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  1. Thank you for explaining that!!! Also same.... i feel you. 😔
  2. H e c c y e s Time to lizard. 😎 I've always wanted a giant lizarddogcatgoodboy as a pet.
  3. Maybe a dumb question? But how does this sort of thread posting work??? I'm assuming you're waiting for a certain amount of time/people, and then are you going to be doing a mass post replying to everyone and we all have a turn, Or are you going to make a lil announcement thing and tell us how to do it later. 😂 It's been so long I really don't remember how to rp with more than 2 people :B.
  4. Ohya that's right, lmfao give me a second his personality is easy a f to finish. Tbh could've just reminded me in dms tho
  5. “Wanna try that again?” “Do your best.” He spat. The man’s laughter resonated into the cramped, battered room with no lighting or ventilation. It sent a shock of anger deep into his very soul as he was laughed at from the center. The sliding latch was closed and the handle of the door creaked as it opened, momentarily blinding him with another shock of light that he had been without until today. The thin figure of Thel stood in front of the light and illuminated a man slicked and caked in blood with a hollowed look of hunger burning out of his amber eyes. Thel held up a hand and motioned for the third and final contender to be brought forwards. The victim was in a surly mood and just a bit more built than the others. In the hall outside of the room, men glared in and passed notes from one another, sometimes pure coin. No one spoke much of a word as this was not an occasion to be celebrated. The door clicked shut and locked from the outside, then the men that had gathered all waited. Again. The sound of fighting went on for longer than the last, X'yros was beginning to tire out, he had even received some heavy hits, but silence eventually fell. They all looked at one another with a nod before the door reopened. Blinding light made the remaining man collapse back from where he had been hovering over the dropped prisoner and the original man began to push himself back against the wall. Whatever Aura that was wrapped around Thel, burned him and made him feel fear despite knowing that he only felt hatred for this man in his soul. This figure that he had come to know through being tormented for the past week or two returned and actually approached him. X’yros lifted his hand to shield his face and backed into a corner. Behind Thel, a pair of the crew returned and dragged out the body. Now X’yros looked right into the pale face of his newly sworn enemy. “How about now.” His higher voice was lowered, it made his gut twist. X’yros lowered his hand once his eyes adjusted and he carefully pressed his back against the stone cold wall behind him. “I was defending myself.” He paused and spat out a mouthful of blood. “I don't think so." Thel shook his head. "You got involved. And now you're here, still lying." X’yros swallowed and the muscles in his jaw twitched, he had only acted out to protect the woman, but perhaps killing the younger man had been a little extreme. It had resulted in him getting beaten senseless somewhere in the woods only to wake up here. “Listen, Wildling, you're not special. I don’t care where you’re from, what you even Are. No one cares, and no one touches the family and lives. You’re nothing now.” The paler man leaned in so close that X’yros could feel his hatred leech off of him. Thel gave him a look up and down before he rocked back onto his heels and stood up. His features were sharp and he didn’t look human… Taller than most men, lean and wiring looking. X’yros swore he never heard a heart beating. “I’d start licking the blood off the walls if I were you. You’re going to be here for a long time.” Thel stopped in the doorway and ran a hand through his pristine snow-blonde hair before replacing his hat on top of his head. “Not forever of course, don’t worry, you won’t be forgotten… The boys will be back when you can barely hold your head up.” He sounded almost excited. “Then we will move you to see my favorite part of this town, where they turn you to food for the crows. Until then, enjoy the Happy house.” There was a glint in his icy blue eyes when he said that while backing out of the room. The door was shut, and he was left panting in the darkness now that he was free from the mental restraints, only to grow ever weaker as the days passed him by.
  6. "Hmm." He replied. X'yros just felt the pain, he didn't notice anything inside of the wound or around it. Actually it felt like his arm had been hit, not his shoulder despite the obvious hole there. It was just traveling at this point. His eyes focused on the trail ahead while they turned and followed the riverbed upstream to this town that must have been many miles ahead. Inwardly he sighed to know that he was going to have to suck it up this long, whereas had this Stranger not have been there, he could've changed and taken care of this injury already... He'd keep himself hidden as law would have it. Eventually a draft of silence that had comfortably settled between them was broken with a comment that the stranger made and X'yros raised a brow curiously at him. Did he look... weird? Not that he cared necessarily, just the a few days ago he had been running around not bothering with anything but pants until the rain started. He cleared his throat and looked ahead again, not sure if he should take offense or join the conversation... "My tribal appearance." He repeated. with a shake of his head. "Heh, I just bought these cloth items from the last place I visited, and snagged a fur along the way. My real clothes are too rich in color to be wearing out here, they are hand-woven from my tribe's clan in Osiris." He side-eyed the stranger and sat up a bit taller. "I do not need weapons to defend myself, I have not needed any since I left the Plains, and Dragons, behind." He cleared his throat. "If I need a long-distance weapon, I will just throw your gun." He smiled darkly after his joke and pushed his Shire into a steady trot.
  7. Hello yes is this going to be noob friendly
  8. X'yros accepted the offering without a word, just a nod of his head, he would put the money to good use but kept any private information a out his life to himself. "I smelled blood from you even through the rain, fresh. Did you heal that wound on your leg already?" He watched the stranger steadily get upon the thief's horse that they took down and X'yros took that as a sign that this person, whoever they are, were ready to get moving. So he approached the tall draft horse and climbed back on with a wince, he could still feel blood on his skin trickling from all of his movement. He'd stop the bleeding when they came to the town or wherever tbey were going, unless the Stranger had planned on parting their own seperate way. Even if the bandits, as the Stranger mentioned, did come back- it would be interesting to see who really needed the protection. Him, or the rider beside him.
  9. Gr8ves!

    Pets ?

    Got any pictures of them???? ; u ; I have 2 kitties but i need one more.
  10. I'm new and have no idea who any of these characters are so. yes please add me !!!LOL Here's X'yros- ^^^ I'll have that completed by the time this event gets to rolling !!!
  11. Gr8ves!

    Pets ?

    Anyone wanna share their babies here??? 🐠 Also, what's your favorite/most exotic animal you have ever owned???
  12. Once their horses had followed into a heavy canter, X'yros looked over and down to the person, the cloaked man, and listen to his shouting voice over the rain. Why they were still running along the river, he had no idea... but to humor this person he continued on. X looked at the strange weapon in his hand, he had seen them holstered before but never actually close enough to be intrigued by it... "Ah- Right." Completely ignoring every instruction about shooting the gun, he pulled up the reins on the shire and turned in the saddle, brought his arm back with the heavy gun in his hand--- and threw it. Now being a man of considerable raw power and strength, the gun went whistling through the air like a metallic ball and made contact with one of the raider's face. Down they fell from the horse. X'yros had a rather chilling grin on his face while looking over to the stranger. "I keep to my ways and you keep to yours, eh?" The stranger shot down a few more and only five had remained last he checked over his shoulder. Still they rode on, and his shire was snorting and struggling to maintain her stamina. When they drew to a stop he sighed a breath of relief and immediately slid off the black horse, dropped the reins, and let the Shire recover. He ran his hand along his neck, then held it back to his gun wound. The stranger began to approach him now after climbing off their own mount that they stole and began to approach X'ryos... but the tall, dark-skin man held his chin a little higher to cast a very suspicious look at him. He didn't know this person, all he knew was that they showed up and created chaos, and now thanks to their help- he was injured. "I don't need your help. Kind to offer it, but I am not interested."
  13. Stopping his panting mount, the exotic-toned man unhooked the stirrups and swung his leg over the saddle only to fall to his feet rather roughly in a bout of pain. He held a hand over the wound in his shoulder and approached the grounded person that his horse had trampled. Dead on arrival, that was for sure, but he stooped besides him and tapped around the body until he found an odd looking weapon, the thing that had caused him injury. He lifted it with his hand now covered in blood and examined the metal curiously. That was when he looked up to see the person of mystery shouting and running full speed through the rain at him so he immediately grabbed tbe reins to the rideless horse and returned to his own shire and cried out while launching himself back up on the saddle. He grabbed the reins and bucked his horse with the buckskin in toe into to meet this stranger that had rounded the corner he was on-- and a pile of horsemen on his heels. X'yros ended up throwing the reins at the man to the warmblood. "Get on, hurry." Despite the haste, X'yros sounded rather calm. They had maybe three full seconds before the men were upon them, it was just enough time to get out of there.
  14. Actually a Tibetan mastiff !!! Just with a very rare coat color, chow chow was the person's second choice!
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