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  1. The mouse had slipped within her shadows, peering every now and then. Her eyes would continue to keep their gaze upon the silhouettes that would soon reveal themselves as a small boy with a woman. They hadn't said anything, they couldn't say anything. Without a moment's notice, Garrow had approached them in for closer inspection. Nima had kept her hands upon the hilt of her blade, it tightened some while she looked to Garrow for a moment. "I cannot." Her eyes had fallen upon those bodies, their souls could be collected for sustenance. A grim spirit needed them in order to live. Eyes had come to a close for a moment before she had taken a deep breath in before looking back to Garrow. "I can only take. Not give." Truthfully, she could save them. Though if she were to breathe life into those seemingly lifeless bodies, it wouldn't be their own. A demonic entity could be created, but she didn't want to endanger him, his safety was priority. Her body tensed for a moment, feeling the draft of wind that felt as if it had come so suddenly, and left just as quickly. Her head turned from left to right, surveying the area. Something was off here, and she couldn't quite put her finger on what was to happen. The pit in her stomach, had left her to think that danger was coming, and it was approaching quickly. ♔⋮ WHERE The Goblin Trail♔⋮ WITH @vielle♔⋮ OUTFIT Default Kimono
  2. I liked The Witcher, never played the games or anything like that but it made me want to read the books and dive further into the lore. I enjoyed Sabrina, caught up with it, but this season kind of sucked ass for me and it kind of left a lot of questions open. The reason why I stopped watching Boruto and waited to binge watch it was because of the really annoying fillers that they added in there so early into the anime. They really should just stop and let this shit come to a close, because I don't know anyone in their right mind like random lame fillers. LOL
  3. That's fair. I figure I'd give it a shot just to see what it was like, I'm waiting for more episodes before I go on a binge. It's a really nice nostalgic thing. 😄
  4. The two had finally set off for their adventure out towards his home. The scenery here was beautiful, breath-taking even while the two continued on their path. Nima had taken a deep breath in and then out, taking in the scent of mother nature and its crisp, cold air. She enjoyed the smell of mother nature, the beautiful flora that had grown wildly and no doubt beautifully in their own natural habitat. It was always a good reminder to herself to live life now, take a step back and enjoy all the small things that had life have given her, something she didn't want to take for granted. Nima was slow in steps, making sure that Garrow could keep up with her long strides, but with how they were moving, it gave her a better chance to enjoy this realms source of nature. She was almost in awe from this world, it was a place she wasn't going to forget, and perhaps she could even make herself home here. Garrow's whistling in between conversations had made it so there wasn't that much of a silence between them, but she didn't mind if there was any. It was nice to share a companionship here, a good one at that. She heard him speak of when he was younger, what he did, how his people were and even more. Her head turned to look at the trees, taking in their tall stature. The leaves rustled within the wind while the sun's light attempted to poke through in order to provide them a sort of light. Though the two had come to a halt for a moment, and from the distance she could see those two humanoid figures lay upon the path. Her eyebrows raised in a quizzical fashion, a hand had moved towards the hilt of her blade. Nima didn't want to take any chances, and she surely didn't want to put her friend in danger. Her eyes fell upon the mouse for a moment and then over to the figures once again. "Garrow, stay close behind me." It was then she motioned for the mouse to follow up with her, she didn't want to leave him by himself, it was too much of a risk. She finally approached the humanoid figures, looking at them carefully before speaking once again. "Are you alright? We are here for assistance." Her voice was stern, fingers twitched some awaiting for any sort of quick movement from the bodies, or from anywhere for that matter. Her guard was up, and she surely didn't want to let it down, at least not right now. ♔⋮ WHERE The Goblin Trail♔⋮ WITH @vielle♔⋮ OUTFIT Default Kimono
  5. I liked That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, I think it made sense for him to kind of be overpowered considering what his powers were and where he started off from. Shield Hero I liked, but I don't think I ever finished it because I didn't wanna wait week by week. BNH I've only watched two episodes from the new season, it's going really slow atm. Q_Q Have you watched Boruto yet?
  6. I just finished Titans! First season is slow, but it picks up and I can't wait for the new season! I haven't started Doom Patrol just yet, but I heard very good things. I'll probably end up trying that one next after I finish watching the new season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  7. Her lips kept that delicate smile upon her face, nodding her head almost bashfully at the assumption that she was quite the warrior indeed. "I would hope so, but there is always growth." Nima knew she was strong, she didn't exactly crave for power, but instead was much more interested in knowledge. Her meal at this time had been finished, leaving nothing but crumbs on the plate and a small bit of soup left over. A content sigh had left the woman's lips, allowing her fingers to splay upon her stomach to show that it was quite the hearty meal. He wasn't exactly sure what chakra was, and it perhaps within the realm it did not exist here. She wasn't exactly sure how to explain what chakra was, but it would be a different story to tell. She thought she could show the gentlemouse what she was capable of, though it was then by fate he had asked her to join him on his journey home. Her eyes almost lit up instantly, sparkling cyan irises almost resembled that of an eager child. Nima placed her hands together, fingers lacing together almost as if she were attempting to hold back the childish excitement. "I'd love to join you on your travels home. We can begin immediately." She was lucky that Garrow had asked her to join him on his adventures back home, and perhaps she could find clues as to where the rest of her family was. Did they end up here? Had they passed by here? Nima wasn't exactly worried about their safety as they were much stronger than her. She simply missed them dearly and hoped they had at least found an inn and eating meals much like her. She shook her head from left to right for a moment, catching herself in the moment before placing the empty bowl of soup upon the plate with the utensils inside the bowl itself. The red-skinned girl had then stood herself up, giving the appropriate amount of payment plus tip for the hospitality. "Whenever you're ready, Garrow." She took a deep breath, the child inside her almost squealed at the thought of meeting an entirely new race. Her search for her family would be put on the back burner for now, while her thirst for knowledge would be quenched with a new found companion by her side. ♔⋮ WHERE Back of the tavern, booth, window side.♔⋮ WITH @vielle♔⋮ OUTFIT Default Kimono
  8. It was then that the mouse began to scribble with his quill upon the parchment paper, biting and eating her sandwich/soup every now and then while he began to write what was needed. He was a very peculiar animal, and since he had mentioned a sort of clan, would that mean there were more of them? More of him? What other species laid here within the unknown she wondered. Nima had tapped her chin lightly in thought, in attempts to gather the right words without fumbling. "I would say I'm quite the warrior, yes. Though with the title of a warrior comes a bounty... Or unneeded trouble." The woman had shook her head from left to right for a moment, though her head tilted to the left for a moment only to straighten itself once again. "I'll be happy to show you when we leave the tavern, and somewhere safe. Though I suppose it's very much how one would channel their inner chakra." The moment she spoke out of chakra, she wondered if they knew what it was, but for now she would simply look over the expressions of the mouse. "Perhaps one day you will take me to see these mousefolk, I'm very interested... It sounds very fascinating." It was time to move on to a different subject, and so they began to speak about the wolf. Her heart almost sunk, though the woman had kept her composure. There were more of those in the area, but within her realm they were ferocious beasts that held great power. Some could grow to the size of mountains, but she had yet to encounter those. Her eyes lit up however, as a part of her was quite excited to hunt for these creatures and more to bring back to the blacksmith for him to forge and craft more weaponry for her. "The one that was slain is more of a deity, harder to hunt and find from my world. Though there are plenty of demon fused creatures that roam around. It just depends on what part you want to venture out on." Nima had given him a nod of the head, hopefully the information would suffice. ♔⋮ WHERE Back of the tavern, booth, window side.♔⋮ WITH @vielle♔⋮ OUTFIT Default Kimono
  9. She noticed that the mouse had taken a pause for a moment, jaws parted to answer however, it seemed that his stomach was quick to answer before he could. His cheeks flushed and perhaps it was from embarrassment but Nima continued to keep that smile upon her face and then giving him a nod as the mouse decided to finally step forward and rip a piece of bacon from her sandwich. Once the mouse had felt comfortable, she too had taken a bite out of the sandwich and moving over to take a spoonful of soup and eat that quickly before it had fully cooled down for her. Once Garrow had finished eating what he could, it was then she noticed that he had taken out a tiny piece of parchment paper as well as a quill. Her head tilted for a moment, though he slowly began to explain what was to happen. It was evident that he was curious about her just as much as she was him, and so there was another nod of her head, giving him the okay that she had allowed for him to interview her. "Yes, I'll do the best of my ability to help you get the answers you need." Garrow was on a journey to find more answers to places of the unknown, and maybe if he was willing, perhaps they could travel together on this journey. Nima needed to find the rest of her family, but she needed someone that knew the area much better than her. She had taken another bite of her sandwich, chewed and swallowed before answering. "Yes, I am able to wield magic. It's a sort of demonic magic." She added, though her right index finger moved to point at the small symbol upon her forehead. "This is my source of energy, or magic. It's a sort of symbol to keep me connected to the demon world. My dual swords contain demonic energy as well as they hold residual energy from a Demon Wolf's bone." ♔⋮ WHERE Back of the tavern, booth, window side.♔⋮ WITH @vielle♔⋮ OUTFIT Default Kimono
  10. The mouse had scurried up on the table though she didn't want to be rude and watch him do so, but she couldn't help herself. She was fascinated, truly as he finally sat himself down at the edge of the table and making himself comfortable. He soon introduced himself as Garrow, to which he had taken a single digit and gave it a firm shake in which she had done so as well. "Why thank you for the compliment, Garrow." As soon as he had introduced himself and spoke of a single quest. A scholar? A very smart mouse indeed, as she had thought that with her stroke of luck that a scholar mouse would be here to perhaps share the information that he had gathered as well as having them explore everything else. Her hand had pulled away before taking another bite of her sandwich, chewing and swallowing what she could, speaking when her mouth wasn't full of sustenance. "I am simply something called a 'Grim Spirit'. There are five others, though I am here to seek them out... They are my family you see." Her eyebrows knitted together for a moment before taking a sip of her ice cold water and continuing forward with conversation. "Like you, I too am on a journey." The girl once again smiled towards the mouse, looking him up and down once before speaking. "Have you had the chance to eat?" Nima motioned towards the sandwich and soup to offer, and if he didn't want it, she would have been nice enough to offer to buy him something else if he liked. ♔⋮ WHERE Back of the tavern, booth, window side.♔⋮ WITH @vielle♔⋮ OUTFIT Default Kimono
  11. Nima had given herself some time to settle down for a moment, unraveling the utensils that were tightly bundled in a napkin for later use. The silver utensils had been delicately plucked from the napkin itself, laying them down on either side of her plate. Her chest heaved up and down for a moment, eyes coming to a close just as quick and finally began to take a small bite of her sandwich. The tomatoes tasted as if they had grown them themselves, rich with juices and enjoying the strips of bacon that splayed upon the white bread. Nima placed the sandwich down upon her plate, though soon after she could hear a small clear of the throat in order to get her attention. She raised her brows in a quizzical fashion for a moment, before looking around her to see if it was her being spoken to until her gaze had fallen upon the small mouse. Her head tilted for a moment to the side, a small smile upon her lips had been formed while he greeted her and asked her permission to join so politely. Of course she couldn't say no, he was a rather fascinating specimen and she had yet to encounter a species such as this upon her travels. "Of course you may join me, it's always a pleasure to have good company by one's side." The Grim Spirit had spoke out to him, keeping that small smile upon her face while she awaited for him to find himself a seat. Fingers rubbed upon the napkin, freeing them of crumbs before extending a finger or two forward for the mouse to take while she began to exchange names. "My name is Nima, pleasure to meet you." ♔⋮ WHERE Back of the tavern, booth, window side.♔⋮ WITH @vielle♔⋮ OUTFIT Default Kimono
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