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  1. Nautilus still held her high as his sister walked off and he snarled angrily at shaharazad.”yessss....and....now the main courssssee..” trembling with excitement his mouth grew to an enormous gaping hole filled with row upon row of saw like teeth. Shaharazad’s face was no longer defiant, nor was it brave now. Her face showed horror and fear. A longing to be saved and shown mercy. Through watery eyes she blubbered.”please.........no....” Nautilus pulled her forward in order to bite her head and shoulder when Argosaxx stopped him. “Wait...she is of use.....she knows the lay of the land we are in, she knows the way to our goal. She is also formidable. Enslave her. Bind her life thread to the abyss. Break her, and show her she cannot live without our wishing for it. Welcome her to our nightmare! Nautilus’s face withdrew and returned to normal. “Yes........I suppose you have a point.” Nautilus looked down at her dirty and battle scarred body still holding her by the throat he tore away her armors and under garments. She was completely naked at this point. He looked her once over, and then at her destroyed leg. “Very well...” nautilus then regurgitated tiny black maggot like creatures and he spit them all over her crushed leg and immediately they entered her body and began their insidious work. Shaharazad’s body began to convulse as the infection spread through her. As Nautilus’s abysmal language burned and carved into her skin all over her body. Her eyes became black and pupiless like shiny opals of darkness. Her bones popped and shifted making sickening sounds as she continued to transform. Her back bubbled as she began to form bones that burst through her skin and outstretched as ragged wings formed. She howled and flame and smoke bellowed from her mouth. “Nautilus.....I....what..am..I?...she spoke as her voice cracked and cackled. Nautilus looked down at her and spoke,”blessed.....you are blessed to suffer...eternally bound to me. A pet, a plaything, you are worse than an animal, worse than filth...be grateful if I even spit on you.....wretch on your feet..” she stood as commanded as her dark armor formed. “You are the first of the nine....we will build a force for this world and we will march. And leave blood and death in our wake. Such is the will of Arifutonautilus!” He turned now as Argosaxx merged with nautilus again and he opens a portal to teleport back to where his sister was and Dark Shaharazad followed her master through the portal.
  2. As the woman dodged his wide attacks. Nautilus fired a ball of black energy as a diversionary tactic he needed to get close so his chainsaw “Ravenous” could do its bloody work. As he drew near, the woman had took to the air instinctively, he had predicted this and he double clutched the handle and engine gear on his chainsaw and it bellowed black smoke and revved even higher in rpm. He knew she was going to draw her sword or some form of weapon. So it was his idea to cut them both in half, her weapon and his sisters assailant all in one sweep. As she summoned her sword in the moon light her voice rang out causing birds to leave their perches in the distance over the dark tree tops. The moonlight reflected elegantly on the fair weapon as she prepares her descend to meet nautilus in an epic clash. Nautilus raises ravenous to meet shaharazad in an grand clash of weaponry, a contest to see who was mightier. Her elegant sword, or an heated, hell driven chainsaw, when suddenly, her powers seem affected and began to leave her. “A pity!! it should have made a better choice before engaging in the fight of its life!” Nautilus’s taunted his foe watching them grow weak out of nowhere. But atlas he sensed it. His sister now healed and recovered, apparently wanted revenge and had taken the liberty to steal Arifutonautilus’ prey. The energy stars punctured several sections of her torso. Lodging themselves in her abs side and right leg. She fell from the air with a huge and heavy thump as she hit the dry spongy and dusty forest floor, creating a small dust bellow from her fall she was apparently knocked unconscious from the ordeal. Nautilus stood now the engine on ravenous making a steady purring “pu..pu..pu.pu...pup..pu” as it’s mufflers puffed black smoke and red embers it’s chained blade making a low clanking sound. The weapon idled quietly like some demonic four stroke engine with a jake break. With his free hand he flicked away his coat tail and it flailed into the air before falling slowly and silently and he looked over his shoulder. His back still to his sister,”listen............sky..” his cold sarcasm quite apparent.,”you’re condescending and arrogant prattle is not required...it was only moments ago you were a but a railway light locked in the body of a bumbling idiot..that spent its entire rotting life being prepared to be a ripe turkey dinner for Ungoliant......and yes Ungoliant is here in this world somewhere....where this is I haven’t a clue...but I intend to draw out what I need from this fucking flesh bag lying there!!......oh...and welcome back.” He looked toward the unconscious woman as he released ravenous and it vanished into flames and smoke. He walked towards her and grabbed the unconscious woman by the throat and lifted her high into the air. And he began to squeeze, to the point he could now feel her pulse and he continued to squeeze until she awaken sputtering small flecks of blood and spit. Instinctively she grabbed his arm and began to resist as she struggled for air. Nautilus’s free arm grew too an enormous size and he grabbed shaharazad’s entire left leg and squeezed it and crushed it completely blood spilled and splattered everywhere as she screamed out in excruciating pain. “SILENCE YOU DESERVE FAR WORSE FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY SISTER!!!. His same arm remained enormous but now it was forming rather nasty blades, hooked talons, and spikes. “Now that we have your attention. I’ve a couple of questions! Answer! And perhaps die quickly and with some sort of warrior pride left!”. “First that snake, why did you attempt to assasinate my family??!!....and lastly Ungoliant the disgusting, where is her lair!! I Hunger!!!! The teeth is calling!! Nautilus trembled with furious anger as he began to give off a black steam as the dirt beneath his feet began to spike and become glass from the rising temperatures his mouth dripped heavily as he salivated hungrily as he held her still he was angry and even worse he was HUNGRY and she was absolutely scrumptious looking. But he knew he needed to wait for her answers he released her some so she could breathe and speak,”What? .Dear sister?...too much?..to fast?...to soon?” He said mockingly as he licked Shaharazad’s face
  3. He felt the blasting pulse of the light as it exploded from her form. His coat blew over his frame showing the silhouette of his legs in them as the trees around them bowed from the pulse as bushes waved wildly as sticks and stones and dust were cleared from the opening. The fire she fade was snuffed instantly from her shockwave. And he smiled a tiny bit as he heard that soft voice echoing as if she spoke over the strings of a harp. Vegetation and flowers bloomed and shimmered in the moonlight as the bringer of life shown through her energy was equivalent to a sun and then faded just as fast as she manifested herself. He turned to her as he prepared himself for her embrace only too see the snake at a moment too late. He watched as it sank its fangs deep into her flesh and release its venom and be burned alive and succumbed to becoming black and white ash and fading embers. He watched as his sister staggered and the pain and poison spread and he quickly rushed to her side. As she began to fall, he caught her and laid her down gently. “Argosaxx mend her wound. And do not allow anything near her. Not even the wind!!!...there is still one left. That’s trying to flee. But not for long. Never has any prey escaped usssssss” his human like form melted away as argosaxx and nautilus stepped in different directions separating from each other the abyss quickly began to work on removing the poison from her bloodstream while forming an armor around her its eye was a low slant now and completely ruby red now. Nautilus stood facing the direction the culprit was running he could feel her hear her even when she stepped on the darkness of the shadows as she ran past trees and closed his eyes and sank into the shadow of a tree near him and it splashed an ebony liquid like darkness as he submerged himself in. Moments later he shot out of the shadow of a tree a few feet from the culprit who was in full sprint. He was in the air over her now and he roared so loud the trees blew and waved in the noise of his roar and he extended his hand out to summon forth his long heated chainsaw. He did not want to eat this one. Only answers were needed and then suffering. As he began his descent he still held his saw as it revved loud into the night its rotating blade turning faster and faster as he continuously revved it sparks were flying every where as he held it behind him. With his free hand he put it forward in from of him and began to summon large drills that protruded every which way from every single shadowy and dark area in the forest the drills were coming out fast and gaining on the culprit. Where ever there was a dark shadow cast by a tree or boulder of a bush nautilus was making drills emerge from them. He was attempting to trap her with no where to run. He was hoping she would put up a fight his thirsty anger begged to be quenched. He hand landed how and kneeled holding his chainsaw behind his back he extended his free hand again as a black ebon energy formed a massive ball with black electric energy was forming at his palm and growing bigger as seconds went on. The swirling energy ball grew gaining power as it did and when he released it. It sounded like a cannon had fired as he released the energy ball in the culprits direction. Argosaxx was mending skylyna’s wound and telepathically enters her mind. ((Don’t worry you will be fine light bearer.)) argosaxx absorbed the venom and channeled it into steam which he released through vents that ran down his spine. And he released his form from her body and stood towering over her and he remained vigilant in watching over her. “That poison.....that’s ungoliant’s cursed magics.” It was not easy to dissipate but nonetheless. Nautilus has caught up to your assailant.”
  4. As she asked him nautilus was standing with a boot propped on a fallen log he was staring into the fire the light reminded him of her. His sister, it also brought him to remember their times together. He also remembered how they had fought together against their own parents as they ran for their own freedom and denied what they were destined for. His thoughts were broken as he looked toward Serune and her question.”Rude man......Rude....sure know how to bring down the mood....but I’ll entertain it.” He walked over to her and argosaxx’s telepathically communicates,”too soon.....you are about to show her now?!” Nautilus responded to his other half out loud,”no better time than right now...she must know the truth.” He walked to Serune and spoke to her his voice changed into many voices and whispers as he opened the massive gate to his abysmal powers,”child......your hand...” the moment her fingers touched his black flames and smoke erupted as great storm winds howled up around them as they appeared on a massive and grand mountain peak of a strange and large land mass a huge light resembling a sun shun in the back ground of this shimmering image as it displayed what appeared to be a war between two races. The war was bloody and horrible and terrible as warrior after warrior was falling on both sides. Demons and angels were locked in war. Serune was standing in witness to the very first wars over creation, over time, between light and darkness, as God himself fought the great nothing and mother of time. But these two entities had given birth to two children which were light and darkness...who both did not understand what was happening and what was to be. The father, who was the Great Nothing. Loved his precious light while he shunned his only sun. Who was dark. Cold. Sightless. It reminded him of himself, perhaps that’s why he was treated as such. Light played and grew just as a child should. While darkness was shunned and forced to work and govern the abyss. Light loved her brother as they became teenagers she begged and pleaded with her parents to release Arifutonautilus and that father should govern the abyss himself. Neither would listen, so light took matters into her own hands and freed her brother. God witness these events and agreed to help them. After several millennia of running they were finally caught. Arifutonautilus fought bravely against millions of races and millions of angels and demons alike. As he roared in defiance to shield his only begotten sister. Nautilus knew how precious and important it was for the light to live on and grow so that the universe could produce the seed of life. So in turn Arifutonautilus was severed from body which was the darkness of the universe and a piece of the abyss followed him and became one with him and he watched as his father and mother practically seal away his sister and smother and snuff out her light as if it were nothing. The argosaxx carries nautilus away as he screamed reaching for his sister. And nautilus was never the same since . He truly succumbed to what his true nature was and he allowed the black abyss to pour in completely and strip away and devour his kindness and eat away his compassion of all things living and the like. Serune saw all of this as Arifutonautilus shunned everything away and only trusted and loved the argosaxx who would never betray him and they took care of each other as they terrorized and wrought fear and destruction where ever they went. Nautilus released her hand and the images shimmered and bellowed into smoke and were gone and he flicked his coat away from his legs on both sides and walked away. His anger had been renewed upon seeing those memories again,”skylyna must.......you must...remember who you are....your...little brother needs you..Socorro..we all needed you...”
  5. The sound of her being tortured and starved and beaten had pleased him the more she spoke of it, but that was of no concern of his. He was only interested in getting his sister to remember who she was and her power. This ungoliant also interested him highly it has been a good while since he was able to eat something somewhat powerful and this Ungoliant sounded more appetizing and appealing the more she spoke of it. They left the village and made their way through the now dead town and came onto the edge of the forest and to a massive cannon that stretched for at least 6 miles before the other side was barely visible in the the dark of the night. He noticed Serune was chilled to her bones and he asked her, “why does it not use its power to warm itself?....detrimental or not. I will be very angry if this is the way you perish Skylyna.” He smiled a toothed grin, and he looked down. And then at her and he laughed,” is it ready?.....we hope so!!!!” At that moment Nautilus grabbed her wrist and leaped from the edge of the cliff and now they were falling rapidly. As nautilus howled in laughter as if he was the life of the party at this dangerously fast descent. His coat bellowed and popped above them as they fell his feet kicked out before him as he leaned forward abit his hand still grasping Serune’s as she was just a bit above him. Suddenly out of no where they fall through what appeared to a swarm of flying creatures that hungered for flesh and were startled by the falling meal that flew past them. Nautilus’s laughter echoed through the night. As the creatures withdrew their wings so they could catch up and possibly taste the two of them. Nautilus shifted his weight and let go of Serune just for a second to now be facing her and the cliff side as he looked up at her. His tongue lashed wildly in his excitement as he held his hand out a ways from them and the creatures he yelled, “Armament!....Argosaxx! Protect the lovely Serune while I playyyyyyyyy!!! Argosaxx’s face appeared in the trench coat and a liquid darknesss began to ink all over Serune..as Argosaxx was becoming her Armor it roared in excitement as well. in the same moment Nautilus’s hand began to smoke and catch fire as his weapon began to appear. A long hellishly barbed and twisted chainsaw appeared its black and ebon engine roared to live as it show flames and bellowed coal smoke from the exhaust the long blade had spun with so much heat it glowed a bright orange and sparks was flying everywhere. Armored Serune was now sliding down the cliff side as huge boulders were beginning to fall along with nautilus and the creatures argosaxx was breaking huge chunks or rock and boulder as falling stepping stones for them to bounce between in order to gain speed to catch up to the creatures and nautilus. Nautilus slammed the mighty chainsaw into the cliff side now and was holding and riding down the cliff creating a bright red and orange swath down the rock wall.”HAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” was all that could be heard over the destruction of the cliff side and the squawking of the creatures,”armament!!!...Argosaxx’s breathe!!” In nautilus free hand a black hellish sawed off formed in his hand as chains from the hilt was connected to his wrist. It resembled something that was created in the under and abyss and had a flint lock trigger, etched on the side were the incantations “darkness keeps me. Light watches me” and he blasted the first creature and it burst into dust and flames. BOOM! BOOM!! BLAM!! “BOOM!!” Soon shotgun fire and laughter was all that could be heard as they all descended into the fog below. As nautilus finished the birds. He revs the chainsaw now and it vanished into black smoke and he stepped on one of the boulders that was falling and he kicked off of it into the open air and whistled for argosaxx who was already on the way with Serune inside argosaxx opened its arms wide as Nautilus threw forth several black chains that latched onto Argosaxx and Serune and just as argosaxx formed around Serune he left her and rejoined nautilus as fell into nautilus arms he held her as the came to a slowed fall as if caught in a thick syruplike slow motion he landed softly with her in his arms and his coat appeared on him against the back of it fell slowly as they did landing ever so softly as dead birds and huge boulders crashed and fell around them nautilus through his head back in insane laughter.”now I’m groovin’ baby!!!!!!..SVA!!! Did you see me baby!!!!...GORGEOUS!!!” He placed Serune down on her feet. Flicked his coat tails and proceeded to stroll into the thick forest that lied ahead of them
  6. As nautilus sat upon the pile of decayed and decomposing bodies. His smile faded for a second as he felt it again, a familiar and yet distantly exquisite light that was more than just a familiar feeling. Nautilus closed his eyes and entered the telepathic realm he has with argosaxx. “You felt it right?...she is something of importance to me” Argosaxx spoke with a voice of extremely heavy pressure and cold emotion.”yes it is no doubt. She belongs to ussss she is the lost sibling of the light. She must remember. But should she remember she could possibly undo our dark work here and cancel the birthing of your queen and she could join with other forces of good here in Valucre. You will persuade and lie to her. I will protect from outside forces and control her memories...” the black telepathic realm of swirling storms and winds faded away and Nautilus was back in the realm in which he just arrived. “It answered my question well...but..those runes..in your skin. Tell me more of them. I sense they are of the Ungoliant. So if that is the case then that wretched thing must be hiding here in this world..” his voice was still multiple whispers and voices. His thoughts were quickening now like the wheels of a dark train gaining speed into the night against the silhouette of black tunnel. He stood now and walked toward the woman. And then he paused and observed himself, this form was not appropriate here and immediately he lifted his face towards the sky and opened his mouth as cinder and thick black smoke left his throat as if an coal mine had been set ablaze deep within him. The great eye of argosaxx rolled and closed and sank into his chest as the gapping maw of his monstrous torso closed and gave away to a perfectly chiseled body, shirtless. His face remained as gorgeous as ever his pupils a ruby and golden color. His hair grew as it blew in the now sudden winds of his transformation. The argosaxx transformed its self into a long trench coat as black as shadow with intricate designs on the shoulders along the back of it a ruby jeweled spine ran down the back and protruded in spike like razors. It flowed across the ground as a black curtain like in some twisted theatre with a dead crowd. His legs covered in tight leather. As his boots rose from red and black flames with ruby spurs on the back that chinked with a faint echo. He had witness this form when he visited the jewel in his chest called earth and had taking a liking to it. His hair blew wildly in the wind as if it was reaching and longing to join the now visible moon it weaved itself into a single French braid that flowed almost as long as his coat did. Now under a more proper attire. He looked upon the woman again. He smiled and closed his eyes as he waited he had sensed the creatures that were lying in wait just as hungry predators would he smelled their scent as well when he licked her wound and healed it and it was all the confirmation he needed as she quickly and effortlessly dispatched them....their tacky magic work was definitely Ungoliant’s. “After 10,000 years she still does her work sloppily....fear not child we know her scent now”..”but you...ma peche’” you are far more intriguing than patchwork fleshlings that aren’t worth devouring..” he was standing now again his coat flowing in the direction of the wind that moon lite night as wolves howled in the distance. He had noticed a small sparrow had died indeed but still early the lay of his presence had not infected the small animal yet. Serune quickly took the small bird in her hands and Nautilus observed the spectacle of beautiful light and the gift of life flow from this woman’s vessel. A wave of peace and innocence flooded the immediate vicinity now as sharp rays of light pierced the night sky in sword edge like streaks towards Serune as she revived the bird each one of the runes flowed with a faith in the abundance of light and in the shimmering imagery flashed across nautilus face showing the under image of his true face which showed row upon row of sharp teeth and evil inscriptions on his face. After all the light faded he looked towards the bird as it began to fly away and a tentacle suddenly shot from his shoulder with a tiny mouth lined with teeth snapped the bird from the sky and the tentacle retracted into his shoulder dragging the chirping bird with it. Devoured, cruelty was unbeknownst to the bird that was suddenly derived of its second chance. Nautilus brushes both arms out causing his coat to clear and bellow as it fell back to the ground slowly as if it were submerged in deep water he spoke to her and called her real name “....it does not go by Serune....” his mouth began to glow an fiery orange as if he had eaten fire, black smoke bellowed from his mouth as he spoke her true name,”you are my sister.....you are SKYLYNA!!!”
  7. The winds began to pick up as the old beggars maniacal laughter grew more intense before turning into raspy and sickly coughs indicating his lungs and throat was full of old mucus. Perhaps the old man never cared enough of himself to even cough or clear his throat. His coughs grew worse as what appeared to be black snow began to fall. Soon the air was filled with these dark feathery specs as the began to blanket the ground in a black fuzz. Putrid smells began to arise,horrid enough to make even the filthiest hordes vomit in disgust as the flecks continued to fall everything it touches began to mold and mildew and fester, deep green and black decay set in quickly within the walls of the old houses and buildings as tiny mushrooms began to spring up in various places and positions to insight the steady quickening of literal decomposition. The beggar looked at her with failing eyes as jaundice quickly filled them as the essence of pestilence was sinking in upon him.”re..re...rejoice...in the coming of..of...the teeth...” barely finishing his sentence he spewed black blood and chunks of his decaying internal organs as he lost control of his bowels also, his bottom spewed forth greenish black bile adding to the already abominable smell that arose as loud thuds came signaling crows and buzzards were falling from the sky dead hitting the black blanketed ground and decomposing instantly as it appeared if the black substance had consumed them. The beggar rose now still on his knees as he observed his hands, the flesh upon them turned pale green and festered boils and blisters which popped splashing clear puss about his skin began to sag as it slowly melted from his muscles revealing fiberous sinewy tendons the crevices between his muscles came a thick white mucus that dropped burning where it fell. He began to cry tears of pain as his suffering increase. In a clearing in the middle of the town the ground opened into a gaping maw as faint whispers filled the air sounding as if it were a room filled with starving children awaiting food to arrive. A faint red glow could be seen at the bottom of the chasm as a green light shot from the hole in a flash sounding as if thousands of cannons sounded at once the ground shook and boulders erupted and protruded awkwardly as the ground cracked and crumbled away. The light hit the sky with a booming force as a black portal opened and the sky rolled as clouds were shoved and pushed abrupt as if crowding a single space the portal grew wider and rows after rows of jagged teeth surfaced from the edges resembling a massively enormous monstrous mouth that began to drip a black and red acid. The gaping hole in the ground had manifested the same appearance resembling a massive hungry and drooling mouth filled with long yellowed teeth. The light had connected these two gapping monstrous things. The sight of such horror had rendered one survivor mad and she fell to her knees and began to pull and tear her own eyeballs out of her socket. The whispers over the wind grew into louder soon began agonizing wails of suffering. As Arifutonautilus began to emerge from the gaping mouth in the sky he was completely black a dripping darkness dropped off his feet which were first to appear his legs were crossed as the ankles as his slow descent began he was more than half way through now, his torso below his chest was a monstrous gnashing mouth filled with row upon row of chainsaw like teeth that snapped several times as a single eye appeared in the middle of his chest a large enormous eye with a beautiful emerald pupil and dark purple retina began to roll around and look too and fro at the sight of this new and strange world. Nautilus’ head could now be seen. On each side was large protruding spike like horns that twisted and turned and covered in barbed protrusions his face was beautiful and angelic as spirals and other designs were carved into his flesh his old language..the first language of the first tongue. His arms were extended and angled downward and within them were faces that were wailing and screaming in wet agony the faces started from his shoulders and ended at his wrist each one of them begging and pleading in hope of some prayer or miracle of being released. His eyes were closed. As his slow descent was still apparent he expanded his black feathered wings that caused a shadow to spread across the entire town on both sides, enormous was not a strong enough to imagine their size. As quickly as the appeared they disappeared as he finally reached the middle of the lighting both the mouthed portals roared and closed each ending with a booming crack of black lighting that struck Nautilus and hit various spots in the town setting those spots ablaze. He opened his beautiful eyes and took an elegant step forward as the voices of the suffering continue to be heard his footsteps were so hot his footprints cracked with each step as he burned the soil and dirty into glass. Argosaxx’s eye blinked slowly and rolled around. Nautilus next step did not touch the ground as he quickly vanished with sound nor trace and he reappeared before the semi melted beggar and Serune. The faces in his arms snakes away and disappeared as he folded his arms he looked down at the suffering beggar....”...confess of thy love for me..and be accepted unto the throat of the gnashing teeth..” The beggar reaches with melted flesh and bone hands and faintly speaks. “Ive waited so...long...so...long for your....grace....please..I beg of you...allow me to feed...the Argosaxx!! The argosaxx suddenly stopped looking around and fixed upon the old man with a hungering gaze that was so sharp it tore into the mans soul. The beggar saw this and smiled revealing the nasty putrid hole that was his mouth..the man had grew so excited at becoming food for his God he orgasmed despite his failing organs and decayed form. “Your love has been accepted...rejoice unto the teeth and flood this sick bed with your entrails and surrender thy bones unto me forevermore!” The man wailed in tears and leaned forward into the mouth of nautilus’s torso and it began to chew the man violently tearing him asunder as chucks of flesh and blood flew everywhere loud wet chewing noises now filled the air along with loud snaps of bones. Suddenly a exact copy of nautilus steps out from the version of himself that’s finishing the meal of the beggar. Nautilus walks and vanishes again into a fading image and reappears behind Serune..his breathe prancing about the prawn of her neck like a tickling cold razor and he speaks eloquently and softly, a ghostly whisper that echoes as if a extra voices are behind it..”does it feel love...in this moment?...” he leans and his body stretches around her and curves in front her his legs still standing where they are behind her, he’s eye level to her now she could hear the whispers of those within him and she could hear screams of terror and suffering, “does it find love in the abyss?..” “even as we speak now I am slaying tens of millions of galaxies...would it like to hear their death screams?” The beggar had been devoured down to more than half by now and Nautilus looked down at the wound on her shoulder. “It has been through a lot to bring me here....but does it love me?” Nautilus opened his mouth in a huge gaping hole to reveal circles upon circles of fangs and sharp teeth and he roared at her, he was reading her senses...a minute sliver of fear and he would devour her where she stood and he searched her thoroughly for a response as he continued to slither and worm around her as if she were prey and he was waiting for the right moment,” she was attractive also and he eyed her pervertedly as his mouth began to salivate heavily before he returned to his normal shape he was again now behind her and his tongue slithered from his mouth across her chest dripping liquid darkness along the way it found its way to the wound and went inside the holes in her skin and out the other before retracting was his tongue left her wound the bite marks began to close and heal almost immediately,”it has be nursed....and cared for...it’s heart resonates with a black song?.” The beggar was devoured now and the argosaxx walked towards nautilus and they remerged as the liquid darkness splashed abit...he sat upon a pile of dead bodies and crossed his leg one over the other and awaited her responses to his questions
  8. Welcome to Valucre! Hope you like what we got here ^_^

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