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  1. A half-pint of a girl slipped into the tavern. She looked no more than twelve though indeed she was quite older. If anyone knew the race well enough they'd realize that she was a halfling and clearly older than she looked, based off how she carried herself. She didn't scurry, she creeped, as if quiet not to be unseen but to see u bothered by attention from others. The girl cared not for anyone else's opinions, glares, or interests, she was there for her own. Reasons beyond what anyone could—or would—understand. Tella, crouched underneath a table, lifted her arm, revealing a large watch so big it dangled from her wrist. It was pure gold but she had caked it with mud so it wouldn't draw attention. But apparently it was worthless anyway, at least if she needed to know the time, because it showed that it was hours passed what it currently was. She frowned deeply and buried herself deep into her cloak, which was similarly covered in mud but this time it wasn't intentional. It was the result of her clumsiness. Tella usually looked decent, with her long, brown hair twisted into dreads, which she currently has tied into a rough bun at the back of her neck. Her skin was light brown and her eyes dark as soot, as if it absorbed any light that tried to go through. She was so thin that her skin pinched at her corners and curves, that latter very numbered. She was usually mistaken for a boy until she began to speak, which is why she didn't often. The less vulnerable you were and trouble you brewed gave the you a decent chance at life, or at least the one she was living. The halfling pulled the hood down, almost covering her eyes. It was better that way, less to see her more to see, in her standpoint. She liked using her eyes but wanted to see less of other ones. Tella noticed that there was a glass on the table above her, which had a quarter left of whiskey in it. She snatched the glass, so quickly the liquid didn't even have time to move, and swallowed it all, feeling it swish down her parched throat. She set the glass down beside her and waited, curling into a smaller ball, getting smaller and smaller.
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