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  1. Fres’han lifted his arms into the air. He bent his elbows slightly and kept his hands over his head, his palms open face up to the skies. The ground tremored beneath the feet of beings who could feel the ancient roots moving beneath the soil. He began to direct the roots to do his bidding upon the demons. The roots whipped about, flailing wildly in controlled and precise motions in which Fres’han directed with different movements of his hands. At first, the roots were offensive, and slithered onto the two demons. But, he realized that he and Cassandra were going on the defense. Fres’han realized that he may have to use his summoning skills to defeat these two demons @Rin
  2. Hello to all!! I have a character sheet for Ish’riel, a centaur who lives quite the life. Now I wish to start a quest with him. Some things maybe altered but I’m open to ideas. I shall need certain characters to be played. For example, Ish’real’s father, leader of the herd. And perhaps siblings and personal advisors. I’m open to suggestions and am willing for others to help build this particular plot. Check out the character sheet and I’m interested to see if I can get Ish’riel on all four hooves. 😉
  3. @Csl Nilan’s voice carried itself throughout the Tavern. Her arm carried a fluid motion as the bow strummed the strings. Her fingers delicately moved about the instrument. The song was mesmerizing and the sound was doing something that doesn’t happen often. The pupils of the patrons closest to her were hazed over. Suddenly, there was contact on her shoulder. Nilan allowed the bow to fall to her side. "Lass, your playing's lovely, but maybe tune it down a bit? We'd like our guests to have their own minds." He flashed a grin. "I'd love to keep you playing, though. Anything you need?" Cadriel came across as a very kind man. And he seemed attuned to her. She felt cautious though, and took a step back, lowering the violin. ”I-I-I’m sorry,” she breathed. Her emerald eyes met his. “I don’t know how not to cause this when I use my voice. I-I just do it.”
  4. Krishera was immediately drawn into battle. There were swords, maces, axes, spears, and even bows with which arrows were notched and prepared to target the Shields. Krishera’s companions were engaged in a battle with that appeared to have life threatening blows. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. Time suddenly seemed to slow. Krishera reached down her leg and snapped her boot off. She pulled off any material she had on her foot. She lifted her trouser on her left leg. Rise from me dear friend and come hither to aid our companions! Skin shed itself from her leg and wound it’s way to her foot. The creature became whole as it slithered onto the grounds surface. The creature was more or less a snake, but it was not to be looked over. It’s poison is instant death if bitten. The fangs were large and could grind deep into material and skin. The creatures speed to coil and strike were unsurpassed. It immediately reared back, and threw itself forward, sinking its fangs into the first man that stumbled over his feet trying to stab Krishera. The man suddenly frothed in his mouth and tried to suck in air. What skin that bore no material was turning blue and the man struggled to breath. Within seconds, he was laying on the ground, motionless upon a comrade of his. Go my friend and strike those who oppose my companions!!
  5. Ahh... what’s that one mean??
  6. I have an interesting question: why does it appear that my posts can’t be reacted to?
  7. Nilan placed her arm rather delicately upon the smooth wood. She propped her chin upon the arm. She kept her eyes down, wondering how the man would perceive her. She fidgeted with her common garb. She slowly lifted her head as more beings wandered around and into the tavern. Nilan couldn’t not grasp how such a structure could be filled with so much magic. The creatures seemed at ease. Nilan’s gaze shifted to the weapons pile. She audibly sighed and brought her hands to cover her face. She direly needed instructions on how to use weaponry. She heaved another sigh as her gaze shifted to the corner where instruments lay. She searched amongst them and spotted her instrument of choice. She stood from her seat, brushing auburn hair from her eyes. She smoothed out her garb and attempted to walk with dignity that was difficult to do, due to her social class. But she stood straight, head held high as she wandered through tables and benches crowded with patrons. She was about to preform a feat that only few knew of. Nilan paused in the corner, reaching down to the violin. Some may call this her weapon of choice. She grasped the bow and turned from the corner to face the patrons. She “ahemed”, clearing her throat. She placed the violin beneath her chin and allowed it to rest there. Her hand grasped the bow and she slid the bow on across the strings. A noise slid into the air, small but attention grabbing. Nilan slid the bow again, this time forcing the sound to be louder. Then she slowly began to strum the strings and a melody formed. Patrons closest to her turned the heads to her, interested in the entertainment. She played a romantic melody. But things were about to shift and Nilan wasn’t sure she should continue. But, she parted her lips and expelled a sound so beautiful, so deep in emotions, so powerful in existence. As she began to sing, the notes carried through the air. They reached the ears of the closest patrons and the patrons eyes glazed over. Their attention was now focused on her, their control over their bodies quickly fading as the song continued. @Csl @Jiv'undus
  8. Csl and a few others, my character is currently blossoming at the Tavern. I’m trying to get a plot to move her into her quest. There are something’s I must share. She is a slave from another continent. She stumbled upon the High Advisor, who is the Kings right hand man, while he was playing music through a flute. They grew to have feelings for each other. He showed her how to play the violin and she learned fast. Then she began singing. Her voice was hypnotizing. She discovered with her voice, she could use creatures of any sort. Now, what I’m trying to do is allow her to make friends while asking someone to teach her ways of weapons. She needs companions to help her in the quest for her father, who is gravely ill , and to perhaps save her love. I say perhaps as her heart may change @Csl
  9. Krishera watched from the shadows, and swept back her black hair around her face. She rubbed her olive skinned hand over the hilt of one of her swords. She heard the conversation and watched with trepidation as the events folding out not as planned. “Attack!” Phillip’s voice rang out. In a single motion, Krishera grasp the hilt of her swords and moved in closer to Phillip, prepared to protect her leader.
  10. "An unfortunate plight, and one I know well.” Nilan’s emerald eyes shimmered with curiosity. This man was not entirely human and he knew magic. He had dropped his illusion upon entering the Tavern and Nilan shifted a bit uncomfortably. She was curious about the magic, for she carried it in her voice. She sat quietly, her delicate hands trying to straighten her common garb. @Jiv'undus
  11. @Zigzag Krishera chuckled at the thug as he wanted nothing of her taking him into the air. She already imagined what a lovely little flight would bring information from him. Krishera sighed and tucked her wings. Krishera listened to Phillip and his plan. She nodded her head in agreement. Knowing Sarah, this little plan should prove to be an excellent. The work they were doing with Sarah was very creative indeed.
  12. @Jiv'undus "I am an exile,” the man said. His stern countenance was only increased by the scar across his face. Nilan took a sharp breath in, surprise shining in her emerald eyes. This odd being seem hesitant to answer, but then, he seemed to have deemed her as a threat before he answered her. "What is it that troubles you?“ The second question threw Nilan off guard. ”I’m an exile as well,” she whispered.
  13. Tornadoes almost hit us!!!
  14. @Jiv'undus @Csl Nilan realized as her hand came in contact with the mans shoulder, she had put her life in danger. But, he seemed like a commoner as she is. His body turned slowly, and she lowered her eyes, afraid for him to meet her shy and, she thought, worthless, eyes. “Can I help you?” the man asked. “A-a-are you a c-c-commoner?” Nilan stuttered. She could not bring herself to look in the eyes of the man.
  15. @DaiPie Nilan gave a quiet chuckle and drummed her fingers on the table. The man suddenly stood, glancing around, and quickly took his seat. He seemed a bit nervous, and Nilan wondered where he traveled, for there was much to do before she went to her little crevice in the wall. ”Sir, may I know of your name and title?” @Jiv’undus Suddenly, something, moved into the tavern. Suddenly, the being dropped his illusion. Nilan did a sharp intake of breath. The more human this being is becoming as he slowly took the cup into his hands. At first his face was perturbed, as though he was preparing for the worst drink. But, as Nilan couldn’t gaze else where, her emerald eyes waiting to meet his. His shaggy brown hair told Nilan he probably could not groom well. “Oh my goodness!!! Perhaps he is a Commoner himself?” Nilan thought. Her thoughts stirred about her. “Should I approach him?” Nilan wondered. She stood for a moment, her eyes never leaving the man of illusions. She slowly moved a foot forward, and tried to step around the tables. Slowly, she approached the man. She raised her hand over his shoulder, then brought it down on it.
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