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  1. Can't believe it's been over 4 years since I joined. I joined back when I was 19, I'm almost 24 now. I joined this site upon having an intense rp craze back in 2016. I craved rp and scoured multiple sites trying to find a decent rp site to rp on. I originally joined as a way of just trying to rp and keeping to myself and as such at that time I wanted rp, not friends. The more I rped with others, the more I realized maybe I need friends, maybe keeping to myself is a bad idea. Since then I've met a ton of people due to the community itself and gained some friends. Some of which I talk to daily these days, can't say I've had an negative experience on Val, just me being overly annoying to an extent and thinking of it as so. If anything, this RP site has helped me more ways than it should have, it helped me cope with Chicco's death (my old ragdoll cat) and gave me world building and characters to think about. Some of which have fallen far from the tree they fell off, Arashi for instance as she originally gonna destroy Terrenus (or attempt to at least) or Stormbreaker was originally just gonna be in UM tending to the Hildebrands with her beeflies. I hope to see you all in the new RP site and I might start getting out of my comfort zone by rping with new people.
  2. @King Apologies for not posting, I'm currently waiting for Alexandrian to come back to I can discuss a few details. My bad.
  3. Stormbreaker did nothing but clench her teeth as he talked to her. She had enough of this nonsense. These fake words pissed her off. She knew deep down Gaia didn't have the ability to save others, only kill them and hinder them till they couldn't be able to move anymore. She wanted revenge for what she had seen, what she had been forced to withstand. All she wanted was to destroy Gaia with all of her might and hearing Yshmael's words might have provoked her even more. "Then simple as that, she doesn't exist. She's a false god that doesn't care about who lives or dies. She could care less if I live or died. The only thing that matters is that I'm alive right now against what she wishes. Her power is nothing but a weak spark in the world of injustice." As he went on to go about his monologue. she got even angrier than before. She was tired of this. She was too weak and a prisoner of her own lineage, her powers weren't even her own. They were nothing but given to her via experimentation. She was nothing more than a test subject to get anything done, a soldier that had to obey orders. As she placed her arm down after him dealing with it, an expression of anger and determination. Her aura flared up as a defence mechanism, emitting a burst of raw power from herself. This aura would seem to be extremely strong in presence as the ground somewhat broke slightly from her activating said aura. She generally used this as a defence mechanism, but this was the correct way of her using it. It flared up all over her body, manifesting a purple like aura around her as it began to manifest completely, leaving small traces of electricity around her and the ground somewhat becoming slowly frozen and burnt up. "Now, who's the one fooling around, Yshmael?"
  4. Hey there. Hope things are going okay with you on your end.

    I've gotten a reference picture for Rai in the meantime fam.

  5. Are you on mobile or desktop? Spoiler cause I don't want to flood the thread:
  6. Welcome to Valucre!

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  8. "Damn it!" She punched the tree as she continued forward. She was injured but still breathing, at least that was the case right now. She tried her best to bandage that wound up she got from that dratted hero with two hands. Arashi was not good at taking care of her wounds after all. She had grown arrogant anyhow, she always rushed into fights, gotten injuries that she thought she could have survived and went to walk out of it, with her adrenaline masking her the pain of her injuries for now. Her clothes were blooded after all and she had a damn hole in her left side of her body that she barely dodged getting. Any more and she could get her whole body ripped in half. Maybe it was intentional the way she was hit in that particular way just to cripple her. She took her time, her adrenaline starting to fade away slowly. She'd start to feel the pain soon from it. All she went to do was go get information and she barely left with her life intact. She thought she was outrun Stormbreaker, but that was the last of her worries. Stormbreaker was fast and strong enough to have dealt with anybody that wasn't superhuman. Arashi called her a monster. As Arashi walked further down the path to Marigold's lab and got further in it in a battered and injured state. She was determined to get answers even if she had to be injured in order to get it. Arashi was a monster in terms of determination, she didn't stop no matter how hard the situation was. (Arashi goes torwards Mari's lab in a injured but alive state. She's got a hole in her side she barely was able to bandage up so she is losing blood.) @Djinn&Juice
  9. Hi welcome to Valucre. Nice to see a fellow brit around here! I hope you have fun!
  10. Hi welcome to Valucre. Nice to see a fellow brit around here! I hope you have fun!
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