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  1. Howard came down the hill, changing from his sabre being used as a cane to once more being used as a swinging toy. His sabre around and around on his finger as he approached Cochrane. To the soldiers Howard was clearly happy and Cochrane noticed this. As Howard walked up to Cochrane the soldiers were talking among themselves, conversions in the ranks ranging if they were getting any food or maybe some axes, they were right, in most ways. Howard walked up to Cochrane and looked at him with a mild grin. It was clear he had good news and wanted to show it. Howard lifted his sabre, turned around and pointed at the carts. He then spoke, "Irryn, that Alphen lad who used to be in the Alphen fleet as a captain. I'm sure you remember him. Anyway, he says he has brought tools, He didn't specify how many but I gave him a string of code to bring more." When he finished, he looked to the troops and once more got impressed. It was clear Cochrane had learnt from his cocky ways and was beginning to get mature, he did need to work on his way of speaking but Howard knew he would learn how to give orders in a panic when these 'pirates' eventually attack. He looked at Cochrane again and before he could say anything in reply to his statement, Howard blurted out. "Good work on the troops.. Need to work on your performance of giving orders though.. Cochrane are you listening to me?" - Cochrane was listening to Howard, listening like a soldier, still not quite getting the officer class. He was a bit like Howard in this way but Cochrane had not learnt to mature and rest his soldier attitude. As Howard spoke to him he also thought about his posture in the moment, he looked down a little and instead of having his hands loose he copied Howard a little by crossing them behind his back. Then he looked up to Howard with his chin up. When Howard stopped speaking Cochrane had zoomed out a little but woke up immediately "Thank you sir, Sorry I'm just thinking a bit. Thank you for the compliment, I wanted the soldiers in a good position for your return after all. Eithere way, here is the troops sir, the 43 strongest soldiers from the battalion sir." Cochrane turned around and pointed at the 43 troops in a neat line at a right angle from the rest of the line. They were holding the axes they got from the village and were awaiting orders. - Howard looked past Cochrane to the 43 troops. Once again he was more impressed by Cochrane and chuckled a little. He walked up to the troops and walked past each and every one of them. The soldiers were all tough and booming in body posture, they were clearly war ready and prepared to do anything. Their grips on the axes were tight and even a bit scary. To a person looking at this from a distance it would seem like the soldiers wanted to kill Howard but no, it was the opposite. All of the troops wanted to impress Howard. The reason behind this being that Howard always out matched them in combat besides the fact he was an officer and forced to act like one by society. If a soldier did well in combat he would get a personal well done by Howard and even maybe an award of extra rations and pay, So, they always wanted to impress their Admiral for respect, reputation and rewards from their Admiral. When Howard finished his inspection, as always, he was impressed with the soldiers enthusiasm for war, sadly they wouldn't get it today but he still had an idea. He stood in the middle of the lines so everybody could see him and hear him, there Howard spoke up to all. "Alright boys, I wish the 43 to get the axes and cut a sideways triangle in each and every tree here, just enough for it to not collapse on it's own. As for the rest, I want you to sharpen your sabres on one another and get prepared for some slashing, You will use your sabres to cut off the branches of the trees. Irryn over there will hopefully bring down carts and tools for us, for every axe I want the strongest in the battalion to grab one and work with the 43. I want the furthest right force of troops to prepare for some ropes, again hopefully from Irryn. Once you get those ropes I wont you to pull down the weakened trees the 43 has made, it should be easy. Do you all understand?" The troops looked among themselves for a second and looked at Howard with a glare. They suddenly stood straight and salluted to their Admiral and Cochrane. "Aye, Aye, Admirals!"
  2. Howard stood up straight, taking a step back from the carts and glared at Irryn with a mix of exhaustion and thankfulness. He then turned away fro Irryn for a second, looking down at the long line of carts with great interest in his eyes. Multiple ideas on how to cut down the trees with god speed and transport them with satisfaction to his own fast tempered means. So many thoughts and ideas chopped in his mind. He quickly turned back to Irryn with a small smile. He then looked back at the carts quickly, then his troops in a perfect line and once more back to Irryn, now standing straight and using his sabre as a cane he said, "Very good, I want all axes you have hopefully brought or are bringing down to that wood on the left." He ended the order by pointing down to the dense forest with his sabre. "We need at least 500." He continued, reaching down and pulling his notebook out. He quickly wrote a string of dots and dashes on a page of the notepad and ripped it out, giving it to Irryn before putting his notepad back in his coat. "Send that string of code to any nearby blacksmith that we know has Morse code, if you really need to, send it to the Victory back home. If there are any issues just come to me. Good man." He patted Irryn's back as a gesture of kindness. He turned away from Irryn and starting to walk back to the troops. In the corner of his eye as he started to walk away back down the hill he yelled over to Cochrane. "Well done Mr, Cochrane! Get the strongest men in the battalion to share those axes between themselves! I have an idea!"
  3. Howard smiled as he saw Luca start to walk up to him. Howard being Howard he quickly 'scanned' over her, looking at her expressions trying to guess her mood so he wouldn't seem like a prick at the opening of a conversation. He noticed her bright red ears, fuming with anger. He took a guess that she either got in an argument or was just in an angry mood. He also noticed a wound on her hand. This proved she was in some sort of argument. Finally he noticed her glare at the darts next to her, there he knew she was vengeful for something, probably the duck in the room. He chuckled a little from these facts as Luca waved, shouted back to him and started to walk over to him. He chuckled sarcastically at Lucas seemingly compliment to his constant women after women love. He wasn't hurt by the remark but he was a little irritated by it, he never saw himself as luck or a player. If he was to teach her his ways it would probably reply to her in another death of a loved one. He did like the compliment a bit though, seeing himself lucky to have scarlet. "Good to hear you're good. Also I wouldn't say I'm lucky, you know what happened to Tozi when she got a glimpse of me merely chatting with another girl." He replied to her statement with a slight bit of annoyance at the end due to his slight anger from Tozi's reaction after seeing him talking to another girl in a friendly fashion. "It is nice to have another girl that fits me more though, If Scarlet didn't come along I would be in a deeper depression, I'm sure you heard about mine and her's lawful killing on the Starling a while back." He continued, clearly having a bit of a fascination in Scarlet. He then suddenly noticed her hand reach down to her handbag, pulling out a mint from it and asked. "Also, mind if I have one of those mints? I could really do need something to chew after seeing Khan in here. You know us Atlesians with the Bulgarians." @Lucinda Valentine
  4. William Cochrane sat down on the green grass in the middle of the crowd of soldiers. He was still awaiting Howard. Cochrane being himself he always showed off, today he came in his black war uniform. 'The Howardonian Black War Uniform' was a slightly changed uniform of the Howardonian Admiral uniform of the age. The Howardonian Admiral Uniform was a blue tailed coat with a white undershirt, black scarf/rope tie with white trousers, black boots and golden buttons with golden decorations, fairly simple. The Howardonian War Uniform was the same but nearly all black. The coat was black, the trousers were black and of course the boots were black. Golden decorations were limited. It was a miracle the citizens didn't get a bit scared by the uniform, they probably only thought it was the soldiers officer uniform that they used all the time. Cochrane sat down just waiting for Howard to come back, he waited and waited by Howard was busy with a conversation with Irryn and Addison, probably not back for a while. He deicded to do him a favour and form up the troops, knowing Howard would want them organised. "Alright! Everybody listen to me please!" He yelled to the troops, the soldiers being well disciplined of course followed his orders and listened closely. "Very good! Thank you! Now, I want us to form into the lines we were in when we first arrived, 4 by 125! For every quarter I want you to split your quarter of 125 troops from the quarter next to you by an arms length, Understand?" He yelled as loud as he could in all directions, pointing out where he wanted them to be with his sabre, again hoping to impress Howard. In reply to this the soldiers nodded and awaited the move order. "Alright! Move!" He yelled for a final time, his voice echoing through the valley and village. Villagers nearby gave a quick look of interest and watched the soldiers move swiftly into position. This also rang through Howard's ears, to which he looked and was a little impressed, he couldn't help but nitpick a little at Cochrane's way of yelling the orders. (William Cochrane.)
  5. Howard rested in the corner still. Crossing his arms, letting them rest under his chest. He was obviously exhausted, mentally and physically. He remained standing, fearful of falling asleep in a seat in public which would obviously lower his first impression down. To avoid being made to be a fool, especially in front of competition he check his pockets, there he found his 21st notepad, yes, 21st. His previous 21 were already stocked up in temporary plans for ships, artillery, factories and machines of all sorts. His 21st notepad was a little different. By the fact that at that point he had built nearly everything he wished to build, he didn't have much else to plan. Plans for the Goddess and Werewolf class were already finished, sadly they didn't have the supplies for them or technology. So, in his notepad he just drew things he had on his mind. At this moment he had his girlfriend from back home in his mind, Scarlet Windtail. For a short introduction, Howard met Scarlet at a party, the same party Howard was planning to break up with his fiance named Tozi. Tozi was a girl Howard met a long time ago in his flagship, Howard of course lost his interest when Tozi repeatedly went away and came back to him, breaking his heart multiple times. From this reason he had lost interest in and didn't want to marry. The issue was he already had the ring so he had to go to the party to protect her. Sadly the breakup between him and Tozi ended in Tozi shooting herself. Howard was broken at this sight and luckily enough Scarlet was there with him. The two got a bit more used to each other and went on a lawful massacre against an Erenian ship which had been overtaken from Bulgarians who ran from Bulgaria in cowardice. After this the two got much more used to each other to the point of Howard possibly expecting a child. Of course Howard needed to leave her behind a lot, that didn't exclude this time so naturally he was missing her. Missing her to the point of drawing a sketch of her in his notepad. Most of the time in trips he always thought about her, even when he was at his favourite travel routes. Suddenly a familiar voice rang though his ears. The voice of Lucinda Valentine, Lady of New Gallia. He and her had a fairly distant friendhsip but at a sight he still knew who she was. At this moment he didn't know where they met, it was probably somewhere in atlas but with this clogged mind, he couldn't remember. He instantaneously looked up from his notepad, dropped his pencil and looked around for the familiar voice. He took a gander around the room and spotted her. He smiled and stood up straight for a cheerful greeting to hide his own sorrows. "Hello there Luca! How are you?" He yelled across the room to Luca. @Lucinda Valentine
  6. 500 soldiers of Howard's little army stood disorganised in front of a large wood, glaring at the forest ahead of them. These troops had already confused themselves with Howard's orders from their lack of tools for the job. Swords and Sabres didn't work on slicing or chopping so only 20 men would be able to get to work. So they just stood there, discussing ways to job down the trees with only 20 axes to their use. Cochrane was among them and even him couldn't come up with a way. "We have no proper tools sir but these 20! The orders you gave are impossible I'm afraid!" Cochrane yelled to Howard in a bit of an annoyed tone, expecting some more tools for their men. "Well we need some more tools don't we?" Howard said as he walked up to the troops and saw the predicament in his own eyes. They had the manpower but not the tools. He took a notes of his surroundings and reminded himself of what he could and couldn't do. "We can't use sabres they are too bleak and this wood seems too strong, perfect for a new ship at least. The workers in the village are all out of spare axes, god these things might break on the first impact.." He quickly whispered to himself and repeated back to Cochrane as he keenly looked at the village behind him. Then in the corner of his eye he noticed Irryn with a mass amount of carts. He immediately looked at the carts and investigated from afar. He saw no signs of tools or such and was a little disappointed, but he never judged a book by its cover so he left his large band of confused troops and started to walk back up the hill to ask, or even pray, that he was mindful enough to bring some tools. He got closer and closer, more details unravelling to his mind. He finally made it up the hill, using his sabre as a cane. He walked up to Irryn and peaked inside the cart. He was immedietly disapointed and concerned as he only saw food and water, no tools. "So is food, blankets and water the only thing you have brought Irryn?" He said, still investigating inside of the carts, hoping he brought at least a butchers saw. @Peter
  7. Alright, well that is what Howard thought so I can't really change it? You need to let him know by walking up to him and explaining that he's different or make it obvious for Howard to guess. The wall however was threatened by the Khan Howard knows son? I think I can't remember so it's still in the Khan Howard knows bloodline.
  8. Howard looked at what was going on in the room for a second time and he noticed that he wasn't the only person tensing up about duck. Seeing this it was like the room was a mini version of the world. Everybody at each others necks. It made him chuckle, realising how immature and stupid it was. One person could ruin anything if he had the power. He was a bit thankful that he didn't have such devilish and self centred ideals as Khan and 'The Duck', even though he named an entire fleet after himself he never saw himself like Kris in particular. Though they both thirsted for power, Howard never went to the extent that Khan and his family line tried. He wouldn't build a wall or anything like that, especially without diplomatic permission. Howard being himself, he stood up straight and 'secretly' gazed around the room, predicting what the future of each and every person was going to be, short and distant. He already saw a few red lights around the room, especially with Khan again, predicting he would try to make some sort of impossible to destroy fleet like his. He just used this little guessing game to pass the time and have a little fun. He just stood there with his hand resting on his chin and twirling the bottle of brandy around in his hands. Every now and then he would divert to a specific person for a second or so and either chuckle, laugh or scoff. It was just Howard being himself, to any onlooker he would seem insane but no. He was just walking a few steps ahead for a giggle and a laugh.
  9. Howard watched Addison and Masuda walk away. He rolled his eyes and felt a little disproved by this. He didn't exactly think this was the best start but it seemed to be the only one. He groaned and turned to his slightly chuckling soldiers who were laughing at his annoyance. Howard laughed a little and walked up to the long line of soldiers in front of him. He stabbed his two sabres in the ground and looked to the colour barrier. He walked up to him and took the Three Nation Fleet Imperial Ensign flag from his hands. He smiled and walked back to top of the hill. There he made a short speech to his soldiers. "Alright lads, we have been through hell and back you and I. We have seen death and love, including the fall of our ship the Glory. However here and now I promise new lands for us! Get an axe in your hand boys! This is new Acheron!" He smiled at the end of his speech and stabbed the flag deep into the ground. The black ensign with a double headed eagle in the centre encircled with golden wheat in the centre blew gently in the wind. Howard then grabbed his two sabres and gestured to the woods. "Get an axe my boys and mine that wood! Cochrane lead the way!" He yelled to the troops and Cochrane who was leading the line, After a second of silence, the 500 soldiers rushed away to the wood. A few of them walking down to the village, seeing how many axes they could purchase by the townsfolk. They got a total of 20, not much for 500 but the red lads found a way by using their sharp sabres as a saw. It would do for now, Untill they got real axes. https://i.gyazo.com/fea5ff907968517c4eebd0befd677645.jpg
  10. Basic Information -- | Name: Jack Hallington Howard | Alias: Jack Howard | Sobriquet: The Sea Wolf | Title: Worldwide Admiral of Gallia, Erenia and the Howardonian Privateer Fleet | Actual Age: 31 | Apparent Age: 31 | Date of Birth: October 21st 1830 | Race: Human | Gender: Male | Height: 6'4 | Weight: 140 Pounds | Eyes: Blue | Hair color: Dark Brown | Hair style: Curly & Long | Domicile: Alpha | Region: Gallia, The Bastion & Erenia. | Affiliations: Gallia & Erenia | Occupation: Worldwide Admiral | Alignment: Gallia, Erenia, The Bastion. | Soft Spot: None | Likes: Naval Warfare, Lawful Chaos, Electrical & Steam Technology, Warfare Technology, Humour (British Humour). | Dislikes: Chaotic Companies & Countries, Irrational & Immature beings of power and wealth. Unlawful Chaos. Attire -- | Shoulders: Golden Epaulettes with a black base. | Torso & Arms: Purple coat with a tail down the back and waist. Golden buttons & Decorated area around the buttons with black and golden lining. Black sleeves with golden lining. | Hands: White gloves. | Hips: Black belt with decorated golden buckle. | Legs: Black trousers. | Footgear: Tall black boots. Armoury -- | Sabres: Two Alphen Cavalry Sabres. Handle decorated in gold with lions and sails, wooden base with leather string which was tied to the hand to avoid being unarmed in battle, blade decorated in silver with rope logos. Most noticable edit was made by Scarlet Wind Tail who embedded two double-barrelled Enfield Revolvers. 6 rounds. | Revolvers: Four Enfield Revolvers. Hidden under tailcoat with 4 holsters around the waist side. 6-cylinder with a max range of 200 ft. Decorated in gold and silver with lions, ropes and sails. History of Jack Howard -- He was born in 1830, to a rich family estate in the plains of alpha. His father Richard Howard was 40 at the time, and was also in the Royal Alpha Navy for most of his life, serving on the tiny ship named Raven. His naval career was slow and after 30 years he did finally make it to the rank of captain. He committed one or two heroic actions at sea. One of his actions was on his tiny 18 gunned ship that went up against a 20 gunned brigantine. He managed to cut down the mast of the pirate ship, and his crew of around 40 raided the ship and managed to get their captain to surrender, this was his finest victory at sea. His mother on the other hand is of course much different. Howard spent his time at a young age with her mostly. she always worked to get cash, selling all the food they farmed from the back gardens of the estate to the local market. I do know that. it's a bit unusual for a rich boy but it's the only way they kept the estate except his fathers pay for being at sea. His mother did suffer from a great depression, as much women belonging to captains did. Him and her worked on the estate until He was 14 when sadly His mother committed suicide, some say from a broken heart. Howard's father had to rush home to take care of the estate. Howard, of course was incredibly sad but also confused because he didn't understand the strain his mother had from being alone all the time. His father sent Howard to the Naval Academy, so he could learn Richard's ways and hopefully follow his tracks. He was in the naval academy until he was at the age of 18, where he passed the final tests and enlisted as a midshipmen. He was always bullied by the others for being way too old, as most midshipmen were 12-14. he was slow to raise through the ranks, but I did make it to acting lieutenant for doing incredible well in the lessons on the ship he was serving on named the Hotspur where he also committed the actions swift and quick. This is where his very first naval action of bravery came across. He was walking on deck like it was any other night but then he saw a light off the starboard bow. It was another 30 gunned ship. The Hotspur was also 30 gunned so it was an even chance. He immediately had a plan. He quietly woke the captain and all officers up saying to be as quiet as possible. All of the officers walked below deck, woke the men up and said to get their weapons quietly. the enemy climbed onto the ship, thinking they would kill all of them in their sleep, they were wrong. Howard quickly ordered everybody to spring. The whole crew sprang up and rushed to the main deck. A heavy melee began, blood splattered and guts spilled. Howard himself was near the centre of the fight when they eventually fought beat them back onto their very own ship ship. He approached the captain and asked for the captain to surrender. The captain being 'strong' refused and drew his sabre to Howard. The two immedietly began a fierce duel. After repeated moves from left to right, Howard kicked on the guys foot and swung him around behind him, Howard moved his sabre into the air and plunged it behind him under his shoulder. The sabe went streaming through his side, making a massive wound, forcing him to collapse to the ground. Howard asked for surrender and the captain regretfully handed over his sabre. This was the first proof that Howard's plans worked fantastically. For this he was promoted to lieutenant and to take a test for captain immediately under pressure from his captain. Howard studied and studies on the Hotspur and he succeeded the test by a mile and got promoted to captain on the spot. A few weeks into his command on his tiny 18 gunned sloop named Belleron with his friend Andrew Nelson who would later become Admiral Nelson of the Howardonian Fleet, Howard's right hand man. Just like his father, he came across a large 25 gunned frigate. Everything was against him and his little sloop. He needed a plan, so of course he sat down and thought of one, nearly on the spot. He ordered a black flag to be flown confusing the Pirates into thinking I'm the sloop of theirs. Using is trick he sailed closer and closer and pulled incredibly close to their ship, close enough for them to not be able to angle their cannons to hit the sloop and far enough for them to not board us. He ordered the Alpha navy colour to be flown and for the cannons to fire. All cannons on the ship trained onto the Pirates main mast and the order was given. "FIRE!" Howard yelled at the top of his lungs and at that moment all of the cannons ringed like a bell as the cannon shot penetrated the main mast of the ship. The mast was cut down in an instant and fell over to the port side, killing 12 on the ship. The mast collapsing stopping them from moving anywhere. All of Howard's cannons trained their sights upon their decks and boom, half of their crew killed in an instant as their cannons hit their upper cannon deck and flew through the ship, shooting out from the other side. The order was given to board and Howard's little sloop of death came closer as they all climbed onto their deck. Howard's first lawful slaughter began as he lead the charge onto their deck. He swung his sword left, right, up and down as he moved his way deeper into the ship with his crew following. Blood and guts splattered upon the ships decks as the crew was slaughted by Howard and his crew. He walked up to kill their captain and engaged in a duel. The captain was foolish and made a simple move on Howard by thrusting his blade forward. Howard rolled his eyes and diverted the captain's sabre away with his sabre, then he disarmed the captain by kicking him in the groun and slashed his sword across his breast. The captain collapsed to the ground dead. Their lieutenant surrendered on the spot, it was the finest thing to ever happen in the Howardonian Family. Howard and Nelson on board the 18 gunned sloop. Howard on the Right. He was sent home under an act of the Alphan navy being lowered down, only 10 ships where in the alpha navy. He of course didn't like this and drew up plans for 2 special types of ships, the Wolf Class and the Ironclad Frigate. The Wolf Class the biggie from the two and would become the most powerful in Universe 404's History. the plans were finished and he showed them to his dying father, he of was amazed by the designs and ordered Howard to show them to the Admiralty, so he did. They were impressed and said that they would build the ships, under his command , the best and worst thing to happen in his life. After a year or so, and not long after his 29th birthday he was sick and tired it's the state of the nation. The nation was in ruins and the army in shambles, Not to mention he was not granted the rank of Admiral for his own fleet. This angered Howard so he came up with a plan to abandon post with his friend Mansfeld Karl, The army chief and adviser. The plan was simple and the Atlas fleet would sail to the port on a no-moon night, 20K men would board the 130 ships and run to the Atlesian ports with all 130 ships of the Alphen Navy. I showed these plans to the Prime Ruler of Atlas, Esstevan Montoya and he agreed to follow. Early that evening Howard and 20 soldiers ran to the estate and the Alpha Palace to take every plan and book he ever wrote ever made. While men from the atlas military took the plans from the construction yards, Howard made his way back to the Glory, his flagship and the first ship he ever built. All plans taken, now they couldn't build any more ships. The plan was carried out perfectly, the ships were stolen with nobody to know the wiser, and here he was. Admiral of the Atlesian Fleet. Admiral Howard at the age of 29. In late 1859, Howard and Karl founded a company made for Atlas's expansion. There they found 'The Purple Snails'. These snails, if farmed correctly, made a dark magenta colour which was not seen in the world till that point. Howard saw money in this investment of his findings and constructed farms in the Colonised land he and Karl took. This action would soon make him the richest man in the known world. Then in 1860, Howard travelled to Erenia, The Crown Empire. He arrived at the docks on the V.A.S Glory and marched through the streets with Queen Minori of Erenia's permission. The soldiers footsteps rang through the streets as Howard introduced himself to Minori. In Erenia he traded and introduced them into the Purple Dye Trade, which was made to sell the purple dye he had farmed from the purple snails. After spending time in Erenia and giving them many naval aid he came up with an agreement with Minori. The deal was that he would give them plans for the Wolf Class and they would allow him to be their Admiral. Minori quickly agreed and knighted Howard as the first Grand Admiral in history and a millionaire from his Purple Dye Trade. In early 1860 he founded the Purple Triangle, a massive trade line between Gallia, Atlas and Erenia. This was protected by his now combined fleet of 200 ships, 120 of which being Wolf Class ships. This too claimed him the largest area of ocean ever, more than 10x larger than any claimed ocean before. In late 1860 he became the Ambassador of Atlas and Erenia, securing a 3rd place rank in both governments. This gave him plenty of power and made the ocean a playground from his now seemingly endless funding. With this cash he invented the 160 Pounder cannon, organ gun and the construction of his most famed port, Acheron. In late late 1860, Howard's female partner at the time named tozi said that she was captured by Duck and Khan Asparuh. She told him that they both planned to destroy Erenia with Khan's Bulgarian army. Howard was shocked at this and gathered up Erenia and Atlas to go to war. The war lasted less than a few months but he committed more than a few brilliant actions. Two of which is when he gathered the Atlesian and Promethean army at Sozopol to launch an attack as he destroyed the Bulgarian fleet and the other was where he tricked the Bulgarian army at Burgas by using the Erenian fleet as a distraction for the main landing force to the north. Since the SSK war, Atlas got further and further. He became a Worldwide Admiral when he was made Admiral of the Gallian Navy by a copy deal of when Howard became admiral of Erenia. He furthered technology in Universe 404 by inventing Electricity Engines and Steam Engines. 1861 was the most busy year for Howard, it all started off with the construction of the WCTP Class. The WCTP Class is a copy of the Wolf Class but slightly larger with thicker armour and heavier cannons. It's most significant change was four turrets on her deck, each with 2 300 pounder cannons. the WCTP was painted black and on it's first day at sea 'it' slaughtered a Bulgarian pirate ship. Later that year he founded the Three Nation Fleet. Gallia and Erenia agreed to partially hand over Howard's fleets in their countries to form an alliance sort of combination. He became a billionaire a few weeks later by the extensive purple dye trade. He built ports everywhere, including the Bastion, belonging to Addison. His fleet was unmatched and impossible to beat, this was Howard's height. Then, in late 1861.. Everything seemed to collapse. Atlas fell when it was attacked and seemingly dissipated into the ground from a race of tree monsters. Acheron was one out of two cities remaining. The Howardonian Privateer Fleet with the Erenia and Gallia detachments of the Three Nation Fleet saved 1 million people out of 3 Million. Howard after this formed the Official Howardonian Privateer Fleet, consisting of all of the old Atlesian Fleet ships, claiming them for his own. Then another disaster to his own eyes at least. Howard joined C.H.I.R.I., C.H.I.R.I was a seemingly fascist pro-human group. Howard joined it thinking it as a good investment. God was he wrong, He regretted his actions of giving them 10 wolf class ships and left the foundation. He learned from that to not trust everything he saw. Then came the changing tide. October 18th, 1861. The sinking of the Glory. On a calming night the engines of the Glory exploded from a long time of over heating. She exploded in the centre, sending the main mast and aft funnel flying into the sky. The ship sank by the head and snapped in half before taking his final plunge. Luckily Howard and his secondary admiral, Nelson, survived the disaster. After this Howard and his large Three Nation Fleet found itself depressed and so large it couldn't move any further. Howard practically owned the world at that point. He feared a new beginning but he wanted it. He wanted to make a new empire, and he wanted his precious ship back. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (If you see any mistakes in this, please DM me.)
  11. Howard remained in his seat, thinking over his Glory over and over and over again. He put the bottle of brandy down beside him and moved his hand to his forehead where he rested it and slouched over, resting his head in his hands. His uniform flexed out as he nearly fell asleep in that chair. He suddenly bounced up and gently slapped himself. He couldn't fall asleep here in a random tavern in the middle of nowhere. He grabbed his bottle of brandy and stood up. He slouched to one side as he stood up, his hair drooping down over the side of his face. He walked over to the nearest wall and leaned on it, hitting it as he practically collapsed onto the wall, thinking it would keep him awake. He looked around and saw many many complete foreigners yet plenty of people he knew when. Of course he wondered why there were so many people he knew here but he just shrugged and past the thought through his head, thinking it was just a coincidence. He did see a few faces he hated and liked. An example for who he liked was of course Addison and Hawk. He couldn't be bothered to walk over to the two so he just remained in place hoping they would hop over to him. Then he turned his look to the other side of the room, there was the two people that made his life a near nightmare. Khan Asparuh and 'The Duck'. Khan was the god of Bulgaria but in his eyes and most Atlesian & Erenian eyes he was a nuisance. Howard usually beat Khan what it came to Naval superiority and trade so he didn't really get worried and just chuckled at it. 'The Duck' was the background nightmare of his life, a lot of the problems he had to deal with often sparked from him, including the whole SSK war. He held in his hate and let his tiredness fuel his laziness. He remained in place and thought of the future and what it would bring for him.
  12. "Well foreigner or not, we need their materials, they will learn to respect us I'm sure.." He scoffed, not really having any sort of ambition for workers that don't know respect. Seeing Addison gesture for him to follow, he swiftly walked behind her, twirling his sabre around on his finger, trying not to accidental set off the revolvers embedded in the handle like he often did. "Pirates are simple and easy Addison, they are brutal and harsh, they charge anywhere that's obvious.. Just make a bottle-neck on the beach with anti-cavalry defences and they will go through it and we go boom boom and they go splat splat!~" He wiggled his finger like a magician at the end of his sentence, clearly having a large interest in slaughtering pirates. "I most certainly will be able to set up some defences, I just need wood. You're good with civilians so I'll let you deal with them." He said with a small chuckle as he diverted his eyes from analysing the beach back to his troops.
  13. At the bottom of the hill, 500 soldiers drew closer to Addison's position by the lead of a purple figure. The soldiers were tall and looming, each at a height of 6'2 to 6'4, their stance was loud and booming. They were the crew of the H.P.S Glory or 'The Tall Reds', nickname given due to their over average height and their bright read uniform. As they marched up the hill their dark red uniforms grew brighter and brighter. A dark red tunic, red melton wool, Fully lined. White cuff braid, green cuff facings and collar. Their trousers were pitch black, high backed with brace button attachments, Acheron wool from the coastal city of Acheron back home with thin red pipe down each leg. Upon their head was a white pith helmet with a badge. The golden badge on the fore of the helmet was a simple depiction of the Glory with 'The Purple Rose of Peace' behind it. In their right hand they held a 1860 Atlesian Bolt Action Rifle with a 15 inch bayonet strapped to the muzzle of the gun. To their right hip was a sabre holster for a simple soldier sabre. All of these weapons were built and manufactured in one of Howard's factories in Acheron. As they made their way up the hill, their footsteps rang like a church bell with the clanking of their weaponry hitting their golden buttons. Each and every step was perfectly timed and brilliantly drilled. However in the march there was a taste of depression to their walk. This little sample of depression came from the loss of their Glory, their ship that they saw sink to the bottom of the ocean in their own eyes. To fit this depression they sung an old song, depicting a soldier dreaming about his fallen brother/comrade that had died in combat. Nights are growing very lonely, Days are very long; I'm a-growing weary only List'ning for your song. Old remembrances are thronging Thro' my memory. Till it seems the world is full of dreams Just to call you back to me. There's a long, long trail a-winding Into the land of my dreams, Where the nightingales are singing And a white moon beams: There's a long, long night of waiting Until my dreams all come true; till the day when I'll be going down That long, long trail with you. As they finished their way up the hill they stopped singing as they awaited their officers order. Howard moved out in front of the large column and yelled. "The company will divide to thirds and form a line to my back and sides by the number! Ready! March!" At that instant all troops rushed to their positions in the most prestige time and discipline, forming a 4 by 125 line behind Howard and Addison. Howard left the group and walked up to Addison. His trousers and boots were dirty from the long march to the location. He walked up next to here and looked at the Town-stead, he immediately grew a distaste for the state of it since he was more used to the life of luxury of first class buildings. He looked at each and every house and instantaneously thought of a way to upgrade it, this was normal for him, it was just how Howard worked. He looked to addison with a small thrown and pointed to the town with his sabre. "This is what we are upgrading from?" He said in an exhausted and worried tone, hating the thought of starting all over again. Show less
  14. Howard slowly walked away from the young man without a word. It was like a sudden memory hit him. He slightly slouched over as he walked over to a seat in the furthest edge of the room. He found a small chair and swished it around on the floor. He quickly sat down in the seat and held the bottle of brandy to his forehead with his legs stretched out on ground. He was very clearly depressed, the past few months had rendered him tired, lonely and lost in his own gains. He had became Admiral of Gallia and Erenia with the loss of Tozi, his lover. Through his massive power gains he lost so much. In his opinion the one that hurt most was the sinking of the Glory. The Glory was his prized flagship which sank by an engine malfunction on the Atlas to Gallia purple trade line crossing. That ship had been with him for all of his significant life of being an Admiral. It sank brutally, splitting in half and plunging beneath the waves before his very eyes. Seeing his best invention sink in such away was what left him depressed in this moment. He remained in the same sitting position as he slowly twirled his bottle of brandy around in his hands. He glared to the floor with past memories rushing through his mind. He hummed a little navy tune, to any onlooker it would look like he was just thinking intensely. This wasn't true though, he was thinking of how to regain himself in this time of need but he didn't seem able too. He ignored the young boy that was in front of him asking about his navy. It was clear that he didn't want to.
  15. "Pleasure to meet you too Alfred." He smirked and saw the bartender walk towards them with his brandy. He took his hand off his sabre, preparing to take his drink as soon as it arrives. He continued to listen to Alfred and quickly replied to his query. "Well, I travel a lot to clear my head from my extensive work, I do own three fleets back home and it is tiring sooo.. It's nice to get a break every now and then." He rolled his eyes and looked away from Alfred to a crowd at the other side of the room as he finished his sentence, clearly tired of his old life and is in desperation for something new.
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