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  1. Stormbreaker's suddenly burst of speed was more than enough to dodge one of the abominations, easily jumping to the side with lightning crackling around her as suddenly used that speed to jump off the wall, crashing into one of them, using her speed and strength to attempt to punch a hole through one of them before going to deal with another and finally another one. Now there was insect abominations attacking her, which to her response, was she stood to the side, a plasma-like blade coming out of the armor on her arm, which was made out of some sort of heavily reinforced blade that was useful to cut through enemies and items and used that to attempt to cut down the insects in her path. She swung at them with the force of a dragon, attempting to get them off her back and hopefully for good. It was at the same time that her armor suddenly detected poison gas and thankfully switched on the filters in her gas mask and respiration, allowing her to breath oxygen. Luckily her armor, was geared for environmental hazards for now, until it got damaged like hell, it counted for raditation damage as well, making it handy against enemies like this, question being how much can it hold on for?
  2. The door was suddenly struck down by a suddenly kick in the door, leaving only, the hole where the door once was, as it was on the floor. Arashi had used a little too much strength to knock down the door, and instead left the door tattered in pieces. She was a native of this world, hailing from outside of the Antigone Isles but never stepped foot in it due to it's hatred of magic users. Footsteps were heard as she walked in, in pure black power armor, her face, couldn't be seen as it was covered with a helmet and the only thing that made her look different in her build was the very obvious dragon tail. Her sudden busting of the door was enough to get glances from other people in the tavern, and she turned attention to the other two, talking with the utmost sounding robotic voice as her voice was disguised. "...I'm here for the job. Nothing else, nothing more."
  3. I gotta ask, did you ask for the quest beforehand? That quest list is like 5+ years old by now so im curious
  4. Arashi Sato Arashi wasn't like Fye in any shape or form, she had a lot of innate power but it couldn't be classified as magic. It was something biological to that degree, a chemical reaction of sorts that made her powers possible. Of course, like magic, she could build up that innate power, but it wasn't like learning magic at all. She was stuck with what she controlled. Magic was afterall much more varied than her own with slayer magic to being able to create life magic, while Arashi was stuck with her three base elemental powers and two combined ones. Useless in certain situations. She couldn't use her flames when explosive gas was involved, she'd probably have to find some way to avoid doing that or freeze it somehow. "Fye, you keep forgetting that, I'm incapable of utilizing mana. It refuses to work with me." Arashi took a deep breath. Once upon a time, she was able to absorb mana to some degree but it made her sick while doing so. Like an allergy of sorts. However, the Mistress/Madame/whatever the hell her name is fixed that with her sword. Arashi may have been the strongest physically out of the three and was quite fast at running but was currently incapable of using her speed in fights, leaving her to use her current reflexes to deal with it. She had good enough reflexes to take on five people at one time, only if they weren't super hard to beat, Moshra alone was hard enough for Arashi to counter, let alone five people as strong as her. When Moshra replied to her, Arashi's feeling of home came back to her in that given moment, she always loved being at home with Moshra and even then, her memories were somewhat of confusion due to her memory. She didn't recall anything when she woke up from that coma, all there was was a semblance of a name. It was all too familiar to feel that way again. She thought she had forgotten something truly important that night she had "died" to speak, leaving her everlasting hatred for the electricity wielding Peacekeeper that struck her down in that moment of time. Arashi's hatred for losing overcame her for months, she hadn't fully recovered her confidence and power before that day. Arashi herself having to watch herself while cooking to make sure she didn't sweat enough, which was hard enough since she needed to push her body hard enough, cooking wasn't too hard as it didn't push her that far but safety was her concern. Her sweat was literally explosive. Her flames, on the other hand, were extremely hot and as she remembered burned her a lot more than she liked when she was young. Arashi was still shorter than the fourteen-foot tall wolf giant, only being six foot two, roughly the same height as her father. She wasn't much like her father, apart from the obvious hair colour. As she looked over at Fye talking about sweets, she came to a realization. Why doesn't Marigold like sweets? Was there logical reasoning or did he just not like him? Her on the other hand, liked them more than she should have been, scoffing down any form of sweet candy at any given notice. "You only tried to feed him a cookie and he refused? That's just plain old disappointing, though the old man would accept it..." She shook her head as she whispered back to Fye. Marigold was a weird fellow. She remembered that time when he got annoyed at hell cause she broke his microwave. All this tech and none of it was one bit Arashi proof. Even after he disappeared for like nineteen years. Then Fye went and got her food and gave some to Moshra, on instinct Arashi laughed. It was funny, to say the least as she went back to preparing her food and then put it in the oven after it heated up. "Pfft, Fye, your a little small to get up to Moshra you know!" It was at that given moment, Arashi had forgotten something. Her beeflies. Luckily for her, they had followed her tracks, the two beeflies, one blue and one pink had finally arrived at the imperium's gate, trying to get past the door to see Arashi. "Arashi! Where are you?" The blue one spoke via public telepathy. "Maybe Marigold...put her asleep again? You know what happened last time when she went on a rampage?" The pink one responded. "Damn you right." ---- Stormbreaker It was some amount of time before Marigold showed up there, going to even take some time to apologise. Stormbreaker couldn't believe it. He was alive and well in this universe, unlike her own. Well he could have still been alive and he put on a show to scare her, but nonetheless, he was alive. Words at that moment couldn't express how she felt, she felt overjoyed that she was right in the prediction that was he was alive, that Arashi didn't murder him. She had faced betrayal by his closest allies, those offering to join Legion instead of fighting against him, even her own siblings betrayed her to prevent their own deaths. She felt lonely and unwanted at that point, Moshra and Marigold were presumed dead or held captive by the Legion's grand army, as the Legion of Doom fell and the one formerly known as the Peacekeeper became known as Legion. Stormbreaker was young at that time, only being fourteen when this all happened, the fall of the megacities, the destruction of Peacekeepers and anybody strong enough to oppose the man in charge of it all, being wiped to dust or surrendering to his forces only to be enslaved or held captive. That timeline was different, to begin with, Stormbreaker was raised by Marigold herself, raised into being able to understand some degree of Magitech, being able to craft upgrades to her armour in the process. Stormbreaker in Marigold's absence in that timeline had become so insistent in continuing his legacy that she abandoned her own secret thing of showing her powers to him and him only, working with them and the armour he had created for his daughter. By five years after things had fallen, she was one of the only people capable of fighting Legion and his army straight on. After he was gone from her life, at least he saved some form of his memories after the attacks began as well as find some way to store Stormbreaker's memories in a greater capacity. Stormbreaker becoming more knowledgeable about things due to this, but knowing everything she could about her father to further on his legacy and enhance her armour more than it ever could have been. She watched the digitized memories with such sadness as he sat there, recalling them, up to the point where she noticed differences. To that extent, she spoke her up, now suddenly tearing up in her eyes like this was the first time she saw him in a very long time, it wasn't her Marigold but it still was a Marigold nonetheless and that made her truly happy. "..I...You raised me, instead of Moshra. You married her a year before the disaster that would change the world for good..." Stormbreaker was not like the Arashi that Marigold gave to Moshra. She was less arrogant and calmer like her father would have wanted her to be. "Is that what you see in your Arashi? A light that can destroy the darkness in the world, or do you see it in us both father?" Stormbreaker asked Marigold. "A beacon of hope is fine and all, but anything with light can be diminished if it snuffed out of existence. It nearly happened to me." She said with the utmost sadness in her voice. Sadness for losing her father to a force that was too strong for her to handle. If she was that light then...that meant more to her than anything else. This wasn't her father, but it still was in a way, yet when he moved through the field, he spoke about Stormbreaker slaying him down in that instance. He had expected her to act like his Arashi, one of recklessness, wild behaviour and extreme arrogance. While Stormbreaker had that arrogance in her youth, it died down with her age, leading her to become more calm and collected. When she arrived in this universe, she was jealous when she found out Arashi was alive, more so than usual. As soon as he finished his sentence, Stormbreaker got up and immediately hugged him, wanting to feel affection for the first time in forever. It was probably unexpected. Arashi would have wanted to kill him where he stood, Stormbreaker wasn't interested in such things. All she wanted to be a hug from her own father, even if he wasn't hers in this timeline. Truth be told, she didn't care which Marigold in any timeline she got, as long as he was alive and wasn't bad, then she loved him. Her dad was the most important thing to her at this point. "...I missed you more than you anything...you may not be the Marigold that raised me, but...I don't care anymore. I haven't seen any form of you in like over a hundred years and I've had to face that burden by myself...while my allies betrayed me or died. I was the only survivor." She then looked down to Marigold's next question. "...Truth be told, I didn't come here to punch Arashi for stealing crap, I was told to capture her. My employer, the original Arashi, wants her for whatever reason...I didn't want to fight the two, and I admit, they've given me a lot of trouble. My memories are hazy about what she wants Arashi for, so I can't tell you that...she'd murder me if I came back empty-handed...." She finally responded to her father in person, as sad as she originally was beforehand. She didn't want to do .this She had no choice.
  5. What kind of things are you into? Also don't worry about adult roleplay (if you mean by sexual rp), it isn't allowed here to begin with.
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  11. Alright. Perhaps I should take out that prep stuff then. Not like it matters too much in a non-t1 figjt.
  12. Stormbreaker stood and watched in horror as the demon took her attack head-on and then retreated into the restaurant. She then watched as the demon then attacked by screaming, which distracted her slightly and distorted her momentum in the air, causing her to lose control on her flames, crashing to the ground for a brief second, luckily she wasn't hurt, but her ears were slightly sore for the time being, even when the armour itself had some soundproofing. Just then, she noticed the demon had created some abominations out of the corpses, which she had gotten up to fight, fire surrounding her both her arms as she watched them and fired small blasts of regular old fire this time at them, watching her range of the civilans and checking her fire to make sure they weren't in the crossfire. Once she did that, she went to go enhance her speed and strength around her body, using electricity in her body, making her faster and much stronger physically than before. (Non named active power turned passive: Electricity enhanced speed and strength slightly by a small fraction past her limits. Can increase to only 20% cause of her power limiter.)
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