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  1. Mayu nodded, as Shadow left. She had to move somewhat quickly but decisively if she was to make any use of herself. She calmed her inner workings. With shadow approaching the bar, it would be pathetically obvious if she approached it as well. So she decided against it. But after a moment, she also decided, she wanted a drink. She'd approach the counter on the opposite end her partner had. Placing a pair of fingers atop a semi valuable coin, she slid it across the bar, and pointed quietly at a rather fancy looking bottle. That's quite a fancy find Jishin commented. Jishin liked a few things and little else. Good liquor, his solitude, and perhaps Mayu, on occasion. Mayu examined the bottle and with the shot class tasted its contents. Exquisite, for such a little rat hole especially Jishin commented. What?! That shit burns like Homura's breath! Arashi growled. How do you two even decide what good liqour is? He added. It tasted like a literal ball of minty rice fire He complained. Mayu couldnt help but find a tiny bit of humor in it, seeing as Arashi was always so tough and violent, but was embodied as this youthful fool on occasion, with the way he behaved. Silence you imbecile! My breath is hot because its made of fire. Homura defended himself. Homura was around the same in age groups as Kyofu, younger than most, but still older than Arashi for sure. Though these numbers meant little to any of these ageless dragon spirits. You're both quite exhausting Gekiryu added. His calm demeanor was rarely disturbed in such a way but it as almost always Arashi that got him a bit worked up, or Homura. Both were quite prone to violence and arguing even. "All of you" Mayu said. Taking another shot, and savoring the flavor. You don't even need to drink anything with it. Jishin said. The others, barring the white, black and cosmic dragons collectively grumbled in distaste of the alcohol. Mayu liked her drinks particularly strong and boldly flavored so long as it wasn't just piss water. As Mayu waited, to essentially get some lead, or hear something. She recalled her journey thus far. Her battle with the 9 dragons. Having to fight each individually in her own head, each had taken a human esque form. Arashi... was admittedly quite stunningly handsome. But he was so damn childish. Homura was so wild and strong. Jishin was quite the easy task... she simply drank with him, though it made dealing with Geikryu, and Kyofu difficult. Fubuki froze the buzz right out of her.
  2. "My name... is Ikari" she said. It wasn't a lie. But maybe telling the bounty hunter her name which had a massive payday on it, wouldn't be wise. especially considering there was a huge bonus for bringing her in alive and well. Don't give him any information you don't need to Homura cautioned. She followed after him. "I've been given little briefing on the target your employers outsourced me to help with." She explained. "I'd like any information you are privy to if you would be so kind" she said flatly. She could feel eyes staring her down. Some putting a blade in her back, and running off with her goods. Some, undressing her. Some going further than that. She was skilled enough that none of this towns folk so far, had a lambs chance in a lions den. Mayu was talented at many things. Killing, for one. She was trained extensively in it and easily surpassed her peers. Acting for another. She would be something of an authority on it if she wasn't wanted dead or a live. And reading people, for a final perk. Mayu was not the right person to lie to. Her career in doing so, made it quite seldom someone sneaked past her in the verbal combat realm. Not unheard of. But not at all something one should try. She was also broke at the moment. So this job would need to come through. Though perhaps she could find a little extra side work her as well. The town clearly hadn't seen a skilled swordmaster in ages.
  3. This place has some interesting workings... what did you say it was called again? Homura asked. The only one that could hear them was Mayu. Since they resided inside her, they were only seen when it was deemed by her they should be. As she approached the main entrance of the place called Palamon, she'd maintain her flat and almost disinterested expression. She never really changed up her wardrobe, being her long swordsmans Obi robe, her hakama pants, and her sandals. All of which were dark and black in theme. She was very much a fan of her dark looks. It despite her skill in acting any role she needed to, be it the innocent lost girl, or the seductress, she could donne any face and name needed, despite not liking it. I dont like this. This partner of your better not screw this up Arashi said. She walked briskly as she had long back noticed she was being tailed. At least three or four. But no more than six or seven. They were armed poorly, street punks at best. None had any kind of uniform so they weren't any official group. Crude melee weapons, and poorly made ranged weapons, barely up to par with bandits. They'd be slaughtered like vermin if they attack anything tougher than an old couple. Mayu didn't particularly like the idea of killing borderline combat virgin boys. Though, those were the dumbest and easiest to manipulate into the edge of a blade. Bar none. The fools wouldn't be so bold and stupid as to attack a woman in open view, in the middle of a populated area Kyofu said. Of course, Kyofu was being optimistic. Being the embodiment of freedom and the winds, specifically gale-force winds, He was all about freedom and making choices. Wind and Water were also both very closely associated with life, thus he had a very high priority on preserving it where it could be. To him, and Mayu, life was sacred and should be treasured by its holder. Why these fools would throw theirs away for what she assumed was her nice sword, was beyond her. Oh I hope they would be Arashi chuckled. Being the opposite. Arashi was violence incarnate. Though unlike Homura, the fire dragon, Arashi tended to be more about destruction for the enjoyment of it. Whereas Homura was rage and power, for the sake of being powerful. Such a propensity for violence Gekiryu said. Like Kyofu, life was valuable but Gekiryu was much more apt to battle if needed as his name implied. He less implied and represented life and water, and more so, how water carved and created. All landscapes have water to thank for their shape. Endlessly flowing, crashing, and falling upon the land, is what shaped it, and provided it with life. Indeed, you are quite the angry and violent one Arashi... Jishin added. You all say this as if its news Arashi chuckled. He is right... the fool Homura added. "Would you all be quiet?" Mayu sighed. Mayu, and by extension though her perspective her dragons, noticed the man in black and a helmet. Gotta be him Arashi said. As Mayu approached him, she'd stop. Mayu I sense- Mayu would speak before Gekiryu finished his warning. "We should go somewhere less social." She'd request of Shadow. "I'd rather not spill the blood of the young and foolish if I can avoid it." She added. "They've been tailing me for miles... but are quite poor at their hunting"
  4. Mayu looked at the bladesman that had arrived. Her vision cloudy and her senses slightly dulled. She'd shove off him briefly as the goons closed in, unenthused to oblige Tenkai. Mayu, had always been excellent at reading ones ability simply by looking at them. These thugs were of little concern even handicapped. Though, taking their lives wouldn't solve anything. She spun her sword and took a stance more suited to multiple opponents. "Stand with me. Or stand aside. But do not stand in my way" She said with a bit of frustration and irritation. "I need one of you to help interrogate..." She said, the rings on her sword jingled as she blocked a swung club like object from one, countering with a kick, straight up and her heel connected with the mans jaw. Well... who? Arashi asked. "Anyone!" She said, blocking another from him and bashing his face with the handle of her sword, sending him stumbling. Hmm... I've already been seen... and Arashi is much more aggressive... Homura said. Let me. Fubuki said. I will extract the information you seek. Mayu would slid back and strike the ground, as a small chilled point would form. Small ice crystals formed on the blade. "In the absence of warmth there is only the cold, bring upon... my enemies-" She would breath harder for a second, as she spoke the sword would freeze over and a small frozen circle would begin taking shape on the ground. The thug was awestruck by it. Until Mayu finished her incantation. "A chill so cold their flesh cracks... Bury them in an eternal embrace of merciless silver" As she finished the air began to cool rapidly. From the circle ice would take the form of Fubuki and then shatter revealing he himself. Fubuki was a pale blue with sharp spines along his dorsal. His horns were back facing and jagged. His teeth akin to most predatory reptiles, long and thin, meant for holding on to whatever they bit onto. Every breath of his was cold enough that it would condensate anything it hit. "I can't maintain this long" She expressed. To which Fubuki's tongue tasted the air, his unfeeling eyes blinked and stared the men down. He would first look at them all. Counting a small handful only. The seperent in this form, a full incantation was large enough, that his snout or muzzle, was equal to a large crocodiles or alligators. In the blink of an eye he lunged forward, snapping down on one thugs arm, in only a few moments the mans arm had frozen, and shattered in Fubuki's maw. As he fell to the ground screaming Fubuki's unmerciful gaze centered on the others, "Keep them away from me..." He told tenkai. "All, of them" he added as he looked at Lester. "You might be surprised at what can't kill you with the right help..." His length wrapping the man. "You could... theoretically stand to lose... all your limbs, a lung, a kidney, your gallbladder, much of your intestines, your appendix, your eyes, your ears, six of your ribs, your stomach, some spinal vertebra, larynx, your nose, your testicles, and clearly you've been living fine without a brain..." Fubuki listed in a cold and almost documentaric fashion. "I didn't mention your tongue, because without it, you of are no use, and thus disposable." He said. Mayu was sweating as the energy required to maintain this full released apparition was very taxing. "On with in Fubuki" She said. While she was absolutely no fan of his behavior... they did try to kill her or worse, and he was one of the more effective interrogators. "Think wisely... and quickly... I am actually very impatient" Fubuki said dropping the man, who was still panting and grunting in pain from his lost arm. "I ain't telling you sh-" in the blink of an eye, the ice serpents jaws clamped and froze an ear off. "Fuck!" The man grabbed his injured head. "What the fuck is wrong wi-" The dragon bit down and shattered the mans leg. "Fuck fuck fuck" The man screamed in agony. "I still have your comrades here..." The dragon said looking back at the thugs, desperate to try and get their friend. Clearly these men were in way over their head. "Hey!" One of the several thugs shoved Lester. "F-find a way to get him outta there! Boss pays his men well!" He insisted. "He'll even get you some more work." He added. "The fuck you askin' a stranger for?" Another thug said. "He looks tougher than any of us! I just don't want our friend to die!" As several thugs began to argue among themselves.
  5. In the 15 minutes that had passed Mayu had been thinking. But that would have to wait, as the bartender came walking out a side door. "Alright alright look" He said. "They got some stuff alright? Its expensive, and addictive as shit... one drop of the stuff, one pinch, one sniff, one tiny taste... and you'll be so hooked you'll fuck a horse for it" He explained. "Charming." Mayu said. "But your not telling me who they are or what this stuff even is... is it the same drugs the police are finding people dead with?" She asked. "Shh shh..." He hushed her, looking around. Pulling out a vial that could hold about an ounce of liquid, or powder. "Ok, so there's three right?" He said. "This is the one their calling Phit... you inject it into your bloodstream and you get really tough for a little bit... lot of the underworlders are using it to try to win fights and shit... but its addictive enough that their overdosing..." He said putting it away. "I sell the shit on the side..." He said. "I gathered." She replied. She'd cross her arms, something felt a tad off about all this however. Ok so I know I'm not the smart one... someone explain to me why he's just spillin' the guts at Mayu. Arashi asked. He was indeed probably to dullest of them as far as intellect, but he was well versed in betrayal and the way people worked. "Why are you telling me all this?" Mayu asked, Arashi was right, this made little sense, why would he cave so quickly. And then give her so much intel. "Because... You won't be taking the information anywhere but a grave." He said. A dart would hit her from afar. "good night..." he chuckled quietly as several men began to move in. "Bastard!" She said drawing her sword out, but clumsily enough that the scabbard clapped to the stone ally ground. Mayu! Homura snarled. The Dragon was angry, but they had a certain set of rules to follow, breaking them could have dire consequences for Mayu. Damnit! Arashi snapped. On your left! No wait, your right! Insi-what is this?! You idiot! We're tied to her life force and her body, if she gets sick WE get sick! Homura grumbled. Mayu's vision blurred, it didn't seem to have the effect that the drugs were supposed to, was this something else entirely? Regardless, an inured predator was still a dangerous one. She'd turn and a diagonal upward slash would carve deep, and send a spray of blood out. You dumbass! summon one of us Arashi growled. For once I agree with him, you need assistance Jishin concurred. Do something besides stumble your way into hell! Homura growled. Need... a little help? The dark aeon of the dragons spoke. "Jishin!" She stabbed the sword down after dancing almost drunkenly around with the thugs. A gust of wind sent them all flying back. Whatever is in this is also draining her stamina She had fallen to a knee briefly. Its impairing vision and motor skills... How do we fix it, stoney?! Arashi chided. Like this Homura said, breaking a specific rule, a hole burned through the back of her clothing, yeilding a loud pained grunt from Mayu. Homura clumsily summoning in by literally climbing from her partially and spewing flames, once set directly at the end of the ally. Trapping them all there, they'd have to leave through the bar now. "Enjoy... the attention... scum..." Homura said aloud. Before turning to ashes and vanishing. Homura's real goal was to get her help by making a racket like he'd just done. There was no way people could ignore a fire, and a loud beast making noise.
  6. Mayu was never a fan of the rain. She sighed softly, Yamamamura had been a good man. What could have made him turn such wicked power like aratama? Nigitama were essentially 'nice' Yokai. But this was no Nigitama manifestation like that of a Kodama or Sudama. The rain fell harder. As she turned towards the enemy, she'd stop as she heard a voice. "Mayu!" Toshiro came running up on horseback. He'd gotten hit at some point as his right eye was covered with a cloth, and his shoulder was bleeding through his robes. "Toshiro, you're injured" She said moving quickly towards. He'd shake his head with a relieved but nervous chuckle. "Yeah there isn't any time for that now beautiful, main camp is under the arm of the enemy, we'll barely make it back in time if we leave right now... cmon!" He held out a hand, and with her permission, hoisted her onto the back of his horse. "Cmon you, hya!" He kicked and sent the steed galloping towards the allied main camp. Sure enough, seeing the main camp from the back trail they ran along, it was under the bearing of the enemy forces. "Strategist got injured, and we're barely holdin' on... lets hurry" He ran at the enemy forces once they'd entered the camp. Mayu had dropped off the horse and engaged them. "Get every down" She commanded the nearest allied soldier, as she swung her sword, leaving a tiny trail of flame and the rings jingling softly. "Homura" She spoke quietly. "infernal flames, power in natures rawest form, turn all my enemies to ashes" She swung the sword and stuck it down. From the impact a large circle of fire erupted, a large dragons head emerged, followed by about 8 feet of serpentine form. The head was about the size of a large animals, large enough to bite a man in half from the torso down. Flames spewed from his nostrils before his gullet spilled forward a powerful stream of intense flame. This would only temporarily send enemies fleeing, as they'd soon be back to take the camp. "That won't keep them away long..." Mayu said quietly.
  7. With all the craziness that ensued Pyrrah was grateful it was over. The feathers were divied up, and it seemed as if they could go about their merry way. She'd run up to the man whistling at her, Her hands caked in blood from the mauling she'd given to the man before. Pyrrah would approach the boy, barely clothed herself, and tilt her head. A small part of her remembered being told, dogs made everything better. So she did the only thing she figured she could, she wrapped her arms around him, and hugged him tightly. Her tail wagged upon release, happy that this whole mess was over. "What do feathers do?" She asked quietly. She didn't particularly have a use for them that she could immediately tell. Food would have been a nice alternative though.
  8. Mayu would look up, and the man who'd suddenly approached. Looking him up and down. "Its fine." She said quietly. I don't like him Arashi scoffed. We don't even know him yet Jishin said. I still don't... Lets fry 'em. Arashi argued back. Must everything be about murder with you? Homura asked. Your one to talk Arashi scornfully grumbled. I enjoy displaying power... who is there to display power to if you kill everything Homura added. "I'm actually only interested in finding the culprit quickly and decisively... I'd rather not waste time in this place long" Mayu spoke aloud. Her dragons stopped arguing a moment. A word... Spoke her stone dragon, usually the most perceptive of them. I've been thinking on this... perhaps... perhaps you should try to think like one of these criminals... as we gathered we know that fair skinned men are the targets and that authority did reveal that they were the type that partook in paraphernalia. He explained. I would submit the plot, that we should seek out the suppliers... as one intending to partake, you may need to brush up on your acting... you did study it extensively. You simply seek out one of these... "dealers" in the guise of one in need of self suppressive escapism. Following that, we use any means you need to find the source... He explained. That isn't entirely foolish. Jishin commented. Mayu looked up at the man again. "If you'll... excuse me" she said. She'd approach the bar. As the bartender was serving a man some water, he'd approach her. "Get ya something miss?" He asked, once he'd served the water. "Information." She said flatly, before looking around. "Where would this cities seediest and most undesirables congregate?" She asked. "Well, in my house if you asked my mother" He answered. nice Arashi laughed. "But if we're being real... information is usually not free... nor reliable if it's cheap..." He explained. "I'm trying to put an end to the drugs making life difficult in this town." She argued. "Yeah? You an' half the fuckin' police force" He replied. "Look, you're cute, if you need work there's probably a whorehouse a few towns over" He snipped. Mayu only twitched slightly. You're showing remarkable restraint. Homura said. "Perhaps the authorities would like to know you possess information that could lead to their investigation being solved in a more timely matter, or perhaps you've wised up in the last few moments, and have decided to tell me what I want to know" She crossed her arms. As he grimaced. "Look lady, most Casper folk don't like when people come in makin' threats-" He'd argue but be cut off. "and most people where I am from have a strong dislike of one impeding their goals." She firmly stated. "And as for threats... if I wanted something done. You wouldn't know." She added. "Alright alright! your drawin' too much attention..." He hushed her. "Out back, 15 minutes... come alone" He urged. She'd nod, before turning away. She'd head outside, and wait out back for him, eager to get this info and get this over with.
  9. The sound of footsteps running in wet dirt. Not quite mud as it wasn't quite soft enough to be such. Hey, moron! The hell do you think you're going? Arashi scolded. "Im not letting them involve Yokai in this battle..." Mayu replied. fair enough but what are you actually doing about it? Homura asked. "Whatever I have to." She answered. All well and good. But this is the way towards the enemies front line dipshit. Arashi grumbled. "Exactly... If they don't have time to summon, or organize them, then that is one less issue to deal with." She explained. We can't have you bringing the fight to the main force alone like this and getting killed. Homura said. "Then I guess you just have to protect me." She replied. "I'm taking the fight to them because that general and strategist are both fools" she added. ...as you do then. Jishin said. As her inner spirit was about to warn her, her own quick reflexes saved her from losing her head. An Ax swung from the trees around her missed lopping her head off. But, it cleaved clean through the trunks of any trees it hit. This happened several times until she was able to get her bearings and assess her attacker. He, definitely better have been a he, with biceps and pectorals of a god man. He had dark red skin, a single large jagged crooked horn on his crown, and wore tatter robes, but his pants and tasset looked familiar. "Thats... Captain Yamamura?" Mayu asked skeptically. The red man stumbled, grabbing his face. Which by the way, was twisted in agony. "f-forgive... me." His voice gutteral and distorted. But it was Yamamura for sure. I don't remember Yamamura being 8 feet tall... and red. Arashi said. The man turned Yokai stumbled around and swung his ax with reckless abandon. She'd dodge left and right, swinging back and fourth. He'd swung an upward arc, which she'd block with her scabbard, only to be sent flying. She landed and slid, barely holding her footing. Behind him several more turned men began to approach. However they weren't quite as their companion. These were all mostly normal men, save for some legions of spikes in various places. unmistakably, they were Yamamuras men. Several rushed her, to which she jumped back. She'd swing her sword and make a set of hand gestures. "Rage like the flame..." She would mutter quietly. She swung her sword forward, causing a long red serpentine like dragon to spawn. Each of his arms grabbed a soldier, following with his jaws latching onto one. As he dissipated, She'd leap through fray, the rings in her sword jingling as she slashed through a pair of soldiers in a few well aimed swings. Yamamura would come wildly rushing in but he'd already long since lost himself. She'd sheath Kyuten, her sword. Exhaling and inhaling very calmly, taking the stance of Iai training. As he swung down, aiming to cleave her in half, she'd strike. In the blink of an eye she'd moved forward, her sword coated in blood. Yamamura's, whom fell to his knees and then turned so he'd fall on his back. He'd breath gutteral sounds, like one choking every breath. His end rapidly nearing. Impressive Homura said. Mayu would approach, and look down at Yamamura. He wasn't really a friend, but she knew he had been an honorable man, even if he was a mercenary. She'd drawn her sword again. She'd whisper something and the white dragon Yuuga would spawn on her shoulders, she'd thrust her sword into Yamamuras heart. A shining light of energy, and the yokai form would be banished. But forcing Mayu to her knees. Yamamuras once again human corpse lay on the ground. That was a massive waste of energy... Homura said. "I'm just sending him onward... with his dignity." She said.
  10. Pyrrah would bark and leap back, dismembered arm in hand. Before digging in and hunching over, looking her enemies down. She'd let out a powerful almost gutteral snarly roar. Her tail wagged as well but anyone that assumed tail wags equated to happiness, probably didn't know that wasn't always the case. She began a ferocious charge, loud thuds against the ground as her claws and feet did nothing to muffle the sounds of her steps. The first man ahead of the rest was ignored as she leaped up and directly into the fray. Her claws seeking the nearest body for rending. Being that she was no stranger to violence, it came naturally. But it didn't mean she particularly enjoyed violence. After all, she was outcasted from her clan because of her poor affluence to commit violence on the command of another.
  11. Sounds like you gotta bring some FREEDOM to oil rich countries.
  12. Location: Northwest Edo Borders. Time: Late Morning/Early Afternoon. Weather: Light Rain. Temperature: Mild 50s-60s Condition: Battlefield, No current combat. The young girl, without her sword, or her spirits ran down the street, tripping over the foot of a dirty fighting guard. Tumbling and scrambling to get up, her hand was stepped on by said soldier. She looked around, only to realize her clothing was in tatters. Was she always this foolish? She was much more keen than to let a single soldier better her like this. She held her clothes desperately, as they threatened to fall off, in front of all these people. Before her hair was yanked, lifting her to her feet. "Let go!" She shouted. "Pretty young girl like you aught to know there's a consequence for your behavior." The guard whispered. Adjusting his waistband, ready to drop his armor. Before she'd be shook, and the world faded. She'd lift her head to see a man at her face. "Hey, wake up" He said. "You haven't been sleeping well again? You look like you're not sleeping at all" He said. She recognized him, a young upstart soldier in the military. A droplet hit her nose, it was raining. It was also the middle of the day. "The attack... right." She stood. "You want to stay back and let ol' Toshiro take care of this?" He teased. He was a handsome young man with some fuzz to his face and long well kept hair. "Not likely" She said flatly, the same completely-lacking-a-smile expression she always had. "Tch, I'm gonna win that heart of yours someday Mayu" He laughed before mounting a rather fabulous looking stallion and riding off. He's annoying Arashi grumbled in her head. Indeed... He's focused more on you than he is at his task. Homura added. Perhaps that's usable... Except Mayu here, refuses to use those years of training in acting for anything besides taking life. Kyofuu chimed in. "I do not... I don't like to, its in poor taste unless there's a mission, and acting interesting in him now would be completely out of what he knows me to be like... if anything, he'd be suspicious." Mayu protested. It wasn't often the heads agreed on anything. Why did it have to be that she wasn't girly and flirty enough? Level with me Mayu, and try something... make him feel manly and tough, lean on him and give him the goo goo eyes, deliver that damsel in distress line with a little feeling. and try not to be a total dipshit doing so. Arashi teased her. "Shut up, lords of war, you are the most annoying of the 9..." She grumbled. You really are Arashi Homura agreed. He is right though to a degree Mayu... give him something to fight for... he's probably going to die anyway, may as well make him an effective killer until that inevitably happens. "The hell are you getting at?" Mayu added. "He's not going to die, he's a capable fighter" She added. Right you were asleep, your friends forces are outnumbered 20-1, as in the 2,000 person at best, mercenary force... is up against forty thousand. Arashi explained, with a rather level head for his normal temperament. "If it will shut the lot of you lizards up. fine" she sighed. I'd like it on record i haven't said anything, and was just called a lizard. Jishin added to the conversation. It would be not an hour later, as Toshiro was dressed in his flashy golden armor. His large spears bells jingled as he finished tying some strings and straps down. "Toshiro." Mayu said. "Oh, Mayu, perfect." He said as the men ran to posts. "I, uh" She swallowed nervously. "You, remember... what you talked to me about a few nights ago, when we were in that small valley?" She asked. Her posture suggesting she was nervous. "huh... I-oh yes!" He clapped his hands a single time. "I remember!" He added. Crossing his arms and smiling. "I said we should check out some of the hot springs this region is famous for." He added. "Would you, mind escorting me to one, after the battle?" she asked. "E-escort you... to a hotspring..." He blushed, trying to feign stoic manliness. "O-of course!" He exclaimed. "It'll just be you and me! No ones going to ruin your relaxation!" He said. I take it back. I like him. You do? You can't feel how much this is pissing her off? "I-I should go, Good luck" She said and pretended to hurry off. "You make me sick..." She grumbled to herself. Love you too. Arashi laughed. She would approach the strategist and commander. "Commander" She said flatly. "What, mercenary" he asked. "I've heard your forces are grossly outnumbered... I sincerely hope you have a strategy to deal with it..." She commented. "You need exercise no part of yourself besides your blade." He scoffed. "now, now" The strategist said. "I'll throw the little dog a bone." he added. "Our enemy is for lack of a polite way of saying it, a reckless idiot... as you can see, the rain is in our favor as we have the terrain advantage, as well... we're not moving in until their forces are sent into disarray. We'll achieve that, by sending in a secret weapon..." He looked around making sure no one could hear, Only mouthing the word, Yokai. "You have got to be fooling!" She snapped, to which the strategist stepped back. "And you'd do well to keep this to yourself... begone dog." He added. She turned around and walked briskly.
  13. I tried adding you in discord. But my discord is brat

  14. I've been feeling the itch to get Chloe, my psycho, back into some threads. So. A few things about her. She's not fit to serve in a military in any capacity where she has to act alone. She needs a kind of handler or something. I'm pretty open-minded in what we can do. She can be kind of antogonist in a thread of heroes. Or maybe some unlucky fellows crazy girlfriend. We could do an adventure of some kind?
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