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  1. Without even needing to be told the crew immediately got to work begin work on the frame. Making quick work welding and forming the shape to their liking. Within the next three hours they were finished, and ready to take the next step assembling the internals. Some of the workers had already began work putting together some of the internal systems, while others prepped the fresh frame for the next phase. "Incredible." Hawk watched curiously as they crew started assembling something he'd never even thought possible out of pure scrap. Although his presence wasn't really required, he'd decided to stick around a while longer out of curiosity, and maybe a little bit or moral support for Valentine. While some working on the project were proud to have the boss watching, others felt somewhat stressed by his unexpected presence overseeing the project. @austere.username
  2. "Things have been well. Busy as you'd imagine. We'll have plenty of time to fill you in on the ride over." He chuckled halfheartedly, the guilt of not writing like he should still soaking in. "Speaking of which, are the two of you ready to get going?" He asked, though not directed at her, looking little Aurora in the eye with a warm smile. @Kiyome
  3. "That's right." Hawk nodded, a wide smile on his tired, rugged face as he took a sip from his coffee cup. Eager to get started the marshal briskly made his way to the table in the center of the room, coffee in hand where he had previously laid out blueprints for the project. The tabletop looked as if a storm had blown through, scattered in blueprints with today's work at the top of the mess. "For the first day, here's what I was thinking we look at." Hawk began, pushing some of the papers aside with his free hand to ensure todays work could be seen clearly. The blueprints laid out before them displayed the armors most basic shell, minus the helmet. The outlines of the plates were highlighted in red so that Ewyer could easily get a feel for the shape. "I figured we'd start where you're most comfortable here with the plated bits. I reckon armor integrity, above all else should be one of our primary focuses." @Pala
  4. Fort Solitude, Bloodlust Stronghold With nearly every area of the Alliance under development with Project ACT, the need for a greater defense was growing. After seeing the many forms of weaponry this world had to offer, Hawk began to realize the Atlesian War Wagon they currently used might not be enough to turn the tide of a battle anymore. They needed something larger. A bigger gun, if you will. To handle this issue Hawk one again tasked Captain Jonathan Riker with the job of seeking out someone who could help them. Someone with the know-how to bulk up their armor division. Despite funds being low, the marshal allowed Riker a sizeable budget to fund the division, for unlike normal transports, using scrap metal and salvage wouldn't cut it this time. @Heroshima@MaskedHero
  5. His smile widened as he wrapped his massive arms around Kiyome with a quiet sigh of relief. "It's good to see you." He whispered as he held her. He held her close for a moment before breaking the embrace to lift little Aurora into his arms. "Looks like someone has grown again! You'll be taller than me before you know it." He chuckled as he held his daughter facing him at eye level in his right arm. @Kiyome
  6. "Enough. For now anyway." Hawk stated simply, unsure of the exact number of gallons. At her request, the team stripped each vehicle clean of its parts down to the very frame. Each part was then sorted to make construction easier now that they had a clean slate. "This fame here looks close enough to the one we need ma'am. With some welding we should be able to modify it enough to do the job nicely." One of the older members of the task force, Sergeant Bryant Thom spoke up as he pointed to the frame on the far side of the room. @austere.username
  7. As the door knob turned Hawk's posture straightened up as if he were greeted by an officer. At first, he didn't say anything, a soft smile growing on his rugged face as he locked eyes with Kiyome. With how busy he had been, it was a breath of fresh air in his lungs to finally see her again. For a moment, all his work and problems faded into the back of his mind. "Howdy love." He spoke finally in a soft tone. Truthfully he still wasn't sure how she would feel about his arrival, as he hadn't been a very good boyfriend by not keeping in close contact, and certainly not a good father. Ever since the fall, Hawk's very existence had been dedicated to saving the Atlesian people, and returning the lost as he fell deeper and deeper into his obsession. @Kiyome
  8. Hawk nodded maintaining the smile. "Alright partner. I'll meet you here in the morning. Rest well." After bidding his old friend goodnight, the marshal exited the laboratory, leaving Ewyer and Riker to their work. The following morning, the marshal reported to the same room of the laboratory at 0900 with a low burning cigar in his lips, just as they had discussed. He wasted no time getting out of bed that day, for he was too eager to sleep. Finally they would be beginning work on the armor. The armor that could be the key to saving millions. Using his key, Hawk let himself into the lab as he waited for Ewyer's arrival. Upon entry, Hawk almost immediately made use the coffee machine they had installed in the corner of the room. Who knew such an amazing invention even existed! Certainly a far quicker and more conventional method than brewing over a campfire thats for sure. @Pala
  9. Hawk

    Thin Ice

    The marshal glared at her for a moment before moving on. "A week or two if we're lucky. The isle is pretty fortified. We'll have to smash through their blockade and siege the fort by sea before we can make landfall. Even then, the island contains thick forests and extensive cave systems. We ain't quite sure how many they got in there yet. Unless we wanna charge into that blind, we'll need to pack some extra punch. Something they won't be expecting." He paused before continuing. "Ewyer and I are working a plan for that, but the Bloodlust Alliance currently lacks the funding we need to efficiently produce the vehicles and firearms we'll need for this and future operations. Thus far all my attempts to find a contractor have failed. My men in Fort Solitude can only produce a vehicle a day and a dozen or so firearms, assuming we have the scrap we need on hand." Hawk explained. "Additionally, I have to arrange a meeting with the Carmine Dominion to see about getting my hands on some Triastine for the project Ewyer and I are working on." @Phoebe
  10. Hawk

    Thin Ice

    "No reason to help for more?! There are millions and millions of lives at stake. I'm not talking about us, we were the lucky ones. We're safe. The fact that he could just sit back knowing there are more out there suffering is sick. With a power like that, it should be his responsibility to help with shit like this. Not something we have to practically beg for. I'm grateful for what James has done for us, but we don't have another choice. As much as I hate to say it, he's our only option." He snarled, leaning forward in his chair. "I'm working on a lead. That magic rapier he used to carry around all the time was discovered within the Herograd site following the fall. It was logged in the inventory list during cleanup, but the shipment never made it to the extraction point. From what my scouts have deduced, the shipment was ambushed by raiders somewhere between Acheron and Herograd. I have my best on it now. So far, we think it may have been taken to an abandoned military stronghold in the northern Atlesian islets. Seems a rather large group of raiders have made themselves at home there. I reckon that rapier and the rest of our stolen munitions for that matter are in the hands of some local warlord." Hawk explained, the wood of the chair creaking beneath his weight as he slowly leaned back. @Phoebe
  11. After the recent shipwreck incident on Solitudes shores, the medical staff at the Bloodlust Medical Facility found themselves suddenly overwhelmed with patients. Staff Sergeant Derby of the Bloodlust medical division, currently the man overseeing the hospital staff came to Hawk the following day requesting extra help. Derby requested they bring in their chief physician, Dr. Kiyome Estrella and her team of doctors to assume control of the facility. Though initially reluctant to bring her into the still unfinished fort, Hawk agreed. Arrangements were then made to escort Kiyome and her team to Solitude in a weeks time. As the day grew near Hawk found himself personally inspecting the Fort's walls for weaknesses several times. It had been some time since the two had been together now. Nearly seven months since they last saw each other, through only briefly, and four months since their last communication. The marshal was nervous to say the least. Just as he did for Valentine, Hawk arranged a military escort to safely transport Kiyome and her doctors to Solitude. This escort however, was far larger than the last. It consisted of 50 war wagons and 30 independent riders on horseback. 5 armored carriages that would travel in the center of the caravan were to house the doctors and their families. Overkill? Perhaps. Though to the marshal, no amount of security was too great for this endeavor. In terms of riders, it wasn't hard to find volunteers. Many soldiers in Fort Solitude were tired of being cooped up away from everyone else, and were iching for the chance to get out and stretch their legs. Even if it was through a dangerous forest. Before they set out, Hawk personally inspected each and every one of his men's weapons. Though he had work to do, Hawk personally led the caravan into Predators Keep. Before heading out, Authorities in PK were alerted of their arrival, so they didn't raise alarm at the large incoming military force. Security was strictly meant for the forest between them. This was the first time he had returned since his meeting with James. The majority of caravan waited outside the keep as Hawk and a few minimally armed guards entered to pick up their men. Though Kiyome had been informed they would arrive to move them that day, the escort had showed up early, and she was not informed of Hawk's presence. The plain clothed alliance soldiers hung back as Hawk approached the apartment they had put Kiyome up in. The other ten members of the medical staff's apartments were located in the adjacent building. The marshal paused in his tracks as he stared at the apartment door, in front of him. He reached up slowly taking his cavalry hat from his head with his mechanical left hand and placing it over the chest of his worn Atlesian uniform before giving the door three solid knocks with his right. @Kiyome
  12. "Right." Parris began as she rose from her seat. The slender blonde marine paced across the room, retrieving a funny looking handgun from the workbench. Unlike the handguns they were used to, this was not a revolver. In fact, it didn't appear to have a cylinder at all. "This here is a locked-breech, semi-automatic, single-action, recoil-operated pistol which uses a 13-round staggered magazine." Fenton began as Parris placed the pistol on the tabletop in front of Hawk. "What caliber?" Hawk questioned as he lifted the pistol off the table with his mechanical hand. Impressed by its its weight and balance he carefully examined the firearm. "9 millimeter sir. Effective range is 50 meters." Parris chimed in. This was a team effort after all. Hawk slid the the slide back, peering inside to ensure the chamber was empty. "Not bad you too." Hawk replied, aiming it at the brick wall and peering down the sights as if he were going to fire. The marshal smiled as he lowered the gun, admiring it one last time before placing it on the table. "It's a fantastic start, but I think we can do better." Fenton and Parris glanced at each other again as Hawk returned to the case be brought along. From it he retrieved a set of blueprints. "This here is a little design I've been working on. With what you two have already created here, I think maybe the three of us can cook up something' with a little much punch." He explained, setting the pistol the pair had designed to the side as he unrolled the sketch and spread it over the table. The two marines gathered around in awe as they examined Hawk's design. Though theirs was impressive, Hawk's was beyond belief. It's complexity completely outdid theirs. He had certainly done his research.
  13. The following morning Hawk met with Valentine and 12 members of the recently returned Task Force in the garage on the first floor of Solitudes laboratory to begin their work. The garage itself was long with high ceilings. In preparation for their arrival scavenger teams had been dispatched a month prior to seek out discarded vehicles and tech throughout Lagrimosa and Genesaries, particularly in scrap yards. With some success the teams returned with gas vehicles, damaged computers, plenty of car parts and proper equipment for the garage researchers managed to repair. Some old and in working condition, others new and missing parts. Nonetheless it was enough to get started. With so many projects going at once funds were limited, they would have to do. Out of everything salvaged however, gasoline was hard to come buy. After coming up nearly empty handed on gas, Hawk relented and gave the go ahead to purchase some. Designs and blueprints drawn up by the Task Force during their studies had been laid out on an old metal table in the garage with the ones they planned to start with redrawn on whiteboards. Members of the task force had already begun picking some of the scrap vehicles clean for the parts they need in preparation to start their first prototype. "Alright. Let's get this started shall we? I reckon we got what we need here." Hawk said as he observed the blueprints. While he was eager to help, the marshal had no idea what he's doing. @austere.username
  14. "Don't worry about it. I'll show you to your quarters, get you a tour, then we can get started in the morning." He replied walking around to the back of the carriage to the cargo hold where one of the soldiers from the caravan was already unloading the bagage. The soldier handed Hawk her two bags from the cargo hold. "Let's get moving before we lose the last of our daylight." @austere.username
  15. "Oh you wanna start like, now? I figure you'd wanna settle in first, maybe get a tour first or somethin'?" He questioned as he turned to follow her. This Valentine's first time in Solitude, where did she think she was going? Did she forget her bags? @austere.username
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