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  1. As the hand grabbed the Reaver's neck, a wave of disorientation washed over the Reaver. It would seem the blood loss was catching up, but there was still a job to do. While its meaty neck muscles pushed against the grasp of the Wake, the Reaver ripped the other spear from its arm and the deck. In a fashion of a blind rage, the Reaver started to stab the spear into the Wake's own neck, head, and chest at a seemingly random fashion. Each stab brought forth another wave, hopefully the Wake would die before the warrior fell. Behind the metal helm upon its head, the Reaver's eyes bulged. A crimson liquid seemed to fall within the right eye as a blood vessel burst. It had a heart beat like a drum, the pounding becoming greater and greater with each attack it dealt. The body of the warrior was put to one task, kill this damn shark. Blood began to flow from the wrist of the metal coated beast, being flung into the air and down the spear, mixing with the blood of the Wake itself. @Fierach
  2. Soloman is single and ready to mingle
  3. Mingles is going to sue you for assault.
  4. Mingles sexy goblin lawyer got big doe
  5. @Veloci-Rapture I thought that the Red Wake had "One hand gripped the spear embedded in his chest, refusing it to budge either in or out in Mel's grasp."
  6. Several pounds of a meaty fist hit its chest. This was the flight or fight response that many prey result to at the time of their death. The Reaver would wrap its arm around the next incoming blow and use it to spin on the wet floor and onto its bare chest. It pulled itself forward and slammed its knee onto the Wake's arm (onto the forearm right before the elbow) in an attempt to keep it still just for the next pin. It rose its bleeding arm, the spear still in hand, and slammed it into the arm (middle of forearm). Such a stab could impale a normal man, hopefully it would stop the thing from moving. @Fierach The plan was to pin the creature and then finish it off and collect the trophy but someone interfered with its target. First sign was the blood, pouring down the Wake's side and from its mouth. Next was the trident and being holding it. Rage from the fight started to redirect toward this unwanted ally. Hand still still on the spear and knee on the Wake's arm the Reaver shifted to broaden its shoulders and widen its perceived area to the new competition. It released a loud and low growl that to many people meant "Back off." Hunting and fighting was a sport, the Red Wake was the prize and this, this woman was trying to take it. @Veloci-Rapture Unbeknownst to the Reaver was the increasing amount of blood loss coming from his wrist. A knife like tooth had dug itself past a plate of the armor and directly into the wrist. The problem with being as big as the Reaver was is the fact that to deliver blood to such a body veins had to be larger and had to pump more blood. The tooth had dug itself and stabbed into the Radial artery, causing blood to begin to pour out at a steady but alarming rate. Adrenaline, although powerful in the fight, distracted the Reaver from this major medical issue.
  7. The teeth would smash against the metal covered wrist. Being the location of a joint, the armor was significantly thinner than in other places of the body, allowing for the puncturing of the metal. Blood gushed from the wound into the creature's mouth, the taste metallic and rich. The wound served to anger the Reaver, causing a pain filled growl to echo from the helmet. Its feet shifted into a wider stance and its metal glove grasped the inside of the shark's mouth, pulling it closer. The free arm punched into the creature's chest, taking hold and lifting. Its muscles bulged as it did so, calling all of the Reaver's strength to lift. If it were to lift the Red Wake, it would fall backwards toward its back, slamming the Wake into the ship hold onto its head. Flexing of its muscles had a bad effect though, the strength required to lift such a heavy object caused the muscle to push the plates of armor on the free arm off. Several plates of metal clattered against the floor leaving its bicep free of protection, but reduced in weight. @Fierach
  8. Also I am willing to coordinate with @Veloci-Rapture
  9. For my next pose may I ask how wide did the shark open its mouth? Keep in mind the spear still in hand that the shark is biting at @Fierach
  10. Ah it's perfect it is a 3 foot tall old cranky goblin lawyer/accountant/pimp named Mingles McDingles, very good at dating eats fish
  11. What? Tex McCannon is nice now! He fought plants with Addy
  12. I could also get my closeted homosexual professor character who is a bit of a bitch and kind of hates magic beings! She might learn to like Luca lol
  13. Bring in Soloman/Tex McCannon, you can date an old man!
  14. I have an eight foot tall black man who can't speak a word and communicates in grunts and violence. Seems perfect for a date!
  15. It has been a while since a foe has been able to lift the Reaver with purely body strength, it was a both welcomed and infuriating change. Metal clad feet crashed onto the deck but immediately slid into a position to support its weight. The Reaver's free arm pulled back and slammed into the Crimson Wake's nose. The punch wouldn't be fast but the weight behind such an arm made up for it. It would feel like being hit with a sledge hammer. Enraged eyes stared directly into the shark's from behind the small slits that made up the Reaver's helmet. Veins across its head bulged and moved with each great beat of its heart. It growled loudly, a sound like a crackling fire mixed with the rattle of a snake. There was no fear in this being, only rage and blood lust that fueled its strength and attack. @Fierach
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