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  1. Merely tending to his drink well within his grasp, he took some time to examine those about the tavern, noting with mild intrigue that a decent amount of his friends and acquaintances were among them. He found it interesting, despite the place that they were in was one they should not be. Not as to say they weren't welcome, but in a way that there should have been little possible way they could have been here due to. . . Unusual reasons. Putting such off thoughts from his mind, his eyes glanced over those he had little wish to converse with, and eventually settled on that of a group he recognized fully. He decided to watch for the time being, wondering why such a shady sort of character were talking to the likes of his wife and her friends, feeling a bit too drained to make the minor walk over to them. However this small tinge of surprise at those he knew quickly turned to his stomach dropping, as he observed the form of Duck, his unoccupied hand shifting lower in response to the sight of the menace, to his satchel, as knowing the creature, he would most likely need to intervene in the soon to be hostile situation. Shifting slightly from his stance of leisure, he brushed some of the filth off of himself, and made a slight expression of regret as to his state of cleanliness.
  2. Entering through the doorway in a sudden flurry of motion, would be a man dressed In a rather expensive looking outfit, though he himself looked as if he did not belong in such a set of clothing. Though ultimately looking more pompous like than anything in its original state, he and said outfit were decorated with more than a fair share of mud, and he appeared to be out of breath, though quickly straightened himself out, acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and proceeded to walk to the counter. He fluffed his rather messy hair set into some sort of acceptable style, and leant against the bar, attempting to appear inconspicuous. His eyes brightened slightly, adjusting to seem less dull, and more humane. His next action was to glance about the bar haphazardly, keeping his head pointed downwards and turned away from as many in the bar as he could manage to maneuver to, in an attempt to be considered non-existent by the others within the near vicinity. Less of an actual look, and more of an act of reassurance, on his part. "I'm sure it be fine, teres no problem ere, and ye dinna do anything wrong, no need ta worry attall." In Finality, he reached into the satchel set to his side, and retrieved a corked bottle of what could be discerned to be whiskey, to those familiar enough with alcohol types to recognize such things from a distance. Reaching down subconsciously, he uncorked it, simply ripping the cork out of its previous position, before flicking it away, and taking a sizeable swig from the now opened bottle within his grasp.
  3. If I may, an interesting idea for a cure would be "Burning down every church within 20 km of the cursed beings birth place, but only burning down said churches on the days when a priest is giving a sermon" it would be an interesting cure to try and obtain.
  4. Ewyer Nacht: Soldier, Inventor, Age Old Traveller. Born in the prime time of the more medieval era, the soon to be decently known man was born, but subsequently abandoned for reasons he himself never got to find out. Though most of his past is shrouded in mystery, having a good three centuries of past one could spend hours upon days, even years, pouring through the multitude of events he has lived through, and suffered through. Rather reluctant to reveal his extreme magic oddities, he mostly spends time to himself, either inventing creations of magic and clockwork intelligence, writing his ever growing collection of knowledge of the mythicalities of the world, or instead of spending his time to himself, socialising with his friends and family. Married to the knight and ruler of the bastion, Addison Nacht, he has a happy relationship and enjoys anytime he can spend with her, or enjoying the company of his multiple friends, whether it be within the range of the high political figures such as Jack Howard, former soldiers of Atlas such as himself like Ryder Hawk, or simply those who he finds comfort talking or just relaxing with. Ewyer, though being over three centuries old, still regains the looks and composures of a man of just 21, due to certain past fueled events that lead to a sort of "immortality", as he has been blessed (Though he himself thinks it a curse at most times) in which he shall never age physically. Although his body appears lean, he is muscular, from multiple jobs that trained his body to be able to life about two times his own weight, though a lot of said power is due to his vampiric condition, making him appear paler than most, along with enlarged canine teeth, and feeling pain in rays of sunlight, though physically it is not know of the pain he tolerates, similar to a constant bee sting. He is faster, and stronger than most average humans. He is a average five foot eight, and has bright orange hair, with a lighter orange streak down the middle of his bangs. As to be expected, he does not need to east or drink food, instead consuming blood, though the first two items he enjoys consuming none the less. His "Supply" of blood comes from mostly the recycle of his own blood, mixed in with his wife's, with her consent to do so. On special occasions, and with her approval, he sometimes drinks directly from her, overall more fulfilling and satisfying, though he takes care to use methods in which she will have no chance of gaining his "Unholy" affliction. His eyes, appearing a dull blue and milky white, are actually enchanted and modified moonstones, giving him sight, though he sometimes has issues with seeing colours or things at long distances. Keeping up good hygiene, he focuses not so much on his looks, as for the most part, they tend to stay the same, most likely do to his immortality condition. Also to note, his second ear still has the ability of hearing, though most of the lobe and ear itself has been ripped up. Employing a wide variety of different magical powers, he has several different types of abilities that for the most part, mesh together well in some form or the other, though most are either passive, non combat based, or the ones that are, are more so reactive, appearing when he is in great stress, usually during extreme situations of danger or combat. These magical abilities can be classified as to what source they came from, and shall be listed as such. His ancient abilities, from a time long ago, during his earliest stages of magical existence, include his "Wound steal" abilities, in which by physical contact he can remove a wound from an ally, and said wound will instantly appear on his body. Sadly, such implements such as bullets, shrapnel, poison, or any sort of magical harm shall not be able to be removed, but injuries ranging from paper cuts to gunshots (One of the most common) to other abilities. However, with such ability, he must be careful. As the ability is "All or nothing" if he is not able to take the severity of the wound, he could easily Maim, scar, cripple, or even end up getting himself killed from bloodless. His second set of abilities, comes from his ties with various entities, Including a Phoenix, Dragon of Ice, Kraken, and a being of darkness and smoke. From these creatures, he has gained various abilities, though they pale in comparison to what the original creatures could accomplish. From his Phoenix abilities, he arguable gets the most. Nicknamed "Wright" it, or "he" has the ability to manifest as a bird in the physical plane, about half the size of a harpy eagle. Accompanying the creatures, come a resistance to flames, though excessive temperatures can still harm him. In a more combat orientated stance, he can produce flames within his palms, given enough oxygen of course. He is also able to light his entire body in flames, though doing this action will slowly decrease his resistance to nothing, as his skin and stamina slowly becomes strained. In extreme instances, the phoenix can manifest in its full form, though it will result in full body first degree burns, the intensity of a being manifesting from outside his own consciousness proving fatal if used for even the shortest amount of time. However, the other three creatures have provided a less in depth set of abilities. These include the creation of ice, from the "Theft" of moisture and air molecules from the air around him, or from concentrated sources of water, pure or not. Following that, is the ability to produce tentacles from his orifice used for speaking, though he has only done said action one purely as a test to power. In finality, he has the ability to produce dark smoke from his finger tips, or his mouth and nose upon long term usage of the ability, though it has the same results as slowly inducing tar into the bloodstream. This "Smoke" can be refined into a solid form, procession the strength of titanium, and in bladed weapons, is as sharp as finely made steel weapons, abled to slice through weaker substances easily. This "Solid Darkness" has the look of the real life material Dragon glass, for reference. Of course, these abilities also come with resistances of their own elements, and all of the "souls" of the being within his own result in a vary of mood swings, and mental instability at times. A man who finds that most people can be made into friends, or at the very least acquaintances, he often enjoys meeting new people, though has a few specific or strict ideals that he has prohibited himself from associating with. Such thoughts are those who respect the solidity of death, from the most basic of grave robbers, to those who disturb the dead, by mans of necromancy or otherwise. One could say he himself messes with whatever afterlife exists, as in his "Soul" work he often interacts and steals the mana like essence of whatever magic they possessed, along with most of their consciousness and their physical body itself, forming into the "Soul gem" For later use. Other such people, such as those who commit extreme crimes (He himself is known to take a bottle of whiskey every now and again) or enjoy or partake in multiple cases of simply killing those, intentionally and without verifiable reason for their actions. Of course, multiple other personality types could and knowing how people are, there will always be those who disagree, whether on ideals, actions, or overall interactions. A former soldier of the nation of Atlas, and having served as his main form of occupation and work ideals, the former lieutenant enjoyed doing his duties at the very beginning, enthusiastically performing the various exercises and drills, doing so with enjoyment and vigor, and rather quickly getting used to the various tasks, and forms of soldiering he was employed to do. Quickly rising in the ranks, he worked closely alongside several other soldiers, gaining bonds and friendships with many of the other soldiers, forming good friendships with soldiers such as his best friend, Flynn Keter, his commanding officer and Dictatorial leader, Esstevan Montoya, and a great friendship with Ryder Hawk, who of the present he considers the closest thing to a brother he has. In his time within the Atlas marine corps, he participated in many sets of wars and battle, rising in ranks steadily, while others struggled to raise themselves even one rung higher along the ladder of military hierarchy. However, certain events transpired, and due to injuries he was forced into a dishonourable discharge, though following certain magical and technological instances, he was able to appeal to rejoin the corps and continued his military career until the day Atlas "poofed" Built on his past experiences, his mind has been forced into a framework of irregularity, more so in a form of sectioning to prevent spillage of memories of long term into more short term. To peer into his mind, would be a view of a multitude of places, whether a frozen wasteland, a flaming abyss of heat, or a library of his own design. In a way, he has "Made" his mind, and it has been set into a way that he is able to fend off most low to mid tier mental assaults or intrusions, and negative emotions such as fear or malicious intent can mostly be filtered out, unless they come in extremities, in which they will hit hard, and hit fast in his psyche, before evidently vanishing from his mood set, sometimes with a lack of memory following. Lastly, Ewyer can be described as someone who at the very core, upholds the law should it come to that point. He enjoys making and spending time with his friends, and finds enjoyment in the employment of familiar military service, though of his ideals there are few. He is able to hit well on most aspects, being able to hold his own in combat, though mostly against simple thugs or fellow soldiers. AS fights amp up, in terms of skill or magic, the power gap can quickly become evident between him and others. Though his mind and body may be strong, his mental control and subsequently actions can be manipulated easily should he be broken, and often responds in negative ways to conflict. He is a creator who forces himself to work even when his own work and creations tax his own "Soul" while consuming others. He is many things, what most would consider a diamond in the rough from his long years of experience, but within his valuable exterior, he could be regarded as fragile, and easily shattered into a state of anger, destruction, and one that requires quite a bit of maintenance to maintain such an exterior. Luckily, he gains this support from those he loves and appreciates around him, more so his "Family" than any blood relations could be.
  5. Congratulations and welcome, to my Library of Characters, Items, or other important information of mine as I see fit. Seeing as this is my first attempt at making my own thread, I cannot guarantee the utmost of quality while I gather my bearings as to how to do this. So, since you've either came for a reason or wandered on in, you can read my stuff. 😜
  6. "E Lead reporting, Our weaponry is primed, and our orders are yours to give. Simply say the word, and we will do as commanded, whether we're marching to hell to face the demonic entities of this world ourselves, or storming the heavens to face our judgement." The Assigned leader of the E squadron moved from his stance, his legs moving from shoulder width to being right beside one another, arms moving away from their folded position behind his back. In more simple terms, he moved from a stance one would call “At ease” to “Standing at attention”, minus the fact of his right arm moving over his chest, hand clenched to a fist as he placed it over the upper right section of his torso’s plate armor. Though the young man was attentive, he seemed almost empty, a hundred yard stare and voice as flat as the plate armor he wore, along with the coldness of it, accompanying his being. Helmet clutched in the crook of his left arm as he held it, he stood awaiting, similar to the faceless, armored guardians nearby, standing in the stance of respect for their superior officers. “Whether our strength shall be required in the form of our poles, or the rain of fire from our weapons, whatever we are needed for, we shall be successful, you have my word.”
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