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  1. "Yes! We wish to speak with the bloody Rat King, what other kings are around here?!" The dwarf shakes his head. "Ya'd think these people wouldda figured out some kinda system for this." His fellow dwarves shrugged their shoulders. When they were allowed into the city proper, the wagon made its way on the dirt road. Inside the wagon, the diplomats were feeling a little nervous. "I heard these Verm will eat anything, even dwarves." Said one of the diplomats. "Calm down." Another said. "As long as we keep our heads, everything will be fine." "As long as we don't have to be out in that mud. It's absolutely filthy out there. Do they have absolutely no decency?" Grumbled the last.
  2. Dear Esteemed Collegues If my previous message has found you well, then I trust you have read the copy of the book I found during my studies in Imradel. More than likely you read the same passage I have, and now experience the same troubling dreams that I do every night since learning of the Basilisk. Please make haste here in Imradel, at the Lancellar Academy within the city so that we can discuss the best course of action with this new dilemma on our hands. You will likely have many questions, and justifiable anger towards me over the purposeful infliction of this malady, but I knew you needed to experience this firsthand in order to truly understand the gravity of what we are facing. However you decide to travel, be as quick as you can, lest we be further troubled by these disturbing images. Sincerely Sentheril Goldburn The letters were sent and the elf gave a heavy sigh. From this point on, it was all going to be a difficult journey to the end of this road. Through it all, they were going to save this world. @Rin @L E V I A T H A N @Die Shize
  3. I wanted to do the montage joke from South Park, but I couldn't find one in the gif menu that had subtitles.
  4. Yes i am working on another episode right now, its just with my job the productivity has been a bit low. Hard to write stories after coming home exhausted from a 12 hour shift lmao
  5. Could a thought be so pervasive, so powerful, that just by knowing it, you put your life in danger? If you're interested post here and I will give everyone a message so as not to...put any innocent people in harm's way.
  6. There has been a huge misunderstanding on my part (cause of course I would) @EpicRome23 I'm so sorry to ping you all these times since it turns out Aligoria ana Tazarek are ultra far away from each other. @Jotnotes So it turns out you are the owner of Nesthome. I shall message you on Discord.
  7. For some time now, Tazarek has been dormant, but no longer. Now was the time for this nation of dwarves to expand their horizons, and so they looked eastward. Surrounding the Hidden Valley and Dark Forest were mountains, glorious monuments to the values the dwarves hold dear, and made the perfect position in their efforts. The southern portion was to be guarded with a grand fortress, to ensure that anyone who desired to go into the area on land, would have to pay the toll. To the north, a similar fortress was to be built, to guard the land in the seas, and provide similar tolls on what was going to be a thriving port of trade. All that was needed to resolve was one thing that could bring it all down. A burgeoning city known as Nesthome was home to both humans and ratmen, a fact which upsets a good deal of the more conservative minded dwarves. While small, they posed a threat, and so diplomatic relations had to be established in order to understand whether or not further action needs to be taken. Approaching the wooden gate was a group of dwarven soldiers, escorting an iron plated carriage pulled forward by strong horses. Each of the soldiers were heavily armed and armored, they didn't even look as if they were breaking a sweat. Making their way to the gates, the lead dwarf shouted in a thick accent. "Oi laddy! Get yer arse down 'ere and open up so we can talk to ya leaders abou' somethin' important! Come on now, we ain't got all day ya daft bastards." Certainly the dwarven people are known equally for their stoicism, and their inability to mince words. @Jotnotes
  8. I think some political talks could be very interesting.
  9. The dwarves of Tazarek are on the march and are bent on dominating more territory of their own! Here is the plan. The dwarves are planning on establishing forts on those two dots, and will be attempting to wrest control of both the Hidden Valley and the Dark Forest. Obviously this will mean some collaboration from someone I hope will be willing to, but if not it's totally fine. @EpicRome23 So do you think this could be a good thing to play out?
  10. In the mountains they stirred... Forging their weapons, building their forces... All for one purpose... The Great Gates of Tazarek opened, and coming out was the burly form of a warrior, clad in armor, with a heavy maul at his back. Wind rustled through his thick brown beard, the air cold from the altitude, but he didn't mind it. Stepping out into the freshly laid snow, he hefted the maul from its resting place and hit the ground with the butt of his handle. "It's about damn time."
  11. Hey there. Wanna do a thread together?

  12. I have decided to rescind my statement of wanting to participate in this event
  13. I think im gonna pull out of the noble houses thing, sorry
  14. So the Shields of Valor are officially dead. Won't be doing anymore threads with them, but I'll finish out any threads I do have them in. 

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      =( a sad fate, may they rest in peace

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      Idk I'm in a bit of a funk I guess. Feeling very unsure about the things I'm writing. 

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      hey Zig sometimes writing stuff opposite what were doing almost all the time serves as a really good change of pace and tempo however like temporary the distractions maybe.

      What I am saying is try to go back to writing stuff that's fun for you.  I can speak from personal experience when I say writing the one theme all the time can get pretty stale sometimes.  Just do stuff opposite what you were doing for a long time, or even work on an alt character.  Just hoping some of my words here can inspire is all, and sometimes a break is exactly what is needed as well.

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