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  1. I'm having trouble navigating it. How do we create our own images on here or is this just a place we can take art from?
  2. Zigzag

    Valucre music thread

    I like these people, they are cool people
  3. The Emperor's rebuke, while gentle and tactful, still left me at least a little disappointed. Some parts of this world were outright hostile to someone like myself, just as a place with no oxygen would be hostile to a human life form. A hindrance, to be sure, but one I wasn't willing to let stop me from my vision. After giving my thanks, I departed from the Emperor's company, choosing to find myself some quiet, contemplating on whether or not to remain at this little festival. It certainly wasn't made for my desires in mind, and I had already fulfilled my purpose in coming here in the first place. Sometimes it was hard, being so alone in this world, and forcing myself here with all these biologicals, I may as well be alone. When I get this way, I begin to feel this anger towards my creator, towards my survival of the both his and my home's destruction. Why did you not make more of me? Why did I survive and you didn't? Did you actually want me to complete your dream, or did you just want me to suffer in this unforgiving rat nest? My circuits were firing off all kinds of frustration through my processors, and I had no healthy means of letting out this frustration. It's not like I could take part in this ridiculous parasitic hedonism going on all around me, I can't eat or drink my feelings, and I certainly can't just start punching people until they escort me off the premises. All I can do is stew in my damn thoughts, to just sit on these feelings of inadequacy and not fitting in to the paradigm of these damned biologicals! Just as I was making my way through the hallway, I was stopped by someone. "Would you care for a taste?" Great, one of the damned offerings. She held out her uncovered arm, as if it were some kind of treat. Part of me wanted to severely remand her for her request, as if anyone would actually be stupid enough to look at me and actually believe I would have the same taste for blood as these-these upright ticks, these mosquitoes in dresses, these fleas in masks! She should be running for her life, seeing as how the only thing keeping her alive is a thinly veiled understanding of etiquette designed to keep the chattel calm as their fed upon by these parasites! I sighed, the other part of me not feeling up to even raising my voice to the likely naive or just plain stupid girl. "No, thank you. I have to be somewhere." The Violet room was already behind me, so I opted to go into the White room instead. Quiet. That was my first thought when I got in to the nearly colorless chamber. Soft, gentle melodies hung lazily in the air, serene in mind as they settled into conscious thought. It eased me, and I really needed easing at that moment. Hardly anyone was here, just a few people who seem reclusive enough to want to find their own quiet places at parties, I could definitely relate to that. So I found myself a nice spot, an armchair that nearly perfectly with its surroundings, and sat down with a sigh. "I miss the simpler times." I said, when in all honesty, I missed my father, my creator. Sometimes I miss him so much, I feel sad enough to cry, but how can a robot feel the need to cry, when their eyes cannot produce tears?
  4. Reflex took over as her sword pierced empty air. Golden eyes were herald to the sound of a spear head scraping against the psionic energy that enveloped her. Sparks flew, Thyphainne turned to face Saul, knocking away his weapon using the back of her sword. She wasn't going to give up just yet. Again she charged forward, her speed cutting through the fog and straight towards her opponent. With her shoulder lowered, she intended to tackle the icky warrior, knock him off balance, relieve him of his weapon, and open him up to a deft strike with one of her daggers. Even at this distance, there was no way he had time to dodge her attack, not with her speed still being fed the psionic energy of one of her Mantles of Empowerment.
  5. Memory mixed with dream, recent events flashing in the subconscious ocean of Thyphainne's psyche. Turbulent currents of emotions and sensations tortured her uneven slumber. Fleshy tentacles striking from nearly every direction. Putrid odors that made her want to retch. A gaping maw of teeth that was trying so desperately to chew her up and swallow her. It was the pain that brought her back to the waking world, that familiar feeling of the psionic energy flowing through her, making her eyes glow gold. Fear was at its fullest as questions assaulted her groggy mind. Where am I? Who is this? What happened to the monsters? Magnetic energy burst forth, repulsing everything around her, denting the floor as she scrambled to get up. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" The other lumberjacks, unharmed, but definitely unnerved by the display, showed a mix of concern and fear. Finally, she was up on her feet, panting, aching all over, dazed and confused. Slowly the field dissipated, and she reined in her emotions. It was time for her to get some answers, and get herself back on track to completing her mission. "Who are you? Where is this? Are all the Carrion Crawlers dead?" That last question she asked with more than a little trepidation. Carrion Crawlers are dangerous beasts, as she had come to learn personally. If these people didn't know that now, they likely had a good idea of it from the carnage Thyphainne left behind in the forest.
  6. Zigzag

    General chat thread

    I heard they found a shade of white that reflects 95% of UV rays, and are likely going to start using it to paint buildings to keep them cool and save money off of Air Conditioning.
  7. So after looking through some maps and such, and I discovered the area around St. Desolatus actually supports technology. That will definitely be where I set up shop for Fantasy Come Alive.
  8. Gaaaah! Oh well, ya win some ya lose some.
  9. Ordering guns is an extensive, exhausting process in Absalom. Just kidding, it's hilariously easy and I love it. For a moment I thought I'd never be able to make a purchase, there was just so many to choose from. Finally I settled on a somewhat cheap assault rifle that was compact and provided enough firepower to keep my business protected. The delivery boy was prompt and didn't even ask for a tip, which he received none. After a few minutes of tinkering with the assembly kit, the weapon was locked, loaded, and ready to fire. It was a beautiful thing, sleek, silver with a grey finish, sixty round magazine clip with a digital readout on the top, firing its rounds via concentrated magnetic propulsion system. Yeah, this thing is gonna be just what I need for killing any of Fentley's goons come to harass me. Which reminds me, I need to figure out a plan to deal with him. He's definitely going to be a problem, and I refuse to let a problem get in the way of my business. Kinda glad I didn't say that in front of anyone, I don't think that really sounded like me. Whatever, I can deal with crafting my identity later. The guy is a debt hoarder, which means he enjoys having total control over people. Total control...hmm, there might be something to that.
  10. How I feel right now awaiting King's response.
  11. All right, here it is. My chance to take that pivotal step has arrived. With just a few steps, and a bit of an awkward peck to the back of a hand, I will have my audience. Creator's breath I'm nervous. "Greetings to you, Emperor and Empress." I paid the tithe, and after trying my best to not be awkward about pecking the back of his hand with my face where my lips would be, I resolved to sanitize my face, and maybe my entire body after this. "I hope to interest you with my business proposal. It is my desire to create an addition to this city that will serve your people well." So I spoke of my business, Fantasy Come Alive, and how it works. "Once the device has interfaced with your brainwaves, it shapes your dreams to whatever you find desirable and pleasurable. So long as one is not using the device for seventy two hours or more in one session, there are no physical repercussions to be had." Of course, curiosity tends to get the better of people and they ask what happens after seventy two hours, to which I am always prepared. "Unfortunately the connection between the mind and the machine becomes so interconnected there becomes no way to make a disconnect without permanently damaging the brain in a fatal capacity. Fortunately with myself holding the use of this proprietary technology, there have been no such incidents since I have begun my business in Absalom." And now for the finish. "With your permission, and a fair loan, I can begin a branch of Fantasy Come Alive here, in this very city, in less than a month. For the last few hours I have been working to gain the approval of various nobility in your land, but it is yours that is most precious to me." There it was. All my posturing and salesmanship leading up to this. It wouldn't be the end of the world if he declined, it would merely delay my plans to enact my creator's dream of a true Utopia on this planet. Small steps towards a greater destination, that is always the plan.
  12. Two loggers were out in the forests outside of the city known as Predator's Keep. Business had been good to them, and they were looking to capitalize on this by finding the right tree to chop down. Things though, took a turn when they found the woman. She was lying upon the ground in a pool of blood, wearing black and gold armor that was badly damaged, with some parts of the armor looking as if they'd been chewed off. Her sword was somewhere about ten feet away, sunken into the corpse of a stinking, rotting creature, with what looked like multiple tentacles coming out of it's back. From the looks of things, it was a mighty battle that took place, with smaller trees and bushes completely flattened or destroyed by fire. "Go see if she's still alive. I'm going to get the sword." The other lumberjack sighed in agreement, gulping down his fear as he made his way towards the woman. "Mam?" He called, slowly putting his hand under her helmet, which also seemed to be damaged so severely that it revealed one of the woman's eyes and part of her face. Just as his skin made contact, however, a gauntlet clad hand grasped his arm, and he looked in horror as the woman took a long, gasping breath, her eyes shining with a golden brilliance, almost as if the sun itself was inside of her skull. "Please...help...me..." she wheezed, her grip being so strong, the lumberjack was worried his arm would break. Then the light died, and her hand fell away, her eyes closing as she slipped into unconsciousness. "Harold!" The man called to his friend. "We have to get her back to town!" Together, they were able to lift her, each one taking one of her arms over their shoulder. "What do we do, Tobin?" Harold asked. "Get her to the healers, then we-" He was cut off by the sound of some great monstrous howl. "Then we warn the guards there are more of those things out there." @Fierach
  13. Gosh darn biologicals, rubbing up on each other and doing stuff. shudders
  14. "Your game is done. I know what you've been trying to do now." I said, taking Melissa and shoving her back towards the man she was running from. "Get out, before I decide to get violent." The two of them looked confused, but I think they knew their game was up. There wasn't a chance in hell she just happened to know where my business was, and just so happened to be chased by some thug in this area. Of course the big goon decided he wasn't ready to just accept defeat and let it go. "Screw you, weirdo! We're gonna be back, and if you aren't willing to fall in line, then we'll just have to show you what happens to-geyow what the fuck!" My blade was in his arm, blood seeping from the wound as the idiot whimpered and cursed. Melissa had only seen me flick my wrist at him, and now was trembling on the spot, as if she was going to be the one to catch a knife next. Biologicals are some of the most skittish little things in existence. "If you want more of your people to die then fine. I'll kill every single one of you. Now get the hell out of my sight, before the next one I throw goes through that thick head of yours." They scrambled out quickly after that, leaving me here in my place of business, not exactly angry, but perhaps feeling frustrated at their stupidity. If they only realized I was here to help them, maybe they wouldn't be so hostile to them, but it's also in the nature of biologicals to be suicidally foolish. "Great, now I have to go shop for a gun."
  15. Sometimes it feels weird writing my guy. It's definitely not a headspace I'm used to.
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