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    You'll find a lot of that on here. Just keep your eyes peeled in the water cooler and in open roleplays
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    Welcome to the site. Wish you the best of luck and may our paths cross again sometime in the forums.
  3. The barkeep seems unphased despite the peculiarity of the todomeki's arm. Perhaps everything just has him too desensitized to feel any sort of way about these kinds of things. He opens a cabinet behind him and grabs a small hand sized piece of stale bread that he tosses to the traveler. "You can have this, it will probably be the last thing you ever eat" At that point they stopped talking and returned to the perpetual process of wiping out already clean glasses and wiping off crumbs from the counter. Meanwhile, the elf was walking toward the direction of the lair still humming that same tune gleefully. The thought of an excuse to kill people with her beautiful music made her blush and giggle from time to time. Her guitar case was slung around her back, but her guitar was at the ready in her hands. At that time there was a fog that was starting to envelop the town like a whale would envelop krill. Visibility was not awful at the moment, but it was getting worse. The bard saw this and decided to play a couple chords and sing, "bring light this land, make the fog leave this place. with the power in me, make great haste, with the wave of my hand, bring light so I can see." With that song sung, the runes on her guitar began to glow bright and the mist around her dissapated.
  4. Looking up at the half dragon, kanno stared back with a bit of a smirk trying to hide his agitation with the smartass lizard. After a brief bit of gritting his teeth and a deep bow he responded to Ketania. "Yes I am a bit talkative I mean most bards are to some extent, but I guess talking to a brick wall is a bit pointless now isn't it? No matter, I will join you and maybe you will warm up a little to this talkative saxophonist." Kanno pats his saxophone case then turns to the short young lady who had just aproached. When the half dragon inquired about what 'magical power' she had her response was what seemed like a simple magic trick. Seems like everyone in this party is gonna be a smartass of some degree so much so that he couldn't help but have doubts about how likely he would be to survive this quest. Despite his doubts he clicked his tongue subtly and asked the small town girl, Quite the impressive power. What are you gonna do with the money? You must be in quite the pinch if you are willing to go to such lengths for some currency. I mean I have no objections, the more bodies the better our chances, but I was just curious." Kanno kinda chuckles at his joke about her 'power'. "I would love to show you my set of skills I bring to the table, but I think if we're gonna do this we shouldn't waste time. Who knows how much more damage that wyvern could be doing right now." The saxophone player picks up his case which has quite a bit of heft to it and gestures to the door. "I'll be outside"
  5. Vigi adjusts her glasses then focuses their gaze on the unnatutally proportioned individual. Why out of all people must this stranger have aproached her. The bard gives Yuriko an ominous smile and gestures to the chair. "Sure go ahead and take a seat, but I was actually on my way out to find some bastard bards and decorate their hideout with their guts. I'm determined to show them a beautiful performance to die to. You're welcome to follow me as long as you don't get in my way, but I'm not one for small talk." A couple patrons of the bar look over with concerned faces before going back to taking large swigs of their drinks. The barkeep is looking at both of the travelers with a cautious gaze. Even though not much has been said it is clear that any conversation had in this tavern would be heard by all the patrons due to the otherwise deafening silence. The bard gets up from their chair and starts to walk toward the exit while humming an ominous tune in E minor key. Even the footsteps of the elf can be heard in the tavern as well as the creaking of wood beneath her feet. All the patrons eyes follow her before she finally heads out the door. The barkeep leans over the counter and whispers to Yuriko. "You best watch out if you are going with that one, something's is really off about her." The barkeep leans back behind the counter and starts to idly clean out cups with a worn rag.
  6. I kinda want to make a new character for this one if there's room for a bard
  7. You like bards eh?

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  8. Welcome to Valucre! You'll forever be able to say you joined Val on christmas haha

  9. @garlictonic Yeah, the rp is just sitting there otherwise. Hopefully we get one or two more people interested though
  10. A group of bards local to the village of Modalis are terrorizing the populace. The bards formed a cult called the "Death's Bards", recently trying to spread their ideology violently to the plebians and nobles alike. The attacks have gotten more and more gruesome; however the straw that broke the camel's back was when the bards kidnapped the mayor's daughter and made a public display of using their bardic magic to hang make her hang herself while they danced and sang. The Mayor has put a bounty on their heads with the reward being any piece of land they want in Modalis. Months have passed and nobody who has gone after the cult has come back alive. In fact their bodies were all dropped of at the edge of town with music boxes lodged in their chest cavities, as well as a large smile carved into their faces. The people live in fear of the cult and traders have been avoiding the village more and more as the rumors of the cult spreads. Finally this is where Vivi comes in she heard of these rumors by word of mouth, so in response headed for the town. It took her a week to get their by foot from where she was and by the time she arrived the town was still like all life had been sucked out of it. She couldn't care less about the suffering that these people had gone through, The Mad Bard simply wanted to kill the fuckers responsible for sending people to the afterlife with cheap shitty music. Only she had the right to kill people with music as her music gave people a graceful and beautiful death, but these bards are just sloppy animals... no pests that needed to be eradicated. Although before she could eliminate the pests she had to get a clue as to where they were hiding; therefore, she entered a tavern to question people about what they knew about the whereabouts of the cult. The tavern was just as quiet as it was outside, a depressing town even in the tavern. She sat next to a burly man who seemed to be in his mid 30's and asked him "hello sir, I just arrived in town you see because I heard about this... problem that has been plaguing you people. However I've run into a bit of a problem, I don't even know where to start looking for these bastards." The man looked at her and whispered in a low growl. "Just north of here is where the cult resides, they don't even try to hide. That's how cocky they are." The man then turns away and returns to drowning his sorrows. "I guess I'm going north" OOC
  11. First Name: Ronald Surname: Furfoot Nickname/Alias: Ron Age: 18 Visual Age: 25 Sex: Male Race: Satyr Marital Status: Unmarried Alignment: Chaotic nuetral Occupation: Bard Class: Bard Sub-Class: Gunslinger Pets: None [PHYSICAL] Height: 5'0 Weight: 150 Hair Color and Style: Brown short fur with a bit of an afro Eye Color: Hazel Build: Stout Complexion: Tan Scars: Small scars on chest from runninh through briars Physical Disabilities: None Tattoos: None Voice: Tenor Resistances: Cold Disease [MENTAL] Hopes: To live a simple life without trouble Fears: Poachers Likes: Music. Country. Apple pie Dislikes: Unseasoned food. Pacifists, priests Personality Traits: Humorous, daring, hospitable Habits: Clacking hooves together Mental Disabilities: Dyslexia Sanity: Decently sane Rivals: Werewolves Allies: None Weaknesses: Fire Strengths: Strong with bardic magic, skilled with his sawed off shotgun [GEAR] Headgear: None, no helmets accomodate for his horns Upperbody: Leather armour with satchel belts Lowerbody: Kneepads but no pants as his fur covers in extremities Feet: No shoes accomodate for his hooves Weapon: Sawed off shotgun. Harmonica Storage: Satchel belts Accessories: None [SKILLS] Specialization: Music [MAGIC] Specialization: Bardic magic Religion: Believes in many of the Genesaris dieties Birthplace: The Genesaris wilds Family: Mother and father are living in a shack in the Gebesaris wilds Quotes: "I jus wanna live the way the gods intended me to, and if anyone tries to get in my way, I'll give them a couple warning shots" Biography: Ron was born in his ma and pa's shack in the Genesaris wilds. He was raised like any normal Satyr, but was curious about the goings on in human villages. He would visit every so often and trade the kids berries for human made toys. A simlar process is how he managed to get his hands on his first harmonica. It was junk but it was more than enough to allow him to practice. His parents did not involve themselces in human affairs; however were fine with Ron's actions as long as he was careful. When Ronald turned 16 he left his poarents to start his own life a bit closer to civilation but still in his own isolated shack. He earned some money playing harmonica on the street and at bars. Even though he was generally popular one night his shack was attacked by some bandits and he was robbed blind. At this point was when he started saving money for something to defend himself. After a couple months he managed to buy a sawed off shotgun, track down the bandits, kill them, and claim his stuff back. Now he just likes to stay at his shack and socilize with humans while also ocassionally taking on bounties.
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