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  1. Scarlet, still standing at the top of the hill with Will, stood and watched the knight tumble down the hill ever so...."gracefully." The general even let out a small snicker from her serious gaze as the boy went crashing into the supplies being covered in dirt as a result. She put a hand to her mouth and called down to him to check if everything was alright, however, it was more of a comedic tone than worry. Obviously not hearing the words, Asher walked over Ewyer not seeming to notice the mess his little accident had caused. some of the soldiers groaned with the thought of cleaning up his mess and then just went bath to their tasks. 3 points....? What ever did that mean, Will and Scarlet both thought to themselves. Points for what? Who knew.. They finally walked over to go join the Duo over by the tree. Eris on the other hand was thrown into a fit of laughter as the earlier thought to be sleepy knight, to her, ran around like a dog chasing a ball. Jumping off the wooden beams, she ran downhill, tumbling as well, to join him. Following him to the tree, she quickly climbed up and sat beside Ewyer, ears perked and all. "Whatcha lookin at mister??" Over by the hospital which seemed to have a portion of the bottom level almost built, Lucinda nearly fell over on the spot as she had been working with many extensions of her body along with some assistance of the soldiers on what would be the region medical hub. The extensions along with the physical strength needed to carry out such a task left her worn out and in dire need of a lunch break. As the duchess steadied herself, she was met at the side by on-side soldiers, and of course Garcia worried for her well being and of course she addressed the issue as purely nothing. Then, with a surely ingenious idea that popped into her mind, an exhausted smirk widened across the woman's face. All the roots in the air vanished leaving only the foundation of the hospital remaining in Ewyer's view. Once she had regained some of her energy by resting, Luca walked over to her parked car and grabbed a little picnic box along with a blanket placed on the front seat beside the driver's. The hunger in her eyes grew stronger as she resisted the urge to open the box right then and there, most likely devouring the continents inside. "M...Mistress....I don't quite like the look you have on your face....care to share what's on your mind....?" Garcia hesitantly asked. Luca spun around with the basket in her hands giving Garcia a wide grin from cheek to cheek. She held up the basket and opened the flap revealing some food within. ”I bought this in Blaire’s Ville after one of my trips with Ana, I saw some locals eating with it and asked them what it was, apparently they call it a ‘pic...nic basket.’ A quaint name yes? Well apparently you sit on the grass and share food with others! It looked so fun that I just had to get one and I’m hoping today that we can have a nice picnic in the midst of all this chaos...I brought the biggest blanket I could find so that it could fit all of us!!” Garcia smiled at Luca’s enthusiasm over such a little thing as they both slowly approached the others with lunch as the first goal in mind. @Praetorian @Pala
  2. Luca crosses her arms with a raised brow. The words coming from this man’s mouth were not those of what she expected. Yes he did apologize but why hadn’t he brought his subordinate for her to apologize herself and on top of that, was he now threatening them? Threatening the Duchess, a close friend to the Empress on her own ship surrounded by her personnel over a seaweed rich bay, it was not a good move at all. She assumed from a man of such importance, he would have known this was a bold move. ”Excuse me sir, please do not talk in such language on my ship. If you cannot apologize sincerely then I doubt we’ll have any resolution here. Another thing that I’m curious about...” She stepped forward brushing some dust of her shall. The look in her eyes was anything but fear, a man had stepped onto her ship alone where she had the upper hand. Yes she had left the world of war and was now softer than ever but if need be, she could still put up one heck of a fight. “How is it that the entire city seemed to know about my formal meeting with the prime minister but yet you claim you had no idea I was going to be here. How does that make your subordinates actions any more justified.” Garcia stood one the side as usual but something seemed off. Lucinda was a bit out of character, normally she would have dismissed the actions right away with an apology but something about the man’s tone had definitely set her off. She worried that they might start some sort of war with the nation over some silly dispute but before she could say anything, Luca continued talking. ”I’m sure you understand we are a peaceful people who do not wish to fight you, however, if an incident like that occurs again, we’ll have no choice. I assure you, we don’t need to waste resources here so people tell your crew that if they try anything again, we will have to retaliate. Understand? My my, for a gentleman of your importance, it’s a shame not a single person ever taught you about the ranking system and what a long way little threats like that can go. It’s disappointing indeed but it is what it is....I....will, be talking to the prime minister about this but aside from that, I think we’re done here.” @Maelstrom @Praetorian
  3. Half way down the hallway, Luca turned back to look at the the doors of her private quarters. She wondered to herself if his injury had to do with all the rumbling which had caused the ship to tip when she was on board. Thinking for a brief moment she turned to keep walking but then called out to Garcia. “Garcia would you please grab my lipstick from my purse and then come join me?” The woman sighed and then called back out as she looked for the duchess’s red signature lipstick. A small giggles escaped her lips as a reaction to Asher’s disbelief. ”Yes Mistress, right away, I’ll join you shortly! Sir please accompany the duchess to see who our visitor may be.” This command was more directed at the crew mate than Asher is who was currently holding the door for her to leave. Then woman then laughed to herself in annoyance as she shook her head. Quietly, she whispered a couple words and then turned to face Asher. “She’ll never change....” She quickly wrapped a cloth around her elbow and then walked out the door allowing the knight to close it. She started walking down without waiting for Asher. ”After almost 30 years of the same foolishness, I’ve become immune to her unpredictability. Once you’ll get to know her, you’ll understand there’s a sweet heart somewhere deep inside that silly girl. My dear Mistress, she’s the spinning image of her father...This kind of behaviour just runs in the family. Now, hurry, if she gets abducted again I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.” @Praetorian
  4. The duchess gazed at him for a moment before looking down to the floor with a finger on her lip. He didn’t seem to care at all. It’s safe to say that this did in fact shock her though she hadn’t really seen a change in anyone else’s behaviour towards her with said knowledge. It was strange, why hadn’t they turned their backs yet. Was it that the younger generations which made up her staff team were just more generally accepting...? It was odd indeed... “I-I see...I’ll take that into consideration...” Her eyes then trailed up from the floor and wondering why she didn’t see it before, Luca noticed that Asher’s arm was in a sling. As Garcia stepped back letting her pass, Luca bent over ever so slightly to exam it. The woman then crossed her arms as she stood back up straight and looked Asher in the eyes. “Asher, I can assure you she means no harm. She’s just a bit frustrated. Give her a day or two to cool down and then the both of you should have a conversation and start over. Anyhow- what happened to your arm? I smell the ointment cream from med bay- Wait did you get hurt? I’m so sorry, this never should have happened, here let me get you a chair to sit-“ All of a sudden her words were cut short when one of the crew members knocked on the door frame of her private quarters. Someone requesting an audience? She wasn’t expecting any other visitors except for Howard. Assuming it was him, she opened her mouth to speak but before she could, Garcia answered him. ”Who? Did you ask the visitor their name? Mistress I don’t think it’s wise to have a meeting right now! What if it’s your abductor again.” Luca smiles and brushed her hair back and slipped on pair of heals. She began walking out the door but then turned back half way to say- “I’m sorry Asher, I’ll take a look at your arm when this is dealt with, and Garcia, I’ll be alright. If it is, I’m prepared to deal with it. Either way, it’s rude to keep them waiting...” Her shoes tapped against the wooden floor as she made her way to the deck leaving Garcia and Asher in the room. @Praetorian
  5. Luca’s fiddling with her gloves suddenly stopped. Her ears and face went bright red as her green olive coloured eyes widened looking at Asher. In shock, she opened her mouth to speak but froze not even knowing how to react. The two of them? Together? In a relationship with romance?! The thought had never ever crossed her mind before. She stared at him not knowing if he truly understood what Garcia really was to her.. The duchess nearly spilled the water putting it back on the table as she then put both of her hands out in front of her waving them around. ”I-It’s not l-l-like that!!! I-I- n-no u-um y-you don-don’t understand! M-my girlfriend?! I- what I don’t- h-how do you know about that-“ Garcia grabbed Asher by the collar like he had earlier that day and looked at him with glowing golden eyes. In this fit of rage, she forgot about the cloth on her arm and as if the air in the room had frozen, the cloth slowly spun revealing blood on it’s underside that matched with the location of a small hole in Garcia’s arm. As she tensed, the blood started flow to the spot slowly dripping to the floor. “Excuse me?! Is that mocking I hear?! I think you’ve misunderstood the situation mister so called knight!! How can you be so arrogant!!!! I was helping her heal, not whatever your perverted young mind was imagining. I also don’t think you understand how large the age difference is between us two. So please, get rid of that disgraceful fantasy of yours. If I wanted to have a romantic relationship, I’d find it elsewhere. A job such as mine is not a place where workplace relationships are in any way acceptable.” Luca, still flustered by his sudden assumption was didn’t know if it would be best to sit this one out, but then again, she wondered how he know. Was it that mainstream news that everyone knew by now? Was it truly that shocking? Though in the back of her mind, she gulped thinking of Scarlet. As the towel dropped from Garcia’s arm, she quickly retrieved it from the floor then putting a clean one of the cut on the woman’s arm. “I can assure you, she’s telling the truth...It’s nothing like what you think. I’m not sure if you’d heard from anyone yet but I have a condition which affects the red blood count levels in my body. In order to keep it stable, I have to intake at least a half a litre regularly.....It’s not an every day thing but I’ll be at risk if I miss a dosage. So no, it’s not that sort of thing. However, I’m curious, how did you find out about my girlfriend. I thought I insisted that was kept a secret. Do rumours really spread that quickly? Also Garcia, unhand him this instant and come here.” @Praetorian
  6. As Asher approached the wooden doors, he could hear Luca and Garcia discussing something. Loud whispers kept going back and forth with conversation then all of a sudden, there was silence and something dropped on the floor. They didn’t seem to be moving and then all of a sudden when the knocks were heard at the door, something drops again and then Garcia, in a bit of a startled tone raised her voice a little before realizing it was Asher who was the one at the door. ”J-just a minute!! Mistress give me a moment, I’ll see what this is about- oh Asher, give me a moment...” With some whispers, and quick steps in the plank flooring, the fallen objects on the floor sounded as if they’d been placed back in their original places. The lock on the inside of the door clicked as it turned to unlock. As the gap between the door and the wall widened as it opened, Asher could see Garcia holding a white cloth on the crook of her elbow. Annoyed Garcia left the door open and walks over to the desk. “Yes....? What is it-“ Luca stood at the side of the room as she put a shall over her shoulders and smiled at Asher. She had gloves on her hands and picked up a glass on water on the desk next to Garcia. “Garcia please- yes come in. Would you like some water? Also, I want to let both of you know that a appreciate the rescue and that none of this is either of your faults. Alright?” The grin on her face was warm and sincere as she fiddled with her gloves. “So, what can I help you with?” @Praetorian
  7. Through the hustle and bustle of the workers, metal horse shoes pounded against the dirt one after another. The crowd started to silence as black horse with long hair trotted through the work zone. The rider was obviously someone of great importance but this woman was a old yet new face to join the gathering. A red trench coat swayed in the wind as she dismounted the horse handing off the rains to one of the soldiers. Tall black leather boots and a white outside underneath were revealed as she looked around. Spotting will, she walked over to his group. He sighed looked over at her and then answered Asher. “Lunch’d be fine....Damn she’s tardy again...” Eris, sitting on the semi built structure looked over and then hopped down Running over to the tall woman. Her tail swayed back and forth and black ears perked up. “Good afternoon miss Morson!! You’re looking lovely as ever” Scarlet crossed her arms with a sigh. Pushing past Eris, she walked over and looked at Will with a straight face. Blue eyes then caught gorgeously blue coloured hair and golden eyes staring at her from a distance. “Eris honey, flattery won’t get you anywhere.....Will, where’s Lucinda, I’ve arrived to assist her with her construction tasks. Oh and the water is in a wagon back over with the rest of the supplies...” He pointed through the crowd far away to a wide building’s main structure which was in the process of being finished. There seemed to be roots holding stacks of wood and bricks moving around in the air. From the looks of it, there was only person who could have that type of magic. Will crossed his arms and sighed. “Well you’ve found your answer miss General. Also, I know you have a lot oh your hands with all the complaints and ration planning for the people but please, y’all should at least try to show up on time if you can.” @Praetorian @Pala
  8. Garcia bit her lip in frustration as they landed on the Georgina. The lack of respect in that young man’s eyes almost made her blood boil. He had no right. Luca was special to her and anything with the slight hint of disrespect or rudeness sent her into a furious headspace. Garcia rushed through the halls of the ship and then slammed the door to the duchess’s private quarters. ”That man...I wish he’d smarten up with his attitude...though I guess this day hasn’t been the most enjoyable. Anyhow, let’s get you changed and checked for injuries...Alright...I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you in time-“ Luca smiled and started to get changed in some soft blue clothes. She then looked back at Garcia with a sad smile. ”Mistress..? Is something wrong....?” The duchess walked over and gave Garcia a tight hug then followed by her standing back and looking the woman in the eyes. ”You...You worry too much y’know...I’m alright, really. Plus, my ability to regenerate surely helped since there was fuel onboard the ship....Remember...I used to be in the army, I’m not defenceless....Kora would have been quite disappointed to see my lack of speed when it came to a reaction. I suppose it caught me off guard...I mean the whole thing with me seeing Jack again...” She snickered to herself and then shook her head with a big smile. ”Man he looks old, hmhmhm~” The woman, still standing, pulled the corners of her lips trying to restrain herself. Though...in a situation like this, she doubted that Lucinda would actually care about formality. ”Lu- Mistress...That’s not what I meant!!” She stomped forward clenching her fists behind her back. ”You’re way too careless and it could cause you to seriously get hurt! Madame this isn’t a joking matter! Look around you!! What do you think would happen if something suddenly occurred and you had to leave your position due to injury. Jobs would be lost, people would be in dismay. Think outside of yourself! It isn’t all just about you!!!!” Her hands clasped her mouth and jaw as Garcia rethought her words in that very moment. Was she stepping too far over the line....? @Praetorian
  9. Garcia was appalled by the knight’s sudden extremely rude behaviour. He looked so innocent but looks didn’t match well with personalities these days. The woman bit her lip trying to hold back the urge to give him a scolding..Though that would have to wait. Even so, this awful language wasn’t something to take lightly. If it became a habit, he might very well be out of a job. Again, even so, Lucinda needed the knights and if he were to leave, it wouldn’t benefit them in the slightest bit.... ”Watch your language young man!!! You’re to have a severe scolding when we get back aboard the ship! Now I am to wonder if you acted this way in front of your previous bosses or is it rather you lack of your respect for the Mistress? Hmm?” She paused but before he had a chance to speak, she cut him off one more time. ”If I’m being honest, I don’t want to hear it at the moment. With an attitude like that, I’ll have to fly her back to the ship myself. I expect better behaviour from you aboard the Georgina. Understand?” As the two of them bickered amongst themselves, Luca just sat absolutely amazed by the man’s courage. Nobody under her power had ever spoken to her so boldly. I small smile widened across her bright red face as she lightly laughed from embarrassment. Garcia started to wrap her arms around Luca. After some instability, she finally got her balance and flew off with the duchess in her arms. @Praetorian
  10. As Luca started to descend from the ship, some of the leftover energy in her body released as her skin touched the metal bars. As a reaction in her unstable condition, the woman suddenly let go resulting in a free fall. Garcia, with little to no time to react, rushed at full speed towards her Mistress. With the sudden lightning fast motion, feathers scattered as she grabbed Luca mid-air and crashed to the dock's ground. Garcia's beautifully coloured blue and orange wings wrapped around the girl she always knew and loved. Even with minor injuries from the crash, Garcia slowly sat up resting Luca's head on her lap. "Mistress! A-are you alright?!?!? Are you hurt?!?!?" The duchess looked up at Garcia finally realizing that she was off that dreadful ship. She undid the necklace which Phobos had given her and threw it in the water. Then, her fingers glided across Addison's pendant to check for cracks. Thankfully there were none. She then looked up at Garcia who had been worried sick and sat up hugging her. "Yes don't worry, I'm alright...." Garcia looked at Luca's clothing and then over at Asher who by now probably had his eyes on them. The woman flared her left wing around demanding he look away. "Have you no respect?! Avert your eyes this instant!!!" The woman then covered Luca once more with her widely spread wings glaring up at the ship. At the moment, all she wanted was to get them back to the ship safely, but at the back of her mind, she was furious that anyone was even attempt such a move. Kidnapping a political offical closely affiliated with the country's leader
  11. Garcia bit her lip as she actually started to agree with the man. Annoyed by this, she sighed and nodded her head. She stood on the side and let him work his magic, however, she was still not happy with his recklessness. Worried eyes scanned the ship over and over looking for any sign of Lucinda. Luca in the other hand was furious as Phobos put another necklace on the duchess’s neck. Addison’s necklace was one of the only jewelry items she’d wear on her neck so this little act of “kindness” was enough to make her blood boil. Even so, she needed to leave and this was her chance to finally get back to the others. As they reached she deck, she searched for ladders leading down the sides and luckily found on. She slowly started to descend looking back to make sure it wasn’t some sort of trap. “Well thank you...I suppose...” Garcia spotted Lucinda climbing down the side and shouted pouting her out. ”Asher look!” @Maelstrom @Praetorian
  12. Eris tilted her head slightly to the right. Strange to say the least, Lucinda wasn’t the type to hold grudges for such a long time but maybe....well perhaps there was a special reason...? Anyhow, this was an interesting bit of gossip that she had to share with her colleagues no matter what. A goofy grin slowly widened as she snickers to herself. ”hehe....How interesting...~” Will, not impressed with the whole love triangle theory, snapped out of his daze and He sighed looking up to see Asher’s finger pointed towards him. the man put away his cigar and got out twin black chains. “Yeah sure, I’ll follow your lead...let’s get to work... He grabbed some supplies and lazily walked over to the spot Asher had pointed out. @Praetorian @Pala Luca smiled and ordered some soldiers to gather the materials and start building. The wooden frame was the obvious choice of where to start so that they could section of the building to start the concrete foundation and other stone walls. After the basics had been completed they could figure out the electrical system and interior necessities. ”Alright, one step at a time! So will you mark off where all the ground floor rooms should be, maybe with some white paint or sticks so that the men know where to put the wood beams?” @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor
  13. As the ship tipped the woman stumbled. Even so, she maintained balance and made her way to the command bridge....however, she passed a hall leading to the med bay and narrowed her eyes. The woman rushed down the hall and looked through the room. There seemed to be a strange look in her eye. It wasn’t quite desperation but something else entirely. When Luca has found what she was looking for, the woman grabbed some medical supplies and strapped a iv tube to her arm. On the other end, she attached a blood bag, swallowed a strong painkiller, and ran down the hall with the still attached to her arm. She followed the directions and ended up at the command bridge. The duchess sighed as the blood slowly dropped into her bloodstream. “I came...c-can I go now...?” Garcia on the other hand was absolutely furious. It was possible that Asher knew exactly where to aim but honestly, it was very unlikely. The woman, with an ache in her chest stormed up to the man and slapped her hand across his face. She grabbed a piece of his armour and looked in his eyes. “Stop!” She then let go and turned back to face the ship. Her golden eyes glowed brightly as she stained at the ship. One could even compare the intensity of their brightness to a flashlight. The woman bit her lip and clenched her fist. ”I have already reminded you once to be mindful of your actions. Yes your strength is impressive but you need to see the bigger picture. Calm down and think for a second. Listen, I want the duchess to return as much or even more than you do. So please, just calm yourself and think logically of you might make the fatal mistake of killing Lucinda in the process.” Noticeably, this was the first time in a long time that Garcia hadn’t referred to Mistress. Her tone was calm but also sharp. She was dead serious and now about to make some knight’s ego cost her the life of someone so dear to her heart. @Praetorian @Maelstrom
  14. Luca, quite intrigued by Evelyn’s suggestion quickly nodded her head in agreement. Putting her glasses away, the woman sighed crossing her arms. This was going to be a major project and they both needed to be completely focused. Luca looked at the blueprint once more and then smiled at Evelyn clasping the woman’s hands. There was a bright sparkle in her eyes and in an enthusiastic tone, she suggested... ”Alright then! This will be quite time consuming, yes? Therefore we should begin our work as soon as possible! I’ll mark the outline of the building and we can start from there!” She took wooden plants and twisted them into the soil like posts and if connected, they’d made the outline of the building. @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor
  15. Luca froze in the middle of climbing a staircase. Her eyes narrowed on the door at the top then realizing that she had just walked through the same door. She sat on the stairwell with her face buried in her arms. The woman sobbed contemplating wether she should even try to escape. She could still feel the tingly sensation caused from the electrocution and the burns in her throat stung. “What am I even doing here....Why....I don’t even know this woman....There’s no point....Maybe I should just wait for the others to find me....But that was just be showing my weakness... “Miss....Please...please let me leave...What ever do you want from me..?” She finished walking up the stares and glared at the door. Her hand froze up as she went to open it. “This is one sick game you’re playing....” @Maelstrom
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