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  1. This was the final turning point. The civilians were terrified. The sailors were terrified and admittedly, so was Howard. When would this fog go away? It must have been a curse, there was no way it would be for this long. However, Howard made measures to keep the people calm. However, this made the city seemingly freeze in time. No workers, no nothing was walking around the streets. Everybody was inside. The ships were ordered to halt and only to sail out in an absolute emergency like the Waterloo and the Acheron that were currently rushing to the aid of the Glorious. This made the sailors think more. They started getting nervous and scared. They saw more and more things in the distance from boredom and fear which caused exhaustion which worsened these hallucinations and thoughts more. One crew was especially unhappy. Their ship was one of the first to be built and it had not sailed out of port in any way at all. Enraged at the ignorance of their captain, they staged a mutiny. On a dark and eerie night, nothing out of the ordinary, the crew of Queen 45 were lurking and discussing in a street. That morning, they were all going to lose their lives to the guns of the H.P.S Goddess herself. They didn't know it yet. They came up with a fairly ridiculous plan. They would steal weapons from the ship's armoury and run for the bridge, take control, deactivate the deck machine guns and sail away. However, one man got a clever idea. They would attempt to sink the Goddess. They didn't know it but it was the ship's natural design to not be able to penetrate her own class's hull thickness. Not to mention the Goddess Class. They didn't know this however, the ship's command only know the advantage of these weapons since they were the only ones that needed to thanks to the automatic loading and firing systems. This would prove fatal to the mutineers. The next night, the crew suddenly jumped from their positions and ran for the armoury. The ship's marines tried to cut them down but they were swallowed by the crowd. The mutineers quickly armed themselves. The commanding officers recognised this and pointed the deck machine guns towards the ship's stairways. The guns opened a brutal barrage as crew members collapsed at the top of the stairway. However, with the sacrifice of 200, the ammunition ran out. Bodies literally fell off the ship as the crew scampered towards the command deck. The captain immediately surrendered, seeing his chances taken away from him. However... he disorganised the ship's control system. The turning was not jammed but slowed down and the engines max throttle was lowered with the simple use of a bit of tack behind the wheel and the control bars. The H.P.S Goddess noticed the splashes of water beneath Queen 45. Like a mother watching her child, she wanted carefully and warily, making sure nothing was wrong. However, as gunshots were heard, she ordered lights to be lit on the ship. 45 didn't reply. Fog lights were forced onto the ship and the full terror of the ship came apparent. The blood and bodies lacing the floor made the captain of the Goddess realise what was going on. A mutiny. The crew realised their mistake. They set the throttle to full, which at the time was actually about half, and sped away, bumping into a docked ship every-so-often. The Goddess came to life and prepared to fire her new weapon... The AA&S missile was an upgraded version of the missiles on the submarines. They are much smaller, faster and more explosive. The Submarine's missiles are designed for airships, the Glory decided to go for Anti Air and Ship. hence the name AA&S. They already had their turrets for airships thanks to their vertical aiming systems. This weapon was Howard's answer to the ship's lack of AA systems. There were over 400 of these little missiles on board, of course, protected with armour and a powerful lid. These missiles had one thing though that made them special. They were able to blow a hole in the hull of the Goddess class. Short-range but more explosive power. An upgraded version of these would later come to the submarines that would have the same characteristics but longer range. These weapons would most certainly sink the mutineers that had taken over Queen 45.
  2. Since the fog cursed New Acheron, hope had remained with the civilians. This hope was thanks to the H.C.A.S Britannia. Recently renamed the H.C.A.S Glorious. Named after the H.P.S Britannia and then renamed after the famed H.P.S Glory she was a staple of Howardonian pride. Sailing to and from Lagrimosa to Genesaris. She had never suffered an incident since she was built. She was the perfect specimen of naval technology, luxury and size. She was the biggest ship ever built by Atlesian, Gallian, Erenian or Howardonian hands. She was given the best of technology. High power radars, automatic watertight doors, Electromagnetic engines and so much more. She was built to the height of luxury for a low price. Built under the private company and command of the 'Gold Star Line' she was also a staple for the people. She had survived all of the previous disasters and attacks. She was also the only ship to witness the Glory sighting a few days after it was reported and the only ship to get a closer look. Her crew and passengers got a good look at these 'ghosts' and it turned out it was a simple mistake. There was the wreck of a ship near the cliff coasts. A sailing ship that looked familiar to the Glory. The gold masts and funnels were simply rust and rot and the white lining was water reflecting off her hull. The crew though was still unanswered at this location of the wreck wasn't were Nelson and Cochrane sighted her. Either way. The H.C.A.S Glorious was a household name and a mark of pride for the people. Fate would hit her in the exact same way her name would curse its previous holder. She set sail from New Acheron on a common trip to Hawk's base at Lagrimosa. It was a pitch-black night with thunder rolling over above. As the Glorious sailed out of the foggy port, lightning struck the sea around her as thunder applauded and bellowed around her. She left the port, sparing no time at all. Curious and amazing, civilians and sailors looked off the stern as they witnessed the foggy curse drift over them. The night sky glittered with stars and galaxies. All seemed peaceful and still as the ship glided over the flat waves. At midnight, the stars were glittering, the sea was calm and the sky was black. Nothing appeared on the radars nor the wave detectors. The 3 highest-ranking officers of the ship had gone to sleep. As the 4th Lieutenant strolled around the deck, he noticed something. The sky to the starboard side seemed to have a line in it. Then, the wave detectors went mad. Recording a 50 ft dip and then a 300 ft rise. A rogue wave. Realising what this meant, the 4th Lieutenant and his crew started to shout orders to one another. "HARD TO STAR!" "ENGINES TO SLOW!" The ship's helmsman desperately turned the wheel hard to star. The now awake staff were trained for this. If a rogue wave appeared, you ram directly into to avoid capsizing. It was still unknown if the ship would turn in time though. In an attempt to get her to turn quicker, they tried to drift her. The engines were put to full as she started to turn, then to slow as she got at a 40 degrees angle and to whip her stern around, the engines were put to full reverse as the wheel was turned to port. Now she was facing the wave directly. The captain ordered for the ship to go full ahead so the ship could cut through the wave and come out on the other side. As they started to approach the dip, the radio operators sent an SOS message and a warning. The Goddesses, H.P.S Acheron and Waterloo were sent under Nelson's personal command to rescue the ships. Crew scurried around the deck, ordering all civilians to get below decks and hold on to something. The ship suddenly dipped down, the bow piercing through the water as the ship rushed down the steep 50 ft decline. The engines wheezed and everybody held their breath as they prepared to either sink or survive. The keel of the ship bent slightly as the bow finally pierced the rogue wave itself. The towering water above them curved around and plummeted onto the ship, smashing her funnels and gushing down the ventilation pipes. Anyone that was on the decks got brutally washed away. The lifeboat cranes and the lifeboats themselves got washed away. The masts were bent off and the deck above the promenade crushed under the sudden pressure. Glass on the front of the ship smashed as water gushed into the decks. The top decks were starting to flood while the hold and engine rooms were dry. The lower decks also survive unscathed. The lights suddenly flickered off as the stern got engulfed by the wave. Now the sea and sky were pitch black and the ship was nowhere to be seen. However, suddenly, a white shape below the waves. The bow of the Glorious sliced through the sea like a sharp razor as the ship quickly resurfaced. The crew in the bridge held on for dear life as the ship around them buckled and strained. The ship pointed to the sky as the bow fell to the sea. The stern just appeared out of the water as the ship started to fall into another 50 ft deep dip. The rogue wave dissipated behind them as the ship started to level out. Water gushed out of the ship's portholes, bring furniture, scraps and people with it. However, the ship was unable to move and power was no longer achievable. She was a floating duck, waiting for help.
  3. The fog still cursed New Acheron. The construction of her high skyscrapers was slowed down further and further by the passing hours as workers, civilians and soldiers alike all waited for this curse to begone. The 5 massive skyscrapers were now at an all-time stop in construction. Not to mention, the airfield that was being built was also stopped, making it hard for the aircraft to take to the air. As the clouds of fog rolled over Parliament, Howard was furious. "I have had it! When in the bloody hell will these damn fog clouds go!" He bellowed at the politicians around him. His hands crossed behind his back as he strolled around the room. Cochrane spoke up, still a little spooked from the ghost encounter. "We are still building. We may be able to complete the skyscrapers before the fog rolls away! That way, we will show off to the rest of the world our skill." Though he was mentally wounded he still thought that they could do anything, at this point though, he was wrong. Nelson disagreed. In his tactical mind, the city was better perfect instead of rushed. A way of thinking told to him by Howard and why he was always the high politician in the Admiralty. "We can't rush, these buildings must be sound. We need to roll the fog away on our own if it's what we must do to get them done quickly if it's what you wish." Howard quickly glared at Nelson and Cochrane. He agreed with both of them. On a low standard of course. These buildings needed to be built quickly. However, they needed to be sound and able to resist attack and time itself. He nodded his head and spoke up in a low and formal tone, clearly thinking away. "Use the helis to try to blow the fog away, probably won't work but worth a shot. If it doesn't work, the workers are to continue to work. I'll order a fog light to light up the towers so it's a bit easier. Now, no disagreements. Any disagreements will lead to disaster is that understood?" The two admirals nodded and walked out the room and radioed to the roughly built and rudely stopped airfield. 5 Helicopters of the Eagle Squadron were sent out to try and blow the fog away, it seemed ridiculous but as the 5 Heli's took to the skies and flew low to the ground, it seemed like it would work. As the lights from the nearby lighthouse lit up the trade centre skyscraper the Heli's seemed to be clearing the fog away. However, it wasn't true. They were simply blowing the fog around and behind them. The illusion of the fog moving made it seem like it was working though. However, a single helicopter went off it's planned course. As it whipped it's tail around to do a little drift to get some fog away in the sky it whacked its tail into the construction area of the Army, Navy and Air force Headquarter Scraper. The impact flung 5 worker's unconscious bodies off the building to where they plummeted to the ground. The rail of the Heli snapped off and soared towards the ground, landing in the street. The rest of the Heli meanwhile span around like a crazy toy that you would have as a kid. The Heli seemed to scream a low and deep cry as it plummeted to the ground, crushing a house and killing 10 instantly. Luckily no fire was caused and only a pile of rubble rested in the streets. The Eagle Squadron disaster, as it was named, was an eating ground for the media. Newspapers and magazines criticised the Howardonian Forces like they were the devil. Even though none of what happened and what had happened before was their fault, the media attacked them like sharks. Howard dealt this with controlled rage. Rightfully so, he said that if the media keep blaming people who don't cause trouble and suffer the trouble from another power or entity, he will shut their paper down to avoid idiotic rumours talks that won't help their expansion and collaboration with each other. Also, radars were equipped to battle any weather and the missiles were turned to heat seeking missiles that could be controlled manually at any time. This change was made since the Helis did not appear on the radar. Like Howard said. "Any Disagreements WILL lead to disaster."
  4. Gold masts Black hull. Two gold funnels. White lining along her singular cannon deck. Soldiers in red uniform but with the lack of any facial features. A purple, black and gold flag waving high upon her main mast. 110-Pounders pointing outwards towards the cliffs and the city. A man in purple uniform on her poop deck looking dead at Nelson and Cochrane, again with no visible facial features. "No way, it can't be. Ok... Maybe it is? Maybe it was transported over from home as a gift from a nation with no facial features in any way?" Cochrane shakily whispered to Nelson, at this point fearing for his life. Nelson looked on, dazed and shocked at what he saw through his spyglass. The ship was like glass, you could see it but you couldn't at the same time. It was there but it wasn't. It couldn't be any visual illusion, she was too detailed. The rigging, the terrifying crew, everything was there. Cochrane snatched the spyglass from Nelson and looked to the stern to see her name. After a second, Cochrane froze. He slowly looked again, wide-eyed. "It's her..." Cochrane whispered, his body shaking and his eyes as wide as an owl that was stalking on its prey. Nelson looked at him, scared of what he meant. He asked him with a shaky voice, hoping it wasn't what he thought it was. Cochrane turned to him and gave him the spyglass. As Nelson took a look, he took a deep breath and spoke once more. "It's the Glory." Nelson suddenly took a quick and sharp intake of air. It couldn't be true. The Glory sank years ago and collapsed at the bottom of the ocean. The two looked at the infamous faded flagship of the previous Atlesian Fleet. Standing and staring at it with pure disbelief. How was she here and why was she like this. Is it an illusion after all? Is it a trick from a new enemy? A programmed being? Aliens? After a moment the two made the stark realisation of what it could only be. Being sailors, they were very superstitious. To them, only one thing made sense. Cochrane cried at the top of his lungs, hoping somebody else would come and witness it. "Ghost! It's the ghost of the H.P.S Glory!" The two panicked and rushed closer to the cliff edge to get a closer look. Just as the ship came into proper viewing distance, a bright light shone over them. Nelson and Cochrane were immediately blinded and collapsed to the ground. After a minute or so they got up, and searched for the ship. The whole sea was empty of any ship, plane, airship or sub. The Glory had disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Startled, the two rushed back to Parliament to alert Howard of what had happened. Howard's reaction was oddly relatable to them. He understood what they saw like he saw it coming. Howard was also fairly superstitious and expected this to happen. In theories of the sea by the Howardonian sailors, ghosts could not harm you. All they do is look at you and run. In reply to this and using it as a clever excuse, Howard put radar towers all around the city, giving it a 100-mile view radius of armies, ships and planes, At the sea meanwhile, sonar blocks were placed to hunt for submarines. AA guns were also positioned upon towers and governmental buildings. Anti-Air and Anti-Ship missiles were placed on large metallic cuboid boxes in the coast and in the city, prepared to strike at anything and remove the threat of another unusual visitor at any time and anywhere. After all of this, the Glory was never seen again and the incident was forgotten.
  5. Testing will prove. We may fall back to Permission to Sink and asking what ships will be sunk and making deals like at the battle of Sozopol. Either way, if this works we will build on from it with your ideas, probably.
  6. It was a dark, cold and foggy night in New Acheron. Snow drizzled down from the sky and landed gently on the empty and baren pathways. In every street, the common sound of footsteps on the stone pathways and a dog barking in the distance rang through the cramped alleyways and streets. Even the street around Parliament was eerily silent. Silence, just silence. Then, a familiar pair of footsteps from two men. Two men of the Howardonian Admiralty. Admiral Nelson and Admiral Cochrane. The two gentlemen of the fleet walked through the isolated streets towards the port where they would check on the ship's new AA upgrades. This was the second time this week they were forced to do this from their Prime Minister, Jack Howard, who was desperate for the ships to get even more fearful and protecting after the previous threat at the turbines. The Port was no different from the city itself. Snowy, damp, quiet and eerie. As the two Admiral's walked they were bumped out of the way by two men. Rude, very rude, though... a bit unusual. These two men were familiar. They were wearing Howard's Own uniform from 4 years ago. Curious, Nelson called over to them, asking them to stop. They refused and kept running like they were panicked. "How Unusual.." Nelson pondered to himself and Cochrane. Curious, they decided to follow behind the two men in uniform. After a second, the unusual two people started sprinting. Concerned, the two Admirals sprinted after them, yelling and ordering or them to stop. They followed them all the way up to the cliffs by the coast and next to the city. One second they were right on their tail but the next, they were gone. Something wasn't right, that was clear. This was too unnatural. Thinking they were some sort of powerful being from another nation they ran to the cliffs and looked over. What they saw was indescribable, there was truly only one word for it though. It was wrong.
  7. The combat system will be tested when the pirate fleet suffers their defeat against the Howardonian Fleet. Besides, one conversion and two more classes need to be built before completion along with a general rearmament.
  8. If we go for cold war and ww2 history, we will just be replaying it. On a small note, we should be allowed to edit our ships to make them more effective. Also.. There is already about 100 posts on the construction of the Howardonian Fleet, it wont be changed any time soon.
  9. The AA systems are currently being worked on with the Goddess class and maybe another robotic class being constructed that focuses purely on AA guns. Like the old Mortar Boats the Three Nation Fleet used to house. There are A LOT of weaknesses within the system of the Howardonian Navy. However, they are being sorted out in a series of disastrous events that will teach the lesson's that the Howardonian fleet need. For example the most recent one, the Alexandria Explosion. I realised that all explosives were kept in a single place and transported through these tunnels, this system is faulty and can just be blown up with a good bombing raid. However, when a runaway train smashes into the storage the magazine that's inside lights up and sets fire to the city. YES it's an embarrassing disaster but it will most certainly be very useful in the long run since the Magazines number in the 10s and are very spread out and much deeper underground with better security gates. This will be one of many. There are 5 in total. Each will upgrade the ship's, the AA (mainly) and many other thingies. As for the system of combat, I've already fully agreed. However, I feel we should keep it simple and of course, fair.
  10. Kingly noticed the sudden healing of the Treants and searched for the source. The 4th Lieutenant of the first Queen spotted them, green light sources below their feet. Kingly turned to the gunnery officer and ordered for the first queen to open fire on these healers. The AA guns meanwhile started to spray any enemy around the area of the retreating the civilians, giving protection to them. However, Kingly ordered a truly unusual order. The ship was ordered to take on a controlled amount of water. 2 compartments, designed to flood to halt a capsizing, filled up to the brim. The ship started to get lower in the water until it came to a stop. Now the ship was low enough to get her guns directly onto the Priests. The second Queen that was ahead of the Glory was ordered to protect the Civilians and soldiers at all costs. All of her guns aimed at the area around the Civilians and the soldiers. The captain of this queen didn't bother on creating trenches that already existed around them. He aimed all of his turrets towards the cavalry which was now stuck from retreating. At this point, none of the captains cared about the slaughter they were about to commit. They planned on obliterating these things back to where they came from. The AA guns onboard this queen continued to pelt the cavalry below. The Goddess meanwhile continued to give covering fire to the soldiers below, it joined the Queen ahead in giving protection to the retreating civilians. All lifeboats from all three ships were sent out to lift the civilians back to the ships. Soldiers slowly started to disappear from the beaches as they made their way back to the Glory, standing on her main deck and aiding the AA guns in their protecting mission. Just as only 50 soldiers remained on the beach, the civilians started to arrive. All lifeboats retreated to the beach and started to collect them as the soldiers formed a line ahead of them with the cover of the trenches the Goddess and her Artillery had made. Every front was covered, excluding the Treants. The Goddess was about to fire when they got a call from the radio. "S-001, S-002, S-003, S-004. Reporting." The submarines had arrived. They were sitting about 50 ft below the surface and about 100 ft to the left side of the Goddess. Their missiles were prepared to fire, all they awaited was a target. The Queen behind was ordered to wait for the order to fire on the Priests. Kingly had cooked up an incredibly well done yet simple plan. All guns of the Goddess excluding the AA guns directed at the closest Treant. The Coordinate was given to the submarines as they prepared to fire. The Queen that had the target of the priests also awaited. The final two orders were given. The singular word that had ended many lives before. "FIRE!" At that instant, the first Queen gave a full barrage directly towards the Priests below, hoping to completely annihilate or distract them. All four submarines launched their missiles. A total of 30 silver streaks filled the skies as these missiles came plummeting down onto the targeted Treant. Exploding on the surface and causing a fire on it's wooden skin. The Goddess turned her guns, all turrets and artillery primed and loaded. As the streaks above them came plummeting down the whole ship lit up with a single fire. At the exact same time, all guns gave it their all. Their shells flew towards the Treant, penetrating through the skin and exploding internally. The Artillery shells exploded on the outside of the new thick wood, aiding the fire and obliterating any resistance. All quickly reloaded and prepared for another barrage. On the targeted treant or hopefully.. A different one.
  11. The Alexandria Explosion. The Alexandria Tunnel. A scheme constructed by James Graves to form a quick transport for ammunition. A genius plan. A simple tunnel leading from the port and inner city that was started by a large room packed with ammunition. This allowed quick ammunition transportation and safety from any sort of aerial attack thanks it it's natural cover. There were two major issues. The issues were simple yet fatal. The first issue was the fact that all of the ammunition was in a single place. If detonated, it would cause a massive explosion that would most likely make a massive crater and possibly a fire in New Acheron. This seemed incredibly impossible at the time thanks to how safe it was. It was 100 ft below the surface and the tunnel itself had two major ways, to the port and to the future fort that may be constructed near the city centre. These tunnels were practically lifeless. The only thing inside of them was a railway so the steam engines could transport the munitions and the lights to keep the men safe. All of the ammo was stored in the room behind the city. All of it. The second issue was the transportation itself. Steam trains. Howard had not yet ordered electric trains to be commissioned. He spent more time with electricity to powerhouses, the ships and the other necessities. Engines were the last on his list. This was an insane and unseen risk. A single spark could light up the whole works. These two issues constantly rang through the telephone to Howard and he promised he would do something. Thing is, he couldn't. Howard had his hands tied with the natives. Graves was forced to do this himself but sadly he didn't have the permission for it. It was a long strain of events that would cause the demise of the massive storage. April 13th. The main tunnel line suddenly creaked to life as the rattling of wheels on its rails got closer and closer to the munition storage. A steam engine, carrying behind it several tons TNT, Dynamite and shells. As the train trotted through the black and misty tunnels that hid beneath the populated streets above the driver and fireman got increasingly concerned. A piston seemed to be coming loose, fairly normal but if they got stuck down here, it would be a few hours before help. The occasional dripping of water and the bark of a dog from the steam outlets above gave a jump to the hearts of the two men. They anxiously waited for their engine to slowly come to a halt. Their estimations meanwhile were wrong, in a terrible way. The two men picked up the speed of the engine, desperate to get to the munition storage. As the engine wheezed and puffed more and more suddenly a large bang was heard in the pistons. It wasn't a loose piston, it was just a small clog and a jolt from a bump in the rails set it clear. The engine suddenly gained more and more speed, screaming through the tunnel the two men panicked, trying to shut the engine off. Meanwhile, above them, it was a beautiful night in New Acheron. The skies were glittering with little blips of light from the stars above. The moon rayed down onto the city like a flashlight. The streets though were still busy. Adventurers and visitors from afar still visited the city. Every now and then, a group of people would walk through the city gates with some sort of self-defence weapon in their hands seeking adventure. The alleyways meanwhile were quiet and eerie. The occasional dealer was spotted handing out substances and getting chased down by militia. Overall, it was peaceful. Below once more, the engine sped up more and more as the brake blocks broke to shreds from the vibration of the engines. The boiler started turning red hot as the engine and its dangerous cargo steamed towards fate. The driver and fireman leapt out of the cab and rolled on the ground, they had no other choice now but to run and hope that it would stop. It didn't, it got quicker and quicker. Eventually, a spark from the funnel gently wiggled its way across the flatbeds towards the shells and TNT. The engine screamed through the safety gates of the tunnel to protect any sort of terrorist act and roared towards the stacked piles of dynamite, TNT, shells and cartages. As soon as the engine smashed it's way through, the TNT on the flatbed lit on fire. The TNT started to explode with single rods exploding on the flatbed. The scream of the engine was heard throughout the tunnel as it crashed into the storage room. Meanwhile, once more, the streets were crowded as soldiers made their midnight rounds and civilians went about their evening walk or midnight sale. Though, all of a sudden, they heard the squeak of an engine below them through the tunnels ventilation systems. Realising what this meant, people looked at each other with a sudden shock of realisation to what was about to happen. The ground rumbled beneath them as civilian cars screeched to a halt as the roads bumped up. The pathways cracked, the houses creaked and the ground rumbled. About 200 ft in front of the city walls, the ground leapt up in a beautiful spectacle. A bright orange, yellow and red ball rose upwards into the air as dirt flew hundreds of feet into the sky, landing back down like asteroids. The thick and painful shockwave travelled through the city, bursting windows and ears as the shockwave made its way through the populated streets of New Acheron. The push from the shockwave toppled light posts and forced people to the ground. The ball of flame slowly raised to the sky, the explosion itself formed a mushroom shape that could be seen from miles around, even the coast saw it. A tower of bright and hellish flames engulfed the crater, sparks travelled to all buildings around, starting a massive fire. Panicked civilians that were able to stand, ran for their lives as soldiers ran the other way towards the danger. Carrying water buckets and holding hoses. The fires were swiftly drenched in water as torn bodies were recovered from the smouldering ruins of the crispy and burnt buildings. The explosion was nicknamed 'The Devils Rage' from the civilians. Officially though, it was named 'The Alexandria Explosion'. After all of this, the ammunition store was destroyed. Luckily, there was still ammunition for the fight at the turbines to continue. A plan was made to replace the steam engines with more reliable electric engines and the storage room was spread out into 20 little storage rooms across the city with a more protected barrier and gate. The loss of 34 lives was repaid with this new safe and better system. The city was safer and more efficient. Hopefully the natives wouldn't notice this explosion, even though it was impossible to ignore. As Howard said after the whole thing. "Everything has a payment." @Phoebe
  12. What came next would be famed by the people of New Acheron under the name 'The 5 Tests'. A large chapter in the history of the city. It was a trial and error of natural construction. 5 disasters, each seeming to be a test by a higher figure to test the capabilities of New Acheron. Of course, it was simply a coincidence. However these 5 'tests' would make the city come close to it's final stage of construction. The Alexandria Explosion The Eagle Division Disaster The Queen 45 Mutiny The HPS Glory Sightings Saving the H.C.A.S Glorious (Britannia)
  13. Kingly saw what was about to happen. If he didn't make a move, Howard's own would be destroyed. The battle was over for the infantry. He knew the casualties were too risky, he had to retreat. However, it wasn't over for the ships. They were at a safe distance, nothing could harm them. All they needed to do was evacuate Anna's troops. However, 3 ships weren't enough for it. Kingly called for support. He radioed back to Howard as soon as he could as he announced for the order to get all soldiers in a square formation and retreat backwards towards the motorised boats. Another order was made for all guns to fire ahead of annas troops and his troops to create a massive trench, causing dismounts and trips for the cavalry and infantry. Howard meanwhile was furious and he wouldn't allow this to pass. It was time to test the submarines. He decided to send four in which would direct missiles onto the Treants and hopefully cause mass hysteria among them thanks to these rockets coming from what seems like nowhere. The submarines sailed at full speed to the battlegrounds at a depth of 50 ft. The Goddess continued to pound fire on the Treants, each shot breaking the sound barrier as it roared across the field. Meanwhile below, Howard's own was steadily retreating, in a square formation, back to the lifeboats. The two Queen's directed all of their guns towards the singular Treant that was ahead of the rest. Then, an idea popped into Kingly's head. A brutal idea that was so mad it just could work. The Anti-Air guns on board the three ships quickly turned around and picked their targets, mainly the eyes of the Treants and the threatening cavalry. The bullets of these AA guns were explosive and had not been tested towards the ground before. They were designed to explode upon the impact of a metal airship, causing tears in the hull of it and exploding within weak points in the armour. Over the incredibly loud sound of the guns overhead, the AA officers had to wave to order them to open fire. As soon as the order was given, the sound of constant barrages from the three ships was joined by the 'rat-tat-tat' of these surprisingly powerful machine guns. Hundreds upon thousands of little explosions popped up on the beaches in the ranks of the natives and the eyes and faces of the Treants. Howard's Own, being surrounded by the cover of these shots and the holes around them, leapt onto the lifeboats and rushed back to the ship. They continued their fire as they quickly made their way back to the Glory. The lifeboats, once free of the Khaki uniformed Howardonian troops were now rushing back to the beach to quickly pick up Anna's troops. On the roof of these lifeboats, they flew a big red flag, calling a retreat. It was time for the ships to do their job. The two massive guns in the centre of the Goddess had a different task than the rest. They shot their guns separately from the rest. This was a clever tactic to make sure they couldn't run. All around the battle side explosion after explosion rose up from the ground, causing massive impassable holes. The natives didn't know it but they were now surrounded and had nearly no escape at all. Now just to wait for the time to strike.
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