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  1. "Well, if you wish to hire a ship, we can do that." He explained. He agreed with Addison, James was very generous to them, and they shouldn't abuse that generosity too much. "Right, let me get Ares." He said as he walked off to where the gryphon was being kept just to return a few minutes later with his be-winged companion by his side. The gryphon stood tall, it's black feathers lightly waving in the wind. The proud animal walking through the settlement and leaving a small path in the dirt. "Well, I'm ready." Irryn said, holding his hand on Ares' back.
  2. "Well, I believe we should walk in a line, mountain terrain can be unforgiving. " He answered, treading across the dirt, his shoes digging into the forest soil, quietly breaking leaves and branches, the partial absence of which marked a narrow stray path into the forest, going in the direction of the mountain they were planning to climb. "Right, it's pretty much the same as this one just... technologically setback by a few hundred years." He added to Kyoku's statement as they slowly reached the end of the forest. Irryn's head twitched violently to the left, his eyes wide open. He froze in place at the slightest out-of-place noise, searching for potential threats. @Zashiii @Kyoku
  3. "Right, I think airship would be the smartest way to go, it gives us a good view of the area." He explained. Any tracks in the sands would be clear as day from up above. "Well, the desert would be a good place to start: That's where both of these events overlap." He said, rolling his right shoulder back and taking a step back towards the entrance of the tent, eager to already start the adventure, go and do something exciting, new, get moving and escape the boring routine he was slowly growing into at the settlement. @Phoebe
  4. Instead of the person Shishi expected to see, she was greeted by the quiet rustling of armor, seemingly following her to the meeting point, slowly starting to draw closer as she stopped. After a few possibly worrying seconds, a familiar face showed itself. Irryn's calm visage showed itself as he stepped out of the shadow of a nearby building. Even though it didn't seem like it, he wasn't following her on purpose, just a coincidence that he happened to be there at the same time as she did. He didn't expect to see anyone this early, most people he ever had to meet were at least a few minutes late, but he didn't mind the punctuality. "Good morning, Ravenbush." He calmly greeted Shishi, stopping a comfortable few meters away from her. @Zashiii
  5. He nodded before letting down his guard, dropping his arms back to their natural position. He agreed with Addison, whatever this was, it wasn't dumb. He also agreed that moving the bushes was probably the only way to progress with this adventure. He held out his left arm a bit forward before a vine sprouted from his wrist, slithering towards the bushes like a snake before coiling itself around a branch of the wall of bushes. He didn't expect anything to reveal itself just from the bush being moved, like their foe jumping out of it, so he decided to give the vine a tug, try to move the bush out of the way, which he did. He yanked the vine back, sending the bushes flying towards them and to the side, clearing the path and revealing whatever was hidden there. @Phoebe @Truthless
  6. "Well yes, but...'' He went silent for a few seconds, thinking why he wanted the cloak so much, what made it better than all these inventions... Inventions. All these things were new, something that people of this world recently discovered. The cloak was made without any technology, it was ancient, it carried history. "It's a part of history, it's unique, one of a kind, something that you can't say about the different inventions you listed. I'm asking for your help because of your expierience in pretty much everything. I understand that you might be busy and not want to help me, but I still thought it would be a good idea to have some help.'' He explained himself as bluntly as it was possible, stating his honest and only opinion.
  7. He took a deep breath in, noticing that his attitude might have been a little... invasive. In a calmer tone of voice, he explained to Addison. "Indeed they are, and it's important because the cloak is an artifact which grants the user the ability to go invisible" He explained and even though he was calmer, the excitement in his voice was still very clear. Just to prove to Addison that he was, in fact, telling the truth and not just making things up, he flipped the book a few pages back and showed her a sketched image of the cloak as well as a short description of its abilities.He took a deep breath in, noticing that his attitude might have been a little... invasive.
  8. The hurried footsteps were soon to be followed by a quiet ringing of metal against metal, like coins striking together in a bag, the sound growing closer and closer. Paper rustled as the approaching person stopped in front of the entrance to the tent, like newspapers rustling, like the person was searching for an article. "Alright..." The person spoke in a voice probably familiar to Addison, one that she had heard many times before. Irryn Hale rushed into the tent, brushing aside the cloth around the entrance and quickly making his way to Addison's desk with a newspaper in hand. "Addison, you need to look at this" He spoke quickly, in a rush, wanting to show Addison his discovery as soon as possible. He put the two newspapers in front of Addison, an article very obviously marked in colorful ink. He pointed to the article as if it wasn't obvious enough that he wanted her to pay attention to that part of the newspaper. TRAVEL NOTICE This is a warning from the global weather evaluation agency. We have detected a recent surge in magical activity in the area, similar to those that occur during a mana storm. Travelers are advised to refrain from any non-essential travel. Nothing special. Why was Irryn so excited over a storm? It looked like he was just being crazy over nothing. That was until he showed Addison his next discovery. He took out a fairly large book from the main compartment of his backpack and slammed it onto the table, immediately opening it somewhere at the end. The last known location of the cloak and its owner is said to be the Valhetien Desert Read an area circled with a pencil. This is where it all lined up. "This can't be a coincidence!" He almost screamed, even though Addison was less than a meter away from him. @Phoebe
  9. He froze in place a few seconds before Addison did. Despite not possessing as much knowledge about plants as she did, at this point, his hearing was extremely sensitive to disturbances in the natural order of sound. He fixed his grip on the tonfa blades, his head snapping rapidly to every sound that he distinguished from the wind. At some point, he just stopped breathing, listening, not making a single sound, not moving a muscle. Now, this wasn't just a matter of finding the enemy to get the first strike; This was about survival, detecting the foe before it became the predator. And he knew it was. He looked over at his companions, his gaze lingering in their general direction. Maybe they had found something already? He knew Addison and Masuda had some impressive tricks up their sleeve but wasn't sure if some of those skills carried on to tracking or perception.
  10. Can I join? I'm just looking to try some new types of quests around here
  11. Peter

    Irryn Hale

    Well, now that you know how Irryn got them you probably want to know what they do. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Growth and decay: This one is pretty self-explanatory. Irryn can control growth and decay speeds of the vines, the fastest of which approximated to be just barely slower than an arrow. This ability helps with fetching objects in everyday tasks, disarming enemies in combat, or extreme mobility where they act sort of like grappling hooks. Regeneration: As I mentioned before the vines replace most of his circulatory system, which allows them to quickly seal any wounds by working as stiched, but from the inside. [Oh and he also has a weird sap instead of blood] Pain tolerance: Another obvious one. The replacement of his veins with vines had a strange effect on his nervous system, sometimes even rendering nerves useless, which lets him endure more pain than your average Joe.
  12. Peter

    Irryn Hale

    A quick history of how Irryn got 'infected' with the vines. Lying down in a forest clearing, lost in his thoughts, Irryn heard a rustling in the dense wall of trees. Was it the wind? A squirrel? Maybe Saki had come to annoy him again? No... This sounded... large. Unnatural, tumbling through the forest, sending bushes flying, almost knocking trees over... And it was getting closer. He sat up, ready to jump onto his feet as he grabbed his daggers, waiting for whatever this was to show up. He saw a huge mass of vines tangled together in a huge network, barely resembling an animal at all. Hell, it wasn't even trying if it had any sentience at all. The plants dug up soil as they moved, leaving a trail behind them. Why was this attacking him, an ex-soldier almost aimlessly roaming the world? Why him? That same thought flying through his mind, he tried to fight back. Vines slithered to his legs, sending him to the ground, all he could do was try to cut away some of the plants, which did basically nothing as with every strand he cut off, 10 more sprouted, trying to murder him. After a long, unfair fight he was defeated. His daggers meters away from him, a net of vines pressing him to the grass... All hope was lost for him. He was just awaiting the release of death... That was until he saw his backpack. The one backpack he'd been storing things in ever since he set off to start service in the Alphen military. He gathered all of his force into his left arm, the one closer to the backpack and ripped the vines from the ground, freeing the limb for just enough time to reach the backpack. He struggled with opening the backpack with one hand, shaky from the adrenaline in his blood, causing him to just rip the buttons off. He brought the backpack a bit closer, his whole body struggling to try to escape the monstrosity, trying to kick or rip off parts of the plant from his skin. He felt around the inside of his backpack blindly for a bit, losing hope that what he was looking for, the only thing that could save him right now wasn't there... ''YES!''-He almost screamed out loud, finding a ceramic container. He got his hand out of the backpack and chucked the container at the main mass of vines with all force the he had left. The container shattered, a clear liquid spraying at what was basically a solid wall of plant, eating away at the thing at tremendous speed, like fire burning paper. He somehow managed not to get sprayed with the acid, probably because of the distance between him and the creature and the vines covering him. But that didn't matter. He won. The vines encasing him lost all life, becoming limp like ropes. He slowly freed his limbs- ... His right arm was still trapped, the vines holding on like a boa strangling his victim. He tried again and again to free his hand, but to no effect. Just when he was about to give up he felt a sting coming all over the trapped area, something he would've thought just to be the effect of the life being squeezed out of his arm if not for the fact that whatever was still holding him to the ground gave up, basically sliding off his arm and rotting in mere seconds... He carefully inspected his arm, checking for any wounds or bruises... Nothing. But it still didn't feel right. The stinging pain was still there, dying out as he walked out of the forest never to return again. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[2 weeks later]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- He slowly walked down a rocky path, his arms crossed his arms over his chest, snow settling on his shoulders and hair, a path left in the snow behind him. Another day spent just walking, walking, walking... At this point he learned to ignore Saki who was also there with him, both of them going to Atlas after Alpha's collapse. He felt another sharp, lingering pain in his right. bandaged arm, something he thought to be another 'souvenir' from his duel with Addison, but, as he would soon find out, it wasn't. Later when he sat down in a train heading to Herograd (The capital of Atlas) he noticed a strange sensation when trying to set his arm down on the table, as if something was holding it up. He lifted his hand and pulled up the sleeve of his coat and, shocked he saw thorns poking through his skin. Literal thorns growing from his arm. For a solid minute he just stared at his arm, trying to comprehend how it had just grown a thorn. Later on, he learned how to control the vines as they spread to most of his body. [I would explain how it happened, but I honestly don't remember]
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    Irryn Hale

    [This is how they look, more or less]
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    Irryn Hale

    Vines All of Irryn's inhuman abilities come from one source. most of his circulatory and part of his nervous system are replaced by strange vines, which somehow merged with his body. The works of this unbelievable symbiosis still remain a mystery.
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