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  1. Anna and her group were finishing up as the rest of the people (including Addison) were finishing the well. She was so excited, they had water to drink now! Addison had a great idea with covering it, so well done to her. When Addison approached her group, she stood up and greeted her. "Y'all did an amazing job on the well Addison! It looks spectacular!" She spoke excitedly, her hands clapped together. "Agreed.. do you think we can make a fire place inside the house? It may be hard though since everyone is so tired already.. If not, we could make a fire in the middle of the place maybe put stone around it and leave some gaps for the heat to go through?" She was thinking a lot of this, the nights are quite cold here.. @Phoebe
  2. After helping everyone get settled inside the large house, she laid down in her sleeping bag and attempted to sleep. She held a little locket in her hand, it had a crest of a star on it; representing her side of the family. She missed her brother dearly, and her little sister as well. She wanted to make them proud. She finally fell a sleep after about thirty minutes after thinking.. The following day, she noticed Addison and some of the others heading out - She left the place a little later with the rest of people. Anna got two dozen men to just go fishing for today since they were near the ocean, but they only finished from the land since they didn't have boats for fishing yet. The rest of them, including Anna, went to Addison and them to help with the hole. This would be quite the challenge.. Anna and a couple others made more pickaxes for the crew since they kept getting to damaged to use.. @Phoebe
  3. Anna they could be a food source over time. The cows at the moment can be used for milk. "It was? Well, maybe you'll get a good adventure next time," she spoke while smiling. "The house should fit everyone and I think everyone deserves some rest, we made great progress today. We can continue the wells tomorrow." Anna did not want anyone staying awake the whole night working, that seemed too cruel. They've been working very hard today. "We should be wrapping things up now, the sun is setting and I do see everyone getting a bit tired." "Everyone, once you finish or get to a stopping point, that'll be great. We'll pick up tomorrow morning." Anna made the announcement to everyone with a loud, but not yelling, voice. She didn't say anything else, as she still kept in mind the whole kid thing. "We should head inside Addison, we can help with setting everything up." @Phoebe
  4. Anna nodded at the man once he left.. She was sure to be less 'herself' in a way. Her eyes darted toward the yelling voice and saw Addison with cows! "That's amazing! Bring them to the pens that we've made!" Anna was so excited that they found cows, now they have a food source now. Thinking of it again, they could fish as well for food. It might take a while for more food, but it'll work. "To those who just came back after getting cows, thank you!" She didn't say anything else, if she was treating them as kids - they could decide on what to do now. She walked over to Addison. "How was the adventure?" @Phoebe
  5. Anna nodded when he spoke about wanting her to address some concerns; she saw him sweat a bit but she pretended not to notice. She stood up like she would when she was a noble, back straight and head high. She nodded a few times when he spoke about his concern; though she disliked that he still called her 'Mrs. Montoya' when she asked him not to. "I understand," she remained eye contact, "I'll change how I speak to them. Thank you for coming up to me for your criticism. Is there anything else you would like to address?" Her kindness would still be there, but it was not as heard - She had her confidence of her solider self now. Her voice was more stern this time around when she spoke. She wasn't going to be looked down for acting kind as she did, and she doesn't want to lose her people's support. @Phoebe
  6. Anna had no idea that she was being very disliked, but it's fine. She saw a man approach her and she was concerned, but it didn't matter. "Call me Ms. Star please, and sure" She nodded once she said sure. She gestured for him to walk with her to the side away from the people. Anna wasn't sure how to feel about this. . @Phoebe
  7. Anna and the others in the group were working tirelessly making supplies; so far they have made dozens and dozens of spears, pickaxes, and axes. Some people from the group went to go give the well-diggers some more supplies; however, they were not able to go give Addison and them supplies due to their distance. The sun was heading down and down and yet they still had much to do! The supply people started to make fishing poles as well with what materials they had, only maybe a dozen were made though. "Good work everyone, we've made so many supplies! Don't forget to take breaks when you are tired or your hands are hurting." She added that last comment since some of them haven't taken one single break.. Anna was worried for Addison and her group, she hasn't seen them since she arrived. She didn't ponder on it for too long since she knew Addison was a great leader and could handle a task of getting animals. The wood-choppers were starting to build a few pens with the wood they have collected so far. They voted on building a few pens first since they had homes to sustain them for now. The pens would be very good for when Addison came back with animals too; only about two pens were made since they animals could just venture out in their territory too. Homes were being built a bit, but it was taking much longer than the pens. The home they were making was a huge giant house for everyone to gather and sleep in; they could make more houses in the future, but they need a little bit of a better place to sleep. Anna went around after a while and made sure everyone wasn't to thirsty or hungry, she had brought some food so she was giving that out first then the food they already had. Being pretty exhausted, she really hoped Addison was successful. @Phoebe
  8. Anna was not expecting everything to be so down low, Cal literally did nothing for this place. She nodded as Addison went to try to find some livestock, and hopefully she did. "Okay, I need everyone into two groups. If you know that you are better at digging, please help with the wells! If you know you are better at chopping wood, please help with the wood. If you aren't good at either, I would like you to try to make supplies; such as axes and pickaxes. We cannot waste time with this, we want to quickly make at least homes with a better structure and that can hold better winds, and we need the wells for fresh drinking water. Okay, all teams spilt up and do your best. Come back here at the end of the day please. Bring what you need." She spoke confidently as she spilt the people into groups; however, she was very anxious to see if this would even work. Watching everyone go, Anna joined the group making supplies. She trusted that they could make supplies with what they got, but she met and learned from a ton of people to make certain supplies. She needed to make sure they were doing it correctly, and she would transport the supplies when enough was made. Anna knew this place could do it, but how long it would take.. that was a question she didn't want the answer too. @Phoebe
  9. "Ooohhh, my bad." Grinning shyly at Addison she responded. Anna laughed slightly at her humor, but she did have solution. Just a few questions needed to be solved. "Okay, how many people are here? I believe we can divide people into groups if we have enough people. One group to round up animals, one group to chop down wood, and one group to build wells for clean water. Everyone should place themselves in the group they think they will do best in to make this project go faster. Once we settle the main flaws, we can work on energy sources and transportation. Do you believe that sounds good?" She sounded serious in this, it'll make everything run smoothly and efficiently. Sure, no one likes to do a certain task all day, but it'll make everything easier. They could switch weekly if they got tired of a task if the people wanted too. "We could also get ships to send in resources for the time being if we are short on supplies. I can pay for them myself if everyone can't pitch in. After a while, then everyone will pitch in for ships since the environment should be sustainable." Anna felt pretty confident in this, she wanted to make sure the main flaws (again) were sorted out before dealing with all the extra stuff like turbines. @Phoebe
  10. Anna was quite shocked at how Nelson cut her off and basically yelled at Addison. When he turned to her, she was so kinda shocked, but Anna listened to what he had to say about Cal. She kept eye contact as he spoke, she wasn't afraid of his voice raised and she wanted to make sure she got the whole message about Cal. She heard the story a little bit during the trip here, but hearing the whole story is honestly disturbing. She really needed to send Howard a letter when she had a chance. . . "Nel--" She attempted to talk to him, but he had already walked off to the side. She thought he didn't time for a few moments so she left him to do his thing. He must have gone through a good bit for him to get all angry. Anna always saw Nelson to be quiet during the ride here and even walking to the Turbines. He didn't say much, and usually only about business. She did want to make a friendship by the end of this, since they were going to work together for quite some time. Anna sighed before she spoke to Addison, "are you alright? I don't believe he meant to hurt anyone's feelings. I can tell Howard and him are close.. I heard the story on the boat here, but it's honestly horrible on what Cal did.. -Besides that, again, what should we start working on first? I believe we can do much better than Cal. And, we won't be behind on payments for supplies." She smiled kindly at Addison. Her eyes showed compassion as she spoke, after speaking - she looked toward Nelson. She felt awful on how he must of felt to hear about his friend trying to shot himself... Cal will pay when they see him, it's already awful enough he abandoned this project. . . @Phoebe @Jack Howard
  11. Hiii! May I join in? ^+^
  12. Anna was looking out into the Turbines, thinking of possible solutions for this place.. It seemed awfully empty, but it'll get better in due time. Her thoughts were interrupted by Addison, as she saw her walking toward them. "Hey Addy! Lovely to see you!" She spoke with excitement in her voice; Anna hasn't seen Addison in quite some time now. And yet Addy still had her sense of humor. "We'll fix this place up in no time! Okay.. maybe a little bit, but it'll look amazing afterwards!" She gave a friendly smile out to her then looked toward the Turbines again; thinking of some ideas for this place: including, more houses, cable lines, and more energy resources. After Addison nodded to Nelson, Anna spoke again to her. "Hmm, what should we do first here? There is much to be done, but is anything bothering you mostly Addy?" Her head tilted slightly to the right as it usually does when she asks a question to a friend. Anna's voice was filled with concern when she asked the question, she disliked how the Governor before her betrayed this place.. Who would betray such a person? And this project that needed to be done? @Phoebe @Jack Howard
  13. The one and only Anna Star walked along with Nelson beside her. She wore an elegant, but old, dress; it was the one with the top was white and faded pink was the rest of the dress. "Admiral Nelson, I would love to hear more about your achievements and all since I do hardly know you. But I hope we can run this place peacefully, and I trust you completely since Howard is a dear friend of mine.. I wonder if Addison is here, it'll be nice to see a familiar face." As she spoke to Nelson, she faced him - keeping eye contact. She always felt it was proper to look someone in the eye when speaking to someone. But when she spoke about Addison, her eyes drifted off to the land ahead of her. Anna was walking with a pep in her step, excited for what was going to happen firstly. She was new to this land, so having someone tell her about the terrain more would be lovely. She did hope Addison told her more. Anna felt like she could do this job since her brother (Silver Star) and her husband who passed (Esstevan Montoya) were both leaders and good people. She wanted to make them proud and make sure everyone saw her suited to become a leader. @Phoebe @Jack Howard
  14. As Addison talked to the stall owner about this 'rock candy,' she looked at them - trying to figure out how to create it. It could 100% be apart of her decorations. She didn't speak though while Addison order, Addison was always good with talking to anyone - even if she denies it. "Thank youuu" Anna smile as Addison handed her the bag, she took the 'lollipop' out and licked the back of it (where it facing her and not Addison). The candy melted where she licked it, its taste was very sweet. It tasted like sugar, a huge sugar rush. The texture was very nice to the mouth, but it could easily make a cut.. She'll have to adjust that. "It tastes very good, very 'sugary.' Try it! It's really good!" She spoke with a child-is grin on her face as she licked it some more. "This is very interesting honestly, I wonder what else they have here that's like that.." She was still licking her lollipop as she looked around for anything that would be amazing to try. @Phoebe
  15. "Now that is amazing, you can make so many things with magic!" She looked at the bread maker in awe, that person didn't even have to lift a finger if they didn't want too. "Yes, I see the halo. It's quite beautiful." Anna responded as she looked around the stands, looking for something unique. "I'm not sure if you know this person, his name is Jayce. He gave me this idea of making some acholic sweets. I may attempt to make that again.." Her mind drifted to different ideas.. blueberry, lavender frosting... maybe pasta with mushrooms (edible) inside of noddles.. a soup inside of a bell-pepper.. Her thoughts and ideas came from around her, seeing all these different types of food.. "This place is honestly giving me so many food ideas. Nothing exactly has picked up my attention though.. Anything you see that you like?" She asked as she looked at Addison for a moment. Her eyes kept drifting to each area with their different natives of food. @Phoebe
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