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  1. am i able to move this thread myself? I was thinking it could serve as the ooc. Anyway i went first. Idc about what order we go in. I also don't care if you guys want to set a sort of rotation timer, IE a post from someone every x amount of days? I won't be posting every day, fair warning.
  2. Jiyuu itself wasn't the focus of attention this evening. But the actions of it's people. There was a reward posted for a particular witch. It had only a single prerequisite. Which was to bring her in alive. Pyrrah was no stranger to many things one accused of witchcraft might find themselves facing on a rap sheet. In her eyes, it didn't matter, guilt was assigned whether there was warrant for it or not. It was because of her experiences with outcasting, and beast hunts, that Pyrrah would assign herself, as a sort of assistant. She wanted to find the Witch, and attempt to protect them. She had a few things going for her at least. Things that your average common person couldn't boast. She knew how to think like someone in hiding. She'd hidden before. From angry mobs, hunters, slavers, monsters, and so on. All of which would see her enslaved, dead, or some combination of the two, as long as she was gone. She'd be able to scope through any likely hiding spots, assuming the accused witch was hiding at all of course. They could just not care and hide in plain sight. Super Human physique and prowess. Pyrrah didn't look as if she could out perform squirrels in arboreal movement. She didn't look like she could cleave a human like wet tissue paper in a wolves claws, or like she could easily outmatch human warriors in the raw power department. But she absolutely could do all those things. She Didn't appear to have superior levels of the five senses. But she could absolutely pick a person out from far off on sight alone. She could follow a trail with her nose for miles and miles. She could hear the tiniest of cracking leaves, or footsteps. Her sense of taste and feeling weren't applicable here, despite also being quite sensitive and tuned well. Indeed if any single person could find this witch themselves, it was Pyrrah. Good thing she was on the witches side right now. And who knew? Maybe there was a little food money in it for the hound. She could certainly use it, her out pockets running low, if she had any pockets, and if low meant 'broke'. She set to looking from various vantage points. While most in search prepared their stereotypical ropes torches and pitchforks, Pyrrah prepared herself. @Dabi @Humble Blood @The Hummingbird
  3. could i link you a video? VaatiVidya does a great summary of its stuff i think. I'm really bad at the explaining thing beyond "a japanese game developer turned Lovecraft into a video game." lol.
  4. Any recommendations on how to start out? Pyrrah is just going to kinda be helping the witch.
  5. Patience Daniel San. Miyagi teach many skill in his day
  6. https://www.valucre.com/forum/36-wilds-of-lagrimosa/ so Jiyuu is in this area? This is where I'm starting us off?
  7. I should caution you all. Its going to be a couple days between posts. I work a lot recently.
  8. m having a hard time figureing out where to post the start
  9. Sorry. Works been Killin my ability to brain 😞
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