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  1. The attendant Captain held his hands behind his back, his eyes intent on the files before him. Riker's ears remained open, listening vigilantly to Seydlitz's words. It was music. As an officer, strategy was his forte and this plan managed to shine a smile upon his face. His vision snapped up, taking a step closer to the illuminated table and puffing his chest out. His hands came out from hiding behind him, his spent yet sturdy hands planting onto the sides of the table, his fingers bending around the edges and clamping on. He glanced at the two briefly. "Then where do we start? I can gather men around solitude to commence construction, I just need to know what we'll be wanting to build first." He smiled, thoughts flowing through his mind before he hauled himself up from the table and fixing his posture. "You know, I'd say more but it seems like you've covered most of everything, we'll just need prints of what we're building and confirm the very spots we'll be building them. What do you have to say about all this, boss?" He adjusted his baring, turning his head in the direction of his Field Marshal @nightlight@Hawk
  2. Here lies a fallen chad. . but not a forsaken one 👊😔 Hope you come back soon, we'll be waiting.

  3. The three awaited the arrival of the chaotic scientist but to no avail had they seen her. As minutes flew by, Esstevan grew worrisome. They had a job to do, this lead could be vital for their travels back home. The morning sun continued to beat down on the adventurers' backs but not long after, a boy in uniform and had looked no older than seventeen rushed towards them. His curly orange hair glowed in the light and his pale face faintly swarmed in freckles. The boy dashed towards them in a hurry, his white arm shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun. "'Ey! Whoa.." he bellowed as he slowed down. Gradually coming to a stop, he bent down and planted his palms on his knees, catching his breath from the long run, "Hold.. on.." he raised a hand, pointing one finger up, requesting for a moment to recover. Montoya raised his brow and a grin formed upon his face, "Finn? What are you doing all the way out here? I had Ramsey give orders to the Atlesian Guard to remain on base. You know I'm leaving, I depend upon you guys to keep the fort down," He raised a brow and maintained his smile. The boy retracted his arm back to his knee as he looked up, his dark green eyes shimmered in the sun. "Mina sent me.. she wanted me to infahrm ye that she can't comb-," the boy had been cut off as Esstevan replied, "Why not?" Finn Curtis, fixed his arms back to his sides and adjusted his broken posture, "Well, she decided it wooehld be best fahr 'er to stay behend, sahmeone 'as to teach and manufacture them 'ardlight shields and weird lettle potions! I 'eard they're wahrkin on new unifarhms too!" he exclaimed with a hint of excitement in his voice, "So that is why I'm fellin in fahr 'er!" he was quick to determine, placing his palm on his chest and giving a smug smile. "No." Montoya frowned, his brows wrinkled and his grin inverted, "I'm not letting you come along, It's dangerous out there and you don't know what you're gonna be heading into-" The Warrior had been abruptly interrupted as the boy resisted, "Ye can't use that on me! I've kelled joehst as many o' those things that anyone else 'as! I fineshed me trainin, I know 'ow to fight and I proved that to ye on day one when we gaht 'ere." The Hero squinted, his hazel eyes beaming down at the boy before, his look giving off a harsher glare than the sun, "Curtis." He sounded far more serious than he had before, he cared far too much for the boy, him being the closest thing he had to a son ever since the warp. Finn raised his brows then lowered his head, "Fine. I'll stay." he voiced reluctantly. "C'mere" Montoya waved his arm towards himself gesturing him over, although the boy seemed grown, he had quite child within him. Curtis approached his side as Evan placed a hand upon the boys’ redhead, "I'd hug you if I had both arms but this'll do. I send you home because I can't risk losing you. We aren't just hunting Wood Walkers but something far more dangerous. Now I need you to head back home." he explained with a warm tone. Curtis nodded and turned back with his head down once more, but under that facade had been just a bit more as he smiled while jogging away. "I'll see you soon!" the Redeemer bellowed as the kid turned back and waved while running back, "Ye sure ‘ll!" suddenly he tripped, landing dead on his face, he quickly got up and ran away, "I'm ahkay!" Esstevan grew visibly worrisome as the child disappeared in the direction of Zima. He sighed, shaking his head and turning back to the other two, "Apologies... We continue, us three. Sparrow, you lead the way." He nodded with a face of steel fixed upon him. @MaskedSparrow@Pala@Hawk
  4. Riker beamed back into his green eyes and gave him a nod of confirmation, "Yes, I do believe so. You see, years ago on an early morning, a world power by the name of 'Atlas' had been attacked then warped out of existence. Literally." He leaned forward, propping his head up with his hand on the desk. His face slowly shifted into a baffled expression, yet there was a sliver of despair in his eyes he tried to hide. "It all changed in one day," He began, "What some would say the beginning of the end. A nation that once kept others in check, now gone, allowing all these children to run loose," he voiced with a bitter tone. "Our world is now in some havoc, Rogues dwelling in the ruins of what was Atlas. Dictators assuming positions and annexing what they weren't able to until the warp. Millions gone and millions of others, homeless." He looked down at the table and scratched the back of his head. The Captain sighed quietly as the night sky had taken over. "It's an all out war for power and freedom back there..." he exasperated, "but Hawk feels like they still might just be alive. He says if they're not, then at least we'll have bodies to bring home. To finally find the truth.." he stated with some backbone. "This may not be a war displayed for others to take witness of, but it surely is an internal one for those who lost loved ones. We will find an internal peace." @MaskedHero
  5. A deafening silence filled the room as the two sat still. Riker pondered on his words, 'Our soldiers coming home...Are you planning on dragging me into a war?' The Captains faint soulful eyes beamed at the peaked cap before him, he then voiced what had come to mind, "So far, the only native problems we've had to sort out were those in Externus when the Stars had oppressed those who were defenseless. There are no wars right now as it's a time of peace but it's also a time of exploration, innovation, and preparation. If us or our allies are to be assaulted, we will show the enemy we mean business." He said in a firm tone. His thoughtful gaze pulled away from the cap, relocating his pupils upon the mans razor stare, "You see, my Marshal has hope that the millions who were forcibly ripped away from their families may still be alive. Something calls upon him, so he continues his treacherous hunt into the unknown. He can't continue this if he and his comrades are at risk of being toppled. It hurts to say this, but my friend, we are at the bottom of the food chain and the only way up, is with help. No underdog has triumphed alone" he stated. The corners of his lips bent into a determined grin, "That is why I ask of your assistance, help us find the lost, help us develop, help us defend and protect those oppressed." As he finished articulating his requests for succor, he bent back into his seat and crossed his legs. His grin gradually faded back to a straight face. "I understand that it may be difficult sometimes to trust people with such things but I assure you, we will stay on track with the original purpose of these guardians." he finished, giving an assuring nod to Benzen. @MaskedHero
  6. He leaned back in his chair and placed a hand on his chin. He questioned whether the BLA would be able to make such things possible, then he thought that with all the research they have been doing in ACT, a tank of fuel would not be a problem. He took his hand off his chin and placed it on the desk, “We will work something out, if that’s the only problem we have on our hands for now, then we can make these tanks a functional reality... a roaming guardian.” He voiced as he looked up at the bulky man. He looked at the table then back up to him, turning his thoughts into words, “So what kind of experiences do you have with these machines? Where I come from and well, the others as well, these things hadn’t existed. You see, we’ve dwelled in an era of lanterns and steam powered ships. Of horses instead of engines.” He expressed. Johnathan slowly lifted his back off from the back of the wooden chair. It gradually creaked from under him as he leaned forward. His fingers slid between each other as his chin rested upon them. “What’s your background? You don’t seem to be just a regular man, what inspired you to make these things?” He said and he lifted a brown while in questions. @MaskedHero
  7. And complete the task he did. While Riker had been out on his search for such an expert on weaponized armored vehicles, the Captain had come across an odd fellow. Once he had been leaving Ignatz in loss of hope on finding an intellectual of sorts, he had caught wind of a crazed lad fabricating great beasts of metal, steel trunks the size of twenty men combined and an intimidating attack that'd blow forty men away. At first, John had doubted such fallacies, how could a man create such things. Then had realized, they didn't literally mean iron beasts! Johnathan made haste, making his way to Purple Axe to make the acquaintance of a man by the name of Benzen Roe, a fanatic for mechanized warfare. Ever since that lucky day, Benzen had taken up the position in ACT as the mechanized infantry expert. Riker marched down a fairly lit hallway in Fort Solitude after he had given his agonizingly tedious tour. As Roe followed behind him, he approached a door with a small plaque, 'CPT. Riker' engraved into it. He wrapped his slender fingers around the knob and turned back. His brown eyes traveled down as he brought up a dull silver pocket watch and slung it open, "Ah hah! New record... Only three hours." he voiced with a hint of pride in his tone. Shutting the pocket watch, he smiled at the mechanic before turning away and twisting the handle. He pushed open the dark wooden door, revealing a well ordered office, "Used to be a bit of a mess here ever since we built Solitude but we've had some time to tighten things up." he explained, guiding his new co-worker into the office. The Captain approached the desk, taking his seat. He looked up at his colleague and extended an open palm out to the seat across him, "Go ahead, take a seat." he insisted before retracting his arm and taking off his peaked cap and setting it aside. "So, what do you call these vehicles of power?" he questioned. Although there was a possibility that Valucre had already invented such beasts of war, Riker and the others were not familiar with the technology, at least, not completely. Only coming from an era of wagons and single loaded bolt actions, Riker was immensely curious, last he had really read the calendar, the year had only been 1864 but even he forgot. It's as if work had consumed the man, yet he didn't mind, this was a passion of his. The sun tucked itself away behind him as various companies continued at work and others had called it a day. In due time, the moon would take the sun's place, stars began to reveal themselves, and the ceiling lights over head had begun to bloom, producing a gentle yellow light for the two to see. @MaskedHero
  8. Riker's eyes widened, his head shifting down at the walkie talkie. Heeding to his higher ups command, his eyes looked back up at the sky as, a faint tower of smoke coming from the beach. Quickly, he yanked the communication device off, retracting it up to his mouth and switched channels. "Captain Riker to Staff Sergeant Derby, We are in need of heavy medical support down on the beach, be sure to ready the medical bay. The situation seems hefty." he commanded as he turned away from whatever he had been doing. His mind raced as he slowly began to speed away. Not long after, his feet sped across the fine-grained sand. The Captain came to an abrupt halt once Hawk was within his range, speed walking the rest of the way. "Sir!" He bellowed, "What in God's name is going on...?" He muttered as his eyes were suddenly ripped away from Hawk and Nelson and to the tragic disaster. He was speechless at first, his brows wrinkled and his mouth left slightly ajar. After taking in the atrocity, he looked back at Hawk, "Sergeant Derby is sending medical support and preparing for patience. They should be here at any moment-" As he attempted to finish his sentence, the cavalry had arrived. Bloodlust Medics, men and women of the red cross rushed to provide any assistance they could. Though they had been extremely quick, It hadn't surprised Riker. These corpsmen were as quick as they were efficient. An expression of determination washed over his face as they raced into the field without hesitation. "Feet first into hell is what I've been told." he nodded to Nelson, "By the looks of this, it looks like your ship was in poor condition before it got here. It's a good thing you were able to make it here." his attention then shifted to Ryder, "Any more orders, Sir?" @Hawk@Jack Howard
  9. He followed the hunter, maintaining a close distance from behind. The two crept through bush and branch, all the while being as covert as possible. Once Sparrow voiced his query, Esstevan's pace slackened. The two made eye contact, a faint melancholy expression washed over his face as the two advanced slowly. "I didn't always have this power." He placed his armored hand on the handle of his sword, his thumb dancing on the handle of Illustrious. "It was given to me, long before the collapse of my nation and long before I had taken power," he spoke. "I never developed these powers because rules and laws had been implemented to prevent 'magic users' from becoming destructive. Atlas wasn't too fond of these mages and wizards either. I would not have been favored in office if my people discovered I had such powers." he said as his eyes broke away. He sighed, silently pondering, then voiced, "Perhaps if I had matured these abilities, I could have saved more..." His jaw clenched tightly and his brows wrinkled in disappointment and muted distress. Suddenly, ahead were the sounds of steps. He gripped his sword, though they could have been wild life, the Hero remained vigilant. He spoke softly to maintain their stealthy position as they slowly continued, "Your call.." @MaskedSparrow
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  11. The speedster came to a grinding halt, his boots sliding across the barren dirt and leaving a trail of his feet abruptly ceasing movement. He continued forward at walking speed, his peepers taking in the scarce attitude of the steeds. These weren't regular lizards, they were massive, enough to carry two people. The Hero stepped closer, the sun reflected off the armoring of the green creature. It's reinforced tail swayed back and forth, although it was armored, it was light enough for the beast to lift it, this could also be valuable in combat. Esstevan stepped closer to Sparrow as he soothed the lizards neck with a gentle palm. It's head shifted left and made eye contact with the warrior, Evan smiled and looked up at the Spirit. "Perfect, Duzzard's. These will be exceptional for the desert when we find our lead." He approached one of the vacant Duzzard beasts and gripped the front of the saddle. Carefully placing his left foot on the stirring, he boosted himself up onto it's back. Esstevan felt glad he hadn't screwed up and fell off, a hassle it was with just one arm. The Redeemer fixed his posterior along with his posture once he mounted. Grabbing his steed by the reigns and commanding it to begin forward, Evan slowly approached the Sparrow's left side. The man's gaze shifted away from the empty road and to his left where the bustling camp of Zima had been doing their bit. Taking a deep breath, a small cloud formed from the air that escaped his lungs. He pursed his cold lips before turning back to the Sparrow and began to speak once more, "The others must be on their way... tell me... have you not personally met this 'thing' we are seeking? You also said it was cold blooded..." He voiced as he looked down at the lizard like creatures they had been using for this journey. @MaskedSparrow@Hawk@Lords@Pala@Nugget
  12. The five in the morning sun peeked over the mountain tops, the morning air felt fresh, and frosty light fog began to gradually settle in the valley. And so, as every day had begun, this one had been no different. Gallant sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, soldiers and trained volunteers had been out and about, conducting drills, standing guard, and transferring survivors from one camp to another. As for the workers, they stirred a bit later. Wagons would trot along the wide frozen dirt roads of camp Juno, children playing outdoors had been a rare sight seeing as many had been in training. Lanterns illuminated from each cabin as markets had opened, and harvesters had began their day in the cold dawning fields. Just yesterday, the group had discussed their plans to embark on a journey, a search to find a knowledgeable fellow. Not only a knowledgeable ally, but a non-human one. This was only necessary to seek out a struggling settlement in the midst of the unforgiving North East desert of the Eovian Island. Luckily for them, no Wood Walker’s prowled this location, and where there are no wooden freaks, there will be no Ashen, right? Within a humble green tent, stood one of Atlas’ many great heroes, Esstevan Montoya. Ol’ Evan had been fiddling with the radio he managed to scavenge in his early years on this ominous and hostile land. By this point, the warrior had begun to piece back together the rustic radio, having the radio send out a high frequency of his voice. A call for help. “This is Esstevan Montoya, Ex-Chancellor of the lost city of Atlas. We have managed to keep thirty thousand survivors alive out of millions who have been lost. . . If you can hear this, send help.” As Montoya began to play the SOS signal, he sighed, sliding his hand off the radio. He could only hope that someone would catch it. He closed his eyes for a moment, listening to the faint sound of his pleading voice repeat on communication device like a broken record. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. He eye balled his right hand as it squeezed up into a firm fist then to his left arm within his rickety sling. As his vengeful fist loosened, he bent down and gripped the tarnishing metal handle of the radio. Confident in it’s capability to continuously send the message, he felt relieved that he wouldn’t need to always make a call for help himself. Turning his back on the handmade wooden table at the back of his tent, he faced the exit of the tent. With Illustrious on his waist, he would stride forward without hesitation, leaving his tent and making his way to the path that which lead to camp Zima. Once his leather boots made contact with the vacant dirt road to Zima, he limbered up. As soon as he finished, he began to lightly jog and from a jog, a sprint, and from this sprint, he continued to accelerate, running at unbelievable speeds. It wouldn’t be long for him to arrive at Zima as he launched away, slowly shrinking in the distance. @MaskedSparrow@Lords@Pala@Nugget@Hawk
  13. The Hero gave the hunter a confident smirk and nod. As Mina took the papers, he stepped past her and made his way to the door way. Stopping, before he went any further, he turned back. Montoya slipped his glove back in as he scanned around the room. A wave of relief washed over him, he didn’t feel alone, he had them. “Alright, you all heard him. Start preparing, we embark at dawn. I suppose everyone here seems fit for the mission.” He voiced before turning away, pushing the door open and making his way back up the stairs. Whilst leaving, his voice would boom as he gave further instructions, “I’ll meet you guys at the major camp Zima! I’ll be at the Northern Edge!” The Warrior appeared to be resolute with the task at hand, these were the first steps in fulfilling his promise. @Lords@MaskedSparrow@Pala@Nugget
  14. Montoya suddenly slammed his palm down onto the table before him as he closed his eyes. With a brief exhale, his eye lids gently lifted as his hazel eyes scanned to and fro. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and lifted his hand into a triumphant fist. The Heroes nostrils shot out small flames for just a moment before he spoke. "Then I got it. Technologies just like these will be expanded upon and placed into the army for our campaign. It's time to start taking our first steps on the path home, and we'll start that with tracking down Sparrow's acquaintance." His display of determination was great, a bit too great. Suddenly his fist would go up in flames as he still was affected by the mysterious scarlet brew. His eyes widened as his fist opened up and zipped back to him, away from any vital documents and information. He sighed as the flame died out with no signs of burns or char. Lowering his hand back down to his side as the other lay rest within his sling, he turned away from Mina, heading to his dormant satchel. He hauled the leather strap over his head, putting on the decrepit bag. "Mina." He leaned forward over the map, taking a grasp on the blueprints of the portal. "I want you to hold these somewhere safe, please. We can't afford to lose these, maybe when it's possible, we can create a few back up prints- but right now, these are our way home." He smiled confidingly before his head turned to the Hunter. "And Sparrow! I want you to lead us this time. You're the only one here who knows of this adventurer, I'm guessing? So when should we depart?" He voiced clearly as his arm lifted in Mina's direction with the crucial documents in hand. @Lords@MaskedSparrow@Pala
  15. He felt warmer than usual, almost stuffy in a way. Esstevan stepped back a bit as the pain dissipated, he held his hand out in front of him as he observed his arms. A sudden surge of energy would throw through him as the skin on his hands began to lightly crack. Calloused skin formed on his hands as faint light peeked through them, yet it didn't seem to bother him at all. The symptoms were a tad bit unnerving as he compared the flesh on the back of his fist to dry dessert dirt. He put down his hand as he looked back to Mina and responded in shock, "I feel fine! The pain is gone and I'm adjusting to the warmth but. . . What does this little 'potion' do exactly? I feel the energy and I suppose I can see it but-" Suddenly he was cut off as the ends of his finger tips would smolder with a faint flame. Not noticing what had been happening with his fingers, he turned back to Sparrow, nodding in agreement. "The technology we have here will assist us with out campaign against a race far larger than us. They may have the higher ground when it comes to numbers, we don't, so as a compromise, we hit them back with technology unfathomable to their comprehension. Out of millions that fell victim to this fatal catastrophe, we only have knowledge of the 30 thousand we have here. For the Ashen, it's a different story." He continued as his eyes broke away from the Hunters bronze eyes and down to the map of the island. "Right now, we only occupy the southern parts of the island, mostly scattered across the coast and a bit of the main land with defenses facing north against Wood Walkers, Ashen, and whatever may desire to pray upon us. The Ashen could have numbers far more than we could think of, that is why we not only need to be better trained but well equipped." He stopped for a moment as he recalled the information that had previously sang about. "Besides, there could be more survivors out there." His eyes scanning his, hinting about the this cold blooded friend and the yet to be trekked desert.
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