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  1. @Zigzag Krishera unsheathed her one of her swords, her fingers wrapping around the hilt. She stepped in the massive opening, and whistled in awe. The cave would close around the group in short time. “Keep your senses on high alert. There's no telling what will come to face us." Krishera gripped her hilt tighter, bringing her sword before her. She considered grasping her second sword, but doubted her ability to protect the Shields with both swords in such a small cave would result on her striking friends and foes. An arrow whizzed past, nearly taking Eric's life as it missed his head by mere inches. "Defend yourselves!" Krishera suddenly felt stronger as a spell was cast upon her. Adrenaline kicked in and Krishera raised her sword before her. The first victim Krishera plunged her sword into the stomach, blood sputtering from the wound. Several victims fell before Krishera. She paused a moment, looking around for her comrades. She bid them well, and returned the battle.
  2. *taps chin*. Whichever one will help write a better story.
  3. @Csl I want her to save her dad, but the journey is a long one. And I’m not sure when and how she’s going to leave the tavern. I really don’t just want to up and leave. I want her to socialize, learn new things, create friendships, and just become stronger mentally
  4. @Rin Fres’han sighed and rolled his eyes. Show off.. Fres’han muttered. He turned his head and watched her for a moment. They both were top students in the academy for mages. They have been competitive since first attending the school. Fres’han found her calm and collective. She seemed a quite powerful. What she didn’t know, something is different about Fres’han, for he has a very rare ability, something that has been seen only once or twice in a millennia. He is a summoner, the ability to summon any foreign molecules and make them as appear as any substance imaginable. Suddenly, Gallus came around the corner. He appeared a bit frazzled. Well, a grand exposure of talented young elf and hume (human) we have here." Gallus replied in his usual gravel voice. "Probably can help with a mission or two. Fres’han cocked his head, chuckling to himself. A mission huh... and we’re not even graduated from this pathetic school... and then there is her. He gave Cassandra a sidelong glance. Of course, it's not for ordinary people." Gallus continued. "But you could probably help me with this. I am sure you children know of what is occurring at the moment?" Children?? Fres’han lifted an eyebrow and smiled to himself. Cassandra told him to continue. “Well, you two might be trusted enough to head into the city of Archipelago, and down its twisting and catacomb like caverns. We need a weapon that sleeps within. Wendelin and Vanilla, herself will be meeting up with you at the caverns. Oh and do be careful, the bow and arrow won't be able to acquire easily." “A weapon that slumbers,” Fres’han repeated thoughtfully. Now he was growing cocky. “Why are young mages needed to fulfill the job that a mere human can complete?” . "I am not sure about this. I mean there's gotta be something huge going on that Ridley sends his top mage to have us young people go on an adventure to possibly die…" Cassie sighed and rubbed her temples in frustration. Fres’han slid out of his seat. He directed his eyes to Cassandra. “You up for this?”
  5. @CelvestianNesy The wind whistled through the branches and it was as though the forest sung. Somewhere, there was a carnivorous howl, and the trees spoke to each other by waving their branches. The figure listened and fussed with his bow. Something new has stepped into the forest. The fauna of the forest seemed to have tensed in its presence. The forest whispered of the alien creature and beasts were stirred up by whose presence should not be known.
  6. @Csl ”She speaks!” Cadriel proclaimed with added sound from his instrument. The man was interesting to Nilan and she locked her gaze with his. “I have, indeed. Thank you for noticing! It's a relief to hear your voice -- I was afraid fear had stolen it away, as it seemed your breath. A lovely voice, it is, and I like to be the sole breath-taker in this establishment." Nilan sat when Cadriel gestured for her to do so. She fidgeted, wringing her hands. She sucked in a large inhale of air. “Now, if you are quite ready-- your story. Tell it all, without lingering. You're safe now. Let the words flow." ”I was born into horrible circumstances. My father and mother couldn’t support themselves, let along me. We were always handling scraps. Our monarch was a horrible man, expecting commoners such as myself to do his dirty work. I believe you would call us slaves. My mother passed not long after my fourth birthday. And now my dad is extremely sick.” Nilan paused, pushing a strand of her auburn hair away from her shifty eyes. Then she returned to her story. ”The king believed he was a God, and used his power over people as demeaning as he was. But, one day, I was in the castle gates, walking along, when suddenly, I heard a beautiful sound. I had stumbled upon a music so rich to the ear. And when I glanced upon the master of this sound, I took a sharp breath. The player of those wondrous notes was non other then the Kings Highest Advisor, his right hand man.” Nilan peeked a look at Cadriel. ”The Highest Advisor saw me but he said nothing, and continued to pluck at his chords. I was completely mesmerized. Suddenly, he just gave me a warm smile. He offered me a seat by patting the stone next to him. We met this way several times, something sparking this affair. Then, at one of the meetings, he introduced me to a musical instrument, a violin. We’d meet and play with each other. He said my voice was golden. Soon though, word got round of an affair that a commoner girl was in a relationship with the Highest Advisor. I immediately became a criminal. I left the country, leaving my sick dad under our overhang. I searched for a safe haven for my father and myself. As I left the county, I never heard from the Highest Advisor.” Nilan stopped, taking in a deep breath.
  7. I was always catching a huge variety of fauna everywhere from snakes, turtles, frogs, birds, fish, craw dads, deer...
  8. *sighs*. I used to grow up in forests. Now I’m in the suburbans.
  9. @Csl Nilan stirred, rubbing at her tender back head. She glanced at Cadriel, her blush growing the tenderness faded. She pushed herself into sitting position, glancing around. The patrons in the tavern seemed unperturbed by the events. Nilan attempted to stand, but felt rather dizzy. She kneeled, breathing slowly in and out. When the dizziness faded, Nilan stood to pull the chair beside Cadriel. Nilan turned toward Cadriel and courtesied, as she was taught to do. ”Forgive me sir,” she apologized. “I believe you requested reasoning upon my stumbling across your... ummm... magical tavern.” Her eyes settled on his as she awaited an order to sit.
  10. @Rin A young man of 24, stares out the window into the winding ways of the city. He sighed and ran a hand through hair like sunlight. He pursed his lips and closed his eyes, heaving another sigh. Suddenly, a loud crack sounded out as Fres’han opened his eyes to find a ruler on his desk. Fres’han shrunk away from the sound as his teacher’s eyes flashed in annoyance. ”Fres’han, please demonstrate to the class as how to produce a flower from your hand.” Fres’han sighed again and stood up from his seat. “Nithalem coisna “ he said aloud, and a small flower rose up from his hand, the petals unfolding. The class gave an applause and a Fres’han smirked. He was the youngest mage in the entire city and excelled well with summoning. Fres’han seated himself again and daydreamed of a time when he could use his powers to be the most powerful ever known mage.
  11. @CelvestianNesy The sun was high above, tendrils of light fighting thick branches to reach the vast forest floor. A shadow figure moved in the darkness, avoiding streams of the light. The forest was unusually quite. The figure halted, resting his hand on a tree. His figure was covered with a thick cloak. He listened eagerly as the woods spoke to him. ”There is a alien creature walking through our homes. Shall we attack?” The figure tilted his head to the side. “Let us observe first.”
  12. *laughs*. The velociraptor is is my favorite dinosaur.
  13. Well, I found two threads that I'm interested in but I need their agreement to join
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