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  1. Updated with an official pic for Stormbreaker as of November 2020.
  2. Stormbreaker Stormbreaker had followed Cae from a distance she left at the request of Rai. Rai was awful worried about her sister and Stormbreaker was the only one capable of doing so. Rai had other bodyguards to guard her at this time and she seemed up to the task of finding her sister. As Stormbreaker tracked her down to Chesterfield, she came across Cae in the field of trees and all and approached her in her signature white and blue armour with her weaponry deactivated. She stood at almost eight feet tall and looked pretty big with the power armour, it is pretty bulky. As Stormbreaker approached the trees, she looked over at Cae in particular, going to place her hand on Cae's shoulder. "You should stop pushing yourself like that." Came the voice from behind Cae. Stormbreaker stood there with a disappointing impression on her face. She stood there unarmored, unimpressed, underneath the expression in her helmet. Wanting to know why Cae did this to herself. She watched from afar as Cae pushed herself by running constantly and then she screamed and screamed until she passed out. "Do you enjoy making yourself suffer?" Was Stormbreaker's curious question to Cae. She was concerned. It was then the old mage shouted at Cae, and Stormbreaker managed to glance over with nothing but a wave in his direction. "You know, you don't have to do everything by yourself." Stormbreaker said as she went and hugged Cae. It was the best she could do. Even in the stuffy as hell armor. Menition: @The Alexandrian Brief menition: @supernal
  3. Is there a rundown on what everybody is doing? So I get the gist of how to react to things?
  4. I'd honestly like to see what npcs think of dragon steak. Mainly dragons themselves think of it and how it'd even taste.
  5. Stormbreaker's sudden movement was suddenly stopped by the onslaught of Insect horrors, who she noticed at the last minute when she dodged one of their attacks at the very last minute due to her danger sense. This fog was an absolute nightmare to see through and she just switched her thermal vision on at the last minute to hopefully see the enemies around her in the darkness. This was already starting to become a tough fight and she wasn't even at her limit. Luckily, with her recent suit upgrades and repairs to maximum potential, she was able to use her flames at the max heat she could withstand without extreme consequence. If she did it for too long, she'd feel the pain of it, making losing a few organs in the process. She was determined to deal with the enemies of the front of her first. They were determined to cut her off and limit her from blasting her explosions at max strength around the area. She was up in the air, where she could let loose anyhow. There was nobody about but her and the demons in front of her. 'I struggled with them last time with my plasma blade. I'll have to up the heat to burn through them with ease. Maybe I'll have to use my explosions.' She sighed deeply, watching the insect horrors as she thought of a way to combat them. There was nobody up in the air luckily and this was the pefect time to use her explosions at a fraction of her strength. Stormbreaker smirked from under her helmet as she envolped in light as she caused a big enough explosion to destroy the affect the Xelken around her with the force and the pure heat of the flames used, along with the natural explosive compound in her body. She hoped that it'd at least dent the Xelken or put a dent in them for now, till she got to deal with the main villain of this all. @amenities @squid peanut Arashi was annoyed to say the least. She couldn't put her anger in words. The fungal horror had crashed into the table, looking directly at her. Arashi just looked annoyed enough that she blasted it with flames, it doing a significant amount of damage, but before she realized, she had been surrounded by varies types of insect bugs, them swarming around the local area, killing civillains and now raiding the local coffee shop she had to be dining at. They were closing in on her fast, and Arashi was struggling to deal with more than one of these things. In a last attempt of effort, she went to go release an explosion of electric-fire around her, to make a distraction, staggering back from the force of it as Arashi knew there was no way she could survive against the onslaught of Xelken with little power she had to beat them and she hoped this would buy her some time, as she ran down the streets, narrowly dodging their attacks and pushing past on coming civilains in the Xelken's warpath and line of fire. Arashi had eventually tired of running and fired blasts of fire at the Xelken to draw their attention away from the civilians. She could blast so many blasts of flames at the bugs and before long she was swarmed by them, it didn't matter how much blasts of flame and how many Xelken she killed, they would keep coming and coming. It didn't help that her internal temperature was rising inside her body at a insane rate and she was beginning to pant heavily like a dog that was dehydrated and hot. It wasn't minutes before she could barely use her flames anymore due to the intense heat and all she could do was watch the Xelken get closer and closer to kill her. She was running out of ideas. @L E V I A T H A N
  6. As Stormbreaker let out her anger and fury using her strength to muster a punch against Cae, all she could hear was the sound of her own sibling's laughter. It isn't till now, that with the horrendous mock laughter echoing in her ears, that she looks around the room. It looked different. Then there it was, the big difference, as soon as Cae was knocked into the wall and her arm began to reform, Arashi knew something was up. No, her name was Stormbreaker, not Arashi. At least that's what she knew herself as. She didn't know if this world was real or not. It didn't matter. She was still alive and not on the ground dead like many of her allies were. Fear at this point was keeping her alive. She knew the pain of fight or flight too well, as she faced it multiple times while being tortured every day she was in captivity. It was meant to break her spirit to fight against Legion, make her unwilling to fight anymore. She suffered over a hundred years of that, escaping over and over to no avail as she was captured time and time again. Stormbreaker deep down was reluctant to fight her sibling, one she made deep personal bonds with and regarded her as her best friend. She failed to do what was right. She failed to save everybody important to her. She didn't want to use her powers in front of her sibling due to her secrecy back them regarding them. She stood there, looking very hesitant to even attack Cae after she was mocked, not saying a word. It was then she went to go and say words to Cae, her scales going back to their normal form and disappearing back into her body. She could manifest them at will after all. Tears streaming down her face as she looked at Cae with fear and sadness on her face. "You don't understand...anything. Not one thing. You don't know how hard it is to fight someone in front of me, someone that I consider one of the only members of my family that I respected and loved. You betrayed me Cae. You stabbed me in the back where I was most vulnerable. At least that's what the other you did." Stormbreaker's gaze of sadness as she looks over at Cae. "...I respected you. You were the only friend I had after the rest of the only family I knew was gone. When it came to a choice of dying or giving me up for torture, you chose the latter. Giving up your younger sister to be treated like nothing more than some sort of weak human to be trampled and tortured on by the wolves." She didn't want to fight Cae, she didn't want to hurt somebody she cared deeply for. Cae was her sibling after all. "I don't want to fight you so please...don't. You only annoyed me enough so I punched back. I don't care if this is real or fake, stop trying to make me you fight you..."
  7. Anyhow, I'm gonna join this eventually once @The Alexandrian's Cae shows back up.
  8. I got a notif for this somehow and I didnt follow the thread? Edit: NVM its me being stupid
  9. That was a sigh of relief for her as she looked over at the downed Dauner who faded into the earth below. She heard his voice but didn't seem to care about it. She had bigger fish to fry. He wouldn't be the last. As the villain was gone and all that was left was the bystanders, Stormbreaker deactivated her powers, the purple glow on her suit and highlighted upon eyes faded. Commager was here and she didn't like it. He let her deal with Dauner, but why? Was it respect or him wanting to see what she was made of? Or was it because he knew who she was? There was no way Marigold would of let that secret loose about her identity. He's not stupid. She could imagine the confusion and trouble it would cause as Stormbreaker would get blamed for all the Arashi mishaps in this universe while Arashi gets completely let off scotfree. Thank god she wasn't here. She'd attempt to blast, punch or whatever attack she had in mind to Commager over that villain anytime. She was way more arrogant than she needed to be. Stormbreaker was sick of Arashi's shit after all. Stormbreaker wasn't like Arashi, she was more calm and collected, and thank god Commager didn't hear what she said, otherwise she'd have a feeling she'd in the dumpster by now. She looked at him directly in the eyes as she walked over. "Fancy meeting you here, PK 5. Never expected you to turn up to a village and help defend it." She sighed. "I was supposed to be on break from all this violent crap." She didn't care if she got punched in the face by Commager for that as long as he didn't kill her or something along those lines. After all, he surely couldn't see through that helmet right or ask her to take it off. And the last thing she needed right now was a lecture on Gaia and how it's good. The only reason she didn't attempt to blow him into pieces right now was because of her fear, even if she was slightly showing it through her body language and voice. She would deal with this first then go off to help deal with the villagers. @amenities
  10. Stormbreaker is stronger than a normal person so it's actually similar. I don't know what your trying to say here...
  11. That was the whole point of it. She prevented as much damage as possible by getting as close to Dauner to mimize casulties. Thats why soldiers jump on grenades.
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