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  1. Everything was going well, not a sight or sound of those insectoid beast's, then there was, it started as a sound, then they came into view, six, just great, two worker classes came up to where Mara and Araborn we're, "time to wake up the camp!" Araborn said as he pointed his staff and shot a lightning bolt at the center of camp, that would wake up anyone who was still asleep, Araborn then turned to one of the Beast's and charged it, it was still struggling to get a foothold so Araborn used his staff like a club and wacked one leg to the side and off then while spinning drew his sword and plunged it into the face of the Xer'Orian and it fell back off the cliff screeching, Araborn hoped that Mara had taken care of the second or he might be following the Xer'Orian soon.
  2. "Araborn Kirom, a pleasure to meet you" he said as they made there way to the ridge, when they got there Araborn said "i will take second watch as well, i need time to refocus" he said as he sat down and crossed his legs, laying his staff across his lap and closing his eyes, every now and then a silent sliver of lightning came out from one side of his staff, twirled around him a bit, then went into the other side of the staff, he sat there meditating, refocusing.
  3. Araborn was surprised at how durable the bug was and was taken aback when it just kept coming, the wild flurry of legs sliced his cloak up a bit, but luckily do to the mini projectile did no more damage. blasted white stuff he thought angrily, this stuff was really messing with his reaction time. Quickly he used his staff like a club and batted one of the legs causing the thing to stumble, enough time for Araborn to stick his staff right up under the beasts head letting out a blast of lightning, and continual if it was not dead.
  4. "of course, well Linda hope you don't mind my company then" Araborn said with a smile then heard a noise, ahead there was some bug thing that was getting up "I'm assuming that is the inhabitants of this canyon?" Araborn guessed, he expected it to just run away or something but instead it started coming towards them, faster, faster, now it was at a full gallop, normally soon as it started to speed up it would be fried but the white stuff seemed to be having more affect then anticipated "blasted mind slowing dust" Araborn grumbled pointing his staff at the incoming bug and releasing a bolt of lightning
  5. Araborn watched as the dead began to rise and charge towards them, he blocked out there words, these that charged them are not people, they are puppets he told himself, and so it's time to cut the strings, Araborn let out a wave of arcing energy that tore through the strings severing many then continuing and severing more, Araborn was frozen when the Star started to come down, it was all he could do not to crumple with fear, that's when he heard the voice, and the star launched blowing a hole in the mountain, as the explosion sent him to the ground he finally got control of his muscles and stood up as the pieces started to rain down, he took a deep breath and with a tell released a charge once again, but this was much more powerful, he waved his staff and bolts of lightning shot out arcing from Boulder to Boulder blasting them to smaller less dangerous pieces, he stumbled a bit and leaned heavily on his staff almost completely drained
  6. Araborn gazed farther up, "let us continue on, if the sheep and there Shepard is any hint this white...stuff is not good for the mind, I would prefer to be as alert as possible as we trek" Araborn said then thought of something he'd been meaning to ask "I was in the village and people spoke of strange bug creatures, would any of you be able to shed light on the subject?" He asked
  7. Araborn ran outside with the sound of the wraith's, but got confused when they started to retreat, then he looked up and saw the dark star forming "what darkness is this?" He muttered to himself "you!" He called to Vito "are you the leader? Why do you hide beneath a shield when innocence hides in this building? We must get them evacuated!" He called knowing that this might not be stoppable and if so, the villagers were top priority
  8. "Then it seems we have something in common my young companion" Araborn said to Dauner "you see I myself have lighting magic" he demonstrated by making a spark of lightning at the end of his staff "how unstable is this magic of yours?" He questioned with a warm smile
  9. Araborn was getting frustrated with this man, it was clear he wasn't all straight in the head but still, he was about to try again when he heard a woman say He raised his eyebrow at this and then she stood up again very embarrassed and started going up the river so araborn followed along. "Unfortunately I do not have any such abilities to make this journey shorter" Araborn replyed then walking next to the woman said "I don't believe I've gotten your name, I am Araborn"
  10. Araborn had been listening intently to the man's babbling and spoke his thoughts "this...deal about your thoughts running away? It troubles me" he started stroking his chin "if these land are as dangerous as they say we will need all our witts, and about always being watched? If we are traveling next to the river there is most likely no cover so ambush will be a constant worry, we must be ever vigilant, unfortunately it seems as this man did not go all the way so passed the river we are essentially blind" he finished gazing intently at the old man "is there anything else you can tell us about this...white powder"
  11. Mind if I join? Araborn Kirom is a traveling Wizard so mapping out a safe way for people to go somewhere (and so it's safe for him) is right up his alley!
  12. Araborn was walking along the road when he heard the screaming, at first he thought it was a camp under attack from a bear or something but as he got closer he realized it was a village under attack from bandits, with his staff in one hand and his sword in the other he started walking through the burning streets, he found a small family cornered by five bandits, they turned around when he walked up and Araborn got a look at there eyes, these were not bandits, bandits were men who stole because of greed or need, these....things had pure bloodlust in there eyes of the like Araborn had never seen, maybe once they were men but now they were monsters with one purpose, kill, one lunged him but Araborn sidestepped and sliced the monsters throat open then with a small blast of chain lightning he fried the remaining four, as there body's writhed on the floor he walked up to family "let us find you a safe place to stay until this is dealt with" and so he led the family through the streets and found the blacksmith where people were streaming in as Solder's of some sort protected the door, he led the family to a wall and called out in a loud commanding voice to the Solder's nearby "who is your leader?"
  13. Welcome to the site. I see you already have a character sheet up and hopefully you find something to jump into right off. If you have any questions let me know and otherwise welcome aboard

    This other new player is looking for quest partners too:


    1. Araborn Kirom

      Araborn Kirom

      Thanks for the welcome! I've never seen a RPG forum quite like this so I'm excited to see what it has to offer

    2. supernal


      That's exciting to hear. In addition to questions you may have about the site feel free to share any feedback you may have as well. I'll also recommend checking out our new member guide linked at the top of the index page and in your navigation menu. It's separated into chunks and so far has been one of the best guides we've made for new member onboarding

    3. Araborn Kirom

      Araborn Kirom

      Thanks! I really appreciate the suggestions!

  14. Name: Araborn Kirom Title: The guardian, the wanderer, Man of the North Visual Age: 34 Birth Place: a secluded village in the North Race: Arcanum Alignment: The council of Elders Gender: Male Class:Wizard physiology Hair: short and white Eyes: Blue Height: 5' 11" Weight: n/a Voice: deep Build: strong Condition: healthy clothing Wears a blue tunic with black boots, black pants and a blue cloak skills Is a elemental lighting wizard and can do limited magic with elements directly involved with lightning inventory A staff with blue glowing runes going all up and down it,
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