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  1. "Sorry! I drifted off for a moment." Anna quickly caught up to her. "I think we should head to a tavern, I'm sure someone would know of information we need." She pointed to the tavern across the way, 'Kin No Sakaba' (Tavern of Gold). "That seems good enough. If this lady brings happiness, I'm sure money can equal to happiness for some." Anna waited for Eliane to follow her as she walked a few steps ahead. @Layla_C
  2. The people attempted to go in lines to get into the lifeboats. Some were panicking, others were comforting each other. Children held onto their mother's, terrified of what was going to happen. Anna helped load people into lifeboats, making sure no one was over crowding it or pushing people off lifeboats to save themselves. She was rushing quite a bit since she knew Howard would do something massive for everyone to retreat to the boats.. Howard doesn't retreat, he knew exactly what he was doing, Anna was sure of it. The soldiers let the citizens get onto the boats before them, just in case they had to fight or anything. The life boats were heading to the bigger ships so they could get pulled up, and so they are protected. People covered their ears as the sounds of the ammunition fired to the natives. They actually still stood a chance, there was no way these creatures could live after this. @Jack Howard @Phoebe
  3. Anna covered her face as the boulder was smashed into the ground; making sure the pieces wouldn't hit her eyes. She knew her men couldn't beat more tyrants, one was hard enough. Looking over at the teams, she yelled "RETREAT! HEAD TO HOWARD'S BOATS!" She hoped they had something in mind. She wouldn't leave her people in the town to die. The men quickly moved toward the beach, keeping their fronts toward the tyrants. They wouldn't turn their back on them. Some threw explosions at the tyrants still as they ran to the beach. A few men plus Anna went to the town to gather the people. They quickly went to the beaches as well, trying to not be seen by the enemies.
  4. Anna and the people in the group would scatter, well attempt too. There wasn't much time if a boulder was coming toward the group. The team went into different directions so maybe the treant wouldn't throw the boulder. The men threw some more explosions so maybe it would break before being able to throw it. A few got on horses and helped others to move out of the way to safety. Some kept firing their guns at the treant. They attempted to show no fear, they wouldn't go down without a fight.
  5. I would like to join please! Thank you!
  6. "I have rope, yes- Oh! I forgot, I have a book on this fox in my bag. My grandmother gave it to me." Anna took out the book and flipped through the pages til the fox was released. "There once was a very lonely man who was hard at work on his farm. He worked day in and day out and had plenty of food to eat and a nice home which he cared for, but he not a wife. He had searched for many years for a women to make his own but he could never find one suitable enough. One day while he was about in his field, he looked up to find a staggeringly beautiful woman, she could be nothing less than a Lady, he immediately fell in love. He asked that she marry him, explaining to her all he had and how he could take care of her and, to his great joy, she agreed. The couple married and they lived very happily together for many years. To the farmer's great joy his wife one day told him that she was finally with child and that they would be a complete family. He was overjoyed and took care of his wife and their unborn child. When they baby was finally born, he found that his pet dog had also beget a single puppy. He had hopes that they child and puppy would grow up together and be good companions but as the puppy grew it became increasingly hostile towards the farmer's wife for no apparent reason. Months went by like this until one day the pup-turned-dog tore into the Lady's farm, terrified for her life the woman vanished in a fit of robes and silks and in her place sat a fox with nine tales. She looked up in surprised bewilderment and, realizing what she had done, bolted out of the house and away from the angry jaws of the dog. Days, weeks, and months went by and she did not return. The man was heartbroken, he loved his wife and missed her and did not care that she was really a fox-spirit. He cried for her every night, wondering the fields in despair, calling out in his voice that grew hoarse and broken from tears for her to please, "Kitsu-ne?" "So, I may of forgotten quite the details. Here.." Anna passed over the book to 'Eliane.'
  7. Anna and most of the men in the division shuddered with the sudden 'earthquake,' a lot fell down including Anna. They all quickly got back on their feet and began to fight again, no one was injured from this occurrence. They seemed to hold their ground well, and Howard's troops were coming to help more and more. The air was a bit smoky and you couldn't honestly hear yourself think; the Goddess and all the firing was making so much noise. The troops fought without mercy, and craving revenge for those who just passed. Those men wouldn't die for no reason, they wouldn't let them die for no reason. Some soldiers attempted to throw explosives at the elves and the treant. Hoping it would slow them down and maybe make things quicker..
  8. The group were doing their best to keep fighting, but they were not looking so good. They were backing up more and more by the minute, hoping there were some men going to help them. They kept fighting even though people went down. The medics did their best to help those were injured, but it wasn't enough. Arrows and bullets were everywhere, the team were doing their absolute best on trying to stop the elves. The more experienced soldiers were doing a lot though, they were helping those who went down while also shooting elves all around them. They were careful not to get stepped on and they began to shoot the horses as well.
  9. Anna and 'Eliane' were walking to the ports as they continued to talk. "Well, the fox apparently lived around this place in the forest. So, I assume it'll be here. Also, it looks like a regular fox. The only difference is that it's eyes are a golden color. You can't really tell it shoots needles unless you get up close to it. In it's mouth, there are pointy fangs, honestly it's terrifying- but it'll be fun." She gave a somewhat run down, but it was enough she felt like. "Oh! We need to get some berries when we get to the port. It may help draw it out." @Layla_C
  10. Anna nodded her head, she grabbed her backpack and walked to the door. She laughed when hearing 'Eliane's' nickname for her. "Well, I was thinking we head to the ports to see if we can get any information. That sound good?" She asked, hoping it was a decent plan. @Layla_C
  11. Anna didn't exactly like her answer, but it was whatever. She nodded her head at 'Eliane.' "Well, I'll call you Eliane still if that's alright then. Just so I can contact you if I have to yell across the room or something." She shrugged. Anna didn't mind this, so it was whatever. She sat up straighter in her chair and asked, "so, are we heading to your place so you can bring some materials or are just going to hit the road?" @Layla_C
  12. Anna was so relieved, she saw the ships approaching. The only downfall was that they chose to do the division. She highly doubted that there were men over there where they were leading the natives, but hopefully Nelson radioed Howard about it. The troops seemed to have more confidence now when noticing the ships in the distance. Most of them still assumed that there were men waiting for them or heading their direction so they continued, but they did slow down a bit. They fired at the natives and their animals. They weren't going to lose this fight after all, maybe.
  13. "Yeah, Eliane. Your... name?" Anna was confused at first, but then understood what just happened. This person wasn't using her real name, wow. How shocking. "What's your name then?" She glared at 'Eliane' as she spoke harshly. She hated lairs. Why lie about your name? Honestly such a stupid lie. @Layla_C
  14. "Let's do the diversion, we need to lead them toward Howard's forces. We can't handle them on our own. If they are getting worse and we can't follow through with the diversion, we'll use explosives." Anna spoke up loudly to the group. Again, they had way too many men. Explosives could take them down quicker and slow them down, but the diversion would be better in the long run. "Use a few explosives if needed!" She yelled once more. Howard's forces better be on their way. The elves's first group retreated so at least they had some hope to win this. @Phoebe
  15. "Okay, bad choice of words. It's not poisoned though." She laughed a little bit. "Just starting a regular conversation. You'll be with me for quite some time so you mind as well open up a bit." Anna rolled her eyes a little bit. Eliane was going to be with her for a few days, so Anna hoped she wouldn't act like this the whole time. "Anyways, Eliane, do we need to stop by your house or something so you can pack? Or are you good?" She asked, looking at the egg that was being poked. @Layla_C
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