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  1. Arashi Sato/Agent Tempest Arashi was normally a person who talked alot and never was that type of person to be quiet in any situation whatsoever, as she enjoyed speaking and taunting her foes in a good fight. One thing was for sure though, she did sure like to cuss alot. "It's too damn quiet around here. I don't like the feeling about this." Arashi said, as she sat on the horse following Rookstone. She also didn't like things that were way too quiet either. This didn't seem right. Maybe she was too hungry. That did make her answer her superior on that matter though. "You do know dragons can eat like...I dunno...cows as a whole? I mean I can't...but I know some can." Arashi was somewhat of a smartass that hated listening to orders but as long as there is a good amount of food involved, she was in, nonetheless. It was better than working as a mercenary for that damn Linda Linda person. She seemed creepy as all hell but she gave good rewards. @Sanonymous
  2. Arashi Sato. That's me alright...just...you know...barely alive as usual." She smiled as she looked at him as he asked her a question. "I know where that is...hold on, I'll need to figure out a way to get there without...you know getting fried by the DUP on the way there." Gun in hand, Arashi continued down the alleyway, till the man noticed radio chatter, Arashi instinctively took cover and watched down the alleyway for anybody coming down there. Whether it was DUP or the local police after her, she did not want to go ahead and kill someone. She was trying to avoid doing that. She needed to get out of this without harming anybody. Taking cover was the thing that was trained in the SWAT academy to avoid raising awareness to the people you are trying to either avoid or get a jump on. @zackrobbman
  3. Metty

    [GS] Rifornire.

    The pain. The unimaginable pain she would of felt if she was a normal human and seared by the lava. But never the less, the hybrid kept moving forward, she was going to murder a god and take it's power no matter the cost of victory, she was determined to see this through. That heat was nothing due to the sheer determination of her will, the dragon stepped forward, holding her breath, watching the lady in front of her attack the god so relentless. "I'm to beat the everlisting shit out of you, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" The flames in her mouth erupted torwards the god in an breath of explosive fire and electricity in one attack. It was all she had, but it was better than nothing.
  4. "...Damn it...that did nothing..." Arashi felt anger and hopelessness at this point as she slid slightly back on the floor, maintaining her balance from the force of the barrier. Her attack literally did nothing against that barrier of Luz's as it just absorbed the kinetic energy of her punch so it seemed. "Tch...pathetic. Just like it was beforehand to that monster called Dredge. Even my punches won't do anything against a weak barrier! What is this bullshit?!" Arashi growled, it just reminded her of that day where her punches did nothing to that monster named Dredge as she tried to play the hero. Arashi's breathing is more intense now, as she lifted up her left fist again, going to throw a punch aimed at Luz with all of her strength concreted into a single punch. She didn't have the same amount of strength she should have had after defeating Dredge, or even after she had apparently transformed into that monster Luz had talked about. At most, that strength could easily break a bone or two if she did manage to hit somebody with it, but due to her weakened state after fighting Dredge and now, but this should be easy enough if she did manage to hit Luz. She wanted out of her desperately, what better way than to beat up the person keeping her captive? She ignored the science lady and kept pressing forward with her own actions that speak miles louder than words.
  5. it doesn't exist, we should make one
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    that hurts, im calling the beeflies
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    General chat thread

    I don't know what I exactly did, but your welcome
  8. Where's the party? Where's the CONFETTI?!
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    I have three kitties!!!
  10. Forgot to put that I came back but here I am anyhow
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