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  1. I don't know if we've met, but hi!
  2. Metty

    General chat thread

    Scare the adventurers with cats.
  3. Metty

    General chat thread

    Im not a gm but I have sound advice. Just...make it suddenly have cats everywhere.
  4. Arashi was even more confused at what he just said, raising an eyebrow at what was said before her expression was turned to even more confusion and what seemed to be fear somewhat. She thought for a few minutes before sitting up on the bed, glaring at him. She wasn't happy, she was confused and scared in this case. Wanting to get out of this, Arashi attempted to fire a lightning bolt at Marigold but only to realize when she attempted to do it, the only thing that came off her hand was very little sparks that wouldn't even injure anybody, not even a mouse. "What did you do to me? My powers don't even work." Arashi said, with her continued glare torwards Marigold. She had no choice but to answer his questions now. "Doesn't that Commanger guy shoot fire and not electricity like I've heard in rumors? The person that shot me was some sort of electricity dude, smelt like a wolf or vampire or somethin...think it was a peacekeeper I dunno. But that's not the damn point, I should of dodged that and went for the counter attack." Arashi sighed. "So your that mad scientist I've heard alot of rumours about. You the guy that's been kidnapping people? Cause I heard they go missing and end up dead as all hell afterwards. I would be surprised if it wasn't you. After all, hiring that wolf lady that calls me her daughter is a just a manipulation tactic ain't it? Maybe if you were like that blonde-haired scientist that I've heard so much good about that you'd save people instead. " Arashi looked a bit fearful as she just went to get off and the bed and attempt to exit the room. "I'm not sticking around for you to earn my trust so you can end up dissecting me and turn me into some sort of super-soldier, so I'm out of here." She stormed off angrily. She had enough of everybody telling her things she was apparently meant to believe. She did know his voice weirdly enough and that only annoyed her before.
  5. It is possible, I've seen it used for another rp site. It's really useful so I'd 100% use that
  6. @Djinn&Juice You know Marigold will just blow up Terrenus as saint king. Ngl.
  7. No. They would propser and live in peace with humans and nonhumans alike. The whole of gen filled with beefly settlements
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