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  1. Whew, just finished examinations for coursework for my job, thus ends a year long journey of work -> Reason for me being away so much towards the end. I had a lot of fun, enjoyed the quest and really appreciated the vivid descriptions of the environment and encounters. It left me wanting to know more. It certainly felt like there were a few moments to influence the encounters, and I also felt that the brevity made it hard to interact with the NPC's AND what was occurring without slowing down the pace. I would have liked to have interacted more with the scientists, but I can be really long winded and I didn't want to slow the pace of the quest either. Whether that's a result of the pacing style, or just a lack of ability on my part (or both), I'm not really sure. At times it felt as though my character's actions didn't necessarily line up with what was expected either (Just a feeling, not really sure one way or another) Either way I had a great time, and while I wish I could participate in part 3 (I REALLY REALLY want to), however I don't think my work will permit me between the next 3-4 months to provide the necessary and deserved attention that would be required, (at least not at the same pace). I'd love to have Mathias on the explorers list!
  2. This was far beyond anything Mathias understood, and what little he did understand only told him that he lacked the necessary knowledge to grasp the gravity of the situation. Not used to things weighing down on him like this, he could do little but feel helpless. "Doctors, from what I can divine we are facing an event or device which could alter the very fabric of Taen given the context. Am I wrong in assuming that? Even if we were to reach the Observatory would we have a method for dealing with this machine, or closing the worldrifts?", he asked as he looked for answers upon the doctors' faces. Their reactions did not prove to ease his nerves on the topic thus far, and knowing that all he could do was take shots in the dark, it was better to ask. "Ordovic how would one interface with Lurisre?". If they could learn how to deal with the device it might give the scientists, as well as himself, a way to understand what's going on. A chill ran down his spine as he waited for an answer, his tattoos gently illuminating to warm his body as he waited. Mathias was antsy to get moving but wanted to see if there was any residual information in Ordovic left to extract.
  3. Totally understand the weight of school. I figured i'll have Mathias ask one more question, but after that you're good to move whenever you're able to. @Csl
  4. It wasn't the first time Mathias had heard voices in his head, he understood the world was a wild and strange place, and he knew it wouldn't be the last. Erin's caution didn't go unnoticed, "Don't worry, you're not losing it" directing the statement at her as he moved toward the odd structure standing before them. Positioning himself to get a better look, he wondered if the construct could hear his thoughts or if it only spoke directly to their minds. Regardless, he felt almost compelled to answer just to enjoy the opportunity of speaking with it. "I'm here strictly to carry out a mission, a simple one at that. What exactly is the nature of Iurisre's lock?" he inquired, curious to know more. Realizing that this is likely what the scientists had come here to seek, it could have been better to have waited for their consensus before confronting an enigmatic construct of unknown nature and origin.
  5. I'll be getting a post up tonight! I did have a few questions, such as it's purpose, and it's meaning behind its words, how it's constructed. Nothing crazy, when I really think about it.
  6. The Xer'Orians just kept coming. While progress was made to kill off those that had reached the cliff, it was apparent that there was at least another handful making their way up. Whether it was worth the energy to deal with them or not remained to be seen. The fog on the valley floor continued to thicken, with only the roar of the waterfall, and the screeches of Xer'Orians filling the air. The golem Linda created provided a strong offensive force to deal with the creatures, however, the earth from which it was made came directly from the ridge. As time went on the ridge became more and more unstable from the loss of mass to the golem. Between the impacts from combat, the golem, and a large amount of weight being put on the cliff, it began to slowly give way and collapse. Waking up to a crack of thunder and aftershocks was never fun. Something had to have gone horribly wrong if Mathias's companions had deemed it necessary to alert the camp this way. The sounds of combat rang out as the watch members fought off the ascending Xer'Orians. Having been slow to awaken, Mathias tried to grasp on to the circumstances of the situation. Upon seeing the corpses of Xers beginning to pile up on the cliff, it quickly became clear that it was time to leave. Overhearing the discovery of an escape route a few ledges above them, Mathias prepped himself to ascend. "It's probably about time for us to head out then. Those still fighting, get ready to leave," he yelled over the roar of the waterfall. Seeing Dauner still asleep amid combat was quite humorous, though it seemed apparent that if nobody grabbed him he wasn't going to move. Running over, Mathias lightly slapped Dauner to see if he'd wake up. "Dauner...oi Dauner, it's time to go!". Not really waiting for a response Mathias threw Dauner over his shoulder, negating his weight with a bit of gravitational energy. Hope he doesn't freak out when he wakes up, Mathias thought to himself. Mathias poured energy into his legs, the tattoos lighting as he enhanced his strength. Leaving an impact on the floor he launched himself upwards towards the ledge closest to the waterfall. Once landed he'd set down Dauner and lay down a rope for those that needed it to ascend.
  7. @Csl I had to deal with a surprise from my work which put me out of country, thank you for asking. I'm back, however, and apologize for the lack of notice. Checking back into the thread is there much for Mathias to do? Since Tafili created the opening, I think all i'd have him do is maybe lift anyone that can't walk while we evacuate to the other side of the pass. Just let me know if that's fine, especially since i'm not sure if we have anyone heavily injured.
  8. As Mathias pulled swathes of the swarm into his flame the others continued to be attacked. It was quickly becoming apparent that he didn't have a strong enough gravity well to exorcise the mass of deadly insects. Realizing that his options were dwindling down to one, he braced himself to ignite the airspace, and burn away all the immediate oxygen in the air. The ramifications could not be anticipated with little time to think, but he knew the damage would be immense if he followed through. Extinguishing the flame and gravity well, he preps the energy he had to begin a chain reaction, cringing at the thought of the impact from the impending explosion... When Mara called out to them, he gasped a sigh of relief only to suffer the pain of insects entering his throat. As he scrambled into the bag, he dropped the contents to the ground. Blood welled up on the damaged pores in his skin as he extracted a laser from its case. With little time to attach a power source he swung his arm to the side, throwing off a gauntlet, and proceeded to jam his hand into the power casing of the laser. Tattoos on his arm ignited in a silver glow as he powered it. Using the last of his willpower to ignore the pain and focus, Mathias aimed the laser into the swarm. With the pull of the trigger the laser bursted out in a vertical line to ignite the swarm. If it didn't do the job, he'd have only one course of action.
  9. Going to post in the next day, super swamp with work, and I'm getting under four hours of sleep the past three days.
  10. Also, would igniting all the oxygen in the space be acceptable? @Csl, because it is looking more and more like a good idea. Could use the energy from one of the batteries as a quick jumpstarter. Since there's a cutting laser how effective would it be at dealing with the swarm?
  11. I remember reading some of the info about how they behaved in the other thread, and was hoping to immobilize them rather than "kill" the "xers" so we could just stroll on by. As a side note, what is in the packs our characters are carrying?
  12. "They fell apart...", worried by his apparent miscalculation, Mathias had to think fast. He was completely exposed to the swarm and while he could help himself he was unsure how to help her or the others. Mathias would usually remain level headed, even in situations like this, but bugs set him off. The pricks of pain began to set in as he continued to waste time thinking, and with each bite, he slowly started to panic. He, however, was not deaf and snapped to Mara's call for fire. While he didn't have the materials necessary for torches he did have an idea to latch onto in his panic. Re-purposing the energy he had gathered he converted some of it to thermal energy, igniting oxygen around his gloved hand to produce a flame. Expanding it just enough to hold a constant shape, he aimed to burn away the creatures on his body. It would take a few more moments to charge and expand the flame as necessary. Concentrating was difficult given the situation coupled with his irrational fear and distaste for insects. With his free hand, he channeled a small gravity well into the flame the best he could, hopefully being able to pull insects that got close enough into the flame. Igniting a large pocket of oxygen was a possibility, but being in such close quarters forced him to save that as a last resort.
  13. No worries, just wanted to clarify I wasn't going to post again. Posting after work tonight! MFW it's a fight with thousands of tiny insects of death:
  14. @Csl I won't have anything else to post until the Xers react, just a heads up.
  15. "Well, it wouldn't be Taen if things didn't escalate quickly." Chuckling at the verbal thought. Mathias had never been a fan of the Xers, and that wasn't about to change, but the grin on his face told a different story. His bloodlust for them was obvious, driven by past encounters with them. Seeing Erin engaged was plenty of reason to hop in. Given their movements, the bugs would have a hard time navigating a space without friction or gravity. "Save your energy and lead them towards me, we might be able to make this easy," he yelled to Erin. He hoped Tafili and Mara would get the gist when the creatures came close enough to him. Mathias dashed to a halfway point, between the group and Erin, before firmly planting himself in position. He'd project an anti-gravity field directly in the path of the Xers chasing her. Ornate lines on his arms went black as he compressed the energy necessary to expand the field, once Erin was clear of the radius. Compared to generating gravity, this was a bit out of the norm for him and as such, the field was likely to only last around five to ten seconds. A drop of sweat dripped from his forehead, a maniacal grin continued to grow as he waited for the Xer'Orians to barrel towards him.
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