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  1. You can, it would just be futile because of how many there are. It would probably be better to maybe lend some defense against all the arrows perhaps?
  2. If anyone has any questions, notes or what have you for my post just let me know.
  3. For a moment they waited, swords drawn, ready to do battle with the enemy, but all they heard was the sound of a strange snorting up ahead. "That's strange." Thyphainne said. "What would a pig be doing all the way up here." Nocte dosne griqga Before she could react, Thyphainne had dropped her weapon, clutching her head as painful visions were thrust into her mind like a spear in soft flesh. There was blood, fire, the wailing of countless voices crying out in endless pain. At the center of it all were three figures, a woman in radiant armor, shining like the sun, swords at the ready, and fiery tears streaking down her face. The second was a man, dressed in similar regalia, but his body was broken, pale, lifeless, clutched in the monstrous hands of the third, a red monster that belonged in the nightmares of the waking, who seemed delighted in his prize, holding him up for all to see. When the woman, wrapped in all her glory, with wings of starlight and fire, cried for the loss, so too did Thyphainne. "She's been cursed!" Hanar said, holding his long warhammer close as he tried to calm her. "But where-" Thunk! An arrow whizzed past his face by mere inches, landing deep into the stone behind him. Below them on the ground looked to be a loose band of archers, with more emerging from the trees by the second. From up here, it would be hard to make out details, but if one had a keen enough eye, they would notice the telltale characteristics that denoted a fiendish demon in all its horror. "We have to get up higher. Quickly!" His eyes grew bright with power, and his body was enveloped in the psionic shield customary to those who invoke courage. Helping Thyphainne collect herself and her weapon, they dashed their way up the mountain, doing their best to dodge the black arrows meant to slay them. "Hanar...there's a cave." He was glad for her sharp eye, but he also noticed that coming straight for them was a whole different obstacle. "I think we found the source of the snorting." They were at least seven feet tall, with matted brown fur, mangey brown and cream colored wings, and distorted, ugly pig faces with large tusks jutting from the lower lip. They clutched crude swords, clubs, and axes in their hands, their cloven feet making a racket as they charged at them from a higher elevation. Fighting on a path this steep was dangerous, not to mention with arrows flying at them from below, but the monsters were directly between them and the safety of the cave, so they had to die. "For Justice, for the Oathkeepers!" Hanar gave a mighty battlecry, holding his weapon with both hands as he prepared to slay the disgusting demons that dared face him on this day. Meanwhile, Thyphainne was taking cover behind a nearby rock, her head pounding with the strain of the waking nightmares burning through her mind. The physical pain was one thing, but the emotional trauma was just as overwhelming, if not more so. Psionic energy crackled along her skin, her emotions fluctuating by the second. She needed to get herself together, or she was going to explode, quite literally, with emotional turmoil.
  4. Okay so the game plan essentially is to introduce the three main enemies we will be dealing with throughout the thread until they all come together in the climax of the thread. The Madcaps, former residents of Old Hyperion turned mad from the forces that destroyed them, lead by the Madcap Lennec. The giant scorpions whom have made a nest deep underneath the ruined city, with their Queen, a mean beastie known as Deathtail. And finally, the demons, who have come to kill the Oathkeepers. They are lead by a wretched fiend known as a Balor, who has a personal history with Thyphainne that she is completely unaware of, and is named Goqtux the Destroyer. We will be meeting these three forces individually throughout the thread, and we will converge on all three near the end. On the way we'll be meeting a new character that will be joining us, a survivor who had been stuck in the city for years and struggling to survive. His name is Sebastion and through him we'll have our means of escape once the way back has been cut off from us. So how does that sound, my fellow writers?
  5. No problem! I don't mind at all because it allows for some cool stuff to come about. Also yes I will definitely do that. So back in regards to what we're about to face. How does everyone feel about demons?
  6. It certainly had the intended effect, as Thyphainne stopped her eating, in a mix of shock and awe over where she was right now. "That James Eredas? Wow...that's...wow..." She cleared her throat, hating the fact that she was coming off as star struck. "I'm glad they've come to this world then. It's certainly good to see there are other organizations out to make a positive difference in the world." She put her spoon down, thinking about her own failures in comparison to such a well organized guild. "Say I was wondering if perhaps I might erm...inquire about something. Do you know if I might be able to acquire some new armor for myself? I don't quite have the gold for it, but I can serve the Order if that's required." She didn't honestly like the thought of having a job similar to Roxanne's, her heart felt more in line with being on the battlefield, to make a difference, not someone's bed.
  7. The Oathkeepers are a group of Knights dedicated to the eradication of evil, and to the upliftment of those who would be powerless in the face of it. To join is a sacred thing, for you are dedicating yourself to a noble cause, one that will require everything of you. There will be sacrifices, there will be hardships, but in the end, you will be rewarded in greater measures than can be imagined. Will you take up arms for justice? Will you join in the quest to make the world a better place? Will you become an Oathkeeper?
  8. Zigzag

    Zigzag's Art Exhibit

    Here we have a lovely piece for my character Thyphainne Gladesinger It was made by AshleyLun on DeviantArt after Malintzin was kind enough to purchase it for me as a gift. Thanks again Malintzin, and thank you AshleyLun for such a beautiful piece for my character.
  9. Zigzag

    Zigzag's Art Exhibit

    Hello everyone, I have decided to create a thread to store all the art I'll be collecting in the future. Here you'll find the art, the artist who made it, and what the art represents. I hope you enjoy then as much as I do.
  10. Satisfied with their answers, Thyphainne and Hanar walked over to the cliffside, unpacking their climbing gear as they did so. Driving in pitons and securing themselves with rope, they began their ascent, aiming for a small alcove that seemed to promise a path further up the mountain. "If you have your own gear, I suggest using it now, otherwise you'll have to wait for us to finish climbing." She called, wary of how much weight their supports could handle before failing. With each movement, she could feel the distance between herself and the ground becoming larger. Fear was her enemy this day, so she pushed it down with all her might in order to continue climbing upwards to her destination. The time it would take for the rest of the party to climb up to the alcove would be around one to two hours, depending on how many of them also had their own gear. By the time the group was atop the alcove, they would be at least five stories above the ground, ensuring a nasty landing for anything unfortunate enough to fall. Looking to his leader, Thyphainne acknowledged his unasked question. "I feel it too. We're being watched by someone." "Or something." He added, doing his best to keep the unease hidden, just as she did. "All right then, let's keep moving. The path only becomes more difficult from here, and we'll likely have to climb once again." Thyphainne explained, hoping that it would only be a second time, since they only brought enough climbing supplies for two such obstacles. Mountains shined with the morning sun, glittering golden in majestic brilliance. Close at hand to the party of adventurers however, was something far uglier, far more dangerous, and ultimately unnatural, coming towards them.
  11. I am certainly curious, though I am unsure what kind of druid I would want to be.
  12. "A man can do a lot of good with enough gold in his pocket." Grugar remarked, feeling a similar urge to try and do some good for the people of this world. It wasn't as if there weren't enough problems at home, what with the constant squabbling of the clans and all, but without a hoard of gold at your disposal, you weren't going to change much at all. Heeding the words of Knights and old crones wasn't something he was very keen on. Sure there were dangers, but the dwarf would be damned if he was going to let that get the better of him. There was a fortune to be made in a place like this, and he was determined to get his. "Now from the looks of things, we're likely not to find any mine shafts around here." He said, eyes peeled open. "The best course of action will be to find a cave and start looking around, see where it leads, and hope we get lucky." A simple enough plan, for anything other than traipsing around a monster infested mountain in the search for treasure. Thankfully he had some help, so he wouldn't have to start sneaking around to avoid any unwanted attention. "So then, you're out in search of fortunes and helping out others. Why not just go out to Yh'mi to make yer name there, eh?"
  13. Zigzag Zigzag it rhymes with big bag

    1. Houndy Poochykins

      Houndy Poochykins

      Zig Zag be rhymin with big bag, he's the king stag and only dates a girl if she don't nag.

      Run up on him you gonna say "holy moly", he'll roll you down the street like a tiny roley poley. 

      His favorite food is beaver, he works for the contractor Fuhker & Leaver. 

      He's a playa straight, takin girls on dates.

      with a hump and pump and dump he'll one up all you other chumps.

  14. Nodding intently at this explanation, Thyphainne thought once again about the man who travelled with her, Iba. Many of these people weren't just adventurers, they were heroes, saving the world from the darkness that surrounded them. "Truly a noble venture." She said in admiration. After a moment of thinking and eating her soup, she asked the woman. "Who leads these warriors?" The more she understood of this place, the better chance she likely stood of trying to stay within their good graces. Right now she was entangled in some kind of plot that involved a deadly wizard, so it wasn't hard to imagine that some might feel uneasy letting her stay in their compound for too long.
  15. Fantastic posts everyone! Leviathan has told me that he cannot participate in this particular thread, so we shall carry on without him. I will have a post up ASAP.
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