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  1. Stormbreaker did nothing but clench her teeth as he talked to her. She had enough of this nonsense. These fake words pissed her off. She knew deep down Gaia didn't have the ability to save others, only kill them and hinder them till they couldn't be able to move anymore. She wanted revenge for what she had seen, what she had been forced to withstand. All she wanted was to destroy Gaia with all of her might and hearing Yshmael's words might have provoked her even more. "Then simple as that, she doesn't exist. She's a false god that doesn't care about who lives or dies. She could care less if I live or died. The only thing that matters is that I'm alive right now against what she wishes. Her power is nothing but a weak spark in the world of injustice." As he went on to go about his monologue. she got even angrier than before. She was tired of this. She was too weak and a prisoner of her own lineage, her powers weren't even her own. They were nothing but given to her via experimentation. She was nothing more than a test subject to get anything done, a soldier that had to obey orders. As she placed her arm down after him dealing with it, an expression of anger and determination. Her aura flared up as a defence mechanism, emitting a burst of raw power from herself. This aura would seem to be extremely strong in presence as the ground somewhat broke slightly from her activating said aura. She generally used this as a defence mechanism, but this was the correct way of her using it. It flared up all over her body, manifesting a purple like aura around her as it began to manifest completely, leaving small traces of electricity around her and the ground somewhat becoming slowly frozen and burnt up. "Now, who's the one fooling around, Yshmael?"
  2. Hey there. Hope things are going okay with you on your end.

    I've gotten a reference picture for Rai in the meantime fam.

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  5. Updated as of February 9th 2021.
  6. "Damn it!" She punched the tree as she continued forward. She was injured but still breathing, at least that was the case right now. She tried her best to bandage that wound up she got from that dratted hero with two hands. Arashi was not good at taking care of her wounds after all. She had grown arrogant anyhow, she always rushed into fights, gotten injuries that she thought she could have survived and went to walk out of it, with her adrenaline masking her the pain of her injuries for now. Her clothes were blooded after all and she had a damn hole in her left side of her body that she barely dodged getting. Any more and she could get her whole body ripped in half. Maybe it was intentional the way she was hit in that particular way just to cripple her. She took her time, her adrenaline starting to fade away slowly. She'd start to feel the pain soon from it. All she went to do was go get information and she barely left with her life intact. She thought she was outrun Stormbreaker, but that was the last of her worries. Stormbreaker was fast and strong enough to have dealt with anybody that wasn't superhuman. Arashi called her a monster. As Arashi walked further down the path to Marigold's lab and got further in it in a battered and injured state. She was determined to get answers even if she had to be injured in order to get it. Arashi was a monster in terms of determination, she didn't stop no matter how hard the situation was. (Arashi goes torwards Mari's lab in a injured but alive state. She's got a hole in her side she barely was able to bandage up so she is losing blood.) @Djinn&Juice
  7. Hi welcome to Valucre. Nice to see a fellow brit around here! I hope you have fun!
  8. Hi welcome to Valucre. Nice to see a fellow brit around here! I hope you have fun!
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    Gallery Casual Power Armor Other Clothing Dragon Form With Others Reference Sheet
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    Threads (in chronological order) Authors note: if it has Canon next to it, it's been canonized or is canon to the character as a whole regardless and put on a update thread. 596 To save another - February 25 - Stormbreaker is thrown into the prime version of Valucre wounded as all hell, she is saved by Holly and they talk about what happened. 597 all things wild and soft [canon] - October 23 - Lady Aspen Hildebrand enlists the help of a woman named Stormbreaker in establishing House Hildebrand's beefly reserve, providing the noble house with said creatures. Singlance House Party [canon] - April 1 - Thurgood and Aveline throw a party to celebrate the completion of their manor to which Stormbreaker invites herself along not wearing her armor. [Identity known to a a few] April 15 - Leaves the Hildebrand's May 6 - Enters Hell's Gate May 20 - Struggles to find a job and ends up doing vigilante work to make ends meet May 25 - Mysterious rumors of the white armored vigilante Stormbreaker come to light May 30 - Ends up getting Rai Glasmann's attention by taking some of her criminal operations, Rai vows to get revenge 598 June 1 - Goes to take down one of Rai's criminal operations once more and ends up running into a trap that ends up in her being captured by Rai June 4 - Surprisingly, Rai doesn't torture Stormbreaker and offers her a job if she can defeat her most powerful bodyguard, Stormbreaker does so and earns Rai's respect June 6 - Stormbreaker is instated as the leader of the bodyguards in service to Rai, this is announced to the public June 10 - Stormbreaker boosts her reputation by saving citizens from any form of danger and completely dismantling rival criminal organizations that were a hinderance to Rai July 2 - Stormbreaker is known as some sort of hero in Hell's Gate as a result July 5 - Stormbreaker who ends up meeting Cae, ends up disliking her and choses to not get involved with her Dragon Keeping [canon] - January 28 - Stormbreaker watches Arashi from afar in a bid to see what she's doing in Hell's Gate. A Star is Born [canon] - March 12 - Stormbreaker accompanies Rai to a party and goes to arrest somebody who is causing trouble by harboring a criminal. 599 The Eyes that Shine a Poison Light [canon] - June 13 - Stormbreaker and a few others attempt to stop Kahd from wrecking havoc on a village, he is eventually driven away. She is saved by Cae, who finds out who she really is. The Confrontation - June 13 (a few hours after) - Cae confronts Stormbreaker about who she really is. Stormbreaker's whole keeping her identity secret is discovered. Stormbreaker attempts to fight Cae and is forced into her mind and lands a blow that hurt Cae in the real world. Stormbreaker gets a transfer of power from Cae, allowing her to use a weakened version of Cae's telekinesis in the most dangerous of situations. Stormbreaker ends up becoming super close to Cae after the events between the two which gets Rai extremely jealous and mad. Party at Emilios [canon] - July 20 - Stormbreaker and Cae spend some time with each other. A land of Milk and Honey draws in many flies [canon] - September 21 - Stormbreaker on her own attempts to stop the Xelken assault. Unknown to her, Arashi brought herself along against her wishes. TBD thread following this up Canvas of Blood and Nightmares [canon] - October 18 - Stormbreaker helps defend a settlement against a powerful demon. Valdrin's Best Interest [canon] - Between October and November(?) - Stormbreaker along with Yshamel rebuild Valdrin alongside trying to get over her injuries in Aspyn. Aspyn followup thread Non-Canon Content 597 our endless days [non-canon] - Stormbreaker engages in trying to learn to cook. [not canon to development] 598 those in the wildlands [non-canon] - Stormbreaker helps Aspen along on a journey to find some lost nobles. [not canon to development] Chasing the Blade of Flames [non-canon] - Stormbreaker spies on Arashi for personal reasons. Fun in the Sun [non-canon] - Stormbreaker ends up trying to destroy Arashi's feelings. Dragon Her Heels [non-canon] - Stormbreaker chases down Arashi to take back to Rai but encounters Marigold instead.
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    Equipment Unnamed Power Armor
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    Backstory Not much is known about Stormbreaker to the general public other than she point blank refuses to talk about her past unless it's to people who'd absolutely understand what she meant. Other than her unknown past, Stormbreaker is known to be damn good at what she does and highly dislikes killing unless if necessary. She is known to be extremely scared of a certain character and does her best to avoid them for reasons only she knows and refuses to explain. A few things that she has said however is, this isn't the same version of Valucre she remembers; it was shattered and broken where she came from, she woke up on this version of Valucre near death's doorstep and nursed back to health before she went and found the current job she had. The reason she constantly wears armor and never takes it off is so that she never gets mistaken for her apparent counterpart who loves causing trouble to everybody around her. Having her unmasked would only make her job a lot harder, as many people would refuse to talk to her mainly due to what this Arashi did. Stormbreaker is known to mainly only use her electric powers as those have the best chance of appending and arresting a criminal without serious harm. SPOILERS:
  13. Metty


    Crimson Dragon BiologyStormbreaker is a Crimson Dragon hybrid, with characteristics of a dragon within a human vessel. This hybridization has led to her gaining a superhuman edge over her peers. Due to genetic modification, Stormbreaker has multiple types of dragon DNA within her body. She’s known to have the durability, skin and scales of an Armoured Dragon; the explosive power of an Explosive Dragon; the flames of a Red/Fire Dragon, the ability to create ice via the power of Silver Dragons; the electricity and speed from a Crimson Dragon and Draconic Burst from the Sato Bloodline. This leads her to become a sort of super hybrid, a dragon that is naturally more powerful than other standard level dragons. As the result of having the genetic modification of an Armoured Dragon to some degree, Stormbreaker is known to have a heightened sense of durability and overall enhanced body behind which anything which is humanly possible. This allows her to withstand damage that would kill a human and as with any other dragon, her body would continue to strengthen over age, allowing her to possess skin, bone and scales that would be able to resist small arms bullet fire and a higher degree of explosions as well as be able to manifest scales all over her body.
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    Powers, Skills and Abilities
  15. (OOC: Sorry for the short post!) As she was guided out of the area by Yshmael, she just sighed. Her arm was now burnt slightly due her setting it on fire. She was pushed into the forest ever so slightly and he looked up and done at her at that moment. She was angry that she used her powers and how she ended up with a burn on her arm. She thought long and hard as she held out her arm, just glaring at him with that hateful eyes. "She's not pure. She never has been. Did she heal me in any way? No. She did not." Stormbreaker said with a saddened expression on her face. She wasn't saved by Gaia nor protected. "I was treated as an unnatural, I was tortured day and night for the good of Gaia cause I was a threat in your god's eyes. A threat that needed to taught a lesson. If it wasn't tortured, it was killing another innocent just to get me to obey instructions." When was all that was said and done, she turned away from him. "In my eyes, she's not a hero or a saviour." As he told her off for being reckless, she just growled at the sight of it. "...I activated my powers without realising it. I didn't do it on purpose. So, why are berating me for not having control?" She didn't care what he did to her arm. That was his doing.
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