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  1. The whole situation had been odd. The herder had struck a very strange cord, and the odd movements of the goats had been somewhat unnerving. Mathias stood listening to the ramblings for quite awhile, ramblings that continued to seemingly yield little information. They'd already spent close to twenty, maybe even thirty, minutes trying to get something out of the man, but the more the group questioned him the more it became clear that he either lacked the capability to recall what he knew or simply refused to talk about it out of fear... Mathias stood pondering... A white material with the taste of salt...but not salt. Located upriver...but where exactly was unknown. Something that was watching the herder as he traveled...but was never seen. The details seemingly failed to make a clear picture. Trying to put one piece into the other just didn't seem to work. Where was the connection, where was the logic? Mathias could now feel his own vein on his forehead enlarging much in a similar manner as the herder's but for completely different reasons. What in the All-Father's name did any of it indica.... He nodded his head instinctively as if responding without actually thinking. In one ear and right out the other the statement went. Suddenly a goat broke his train of thought. If anything it had startled Mathias out of his state, it had been so quiet up until now with only the waves of grass, the voices of the expedition, and the Herder making much noise. Shocked, Mathis visibly flinched. The goat that had pulled him from his thoughts, however, was not a goat but a woman conversing with a goat...which only served to make the situation more bizarre albeit humorous and helped to relieve some tension he had felt. The look on his face was dumbfounded, but only momentarily. Wiping the look from his face as quickly as it came, a bead of sweat slid down his forehead as he exercised mental restraint to maintain control of himself. He looked around at the faces of the others, curious if anyone else was having as hard a time as he was with this. Though one did have what appeared to be a grate for a mask, making it impossible to read any expressions. Mathias knew the world was wide, but he'd never run into someone who was capable of goatspeak. Seeing her head towards the river Mathias follows her lead. We've certainly spent enough time in one place, better to move now, as getting caught out in the open at night is a scenario I'd rather not face. Voicing his thoughts aloud; "It's probably about time we got moving, no point in burning daylight bleating..I mean, barking up the wrong tree." cracking a slight grin to himself as he says this. "Though I am curious, since we seem to be on the topic of unique abilities, if anyone else has any more peculiar skills we may be able to make use of on our way into the mountains. I have to say, goatspeak wasn't something I thought I would ever come across." Looking around curiously at his expedition mates, hoping this would open up a bit of dialogue between himself and the others. It would be a long day, not to mention a long journey, and he wasn't interested spending it in silence. River Ambience - Sound The Wandering River can be heard on approach, rushing at a speed and strength strong enough to sweep away anyone caught in its currents. It stretches far towards the mountains, with rocks and small banks littering either side. The party travels along the river as the morning begins to transition towards midday. Somewhat larger stones can be seen a fair distance ahead on the same bank as the expedition, though their finer details are still hard to make out.
  2. I'd love to participate when the season rolls around. It looks like it'll be fun.
  3. Once again the vein twitched, enlarging slightly more than the last time. The herder took his first two fingers on each hand placing them to his temples and began to massage them for a few moments. With his head still slightly lowered, his eyes moved across Gozen's form before continuing to drift past him and rested on Dauner. "Didn't say it was saLT!....No, too soft. Comes f-from the ground if you ask me. S-eems plenty along the river a ways up. Though the goats were b-better at finding. They would know m-more than I would." visibly snorting, not from laughter but from pain. His posture begins to slacken into a soft hunch while continuing to rub his temples. Abruptly he takes his right arm and points towards the direction of the Wandering River, before slowly pointing towards the mountains. The goats in Dauner's field of vision continue to move silently. Not a single goat makes a noise as they continue to graze and forage the grass. As another breeze blows across the grass the morning light hits the goats for a split second revealing, to anyone who would be looking, a milky haze in their eyes.
  4. The herder's head turns slowly towards Araborn, he eye's refocusing on the man. He seems to be trying to process the question, almost like he's looking for the answer but is unable to find it. It takes a few moments longer before his mouth begins to move, but no audible sound comes out. Scowling at his own lack of functional speech he tries again. As he begins to speak a vein on his forehead begins to protrude slightly. "Tastes...like salt...SAlt. Yup, tried it myself. Damn goats were chasing the stuff down the rr-iver, HAD to see why. Nothing sp-special if you ask me.", wincing slightly as he says this. Aside from the pain his face is devoid of expression this time around, almost as if he's looking through Araborn and not at him, answering to someone that is there but isn't perceivable. As the man finishes answering Araborn, movement can be seen behind him. His goats moving silently as they rummage through the grass looking for food, their movements somewhat strange and disjointed.
  5. Ambience - Sound Another dry breeze blows across the region, and with it comes the smooth rustling of thousands of blades of grass. A few kilometers outside of Kuiperal, in the expansive sea of grass, stands a group of individuals. Kuiperal itself is to their backs, opposite the direction of their destination. Daylight has only begun to filter from over the horizon, with a light warmth seeping in over the empty steppe. The ambient rush of water from the wandering river can be heard nearby, not far from where the group is. A ragged man in tattered clothes stands before the group, surrounded by a herd of goats. He would be considered normal if not for his strange mannerisms and pattern of speech. As he speaks there's an obvious stutter in his flow of words, and strange disconnection to his own words as if they weren't his own. "Yes, following d-down the rrRiver will take yeh to the stuff...NO, UP, yes, u-up the rrRiver. Had to ch-chase the goats UP the river first, can't go down the rrRiver wi'out going UP it fh-first", the man's voice changing intonation at random words, "Kept w-walking for while they did. The white powder on the banks of the RIVER, had 'em w-walking for some time..." It was at this point point Mathias chimed in a quick question "A white...powder?" The man's eyes flick up towards the mountains before looking back at Mathias and the rest in the group, he goes on to explain in a somewhat incoherent manner about most of the trip upriver, never really addressing the question. "I didn't reaLize h-how long it had been...been wATched the entire way. Knowing bbetter than to be out at night is rule number..." and continues to drift off topic mumbling something incoherent before regaining focus. "SO! It came at me! Tried to get in my head...they a-always do from what I've heard. Took the goats and ran. I couldn't hear it of course, but it was t-there! You can always feel it close to the mountain.". "It was strange how quiet the mountains were..." Following this bit of information, the man actually looked Mathias and the others in the eyes for the first time. "I've tried to think, but I can't. Nothing stays clear for long. Don't stop thinking, if you let your thoughts go you won't be able to catch them again.". Not more than a few seconds later, his eyes shift back away towards the mountain. Mathias's chest heaves slowly taking in a large breath as he turns around to face the others. Releasing a sigh, he cocks his head to the side with his brow slightly furrowed as he tries to parse the "information" he's just received. The expedition was tipped off with a lead that the man could have information on traversing the mountains safely, but he seemed to be far from reliable. Though it didn't seem completely unreal given the nature of Taen. Real or not, the explorers were heading into the mountains regardless. The goal was simple, find a safe path through the mountains. Lifting his head towards the rest of the expedition Mathias shifts his posture, straightening up a bit more. It wasn't much to go on, but it was...something, and it was the only lead to go on. "We likely don't want to burn too much daylight in one place since we have quite a bit of ground to cover, but does anyone else think there's enough to go on here? Going upriver was the plan anyways, but were there any details that stood out?". His tone clearly indicating his slight confusion over what they'd just heard.
  6. Sure, you'll be the last person to sneak right in before we start today. Once I get off work i'll be posting the initial thread. @Araborn Kirom make sure to check your inbox, info will be there.
  7. I'll be looking to make the initial post tomorrow, if you'd like to join the expedition @Dauner Light then by all means welcome aboard. Just let me know if you'd like to be added.
  8. Glad to hear from you both, I'll send out a message shortly.
  9. Hey everyone, Doing a repost of the interest check I did in the Taen OOC I was taking a look through the available quests for Taen, and two struck my interest: Both look like fun, though I am feeling a bit more biased towards En Passant. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'd love to do either of these with someone. For reference the character I will be using is Mathias, in case anyone is curious.
  10. Hey everyone, I was taking a look through the available quests for Taen, and two struck my interest: Both look like fun, though I am feeling a bit more biased towards En Passant. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'd love to do either of these with someone. For reference the character I will be using is Mathias, in case anyone is curious.
  11. Persona: Born: Oo'Xora - Renovatio Name: Mathias Anak Aurelius Nicknames: None (currently) Legacy: Nationality: Oo'Xoran, Renovation Genus: Hume (modified) Parents: Cassius and Yuki Aurelius Siblings: (None, or None Currently aware of) Partner: Single Features & Physique: Height and Weight: [6' 6"] [250 lbs.] Age: Physical - [25] Biological - [25] Spiritual/Mental - [25] Sex: Male Voice: A low midtone voice, with only a hint of baritone. Calm, and almost monotone, only varies when intentional or when experiencing a heavy amount of emotion. General: Complexion: Peach/White, light gray flecks/freckles spread across body/face (Faint and hard to see) Eyes: Gray with specks of dark gray/black Hair: Ash Blonde Build: Athletic in proportion with his height, not overly bulky but is defined. Tattoos: Extremely faint tattoos in the colors of black and silver. Made from concentrated ferro dust and concentrated graviton dust. Large ornate tree on his back with branches and roots that stretch to his corresponding extremities. Two thin lines that also extend up his neck and into his mouth on each side. Incredibly hard to see thanks to his skin tone, it was done deep within the skin, with functionality in mind over visibility. They become easily visible when energy is being channeled or absorbed producing, silver and black light. Vocational Skills: Ore and Metal analysis Device/Weapon crafting Chemical/Biological and Plant Analysis Tattoo Artistry Singing Tailoring Hand to Hand Combat Small Blade Combat Personality: Interests: Tattoo Artwork Technology Philosophy Desserts - Tea - Coffee Mountains/Cold Weather Disinterests: Incompetent professionals Arachnids (Pure Insectoids big or small, with a disdain for hybrid species) Hot Weather/Deserts People with a lack of self-awareness People named Carl Impractical Action People that are all talk/no action Motivations: Magic/Tech/Spirituality Sense of Discovery Want's to eventually establish a series of [XXXXXXX] Desire for knowledge Morality: Individualism over conformity Needs to have a rational reason to harm/protect others Believes that merit and action form an individual's worth Good and evil are strictly perspective Inventory: Tattoo Materials [Inks, Dyes, Needles, Misc. necessities] Basic Camping Supplies Clothes - Typical Renovation Clothing [White/Blue detailing/Silver trim] Protective Refined Ferro plate pads to cover shoulder, neck, knees, elbows, and boots (generally concealed beneath the clothing itself) Offensive Equipment: Hand to hand combat gauntlets [Light ferro alloy] - (Can also serve as capacitors for energy) 2 small ferro allow ice picks - (Can also serve as capacitors for energy) Biology: A designer baby genetically modified by his parents. His parents designed him with a touch of a few foreign genetic traits, and introduced a ferro and graviton organic compound into his bloodstream and tweaked his genetics to be more receptive to the compound. The introduction of the compound into his blood and genetics allowed for a natural affinity to the materials, preventing organic rejection and fostering natural low level production of it directly in his body. Graviton allowed for muscle development to become much denser in the same occupied space, and traces of seraphim genetic markers might indicate why his physical form is so large for a hume. Ferro organic compound in his blood has also allowed his body to channel energy at a much greater capacity than normal organic standards. While the basic organic level of energy manipulation is nothing too substantial, it does allow him to absorb energy from the environment to sustain bodily function when meditating for a certain amount of time. The future potential of the compound produced naturally within his body remains to be seen. The only other oddity to note is, that thanks to the compounds within his blood, that Mathias emits a unique radiological signature that is easier to detect. With an active mental or material effort the signature can be lowered or mostly concealed. Abilities: Ferro/Graviton Dust Tattoos: Allow for the manipulation of energy [Kinetic, Thermal, Potential] and gravitational energy. Self enhancement, contact with matter [animate and inanimate], environmental contact, Up to a radius of [unknown/undetermined]. It can be applied as different forms of force to multiple mediums. The gravity/mass of an object can be manipulated to be much denser or lighter than its natural state. Though completely removing the density or lightening it can cause all sorts of odd issues when used improperly. Natural: Increased muscle density resulting in enhanced strength and physical speed. Organic ferro and graviton compounds allow for a higher level of energy usage though the full capabilities remain to be seen or tapped into. Natural Energy/Gravitational Manipulation: Currently derived from the compounds and altered genetic base of Mathias. It is at a much lower level than when channeled through his tattoos, however still much higher than natural levels of an average individual without the use of magic, or technology. It allows for the absorption of energy from the environment to sustain bodily function, as well as allowing for lighter modification of actions or ability. Generally not considered combat capable due to its current lack of development, more minor things are possible. Voice projection, temperature control, charging of devices that require any form of energy. It relies only on the user's creativity for how it can be applied. Time can be required for greater tasks when only using the innate level of influence, but does not emit as large of an energy signature compared to usage of the tattoos. Personal History: As of now, all that has been shared is that his father is an ex-researcher in the field of energy from Nu Martyr, and that his mother is a geneticist from Oo'Xora. Mathias knows he's a bit different, but his parents never revealed to him how much of a science experiment he really is. It would be fair to say there were quite a few experiments that never made it past the initial stages of research before Mathias was conceived. While his early childhood was spent normally, his parents put him through extremely strenuous education before sending him to study further in Nu Martyr on his own in his early adulthood. Currently Mathias is traveling the world in search of knowledge, technology, magic, and whatever else leads him down the path of self-enlightenment. His upbringing has made him a bit intense, but he is eager to experience the world nonetheless. For better or worse. [I have quite a bit of his backstory written, but I think the short summary is best for now] Storylines/Quests: Land of Taen: [Active]: En Passant [Completed]:
  12. מיכאל


    Hello Everyone, New/old RP'er here. I had visited Valucre a few years back and it looks like a lot has changed site wise. Really like the way it looks. I'm looking forward to making myself a new character to RP with here, and to seeing what I can get into. In terms of my personal interests? I'd have to say i'm a big fan of world building. Outside of that it really tends to vary. Sci-fi and high fantasy mixed together really pique my interest and it's one of the reasons I got interested in the world created here on Valucre in the first place. Questions: Do I need to go through the tavern of legends? I remember a few years back new members had to run through a quest or two before being let off the leash. Looking forward to meeting other people, -Mi'khael Edit: Just found the user lore subforum, neat, don't need to ask where my character sheet goes now.
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