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  1. I really don't want to see Valucre go...

    I don't know that I'll migrate to the new place....

    Its nothing personal, I'm not mad at anyone or anything. I just wish I had more  time on Val. lol

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Look at it this way.

      If you take a family from a home and split them up into different homes, you lose the home and also the family. Sure, they can keep in touch, phone or text, visit each other, but they're no longer a family unit in one home.

      Now, if you take a family from a home and move them into a different home, you lose the home but you keep the family. That family, through each other, will adapt to their new environment, and though it might look and feel different to what they're used to they'll soon discover how similar it is to their other home, because they're together in it. In some ways, their new home might even surpass their old home!

      Valucre is going, but many of its members have simply relocated to their new home, crossing the ocean to reunite and shake hands and have fun. Valucre is going. Its community is simply moving!

    2. 500bees


      Saaame, but I'm having fun on PGRP too! 

      *chanting* join us join us join us join us join us join us join us join us join us join us

  2. I'm gonna try and get as much stuff moved as I can. But I've yet to receive the activation email. How long should I expect it to be (I always thought they were instantaneous)
  3. after much thought and internal deliberation, I have decided to recuse and remove myself from any on going thread I am in. If said thread did not explicitly get confirmation that I am staying. For the dozens of people I am failing. I am sorry. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      It’s ok, though you’ll be missed in those threads.  I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that I’ve taken a siesta from threads a time or two.  RPing is for fun, not work.  When it feels like work that’s when shaving off  a thread or two is necessary.  

    2. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      It happens. Take care of yourself first and the rest will follow.

    3. Velindrel


      take care of yourself buddy real life/etc always comes first.

      when posting becomes a stress it becomes a good idea to take a step back and take a break, that's often called for.

      take it easy!

  4. Please do. Don't let me slow you guys down. 🙂
  5. Apologies to everyone:
    Coming soon will be a large egress from most if not all the threads I am in. I am stretching myself thin. Making myself unhappy by trying to be in too many stories. I need to heed some advice... and do my own stories. Instead of just starting and joining enmasse hoping one sticks and is good.


    i am unsure of what im dropping and keeping.

    I am unsure of what method i'll be using, it could be a simple OOC post, it could be a flashy exit... I have not decided.

    I am even unsure of how to mitigate my massive dependency on the approval and admiration of others.

    one step at a time.

  6. Yeah. I'll get one out tonight.
  7. i have forgotten where i owe posts 😕

    1. notmuch_23


      Even More Stuff, Gushy Mushy Swamp...

    2. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Acting acting it rhymes with pact ring

  8. im just trying to think of what to do T_T
  9. Pyrrah grunted as she avoided falling wood. She growled as something poked her, but hard enough to draw blood. Oh, that was called being stabbed, impaled. She heard Veron bark out that they needed to burn it. If there was one thing she knew, it was fire. She conjured up a few fireballs and hurled them into the canopy to get a good light going. Leaves and branches burned much easier than a tree trunk. It was thicker, harder, and it was near the ground. A tree drew its nutrients and moisture from the soil, so it made sense that the base was the strongest of the wooden being. Regardless, as the canopy lit up, she hurled more fireballs at the base. It took a considerable level of effort, considering she wasn't exactly a pyromancer, she was just a hell spawn. A rather low grade one at that. Once the tree began to burn, Pyrrah growled at the others. "Must, flee" She insisted.
  10. As Severick spoke, defining MoMos purpose there Dia shrugged. "Long as it behaves we're cool. I still know vets that declaw cats" She said as she kept pace. Anyone with even the slightest magical affinity could feel the wicked sword she carried letting its own nature show. It was a demon blade. Something out of a videogame in it's edginess. Of course you could make fun of overly edgy things all you wanted. Be it a normal claymore, or an oversized goofy named ripoff of a blade, a sharp blade was a sharp blade. This one just so happened to embrace the purpose of a sword. He who said 'the pen is mightier' probably didn't have a magnum, or a demonic blade capable of such travesty as Holy Caliber. In truth, the blade was angelic in origin. But it was tainted by demonic smithing and blood. "If it was that weak it was a like a strand of manilla rope on a ship using decking nylon... nothing but a liability that they needed to get rid of." She said. "I'm no tracker... someone else lead the way... I'll handle the ugly part" She added looking back, "I'd much prefer to do things this way more often... diplomacy aint my deal" she shrugged.
  11. "Hello, Millie" Dia said. "If you wanna bartend or be a bouncer, sure." she then shrugged. "There's no money in being a waitress with as many as I have now" She added. Dia would then look at Daichi. "Take care then, don't screw it up please... I'm less worried about the money and more about some abomination running around." She said. "Remember, it's gotta be 100% specialty materiel... this guys a big one" She waved the bottle before pocketing it again. "I don't like to ride in the bitch seat... Gimme an address and I'll see you there?" She asked. "No offense of course" She said, taking a swig from her flask. She'd open her wallet, which looked pretty empty at the moment. Save for a photo in the display, which showed a pale woman with the same tattoos she had, it was actually just her. The photo would show her sitting on a curb, next to a beat up hatchback missing a wheel, with some broken windows, and seemingly every body part from a different color of the same model... it was also dated about 7 years prior to her arrival here and departure from Detroit on Earth. Atop the car, bungied poorly, was several bags of random things. There was a bag of clothes, there was a guitar, some blankets, essentially, it was everything she owned at the time. The Día in the picture also didn't have sleek clean hair and leather. She had messy hair like she hadn't showered in a week, and distressed dirty clothes, including a ripped tank top. Her sword could be seen sticking out one of the broken windows, and each gun was poorly stuffed in her pockets. The picture fell out as she opened said wallet. Though she attempted to quickly retrieve it.
  12. "Well thats a shame, I'm not much of a people person myself." She said. "Out of curiosity... is there a place to get exotic pets in this place? Everrun I mean." She asked. She wanted a companion, a unique one. Maybe some kind of rare breed of large wolf dog or something. Or maybe some kind of monitor lizard, or a big cat. Or even a bird of some kind. She wasn't super equipped to deal with one though. Anything of the animal variety. A dire wolf would be nice. Some Giant wolf she could ride everywhere maybe? "I'm thinking something strong and exotic" She added. "Absolutely" she replied. "So It needs an indoor pool, not like, Olympic sized bit big enough to enjoy." She explained. "I'd love a large master bedroom overlooking the city... with a balcony..." She explained. An indoor gym, and some place to do sports stuff" She added. "A 5 car Garage with a lift and full tool assembly." She added. "Of course it needs a good kitchen and dining area..." She added. "A badass music room, and a badass gaming room" She said.
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