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  1. The Reaver would bat the flying projectile to the side with the back of his hand during his charge toward the predator. The large heart within the beast pounded as adrenaline rushed into its system, the heat of battle causing its body to go into overdrive. The metal covered footsteps were loud and crashing while it charged the creature, like loud cannon fire with each step. When the Reaver was within range it leaped into the air, spear in a stabbing motion as it aimed to drive the spike metal rod directly into the beasts eye. If it were to lodge itself correctly, the Reaver would use this new handle of leverage over the beast's head to drive its head toward the boat's floor. Being an eight foot tall behemoth of a man, the Reaver usually kept a low heart beat when out of combat and when engaged in small fights. On the ship however, its eyes were blood shot, its veins showing the mass pumping of blood, and its muscles tensing to the point it would seem that they were bursting from the skin that bound them. Rage and blood lust clouded the mind of the beast that brought many a man fear to just be in the presence of. Although it was a mission to capture this Red Wake, the Reaver could care less. Its mission was to kill and hunt until all opposition was dead, if any ally got in the way, may they have pity on their souls. @Phoebe @Fierach
  2. A large metal clad hand clasped against the edge of the boat, its grip strong. Slowly the shadow of the Reaver stretched across the deck as it rose from the edge, blood dripping from the right side of its body. There seemed to be bits of boat and metal dug into its muscle which caused the bleeding. The heavy steel footsteps slammed on the boat floor, the Reaver was infuriated. The eyes of a hunter gazed at the chaos on deck, but tunnel vision focused on one target, the biggest one on the boat to be sure. A low growl was produced by the beast of a man as it grabbed its broken front chest plate and ripped it off, the metal in its skin along with it. The large steel plate caused a loud bang on the floor. With rage and blood lust, the Reaver released a loud roar, a call of challenge to the shark beast in front of it. During this call for action, it beat his hands against its chest, a gleam shining off of the dark brown chest from sea water, blood, and sweat. None could say the Reaver was not a strong creature. Its chest was muscular, very muscular indeed. With the call for a fight out, the Reaver grabbed its spear from the still armored back and produced stance of close quartered combat, making itself wide and ready to wrestle the beast to the ground. All of these pirates and mutants were weak prey for the experienced hunter, but this, this beast would finally be worthy prey. It would have its head on the wall, a trophy for an eternity. All other fighting on this frigate was pointless when compared to the prize that this beast would make. It was time for the real fight to begin. @Fierach
  3. Wait so only the Reaver and Addison are on the Red Royal? I thought other people were on it too
  4. He looked at his clothes, seeing blood beginning to soak into his under shirt and pants. A younger man somewhat feared this, an older man felt right at home. "Probably, how about you sweet stuff?" On his face was a shit eating grin that slowly started to be coated by a layer of blood. Hey, if this capable woman didn't know who he was and is still asking him if he is OK, what's the harm of trying? After saying this he started to cough, blood splattering on the back of his glove. @Phoebe
  5. The man held steady, squinting through the orange cover. He took a deep breath in, pulling the hammer back on his pistol as he eyed the target. He took a quick glance at Addison. Damn, having eyes gives the perk of seeing something precious before your probably death. His head moved back toward the target. The trigger clicked, the hammer slammed, and the gun fired. The calculated trajectory would be toward the stick of dynamite in the creature's eye socket, hopefully turning that thing into dust. @Phoebe
  6. Now was the time for fast thinking. Tex quickly shoved a small red cylinder into the skeleton's eye socket, lodging it into the skull. His legs pushed against it in an attempt to throw him backwards, but it was an attempt that seemed destined to fail. Five of the tendrils hit is body, soaking the undershirt of the man with a vile liquid. Onto his back the old man fell, directly into open sewage, infecting his open wounds. The man in fear started to scramble back through the sewage, this was not a fight he was prepared for. What type of skeleton even is this? A bomb couldn't even break it. Maybe this next plan would work but he would need to get Addison to safety from the incoming explosion. The man swiped wildly with his Bowie knife trying to keep tendrils back as he got up and rushed to Addison's side. @Phoebe
  7. Tex McCannon bolted forward, drawing a Bowie knife from his belt. He grabbed the skull by the eyes and pulled, slicing along its neck to sever the vines and bone. @Phoebe
  8. Rewrite The bullet would hit the sphere, causing an explosion that would shatter the skeleton's structure, giving the plant nothing to hold onto and use as a support structure. Further more, flames and shrapnel would rip through the plant, severing any tendrils from the main body. Burning metal spikes are sent across the small confined space, hitting anything or anyone who didn't duck or take cover. This included Mr. McCannon who took a good two pieces into his body, but missing the good Lady Nacht. The majority of the plant though received heavy damage from the explosion. @Phoebe
  9. Purple substance coated the black diamond pattern bandanna, blocking most of the gaseous substance. Eyes scanned across the fumes, but trained on the water's reflecting light, seeing green streaks approach from behind. "Down" is all he said to Addison right before his moment of action. Gloved hands instinctively grabbed a small spiked sphere from his pocket, tossing it in an arc behind his back that would fall directly in front of the skeleton. His boot dug into the mucky flooring of the sewer, giving him grip against the stone bottom. Muck moved out of the way of his boot when he pivoted to point behind him. During the spin, he drew his .45, slamming the hammer back. Tex's other foot slid back giving him extra balance for his shot. As this formation came into place, it felt as if time slowed, inhale, bang, exhale. The bullet would rock forward into the metal sphere he had thrown, now directly in front of the skeleton, causing it to explode in flame and metal, hopefully ripping apart the tendril's base, giving them no structure for grip. @Phoebe
  10. He bent down and fished the horse apple from the water, looking over it slowly. "Perfect... a man lost his food it seems" he said, looking around. At that moment, Tex had an amazing idea that is near perfect in every way. "Give me one moment." Tex started to wrap the fruit in some cloth in which he poured the rest of his flask onto. He brought the lighter to the wrapped up object lighting it ablaze and dropped it into the stream to float along as a moving light. He flicked off the lighter and puffed smoke into the air with a chuckle. "God damn, ain't I a genius." @Phoebe
  11. The man ruffled out an old rolled cigar, bringing his flame to its end to light it. His eyes gazed across the flickering walls as he decided that it was about time to move right. After a few puffs of his cigar he answered. "My business to know, ain't my business to say." Only the sound of running water and splashing footsteps followed the statement. Tex continued on his path, looking for anything that was out of the ordinary. @Phoebe
  12. The small boat would keep going forward, sparks falling off of its hull, gas starting to burn and leak off the back causing a fire streak to be left in its wake. Mere moments before impact, a large wall of metal would seem to move down the small shit to only disappear in flame and smoke as the boat crashed into the Red Royal's hull, sending a plume of super heated smoke toward the onlookers' faces. The smell of gas and fire fills the air. @Fierach
  13. "Doubt there ain't nothin' in that literal shit hole" he said, deciding to wrap a diamond patterned bandanna around his mouth and nose as he walked forward toward the hole. "Guess I'll jump in first." With a flick of his coat, he hopped into the hole, sliding down the sewer wall on his boots. When his boots splashed into the sludge below, all that could be heard was some shuffling around that included clinks of metal and rubbing of cloth. After about four seconds, a flicking sounded and then a small light. In a gloved hand was a silver lighter which was held close to the mans face. Most suspiciously though, was the shadow that was cast on the wall of the small entrance beyond Addison's eyes. The shadow seemed to have more Victorian type clothing and light shined through two holes about the head, giving the impression of eyes on the shadow. "Clear!" he called back to the Master knight. @Phoebe
  14. As he followed her into the ally his boot stepped in the sludge producing a splat. Fucking disgusting. He spat to the side and held his nose. "Do we really have to enter a god damn sewer to fight some whatch'mcallims?" he said to the Master Knight, revealing himself to be behind her. The old man scraped his boot on the cobble at the side getting whatever nasty shit was stuck onto it and walked directly behind her, staring down the dark hole. Disgust washed over his face at the sight of the moving gunk inside of the sewer. @Phoebe
  15. The sound of boot steps followed behind her as she walked the streets. His green eye stayed locked onto her, studying her movements and figure. The man chose not to make an introduction just yet, but just follow instead. @Phoebe
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