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  1. As the figures emerged from the portal, Field Marshal Hawk's finger immediately entered the trigger guard of his SHR-61. The Marshal tensed up, burying the rifles stock deeper into his shoulder as the men came into full view. Admittedly he couldn't help but feel a sense of relief they weren't greeted by an army of walking plants, but as far as he was concerned, these men were just as dangerous. "Halt! Hands where we can see em'! No funny business." He growled in a commanding tone taking a few quick, yet cautious steps forward for a better shot around Addison, the barrel of his bayoneted rifle focusing ahead on the center of the masked mans helmet. Hawk stopped nearly 10 feet behind Addison, while the soldiers that stood previously in line behind him scrambled to form a semicircle around portal, ensuring the unexpected visitors that they were in fact surrounded. Armored carriages sat on each side of the portal, equip with thick steel plates for armor and a gatling gun mounted on the top. The barrels of both gatlings fixed on the two as the confrontation began. Among the other soldiers that crowded the scene, Hawk, the man positioned over Addison's shoulder, was taller, and far more muscular than most of the others. His darkened plate armor and titanium arm gauntlets making him appear even larger compared to the other men who instead wore cloth uniforms. @Fierach@Tenkai Matsumoto@Phoebe
  2. Hawk's gaze shot swiftly from the portal to Khan, finally breaking his stare with a furious look in his eyes. "Listen close. You are on my turf, Khan. If you plan to help here you are to follow our orders. You ain't in control here. If you can't do that, then I suggest you turn around and sail back to your country. This is personal. Addison will decide if we fire or not." He spat angrily before returning his face to the rifle fixed on the portal, for he had had quite enough of Bulgarians deciding when to fire or not. "With All do respect Admiral, I'm following her in. I followed her down into the depths of the Raven Manor, and I'll be damned if this is any different." He stated in a calmer tone. @Jack Howard@Agent Knockout
  3. "My men have been briefed. We fire on Addison's command. If a tree enters first however, engage immediately. A defensive line has been formed outside the fortress. If our plan fails, we fall back there and box them in. Mortars are standing by to rain fire on the courtyard, just in case-" The Marshal hesitated. "In case things get out of hand." He finished, lowering his tone. "During the attack on Herograd, they used their own limbs as weapons, as far as I can tell, they lack ranged capabilities. Gatling guns have been positioned accordingly within the courtyard to fill em with led. They ain't too difficult to kill, but in Herograd we were surprised and outnumbered. Not like here. Not this time." As he spoke, Hawks gaze and rifle never left the portal, for he could not afford to lower his guard for even a second. @Jack Howard
  4. Hawk did not reply to the queens comment, nor did he respond to the admiral, his mind instead entirely focused on the task at hand. "The other side is unknown to us, but we believe they may be the ones who destroyed Atlas. After they breach, we hit em' hard and push forward. From what I observed in Herograd, they're animalistic. Reckless. I reckon whatever forces they have will not be expecting us to attack them on their own turf. If no breach is made on their part, I believe Addison and I will enter first with my men." Though he was not fond of the Black Knight due to their last interaction, Hawk was willing to set his personal feelings aside for the time being. This was no time for grudges. @Mackenzie Rose@MaskedHero@Jack Howard
  5. "We'll soon find out. I ain't sure what bullshit they was spittin' but one things for sure, a very similar thing happened back home when everything went down. It has to be them." Hawk replied, still staring down the rifle sights into the portal. "Burning them down is exactly what we'll do once we breach." He replied in response to Minori's question. @Jack Howard@Mackenzie Rose
  6. "Ready weapons! Fix bayonets! Gatlings prepare to fire!" Hawk ordered in a commanding tone as he bolted his rifle furiously, circling around his men to position himself at the front of the portal. "Listen up men! Today we drop boots first into hell! We avenge our fallen brothers, and sisters, avenge our home, and bring our men back!" The Hawk shouted in a rage as he turned around to face those gathered before him. "Herograd fell because we were not ready. Not like today! Today we ARE ready! We'll hit those sons a' bitches so goddamn hard their roots will wither at our feet, for today, they feel the wrath of OUR world. We smash through their forces, reduce them to splinters, and push them deep into the heart of whatever sludge hole of a dimension they crawled out of! We'll make them regret the day they crossed Vesalius Atlas. No, they day they crossed humanity." The Marshal's eyes skimmed around the scene, taking a moment to take in each and every face gathered before him. After a good long look, the Atlesian veteran turned to face the portal again, raising his trusty SHR-61 to his shoulder, the same one he used defending Herograd, and fixing it on the portals center. @Phoebe@Jack Howard@Agent Knockout@Mackenzie Rose@Xoco
  7. "Addison," Hawk called out as he moved up to the Master Knight's side. He wore the plate armor, along with the gauntlets Ewyer Nacht had assembled for him. However in the Marshals hands rested the SHR-61, the standard issue Atlesian bold action rifle. "If these are the things that destroyed Herograd, we ain't gonna last long." He sighed before looking over his shoulder to the fortress before continuing. "If we're gonna to have a chance at stoppin' them, I suggest we evacuate the fortress of civilians, and lower the gunpowder field. Explosives and gunfire was most effective against those wooden bastards, we ain't gonna survive melee weapons and crossbows." @Phoebe
  8. Within the Trenches, Ryder Hawk sat with his men as they readied to carry out their orders. With cover from his allies, and enemy forces distracted, it was finally time to act. From their position, three ships were visible to the Field Marshal. "Focus on that one!" Hawk shouted as he pointed his revolver to the most damaged ship know by the enemy as, "The Red Royal." At their generals command, his men slowly rotated the harpoon cannons they were provided with until they were facing the ship. "On my signal, prepare to latch." The Marshal added as he took position alongside his Bloodlust and Atlesian brothers. "Fire!" He called out before all thirty of their tethered harpoons bolts were sent hurdling into the ship and embedding themselves deep into the wooden hull. @Fierach
  9. “Truth be told, I ain’t sure where we’re headed. Any ground covered is knowledge gained. Mount up. Might want to throw a pack together.” Hawk replied before making his way out the door of the tent. @Phoebe
  10. Initially surprised by her reaction, Hawk simply stared at Addison for a long moment, as he had not prepared for this response. The Marshal let out a short sigh before speaking in a calm, yet serious tone. “Fine. Give James his chance. But I’m still going out there in the meantime.” He responded while tucking his thumbs behind the buckle of his gunbelt in his typical fashion. “Three weeks and I’m headed back. I’ve already spoken to Kiyome. If you wish to follow, I won’t stop you, but I’m leaving in an hour regardless if you’re with me or not.” @Phoebe
  11. Hawk stopped for a moment as he gave her a sickened look from above, casting an imposing shadow over the space between them. He began to feel his rage swell inside him upon hearing her words. As he leaned forward the Marshal bent down and pressed his palms flat against the table. “So you want me to do what?! Sit here with my thumb up my ass while we wait for something we may not even be able to rely on?!” He scoffed raising his voice. “Don’t you dare tell me what Esstevan would or would not have wanted! He’d do the same for me. I’ll walk this whole damn world myself if I have to. I ain’t leaving’ him out there. Dead or alive. And you can make damn sure of that.” He growled as he stood upright again. “When those bastards in the SSK snatched me, he was the only one who came. The only one. I owe him my life. And if it’s too late, well then I at least owe his family a body.” Hawk stepped away as he turned his back to the table. “Nobody gets left behind. Not again.” @Phoebe
  12. With his hand cautiously on the handle of his revolver, Hawk's gaze pierced into orb as he joined Addison at her side. "Could be. Though it ain't likely. My guess is," The Marshal paused, as if he was giving his words a second thought. "Is those bastard trees that destroyed Herograd." He hissed. The though of such a thing happening here sickened Hawk to his core. @Phoebe
  13. The Marshal sat quietly as he continued to gaze at the blueprints. After a moment of thought, he broke his silence. "We ain't got time for this." Hawk admitted with another sigh, finally speaking his mind. He proceeded to rise from his seat and remove his revolver from its place in his gunbelt. Hawk clicked open the cylinder, looking down and rotating though it to ensure it was loaded. As he clicked the cylinder shut again, he slid it back into its holster. Hawk's gaze moved back up to face her as he spoke. "I got a man out there somewhere." @Phoebe
  14. Field Marshal Ryder Hawk, Military Director of the Final Bastion walked the long quiet halls of the fortress on his way back to his quarters. The Marshal was tired, still paranoid over the destruction of his former Nation of Atlas. Merely hours prior Hawk had finally returned from his relief efforts in the mining capital of Atlas, Estrella. His Atlesian uniform was dirty and worn having been the only article of clothing he had for months, for the rest of his clothes on hand had been given to refugees. Hawk's thoughts were sharply interrupted as he stopped abruptly at the sound of urgent footsteps growing louder and louder from his six. "Marshal Hawk!" The scribe sent by the Master Knight called out as he rounded the corner behind him. Hawk spun around on his heel quickly, as the urgency in the scribes voice already began to concern him. "What is it?" Hawk replied quickly as he moved forward to meet the boy half way. "Lady Addison requires your presence. I-I think its an emergency!" The scribe blurted while doubling over from exhaustion. Hawk didn't bother wasting time replying, instead he took off down the hall in the direction the scribe had came. His heavy boots pounded against the wood flooring as turned the corner to be greeted by the stairs of the fortress above. The bolt action rifle on the soldiers back bounced up and down in its place as he made his ascent of the staircase to locate Addison. Hawk's heart-rate began to pick up as he power walked faster and faster, for he could simply not allow emergencies here. Not with his family around. @Phoebe
  15. Hawk let out a sigh as he sulked back in his seat, for this was far more complicated than he had intended. "Any leads on a manufacturer?" He asked raising his hands from his lap a bit before letting them fall lazily again in frustration. @Phoebe
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