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  1. Thomas sat up. He drew a breathe to gather himself and he stood up his gear and armor wrecked he tore off the shirt and armor playing so he was just bare chested with his all black army fatigues and combat harness on. He tossed the junked gear to the side and did a quick self check. He still had his desert eagle holstered and his giant combat knife. His hooked chain laid a few feet from him. Fire was everywhere around him from the explosion. The crew he was flying with left him, he would deal with that later on a more personal level. It was best to travel light he thought as he prepared his immediate area as a base of op. Therefore he would leave his hook and chain. His gun and knife would be more than enough, not to mention his skills for survival and almost inhuman strength and endurance. He looked around now and he scanned the sky to only to find more smoke. “Probably one of the others it’s best to check it out ASAP” he lifted his wrist to speak into the communicator only to see the front face cracked terribly and the screen completely black.”frag.....” Thomas walked through the lush jungle keeping eyes and ears peeled and honed,”can’t help but wonder if the others made it...” trekking further Thomas could sense he was being followed and he stopped and positioned himself to strike quickly. He reached at the base of his back and grabbed the handle of his knife and eased it out about a inch and the steel glinted in the streams of sunlight that beamed through the trees. It was as if everything had froze for a moment. Before the animal leaped from the bushes and Thomas moved fast enough he created a brief after image as a gleaming streak of his blade created a crescent slash and blood spurted and a fresh stream of blood sprayed the bushes in which the animal leaped from. Thomas stood straight up now and flicked the blood from his knife and he sheathed it again and he kneeled down to study what he had killed. It resembled a tiger, but slightly different the animal bleed out quickly it’s throat deeply slashed almost to the bone. Thomas stood again and continued toward the smoke. Upon reaching the clearing he saw a single tribal warrior standing there with a hatchet and spear in his hand. He looked past Thomas and saw the dead animal. He looked at Thomas and he raised his ax and made a throat slitting motion and got in a weird combat stance. Thomas exhaled and readied himself as well he raised his fists in front of him and dug his feet in. A stand off as a breeze blew ruffling their clothes and hair. The warrior charged and lunged his spear forward. Thomas leaned and grabbed the spear and brought it over head throwing the warrior, who in turn landed a few feet away onto his feet and he crouched low. “.......agile....I...see” Thomas stood straight up and readjusted his stance and opened his arms now. Strikes would not do against this ones speed. Be patience and grapple him, Thomas thought as the man charged in and raised his hatchet. The man swiped at Thomas with the hatchet but the attack was a feint and he flipped forward his leg raised as he brought his heel down towards Thomas’s head. Reacting iwith inhuman speed Thomas grabbed the mans ankle with his left hand and he used his strength to pull the man over him and towards the ground. The man hit the ground and cracks shot through the ground when the mans back made contact and he coughed up blood and remained still and Thomas stood straight up as the bushes all started to move as 40+ warriors came out.”Yea.......not...gonna happen..” Thomas turned and ran full speed his boots could be heard heavily thudding the soft earth as he ran towards jades direction unknowingly and bringing a tribal army with him
  2. Oh frag... The pilot reached above his head and pressed a couple buttons and pulled a lever.,”auxiliary boosters engaged. Initiating atmospheric pressure format 12.” The co pilot chummed in immediately after,” flight boosters down to 12% flight systems are still green light expect brief turbulence upon atmosphere entry...” Pilot 3 responded to the captain pilots of the shuttle,”entering atmosphere at an 80 degree angle....adjusting to 75 degrees...surface temperature has reached maximum level..will continue to monitor. All passengers remain seated at this time until trajectory upon entering atmosphere is completed. Surface temperature is still green light air.” Thomas was standing in the hangar loading bay of the ship reading himself for landing. He fastened a combat harness and plated armor on and he picked up a desert eagle from the table and pulled back the top and let it click before putting it in his side holster. He checked the bullet tank on his Gatling gun making sure it was well oiled. He loaded his grenade launcher with six rounds he smirked as the gun made a “shlook” sound once he fully loaded the drum he spun it making a ticking sound as it snapped into place and he laid the heavy weapon on the table and he thought to himself,” just who the fuck does he think he is?.....little dope headed mutherfucker...fucking judging me...while smelling like spit and vomit. Click!” He was strapping a grenade belt on that ran between his thighs and waiste. “I should squeeze him until he shits himself.....but he’d smile and walk around in it just to piss me off....PILOTS HOW MUCH MORE TIME I CAN HEAR ACTIVITY OUTSIDE AND IT DOESNT SOUND FRIENDLY!! “ESTIMATING 4 minutes sir....and we cannot correct trajectory!!!” The main pilot shouted.,”AT THIS RATE WE WILL NOT GET BOOTS ON THE GROUND NOT TO MENTION WE ARW HEAVY!!” Co-pilot,”external temperature have reached normal parameters we are within the atmosphere correct that trajectory!!!!cmon baby!!!” The shuttle was shaking hard now and the scientists and researchers were looking nervous and fearful now. Thomas was filling geared now and he hoisted his Gatling gun and he lifted his grenade launcher now and stomped to the back of the shuttle and stood before the loading doors. “You there unbuckle and open the cargo doors if we don’t do this now when we land we are food...” the woman researcher did as she was instructed and unbuckled her seat belts and she staggered to the back of the cargo hold and she slammed her fist on the open hatch release button. And she made her way back just as a jet stream rushed into the shuttle as the doors slowly opened. The pilots were working overtime correcting the flight path of the shuttle. In the back of the ship was complete silence as the sound of rushing wind and belts and straps flapping and the wirrring of Hawks Gatling gun. It was always best to spin up a Gatling gun so that one could fire immediately. Soon the flapping of wings could be heard. And squawks indicating that they were being tailed and followed. Soon the animals came into view and Thomas opened fire! The bullets were pouring from the barrels of the Gatling gun as Thomas rained bullets down upon them. Shell casings poured like gold liquid from the side of the gun and the clinged as they hit the floor of the ship which was swaying to and fro in the wind currents. Thomas was in fierce concentration as he continued to mow down the creatures.”keep the fucking ship steady if you want to live!!!!!” Thomas focused more trying to hold his footing as he continued to blast at the creatures. The science team did nothing but watch and pray Thomas did not fail for he was their only defense that separated the predators from food. He raised his grenade launcher and let off a shell, hitting a creature causing a huge explosion setting a bunch of them ablaze as one off to the left of him managed to land a sneak attack. Apparently the creatures could extend their tongues much like frogs could and it’s tongue wrapped around Thomas’s ankle.........................looking down Thomas looked back at the scientists and the pilots and took a deep breathe. .....................”oh frag”...................... The creature reeled back pulling Thomas off his feet and he hit the floor of the ship hard as he slide out the ship into a free fall his back facing toward the ground he frowned as he watched the ship get smaller and smaller as he continued to descend fast even in the air Thomas would not go without first giving these creatures hell or high water he looked left as wind rushed past him everything was chaos and noise the pilots could see him in the distant and the stream of lead as he continued to mow down creatures who now focused him completely. “Do it.....fire the missiles..” the pilot frowned and looked at the captain..”sir...Hawk is fighting for us....for all of us....that would probably make him extremely angry granting we get lucky and it kills him.....” more explosions appeared in the atmosphere as Thomas waged a one man war with the monsters. “So much weight....gotta slow.....my.....fall....” Thomas releases the bullet tank and he let go of the empty grenade launcher. He spun off the last of his ammo and he let the Gatling gun go and he reared his head as he heard two missiles be released from the ship towards him and the swarm.”you gotta be shittin’ me.....YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING!!......” he was cut off as one of the creatures hit him square in the stomach and he grabbed the creatures head and crushed it and flung it away as the missiles continued toward them. Thomas released his chained hook and he flung it toward the first missile and he hooked it tearing into its side and he pulled the chain towards the direction of the swarm and it exploded in a huge ball of fire and smoke. “YOU LOUSY SUNS A BITCHES!!!” The pilot spoke to captain looking at him directly.”sir Thomas appears to be waving a fist at us?!” “I’m aware of that you twat!!” They closed the cargo bay doors and banked right as they continued to descend and fade away into the horizon leaving Thomas to fend for himself. Frowning even more Thomas grabbed the last missile and he used his grip to ride the missile towards the ground as it searched for a target with a heat signature it steered him into a dense jungle that was filled with geysers that spewed forth boiling hot waters. Towed by the missile upon reaching the tree tops he let go and it hit a geyser and exploded heavily blasting him back by the force he flew as his back snapped a couple of trees and he landed hard and tumbled like a rag doll and slide to a stop on his back and he just laid there looking up at the sky,”...................I still can’t believe that mutherfucker judged me and called me out.....fuck you...*cough*.....fuck you viper!”
  3. A scowl came over his face as the light from jade being electrocuted flash and shimmered across his face. He hated and could not stand the idea of slavery and yet here they were.....all of them at the wishes of some one else’s will. But not for long Thomas thought to himself. “Why do you choose to destroy your own body instead of honing it to the best it can be?” Thomas asked viper who was off to Thomas’s back left. Thomas sincerely did not understand the use of drugs for a mental stimulation. He kneeled down and lifted jade into his arms and he carried her over to a high table and he sat her on it. Despite his massive size he was graceful and delicate. He held a respect for women. His mother had raised him well and her teaching showed. He reached across the table and poured her a drink and took a small clothe and removed the blood from her mouth. “I’ve an idea about that collar. When we get down there I’m going to teach you to hone your chi and channel that electricity. “This project is more than meets the eye. Those are hunters. I recognize the gear...hell....I’ve used some of the same gear..but only when I was hunting something big and very very angry. Which is why we were granted freedom. This is an military op. It is my belief they are looking to weaponize the creatures there...because yesterday’s model is now obsolete” as he said that last sentence he was looking at viper with a piercing look. Once they achieve their goals they may dispose of you. After I do this I may conquer this place and take over the prison. I’m also going to make my own way on this super earth?.....are you with me?...he spoke genuinely as he looked at the both of them. A soldier walked up to the three now,”commander Jade we are fully prepared and will now begin the shuttle launch to the surface of the planet. Thomas nodded and looked his gear over one last time and he placed a hand on Jades back,”you gonna be alright?” I’m gonna go ahead with the first launch and get a base setup and a parameter prepared for you guys and the main fleet. Thomas was heading toward the shuttle and he looked to his right and seen a battle chopper with a mounted Gatling gun with its own bullet tank. He smiled to himself as he grabbed the gun and the metal began to creak and groan as he proceeded to tear the gun from its platform on the mount. The metal foundation crumbled as he snatched the gun from its mount and he held its long 6 barrels forward and he held it with one hand on the back and one hand on the top and he pressed the rotar button but not the trigger and the barrels came alive rotating extremely fast as they made a clanking wirrrr-ing sound. He nodded and smiled admiring his new chosen weapon and he placed two massive harness straps on the bullet tank attached to the Gatling gun and he mounted it to his back and he headed into the shuttle with the first team. The shuttle hummed to live as a countdown sounded over the intercom. Upon reaching the one count the shuttle blasted from the ship like a small fireball headed for the planets atmosphere
  4. Thomas stopped in the corridor and lowered his head. He looked at his hands and turned them over and he removed the metal and clothe and revealed his bloody fingers and hands. Drawing a deep breathe he balled his fists and drew them close to his chest, his eyes closed as a single tear streamed his sweaty cheek. “They didn’t deserve to die.....nor did I want to bring death to them.....is this my punishment for what I’ve done?” He thought as his soul hurt. Solitude was the same as running this time. After all he solemnly swore to complete this task that laid before him. Would his god forgive him and show him the way to atonement. “Penelope..........God I miss you....” she always had a way of healing. Whether it was a physical wound or a broken heart or a tired soul. She was a natural healer and blessing. He whipped his face in the tattered rags and tossed them aside as he turned around and headed back to the loading bay. His senses brought him the pungent odor of vomit but he shook his head and continued to make his way back his steps still thumped heavily on the floor but a little softer. As he walked he daydreamed of him and his daughter playing and when he took them riding with him on his truck. He stopped and bite his lip. “Is this the only way?.....could my atonement only be obtained through violence?....my purpose my revenge was satisfied that day.....or was it?” He approached a soldier who froze in front of him and the man dropped his gun and held his hands up,”please man....don’t rip me in half dude please I didn’t know...” Thomas looked at the fearful man and then looked at his gun and he bent over and lifted the gun and looked at it for a minute and the soldier stood there frozen eyes closed.”.......open your eyes...” the man did as instructed,”....a warrior must face his adversity no matter the outcome...a man’s strength is determined through his furious passion.....what is your passion soldier?” He handed the man his gun back and placed a large hand on his small shoulder and gave him a reassuring nod,”...whatever you do in your life do it passionately and never regret your decisions....good day.” Thomas slammed his fist to his chest, his way of saluting the man and the man saluted Thomas back. A fire burned in that soldiers watery eyes as he understood what Thomas said. It was as if Thomas had ignited a fire in the mans heart.”Mr Hawk allow me to escort you back to the loading bay! Ms jade is waiting for you there with mission detail. “Very well young man...” Thomas felt the mans ignited passion and he respected him even more. And the two of them began walking towards the loading bay. Slowly but surely Thomas would begin to piece together the remaining pieces of his soul and heart. The two of them arrived in the loading bay. And Thomas noticed a large iron crate that read T.Hawk case #2398STE. Curious Thomas walked over to the care and he put both hands on the lid and the box and began to strain as the case began to bend and warp under the intense pressure. And suddenly the cover and lock exploded and flew off as Thomas tore open the crate. His actions caused everyone in the area to stop what they were doing and stare at him and the soldier that was standing with him. Thomas peered in the box and withdrew with shock and he shook his head as he reached in the case. What he lifted out of the case, he could not believe it was the weapon he used to slay all those people from his bloody and hellish past. That same heavy chain and hook that he took his vengeance with....part of the chain and the hook was deep stained a dark red like it was submerged in a decadent red wine. He held it with both hands the hook hanging and swinging slightly as the chain rattled softly. Thomas had his eyes closed. He was remembering..the entire ordeal was playing back. His arms filled with veins as a steam seemed to rise off him. His anger was swelling as if a hurricane was being born on the ship. But just as quickly as it began he quickly began to calm himself remembering the hagakure. He bunched the chain and hook and held it with one hand and he reached in again and it was there. His baby, his massive combat knife “Lucille” it’s handle was made from pure pearl and ivory. It’s hilt was silver and steel and it’s blade was a iron and steel combination that he black smithed and folded 3000 times. Forever razor sharp and strong he unsheathe the knife and he held up the steel box where his items were held and with a quick motion he sliced the box with his knife and it fell in two pieces. He smiled. Penelope was the last one that had sharpened it. He tied it too the base of his back and sheathed it so that the handle was accessible to his right hand quickly. The chain he wrapped around his forearm and attached the hook to his so it was secured and he nodded and turned toward jade,”I would ask that you forgive my behavior earlier. That guy Derrick pressed the wrong buttons, thus he and his men paid accordingly.” I don’t know what is going on or why you freed me. But I assure you if you are to kill me....then know that you will have a better change at swallowing a mountain than killing me.” As for that wet work ghost that’s hiding. Apparently he’s either ill or sick his heart beat is irregular and I smell vomit. He is no longer a threat so what say you Jade?....what’s going on here and why did you bust me outta my cell?”
  5. Thomas stood silently still, looming over the soldiers that stood guard over him. He counted 20 half armed with lightning rods. The other half had full auto ARs. He could kill them all in less that a couple minutes but he had made peace within himself. And really didn’t have an urge to become violent. So he stood there as patience and calm as an old mountain. Compared to an average man of regular training and build of 6ft Thomas as over 8 feet tall his chest was almost as wide as two men standing shoulder to shoulder his arms about as big around as a mans waist. He was easily more than 450lbs of mass destruction. The admiral walked in an took a look at Thomas..and gave the “not bad” kinda nod. Thomas’s senses was 10x acute than an alpha wolf so he could sense the admiral was more than nervous. The entire room reeked or nervous fear, stifling almost. “Mr. Hawk...do you know why you are here?...ahem*” Hawk replied with a deep crackling voice. It had been over 5 years since he spoke a single word. “......No....” The admiral retorted,”well I’ve a job for you......you are going to comply or die..” Thomas closed his eyes and spoke again, “I’m not going to work for you.....period...if you think any of you can stop me then try...you’ll all be dead before I inhale my next breathe.” The admiral swallowed hard and nodded at the guards standing behind him. And both men stepped forward and hit him with their lighting sticks. 5 million volts hit Thomas and he didn’t even move. Not a single centimeter, infact during the course of being electrocuted he looked towards the admiral as if nothing was happening. “All I wanted was to be left in peace to die, I can’t even have that.” The admiral lifted his hand for the men to stop the only thing they were doing was burning the mans prison garb. Which was bright orange with metal bars with iron loops in them, indicating he had been chained up for a time. The admiral lifted a com pad from his desk and spoke slyly,”Thomas id like to show you something I think you’d be interested in.” He typed a few things on the pad as bips and beeps could be heard, Thomas was still standing in the same spot looking down on him. The admiral held the pad up to Thomas so he could see his wife and daughters remains. Thomas’s eyes began to fill with veins and veins began running through his giant arms. “Thomas wait.......please...I only showed you this because I have the nano tech to bring them back. They died before their biological end. I can bring them back to finish their lives,”you are fucking filth....” Thomas snorted, as he said those words Thomas pulled his arms apart and snapped the massive chains that was holding his arms and feet. He turned immediately and grabbed a soldier and held the mans legs together in his hand and he literally used the man as a weapon hitting the other guards with the flailing victim. The poor soul lasted just long enough to kill two guards as the mans torso twisted and separated from the legs that Thomas was still holding. The other guards back up and raised their guns while the others rushed with there lighting sticks. Thomas raised both fists and brought them down in tremendous might and hit the floors. The vibration rung through more than half the vessel as he knocked the men off their feet. Some shot each other in accident as they were knocked off balance. Thomas moved with unreal speed as he quickly took the men out. He was snapping necks and backs as he moved through the men. Screams rang out in the office as Thomas killed this men horribly. Thomas was walking up on the last soldier who was scooting away from him on his ass his hand held up,”please man I’m just doing my job I have a family GOD PLEASE DONT!” heavy boots thudding the floor was all that heard as Thomas reached for the man and held him before him.”may your journey into the underworld be a safe one soldier. You fought bravely and I will make sure your name is remembered.” Thomas held the man by the waist and he place his other massive hand over the mans head and shoulders and he twisted him and rung him like a wash clothe. The admiral winced at the sight. Thomas turned to the admiral and walked toward him the limp body still in his hand. The admiral pressed a button on his desk and it increased the center of gravity around Thomas making him heavier than what he is. Thomas took steps until he couldn’t anymore as gravity weighed him down. The floor of the office deck began to cream and groan under the intense pressure. Thomas’s entire frame was shaking with pure power as he was denying the system to stop him. Slowly Thomas began to stand. His frame still shaking with pure muscle strength, the admirals eyes were bulging and his mouth awed at the show of power. The device on his desk began to short out and spark as it felt the overload in power difference. Soon it fitzed out and caught fire before exploding and Thomas stood again and continued to walk toward the admiral. He stood before Derrick as death looms over someone that’s ready to ride the river styx. The admiral was leaned back over his desk, head turned alittle but not taking his eyes off Thomas,”so you are able to look your end in the eye....admirable but in this case mistaken” Thomas spoke coldly,”listen well.....I’ll get mission detail from the other two you have here....” the admiral interrupted.”....two?...” Thomas nodded,”yes two......the woman with the green eyes.....and the wet work ghost that’s stowed away in the luggage compartment...he’s good, best I’ve sensed yet...but he still has a heart beat and I can hear it.”....Thomas continued,”I’ll do this mission but afterwards I’m coming back here to free everyone and I am going to pull you apart with my bare hands and I am going to eat your heart...” Thomas then stood straight up looking down at the admiral and he tore his prison shirt off and the sleeves so that he was now shirtless and he took the bars of iron off his shirt and he made gloves with iron knuckles in them with tattered rags of his old shirt and he turned and walked out the office on his own accord his footsteps causing small vibrations through the floor. He raised his mighty hands and he punched the sliding doors bending them badly before bending them over and crushing them away from each other as sparks flew everywhere. The admirals office was destroyed as lights flickered and dead litered the floor. The admiral pulled out a cigarette and lit it with trembling hands and all he could say was,”...........................shit.............”
  6. A name....what would that mean anymore. The man sat quietly in the dark silence. The only sounds that reminded him of sanity, the constant dripping of cold water and the squeaking of rats. The man was still not tormented in the way a inmate would, infact the silence and loneliness were welcomed as friends. That and reading along with constant workouts and training. However sleep was trouble some. That’s where the nightmares lived, true enemies of his mind. He took a deep breathe and closed the musty damp book he was reading, “Hagekure” by a samurai that goes by the name “Yamamoto Tsunetomo” it is a practical and spiritual guide for people that walk the path of enlightenment through the way of the warrior. The man found peace and tranquillity in reading the book the warden was kind enough to send the man a meal a day and a book a day. The warden knew the truth as to why the man was locked away the way he was and why he was in this junk heap of a space station. A slow whumping sound started as the oxygen fan fired up, causing the rats to scurry about frantically as if a predator entered the room. Sleep.....it weighed heavy on him now, how long has it been since he tryed?..hours? Days? Certainly not days hallucinations would definitely be beyond dazzling at this point but this man was far from ordinary. And yet in the dank solitude of the sealed cell he decided to try. Drawing a deep breathe the mountain of man laid back and raised his right arm and laid his forearm over his forehead and closed his eyes. Moments later his breathes came in deep and strong indicating a sound sleep. And just like that the mans mind began to cruelly abuse him in his sleep. ((“Thomas you have a special job today. You are to drive that 18 wheeler truck of food and goods to the village north of the mountains. You will be gone more than a few weeks so pack accordingly.” The dispatcher spoke coldly and just as unforgiving when Thomas begged to switch with some one else. )) ((“Please boss can’t Horace do it he could really use the money and my daughters birthday is....” Dispatcher: “so what you’re telling me Thomas Hawk is that you are quitting your job and forfeiting pay. That it?....get your big ass in gear and get moving. Fuck your family you have a job to do. I’ll send your big ass back to the pen.....asshole” Lowering his head in anger he prepared to leave as he phoned his wife.)) ((“Penelope.....I....I....” she didn’t speak a word but her hanging the phone up spoke volumes. She was disappointed and sad. Thomas could not blame her. He geared up and headed off in the truck. Eyes watering as he moved up the road. Within so same moments a local gang came into his home village, more than a hundred men. All dressed in black suits and each one of them carried a small hatchet. The Ax gang the crazy 188. The leader called out for the village elders. Elders,”please we have paid you in wines gold and treasures we’ve nothing left what would you have now?” 188,” shut your mouth old woman unless you want cock in it!!” The general of the gang whispered to one member and he nodded and he stepped forward. 188 member,”our lord requires a young woman to pleasure him and others tonight, one of your best. The villagers whispered and spoke among themselves. Hours passed and soon two villagers came through the crowd with Thomas’s wife and baby in hand struggling against her captors and they brought her forward. 188member,”she will do more than fine hahahahaha the baby too hahahahaha” They snatched both of them and shoved them both into the car screaming as the rain poured... The elder looked at the townsfolk,”oh....my people you have brought great shame upon us and an ill omen..”)) Thomas jumped in his sleep as the lightning flashed before they put his family in that black car. He was awake again. When it was still fresh he would awake and lash out and scream and howl and curse for vengeance. As time went on he would become a refined edge instead of a brutish one. He drew a deep breathe and simply rolled over and began doing pushups. Stopping short of three thousand he stopped his pushups and leaned back so that he remained on his knees and he bowed slowly placing his hands at his forehead and placing his forehead to the floor as he bowed and gave the Gods his prayer and blessings. He then stood now and took a minute and drew a breathe and began his pull ups. Pulling up on the bar and then holding that position before going from side to side and then down. Repeating the workout until he didn’t feel like doing it anymore he never counted, but his numbers always over three thousand. He had once read that training the body helped with conditioning the mind. Thus he remained rigorous in his training. But today was different he felt a furious anger. He squinted as he felt his soul be tormented. And he thought to himself, you must finish it hawk.... instead of reading thomas laid down and took a deep breathe and closed his eyes. ((The gang ravaged Thomas’s family with endless raping and beating her and her child in their home. The elders and town people just stood and watched and prayed and didn’t lift a finger out of fear of retaliation. Finally Thomas came back down the mountain got his pay and headed home. As he pulled the truck into the yard he....noticed their front door swinging in the wind.)) Thomas began to sweat and stir in his sleep... ((Thomas got out of the truck smiling..”they must have a surprise for me...good I could use some good home cooked food. Thomas got to the door and a horrid smell attacked his nose. And he softly convulsed, gagging and his expression grim he pushed the door open and clenched his teeth as he viewed his beautiful home torn asunder and utterly destroyed. Thomas clenched his teeth so hard one of them cracked and his gums began to bleed he looked around his house. And shook his head. The smell was stifling, and seemed to be coming from up stairs.)) Thomas was breathing hard and chanting alittle as his nightmare continued... ((Thomas now at the top of the stairs 188 was all over the walls blood was everywhere. He checked his daughters room...completely empty it had been stripped down even the wallpaper and more 188s everywhere. He proceeded to their room and he slowly pushed open the door and he began to cry, a cry that described an unbearable pain, a cry that would tear a soul in half, a kind of cry that caused angels to weep. If their was a he’ll even the devil would have felt sorrow for Thomas. There his wife and daughter lay sprawled across his bed covered in blood feces and sperm. Their vaginas completely wrecked and destroyed. His poor daughter was covered in sperm and cigar burns. His wife was not recognizable in the slightest. He fell to his knees his mind was torn to pieces his heart was in his throat. He eyed a large piece of glass and thought to commit suicide to escape the sight. And if that wasn’t enough he heard a sound he could not believe. His daughter was alive........her shallowed and troubled breathing rattled ever so lightly her light hanging in the balance by a baby spider thread. He stood now and leaned over his child his face was soaking wet with tears and snot and saliva.”.......my baby.....” he put his finger in her hand and a minute squeeze came and he sobbed heavily again.)) Thomas was literally screaming and tossing and turning in his sleep at this point... ((Thomas knew what he had to do. She was suffering heavily in the state she was in. He stood now crying so much he could not even see in front of him and he placed a single hand on his daughters neck. “MY GOD....PLEASE!!!!....TAKE MY FAMILY!!” And he twisted his wrist and he felt her tiny neck snap. She was gone and she felt nothing worse than what she already did. White hot rage filled Thomas a searing anger that would melt iron and warp steel his anger made him blind with fury a massive berserker, that launched himself through the wall of the house from the top floor to the ground he landed with a heavy thud on his feet. His eye wild with insanity and angry fury. He snatch a large chain and heavy hook from the truck he drove and he went into the village and tore everyone limb from limb man woman nor child survived the raging revenge of the monster. Thomas would rage across half the country in a murderous fury he slaughtered his village and the next neighboring two. He slaughtered the entire 188 ax gang. And tore the grand leader apart with his bare hands and ate the mans heart. When American military CIA and local police would arrive to find a tired Thomas on his knees rocking back and forth with meat hanging from his mouth a tiny locket in his balded dirty fist his body was littered with scars and dirt constant battling had destroyed his clothes completely naked when officials arrived. They simply loaded him up and carried him away)) Thomas sat straight up with a roar out of his sleep his arms wide and fists ready before he realized he was in his cell. He panted and rose to his feet and leaned on the wall and put his hand over his mouth as he began to cry again. An hour later Thomas was reading as he heard what he thought was a gunshot...”strange” he thought and continued reading. Moments later he heard a drill and he looked as ceiling of his cell came crumbling down. And he still sat and continued reading as he heard a woman tell him to move in a corner as she blasted his cell door and a portion of the cell dust and debris filled the room and he casually brushed a few pebbles of his book that landed on the inside. He had already sized the squad up he could smell them and hear their heart beats. The woman calm. The others scared and fear meant mistakes and that meant they would die. And yet Thomas continued to read as he awaited them to enter the cell
  7. Im..um..a tad bit late but I’d like to properly say hello and thank you for the permission to join this rp community! I’ve browsed a few places and so far you guys(and gals lol) are actually pretty dope I mostly rp a dark character that’s well the foundation of all that is fundamentally dark. He’s definitely not a run or the mill over the top character I’ve rped as him for almost 10+ years and I have developed him extensively. But I do have another character that I am looking to use if anyone is interested his name is Bane. He is a large and powerful lycanthrope that has the ability to change into a white werewolf. He wields a massive ax and his secondary weapon is a large chain with an iron ball on the end. However I have no rp to use him in so if anyone has any ideas then feel free to let me know...thanks and it’s nice to meet everyone!
  8. She dodged the attack as the massive hammer was stopped by those tendrils of darkness. He had locked onto the primordial energy they contained and he could have suppressed them but didn’t also the moment the hammer was stopped he could have fired its massive bullet and pile driven her into the ground in a red smear and yet he didn’t, a spar after all and instead he let the hammer crush the ground were she was and he heard laughter behind him. And stood straight up now his back still turned to her. He lowered his head a bit and his face remained solemn. The spar was done. The moment she made an error of not protecting herself during the moment he crashed landed is what doomed the match from the start. He decided to entertain the idea alittle longer. Still in removing his weaponry all of them disappeared in flame and smoke. He didn’t need them after all. Apparently she did not fully understand the situation she was in. He turned around slowly now and put his hands behind his back now locking his fingers and he stood and watched silently as she pulled out a small box. And removed an weapon he had no seen in a good while...and he nodded as his eyebrows raised a bit in a “oh that’s kinda neat” fashion and he stood there as he watched her take some sort of stance and ready her weapon. Her mockery was pointless. Trivial even, with but a thought and the maw would close and that would be the end of it all. “And I suppose you are going to use that on me. I had heard your combat skill was second to none thus far not a single scratch. Until you can land a blow you are not worthy to face me....so from this point forward I will only fight you with my back to you...Daichons have grown weak.....and time has not been good to you all.................................maybe I should just devour all of you and do the universe a favor...” His words were cold and unrelenting. Did he mean them entirely or not. That was for her to work out. He could tell they had an effect as he felt a change in her power. Benaires taught you?......no wonder this is over so quickly....I should say this though you did take a little longer than he did but not much” he nodded and looked in another direction and totally walked away from her as if she weren’t even there. She sought acknowledgment and he would deny it. She couldn’t even land a single blow why should he take her seriously. He continued to walk his back and guard down completely.
  9. She closed the space between them in less than an instant. But would still prove to be more than slow. Nautilus quickly brought both his fists up and pulled the chain tightly as both her fists met it and the tremendous force of her blow caused an extremely powerful blow back that made his trench coat flutter as debris and dust blew back behind him. Overly confident in her ability she didn’t realize she had stepped onto his own shadow in which he quickly summoned a flaming skeleton hand large enough to grab her by the torso, shot from the dark shadow beneath them fingers wide open and closing fast around her. In the same instant argosaxx’s arms were raised and bringing the massive hammer down aiming to crush her in a two pronged attack. “Worry more about dying and less about my lips maggot!!”
  10. An old homeless woman draped in miserably damp and molded rags came up the street in front of the manse. Pushing an old shopping cart with bent wheels. She had long wet black hair and her mouth seemed to be teetering and overfilled with a black sickening liquid he face as dingy and scarred. Sunken were her eyes indicating heavy sickness and fatigue. As the military stopped packing and watched this mysterious woman push her cart under a street light and stop. Muttering incoherently about teeth, she walked over to her cart and bent down into it and pulled out a black violin and she flung back her cowl showing a glimpse of her disease ridden skin. She began to play, at first it just seemed like an decadent and strange melody that repeated over and under cords as she constantly speed up. Steam began to rise from around her frame and the small area on the street she was standing as she constantly speed up the same tune now her violin seemed to not even falter under the intense playing now as the strings were almost burning. She smiled even bigger now her eyes wide. As a single tear of blood ran from her right eye as it filled with veins. Bubbles were forming in the cracks of her mouth indicating faster and frantic breathing. She continued to play faster and faster as the street lamp above her began to flicker and the wind picked up quickly. As she played faster and faster now her arm was beginning to bleed from the motions as she was smoking heavily now. Still she continued on and on with that same wide eyed stair as her face gleemed with sweat. The clouds above her began to slowly swirl. And lighting flashed the sky several times as the woman speed into the night on her psychotic melody. On and on she seems not stopping not for an instant. As the clouds swirled and a black portal began to appear. On the edge of the portal which was constantly increasing in size were rows and rows and more rows of large fanged teeth. A thunderous roar howled over the wind as the woman began to catch fire. Even more so she continued play faster and faster as the black liquid spilled from her mouth and flew about spilling everywhere. The portal was massive now and a enormous shadowy silhouette could be seen in the sky as the lighting flash. The military began stepping away from the roundabout street as they watched with increasing horror. The woman was engulfed in flames now and she howled in pain but never stopped playing not for an instant. Her violin was a literal inferno now. As well as the area around her and her cart. The street lamp burst sending glass and sparks everywhere as her immediate area grew more and more violent the silhouette in the sky was clearly visible now........Argosaxx, who was twice the size of a mountain was looking down at them. The great eye fixed on everyone below. The portal was actually its mouth which was still increasing in size and more teeth were appearing around the edges. Suddenly it’s huge black tongue began to extend as the woman finally collapsed she was nothing more than ash and cinder, a few bones and her skull lay atop the pile of burned corpse her violin submerged in the smoldering mess. Argosaxx’s tongue slowly slithered down.....down.....down to the street. On the surface of its tongue were faces that were wailing in anguish. The soldiers were literally scrambling and climbing over each other to get away. As Arifutonautilus appeared in the mouth of Argosaxx his arms folded his face emotionless. He appeared human but his mouth was just a wide smile filled with vicious teeth fro war to ear and he began to descend the tongue floating down his feet not touching the faces or the tongue they hung slightly as he floated down to the street. Still floating and his arms folded he floated forward as a small grotesque little flesh piled creature followed him its only balance was an massive arm that it had followed by what appeared to be a hunchback with a huge and bulging insect nest bored in his hunch. Lastly a giant man completely naked with a ax in hand a large net thrown over his back filled with rotting heads. Once the last of the brood stepped off the tongue Argosaxx roared and quickly faded away in one last lighting strike and booming thunder. Nautilus was floating still as he looked over at ami and Benaires and then at the manse and he floated forward and he extended his arms and opened them as the entire front of the building disassembled and floated in place. Once inside what appeared to be a large main hall the front of the building rebuilt it self piece by piece and brick by brick as the three skeletons crawled from the shadow beneath nautilus feet and formed a large bone throne. Nautilus fluttered the bottom of his coat and he sat exquisitely upon the nightmarish throne and he elegantly laid one leg over the other and rested his wrists. Upon the arms of the chair as the hive man handed him a large chalice filled with a red liquid. Nautilus waved his hand,”Ami my dear........come to me...” as he spoke smoke and small embers escaped his mouth as he watched the habitants of the manse as they watched him with wide eyes. “Benaires..........much to discuss...yes?” He sipped his chalice and waited.
  11. Arifutonautilus was flying above the clouds and black sky his arms at his side a black aura like flame covered his body as he flew. He resembled a black missle as a trail of smoke trailed off his lower half like exhaust from an massive engine. He arched toward the ground and he was coming in extremely hot. Breaking the sonic boom he broke through the barrier of clouds now and he could see the woman. And he thought to himself,”Damn fool...blessed be her quarry to have to deal with my violent manner for I will spare no quarter and no praise will be given!” He was at a point now she could see him clearly now as he bursed through the clouds and was thundering toward the ground. Still not breaking speed. He crashed into the earth with a thunderous BOOOOOOOMMM. As if megatons of tnt had been detonated he hit the ground full speed creating a large crater. Dust and debris was everywhere as small rocks were falling and he rose outta the crater with his arms crossed and he was merely floating over the hole a completely evil look on his face. He was not pleased at all he began to float forward unmoving. He was now more than 20 feet from her now and he landed silently arms still folded he tilted his head at her. What reason do you have to do battle with one such as me??!....Do you have any idea the dangers of angering me?....then allow me to train you in the methods of pain...” he then took a single step back and opened his hand and his arm began to smoke and catch fire as his chainsaw Ravenous began to appear and he squeezed the clutch and the engine revved hard and loud as flame and smoke and sparks spun off the blade.”I’d like you to me my weapon Ravenous.....” he paused as the next part of the gruesome weapon appeared in his other hand it was a long and thick almost white hot chain with a huge smeltering ball of heated iron and spikes. And he spoke again...”...Hunger!!!” And he stood straight now the full weapon was completed...”this is the weapon that has slayed galaxies and realms alike....Ravenous Hunger has never met a enemy that it could not best. He released the clutche on the chainsaw and the engine simmered down to a putter and he jammed the chainsaw into the ground still holding the chain side and with his free hand he raised it above his head and a black orb formed around his hand as he opened two portals above his head and two massive arms came from them both and a large hammer with a rocket powered engine and pile driver attached to the head and it clanked as it loaded a massive bullet. And floated above nautilus head at the ready. To which he picked his chain saw back up and revved it once more as he lifted the flaming ball of iron and spikes. “......tremble for your God has abandoned you this day wretched. I’ll chew you whole and vomit you away!!!”
  12. Smoke and embers bellowed from his mouth as he felt music and sensual sensation play along his neck. He closed his eyes as his presence peaked and resonated with hers. Only one being could raise him, make his many hearts race and his pace quicken as pure love flooded the entirety of his being. He did not move, not an inch. Her touch, her smell, her voice which purées like the beautiful echoes of woeful women loosing children played elegantly across his ear. Only one being in the entirety of this universe and realms beyond could have the power to paralyze him with lust and love. His queen had finally arrived. Parts of him began to get tremendously excited as her black razor like nails raked across his chest. Pain, slight in its verse, as the flesh parted at her nail tips, instantly healing as she completed her motion. This powerful woman knew everything and more about the Devourer. She satisfied every inch of him in more ways than a million. She was his drug. And he was long over due for his favorite fix. He felt her power and how dangerous she was. She could easily rend him into or tear his torso wide open just to see a heart beat right before it stopped. And that made him want her even more. She was as dark and cruel as he was. If not worse. He spoke in a soft and tamed whisper,”forgive me....I’ve missed you as well but...a calling beckoned me to this world and an old and ancient enemy....your training has gone well and your beauty knows no bounds...” “Atlas..I’ve found my sister here in this world as well, I’ve not been here long enough to have a decent meal to say the least” ..”also an leviathan was here.......alone...and that still puzzles me to no end in which my sister just dispatched before your arrival my love” He looked over his shoulder as Arifuto nuzzled him slightly. “And you’ve mastered your secondary body already?!” “I expected this as well” he smiled in pure pride his queen had turned out to be more than he had hoped she was astounding and still evolving. “Ooof...!” Skylyna nudged nautilus with her elbow. Constantly he forgot how playful and down right annoying she could be. And yet he would except her no other way.”yes sister she has stolen my heart and my love. She is my queen and commands all that I am” “Now that the two of you are here we’ve work to do....listen to me” he still stood and allowed Sva too cling to him and enjoy herself as he spoke,”ive sent a form or copy of myself and Argosaxx through and time rip into another dimension adjacent to this world. We are going to retrieve the Daichon called Ami. And then we will meet with her lord and master Benaires I wish to ally with them for a common goal. But I need Ami first”
  13. Typical night life in this city, the trashy alley eats wet streets with dimly lite street lamps, rats scurrying about spreading filth and searching for a proper meal. A couple of prositutes stood on this particular corner as a man pulled up in a black hearse. The windows of the vehicle were completely dark as if deaths cloak covered them. Light rain pattered the glossy almost liquid black paint of the car and ran in trails and drops off the car over its chrome bottom. The passenger side window rolls down slowly and then there’s awkward silence. Georgie looks at her friend,”Sarah baby what do you think?...” Sarah being the smarter of the two she replied quickly between smacks on her bubblegum,”ummmm kinda creepy Gee...I dunno...Daddy warned about weirdos like these guys” “Yea yea but daddy also wants us to bring home the bacon...Sarah or else..huh you know what I’m sayin’!” Georgie walks up to the car and bends over,”Hi sweetness, something we can help you with?” Her bosom showed dimly in the moonlight perfectly soaked. Normally that was all she needed to turn a man on. Sarah approaches the car as well and fell into the usual sensually hypnotic banter,”yea baby how about it?...wanna put it in me all night yea?” Still no reply came from the driver but the doors unlocked indicating he was accepting their sensually stimulating offers. Georgie looked At Sarah,”cmon what’s the worst that can happen...sides’ you got that spray right?” She blew a big bubble in her gum and popped and she withdrew the deflated gum chute’ and chewed vigorously. “Better than being cold and wet I guess baby, yea I got it.” They both popped the door handles and slide into the cold leather seats as the driver rolled up the window and hit the gas as he pulled back onto the street hitting a few deep pot holes filled with water. SPLISH!! SPLISH!! As randomly old news papers and other disregarded papers blew around in their wake. Rocking too and fro in the ride on the uneven street Georgie was still chewing gum and twirling her hair,”Got a name sweet heart?” Sarah leaned forward in the back seat and put a hand on his shoulder,”yea baby what’s your angle?” As she asked him she began to look around the car. It was very well kept upholstery almost looked new and then she looked in the back and gasped,”you gotta be fucking kiddin me..GEE GEE THERES A FUCKING STIFF IN HERE!!!” The coffin rocked gently on the ride through the black night as they headed back to the funeral home.”Hey mister what’s with you man...you on a lunch break or something??” Still no reply from the driver. And yet he place his hand on Georgies inner thigh and caressed it gently. “Mmmmmm ok....no need for small talk aye mister??” The man nodded once, “well look mister its a 100 bucks for the ass and 60 for a head job and none of that weird crap ok?” The driver nodded and quickly pulled into the drive way and into the garage of the funeral parlor. He shut off the engine and got out of the car and pulled out another set of strange keys that resembled bones. Sarah watching him carefully pats Georgie’s shoulder and points at the keys and she shakes her head no at her friend. At this point the man stood on the steps and waited for the women a warm looking light shown from the doorway instantly clashing against the wet darkness of the garage. The girls got out and clutched their purses. Stiletto high heels clicked and clacked the concrete steps as they entered the brightly lite room that appeared to be a study of some sort. “Nice place buddy. You must be rich or something like one of those Shakespeare guys ya know?.” The small talk did little to hide her nervousness as Sarah clung closely to her friend. The man made his way across the study to a large book shelf where he tilted a book and the shelf clicked indicating that a lock released and pushed the book case aside and stood awaiting them. More awkward silence as nervous emotions grew more and more powerful. The man finally spoke deeply cold and melodic his breathes came visibly as he spoke indicating the low temperature of the room. “3000.00.........each....to play with me...payment will be received after I’m......” he nodded and motioned for the door way,”satisfied...” “Holy fuck!! You’re not kiddin are ya mister?!” Georgie’s fear dissipated and gave favor to greed as she made her way too the door walking sensually as she could muster at the moment. Sarah still stood unsure. Her woman’s intuition had glued her feet where they were. “Sarah baby.....3gs!!!.....we could finally leave this shit hole and never have to do this no more..” Sarah closed her eyes and swallowed, something she always did when she had to bite that metaphorical bullet and do something she didn’t like. “S...sssure thing G lets do this!” She nodded and hurried through the door. Georgie leaned forward and pressed her mouth against the mans mouth and inserted her tongue in and he responded to the passionate kiss and Georgie smiled and used her thumb to wipe away the lipstick from his lips and she did a little shimmy and headed in as she quickly let out a “WOOO let’s party!!” After the ladies disappeared down the corridor the mans eyes shimmered as he looked through the sky glass in the roof the moon was full and bright as he mumbled “the calling of the teeth has reached my ears..and with this blood I will bring darkness eternal to the earth” He disappeared into the dark of the corridor as the bookcase closed behind him. The three of them entered a large room filled with various instruments of torture and various 13th century armies and weapons. In the middle of the room was a large velvet and silk draped bed surrounded by dimly lite and half melted candles. The man walked over too a large stereo system and turned on some music and it blared and echoed off the stone walls of the dimly lite dungeon-isk room “five finger death punch.....a rather interesting band wouldn’t you ladies agree?” He turned now and began to unbutton his shirt as the ladies still continued to take in the room. He was covered in tattoos of various scenes depicting cannibalism and killings. “Yea mister they rock!!” He noticed they were still pretending to be certain of what they were getting into. He quickly grabbed a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and he handed each one a glass and poured them a deep red that smelled rich and sweet. Georgie was the first to gulp hers down,”wow that was amazing!!” Sarah sipped hers alittle. The man motioned his hand and pointed at the girls,”no...we need more to actually get this party started...” he returned to were the music was and came back with a small mirror that had four white lines of powder on it. That was all Sarah needed to see, quickly lifting a straw she looked at the man who had an awkward smile on his face and she did three of the lines quickly and coughed slightly as she wiped her nose.”oooooooOoooOoHh yea man....” he looked at Georgie, “no thanks baby...not my rave...dig?” The man nodded and did the line himself. Hours passed as the three made mad love pleasing each other in every way imaginable as they traveled the road of ecstasy into the night. At this point the three of them laid in bed together as the music continued to spill its notes over the scene. The man lay between them both exhaling a joint as he passed it to Sarah. He nodded,”alright it’s time for payment!” The girls smiled and laughed and they all got up out of bed completely naked. And he walked to a large dresser and opened a brief case and took a small thicket of money and handed them to each girl. “Awesome!!!” The ladies giggled, the man laughed and then his face went completely solemn. As if he rememebered some terrible news and his eyes watered as his gaze stared into the fire of the fire place. The girls stopped laughing noticing this guy’s demeanor,”hey mister wassup?....hey buddy?” He glanced around this and snorted as he seemed to snap back into reality. He asked them,” I was wondering if you both could help me with something. “Sure baby what is it sugar” Georgie caressed his shoulder. He walked over to a wall that had what appeared to be some sort of demon head chiseled into the wall there were two of them and each had a hole where the mouths were. “Dude that’s fucking creepy ok....I’m done” Sarah immediately started searching for her clothes. The man stepped back and asked them both to put a hand into the mouths of the statues in the wall,”it’s a piece of art I’m working on I just need to you place your arms in so I can take a picture that’s it!!!” Georgie huffed,” dude I said no weird shit cmon...” he was sweating furiously now. And he pulled out a gun and pointed it,”fuck that I’m done with the games put your fucking arms in NOW!!” He laughed abit now indicating that his mind was slipping,” he rocked a bit,” yes the teeth....I must answer....” “PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS IN NOW!!” White flecks of spit flew from his mouth as he shouted his demands. The girls terrified did as instructed. Almost immediately they both felt something cut their wrists deeply and they felt their own warm blood begin to flow as a wind picked up in the room. As any all glass in the room shattered mirrors, the sky windows shattered as the wind howled in the room and the wall opened as a eerie blue light shown through and heavy thudded steps could be heard as the room shook softly with each step and Argosaxx appeared in the room it resembled a hulking form with massive arms that hung low and its entire torso was a gaping maw full of teeth and barbs it growled deeply as the women continued to try an pull their arms free they were screaming to the top of their lungs as the man howled with laughter. Argosaxx lumbered over to all three of them and opened his mouth even wider as he prepared to devour the three of them. He stopped as he leaned forward their heads were practically in his mouth when the word “...............WAIT!!!!!.................” was heard Argosaxx paused like a stone statue as Arifutonautilus walked slowly from the gaping hole in the wall he was draped in a leather trench it flowed like a black river behind him as he stepped into plain view now. His eyes were completely black as he lifted a hand to his hair. Locks between his fingers he pushed his hair from his face. He sighed alittle, and flicked his coat behind him as he stepped toward them his boots and chains clinked as he walked toward them. This world was familiar to him.”earth.....why are you people always performing these idiotic little rituals....just to have a face filled with fear when you finally get what you desire?!!”....”atlas I am compelled to keep you around.” His hair a extremely long French braid filled with silver and gold and red streaks. “Argosaxx that scent has led us here. Which leaves only one conclusion.....those fucking Daichons are here...and so is Ami and Benaires...food will wait....these two need to be paid a visit. Argosaxx retreated off of them and remerged with nautilus as he growled and a it’s face appears in Nautilus’s chest. “We are here for business and our own incentives. I’ve locked onto there location...we leave..” Nautilus raised his arm and used his fingers to tear a hole in the space time continuum and he stepped through the violent chasm and it banged closed blowing the three humans off their feet. Each knocked unconscious nautilus uttered to himself.”first time I ever ignored a calling...but I did promise that guy...i wouldn’t kill or you eat anything while I was here....so....ahh who fucking cares...” they were now headed to the location of benaires and Ami
  14. Stepping to the side as the creature flew past him he smiled briefly as sky shot after it. The light she gave off caused a small discomfort, an all to familiar feeling that reminded him they were opposite and yet the same. Two sides of the same coin. And his love for his sister grew as the distrust finally began to subside. Nautilus stepped over now and took a seat on a small boulder and lodged ravenous into the ground now watching the spectacle of her battle. He remembered him training her when they were very very young and his mother watching on. He also noticed how twisted her sense of humor and disposition was. “Was it suiting her well?” Of course not he thought. But he knew she was only doing what a little sister would do. She was being like her brother and he was fine with that. Argosaxx was in eye form now and it opened and rolled as it appeared in the side of Nautilus’s neck. The pupil flashed and shimmered in the light of skies powers. “I sense it again but yet there is a familiar power as well...a familiarity in....” Nautilus spoke interrupting Argosaxx,”it’s Ami...she is still connected to the abyss I tied her too all these centuries ago. “It is time she came home....” nautilus nodded in agreement,” yes it is time....” he stood now and lifted a arm and opened his hand and he motioned his arm in a large circle and as he did so black flames and soot followed his hand as he completed the circle it was in actuality a doorway. Peering into the dark recess of Ami’s mind he spoke, softly and soothingly as a father would to a child that missed her father,”sweet child........to long has it been. Where ever you are....your true master is calling you home. You belong here...the teeth..the great gnashing is calling to you young mighty one...how will you answer..you will release only a bit of power skyward, a signal that you have heeded the call. Do not worry my precious peche’ I will see it wherever I may be and I will open the door to your true home..” a quick motion of his hand and the window closed as argosaxx’s eye closed Nautilus nodded just as sky was finishing the leviathan off. “Excellent show baby!! Rock on!! Spot on!!” Now that that little bump in the road is over with. Listen carefully. A foe unlike any other is on approach. It would appear that that Ben is up to some old tricks. You know the best way to teach dogs new tricks?.........you beat them.....let them bare fang and claw. And then show them that that does not matter and they will submit. Once a spirit is broken very rare does it shed light ever again. Argosaxx to me.......” Argosaxx emerged with a sickening splash and wet gurgling noise as he separated from nautilus. “Listen well...take my subconscious. All of them and depart at once and I want you to seed them in beings of your choosing. It would appear I have a battle coming soon and I want to prepare for anything. Argosaxx glowed a bright blood red as he received his orders as well as the many subroots of Arifutonautilus vast knowledge banks. And he stood and spoke to nautilus. “Thy will be done” Argosaxx faded away into an after image. “Now that’s done. Sky a few members of the family ive created are on the way home. We should welcome them with open arms. But first we are going to step between time and we are going to observe some of the times to come and that will allow us to learn what we can about this enemy. Nautilus stood now and started ravenous. But this time the chainsaw revved and spun with white and purple and blue great flames. And nautilus thrusted the weapon forward and as he did so the reality around it seemed to distort and be pulled with the tip of the chainsaw before breaking like a tear as nautilus cranked the weapon wide open it roared as it seared a gaping hole in time as the air of the real world forcefully sucked into the tear like a vacuum. He extended a hand to his sister. “Your chariot awaits” and he waved his hand in a circular motion as he took a bow and curtsied his right leg. I’m afraid Ungoliant will have to wait just a tad bit longer. I trust this is of the extreme importance. As they stepped inside what appeared to a completely white negative space rivers and rivers of images traveled to and fro every which way. And nautilus walked carefully his arms folded a finger tapping his chin as he searched them casually,” ahh here we are sky” as the river of images flowed they saw when he first appears to the world they were in now. They saw the cliff jumping scene and nautilus hurried the images down the river “yes....look...” they observed some kind of sickness spreading and Daichons and nautilus and crew were at a meeting table. There were many images of a queen of some sort as she displayed various powers. “Reality distortions?!..” he looked at sky and then back at the images. The more he looked the more his eyes glinted and his mouth began to water. And his teeth were beginning to grow. This woman showed a cascade of powers and to nautilus she looked like a full course meal full of delectable treats and delicacies. And yet he signed,”we’ve seen enough sweet heart let us depart. I don’t read the future I prefer to be surprised I also learned that from an old human woman. Nautilus and company stepped out of the time chasm and he removed ravenous from the tear and it instantly began to close. “Sky we’ve much work to do.....” as he let ravenous go and it burned away into flames and smoke until it was needed again
  15. Nautilus stood silently with ravenous on his shoulder as sky landed gravely he looked her direction but he still did not move, not a single inch he was poised on the destruction and the crashing of rock over the hole the creature made. Argosaxx’s face appeared in nautilus’ upper arm and shoulder a resemblance of a black skull and it spoke deeply to sky,”consumption and absorption of this creature is not permitted it is of God’s creation and we have ties with him, the creature is a leviathan. Nautilus was wondering why it was here to begin with and also it was alone. Leviathans are never alone. And also the only other creatures in existence with appetites as mighty as his. What troubled nautilus was the fact that it was here meaning. There is a leak or a tear within purgatory and the abyss. Perhaps this one chewed its way through. The dilemma, nautilus definitely needed answers on why it was here and what it was doing but on the other hand it was definitely best course of action to kill them and kill them fast, because leviathans were asexual meaning they needed no other to reproduce and should one have young one leviathan would produce hundreds and those hundreds would produce hundreds. “Skylyna.....you learned to fly..good, I’m proud even. But listen, you are not yet strong enough for this. But you need to fight as well to remember yourself.” In it’s entirety it’s best you know these things can absorb light like most creatures of the great dark hole. Are you ready” as he spoke the creature stood and pushed a huge boulder off its body as it stood. Dust and a loud crashing could be heard as the massive rock broke against the others. It stood waiting just as nautilus was it was poised intent on catching its prey. It’s head was an entire mouth rounded with teeth in the sense of a worms forefront. Ravenous’ round blades tip crashed to the ground creating a small area of broken earth, indicating how heavy it was. Nautilus started the engine on the nasty weapon and it roared into the air before going into its puttering idle. The stand off had began. The next moves had to be careful. Calculated, a battle of age old terrors was about to begin. Nautilus squinted as he felt a familiar essence. He detected a familiar smell as well as Argosaxx appeared again in eye form and spoke,”yes I smell it too.................DAICHON” nautilus beared fangs as an image of his true hideous and abysmal face showed over his human face in an eerie image. “As if I didn’t have enough right now to deal with. Today is annoy nautilus day!!” Nonetheless Nautilus raises ravenous and pointed it at the creature and then pulled it back while bringing his other hand forward while stepping back he motioned with his free hand at the creature,”bring it.....” he released the clutch on ravenous and it began to spin and spark as the blade began to glow a bright red orange as it heated up to temperature of a red sun.
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