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  1. Despite being far from the comforts of the drains, the night was going relatively well for Drain. That was, until the silence was broken by the skittering of insectoid legs and the flash from Araborn's lightning illuminated the crevice he was in. Grumbling like an old man woken from his slumber, despite not even sleeping in the first place, the being of hair slithered out of his hole and grabbed his raincoat and lead pipe. "And who are you to give me orders?" Being told what to do was not something he appreciated, especially not when it was someone he barely knew. Mara had a point though. He was more accustomed to sensing things in the dark. He looked behind him. Seemed like everyone else could handle the soldiers well enough. Shifting the mass of hair that made up his body, Drain extended his arms and swung them to grab hold of a small ridge further above and pulled himself up. Then, another ridge. He wasn't so bad at climbing, being made of tendrils helped. Once he was a good ways up his face plate does a full 360 degrees around his head. And then he drops himself unceremoniously back to where he started from. "Only way out's to climb. There's a route we can scale up little ways from here"
  2. "Oh? Sounds ...interesting." Interesting and disturbing, if she was going to be honest. She personally had no interest in decorating anything with guts. But still, it could be profitable. Who knows what kind of loot a cult may be hiding. And what's to be gained without a little risk. Ok, a lot of risk. "Oh, don't worry about it. I got my eyes open," The todomeki flashes the barkeep a toothy smile and slides one of her sleeves back. Golden eyes blink back at the man. "Can I have a sandwich to go? Or just bread. Something quick." She hoped the strange elven woman wouldn't get far before she got her food.
  3. Yuriko had been dreading having to pass through this place. She'd heard of what goes on in the village of Modalis. She'd seen what had happened, or at least she'd seen the grisly corpses at the edge of the village. And yet here she was, at the worst possible place for a pit stop. Not to mention, that remained of the living populace seemed to be constantly on edge. Poor marks for stealing from. She supposed she might as well stop by the local tavern, ask for directions and maybe have a drink, and get over with it. The silence in the tavern was almost overbearing for her. Yuriko took a seat, and picked up a menu. However, her attention was focused less on the contents of the menu and more on the people around her. Almost everyone in there was drowning their fear and sorrows quietly. Almost everyone except for a certain elf. In a village where everyone was silent and lifeless in the eyes, she stood out. And from what Yuriko could hear, she seemed to be a fellow visitor as well. Yuriko put down the menu and moved to the seat next to the other visitor's. "Hey, anyone else sitting here?" she chirped, " I just got here and , man, this place gives me the creeps."
  4. @Peach ok! I'll be joining with Yuriko , if that's alright as i understand, Vivi is still in the tavern, yes?
  5. ????? ?????? First name: Yuriko Surname: Kido Race / species: Yokai, Todomeki Gender: Female Age: 25 Occupation: Petty thief / aspiring botanist Hometown: Port Caelum Alignment: Chaotic Neutral ? ?????? ???? Appearance: Standing at 1.8m, Yuriko is a gangly woman with a slender face framed by dark wavy hair that comes down past her shoulders. As expected of a dodomeki, one of her most notable features are her eyes, not the ones on her face but the glistening golden eyes covering most of her body from the neck down, but mostly clustered on her legs, back, and unnaturaly long arms. Typical Attire: Yuriko’s outfits generally consist of a simple long-sleeved top, loose pants, and boots fit for long treks. Depending on the climate, she may opt for a hooded cloak or a coat. Sleeves usually have noteable extensions , sometimes with different fabric sewn on. She also has a fondness for draping scarves and shawls. ?? ? ?????? Personality: With a toothy smile and chipper demeanor, Yuriko is seemingly outgoing and friendly. Small talk and the like seems to come naturally to her and she doesn’t shy away from most physical contact. In fact, some may find her almost too quick to get chummy with others. Unfortunately, not every gesture or invitation of friendship is genuine. Most of the time, it is merely to lull the other into a false sense of security. Yuriko is a seasoned thief, stealing more out of envy and greed than necessity. Her own materialistic desires are her greatest vice. However, not everything she does is a facade. Her interest in botany and love for plants is very much genuine. And so is her optimism in being able to get out of any sticky situation she may find herself in. Likes: Luxuries, botany, gardening, Dislikes: The cops (or any equivalent of such), flying bugs, hospitals, hot weather Abilities: Stealth, agility, lock-picking, identifying plants, herbalism, wide range of vision (due to having eyes all over her body), sewing Weaknesses: more eyes means more weak points, easily tempted by riches and luxuries, easily distracted, low endurance History: -to be added- Current goal: Simply to travel freely, learning more about the flora of the world. (Although this doesn’t mean she’s above indulging along the way). ??????????? Equipment: lockpicking tools, sewing kit, a pair of cloth gloves, a switchblade Inventory: a notebook thick with leaf pressings, a case full of stationery, leaf and stem cuttings, usually more than one wallet (at least one of them is stolen),books on botany, spare clothes
  6. @Peach do i just jump in when i’m done making my new character or ?
  7. ok sorry but ,, the only character i have for now is mainly located in terranus i'll probs join once im done with this new character im working on for genesaris rps
  8. The darkness that befell the valley was more than welcome in Drain's eyes (or well, what he had for eyes). After all that had happened during the day, he wanted nothing more to do than retreat into the comfort of a narrow hole. He didn't need to sleep. But he wasn't keen on hanging out in the open with someone else either. Either way, both shifts had more than enough on watch in his opinion. "Let me know if you need one more for the second watch..." Drain propped the lead pipe that served as his weapon by a narrow crevice in the cavern wall. Briskly, he slipped out of his raincoat and boots and into the confined space - a much needed respite.
  9. Drain didn't pull back immediately. He was way too immersed in the act of beating the shit out of someone. That and he wasn't used to working with others, let alone taking orders. It wasn't until he felt Matthias approach, marked by the sudden frigidness of the air, that the clump of hair ceased his assault and pulled back just enough to avoid getting caught in the explosion. However, he didn't get far enough to avoid getting pelted by a bit of giant bug debri. "I'm fine, I'm fine," he replied, brushing off the soft bits of Xers that had landed on his raincoat. He sounded more annoyed than anything. A small chunk of exoskeleton had seemingly lodged itself into his arm. He pulled it out without a flinch. And now, just as he was somewhat getting the hang of being in a party, it seemed like someone new was joining them. Mara's curious glance towards him was met with a look of distrust by the man in the raincoat- not that she would be able to tell what with him having a grate for a face. He kept quiet. He wasn't going to introduce himself just because some random lady who came out of nowhere told him to.
  10. The moment the insectoid rose from the river, Drain was already about to launch himself into an attack. Only to be delayed by tripping over his own cumbersome rain boots. This, fortunately, stalled him enough to not accidentally run into his partymates' line of fire. Drain kicked his boots off, he was better off without those. Linda's projectile of light had served to knock back the enraged Xer'Orian that was barreling towards Matthias and Drain. But not by much, and it didn't exactly stop the insectoid for long. Swiftly, not quite running but not quite slithering either, Drain closed in on the Xer'Orian to deal a rapid flurry of blows with the lead pipe he wielded. His strikes were seemingly random but mostly aimed at the cracks in the exoskeleton formed by Matthias' blow.
  11. “And since when were you our leader?” Matthias’ attempt to organise the group was met with a scoff from the man of hair. Well, it did make sense, considering that Matthias seemed to have the initiative to call the shots when needed. Drain simply didn’t like being told what to do, even if it’s something he agrees is for the best. Before the already cranky clump of hair could make any other protests, it became very clear they weren’t the only ones around. At the sight of the insectoid, Drain reached into his raincoat and drew out the lead pipe he often kept hanging by his side. If that bolt of lightning didn’t kill or incapacitate the Xer’Orian, he would be more than willing to take his frustration out on it.
  12. The humanoid clump of hair plodded along at the back of the group, occasionally pausing to readjust his ill fitted boots on his boneless feet. Barely having ventured outside of the drains and sewers of Kuiperal, until now, he had no idea about the Xer'orians. Watching as the smoke from Linda's cigar took the form of one of those insectoid beings they were speaking of , Drain wondered if they were common around these parts. They sure did sound like a bother. And he's not exactly in the best of moods at the moment. "Huh...let's hope there's not too much of them where we're heading then." To face an unknown threat, following a trail to god-knows-where - a sense of nostalgia flickers within him. Perhaps tagging along on this quest was setting him on the right track.
  13. Considering what some of the others could do , Drain was surprised anyone would find his flexibility notable at all. To his relief, they didn't really pry into what he actually was. They probably would find out sooner or later. For now, this group he had found himself in seemed good enough. He didn't trust them as yet but he didn't outright hate them yet either. Okay, maybe Matthias' words about bugs rubbed him the wrong way but he kept quiet for now, bottling up his irritation for later. They continued down the river until a pale mineral was encountered. As the being of hair approached the rock, he could feel a subtle tingle - not the type of tingle that one feels on his skin, for he had no skin, but one that touched his very core. It was the tell-tale tingle of magical energy. "If you mean the energy around it, yes," he answered Matthias. He knelt down by the rock as well but didn't touch it. Instead he just peered at it in scrutiny. This matches the description , alright. And it's odd enough to boot. "We aren't going to have to taste test this, are we ?"
  14. I think it's about time I drew Drain with clothes on


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