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  1. Once his back had turned, Hawk scowled as the trio made their way out of the fortress. By Addison and James standards, he must have said something wrong. It must have been that last part. This greatly irritated the marshal. Did James really think their meeting was simply so he could get some form of 'closure' for his dead lover? That was the only clear reason Hawk could think of off the top of his head. Though having very little understanding about how these things work, this wasn't just about one person. This was about the fate of millions. Millions and millions of innocent people who were wrongfully torn from existence. It made perfect sense to him that James had arrived with the stone just when their world needed it most. Perhaps James could have thought such a task was beneath him. If that was to be the case, he found it truly disgusting. When they had arrived, they intended simply to propose the idea of the plan before getting to work on such a difficult and potentially impossible task, not present it all together. From their last two encounters, Hawk felt James viewed himself above the rest. A self proclaimed king so to speak. When they arrived Hawk planned to speak with him man to man, an approach he felt almost set them back entirely. "His followers must be major suck-ups." Hawk thought to himself. Regardless of what he thought of him or how humiliating asking for his help was, it didn't really matter. At least they had come to some kind of agreement. One step closer to finding the lost. @kriistiinii@Phoebe@Fierach
  2. Hawk

    Thin Ice

    Hawk remained silent as she spoke, his posture straight and tall as if he were on guard at Herograds gates once more. He didn't even flinch as Addison shoved the desk aside, his eyes never breaking contact with hers. The marshals expression was stern, cold, and restless. Several months after his rescue from the SSK and into the construction of the bastion, the roots of his doubt began to grow. Hawk attempted to gather information about what went on regarding his capture while he was away. Word of Addison's planned rescue seemingly slipped through the cracks, and never reached his ears. Until now anyway, there was very little evidence to believe that she had done anything or planned anything regarding his release. If she was to be believed, a great deal of guilt would soon be upon the marshal for his harsh and accusing words, and even planned potential mutiny if things had escalated. "I, don't know, Addison. I don't know much of anything no more." He relented, his gaze softening as he backed down from his tense offensive stance. He paused to evaluate his position if all of his claims were false. It wasn't pretty. After what they had been through, his claims would make him appear heatless and ungrateful. For in this instance, he would be the betrayer. @Phoebe
  3. Hawk

    Thin Ice

    "I ain't askin' you to dive head first. I just need your support! They need your support! Our talk when we first got here, every time I mentioned our mission during a meetings, your presentation to James! Did you have to be so blunt!? You clearly aren't onboard. I gave you all I had, Addison. I did. I need your trust on one goddamn thing! I stayed in Atlas after the fall for four years. Four years of constant relief efforts. If you'd seen the shit I've seen maybe you'd understand my obsession to bring the lost home. Or maybe not. Maybe you really don't care after all." Hawk knew Addison was smart, but he questioned if she was truly smart and precise enough to orchestrate such genius tactics of manipulation without anyone else catching on. "Maybe Luxbourg and those traitors in Prometheus were onto something after all. But I was too blinded by my loyalty to see it. You got a taste of power, and just couldn't get enough." He continued, using his unrelenting pressure to try and force and confession. "I followed you through hell and back. Did everything I could to support you. Fought alongside you countless times until my combat efficiency declined. Strange thing you took on an apprentice right around then. I couldn't keep up, so you found someone who could? In didn't need me anymore. You still had Houghton and Howard to control in terms of soldier support, and they was doin' better than I was. Back in Orth all those years ago when Gauen attempted to arrest you, I was so blind and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to buy you an escape. Turns out I was lucky, or maybe I wasn't I aint so sure but I survived." He paused clearing this throat before continuing. The following memories were painful for him to recall. "I rotted in Bulgarian custody for a month barely clinging to life. Figured you'd been captured or killed, and my days were numbered. But Montoya showed up. He was the only one that showed up to pull me outta there and i'm sure as shit you didn't send him. When I finally got out of that hellhole I came to find out you were alive and well. Long cleared of your charges and focused on another goal while I awaited my fate. Since we were so close, I couldn't help but wonder why I never got wind of an attempt to get me out. I'd of done the same for you. Maybe you thought I was dead? No. I seen the papers, it was world news. After the first day, my survival was no secret. If that makes me selfish then so be it. But I didn't see it then. Because I wouldn't. I was a fool. Strange the idea of the Bastion was proposed that very week huh? You found the perfect chance to get rid of me then came up with something bigger to get more power for yourself. I wasn't charged and arrested as you had expected. If I had been, my usefulness would have completely expired. You realized you needed me after all. Manipulated me for my men and connections. Once again, everything fell into place for you. Ever since then, I been startin' to see things more clearly. We're all tools, and you string us all along with our loyalties by building 'personal connections'. If you had simply hired us instead you couldn't guarantee our loyalty." "I guess what I'm trynin' to figure out is if the woman I knew is gone, or if she's always been this way." Rather than immediately continuing, Hawk leaned back to observe her reactions. Truthfully, that wasn't easy for him to say. In fact, he hopped with every part of him that his accusations were false, and she wasn't who he accused her to be after all. It was clear Addison was hurt by his words, but the ever so cautious marshal couldn't help but wonder if it was yet another act. Her point about the Bastion stuck him as odd, as that was never the goal she had announced previously. He was under the impression the Bastion was formed as an unbiased group to keep the peace between nations and protect the world. The fact she worded it as a place to provide refuge to Atlesians was strange. "Could she have known Atlas was going to fall?" @Phoebe
  4. Hawk

    Thin Ice

    Hawk scoffed. He figured she'd say something like that. "Everything you can?! Is that what you're calling it? You act like you're doing this for them. I've seen the shit you keep taking on. Fighting gods, going out of the way to clean up problems that ain't got nothin' to do with us?! I'm all about helpin' folk, but what about OUR folk?! Shouldn't they come first?! Not the ones here, they're safe. But the ones out there somewhere? Can't say the same for them. This ain't just about Esstevan. It's about the millions and millions that disappeared with em'." Hawk placed one leg forward a little, shifting his weight into the back one. "I don't think you want them to be found. You're afraid if they come back, you'll lose alllll this power that just fell right into your lap. The fall of Atlas was the best thing that's ever happened to you. All these confused people looking for somewhere else. It was the perfect opportunity to snatch them righhht up. You got a taste of power, and just couldn't get enough. Even with Howard in charge you're still callin' the shots." The marshal accused, his tone still sharp and aggressive. "Howard, Kora, Myself. We're all the same. I'm just one step ahead of the others." @Phoebe
  5. "Hm. Thank you for your time." Hawk stated simply as the bullman made his exit. As the team gathered the map and packed up to return to Prime, Hawk further contemplated his attack strategy. The stars holdouts seemed sloppy and scattered. With their current footholds, it didn't seem like too much of a problem splitting their forces apart and severing supplies. Hawk's biggest concern however was their firepower. From what he had been told, the stars used automatic weapons. Weapons Hawk and his troops didn't have access to. However sheer numbers and artillery would certainly be a supporting factor of their success. Upon his return to Prime, Hawk gave the order to allow reopening supply lines. However all supplies were to be heavily escorted back and forth by a rather hefty guard force and several Atlesian War Wagons. Caravans were given permission to defend themselves and their shipments at all costs, and were permitted to use deadly force if engaged. Additionally, using a private channel Hawk radioed for backup, requesting as many troops as they could spare to assist in queling the uprising. In order to start things off, they'd have to move swiftly to sever the stars access to the caches and box in their territories. @Phoebe
  6. Hawk

    Thin Ice

    "I don't much care if they hear me or not." Hawk retorted, lowering his tone just a bit as he crossed his arms. "Best I stand." Before saying anymore, Hawk simply stood and stared. His face bearing the look a stern disappointed parent would give their child as he took a second to gather his thoughts. Where to begin? "What am I to you? A pawn? A fool? A conductor to keep 'your' men loyal? Don't feed me some more bullshit. I want the truth." He began, his tone quieter, yet angrier. @Phoebe
  7. "Understood." Hawk nodded, tucking his head beneath the strap of his rifle to secure it on his back. As Tenkai started the countdown Hawk began to realize just how big this moment truly was. He was going to be the first person from their world to willingly cross into another realm, and hopefully the first to return. He was about to step into another reality entirely. No amount of time could have fully prepared him for such an event. In the final moment before his departure from this world, Hawk began to once again consider the possibility Atlas, his fallen nation and all his brothers and sisters in arms could lie somewhere beyond this dimensional veil. There was only one way to find out. The marshal stepped forward, his motion in sync with the monks as they walked between worlds. He furrowed his brow upon reaching the other side, for he wasn't expecting the strange feeling they encountered. His piercing gaze darted about the room as he took in his surroundings. Sure enough, there were men standing by on the other side. To think if James and Tenkai had stepped through even moments later, the Bastion army could have charged through right into them. Clearly these weren't the enemy they were expecting. Even the air here seemed foreign to him, for it been breathed by those another world entirely. Hawk kept his hands open and facing outwards away from his sides, cautious not to make it appear he was to reach for his weapons. "Hello." He greeted simply, relying on Tenkai to do most of the talking unless spoken to. @Tenkai Matsumoto@Twitterpated
  8. Hawk

    Thin Ice

    "No reason to raise my voice?! Oh there's a lot of goddamn reasons to raise my voice." He snapped, flinging the wooden door closed behind him. Still early in the confrontation, Hawk did his best not to lose his temper, not yet anyway. @Phoebe
  9. In the midst of the native uprising, Field Marshal Hawk quietly traveled with a small Bloodlust guard unit to New Acheron. As of late Hawk had typically spent his time working and rarely traveled, making this unannounced trip extremely out of character for him. Truth be told he'd intended to wait until the uprising has been quelled, but after the meeting with James in Predators Keep he just couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't sleep anymore until this was dealt with. He'd spoke with a few of his former Atlesian officers and comrades about what he was about to do, and after hearing his reasoning they eventually came to agree with his points. Once his carriage pulled up in front of the offices, Hawk had his personal guard wait outside. He hastily entered the building, making his way past offices such as Jack Howard, William Cochrane, Henry Nelson and James Graves. Being the military director, he didn't concern himself with security. Surely anyone on duty would recognize him. With heavy footsteps he reached Addison's door. Hawk didn't bother to knock, instead quite abruptly flinging the door open and stepping inside. His footsteps were warning enough. Frankly he didn't care what she was doing on the other side before his rather rude entrance, this was too important. "We need to talk." Hawk boomed, his massive frame filling the entrance behind him. His voice was loud and confident, traced with a hint of anger. A sliver of what was to come. @Phoebe
  10. "As you wish. Thousands is enough for a small scale war if they play their cards right, but as we knock the stars onto their knees i'm sure their numbers will break." "Any clue where Heitl is hold up?" He sighed leaning back in his chair again, his mechanical hand still resting on his chin in thought. Hawk began to develop another idea, perhaps if they found a way to make their numbers appear far larger than they actually were, they could intimidate the stars into standing down. @Phoebe
  11. "Excellent. Thank you Phil." Hawk waved his hand, gesturing for Lieutenant Dirge and his engineers to follow as he made his way down the ramp to the makeshift platform. After reaching the bottom he stood to the side next to Phil. "I figured we could use some extra help, so I brought him." Hawk nodded back to the top of the ramp to Tozwad. "Mr. Willow here has a few tricks up his sleeve I reckon we could use to bring er' down relatively easily." @Phoebe@Tozwad
  12. Upon receiving the radio message, Hawk didn't waste any time. Immediately he called for a crew of the finest Bloodlust Engineers, and Bloodlust Lieutenant Dirge to accompany him to pick up this mysterious new weapon. The part about this thing possibly being just what they need to take down those wooden bastards certainly hooked his attention. It was critical the team analyzed this mechanical wonder as quickly as possible. "How the hell they expect me to get that off the damn mountain?" Hawk questioned to himself after receiving the transmission. In order to get something of that size down carefully, he'd need to bring some extra help. Hawk reached out to none other than Tozwad Willow, the perfect man for the job. Though the marshal had very little interactions with Mr. Willow, he had heard stores from some of the soldiers of his impressive telekinetic abilities. That very day the crew set out with two queen-class ships courtesy of Jack Howard for the retrieval. It wouldn't be long before the ships became visible on the horizon from the mountain. @Tozwad@Phoebe
  13. Hawk leaned forward in his seat, his eyes dancing around the map laid out before him as he studied its features and locations in relation to their own. "I still need an estimate on how many men Heitl has if we're going to deal with him. If you wish I can station men around your settlement to ensure its safety. Additionally, do you have any idea where Heitl is held up? Though I trust your statements about their unwillingness to cooperate, I'd like to see if Heitl can be, persuaded." Hawk begin to formulate a plan of quelling this uprising. First, he considered attempting to drive a stake through Heitl's territory. His first move would be to cut off access to the stars western caches. Already the tribe of the Bloodhooves and Pyromancers guild were locked in between their territories. Severing the stars supply lines would be easy. Each location would be allowed the chance to surrender and denounce the stars, if they refused the simplest way to force them into submission would be to siege and starve them out until surrender. Next reinforcing the Shinobi Village and Turbines would sever the stars access to their southernmost stashes. Reinforcing the line between Crescita and New Acheron would box the stars in completely. With only the steel bank and village of snakes remaining Hawk and his forces could close in from all directions and siege the remaining two sites until a surrender. @Phoebe
  14. Nacht was met by Bloodlust Captain Riker who waited with a small squad of Rangers at the main gate. Upon spotting his approach from the wall, Riker hurried down to greet the man. "Ah, Hello Mr. Nacht. Marshal Hawk has been expecting you." He smiled, standing straight and tall in his uniform with his hands behind his back. Riker stood around 6 foot, his short blonde hair waving in the crisp forest breeze. Although technically Nacht had no authority over him, Riker had heard stories of the former Atlesian council member many times before, and hence respected him as he did a commanding officer. "Here you are sir." Riker voiced taking one hand from behind his back and unwrapping his fingers to reveal a shiny silver badge carved with three stars and the Bloodlust emblem in his palm. He held the badge out to Nacht as an offering. "This clearance badge will allow you access to all our facilities and ensure your security during your time with us in Solitude. If you would please wear this at all times, I would be happy to escort you to your quarters and to meet with the Marshal." @Pala
  15. "Very well. Yes, i'm sure we can gather something from someone. If they all were taken together, then finding one will lead us to the rest." Hawk nodded, slipping his hands behind his back. With a team being sent to aid their search, Hawk's confidence in this mission was greatly boosted. "Then we have no time to waste. If that is all, then we'll get to work and get back with you as soon as we have something." Hawk finished, turning toward Wren and Addison. He froze mid turn, looking back to look James in the eye. "You said the stone found us. Ever think about why? Why us? Why now? I reckon this, is why." @kriistiinii@Phoebe@Fierach
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