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  1. I'm curious to know. If anyone would be interested in doing a sort of competition, in the automotive fashion. Ideas: Stock Car Racing, Monster Trucks, Dirt Bike Racing, F1 style Racing. NASCAR style Racing. Drag Racing, Drifting Competition. That kind of thing. It would be a Dice Roll system, unless you and your opponent just agreed on a winner/loser (provided it was a one on one race). I'd take care of logistical stuff. You'd be responsible for finding a sponser, or your own vehicle that would need to match competition parameters. I *will* need at least 5 or 6 people interested, I believe. And i've a few ideas for it... A. Roll a dice, then type a post based on that to show your performance relative to the others. B. Discuss with someone on a clear winner and loser (Though I'm partial to A). just uh, let me know? I'd take care of most of the stuff like location and 'dm' of the thread. I'd Take place as the Announcer person, should there need to be one. Keep in mind, Extensive knowledge DOES NOT help or hinder anyone. Its literally a "i rolled a bigger number". So Me, knowing a shitton about hotrods, won't give me ANY edge. and you wont suffer if you've never driven one before. I'll even help someone with lingo if you want to... say... "He turned a little to tight and began to slip" I'll happily help you word that into "He broke grip on the turn, keeping just enough traction to slide through the hairpin curve and not crash"
  2. "Nah, energy isn't my thing" she said as she reached in and pulled out a small phial. "100% pure hatred" She said, as the red liquid gave off an eerie feeling. "It's an angel eater" she said, "it lives by eating angels, slowly, alive" she added. "They're buggers, really" she shrugged. "They have the ability when transmuted, to absorb and discharge angelic energy..." she added. "Think you can make something big, same design as my other one?" she said. "But it needs to be a bit smaller, so... lets say..." She shrugged. "About 4/5s the same size, a 20% dip?" she asked. "I can pay as long as you can take Rhodium" she said, producing a sort of IOU. "NO one carries Rhodium everywhere" she shrugged. "Anyone in here do ballistics?" she asked, examining her gun. "I need to get a new gun." she said with a shrug. "These won't penetrate something quite the level I need... sure they turn humans to mush, but against a block of stone, not so much" she sighed.
  3. The stone shell of the demon seemingly cracked. But as fast as magma flowed out it cooled and hardened, as if just re-growing its shell. Would roll about, crashing through light objects, haphazardly. Every time it rolled at someone, it wouldn't change course to chase them however. Indicating that it couldn't see well, or maybe at all as it rolled. It crashed into the raised wall, denting it and getting stuck. It would spew magma from a spike hole, plenty hot enough to melt the metal, and free itself. It also burned and singed the deck as it dripped and rapidly cooled. Any magma not connected to it, seemed to follow the rules of normal lava, and drop rapidly in temperature. It rolled in a straight line, firing away after Dia, who holstered her guns and drew her sword. But at the last second, she bolted aside, letting it crash into a dish pillar. It also seemed to have a hard time stopping, once it got going. Dia would need time to think, but maybe they could use that to their advantage... "Hey!" She called to the others. "I don't think the pineco here can see once he's movin', or stop... like big dumb bowling ball" She said. She lit up another cigarette, before charging some red demonic energy into the sword.
  4. She would tilt her head. Was this a feeling of Deja Vu? She looked around for a moment. He was right, they hadn't done that part yet. "I-Indeed" She said, pondering what the hell happened just now. "Lets get into town first then perhaps..." She said. Making for it, she'd have a rather brisk pace. Her deft dexterity allowed nimble movement any time it was required, her long tail was tipped with a rather cutsie ribbon for some reason. Not that she expected Thurgood to understand, she was from another world. The Ribbon was white, which signified she was taken, so to speak. Were it red, it would mean she was looking. Pink was the one that most didn't don even if it was true, as pink meant you were 'for hire'. It was an outdated but still practiced tradition among her people. Or rather, the occupied people, as they were occupied by a large empire when she had left.
  5. It was a good Friday night. Plenty of people, plenty of tickets sold. Dia was quite happy with that. The bar was selling plenty of drinks, there were plenty of dancers upstairs with a nearly full VIP section, and all this rounded out to a great business night. Which was good. 10 thousand ounces... 625 pounds, almost half a ton, of Rhodium didnt make itself. Taking advantage of the regent of Everruns help was not something on her to-do list. It looked like it was shaping up to be a good night. There was currently just a track mix playing, older 80's metal, and rock. The crowd was surprisingly a good mix of old and young. She typically didn't think younger folks liked rock much anymore... it was all that bubblegum emo bullshit lately. Regardless, she took her 4th shot of the night, and lit up the 5th cigarette. It was the clubs first time hosting as a venue, and not just a bar or dance club, and she needed the good press. Being fresh and new only lasted so long. The servers served drinks, the bartenders slung them like old western shooters, and Dia did some work on her phone, calculating the night out, costs and such. She wasn't great at math but thankfully her phone was estimating a good ten thousand after expenses, if everything proceeded as it currently was. As with most cases, the band would be paid a flat rate, and be able to sell merchandise. Ticket sales going to the club. Dia was currently in a pair of black jeans and a tanktop, regular street shoes on. "Ruby Ruby sweetheart!" She stopped the pink haired feline. "Less blah more muah" she noted.. "These Devils kiss drinks are a pain to make" "But they sell like pussy at a clam bake in seattle" Dia noted. "Where's the band?" Dia asked a security guard. "Not due for a little while longer" he answered.
  6. hopefully Dia isn't too scantily clad 0w0
  7. It was a while later and Dia had made her way to the main building. She wasn't the fancy shmancy type. But she was in a particularly good move. She caught a male allop, males were more valuable in any species than females because a male could produce a lot of children while females were limited to one litter at a time. That all aside, they were both with her things. She was going to keep the smaller runt male. His name was Candles. For no particular reason. Dia would come from around a corner, dressed to kill it seemed. It was a backless dress with a plunging neckline... like down to her navel plunging. She'd check herself out in the mirror, the wetlook black dress was a litle more revealing, as the dress had a long slit in either leg side. "A little... skimpy isn't it?" she asked herself, looking in the mirror. It certainly showed off much of her ink... to be sure. She would walk out, to the main room, in plain view of everyone else.
  8. As they went to make the horse move, she'd tilt the magnum. "It moves, it gets the Seabiscuit treatment" she said flatly. "Get chatty, Kathy." She said. She nodded as she spoke, as both did. "Uh huh" She added. "Keep goin" she said. She held a hand up. "Right right." She said. "and I was reluctant to trust that I could just follow you like a rat after a piper because I've been shot in the back before" She explained. "Cute little thing, just like you" She added. "Unlike you though, she's got 8 holes in her" She added. Lowering her gun. "See? that last part?" She added. "Thats all i gave a shit about." She explained. "so, as im hearing it... it ain't really yours yet" she said, holstering the gun, and crossing her arms. "Don't get your panties in a knot, unlike the little bitch I put four rounds in; I'm not in the biz of fuckin' people over" She added. "And. For the Record" She added. "I've got enough problems without running a boomtown" She said. "As for your friends..." She said, strolling past the carriage casually. "Wait here... she placed a hand on her swords handle, "I'll be back" She sighed loudly. "In the future... just say 'hey theres this thing, get it, but someone else wants it too, kill them' aight?" She asked. "I'm from Detroit, we don't like shady shit" she added as she walked in the direction of the men from earlier.
  9. unofficially. The official party hasn't been made yes but you're welcome to come in
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