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  1. "What is it?" 'V' didn't give her payment over to the man before she knew what exactly she was paying for. Her head turning around slightly to see Addison pacing around on the spot. The sunlit eyes, moving from the knight to where their eyes were. An adjacent alley with several dim lit saga's lurking in the darkness like wolves waiting for a girl to come from the field of safety into the dark woods. 'V's head snapping upwards to the sound of a gun firing. She wasn't one for guns. She didn't like how easy it was to kill a man with it or the power it gave the man wielding it over any other life. @Phoebe
  2. "No, I most certainly wish you to stay. I can't let anything happen to me for the sake of my children." As the world children rang from her mouth, her eyes would look else where as she remembered her loved ones that she couldn't bring. "And you're the best man for keeping me out of trouble besides my father." Her eyes quickly darted back to the Knight as she looked up to the dark helmet that hid his face with a grin. @MaskedHero
  3. Keeping herself looking directly at her Knight she wouldn't bare Khan a second look. A smile on her face never a less whilst she talked, but it was sour and resentful. "I don't understand what gave you the impression that /I/ hate /you/. Honestly I couldn't think of any instant where you attacked my family, friends, country or where your son reaked chaos on my people. An instant that caused me so much stress that we came to many blows or an instant where I banished you from Erenia. Oh! And I couldn't dare think of a situation where you betrayed a /peace treaty/ only to then have your sorry ass handed to you." As the Queen spoke her words would become harden. Transforming her sweet voice into a growl. The anger of the past was still burning inside her even if it were just a single flame, it was enough to turn her smile sour. "So I have ablosutley no idea what gave you that impression." Minori's head tilting around but not enough that she would fully see Khan. Spinning her head back to the brooding knight her grin would reappear as if it was never gone. "Addison sent me word that something magical and spectacular was afoot, so here we are!" @MaskedHero @Agent Knockout
  4. Slumping her shoulders forward at the sound of Khan's voice, she'd drop her hands down and fold them over her chest. Minori's eyes slightly rolling in the direction of Gauen. The large smile now into a line. Not because she heard anything she didn't like from the pathetic man's mouth but because he was still alive and for only the god's could tell, had to be the place as her. "As you can see, he's back." Quietly mumbling to her knight as she turned to face directly at him. @MaskedHero @Agent Knockout
  5. Minori's ears would hear the haste pace of the galloping horse. As the noise it was creating was far louder than any Howard's men walking into the Bastion. Pulling her head in the direction of the sound, her smile grew even larger. The Queen's eyes would become small as her cheeks rose to show the gleaming white teeth as she spotted her Captain. As the knight would pull to a stop Minori would turn her head back to watch the rest of the men pour into the Bastion. Seeing the large mass of black move to her side from the corner of her ocean eyes. Holding her hands together and pressing them under her chin as she continued to watch proudly. "If it isn't my favourite Brooding Knight!" The Queen said cheekily, moving her gaze to the knight as she spoke before turning back to the men. @MaskedHero
  6. As they walked down the ally way, 'V' would asses how the man could pose a threat. Taking in his height, weight and body type and any inch of his body that could potentially fit a small knife or dagger in. Staying a little behind Addison. Her arms crossed over, keeping her gaze down to the floor as they stopped in front of him. Not wanting to draw attention to herself as she looked him over. Keeping her own mouth shut as she watched Addison open her's to speak. What's good? Was she serious? What's good?! Closing her eyes for a moment, letting out a short breath. No longer wanting to hear whatever was going to come out of her companion's mouth and if it was going to sound worse than what she had already said. "Sorry for her, she's been jumpy today. Hasn't had her," V's voice would turn sharper than usual as her head would give a small nod. Her eyes staring towards the man's face. "meds" "I'll give you 20 for anything you've got to blow, and 10 for something to smoke but that depends what you have to offer." @Phoebe
  7. Her eyes went wide as the woman touched her. 'V's head snapping to where the Knight was commenting what felt like treason, her brown shifting down as she glared at the elbow leaving her side, "Hmm" A short rumble in a response to the gesture, not bringing it up that she didn't like to be touched. Whipping her head back to the ally-way, "You can go first, I'll follow behind." @Phoebe
  8. "Weeell-!" Minori with a large grin would go to the man's side. Despite the difference in height would link her right arm in between his left, "We should probably head home then make our way to the Bastion. Something bigs coming I feel!" With a sharp nod of her head she'd then tilt her head like a wolf would waiting for someone to say something. @MaskedHero
  9. "You may just be right. Either way, no matter who you are. We all end up six feet under." Following after Addison she'd look down at the dress. It was far from lovely but it did fit the part of an addict. "We'll look fine." Moving towards the counter as she waited to pay for the new outfit. Stopping at the opening of the ally way, 'V' would look to the man pointed out as shady. Her eyebrows arching as she looked over the shadowy figure. Dressed in the plain dress, 'V' had chosen to keep the black fabric around her face, letting it hang around her shoulders like a shawl rather than being tucked into her top like it usually was. The leather and fabric gloves that came to her elbow, with silver gloves on top of her hand that came to her wrist, still fastened to her body. The metal hub of the glove keeping the two blades hidden within side. "I'm not going to even take offence that you think I'm the sort of person to know where a drug dealer would reside." Her gaze would turn from the ally way to the Knight. Her tone of voice not offended but more trying to make light of the situation. "It depends if they're a high roller or a low roller. High rollers make you come to them for supply, they're often wealthier than most business owners if they're good. Low rollers are men like him from the looks of him." @Phoebe
  10. "We move on and for the good of the people they will not know of this scandal until we are dead and the stories of our lives are turned into song!" Although her usual energised mood, she'd try and contain herself. "You carry on as the Captain of the Queenguard and we find whoever this Cottonmouth is and we figure out what angel he is playing whilst taking care of our people." @MaskedHero
  11. "Syn. She had a run in with man named.." Minori paused for a moment trying to remember. "Silkmouth..? No. Cotton-Candy? Oh gods no that's it. Fuck, what was it..." Trailing of she'd tap her foot furiously before snapping to life. "Cottonmouth! That's the name!" @MaskedHero
  12. "I suppose we are the two sides of a coin flipped by the gods hands" Her eyebrow arched at the mention of the times changing, "That is true but we grow strong with the time changing" She paused for a moment as her knight would snap his attention back to her. "Why wouldn't that be enough? I risk my life every day for my people so why should I not trust my people who would lay their life down for me" @MaskedHero
  13. "I mean I could have you executed for treason and no one would blink an eye if there was any evidence of it. Might even consider exile" The Queen would watch the Black Knight along the room before her stood before her. Leaning off the pillar she'd look up at him with a grin, "But I don't think I will because you just answered my question. Gauen, you've always protected me and my family. Although I must take even a whisper into consideration, I know who you are and what you stand for. I was hesident at first because I know some habits die hard but I need you to keep protecting me and the next heir to the Empire as well as the court. Not just as a guard but as one of my bests friends." @MaskedHero
  14. "Ya know you're extremely funny to watch when you're thinking" The joyous voice would call out to the side of him. Minori Kasyia Derivative was leaning against a pillar with a childish smirk. Dressed in flowing gown rather than her usual armour or hunting gear. "I can't see your face yet I know exactly what face you're pulling under there" Pointing a finger to back up her statement she'd cross her arms back over her chest as she tilted her head, "Have I ever told you, you are extremely hard to track down when you don't want to be found" @MaskedHero
  15. Hearing the bustle of bodies and cheers, Red moved over to the balcony with a large chuckle, "I think ye may want to come see this, someone's happy you're here" Minori's ears pricked at the sound of the song, breaking the trance. Her mouth hung open in a large smile as she shook her head in dismay with a giggle. "Oh how he loves to sing" Making her way back down from the staircase and through to the Bastion's entrance, the long cloak dragging behind her as she moved. Minori would appear standing outside looking at the arrange of men with her hands on her hips with an almighty grin spread across her face as she watched them. Looking for the familiar face of her favourite navy captain. @Jack Howard
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