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  1. Heyy, welcome to Valucre!

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    2. Csl


      It's all right!

      Do you mean a character sheet/your character profile?

      We post character profiles OC info in the forum I linked, User Lore.

      You can tap the "Start New Topic" button there. It'll bring you to a new page where you can write your OC info, then you can post it. It will show up as a new thread.

      How does posting OCs usually work in your previous rps? Is the layout of Valucre different from what you're used to? It'd help if I knew where you were coming from.

    3. SilentDestroyer


      Hm... Okay. Ig I can check again for idk how many times I've already checked.. thanks. Anyways. I need sleep. So night

    4. supernal


      Try a different browser too, in case the one you’re using isn’t displaying all of the necessary elements of the interface. The fact that you can reply here on your tablet but not your phone may point to something in that general direction 

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