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  1. I'm sorry things didn't work out @Eth Unidus I'm sure we'll rp together sometime under different circumstances. I didn't mean to scare you off. @L E V I A T H A N yeah I just through a quick little response in to continue.
  2. The Spider put holtered his bow back onto his back seeing the fae for the fewest of moment before they fluttered away. Taking a deep breath the spider restated his concerns "We had better hurry up, before their scout finds us" The arach-kin said before starting to head into the forrest. Skittering past branches and snapping twigs haphazardly. His large frame didn't work well in the denser part of the forrest that they were in. @L E V I A T H A N
  3. It's no prob @Noko I like what you wrote. It's so cool how you describe things. @Twitterpated I went ahead and removed my last post. I want you to go ahead an reply and I'll put in a post after you.
  4. Is that cool? @L E V I A T H A N
  5. Eh let's just go with me Eth and then you. Just so we're not skipping over Eth
  6. The Spider started to feel strange, like he had the sudden urge to sleep. He recoiled as he felt something get slipped into his hand, and opened his fingers to reveal that inside lay a piece of candy. "What... the hell?" The arach-kin yawned and stretched his arms due to the lightheadedness making him somewhat drowsy. According to the mage it was due to another individual, but he looked around and failed to see anything. Despite this the stranger was quick to surround them in a protective spell to ward off the other presence he claimed to be in the vicinity. Afterwards the mage handed The arach-kin a potion and let his magical bandaging wrap around him as if possesed. The Spider recoiled as the bandages suddenly wrapped around his wounds but recovered and gripped the health potion, popping off the cap and giving it a quick swig. He hated the taste, for it was nothing like he had ever consumed but immediately felt it's restoring affects. He stood up feeling much better and said, "let us head further away from my den. That rat has got to be catching up by now. We can't let him find me, or else they will be able to plan an attack again. I have to be the one to ambush them next time. They picked a fight that most certainly will end in their crushing defeat" He clenched his fist pulled his bow from his back. The wood had an 'S' engraved on it and the string seemed to be made out of refined web. He then looked into the forest trying to find the invisible fey. "And if you mean to fight me as well I will make sure you are alive to see me pull out your guts and feed them to you. Otherwise show yourself and I will hold no malice towards you!" The Spider smiled, overestimating how much he has been healed. There are still many cracks in his chitin armour, but there are many places that have experienced accellerated healing resulting in shed exoskeleton falling off of him as he makes movements. @L E V I A T H A N
  7. I didn't really know how to respond so my post sucks extra this time. I apologize.
  8. Okay so I just read what @danzilla3 posted and want to clarify. Are we already headed towards this safehouse? Where are we? I was unaware that Takchi had already started busting down doors. Lol. Sorry that I'm oblivious.
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