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  1. A lady would be on a completely black horse, sitting lady-like on it as she rode along side the carts. There were pouches on both sides of the horse, they were carrying some extra food and water for the people. The person on this horse was Anna Montoya. She looked much better than she has in the past, her smile looked real and she looked healthy again. Sadness could still be found in her eyes after the loss of her husband, but she seemed to be getting better. The first thing Anna did was go straight to the people. She quickly slid off her horse and started handing off some of the food and water from the pouches. Cookies, of course, were given to the children as well. While she handed off food, either from the carts or her own pouches, she mingled a bit with them. Making sure they were all alright and no one was badly starving or hurt for some reason. "Don't forget to share everyone, I'm sure there is enough for you all!" She spoke quite loudly to the people around her, trying to ease their panic of might not having food from the carts. Her horse seemed to be calm as some of the children went to stroke its main. Anna informed them however not to get behind the horse or else they could get badly hurt. She didn't mind not speaking to Addison or anyone yet, knowing they were all busy already. Besides, Anna had her own problems to address - to help these people get some food in their stomachs.
  2. @Lucinda Valentine @Phoebe @TooColeForYou616 @DocterDuck "Oh my cookies!" Anna slightly yelled in a hushed tone almost. No one ever said 'cookies' when saying phrases, but it happened to be Anna's thing; as she always says it in place of 'Oh my!' She quickly unfolded a cloth that was wrapped around a fork and knife. Once undoing it, she placed it on top of Lucinda's spill she made. The lady carefully picked up the bigger pieces of glass and moved it to a pile; however, not daring to attempt to move the smaller pieces. She was about to offer Lucinda another cloth she had for her hand, as she saw it was bleeding - though she noticed she was already walking off in anger. "S-Sorry" Anna stumbled on her word, she felt bad for coming over here for Lucinda just to make a mess. "I can you two drinks if you would like some" She sighed as she spoke, face-palming a little bit. She moved the, now wet, cloth to the side of the table to where the glass was. The cloth carried the tiny shards of glass with it so there were hardly any glass left on the table. She looked at Duck for a moment and rolled her eyes slightly, since he was some-what the cause of this mess. Bringing her eyes back on the two people, she gave them a sorry-we-made-a-mess smile.
  3. @Lucinda Valentine @Phoebe @TooColeForYou616 The lady took her seat, then politely nodded to Addison and the man. She gave Addison a kind smile as well, due to knowing her already; Addison also being a good friend of hers. Anna mostly kept quiet as Lucinda did the talking. She wasn't exactly sure of what to say at the moment. A surprised look on her face showed however once seeing Duck. She sighed, not honestly sure how to feel about Duck. Duck hurt her.. passed.. husband, but was kind to her in her bakerys in the past. She even had a bread called 'The Duck Bread' with a stamp of him on it. It was quite odd. She just kept her mouth shut and was letting Lucinda speak mostly. Placing the basket of cookies down next to her, Anna sat up straight and placed her hands on her lap then crossed her ankles.
  4. @Lucinda Valentine @Waking_Warrior @jaistlyn "care to join me? I want to investigate that man....” "Of course" Anna spoke with her usual sweet voice, but had a half-smile on her face this time. She was quite interested in this. "Give us a few moments" She spoke kindly to the group she was sitting with as she got up and fixed her dress. "I'll follow your lead," Anna said as she gave a cheerful smile, she hasn't done anything like this in quite some time. She picked up her basket full of cookies and held it with her right arm. Then, nodding as she was ready to go.
  5. @Lucinda Valentine "Silly girl, you know i’m only joking. It’s been so long, how are y-" Anna looked puzzled as if why she stopped speaking. She then looked at who she was eyeing. Looking at Kora.. Addison.. then to the man. He seemed oddly familiar, she couldn't place her finger of who he was. "I've met him before, I must of forgotten his name.. Maybe they are friends though, you never know." She spoke to Lucinda in a polite manner and tone; however, she was a bit curious of who he was. She knew she knew him, but just couldn't remember. Hopefully he was just talking to Kora, or else something unpleasant may occur from Lucinda.. and maybe Anna.. who knows..
  6. @Waking_Warrior @jaistlyn The lady noticed Nilan getting more nervous by the minute, she hoped Nilan would calm down soon. She disliked seeing people in distress; however, she wasn't sure what to do to calm her down. Then, Anna noticed her get up from the seats and over to the instruments. Anna looked quite curious at what she was doing at first, then hearing the bow sliding on the strings.. She was quite impressed. She listened as Nilan started to play the violin. The lady watched her with amazement In her eyes. She has heard many people play over her years, but she forgot the amazing sound of the violin. It was enchanting. Anna closed her eyes for a moment, just to listen to the beautiful sound...
  7. @Waking_Warrior @jaistlyn @Lucinda Valentine @Csl "Hullo miss" "Do you and your friends want to be getting anything else?" The lady smiled kindly to him, he was so very polite to them. She shaked her head slightly as she spoke, "I'm alright, thank you. However, these two might want something" Her voice was calm and collected. Anna wasn't exactly sure what the two ladies in front of her wanted to drink. She already had wine and she wouldn't indeed like to get drunk today. Anna noticed Nilan was a bit nervous, so she gave her a slight smile. Trying to reassure her that it was okay. Anna was quite surprised at Lucinda's boldness, since she hasn't seen her in quite some time. She'd just laughed it off, knowing Lucinda was most likely drunk or was just not completely sane at the moment. "No thank you, I already had a wine" She responded, giving a slightly laugh. Once she let go of her chin, she looked at the group. Seeing maybe she has made some new friends, just maybe. Anna dusted off her dress as if there were dust on it and sat properly again. She'd had a cheerful grin on her face from all the excitement.
  8. @jaistlyn @Waking_Warrior (sorry for responding super late, I’ve been busy with irl stuff! ^+^;) The lady listened to the amazing places that Rai was speaking about, Anna has never once been to any of these places. She seemed in awe with Rai’s travels. The only few places Anna has been were uncommon in these parts of land. As she listened, she took a cookie herself and nibbled on it a little bit. Anna was quite done with her wine, even though it still had at least a fourth left. “That is absolutely amazing Rai, I haven't been to any of those places, but they sound lovely.” She commented to her. The woman noticed Nilan’s uneasiness, so so she gave her a little sweet smile to reassure her. She then looked quite surprised once she generously offered for drinks. “Ah, I’m good, thank you though. I much appreciate it!” Anna spoke clearly with sweetness in her voice. Her aura gave off a very cheerful mood. “By the way,” Anna spoke, “Your outfits are quite the style” She spoke to both of them, liking their taste in style. She gave them a warm smile and a small nod.
  9. @Waking_Warrior @jaistlyn @Phoebe "Er.. I am not sure what you mean, Miss Nilan." Anna responded, sounding a bit confused of what she meant. She picked up her wine glass and took a little sip, looking at Nilan. Anna then looked at the other woman who sat before her. "What places have you traveled to? I am quite new here and I'm wondering where I should travel, mostly to sell goods and such." Anna then saw all the people arrive at the tavern, she smiled brightly as she saw all of her old friends. The lady placed her glass down, looking at the two women. She waited for Nilan to answer, but Anna seemed to be quite happier. Her smile seemed more genuine and more of herself, she felt as if she was around people she knew once again. Her eyes glanced at each of her old friends... Addison.. Howard... Irryn... anyone she knew personally. She attempted to keep herself in her own conversation; however, she enjoyed the company of the new people she just met.
  10. @Waking_Warrior @jaistlyn "Ooooh, I love cookies! Did you make them? Can..." The lady was quite surprised at the woman's boldness, she listened to her questions with a small smile on her face. "You are not disturbing anything, it is quite alright." Anna nodded at her, then removing the cloth from the basket once again. "You are more than welcome to take one of the cookies." She lifted the basket and held it out to her. Anna gave her a smile as she did.
  11. @Waking_Warrior @Csl “I’m Nilan.” The lady looked puzzled a bit, seeing her bow her head. She placed her glass down on the table, then placing her hands on her lap. ”Lovely to meet you Nilan.” Anna gave a warm and forgiving smile. She removed the cloth from her basket and held the basket in front of her; letting the two take one cookie. “It would be my pleasure if you two took one of my cookies.” The lady spoke softly and sweetly, smiling at the two. She basically forgot about the little incident from before, she knew the lady before her meant no trouble.
  12. @Csl @Waking_Warrior @Phoebe ”A pleasure to meet you, sir Cadriel.” The lady nodded as she picked up the glass of wine. She held it in between her ring and middle finger, being a bit elegant. Anna looked at the other lady, waiting for her to say her name. Surprisingly, Anna hasn’t seen Iris in quite a long time. She supposed she is talking to people and ruffling their feathers. She sipped her glass of wine a few times, not exactly wanting to drink the whole glass.. but it was possible she might.
  13. @Waking_Warrior @Csl ”It’s.. It’s fine,” the woman sighed, relaxing her muscles and calming herself. “Just, please don’t do that’s again” Anna spoke softly, looking at the lady again. Anna tapped the waiter’s arm gently. “Thank you, very much, but I think I’m okay now.” She spoke kindly to him, then removing her white-cloth from the basket. She gestured for him to take one or two as she smiled sweetly. Anna wouldn’t dare back down on what she said, she hardly breaks her word. The lady looked at the other two people now, not sure of what would happen now. She understood the other woman felt bad, so she wasn’t going to fuss or anything. Anna calmly say there and stated, “My name is Anna, Anna Montoya. I am working towards becoming an expert chef.” Since she answered the woman’s question, she believed no more drama would abrupt.
  14. @Csl @Waking_Warrior The woman was about to get up and dash to the door because of this person; however, she noticed the waiter she’d talk to before coming back to them. Feeling a bit relieved, Anna didn’t get up immediately. Once the waiter stepped in between her and the other person, she’d relax and stop being as tense. ”Uh, miss, the other woman wants her space” Anna quickly nodded her head a few times, agreeing. A man approached the group, with a lyre? *Odd* Anna questioned why in the world he had a lyre, even though she did bring a basket full of sweets. “Who’s this Nilan? Friend of yours?” Anna looked at the new person questionably, but darted her eyes back on the lady who tried to touch her dress.
  15. @Phoebe @Csl @Waking_Warrior “I would tell you if you would just back away a bit sir!” At this time, she was a bit frightened at this person’s boldness. Anna never had encountered someone to ever come close to her without permission, especially when it comes to outfits. She scooted her chair even more away from the person. ”Iris?” The lady called in a panic. Anna scanned the crowd of the tavern, she desperately needed her rolling pin to help her with this situation. She attempted to keep her dress out of this person’s grip as much as she could... she was visibly shaking a bit. Anna could fight, but she is in a tavern! A peaceful and delightful tavern. She knew better than start anything to draw attention, but she was very concerned for her own safety.
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