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  1. Hope this post is ok. Time to fling people at a Dumpster
  2. Arashi sighed briefly before looking over at him, her gun still in hand. She silently looked over at him, going to whisper to him. "When I say to run. You do it. This will only take a second, don't freak out." Arashi watched them getting closer, before picking up a big enough rock, throwing it against Red's feet. She waited for a split second before yelling in their direction, hoping it was confuse them greatly. "The bioterroist went over that way! Go and get her already!" While they were distracted, Arashi fired a shot at their legs, not before standing up and ramming the dumpster at them in full force. Hopefully that was enough. Motioning to Gary to run, Arashi attempted to slip past the two, hopefully distracted Agents with Gary in tow.
  3. "Fine. That's alright with me. I'm not going to try and bother fighting you. This world is changing and I don't like it one bit. It's getting more dangerous by the moment. I'd say don't bother trying to go out there at the moment because it's filled with nothing but chaos." Arashi sighed. "If something happens to me, what will you do? I can't help if something happens to me. After all, that military man named Michael wants me to help him with...things. I don't even know what said things are." Arashi grabbed Luz's hand as the dragon hybrid stood up. "You're right though. I've been running from my powers the whole time. No concept of how to control them. I stayed away from using them believing they are a curse. A threat to this world and everybody in it. It never dawned on me till now they are worse people out there who want to use the power they had been granted to divide everybody apart." Arashi turned to look at Luz. "I warn you. There are people out there that could end up destroying everything and the whole world if somebody strong enough to stop them. It's not even safe in my own home anymore cause of terrorists and bandits." Then it turned to a stare at the Illyrian. "You don't happen to have some sort of map of Valucre do you? One preferably on some sort of technology as not write over an old map. I can list off stuff on there. I have been travelling a lot, since a few years ago against my mother's wishes and believe me, there's a lot of dangerous people. More dangerous than monsters. If you do go outside of your current area...it'll be dangerous..."
  4. Metty

    [GS] Rifornire.

    Broken and her arms slightly charred from the extreme heat she was given by flames previously before, her charred scales fell off, blood dripping from her arms as she protected herself from the flames. It was certainly hot enough to char her arms straight with how much resistance her body has to her own flames. Then it came towards her before she had a chance, that flames and lava, she didn't have a chance to dodge. Then it all went black. "Am I dead...?" Arashi said as she just sat up in this pitch black void. "No, you aren't, you idiot. You've been holding back this whole time. You left yourself get beaten by a goddamn piece of shit that used electricity last time." Came the voice in her head. "Are you...?" "Your savior Arashi...just accept my power and everything will go the way you expect it to. I promise it will. Nobody will treat you as weak again. That Marigold you keep hearing about will bow before you. I guarantee that power will be yours..." The voice was familar to some degree and comforting. "...Yes. Okay. Whatever...give me it. I want to beat this thing so bad--" 'The hell? This wasn't part of the plan. I never planned for this to happen. I can't even move now, the hell!' "Good night Arashi, have a nice sleep while your there. You can't stop me anyhow." Then that was it, no more waking up, she was there in the pitch blackness of her mind. The voice on the other hand, known as the Crimson dragon had taken control of her body. As that happened the dragon had snapped back in existance, taking the divine flames, going to put Arashi's arm out to absorb them and so she did with little did the Dragon know this was a bad idea. It was doing damage to Arashi's body alright, not sure how much since he didn't care. He didn't feel the pain after all, only Arashi did. "Flames are hot...this fits. Looks like I'll just have to make her life a living hell when she wakes up." As the flames were absorbed into Arashi's body, Arashi became looking more draconic all over her as stronger crimson red scales formed all over her body. She charged forward to the dragon in person, throwing a fist directly at the dragon's head with more force than Arashi was normally capable of. That would seriously cause her fist to be broken in multiple places later. Whether they noticed Arashi was taken over by her dragon side is another matter...
  5. Arashi looked over her shoulder after she sat back down at Kurush as she noticed him wandering about after it looked like he was panicking. Arashi knew the feeling at people dead on the ground and how stressed out people can get. The other patrons in the bar seemed to not give a crap about what just happened, a maid came by to dispose of the dead bodies. It seemed this was a normal day in the tavern. The bartender went back to cleaning up the spill of the tea on the floor, looking quite disappointed in the young man that tried to run away from him. The patrons were mostly older people after all, some of them seemed to look like soldiers of sorts from another land. One not in Orisia. They didn't seem to care about the murder after all. As they just continued eating their food and drink, not a single care in the world. The other patrons didn't bat an eye either. Normal tarverns and inns the patrons would panic at least. "There isn't enough killings of those so called knights anyway. I wish our boss did more to get rid of those damn guards and throw out of the tavern for good. They aren't welcome here." One of the gruff-looking soldiers said as he sat at the table. Arashi turned and raised an eyebrow as she walked over to Kurush, not before getting sliced down the back by the Madame, which surprisingly...didn't hurt. She felt weird for a second as it seemed her mana allergies were cured, she didn't feel as a sneezy and sick like she was before. She continued forward torwards the boy before she got interrupted by a patron of the tavern who said something about a sword. She looked over in the direction he had said it was...and there it was...an illusion? "Does that look like anything like a sword to you? You can't even pick the damn thing up! Although it does look similar..." Arashi clenched the beer glass as she walked further torwards the young man, as she attempted to grab him by his arm and drag him back to a seat with her. "Come on dragon boy. You aren't getting away from another dragon this quickly..." @Meraxa
  6. Looks good. Also time to beat up some NPCs, it seems,
  7. I was wondering this myself cause apparently I don't exactly develop my main character in such a way that allows her to like develop more techniques etc, learn new skills that would useful or allow her abilities to be used more practically. How do you guys do this in rp so naturally without it taking over the plot? Is there a certain way to develop this I'm not aware of?
  8. Metty

    Favorite dragon?

    I like the dragons portrayed in GATE. They require like rpgs and extremely strong weaponry to even hurt them as bullets don't even harm them. That's also the way I see dragons being portrayed on Valucre
  9. Thabks for the offer but my character isn't that heroic.
  10. Why would you not steal blueprints for high tech stuff? Money? to make it?
  11. If this was open, I would be tempted to steal whatever your after and take it for myself lol
  12. "...I should be really more kind..." Arashi sighed as she was told off by Luz. Arashi was fairly loud and reckless, not listening to what she was told. "You have no idea what I've done. I killed someone. Two people exactly while to save another from that monster named Dredge. I charged forward, thinking I was a hero...and suffered for it. He took hostages and made sure I suffered trying to stop him. I still occassionally am scared of things like that happened. I couldn't...kill someone if I tried. I've tried before, I freeze up. I still do. Monsters are okay...but people...people have feelings and emotions. I couldn't bring myself to harm someone. Even if I'm mad and say I want to kill you, I couldn't bring myself to. It's not my nature to kill people. That's what my mother told me. Yet...I did on accident." Arashi explained as she sat down against the wall. "So if you want to install that failsafe or whatever you talked about then go ahead. I'm no use charging in by myself and getting others killed cause of me or my powers. I'm explosive. I've been told that. It's why I avoided combat lessons. I knew my powers causes mayhem everytime I use them. I even accidentally blew up a house while using them for the first time when they manifested. They had to Arashi-proof the whole village after. Since then I avoided using them. Now I'm here, stuck because I apparently went berserk and harmed your king and the person that means more to me than anything else, my adoptive father. He looked after me before he abandoned me for years till I met up with him again." She turns to look at Luz before continuing. "It's not like I have anything better to do. Even if I try and control my powers without gear to do so, I'd end up killing someone or injuring myself. I did break my arms a while ago, trying to punch too hard. As much as I want to goddamn leave. I can't. I'll end up much worse. I'll do something that'll end in my demise or a possible fatal injury. If anything I'm safer here. You know that, don't you? And this whole time I didn't exactly want help cause I know it'd hold me back. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he was trying to help. Maybe you are and I don't see it. I only see the fact that some people people holding me back for their own goals or gains. So, if you want me to work for you, then fine. I just need some goddamn help and its not like the outside world would help anyhow. I hope you understand that I can break things alot from using my powers..."
  13. Metty

    General chat thread

    Make an interest check in the water cooler. Bound to get someone. I'm not a rper bound by genre here. I just rp as long as its within site rules of course.
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