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  1. A quiet, feminine chuckle came from outside the mans quarters, one lined not with humor, but with resignment. Following it was a short sigh, barely audible with its companion of an almost instant sharp intake of breath, before the canvas entrance flap was pushed aside, and the being entered. Standing at an average height for a woman, Rose was armored slightly differently than the fellow "Survivors" though she didn't deem their group as such a dreary term. In truth, she tended to rarely come to the camp, mostly at night as to not startle the less mentally stable of the group with her appearance. She had barely changed before the warp, seeming to age at a rate decelerated greatly compared to the other men and woman, though her origins were key play to that, and her rather unsettling appearance as well. She sat down cross-legged beside the attempting to sleep man, and shook her head with a small smile. Lightly hitting him upon the shoulder in jest, she quietly said, in a mock town of voice, "Better watch out Evan, the monsters are gonna eat you up," Before letting out a small laugh. She sighed, stretching her shoulders back, the left side of her body, being cloaked, moving aside to reveal the mismatch of rather broken, and a bit pristine, anatomy. Experimentation has been fairly well, and although nowhere near her original imposing structure, the mix and match of ashen and human technology and armor was well evidenced on her, though the ashen side was more evident, as of more recent events, she had started walking around with two arms instead of one, on her left, already augmented side. "So, are you just gonna lay there and sleep, or will I actually get some conversation out of you, old man? All of these other blokes seem to avoid me like the plague." She frowned, though shrugged off the look of slight annoyance displayed on her face, as her expectant eyes gazed upon the hopefully awoken friend of hers. @Heroshima_
  2. He let out a sigh at the act of patronization, and then another of relief as he saw the gates, a symbol of safety. However, the demeanor of the guards expressing anything but safety was the opposite of what he had hoped for. Even more so was the fact that the tightening grip expressed the fear of danger, but instead of the continued feeling of paranoia and fear, the old hint of annoyance crept into his expression, and he placed a hand on the torch bearers arm, pushing downwards with minimal force, enough that put with no resistance, it would only push the arm down slightly. "Pardon our ignorance, but from where we come from you do not wave fire in ones face. Usually it would end with a fist in yours. Do not fret, we aren't twisties, or whatever you spoke before, simply just people who would like to leave the insecurity of the forest. If you wish to hear why, we have an earful of a tale. Understood?" He raised an eyebrow, more so a question than a meaningless gesture. @Phoebe
  3. From within the usual dark recesses of the mans workshop, Ewyer was working his usual magic of building his usual gunpowder weaponry, and was rather pleased. As of yet, the new "invention" Hadn't exploded in the last few hours, that being a new record since moving to his wife's seemingly firearm hating fortress. His thoughts trailed off for a second, until his entire being came back into focus, prompted by hearing his name being called. He flinched, peering backwards at the noise for a mere moment, until he remembered what he was doing. As of that, his earlier thoughts came back to bite him, in which for a single second the weapon primed, a hammer flying downwards as the firing mechanism of the ranged device activated, prompted by his sudden movement, as the framework was very volatile. A poor business practice, one would call it, to keep a weapon fully loaded while you were working on it. Even more so to have one as explosively powerful as his latest project was, to be fully primed at all times when several trials had proved that the project more than volatile for its own good, the slightest shifting of its form resulting in massive eruptions of fire and smoke. For a lesser man, without a decent amount of fire and heat immunity, this would be a very troubling occurrence. For Ewyer, it was a regular one. He had even devised goggles that would reduce the lights impact on his eyes, as he was so used to the annoyance that an open explosions light could cause as it ignited in a destructive embrace outwards. And as such happened, the device exploding as it discharged within the rather cluttered workshop, set every flammable thing alight, including the floor, and multiple pieces of paper, letters and various lists, though over time the tinkerer had made the decision to fireproof his notes and blueprints. Such ideals did not carry over to the clothes that were set alight on his body. He reacted according, yelling vulgarities at loud volumes while a dark, viscous form swung in an arc from behind him, ice rapidly forming as it sucked the air away from the fire and froze it suddenly, any remaining moisture in the cramped room being packed together to form this imposter form of ice. He swatted at his clothing, swiftly putting out the flames in an experiences manner, and letting out a rather loud sigh at the whole ordeal, everything within the room either burnt or covered with a layer of ice. If not for the rather warm climate in the fort, this would be an issue. Even if the ice would melt, however, the water would be even more of an issue, though once more clever thinking had water proofed the various notes and blueprints. One could hope his tools would remain unrusted. He let out a single glance along the workshop, and decided he would deal with it later. Not bothering to change from his scorched and burn hole covered clothing, he lifted rather large goggles upwards, shifting them to his forehead, and swiftly manoeuvred around various armor pieces and weapons, before reaching the workshop door. After unbolting several locks, he pushed the rather scorched inside of the door outwards, light spilling into the dark room as he breathed in a wave of fresh air. He grumbled with annoyance at the light, before calling outwards in response to whoever required him now. "Alright, who be needin me now, and I swear ta god if its another prosthetic request I'll take off whatever limbs ye ave left!" He called out in a fashion resembling annoyance, and began to attempt to navigate the halls of the maze called the Bastion, trying to find the location of request for himself to appear at. Not an easy task, but one he accomplished with little effort.
  4. "I was supposed to take notes? Bah, I'm sure we can recall most of that. . .event, that happened." He let out a nervous laughter, his pace quickening as the town appeared within sight, as Addy appeared to do the same. Similar people, Similar choices, he supposed for mere second, before shoving such useless thoughts in a corner within his mind, focusing on things in his immediate sight. Things were fine he mused, noting the paths unevenness compared to the more paved ones, and how the difficulty of navigating it while running from- No, no, such thoughts weren't needed. Constantly shifting from one jarring topic to another within his thought trail, he attempted to steer to a new plane of the mind. "Nice weather, isn't it. No rain. That's desirable." He said, speaking rather quickly. He sent her a smile that attempted to be reassuring. "So, how about after this, we can. . .have a nice, calm date at. . .we could go. . .I'm sure we can find something fun to do at safet- home. Good old home." A quick chuckle followed. "That thing back there was nothing anyway. I don't understand why you're so frightened." @Phoebe
  5. He took the hand, rolling his eyes with a smile at her antics, before hearing the noise of movement, a noise that usually only belonged to creatures that were rather unappealing in nature, a scuttling thing, much more frightening than one that bounds or gallops. Surely such a screech would have frightened off any creature with anything lower than sentient though, minus actual humanoids. His smile turned into one of slight nervousness. "Mhm, I'm aware of desperate times, love. But I think with that. . .Whatever it was, suffices as information? Surely we should be able to go back now." His voice, calm and steady, wavered slightly. Although he had been up for adventure, hearing his own voice send out screams of pain seemed to have been enough to rattle him. And noises, did not help in any way either, as he kept a stance of calmness, but his eyes darted to and from, a sense of paranoia being emitted from them. He held his hands at his sides, stiff, a mixture to appear laid back, but said arms looking as if clenched, his hands fidgeting with his pants. @Phoebe
  6. "Well, yes, small animals are. . .in existence, but-" He felt chills go down the length of his back, at hearing the sound of his own voice knowing full well it wasn't really him. The feeling of something copying such an important and unique part of himself, he didn't like. However, he didn't feel afraid, not even as he heard the noise of piecing ringing, annoying, but not fatal either, and he assumed the creature was making sure a noise as well. However, his advance was quickly cut short as he heard actual speaking, and then, the screams of himself. That, was what got to him. He stopped, and quickly retreated back to Addy, stumbling backwards as he no longer wished to get near the undesirable creature. He was further startled, by yet another piercing sound, similar to the first he noted, before the shriek of it filled his ears, and as he thought of only that, his legs tripped on another, sending him onto the ground and his arse, before he threw the ball of flame he had created at nowhere in particular, as it burned out in the air. Once again stopped, he groaned quietly, wondering if his eardrums had been shattered yet. "Why are you ap- . . .That was you, wasn't it." he let out a sigh, before turning back to her with a small smile. "Neither did I, love. Just. . .a bit of a warning. . .please?" @Phoebe
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  8. Watching the creature, Ewyer felt off put, unable to know what he was looking at, before he simply glanced at it. After a few moments, he began to advance, not fearing the unusual creature, a more curious stance being taken by the man as he made his way over to the giant ear, a thing he didn't think was possible. No, whether or not it did exist, he had made two conclusions. Either it would be unable to be hostile, as it had no real way of fighting, or it had to be an illusion, though the second he had no way of justifying. "I don't think there's reason to be afraid, it doesn't. . .seem to have any way to defend itself, from what I can see. . .though it's more than fascinating. . ." He called behind him, A calm, yet rather obviously uncomfortable tone being carried along with his words. Although he didn't dare turn away from the ear, in the off chance it was a fighter, as he decided to keep his guard up while doing such an advance, slowly taking off a glove upon his right hand, as a small ball of flame began burning into existence. @Phoebe
  9. "And here I thought we'd have a good, annoyance free time." He muttered to her, and then had an unusual, but interesting idea. "She sell sea shells by the sea shore, She sells sea shells by the sea shore." He began uttering tongue twisters, loudly into the woods. Though one could see it as some sort of madness, his reasoning was simply. He assumed that it was some sort of vocal mimic, and thus, was testing its intelligence and its able to recreate sounds. He tightened his grip on Addy however, on the slight chance the unknown entity was actually a threat. Even though he doubted it was dangerous, he'd rather be paranoid than in danger. Following her example, though with a slight twist, a ball of flame erupted in his open hand, and he proceeded to burn a semi circle on his side, less of an actual blaze, and more of small warning flames, a few feet in front of him, just barely enough that the miniature blaze would last longer than a few seconds before it died out. @Phoebe
  10. He sighed, shaking his head, and pulled forward in their walk, a spring in his step at he moved farther from the relatively safer camp, watching the wilderness with an expression that said "I'm trying to make this seem fun". Letting go of her hand, and waving a hand at her, a gesture to be described as "Come on, relax a little". He was, truly, trying to find some light of excitement, something he could do to ease the nerves of what he could see as his rather stressed and tired companion, before stopping and turning for her. As much as he wanted to seem brave, in any form, he'd much rather them stick together. His voice softened from earlier, as he attempted to reassure her. "All we need to do is a little bit of writing. Don't over think it, and when it's done, we can go. . .sightseeing or something." He gave her another of his signature grins, and then turned back round, walking slower than before, as a moving, yet waiting, walk. He began to whistle a small tune, glancing around the area they were in, and up at the dark sky, in which was the only moment he showed a hint of displeasure. "No stars?" He murmured to himself, a tone of worry in his voice as he actually glanced to the sky, like Addy had done so before, a thought made into speech, and a second later, he hoped she hadn't heard his words of doubt, for their so called, happy, fun adventure. It was truly the first time they had been really alone, and on some sort of thing with just one another. His hopes that it would be a perfect time were hard to achieve, and if anything were to ruin, he'd hate himself if it was the doubts of himself that did so. @Phoebe
  11. "Whether or not this is the usual experience for romance, I'm going to enjoy it. I'm no damsel in distress, and even if I was, I have you here with me. You think some bear or wolf out there is going to pose as much of a threat as the annoyances back home? The worst thing we'll have to deal with is the unruled forest ground, or in the worst case, getting lost. I'll even bet on it." He spoke with confidence, and even if his ignorance did show, he didn't care all to much. Whether or not there was truly some dangerous foe, he didn't care all too much. His arrogant sense of safety was shown on his face, a tone of bravery and recklessness on it, as if he had seemingly been revived from his old state of constant fatigue. He was almost like a different man, younger by a hundred years. "Now, lets past this feeble barricade, I want to go on a fun adventure again with a beautiful woman, like the old days." He gave a her a grin, almost childlike, in turn both up playing the fun factor of the mere study session on animals, and downplaying the rather obvious danger. @Phoebe
  12. While being mildly concerned about the need of such security for what he was told was a research expedition, Ewyer was not one to complain about such ways, as there was never a such thing as too much security. Though he didn't assume such a expedition would be usual for a relaxing time, he simply connected the dots to his wife's need to build bonds with other groups of interest, if her nation were to succeed. Thus, here he was on another adventure, his first in a while, and was rather happy to be doing something again, instead of just sitting around awaiting others to need him. He was rather cheery, excited, for what he could encounter in these new set of lands, different from what he was normally used to in his old home. Feeling the tightening of his hand by Addy, he glanced sideways at her in a quizzical manner, and rolled his shoulders in a manner of similarity to shrugging to her statement. He didn't feel the paranoia was to that extent, and rather commended the warriors on what he only could describe, in his mind, as thorough discipline and efficiency. He watched the men patrolling the wall, though felt as if such defense was a bit of a shambled build, even if the encampment wasn't subject to such devices as artillery or actual fully defensible walls. "Its not that bad love." He said, an attempt at reassurance, and returning her grip with one of confidence "I'm sure they're only doing what's required. Thinking ones self undefeatable, is what lead to the fall of many. Atlas, Bulgaria, and others like our dear friend," He spoke the name like it was poisonous and burning through his mouth as he spat it out, "Were all broken apart due to some arrogance of power." He finished off his statement with a sour note, remembering the rather destructive ends of the aforementioned places and person. "Never mind any of that, anyway. We're going to have a fun time, watching animals and relaxing!" @Phoebe
  13. Merely tending to his drink well within his grasp, he took some time to examine those about the tavern, noting with mild intrigue that a decent amount of his friends and acquaintances were among them. He found it interesting, despite the place that they were in was one they should not be. Not as to say they weren't welcome, but in a way that there should have been little possible way they could have been here due to. . . Unusual reasons. Putting such off thoughts from his mind, his eyes glanced over those he had little wish to converse with, and eventually settled on that of a group he recognized fully. He decided to watch for the time being, wondering why such a shady sort of character were talking to the likes of his wife and her friends, feeling a bit too drained to make the minor walk over to them. However this small tinge of surprise at those he knew quickly turned to his stomach dropping, as he observed the form of Duck, his unoccupied hand shifting lower in response to the sight of the menace, to his satchel, as knowing the creature, he would most likely need to intervene in the soon to be hostile situation. Shifting slightly from his stance of leisure, he brushed some of the filth off of himself, and made a slight expression of regret as to his state of cleanliness.
  14. Entering through the doorway in a sudden flurry of motion, would be a man dressed In a rather expensive looking outfit, though he himself looked as if he did not belong in such a set of clothing. Though ultimately looking more pompous like than anything in its original state, he and said outfit were decorated with more than a fair share of mud, and he appeared to be out of breath, though quickly straightened himself out, acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and proceeded to walk to the counter. He fluffed his rather messy hair set into some sort of acceptable style, and leant against the bar, attempting to appear inconspicuous. His eyes brightened slightly, adjusting to seem less dull, and more humane. His next action was to glance about the bar haphazardly, keeping his head pointed downwards and turned away from as many in the bar as he could manage to maneuver to, in an attempt to be considered non-existent by the others within the near vicinity. Less of an actual look, and more of an act of reassurance, on his part. "I'm sure it be fine, teres no problem ere, and ye dinna do anything wrong, no need ta worry attall." In Finality, he reached into the satchel set to his side, and retrieved a corked bottle of what could be discerned to be whiskey, to those familiar enough with alcohol types to recognize such things from a distance. Reaching down subconsciously, he uncorked it, simply ripping the cork out of its previous position, before flicking it away, and taking a sizeable swig from the now opened bottle within his grasp.
  15. If I may, an interesting idea for a cure would be "Burning down every church within 20 km of the cursed beings birth place, but only burning down said churches on the days when a priest is giving a sermon" it would be an interesting cure to try and obtain.
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