's host, unless bonded fully at an atomic level) Alignment: Lawful Evil
  2. Arcane

    Verrik Graves

    First name: VerrikSurname: GravesNicknames: N/AAlignment: Chaotic GoodRace: Human/EnhancedMarital Status: SingleGender: MaleAge: 32Role: Soldier/Warrior/Science Experiment[PHYSICAL]Voice: YoungEyes: Blue Complexion: Tan/SmoothHeight: 6ftWeight: 210lbsBuild: Muscular/AthleticHair: Black, but varies in style and length. Tattoos/markings: Sleeve tattoo on right arm. Scar above left eye. [MENTAL]Demeanor: Calm and calculated Hopes: Not DisclosedFears: Not DisclosedLikes: Not DisclosedDislikes: Anyone or anything that declares itself his enemy. [GEAR] Typically he can be found in full battle gear as he does not leave the battlefield often. When he does, he wears whatever is casual or comfortable. Usually earth tones or just some random shade of pants and a black shirt [WEAPONS] Varies [STRENGTHS] Verrik is a scientifically enhanced human. He can run faster, is much stronger, more resilient, has sharper senses (like that of a mix between having eagle vision, a wolf's sense of smell, a spiders sixth sense, the ability of a panther, fierceness of a dragon while in battle). He is a weapon created for one thing, killing. [WEAKNESSES] He still has a conscience and is self aware [SKILLS] Sharpshooter, Mechanic, Proficient with most any weapon he comes into contact with, Stealth, and Tracking [FAMILY] N/A Verrik was born in a Lab. Twenty-two months in a cryogenic pod while being pumped with chemicals and steroids, along with other Gene's from creaturs both extinct and flourishing. His creation was meant strictly for war. As he got older, Verrik grew into his uniqueness over time. Honing his skills in a wide variety of martial arts and weapons training of almost every type. When he turned of age to be enlisted, Verrik was sent to live with a married couple for a few years until needed. One day a man came, dressed in uniform, and spoke to the couple about recruiting Verrik. They had grown attached to him and was reluctant to agree, but knew very well they had no choice but to let him go. Over the years while being under their care, Verrik had learned new things, like compassion, love, honor, integrity, respect and selfless service. All the things that made him question who and what he was and why he was alive. Verrik had grew a conscience, something more dangerous than all the traits pumped into his being. He left with the man in uniform, never to see his makeshift family again. A month later, he was dropped in the forest of some God-forsaken land he had never heard of with kill orders and specific targets...
  3. Arcane

    Interest Check

    It doesnt matter to me if its canon or not. I'm just looking for something new to embark on. I've played the role of a Devil everytime I've been here and I'm just looking to expand my creativity. I'm going now to brainstorm on symbiotic strengths and weaknesses along with characteristic abilities for my particular parasite and where to place him.
  4. Arcane

    Interest Check

    Thank you for the input. I'm glad to know the idea is more common here than I thought, canon or not. I will begin making a character for it right away. Till then I will be searching for where this will fit best.
  5. Arcane

    Interest Check

    That's pretty interesting. I like your take on it.
  6. So, I've been reading a lot of comics over the years. One of my favorite story lines is that of the Klyntar race, formally known as the symbiotes; as in Venom, Carnage, Riot, etc (just to drop a few known names to anyone not "Venom-Verse" savvy). Now of course I am not looking to start a Marvel based story line here, but i would like to introduce the existence of symbiotes into this realm of endless possibilities. I mean, we have vampires, werewolves, gods, deities, devils and celestials.. why not an ever evolving parasitic symbiote that can merge with its host on a cellular level. Each symbiote would it's own imaginative a abilities and weaknesses derived by its user (writer who chooses to RP with it). I'm still mulling over the idea myself and will update this with more to the idea as time goes on. I would also like it, if anyone is interested, to see others opinions or ideas that could be added in. What do you all think?
  7. Neither stone nor beam struck him in the collapse, as if by an unseen force all the debris was stacked just outside the reach of his form. As the last stone fell and its sullen thud echoed, his mind went into a trance of sorts. In this trance, he swore the voice from before could be heard, but it was a muffled slur; possibly even a concerned citizen beyond the chaos. It wasn't long before silence fell within the collapsed building, but motion could be heard outside. Akaru was unscathed, to his surprise, and was curious what he should do. Just then he spotted a trap door, pinned by heavy stone and angled up, out of its normal resting place. With ease, the door was peeled back and he slipped through the hole into a hidden room below. The room was void of light, though he could see perfectly as if it were day. This bewildered him, but felt natural so there was no question raised. Akaru made his way through the room and through a large door that lead to a tunnel. Through this tunnel there were many corridors, none of which he was interested in. The first on the left is where he was going. He wanted a view of what he had caused. The ladder he climbed, led through another trap door in a building not far from the collapse. Akaru walked out and down the street to where all the people had gathered to see. "I hope no one else was in there." He thought to himself while looking onto the rubble. The only pile higher than than a man was there where he stood in that room. "There!! Thats the man!! Thats him there!!" A voice called out, breaking the momentary silence. " Thats the man I saw enter the building just before it fell!" A woman with long brown hair stepped into view. Everyone turned and looked at Akaru. Their voices now clamoring together, betraying a multitude of emotions and questions all at once. They approach, the mob of civilians surround him, bantering and questioning, hounding him for whys and hows. They were frightened and rightfully so, a man just took down a building and walked out of it. Well, showed back up at the scene to catch a glimpse of what he had done, either way, he lived. "Look at him... He's bleeding and covered in dust." In fact, to his surprise, he was bleeding. It was believed he hadn't been struck, but sure enough there was blood running down the right side of his head and down under his shirt. He pushed his way through the crowd, trying to simply get away from them all. This was unwanted attention and now, to make things worse, he was wounded. His vision began to fade in and out, grow fuzzy and dull. The light of day shined brighter and hotter, but images of those around him began to fade. All but two, a young girl and her Governess who stood close by. As his gaze fell on them, his vision went to black. A heavy thud was the last sound heard as darkness fell. ".....You are a Devil, Akaru.. Who knows what will happen if you merge with the essence of the Void. If you do this, Akaru, you can never return here. You can never return home...." Echoes in the darkness bring forth words with little information, only leaving more questions.
  8. Arcane

    Darkfire, Akaru

    [BASICS]First name: AkaruSurname: DarkfireNicknames: N/AAlignment: Lawful EvilRace: BateezuMarital Status: It's ComplicatedGender: MaleAge: Unknown (Appx. 2200years)Role: King of the Darkfires[PHYSICAL]Voice: Strong yet soothingEyes: Gold in colorComplexion: Light tanHeight: 6ft 2inWeight: 225lbsBuild: Muscular/AthleticHair: Black, LongTattoos/markings: None[MENTAL]Demeanor: Calm/ CalculatedHopes: UnexpressedFears: UnexpressedLikes: UnexpressedDislikes: Unexpressed[GEAR] Constantly changes, nothing permanent to note [WEAPONS] Favors swords, savvy with most all types of weaponry. [FAMILY] Father: Set Mother: Justice Darkfire Siblings: All deceased, but one; Scarlett Darkfire (Sister)
  9. An array of sounds pierce the dark silence. A heavy wave roars and crashes against a solid object. The clanking of metal from hanging weapons and tools alike could be heard reverberating within a somewhat confined space. All this mixed with the variants of voices both shouting and murmuring, all sort of bleeding together in the white noise. Eyelids peer open slowly and begin to take in all the shapes, faces, colors and shades of light. Piecing it all together slowly, it was like shaking off a hangover from hell. Just then, a man approached. Along the way, his hands were motioning and lips were moving, but his words fell to confusion. It was only when he was close that his tongue could be understood. " 'oin ok, stranger? We're almost to port, in Versilla" The man laid a heavy, scarred hand on what felt to be the shoulder, everything was so distant and groggy. Nothing could be taken for certain yet... Above, the ding of a bell could be heard from the crow's nest. Land was in sight. In a fools attempt, the man tried to stand up and make it to the steps leading up to the upper deck. The swaying of the ship assisted gravity in putting him back down into the sacks of rice. He shook his head, raising his left hand up to place palm to temple, his eyes closed for a moment. "What is this. Where am I?....Wait... Who am I?..." His eyes opened wide just as the Captain stepped off the stairs to the lower deck "Alright you dogs!! Off my ship!!! If you're on the roster, be back here by sun-up. If you're not on my roster and would like to be, see the First Mate; she'll get ye squared away" As he moved, a beam of light came across the mans face, betraying his likeness in the darkness of the lower deck. Golden hued eyes peered out as long black hair swayed in the light gust coming from up top. The Captain made his rounds once more on his way back top side, he stopped at the man leant over the stack of rice sacks. "Say, I dont remember seeing you get aboard at the last port.. How'd you get here?" The man's eyes shot wide once more as he then forced himself to his feet and past the Captain. He took off in a sprint, high stepping his way up the stairs to the upper decks. He could hear the Captain yelling out from down below just as he took the trap door and forced it over on its hinges until gravity assisted it in slamming shut. The man fled from the ship, but not before swiping a couple bags of coin for the journey. A few breaths later he moves through the line of people, swiping a tattered sheet of fabric and wrapping it about himself and vanishing into the crowd. Once in a calmer section of the city, he finds it possible to slow his pace and even ditch the tattered fabric. This place was certainly new to him, broken memory or not. He kept off the main roads, stayed within the alleyways or rooftops for travel. Moving from shadow to shadow until he came upon an abandoned and broken building. The place was easily three times the size of that ship he was just on. Cautiously, he walks inside. Carefully looking over every dark corner, long hallway or empty room to make sure he was alone. Once all was clear, he found a room with a large table with intricate designs. There were matching chairs around it as well. Taking a seat at the left side, putting the door to his front and a window diagonally to his rear, he exhales heavily in relief; finally able to relax. "How did I end up on a ship?... Where did I come from?.. Who the hell am I?!" Unable to find answers for his questions, the man begins to become irate. As he does, he stands and grabs the table and out of pure rage, he throws it through the adjacent wall. He was instantly surprised and stood there in shock, but that was short lived. The concussion from the table going through the wall caused the already unstable building to begin to collapse. The ceiling caved in, bringing two other floors of rubble down with it. The wall that was to his right then topples in over onto everything else, as if adding salt to the wound, as a plume of thick dark grey rock dust bellowed into the air. A clear signal to life, for anyone who would be searching. A voice echoed out of the darkness like a foggy memory. "If you do this, Akaru, you will never be able to return here".......... "I have to do this, Father." The second voice could be recognized as his own, but the first one.. It was dark, maybe even demonic in a way. This was strange. He was awake, but in a dream? Was this a memory, or a vision after death? More could be heard, but parts of it went muffled. All he could manage was Nine Hells, Void, and sentient rebirth. Then, it all went silent.. it all went black.... ..........(To Be Continued)..........
  10. Arcane

    A Wayward Son

    Hello, Roen. It is nice to meet you.
  11. It is bitter sweet to be back here. Back home, where it all began. Much time has passed, memories have faded in the currents of time. I reminisce, catching clips and phrases of time spent with friends here long ago. Our travels and many adventures slip through the cracks of memories, but the names, they remain. Oh how lovely it would be to see them once again. Justice, Scarlett and Jaden Darkfire, just a few that stand out among the rest. Though I miss my kin, there is but one I encountered that is missed the most: Solaris Prime. Never-the-less, I have returned and look forward to shaking off the frost. For now, I will remain as Akaru, a King from a distant time, an immortal Devil Prince of the Nine Hells, the last of his kind on the known plains of existence. "The Bird Of Hermes Is My Name, Eating My Wings To Make Me Tame.."
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