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  1. Everyone.


    I'm going to be AFV for the better part of the rest of this month and likely April, please proceed any threads without me, and feel free to ignore or include the characters as you see fit.

    1. -Lilium-


      I am saddened to see you go and we'll be here when you return! I hope you are doing well.

    2. Houndy Poochykins

      Houndy Poochykins

      Thank you Lil.

      I just need to take care of some stuff.

    3. Samø


      stay safe hellwan

  2. I might be able to get behind that hehe. Is widespread destruction, anarchy and general chaos an option?
  3. This character is currently without a thread to rp. And I'm searching for one. Ideally I'm thinking of something with action/adventure themes. I'm excited to talk to people. And chat. And plan something out. Some things to keep in mind, are that I'm not interested in making her smarter. So she won't be learning to drive, shoot, or anything beyond basic motor control etc, so sorry bout that. >.<
  4. Chloe would shake and shiver seeing the bear attacking. "let me out!" She screamed. To her surprised, she looked down, blushing, at a wet area beneath her. She didn't have to go anymore. She began to whimper to herself quietly. Shuddering in pure humiliation. She'd not have long though, hearing the crunching of the bones and body of the man, she'd scuttle back quickly. "Go away!" she screamed at the bear. "Please take them off!" She presented her shackles. "I can't defend myself!" She whimpered. "Its going to eat me!" She screamed. Of course it wouldn't matter, even if it ate her, once the cuffs were off, she'd have her full power back... Maybe that would help. But being eaten was a pain she had no desire to experience again. She'd cover her face, stuttering her way through her song again. Getting most of the words wrong, and being way off key. With a similar method to eating as she had, the bear would maybe actually be able to hurt her... until the shackles were off. She was torn though. She didn't want to die again. But if it got her free? Maybe a death is worth it. Yes! A death would be agonizing. Painful, and humiliating... But the freedom it would bring... and then she'd eat all of them! Every. single. one. Except Rexus... whom she'd yet to get a name from. He was kind of nice to her. She bit, hard. Drawing blood, from her wrist. Blood always attracted predators.
  5. Pyrrah gave a soft growl at Erics helm. She stuck close to Saul, and followed him like a lost dog. Not particularly proud of herself, but she was in a land she was alien to. Her tail hung long and her ears drooped, as she snuggly secured her hood and cloak. She wanted no part of local freaking out over the hound monster wandering around. She would remain a few steps away from Saul, giving people space was a thing after all. She had no weaponry, only her claws. She had no direction, only a goal. Thankfully, it was something that she was good at. Hunting and killing something. "Friend." She said to Saul. "Pyrrah. can help" She stressed. Insisting that she could be of use and help him.
  6. Mayu was a bit frustrated with this whole situation. The druid wasn't an enemy apparently. When Whits suggested just offing him she shook her head. I like this guy. Arashi chuckled. "Shut up" Mayu said to the dragon, no one else could hear. i am of a mind with him, this man would look better as a pile of ashes... Homura grumbled. Mayu would scoff. Though she had an opinion on this as well. "If I killed everyone who'd simply be inconviniently annoying, there'd be no one to find your missing girl." She said flatly, before proceeding to the box. you want some blade with all that EDGE? Arashi chimed. Mayu pad it little attention. The less advisable opening a box is, the harder it is to resist Sighed Gekiryu. Once being handed the box, and attempting to open it, two large spiders jumped out. Mayu was too close to draw her sword in time. She kept a knife in her person, a small kunai blade. Which was drawn in an instant in an attempt to end the spider. She decided on the black one first, since darker more intimidating spiders usually had toxins or were intended to be more threatening, vs the brown ones that blended well. The movement was swift. She swung up, cutting back on the time it took to move the blade in for impact, instead of lifting and stabbing. (rolled a 7). The damage did not kill the spider, but was enough to severely injure it.
  7. mayu goes Yanamba on a spaidur
  8. @amenities you heard em. You can't have a box and NOT open it
  9. Would a mage that also stabs people with a spear, a charges quite shrewdly for her strategic prowess (as she's also a strategic expert) be something you'd like to talk about?
  10. Haha that's good I'm not a fan of anything where there's no action. So long as Izzy gets to kick some Govt ass (shes pretty anti govt)
  11. It would be all up to us. I'm a fan of action. Like Adventure and stuff
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