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  1. Jaecia's eyes flew wide open as the piercing scream echoed through the dark alley. To others, it would have been muffled by distance, and disinterest. Screams were not an unusual thing in Wicker Town, she'd come to learn this quickly during her stay. But she heard it, as if the boy drew his last breath right beside her. Her muscles went rigid as she sucked down the breath the boy no longer could. She didn't know his name, she didn't know the reason for his death, but she sensed his innocence with every cell in her body. "What are you doing?" His rough voice drew her attention back to him. "Why did you stop?" "I can't." She drew her hands back as her heart pounded. Her gaze flicked to the end of the alley. She knew it was too late to be of any help, but that didn't stop the urge, the absolute need. "Get back to it, now." He grabbed her by her long dark hair and turned her face back to his. She shuddered with fear as his fingers wound through the tangled strands that sprouted from her scalp. Despite the fact that his wrath was enough to make her crumble to the ground in terror, she still tried to pull away. She couldn't fight the urge, even if it meant defying him. "Just let me go." She pleaded as tears filled her eyes. "I'll come back, I'll come right back." "Look at me!" His dark eyes took on a golden shine, with a hint of crimson at the core. "You're here with me. Not anywhere else. I'm all that matters, got it?" Her chest ached as she fought against her natural instincts, it was more painful to resist than his fingers tugging at her hair could ever be. "Please." She breathed the word, unable to speak any louder. "Get back to it, now." His voice hardened. "Don't make me hurt you Jay, you know that's not good for either of us." She closed her eyes tight and drew in another breath. This one was hers alone. She focused on the sound of the rain as it splattered against the ground, and the heat of his skin against her scalp. She anchored herself in the alley, instead of wherever that scream had taken her. When she opened her eyes again, she lifted her hands into the air. Trembling, and covered with blood, they reached for the wound on his side. As she pressed her hands back against the deep slash, her thoughts blurred, until they ceased to exist. She knew only light, pale green and throbbing, as it flowed through her senses. She heard his groans as the flesh knitted back together beneath her touch. Her hands grew hotter and hotter, until he shoved her hard to the ground. "Enough!" He frowned as he brushed aside his tattered shirt and looked at the burns her fingertips had left on his healed skin. She pressed her hands against the cool wet surface of the ground and heard a faint sizzle. The light in her mind faded, replaced by a faint, and disturbing pleasure, at the thought of the burns she'd caused. She looked up at him in the same moment that her lips twitched upward into a rare smile. "Get up." He crossed his arms as he looked down at her. "I want to leave this place. I don't like it here." Despite the fact that she stood up, she still remained a solid foot shorter than him. "Take me back to the other place, you said it was safe there. I want to go back." "I told you I have business here. When we're done, I'll take you someplace nice." He caressed her cheek as a few blades of silver hair settled against his eyebrow. "Away from all of this." "They will kill you Davache." She stared into his eyes, easily perceiving the emptiness there. He'd been different when they first met. She'd believed him then, when he said he would keep her safe. "Not as long as I have you." He cupped her chin and stared hard back at her. "You stay by my side every second. None of that running off, understand?" "It was a child." She pressed her hand against her chest as she continued to feel the ache of his death. "I don't care who it was. You're here with me. Don't forget that." He glanced over his shoulder, then looked back at her. "We need to go, someone's nearby. Not a word." He draped his arm over her shoulder and steered her toward the end of the alley.
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  3. Fingers outstretched, she held her breath as the tiny creature busied itself with the morsel of bread she'd sacrificed to set the trap. A bit of bread was worth a bit of meat, to her rumbling stomach. With her hand poised just above the rat she started to lunge for it, but in that moment the ground shook. She gasped with surprise, and the rat bolted with her bit of bread. Still hungry, but now more curious than anything else, she crept toward the window of the rundown house. It took something powerful to make the ground shake, that much she knew. There shouldn't be anything powerful nearby. In fact, there shouldn't be anything nearby at all. She'd been alone for a long time, just as she liked it, and the tremble of the earth meant far more than just a lost meal. It meant that she was in danger. She reached to her hip and ran her fingertips along the blade she'd fashioned out of scrap metal. It was enough to gut a rat, but not much to defend herself with. She caught movement out of the corner of her eye, near the temple. "It can't be," she whispered as she drew back from the window. Her stomach churned, no longer with hunger, but with fear, and sharp anger. He'd promised her she would be safe here. He'd assured her that no one would ever find her. But now, she was no longer alone. She shivered at the thought of confronting whatever great beast could cause such a disruption in the earth. With her mind set on escape, she emerged from a rear door in the house, and followed a path she'd created herself, through brush and trees. With each step she took, more fear built within her, until her feet were driven to run rather than walk. When she reached the water, she stopped to catch her breath. Where could she go? She hadn't made it to this desolate place on her own. She certainly couldn't find her way out on her own. Curiosity brewed within her once more. Had she overreacted? Was the figure she'd seen even really there? Maybe, she'd imagined someone was there. He'd always told her that her mind wasn't quite right. Maybe, if she went back, she'd find that the temple was as empty as it had always been. She pushed her long black hair away from her human-like face and narrowed her stone gray eyes. If there was no escape, she had no choice but to go back. Her heart pounded as she started in the direction of the temple. "One step at a time Jaecia," she murmured to herself. She kept to the brush and the outskirts of the temple, but watched for any sign of the figure she hoped that she imagined. Well aware that if the figure was real, she might not survive to see the next sunrise, she drew her meager blade and clutched it tight.
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