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  1. Masuda stared blankly at the people around him, slouching in his seat. *God shit, huh? We've been here for like- Two minutes.* Seems someone has no idea how time works. *Why are we already fighting gods?* The shinobi thought, zoning out for a second. Then, something caught his attention. " Hmph. " A small puff of smoke expelled from his nose. He was displeased. " So you're sayin we're too weak? " A brow was raised. Masuda was the competitive type, and he was never happy when the topic of being too weak was brought up. He sat up straight. " Azelhart, " He didn't address the girl. He had no clue who she was. " I'm sure you've heard about how I've single-handedly saved our men from several falling missiles. Or how I beheaded a shit ton of pirates in mere seconds. " He went on. " Gods are just really big mortals. If it bleeds, I can kill it. " " And that's only me. " He added, slouching again. @Phoebe @Xoco
  2. Howard's attempt to get Ivan to stop was too little, too late. The planes had already unleashed their streak of projectiles which hurled violently towards the ships. Hearing the ominous whistle of the bombs, many pirates turned their heads up in shock. Were the enemy so desperate to eliminate them that they would kill their own men in the process? Masuda tilted his head up towards the sky, gritting his teeth angrily. " Who's the idiot who did this..? " He muttered, narrowing his eyes. " Looks like it's up to me to intercept them.. " He rose up onto his feet, still riding the water dragon. Suddenly, a cloud of white smoke burst around his body. As it cleared, it became apparent that there were now 31 Masudas, including the original. A cloning technique? Possibly. He grinned. " This'll be one HECK OF A RIDE! " The Shinobi shouted, a horde of 30 clones springing upwards towards the missiles. Thin silk emerged from their sleeves, tying onto the bombs like tentacles. The clones maneuvered around the torpedos effortlessly, using quick footwork to spring through the sky. " ROUND EM UP! " Ordered the original. The Masudas began tugging the missiles to a central point, holding them together tightly. It wasn't the cleanest formation, but this was Masuda. What did you expect? " Mission complete. " He said after a few moments, turning back to face the ship, snapping his fingers, a large explosion bursting out from behind him. The clones poofed as the mosh-pit of missiles imploded. What badassery. @Phoebe @Agent Knockout *Your welcome.*
  3. *These people are mighty interesting.* " And you can call me Masuda. " He said once Addison's introduction was over. Masuda stared down at the map, not really giving a shit. He could honestly care less about where they were going, He was just there out of boredom. The shinobi looks out through the windows, grinning, trying to contain his laughter. *Now this.. THIS is fun.* He thought, putting his kunai away. *Let's mess with them a bit.* He suddenly took his feet off of the ceiling, slapping his left palm onto it instead. He hung there like a chandelier. What the hell was he gripping on? It was a flat surface. He giggled like a child, flipping back to his original position, crouching down on the ceiling once again. " Yeah, we're clear. But why only 100 meters? " Masuda questioned. " Can't we go more? " @Phoebe @The North Wind @Djinn&Juice
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    Pretty sure that's called dapping? I'm probably wrong lol. See Giving Dap.
  5. *This place is as boring as ever.* Masuda thought, squinting. He was in quite the position, standing upside down on the ceiling like it was the ground. The clothes he wore dropped down, his scarf covering a bit of his view. His gaze darted around the place, becoming to grow visibly impatient. " We're supposed to meet someone here? " He asked rhetorically, moving his scarf out of the way with his right hand, crossing his arms and sighing. " I'm getting an eerie vibe.. " He told Addison, a kunai dropping from his right sleeve, into the clutch of his palm. He began to spin it about with great skill, the sound of the blade cutting through the air coming and going at different volumes. This was the kind of thing he did when bored. Quite the interesting fellow, huh? @Phoebe
  6. Munch. Munch. Munch. Masuda stares outside the window of a tall tower he randomly got into. A piece of bread was in his mouth. He was just having a snack. He looks out with dead eyes. *Why are people screaming?* He thinks to himself, putting a hand out to the window frame. He unlocks and opens it, pausing his chewing for a moment. *Well, I guess I should just go find out.* Suddenly, he vanishes into a flickering blur, traveling over to where most of the commotion seemed to be. Masses of wind are thrown about, gliding through trees, making people's clothes rustle about. Munch. Munch. Munch. There the speedy shinobi was again, standing right in the middle of the courtyard without a care. He stares up to the portal, raising a brow. " Whv hvckd izzz dt? " He asks, his speech muffled by the bread in his mouth. He swallows his food down, putting his hands on his hips and just glaring at the portal. " Is this an illusion? " He wonders. [ " Whv hvckd izzz dt? " -> " What the heck is that? " ] @Phoebe
  7. *Bullets are still flying every-which-way.. If we were to go on with our current plan, it's likely we'd be shot down by our own comrades...* Azami thinks to herself, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. " You know what...? Forget the plan. Masuda, I'm gonna have to ask you to get onto the ship directly. It's all we can do to ensure we get to the alien lady. " She says after a few moments of thinking. " What!? Go on that ship alone? They'll kill me! " Masuda shouts in response. " No one will lay a damn finger on you if you're surrounded by dragons. " Azami says, clearing her throat. " Koyama and I will be in charge of backing you up, that includes providing you with a proper escort. If you speed along onto the ship with the water dragons by your sides, you'll be just fine. " She explains. Koyama had barely any grasp of what was going on, so he merely nodded in approval. " You're sure..? I don't wanna die in a place like THIS. " Masuda says, pointing a thumb out to the sea. Azami slaps him across the face. " You better do it. " And so, Masuda rose to his feet, his gaze locking onto the ship. Purple-colored lighting began to spark about around him, surging across the shore. Azami and Koyama rush to his sides, both crouching down and sticking their hands in the water. A visible reaction occurs, bursts of light beaming from under the surface. As their hands emerge from the water, 3 dragons emerge. They had no body, but were simply composed of a long neck and large head, wielding brightly-colored yellow eyes. Every body part of theirs was made of water. They took a common triangle formation, one that was very popular in The Rainbow League. Masuda hops onto the frontal dragon, sitting on it's dense surface. " Hard to believe these things aren't alive, huh? " Masuda asks, letting out a small chuckle. " Shut up and get going! " Azami calls out. The dragons begin to surf through the water, nearing the ship at high speeds. *Don't fuck it up, don't fuck it up, don't fuck it up.* Masuda repeats to himself. @Phoebe
  8. *Eh? Fake? What? Why?* Masuda thought to himself, glancing around at the bushes. *They really ARE fake! Those leaves aren't natural at all.* Getting into a fighting stance, he commences surging chakra around his body, yare for anything. *Shift your weight... Let your energy run free... Keep your eyes forward..* He reiterated in his mind, ascertaining he wasn't caught off guard by some giant spider. He followed through with what Irryn was doing, staying completely still. It was a bit more difficult, considering his energy was surging through his body, but it was a must. He didn't want to be reason they were all randomly attacked by a crazy mutant. His eyes widen, heedfully listening into the nature around him. He was ultra-focused.
  9. Masuda stopped himself from bursting into laughter. * Is she a DOG now? AHAHA! * He thought to himself. He was definitely going to tell Azami and Koyama about this. " Yeah, where ARE we going? " He asked curiously, looking around at the dense foliage. " Hold on... " Masuda slowed down for a little, closing his eyes tightly, opening them after a few seconds. They faintly glowed purple. " I plan on saving energy, so I won't use it fully, but my senses have gone up considerably. " He explained, his eyes darting all over. Every single little noise, he stared in it's direction. He continued to follow his comrades, ready to punch the shit out of whatever came out at them. @Phoebe
  10. " Pfft. Me? Killed? Funny joke. " Masuda said in response, grinning sinisterly. " Ninety to a hundred by hand and blade. Otherwise I could settle for chakra techniques and cap one-hundred-fifty before needing to take a break. " He explained. " If we're facing swarms, I plan on using a rebound-like tactic. Slice through the group, make it to the back, and travel back to your original spot. " He added. " If the time is right, I'll span out and flare away with fire and lightning techniques. I could also travel between them and round them up with silk. " He remarked, having already thought up a plan for dealing with these spiders. Masuda was a guy that didn't need much information. He's been in countless battles, against monsters, people, animals, you name it. He had a set catalog of ready-made strategies in his mind. All he needed was the current situation to conjure up a solution. That's the kind of skill you get when you're a Shinobi, afterall. " Maybe I could even try explosions for the first time! " He exclaimed. There it is. His childish recklessness. One of the many things keeping him from becoming a lord-like fighter. Well, everyone's got ups and downs, don't they? @Phoebe
  11. " Holy shit! That's fucked up, man. " Masuda exclaimed, staring at the shed. " We're facing a BUG, you say? I hardly believe it. " He stared at the shed in awe and confusion, as well as amazement. How the hell would a mere spider decimate an entire shed? Masuda had to admit, this was getting him a bit fired up. He was always craving a good fight, and this show of strength could prove to be promising. He grinned, a small chuckle escaping his mouth. " Well, this is gonna be fun. " He said in a mixed tone.
  12. Masuda and Azami fled to the outer-terrain in a blur, eschewing the bullets. " Okay, the plan KIND of worked, but we got shut down in the end! Let's go with what we discussed! " Azami called out. " What we discussed!? We didn't discuss anything! All you said was to go crazy! " Masuda said in reply, remotely nervous. " PRECISELY, YOU CRETIN! " She remarked, the both fleeing to the shore once again. " We'll meet Koyama over there, so just follow me. " She explained. In the meantime, Koyama was having trouble staying alive. He had been dunked into the ocean, and didn't genuinely know what to do. For the first time ever, he used mundane sense. *Oh! Azami said that if the plan didn't work, we could go crazy, right?* He thought to himself, getting into the right position. *Then all I have to do is get to the shore to meet up with them!* He commenced swimming upwards at an inhuman pace, imploding out of the ocean and into the air, reaching the shore. The three met together, readying a few things. A few more strands of explosive string, a roll of earthen chains, and a few easily-accessible shuriken. " Okay, we're gonna distract them with explosions from the back, spray them with the shurikens, knock down their defenses with.. Let's see.. How about water dragons? And then after that, we're gonna try and take that alien lady hostage. I'm sure Master Addison would want to interrogate her. " Azami explained to the two boys. Koyama and Masuda merely nodded. They couldn't really disagree with Azami, as she was the captain of the team. Now, all they had to do was wait for the right moment.
  13. It makes me feel like I'm Gucci Mane In 2006 and stripped of my 281978273891273897281th amendment. cry @Lucinda Valentine
  14. Sniff.... Sniff.. Phoebe called me and my writing cute. Sniff.... Sniff...
  15. " Now. " Masuda muttered, the 3 pushing off of the rock with great force, all evanescent in a blur, sending wind pressure all around, masses pushing in seemingly every way. The rock they stood on cracked in a vulgar burst, being pushed into the ground with a thud. Koyama soared over the ocean with a cloak of yellow-lightning circumventing him. Once far enough, he directed himself towards one of the ships, closing his right fist and winding it back, the cloak of lightning becoming much more effulgent around his arm. " IRON FIST! " He roared, a tight punch with enough force to eradicate a car nearing the side of the ship in an endeavor to rip it asunder and throw it into a spiral of chaos. Azami and Masuda took a route in the sky, skyrocketing over to where Addison was, preparing to preform an expeditious attack. A plane-like sound boomed around as they ripped through the air. What the hell is all this stuff? Why is it so detailed? It looks so sturdy.. Well, whatever. We'll blow it up. Masuda thought to himself, making an odd and obscure yet articulated hand gesture in the direction of Azami. Azami landed in juxtaposition of the armored tanks in a haste, lightly tying knots of incredibly thin string onto one of them in mere seconds. With that, she fled, relinquishing yet another mass of wind pressure into the firmament. The strings were set to ignite with a puissant flare, that of grenades. The estimated wait time was around 45 seconds. Masuda continued to soar, quickly pulling his Boidosōdo out of the scabbard hoisted on his hip, a group of purple-colored lightning bursts relinquishing off of it, the sharp blade travelling through the air before grazing through the necks of the exposed pirates that stood near Addison at overwhelmingly high speeds. He was too fast to be pinpointed or caught. He planned to take out a swarm of them via decapitating them, which was most times the best option when fighting with a sword. @Fierach @Phoebe
  16. The Rainbow League went ahead and took their own spot. Farther out than the main frontlines. They stood on an idle rock, big enough to fit their triange formation. As they all slapped their palms together, they synchronized their movements, their energy linking up. This could be seen through a lightning-like essence that took a rainbow color. They shouted eastern chants in unison, probably even louder than the singing that beamed out from behind them. The 3 looked focused and ready, keeping their eyes directly infront of them, the rainbow lightning surging across the area they stood in. Yes, their position didn't compensate for everyone else's, but in order to freely move around, they distanced themselves accordingly. Why? Since they were most likely the fastest of the army, they took it upon themselves to take the best location possible. To modernized fighters, the skills that were to be shown would be nothing like guns or grenades. It was very different.
  17. A sparkly rainbow light beamed over the terrain as a speck in the sky. As it neared landing, it became considerably apparent that it was the formidable Rainbow League. The Rainbow League is an advanced-class trio of skilled fighters. Let's introduce them: There's the beloved rascal, Masuda! He makes up the speed of the team. There's the outgoing Koyama! He makes up the strength of the team. And last but not leas, we have Azami! She makes up the brains of the team, and is the captain. The 3 hit the ground, planting themselves on the balls of their feet, looking as confident as ever. They were all considerably agile, which led Azami to plot out a delievery plan. They would be the ones to deliver the goods. They already expected some to be there, so they didn't bring any. (It would have been ruined mid-air anyways.) " Heyyyy hey! Addison! " Koyama called out as Azami gave a nonchalant wave. Masuda had his back turned to them, his gaze fixated on the small town. The 3 stood in all of their glory, awaiting any type of order patiently. These 3 were known for taking down feared individuals with as little as a single team move! Their grasp of skill could definitely be used.
  18. " Bring word? I already have to LEAAAVE? Aw... " Masuda pouted, digging his face into his scarf. " Can I at least take a loooook? With this place, I'll only take 3.5 seconds.... " Masuda pleaded. 3.5 seconds was an obvious lie. A made up fact that he brought into the world. His gaze shifted to the farmlands. " I don't even NEED permission! NYEHEHEHHEHE! " Masuda would say to himself, making the stance people took before a race. He bolted off, a mass of wind pressure spreading across the place he previously was in. The wind would pass Addison, blowing about her clothes. Masuda could be seen in a group after-images, going about the houses. After a few minutes, he returned to his original spot, ANOTHER mass of wind pressure striking that region. " Done! Everyone looks like they're on the brink of death! Damn. " Masuda would say with a slightly concerned expression on his face. " Anyway, I'm gonna bounce. " He would say with a smirk as he turned on his heel. " さようなら、姉アディソン!I'll be back! " He would say, giggling as he knew for a FACT Addison didn't understand what he said. He leaped into the air. Leaving a small crater (Around the size of an exercise ball.), a mass of wind pressure lifting into the sky with great force. He was too fast to be seen! @Phoebe (BAHAHAHA HE CALLED HER BIG SIS ADDISON)
  19. " I don't understand any of this shit... " Masuda groaned as he sluggishly walked through the terrain. Looking up, his eyes were met by a beautiful landscape. One that practically blew his mind! " WOAAAAAH! " He said as his eyes twinkled in astonishment. Suddenly, he built an all new urge to give whatever he was to do his all. With that, he disappeared in a flickering blur, leaving a cloud of dust in his spot. As he appeared once again in a flickering blur, a mass of wind pressure escaped from beside him. " Oi oi oi! Addy! " Masuda called out in a childish manner, closing the small distance between him and Addison. " I got your letter! " He would explain energetically, taking out a beaten and torn slip of paper from his sweater's pocket. " I didn't understand jack shit! " He would say with... An awfully bright smile. @Phoebe
  20. Masuda turned to the waitress, looking up at her blankfully. " Yeah, can I get some water? I'm super thirsty! " He would say, giving her a warm smile at the end of his sentence. " I don't really know what those big fancy words mean, sorry. But uh... It's fine. You can stay. I like making new friends, I guess. " Masuda would reply, still smiling. His eyes scanned the room again, now noticing there were a TON of people he noticed! How did he miss them? Weird. @Phoebe (Sorry for the late reply!)
  21. " Squadron A Captain, Stuart Kinsleye! We have successfully prepared 12 polearms, plate armor that we have spread across the squadron, and 12 shotguns! " Stuart would reply boldly, not hesitating a single bit. The blonde blue eyed man kept a straight face, feeling the slightest bit of nervousness. He was aware of death, though he was a bit scared of it. Everyone was. Though, they were all determined to face this fierce battle head on. The men all stood in the same strict position, keeping straight faces. They had their full attention up-front, focusing on the present, and not daring to think or speak about the battle that was to come. Losses were sure to happen, but that didn't stop the skilled squadron from going in full force. They were determined and confident. @Phoebe
  22. Masuda looked up to the woman, raising a brow. " Do I know you? " Was the first thing he said. He looked a bit puzzled. An interaction that fast. Damn, this tavern was sure lively. " Uh, no... Sorry, I don't drink alcohol. I only drink water. " Masuda would explain. Alchohol broke down his organs like acid, it was probably the only substance that had the ability to considerably damage his internals, as he had a decent resistantance to other substances. @Phoebe
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