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  1. WIP |Weaponry/Inventory| "Wars may be fought with weapons, but it is the will and courage of men who win them." -Esstevan Montoya Illustrious Edge Moniker: Illustrious
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  3. The sap thirsty fighter had a confident grin trace across his face. He stepped forward and slowly, one after another, he would continue his stride into the deep Eovian Forests. As he expected his ally to follow him, an energy would flow through Esstevan as his guard had risen. These forests have proven to not be so hospitable, evidence being? The Wood Walkers were able to hide to perfectly, but their idiotic actions is what costed them lives. The bigger threat was their predators, The Ashen. Usually on organized patrols, Tier 1 through 3 Ashen would only be seen in hunt for humans and their Wooden snacks. It wasn't something the Hero couldn't handle though. As the two stepped over dead branches and fallen leaves from the trees above, the Champion shifted his head to his right should a tad bit. "You'll have to show us the way to where your wooden adversaries ran off too. . ." he fell silent for just a few seconds before propping up a question, "So how do the common folk know you, and how come I haven't seen or heard of you?" The towering man fell silent once more as the two continue their hunt. The Ashen Slayer intensely concentrated on the task at hand, he was efficient with double tasking so asking a question while hawking out his prey wasn't really a complication. @MaskedSparrow
  4. Yo, welcome dude!

  5. The inheritor blinked a few times. His eyes zipped around the wooden Sparrow. Esstevan's eyes then fell on his attire, the Atlesian Flag he wore as a poncho. He gave a sigh of nostalgia before looking down at the mans tarnished firearm. Their eyes met once more, a flame sparked within Montoya's pupils, a flame of determination. His brows furrowed exhaled through his nose like an angry bull yet he had shown no signs, more of a lion of resoluteness. "If I may, I could join you in this hunt for fire wood." He clenched his titanium plated fist and looked into the forest behind. He stepped into the shadows of the treeline and stood beside the man, continuing to peer into the woodlands behind him. The champion was quite skilled in hunting his adversaries in these forests, he's been doing it for two decades now but the tedious part was the Wood Walkers camouflage. His offer still stood, the atlesian had longed for a fight. A tenacious grin formed on his face as he slightly shifted his chin to the Sparrow. "So? What do you say, 'Masked Sparrow?'" @MaskedSparrow
  6. As the soldiers began to ponder, Esstevan shifted his gaze over to Ted. The gentle glow emitting from the motherly flame lit the side of the warriors face as his eyes locked on to the sniper. He observed him randomly and constantly gasping for hair. Montoya was a bit concerned, he was confused as to what Ted had been doing. He lifted a brow and a grin formed on his face as he chuckled just a bit. His ears were open as Ted spoke to him. Hero's grin vanished, his face straightened up as his gaze turned back to the fire. He rose to his feet as the stars settled above him. He analyzed the survivors before him. Their eyes suddenly were fixed upon the strong-willed leader. "Not a chance son. We all need a good amount of rest for tomorrow. Each shift will be two hours, there are eighteen of us, two injured which holds us at sixteen still in commission for the time being. We may use my pocket watch." The man reached into his jacket and brought out a semi-tarnished copper pocket watch from his years in Atlas. He flung the lid open as his eyes fell upon the ticking arms. The glass was cracked but still in okay condition, it's nostalgic ticking rang in his ears as he squinted his eyes and looked up at them. He shut the watch as he browsed the brave men and women before him. He took a deep breath and shifted his attention to the purely clear sky above them, not one cloud to block his view and no bog of light to shroud the sky. The show began as each and every star was clear to them, as if they could fall into space, it truly was a gorgeous site. "Three of us will stay awake every two hours, four at zero hundred to check up on the men that are currently recovering. It's currently 1940, we sleep in 12 minutes and tomorrow we will rise at 0400, at 0500 we should be packed up and ready to continue with our expedition. Which three of you are willing to take the first shift?" A few soldiers waited before a hand bolted up in the air, after that, 2 others followed along with him. A fourth hand slightly lifted but was quickly put down after noticing 3 were already up. Esstevan smirked as he tossed the watch to the man who had raised his hand first. The Champion tossed his watch to the eager man, Thomas. Thomas quickly caught it and stood up and so did the others who followed after him. Esstevan then approached them and began to discuss the set times of each shift to the combatants. The commander assigned several tents to those who would sleep for the time being until their shift was up. The flames crackled gently as one of the soldiers began to shovel dirt onto it, as far as they knew, the flame would serve as a beacon to near by Wood Walkers. Montoya approached Ted and placed his chilling armor plated hand on his shoulder. "We need some rest, We will be taking the last shift before packing up and reembarking on our mission. Let's get to our tent, moonlight is passing." The hero pulled his hand off and began to stride to his tent. The stars gently gazed down on the survivors as Esstevan bent down and entered his tent. @Nugget
  7. So far, Esstevan has a paralyzed left arm due to a fight he lost against The Duck. He also lost his nation in the process of a warp. Tracking back to a younger age, he lost his first lover in a prison break. So far that’s about it. I’m not sure if there’s more so I’ll have to think on it 🤔
  8. His facial expression shifted, his eye brows lifted and his mouth slightly opened. The Champion's fist loosened as the energy seemed to disappear back into his lean vessel. His deathly stare lightly faded, the only death left in his eyes was his own, the law biting man who he once was now gone. This left one query for the Hero, What was a human doing out here alone? But this question only brought out many more questions. He then remembered he had been crying, and the aftermath of his breakdown had been a bit obvious on his face. The man was supposed to instill hope, not wither it more than it had already been. He hurriedly did his best to clean up his tear stained face. "Sorry you had to run into me like this. I don't usually do this." The man looked back up at him, the faint bags under his eyes were visible from his distance. He fixed his posture once more, regaining that pillar of hope within him. Striding across the tranquil beach, Montoya approached the man. Suddenly halting about seven feet away from him, he remained in the warmth of the sun. From here he got a better look at the man. His ears open to his words, he though for a moment, pondering on a response for about a minute. "One bad day, just one can drive someone insane. We all remember that day... when our home was ruthlessly ripped away from our embrace and tossed away. When millions of people were erased off the face off the planet. There is no god. If there bad been one, they would have extended an arm from the heavens to help us back. But we've been forsaken. None can help us but ourselves. Perhaps this is a test to our faith, our hope, our will. Or a tease to our sanity. His brows straitened and his eyes shifted down to his shoes. He analyzed the man. The Ashen slayer took one step into the shadows of the roofed forest and leaned against a tree. "What is your name? And why are you out here alone?" @MaskedSparrow
  9. WIP |The Power of The Champion| "If you want to see the true colors of a man, give them power." - Esstevan Montoya What is this power you speak of? Long ago, in the very wake of humanities existence, 5 gods roamed where they pleased in the farthest reaches of space. These beings of pure color and wonderment were the embodiment of different factors of existence. There was the first and main being, Fabrication, who encased creation, space, and possibility. There was Decay who encased the ticking of time, negative emotions, and the end. There was Spirit who encased freedom, positive emotion, and unity. There was Logic who encased knowledge, decision, and consequence. Lastly, was Virtue who encased individuality, direction and character. The 5 gods had forged a separate being of power designed to serve as a guardian of to their creations and counter any great evil that could harm them. For centuries, this power has been passed down from user to user as each champion of the gods were given to rest with Decay. We don't know much of these champions, or later known as Hero's, but they are granted guardian abilities of their own. This power is malleable to each user, though most Hero's gain their power involuntarily by fate. "For twenty years we've had to defend these survivors, For twenty years I've used this power and had nothing to do but better it." -Esstevan Montoya .Esstevan's Energy Surge. December 20th 1848 in Universe 404 marks the day Montoya first received his power by a previous user known as Elena Winter who had died on the same day she transferred her power, the day of the break out. With no knowledge of his new found abilities and no one to guide the successor, Esstevan had no clue how to expand on it. During the Great Coup of Atlas, he discovered he had power beyond his comprehension. An Energy that could flow and zip through his body at will. This energy held multiple uses, as an assistance with his speed, to pack a bigger punch, and even as an energy source. Unfortunately, laws had been put in place to cap any sorts of magical abilities, and so the inheritor played by the rules. This prevented any further progress on expanding his potential-- All up until now. For twenty years, Montoya has been working to perfect his abilities not only to save himself but also others. A true Hero to the survivors that thrive. .Basics of The Champions Abilities. Amplified Strength: Though never precisely analyzed nor recorded, many have witnessed this great Hero lift objects and beings of incredible size and weight such as multiple men at once, horses, cannons, and other beings without breaking a sweat. An Atlesian Marine by the name of Baretto has viewed Montoya ripping off an arm of an Ashen warrior while held in a choke hold during a duel long ago in his time of ruling. With strengths still unexplored, Esstevan has yet to test it's limits. Amplified Speed: During his time in Universe 404, Montoya has been recorded to reach speeds up to 23 to 25 miles per hour on foot. These speeds would be broken during his time in the Eovian dimension, reaching 42 to 45 miles per hour as his top running speed. His fastest time ever was 50 miles per hour, this would not last for too long since these speeds strained his body, causing him to injure his Achilles Tendon. Amplified Stamina: Physical stamina is an assessment of individual muscular fitness, aerobic fitness, body composition and flexibility. These factors combine to determine how long an individual can complete physically demanding tasks without tiring. With an incredible amount of stamina, the Hero can go on for days until fully warn out! During his time in the Eovian, Esstevan has participated with a well matched Tier 5 Ashen. This fight had dragged on for two nights and three days with minimal breaks, this being his longest recorded combat session. Though this battle has proven him to be a great warrior, his foe proved themselves as a great adversary, giving Montoya scars beyond repair. Enhanced Reflex: The Power of The Champion allows Esstevan to maintain a reaction time well beyond average. At Ease Auditory Reaction: 0.009 seconds Signal Sent: 0.0005 seconds Actual Reaction: 0.003 seconds Overall: 0.017 seconds In Combat Auditory Reaction: 0.004 seconds Signal Reaction: 0.02 seconds Actual Reaction: 0.02 seconds Overall: 0.008 seconds Razor Sense: Esstevan's Razor Senses act as a precautionary signal to his brain in order to sense assaults or possible threats. An example of these powers at work would be during the Atlas-Erenie SSK War, when Kris, son of Khan, had attempted to snipe the entrenched General from a clear angle. Thanks to these razor senses, he was able to avoid the assault. Another example would be when Esstevan even sensed the 'Masked Sparrow' observing him on the beach. These senses give Hero the opportunity to evade incoming attacks and or conduct a preemptive strike. But as always, easier said than done! Bone Endurance: The Champions Bone Endurance, though not the strongest, is significantly resilient. Esstevan has survived falls from up to 50 feet only to get back up and continue the fight. Though his bones are strong, they have been broken and fractured from harsh impacts. When damaged, his bones do heal back stronger, albeit this healing process could take days. Wound Tighten: The Wound Tighten ability serves to prevent excessive bleeding, this makes up for the Champions slow regenerative abilities. Once stabbed or shot, the wound tightens to ease the bleeding and keep him in the fight for as long as possible and if all else fails, to run. This ability can last for an incredibly long period until the Hero is out of combat, then he or she should start to worry about bleeding out. Wound tighten only works on the flesh though, internal bleeding is something the Champion should worry about as well. The Champions abilities to regenerate are above average, yes, but they are not the fastest. Regenerating an internal wound would cause pain to the Hero. Vitality Ease: Vitality Ease allows Esstevan and future champions to age slower that usual. All though he's 51, Montoya currently only looks 40. The reasoning behind this ability is to keep the Champion in the ring for as long as possible until he transfers the power to his or her successor and to keep him in top notch condition! .Energy Surge Combat Techniques. High Leap: High Leap is a quick energy surge to Esstevan's ankles, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and rear region to extremely increase the height and speed of his jumping abilities. He can use this to get to high up places, evade incoming attacks, or travel. Double Impact: Double Impact allows Esstevan to enhance the intensity of his strikes by surging a certain amount of energy to certain points of his body. For example, If he wanted to punch something or someone with an extreme amount of force, he may concentrate his energy to his shoulder(s), wrist(s), and knuckles. This energy surge can travel as fast as 300 miles per hour through his body, faster than the signals in ones nervous system. He may also use this on weapons to deal an extreme impact/enhance performance of said weapon. Energy Flow: Energy Flow is a fast transfer or burst of energy from Hero to his foe. The goal of this move is to at least stun his opponent and at most, fry them. High Heel: Electrical Defuse: Shock Wave: Blind Rage: .The Edge of Infinity. The Edge of infinity is a last resort ability that cannot be obtained at will. This ability is usually activated during a cosmic like event. No Hero has ever reached this point before, so the only ones who know of it's existence are the very creators of the power. The Edge of Infinity is a form that brings together every user that had inherited the ability into one vessel, making the current users ability to boost. The one down side is if the user dies in this state, the power is wiped out along with the current user and his or her predecessors. .Inheritance. Inheritance is the final seconds of being the keeper of the Power of The Champion before the predecessor must plant his next seed, to transfer it to the next successor, the next Hero. Usually it takes a while for the successor to even manifest his own abilities, but the basic abilities will serve as training wheels for the new users quest to develop unique skills and strengths of his or her own. Though, great powers come great consequences. Most previous Hero's have not had peaceful deaths or pretty ones. To inherit these powers, you must accept that death will surely catch up to you. "I wish not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. . ." -Esstevan Montoya, After being told the consequences of his abilities by Elena Winter.
  10. The fighter looked to his right. A Wood Walker would have made a charge at him by now, something was off. The hero felt unnerved as whatever was staring at him continued. Perhaps it was another person? Or an Ashen..? The man rose to his feet and slowly turned his back to the tides. His broken eyes skimmed around the tree line diligently. He wasn't in the mood for another Ashen ambush. His red eyes and tear stained cheeks suddenly faced the things orange eyes. Esstevan furrowed his brows in bewilderment. It's wooden face blended in so well with it's forest like surroundings, it's orange eyes gleamed back at him in curiosity how could this now be a Wood Walker. Montoya would keep his guard up as it carefully crept in the shadows of the jungle. As his left arm hung limp, he clenched his right fist. Energy would bolt to his knuckles as he stood as still as possible. Wind would blow through his messy hair as all gripped onto the temporary silence. Esstevan decided to break that. "Who are you? No. What are you?" The man demanded an answer. Another burst of energy would race to his left arm as the built warrior took a step forward. His combat instinct kicked in, adrenaline would flow through him, his body told him to get ready. The champion had gone several years fighting with one hand, how could he do with two? Any foolish move now could be the end for this woodland creature. He advanced a tad bit more, taking another step. How would he know if it even spoke? Perhaps actions speak louder than words, if this thing were smart it would leave or reveal itself. Montoya was doubtful, this can't be a Wood Walker but it's unique orange tinted eyes and it's face... it was similar to many foes he had faced before but why had this one been so small and why wasn't it attacking? For Esstevan, the waiting game would begin as he stood his ground and kept his guard up in case this was some sort of irksome trap. @MaskedSparrow
  11. The Lieutenants bright blue eyes slightly peered out from under the bill of his peaked cap as he shifted his head up ever so slightly. Perhaps this would be more entertaining than firing a mortar on repeat like a broken record player for god knows how long. His head turned to his right side as he leaned against the side of the door, making his head barely visible in the door way. June's eyes beamed back at Douglas as they sat at the stable. He raised a brow as he questioned the decision in his mind. The 5'10 man stood up and turned to his right. With his hands in his trench coat, he would stride back in. His posture was fixed, there were signs of discipline, a man who could surely get the job done. Behind that exterior demeanor surely was not a pure man but a sinful one, one who had a debt beyond repair. The mans deeds had been blacked out and he himself had been spared by Hawk. Ah yes, Redemption. As he waltzed in, he kept his head down, avoiding any contact. The creep stopped beside Douglas and awaited any other orders. The rest of the mans face would be visible from under his hat. His eyes eerily took a glance at Azelhart and then away for a mere second. If being macabre was a power, perhaps this was it but other than that, he was no super. @Xoco
  12. There is also Mind Hunter. Its basically these two interrogators that work for the FBI who first coined the term serial killer. I read the book and I love it along with the show. 😃
  13. The very last one. It was called the secret war, it was an animation of the Russians during WWII. I’ll describe it below but if ya plan in watching it don’t read it
  14. I liked Love Death and Robots! My brother in law had shown it to me and it like really tripped me out at times. It’s just a mix of animations and they all have their own story! ^-^
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