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  1. The woman shook her hand at her side waiting for the skin to heal to stop the bleeding. They weren’t the best of friends and they certainly had their different opinions about the navy but no doubt, they’re bond was still there. Her pointed ears, still bright red from anger, twitched and she walked over smiling. ”Well! And you?!” She yelled back. Her voice was evidently more quiet than his as she approached grabbing a chair. Lucinda sat down beside him in the lovely corner he had found and crossed her legs. Even with a calm tone, those who knew her well enough, could tell she was furious. There was darts sitting on a tray and she just stared at then wanting to chuck one right into the back of the Duck....’head’ tho he didn’t really have a good one. ”What a wonderful surprise seeing you here. I heard you found yourself another lady friend. Gosh Jack, she need to teach me your ways with the other women of this world. I always seem to just start arguments but you can sweep them off their feet any day you want. How do you do it?” She chuckled taking out a mint from her handbag after realizing that she probably smelled like alcohol. Then, her gaze slowly shifted down to a wedding ring on her left ring finger. The tip of her right index slowly rubbed some blood off of it. @Jack Howard
  2. As the duck finished talking, the glass in her hand shattered on the table. She gripped some of it’s pieces and clenched her hand into a fist. The woman was absolutely furious and she quickly stood staring at him. The same hand, clenched, then slammed down onto the wooden table. Her mouth opened but no words came out. She wondered why he still bothered her with all the trouble caused at the summit. Her emotions were a mess and she didn’t know what to do. The other hand rested on a clear part of the table but some blood still dripped from her hand. Lucinda looked down at Addison not wanting to ruin anything for her again. She wanted to protect her friend but deep down it was evident that nothing could be done. Lately, as much as she tried to act like the old, cheerful Luca her friends had known before, but after such tragedy of losing her husband again, but not only that, also a friend, she held very dear. His wife sat beside her today and her eyes slowly shifted from Addison to Anna. One of the sweetest women she had ever know. She didn’t want to embarrass of hurt them so she just slid her peach cobbler to the duck across the table and pushed her chair in. “Just...take this and sit down...please don’t make a mess of things here. Also. Never use that nickname again. It’s racist and extremely rude.” She glared at him with a very serious tone. “Now if you’ll excuse me.” The woman stood up and stomped over to the woman’s restroom. Right before she disappeared into a hall. Her movement stopped and she turned to take a closer glimpse of someone she hadn’t seen in quite a while. A man with brown curly hair watched the strangers inside the bar sitting alone in a corner. “Jack....? Is that you?”
  3. The woman’s deadly gaze swiftly switched from Xander to a newer visitor. The Duck. After their last encounter, she was quite furious about his arrival. Out of all the places he could have showed up, this was the most problematic. She cursed under her breath. Fairly loud clanks could be heard against the hard floor as she made her way toward’s Addison’s table. Sharp heels slammed against the ground. ”damn it-“ An evident fake smile widened across Luca’s face as she pulled out a chair next to Addison taking a seat. A stern gaze looked up as if she was telling him not to take another step. Another chair was pulled out and offered to Anna. ”Oh look who it is. Addison you seem quite popular this evening..What a pleasant surprise seeing you sir. You look wonderful as always. What brings you here?” As she drank, one hand stayed rested on her left forearm and her right leg was crossed over her left. Bold makeup made her hardly recognizable but her cunning voice was no doubt the same. For a quick second her eyes glanced at irryn staring at him for a second and then she looked back at the duck waiting for an answer
  4. She stood by the table gripping her glass tightly. If not for the love of it’s drink, her hand would have broke it. Luca turned around holding her two drinks ”Oh a familiar face? How pleasant.” Lucinda let out a light chuckled as she smiled. The corners of her mouth tightened. It looked forced and extremely fake. “care to join me? I want to investigate that man....”
  5. After hearing Anna, the woman chuckled shaking her head lightly taking another sip of the martini. ”Silly girl, you know i’m only joking. It’s been so long, how are y-“ She paused and then slowly turned. Upon hearing an unfamiliar voice, she eyed Kora and then locked sight on Xander glaring at him. With a glance at Addison and then back at him she gritted her teeth. Never in her life had she seen this man but after the long time of knowing Addison, it was evident something was wrong. Her loose and flirtatious stance quickly began tense. The woman didn’t know if she should step in or let them be. “Who is that man...and the hell does he think he’s doing...”
  6. | Name: Lucinda Valentine | Alias: Lucy, Lu | Sobriquet: Luca | Title: Governess and Youngest daughter of the Valentiara household | Actual Age: 26 | Apparent Age: 21 | Date of Birth: | Race: high elf | Gender: female | Height: 5.5 | Weight: 85 pounds | Dominant Side: adult female | Physique: thin hourglass | Joints: small | Eyes: medium light green | Hair colour: darker shade of brown | Hair style: ponytail but loose hanging depending on the situation | Skin Tincture: soft and silky | Occupation: government official | Nature: disciplined and respectful to status, short tempered, anxious, easily flustered | Soft Spot: deaths, flirting, children, the weak, the old, the injured, animals, plants, innocent creatures. | Likes: dancing, designing clothes, designing weapons both hand-held and explosive | Dislikes: undisciplined people. Dogs. Attire -- | Shoulders: N/A | Torso: a blouse, suit, or a dress | Arms: long sleeves or short | Hands: black gloves. Sometimes bandages. A wedding right on her right, ring finger | Hips: body jewelry sometimes. | Legs: formal pants, a shirt, active pants clothing | Footgear: mostly heals, sometimes boots or sandals | Blade: double bladed dagger
  7. Lucinda released her hand from her friend’s chin and then looked up at the boy. She smiled picking both the drinks up to smell them. Her eyes then trailed back to the child. “How interesting.....some things never change....they still have children working and bars....Oh, young man these two drinks are for me but if these lovely ladies want some drinks i’ll be more then happy to pay for them...Also, mind me asking but how is a run down place like this built in the middle of nowhere so lively?” Her lips were smooth, covered in red lipstick to match her outfit. Her stance was loose though she looked like she was in a trance. Beautiful green eyes sparked in the light as they gazed at the young man. Picking up the martini, she took a sip. The woman then put the glass in front of her face and swirled it around watching the liquid swirl inside
  8. @PrettyCuteAnna @Waking_Warrior The woman smiled and gestured to her friends that she’d go buy a drink or 2 at the bar. She started walking over and leaned over Anna brushing her hair lightly with a goofy grin. Her hand grasped the woman’s chin and tilted her head back so their eyes met. ”Heeeeey~” She chuckled and then loosely rested her arm on her friend’s shoulder while ordering a drink. The other hung down and swayed ever so slowly. Her lips moved lightly and her voice was smooth and quite hypnotical. ”a takila martini and....a...cobbler, i don’t care what flavour. Just make sure it has wiskey” As the woman’s body stretched, it was evident that she was quite thin with a model’s physique. Her blouse was tied at the waist revealing her delicate figure. Her hair rested on her shoulder and the collar of her shirt hung down loosely. Her attention swung to the woman sitting beside Anna and she looked in confusion. “Who might you be?” She grinned looking back at the bartender to grab her drinks. ”Mm....you girls want anything?“ Shirt link> https://i.gyazo.com/28a23ce32cdc3d0e5a1a958c5d849851.jpg
  9. She nodded not really answering. The woman smiled at Kora. ”We’re like family. Known each other for many years. This lovely woman here took me in when I had no other safe place to go. I’d risk my own life for her aswell as Addison here who comforted me through erm..” As she put both hands on Kora and Addison’s shoulders, she paused rethinking her words “Hardships, at a time when I was extremely vulnerable. In here we have some of the kindest people i’d say in the entire world” She got lost in thought and continued her monologue and went on babbling about their journey and memories. As her words stretched out, it was obvious from the stranger’s perspective that the woman speaking was obviously shorter than the other two beside her. This was so despite her appearance being an elf. They were knows to be tall and slim but this wasn’t the case.
  10. “Ah a table would be lovely, but i know those two women so i’d like to join them. Maybe just a drink will do.” She pointed to the silver haired woman and the one joining her in a conversation. Hey expression was soft and she started to unbutton her cloak. She wore a red blouse with the collar loosely opened. Then, on her legs, were long black pants that resembled bell bottoms. On her feet were black leader heels. “Oh, also, would you be a dear and hang this up somewhere for me?” She held out a long dark brown cloak. Her eyes glances back at Addison and she slightly gritted her teeth worried of how she might react to her presence after their last encounter. @Csl
  11. In the doorway of the tavern, stood a cloaked figure. The breeze outside caused the cape to swing side to side as the traveller’s beating eyes scanned the inside. One foot stepped into the foyer making a click on the ground. The figures shoes seemed to be those of a woman. As the light scanned her face, moving in step by step, slowly, she lifted off her hood. She was quite beautiful and long ears stuck out from her long silky dark brown hair tucked into the rim of her hood. The golden glow of light struck her perfectly tanned skin with a soft touch. A light sigh could be heard as she constantly glanced around.
  12. Welcome to Val ^-^ *huggles*

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