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  1. Erika made no audible or visible reaction. She simply followed the girl. "Shopping?" she asked herself. She followed, but with little urgency. Yet managed to keep up with the princess just fine. She moved elegantly in all things she did. She never made sudden or jerky movements. She stepped into the elevator with Annalise. "This is a rather advanced society." She said, twiddling a small orb in her hands. Before letting it turn to mist, and gather in her hand. Seemingly, she absorbed it. "Shopping then?" she asked. "Very well... If that's what you'd like to do." she said. "Tell me then, what are you shopping for?" She asked. She would wait for the elevator to stop,before stepping out, and waiting for her. @Spooky Mittens
  2. Below are my character sheets. I keep a lot and this list will grow as introduce or use them on Val. (the information in this thread will trump and be considered my own canon over the information in other previous threads ive made with the characters)
  3. Below is the thread reserved for the Class C quest. A tribe of Wahr Bear bastards is paying bandits to kidnap kids for slave purposes. Currently, this thread is Houndy Poochykins, and dvsn. please message Houndy Poochykins (me) if you'd like to mess up some bandits.
  4. Name: Kalamira (“Kally”) Age: roughly 180 Race: Dragon/Human Hybrid Heritage__ Father: Kalamatus, Emperor of dragons. Mother: Michelle Armania, human priestess. (titled Elunama by dragons) Nationality: Northern Blackscale. __ Innate Talents: Natural physical prowess, Flight, Transformation*, Fire Breath. Learned Talents: Serviceable with a lance type weapon. Skilled with claws/tail/wings. Abilities: Ability to transform into a full dragon form, Ability to breath fire. Ability to boost own physical attributes via augmenting magic. Personality: Rash, Irrational, and Violent. Makes most decisions without thinking, often immedietly resorts to fighting and just deals with it. Can be quite bossy and her respect is earned through displays of prowess and decision making. Regardless of liking someone, she can respect a skilled leader or warrior. Biography: Kalamiras name means “shining star.” The short version is that in the culture of her people, a mother and father ignite a special stone, and allow its metallic remains to shine the shine, often spells out basic words, that are then translated to their name, through an old method of dialect. Kalamira, or Kally, happened to get the words Star, and Shining in her stones remains. Post naming, the metallic remains, also known as Ferroutanium, is an invaluable resource as its one of few things a black scale cannot outright match in terms of might, if used. In a war that was made of one faction consisting of a few pockets of dragon kind, wise enough to believe that harmony was the key to preservation, and a portion of humans in the region, pitted against human dragon slayers, and some manufactured magic dragon beings, the metal was used to combat the magic abominations, to serviceable success. Kallys family, was unfortunately slain by a warrior she went on to destroy herself. But it offered no glory. In the 30 years it took, the man aged into feebleness and proved no challenge in the slightest. In retribution, both for her family, and her region, she can effectively be blamed for the genocide of the slayers people. Fast forward to present, (50 years past the slaying), Kally is the last of her people. Kally is the name she uses, lest a small pocket of dragon killers still exist. Though it does little considering her physical appearance. Misc: Blackscales have various shades of black, coal, jet, onyx, and so on. As well as various degrees of gloss and appearance. Kally for example, has a coal shade, in matte type of coating and finish. Ability/Talent explanation: Transformation: Kally is able to assume a full dragon form albeit for a short time. The form is bar non, her most powerful state, and is impossible for her to otherwise simulate. Physical Augmentation: She is able to, in a simple term, change her dragons blood. Effectively its increasing from half, to about sixty five percent. Genes, and dna don’t exactly work like that, but that’s the simplest way she explains it. In a manner of speaking, she unsuppress or unlocks “more” of her dragon side. Fire breath: the stable of dragons, her flame is naturally high pressured and powerful. But lacking in overall quantity. Appearance. (at normal, 50/50) Height: 5.11 Weight: undisclosed, heavier than her human equal. Hair: Long, Red, Wavy. Skin: Fair Eyes: Green (orange in dragon aspects). More Appearance: Kally is a tall, fit woman, on a slender frame. Her canine teeth are a small bit longer than normal humans. Though she’d bragging, she’d be honest if she claimed to have an amply large bosom. Her slender waist is accentuated by long strong legs. Her rump is also tush and round. On her back, sit two large black wings. The tops of which have sharp spikes. Her tail, like all of her people’s, is one inch longer than her overall height, 6 feet. Making it long enough to use in combat. Fair skin, green eyes, and red hair make her quite the looker to some. Her tail is indeed scaly but slender, the thickest portion being the base, which is only 7 inches in diameter. The last 4 inches of her tail are in a flat, vertical arrow. The dragon’s wings are black as well, membrane being a mildly see-through fire orange. From the side of her cranium, two horns just long enough to breach her hair. Which are also black. She has sharp nails that serve as claws, but only look like fingernails. But otherwise human hands and feet. Her legs, arms, torso, back, and belly/abdomen have tribal draconic style tattoos. Aspected appearance: Her arms will gain scales to her elbows, her hands will have large claws. Her legs will have scales to her knees (just over) in both cases). Her eyes are ferociously orange. Her canines are slightly larger, her tail gains a long spinal trail of sharp spines. Her wings slightly enlarge. Her overall size increases by about 5%, so she’s about 6.2 feet in the form. Her horns lengthen considerably, just past her crown. Full Dragon: measuring about 100 feet long, with an appropriate wingspan. Weighing in at nearly 35,000 pounds. Her scales in entirety are black, her eyes are orange. From her neck to her tail, she has a long spinal set of barbed spines. Her wings membrane isn’t as transparent. All her teeth are obviously sharp. She is a four legged dragon with back mounted large wings. Her horns remain front facing on a slender head, long neck, and elegant but powerful overall form.
  5. awesome~ I'll give you a link and a notification here soon, when i make the thread 😄
  6. yes, and no. Long story short. She'd be asking once. If she got a no, she'd make it clear shes absolutely capable, physically, and morally, of mass genocide of the tribe. If they chose to resist further, she'd absolutely have no problem destroying them. Now, this is only for things that don't sit on her moral compass. she'd only do this to slavers, a nazi empire, a imperial empire.(basically things most would agree, and morally disgusting, like slavery). She'd ask nicely for some gold, and if she got a no, well tough luck, guess she has to work for her money.
  7. Hi everyone. Ive yet to find a partner in my close circle, so I'm branching out. The quest is a class C quest, for 1+ people. There's a nasty bit of business. A Tribe called the Wahr Bear, is having bandits kidnap children to be used as slaves. I have 3 different characters that will have different ways of dealing with this, one being simply, following you, and doing what you think works, one will try diplomacy, but will destroy anyone who opposes her, and finally, one will simply burn the entire tribe, as well as anyone working for, or with them, to ashes and cinders with a smile. Its west of Last Chance in Terannus, in the wilds. Inquiries are welcome here, or in DMs.
  8. "Yes, I use wands and say magic words..." Erika said. "I even know a few really dangerous ones..." She added. "some... are even forbidden." she said. "Of course, simply knowing them isn't going to get anyone in trouble... but practicing..." She explained, stopping before saying too much. She mused internally for a moment, before looking over to the girl. "I suppose, if you want... I can show you some real magic." She said. "and, if you promise not to tell anyone my peoples secrets... I'll even explain the different tiers." she said. "thats quite the nifty little toy" she added, clasping her hands. She examined her little chip. "So, i get paid on this thing huh?" she asked aloud. Erika was not one afraid to use her looks to get what she wanted. She'd done it several times before, and would likely do so again if prompted. She said he got mad if that little disc was thrown inside. "You just need to learn to throw it" she giggled. She created a small ball of flame. It hovered just above her finger. It was then, surrounded by ice, which she created as fast as it melted, until the fire died out inside shortly later. She would then snap, and the ball of ice would turn to dust diamonds, glimmering beautifully.
  9. Erika smiled. Listening to the girls taunt. She held a hand out. "oh, dear" she said. The weapon flew and made a loud metal thud into her hand. "it's not meant to protect you..." She said. "I'm a master of the arcane, and destruction class magic." She said. "And mastery... Is more than that simply having an offensively high output of energy." She added. She snapped her fingers, a small flame circling her index. "I can protect you without ever having to go with you... Not a soul needs face harm" she said. As a gentle breeze circled the girl. "or..." The hydration began to cool, and in seconds sharp spirals of ice had jutted around the caster Erika. "I can make it as bloody as you like." She stopped and let the ice turn to dust. "I'd be happy to display any of my abilities... They can be hard to fathom for the more privileged of the people." She giggled "the short version of it all. Is that there are 5 tiers of magic, for my people. The first tier only requires knowledge of the name, which could be taught" she suggested. "And maybe if you ask nicely, I can show you two through four " she giggled again. She snapped, she just remembered. "By the way... It's Erika " she said. "just Erika" she added. Assuring her with a smile that anything but, would be quite the gamble.
  10. Erika, while seemingly not paying attention, was taking it all in. She looked an expensive gadget from a nearby desk over. The employee seemingly ruffled, she'd set it back down and tap it gently. "Oh I've dealt with a share of naughty children before... how difficult can it be?" She giggled cutely. She listened some more, followed him. "I usually prefer physical payment... but if this is how it is..." She shrugged. She'd long since examined their currency, and he did not deceive her. "I should caution you..." She said. "I don't ask ne'er-do-wells twice..." She said, her same lady-like smile not fading. "You may find a lot of blood on the hands protecting this lady." She said. She set the halberd down, which by some fashion, stood straight up, as if she was holding it still. She took the chip, "I've noticed, indentured servants are a massive part of your city..." she said in passing to herself mostly. He may not have even heard it. She walked to the glass, pressing her own face close to it, exhaling and drawing a smiley face. Accentuating it, with two eyebrows, making it a rather sinister one. "You don't have to worry... I'll have her delivered to you at the time and place you like alive. Wellness will depend on her though" she giggled. "So then, handsome. Where do we get started with this babysitting job?" she asked. @Spooky Mittens
  11. Class C: A dangerous tribe located west of Last Chance and known as the Wahr-bear is paying local bandit gangs to kidnap children and deliver them as slaves. (currently recruiting and under construction)
  12. The womans violet eyes looked out at the world as the shuttle landed carefully. She yawned casually, as if a tad disinterested. As the door opened, she'd rise and disembark. "Thanks handsome..." She blew a kiss at the pilot before leaving. "My what a delightful little country... Its almost as nice as hell..." she said to herself. The woman had fair skin. Supple and delicate looking. She was well endowed on a small but well made frame. Her hair was long, straightened meticulously, panther black, and had a purple streak up each side. Violet eyes paired with an almost cute innocently childlike smile adorned with dark violet lip paint, made it seem like she was blissfully unaware of anyone's desire but her own. She donned a long purple rope of sorts. It was tied with a pink sash in a unique bow, one end of which had a lengthy tail that hung to her knees, the trim of said sash, was a shimmery silver color. Said robe left a perfect amount of her to the imagination. It was just open enough to tease, but not indecently so. She had a ring on her marriage finger despite not being a wife, as well, her nails were painted a shimmering purple, the trim of which, being a shiny silver in color. She had a long slit in the robes left bank, showing a tad of leg as she walked gracefully in her heels. which were also violet. Perhaps though, her most notable piece of equipment, and the elephant in the room, was the rather sizable bladed pole-arm. It was a long solid shaft, the tail end of which was sharp spike, that appeared to be a gem, from the looks of it, it was diamond. The head of which, was a dragons maw, from it, a green wave curved blade. This same blade had a set of foreign writing, in silver. From its appearance, it was part of the blade and not just a paint. Erika had no doubt this family was wealthy. If they could afford her, they had to be rich, or stupid. "Salutations, and good afternoon..." She said politely, with a gentle curtsy. "My name, is Erika Melody Marie Antoinette LesChance..." she smiled. "I believe you have need of my services." She said. Erika's blood name, was LesChance, her mothers. However, because of the confusing politics of her homeland, her line usually hyphenated. "What can do for you?" She asked. She already didn't like this country. Having a small background in slavery herself, it didn't exactly sit well. It didn't hit anything sore, but she knew already what kind of people she'd be around if slavery was normal here.
  13. [float=left]Erika[/float] [float=right]LesChance[/float] [justify] [table][tr][td][/td][tdw=300px] Aracne artes are a fickle thing… [/tdw][td][/td][/tr] [/table] [/justify] [justify] [table] [tr] [tdw='500'] Overture ˑ Name: Erika Melody Marie Antoinette LesChance. Age: 23 Gender: Female Class: Arcanist Spell Spear. Title: The black witch. Height: 5.5ft Weight: 121lbs Hair: Straightened Jet black with a purple streak on either side. Eyes: Violet [/tdw] [tdw='500'] Interlude ˑ Likes: Magic, drinking, small furry animals, Men. Dislikes: Bugs, Monsters in general. Habits: Speaks to people in an instructors shoes in almost all instances. Often flirts without even noticing it. Fears: Bugs. Rejection. Marital Status: Technically married. But doesn’t acknowledge it. Occupation: Traveling sorceress. Attitude: Generally she has a good attitude and demeanor, if a bit high horsed. Other: (none) [/tdw] [tdw='500'] Coda ˑ Lineage: Mother was a spoil of war, commoner with no magical talents. Father was a court sorcerer. Weapons: Halberd imbued with a spirit. Gear: Head: No head wear Torso: A long risqué violet gown. Accessories: Earrings. A ring on her marriage finger. Specialization: Offensive magic, Polearms and strategy. Other: In her own right she’s a skilled strategist. Often, her ideas seem ludicrous, and almost child like to some. Because they are just a game to her. (INCOMPLETE, ADJUSTMENTS BEING MADE)
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