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  1. hey buddy hope you been okay we gotta rp together again sometime.

    im still around i just been busy with irl stuff but yeah hit me up sometime and well plan some new rps!

  2. Nilan continued to push herself up against the wall. The old wood produced splinters that prodded Nilan’s back. She squeaked in the sudden agony and pushed away from the wall, where she stood. Her body swayed, dizziness consuming her. She swallowed the bile rising in her throat. As she gained controlled movement of her muscles, her mind regaining control of commanding those muscles. Nilan forced her gaze away from the beast as her eyes met the maroon eyes. ”My-my-my name is Nilan,” she stuttered. Her emerald eyes veered away from the lady and landed on the beast. Nilan had never met such a majestic beast. The lady said she could pet it. Am I seriously going to touch the beast?? Nilan thought. What if it bites my hand off?? Before Nilan could reach her hand out, another female appeared over the railing of the boat. Nilan’s gaze swerved to the newcomer. She inhaled sharply, and brought her palm up and placed over her heart. She may found comrades for her quest. @Priestess @Zashiii
  3. Drakon twirled his new gift, his gaze vague, as though he were deep in thought. He repeated Fle’rolloth in his mind and the dagger warmed beneath his grasp. The twirling ceased when Drakon let out a squeak in surprise. He muttered curses under his breath and reached down with a bloody hand to retrieve the hilt of the dagger. Blood seeped through a gash across the palm of Drakon’s hand. His brows furrowed together as he only half listened to Velindrel. My guide?? Drakon’s interest in what the Elf offered held sudden attention. He can show the way.... the purpose of this life?? No!! That can’t be!! As Velindrel bid Drakon a farewell, his last sentence seemed to stop time in Drakon’s mind. I can befriend an Elf?!? Expecially one so gifted as Velindrel?!?
  4. “So you swear you’ll teach me?” Drakon asked. You SWEAR?” He asked boldly. Drakon shifted the daggers weight, feeling how the balance of the blade matched that of the hilt. Not only will he be taught the elements, but he was going to practice swordmastery. Drakon’s mind reeled with this opportunity. ”A Hero?!?” Drakon asked.
  5. Drakon found a rickety seat, an old stool that when he sat down, he leapt right back up, muttering curses under his breath as splinters pierced his bottom. As Velindrel mentioned Drakon maybe able to learn the elemental magic of the Elves, his spine snapped straight up and his eyes met Velindrel’s thoughtful gaze. Drakon’s cheeks burned as Velindrel spoke of him as doing “exceedingly well.” He took in a sharp breath, his head bowing down. His attention returned to Velindrel as the elf spoke of the elements in his tongue. I’m to learn the Elven tongue and how to control the magic of the elements? Drakon glanced around and suddenly ran to Velindrel and plopped himself on his knees before the elf. He raised his hands over his head and opened his eyes wide. ”Please teach me the way of the elemental magic!” Drakon pleaded. Drakon rose to his feet excitedly as Velindrel explained his first lesson shall be fire. Fle’rolloth, Drakon corrected himself. Then the other elements will follow. Drakon sighed. He had much to study. The dagger he still held in his grasp seemed to warm his hands in response for him thinking of fire. His life suddenly just became very interesting.
  6. As Nilan’s breathing stabilized, she blinked her eyes several times. She met the gaze of the maroon eyes watching her. She coughed and reached her arm around herself to feel the arm that was injured. She felt no pain, and was surprised by this. ”Wh-wh-what happened? Nilan questioned, emerald eyes glancing around in fearful curiosity. There was a large creature that had wrapped itself around Nilan and the girl. Nilan’s eyes widened. She had seen these fascinating creatures in books, but they weren’t supposed to exist. Nilan pushed herself up, using the wall to keep her body straight. She swayed in dizziness but remained her composure as she gazed at the dragon. She wanted to touch it, but feared it, and, for that matter, feared the female, whose eyes watched her. @Priestess
  7. Drakon stepped toward the anvil, leaning toward Velindrel as the elf went into a trance. He brushed his chestnut hair away from hazel eyes, which were wide open. He took a sudden step back as Velindrel’s hands began to glow. The element of fire slithered down the elf’s arm. Drakon watched in awe as the element was controlled precisely, not burning Velindrel. Time passed as the blade absorbed the fire. As the dagger cooled, Drakon was surprised when Velindrel turned to him, and offered the handle of the blade. Drakon paused, and slowly lifted his hand to grasp the handle of the dagger. Velindrel spoke in the tongue of his race, leaving Drakon to observe his gift. There was a mark on the blade, a symbol. Drakon glanced at Velindrel. ”You are giving me magic?” Drakon asked incredulously. He watched the elf. ”Can you teach me how to call upon the elements? Or, can a human even learn awesome stuff like you just did?” Drakon grasped the handle of the blade, his fingers tightening around the hilt of the dagger. He preceded to lift the blade so it rested on his palm. He observed the symbol again, thinking how beautiful magic can be.
  8. (Okay, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and try to not repeat your character’s dialogue. *sucks in a deep breath*) ”Alrighty! Out the door we go,” Drakon spoke with mocking cheeriness, slowing a second out the door, watching Velindrel’s face shape as though he were in deep thought. *** Drakon silently sat upon a rickety stool, observing the beautiful craft that Velindrel was creating. The human boy was intrigued by the arts. ”Hey! I appreciate your art!!” he stated, wondering if the elf knew he was present. ”So, you, like the rest of your race, knows arcane magic?!?” Drakon’s eyes widened. He has studied a little in the arts of magic. How the elves held a relationship with the elements. Drakon watched in utter fascination as Velindrel seemed off kilter, speaking to the maid. He listened carefully to Velindrel, eager to learn. He was only human, but he could be taught the use of arcane magic. Suddenly, Velindrel’s voice spoke in a language unknown to Drakon. The words were mesmerizing and a stray thought came up from Drakon. Will I actually be able to learn from this elf?? Velindrel snapped out of his trancelike state. Drakon watched in awe as the magic flowed from the elf, casting an odd glare about the room. Drakon could only nod in agreement with Velindrel’s last statement.
  9. "Had a family once. Wife an daughter...back in Genesaris." It was only then he realized he'd really ran from Genesaris all the way to Casper...all the way to a new life. "It is not my own kind I am running from..I have no memory of my early youth." He explained. He tapped his own forehead for a moment. "It's locked up there someplace, maybe I'll find my answers someday, maybe I will not." He said. Drakon tilted his head. “So you expect this ummm... exercise the Maester suggested will help you with the memories?” Drakon halted on his questions as the elf hesitated and spoke again. “My daughter was killed in front of me and my wife...my wife's father was a influential member of this or that Guild in Genesaris...the guild itself no longer matters." Velindrel frowned for a moment. "I still hear her screams, Drakon. Smell her blood. My wife's father killed her in front of us horribly. I cannot begin to express what sort of damage that does to you...especially someone like me, an Elf. Drakon shrugged his shoulders. “You can’t live in the past man. Those haunting memories will control you if you let them.” "I am haunted by my daughter. The pain will likely always be in my heart...I accept this at this point. Which is why I stuck to myself all these years in Casper. Everything I touch turns to shit.” Drakon glared at Velindrel. “Dude, stop wallowing in the past. You will get nowhere if you think everything you touch turns to shit.” “The old man called me a citizen of Casper before...maybe I can make some use of that and redeem myself someday." He said to Drakon. "Until then...things don't fix themselves. They require the hands of a smith to be fixed." He shook his head and sighed. "You asked...I felt it was time someone knew." Drakon sighed. He picked up his bag and swung it over his shoulder. He pushed past Velindrel, stepping outside. ”Well, are you coming or are you just going to wallow?” Drakon asked.
  10. The pain slowly faded and Nilan’s pulse slowed to a steady rhythm, as though she were sleeping. Heavy boards were lifted from her damaged body, and something stood over her with another creature standing to the side. The something was gently breathing upon Nilan’s deathly injury. Nilan could feel the wound being closed somehow. It was an comfortable feeling as the wound eased closed. Nilan slowly being to regain full conscious, her eyes fluttering into focus. Nilan thought the creature must be human, though she could be guessing wrong. The female said “Good morning” in a soft tone. Nilan met the maroon eyes and gasped for air. @Priestess
  11. "I-I'm sorry." Velindrel began. "I have been running for a long time since before I got to Casper...I didn't mean any of that just now.” ”Whatcha running from dude?” Drakon watched Velindrel’s body sway, his eyes closed in obvious pain. "Something happened in my past...something really bad. Something I'd rather people don't get involved with." He nodded towards Drakon at that point. "The old man has a job for us, and I've never disappointed him the entire time I've been here. I'm not about to start now." Drakon’s curiosity was aroused. ”That old man can wait. Your history is far more interesting at this moment!! As Drakon watched Velindrel make way to the door, Velindrel’s body language invited him to follow along. Drakon pushed himself off the floor and watched the elf with newfound interest. ”Are you running from your own kind?? Or perhaps humans? Are you a criminal? Do you have a family you’re running from?? How did you stumble upon Casper?? Drakon was eager to know, especially since the Maester wants the two to work together.
  12. Drakon turned his attention to Velindrel as the elf took a step back. Something seemed odd. The elf’s eyes seemed as though his gaze were in a different place and time. ”Dude, you okay?” Drakon stood fast, ready to race to the elf’s side. Velindrel seemed to sink back to the current moment. “I can attempt to teach anyone who has the desire to learn. You don't need that hatred towards me." Velindrel said to Drakon. "If you're unwilling or unable to set that aside we can't be partners.“ ” I want to learn!!” Drakon retorted, his eyes lighting up with excitement.
  13. “In my youth I learned the wind blows...“ Drakon gazed over the books. Some were written in a different language. Drakon looked at the books in interest. “I am not your ordinary Elf." These words brought Drakon’s attention back to the elf. The elf suddenly smiled as he open the letter and read it’s contents. Drakon tilted his head at Velindrel’s question. Drakon’s expression became smug. ”I’m the top human in my classes.” Drakon suddenly sighed. “Top human.” He hissed through his teeth. He would become the best. Become the best out of all creatures of the world. Velindrel’s demeanor changed as he spoke to Drakon. “The Maester has made a request of both of us. He wishes me to teach you what I can about the arts of my people. IN other words, he thinks you couldbenefit from my tutelage." Velindrel said calmly. "If The Maester wills it, I will of course abide. I am simply here to learn and maybe someday teach the craft as well." Drakon stood up, dusting his tunic off. ”That old man wants me to learn from his top student?!?” Drakon perked up. ”Do you think you can really teach a human in the crafts of an elf?” Drakon awaited the answer of Velindrel.
  14. "Oh...hey you're from earlier." Drakon lifted an eyebrow. He stood in the doorway, glancing around the home of Velindrel. "Come on in, I was heading over to the workshop anyway. Sorry this place looks so run down...I've been mostly spending time at the forge." Drakon snickered. “Aren’t elves creatures of beauty and organization?” The small talk and the position it put Velindrel in was all very amusing to Drakon. He did as the elf asked, and entered the home. Drakon fished through his bag, as Velindrel told him about his studies. Drakon handed the message to Velindrel’s hand. Drakon glanced about in more detail. Velindrel’s books were numerous in the arts of forging. He lay a palm on one of the books. His interest broke through his arrogance, and he glanced up at Velindrel. ”You are capable of such an occupation?”
  15. Nilan’s pulse was dropping quickly as she bled profusely. Her screams of pain were diminishing as the loss of conscious was a threat. She tried to push herself into a sitting position, but such was a difficult task. Through eyes that were gazing over, Nilan could not use her injured arm. There was a battle happening right before her. She could barely process the scene before her. All she knew was that the world has gone black.
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