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  1. Luca stood among Addison and gazed up at the wall. She furrowed her brow and crossed her arms glaring at it. The area was lightly guarded so it wasn’t likely that they’d be seen by guards, though her real goal was to have an inside look at the castle. This palace was much different from her grand estate, the walls were made from a different kind of stone. The layout was much larger there were many more trees. ”Gosh....this is nothing like Minori’s place, the bastion, nor my own.....I’m not sure I’ll be able to find some sort of entrance, though there’s not really much here. All I’ve seen so far are some boring guards. The architecture is really what I’d had in mind..” The woman went on rambling to herself trying to think of something.. “We could always try to climb up the wall, I could go first and then pull you up, but who knows how many watchmen was on the other side...it is a Palace after all....a ‘real palace.’ Though, I’m sure if we went into the city, we could find a market bustling with much and tons of cultural goods....my... the food...I can just imagine...” Luca turned to her friend and fanned out her hands to the side then putting one behind her neck. “I-I mean only If you want to..that is..” @Phoebe
  2. Luca sat on the chair with one leg crossed over and leaned forward towards the table. She sipped her lemon tea and closed her eyes to think. The way the light in the room crossed her tanned skin was delicate. Her hair was tied back in a messy braid with a navy bow with an orange tiger lily in her hair. The the air in the room seemed to freeze as the woman’s lips touched the rim of her cup. Her other hand rested on her lap. As she took a deep breath, the sound in the room turned into muffles, everything was still. Her braIt was a nice break from work, but she then started to realize why they were there. The silence started to get louder and louder and then..........Her eyes opened suddenly, and she gazed at Addy. The deep moment of thought had ended. “O-oh, h-hmm? Oh yea, um..sorry, just thinking.” The cup was set down lightly on the table and Luca gripped the pendant around her neck trying to figure out what her friend had asked. After all this time, the woman still kept it close, using it’s warmth in tough times. A smile widened across her face and she looked down at the table. ”I think....I think I heard there was a palace here?? Or maybe a market.....both lively places bustling with people. I mean it’s your call of course!” @Phoebe
  3. Luca walked over to her old friends and turned to stare at the portal. The blue swirling light was almost hypnotic. There was something beautiful about it but the possibility for danger was still strong so she stayed alert. Her head tilted slightly to the side as she gave the travellers a confused frown. Garcia stood tall, as most elves such be. The woman clang onto her arm for comfort like a child. The older woman was almost like an adoptive mother after all, thought they looked around the same age, Garcia was much, much older. “Are you sure Clara is alright...?” Garcia smiled patting her head and whispered with a comforting smile. ”I’m sure she’s doing just fine M’lady.” Minori looked unfazed but such a strange event, Howard look just as serious as always, and Hawk and Addison were going to dive right into the action just like old times. The strangers who came from the portal looked odd for humans, it was quite confusing the say the least. One way to start a day for sure. “Who are those guys.....? Is this a new transport system or something...?” @Mackenzie Rose @Jack Howard
  4. Luca then nodded turning and shouted orders to the soldier. It brought back memories to the time she was once a soldier herself. The men and woman gathered essential supplies and got right to work. ”Captains! Take your units and help the others with the roof and floor! I’d like more people working on the roof, it’ll be tough but we can do this!! Now get to work” A soft grin widened on her face as her eyes once again drifted to the bright blue sky. Will put a hand on her shoulder. There were scars all over his body. Her lips opened but he was hesitant to speak, scared of ruining the moment of beauty. The thin scar on his lips scrunched up as he spoke. His hand was light and he patted her should. ”What a nice friend of yours, now Lu, keep your word and go help those men of yours” He chucked rushing his fingers through his gorgeous ginger hair. He then let go and walked forward bending down to grab 3 soldier helmets. He put one loosely on his head, handed one to Scarlet and then patted Luca’s head before putting it on. It was obviously too big be he knew she didn’t need it. They were both adults, he only looked slightly older but he treated her like his baby sister. In his eyes, she was a reckless child and compared to his age, that wasn’t far from the truth. He scratched his pointy ears, whispered something in elvish, and went of by himself to help with construction. Then Scarlet walked over and found her respective group and started giving out orders. Luca walked over to the building and climbed up one of the ladders. She then climbed up onto one of the walls looking down at all the people building. Her arms slowly stretched down splitting apart into many tree roots. They slowly retracted pulling supplies up the side of the wall. Soldiers stared in confusion at what exactly she was doing but were then sent back to work.
  5. The Governess laid in her bedroom asleep though it was already far into the day. Her room was a mess, papers everywhere, clothes thrown on the floor, and weird enough, the door had been locked as well. Her many plants twisted and turned making terrible noises, though she hadn’t seemed to notice. Screaming, yelling, and rumbling could be heard downstairs. What in the world was going on?!. The noises stopped as the woman slowly opened her eyes groaning. A maid was banging on the door shouting her Mistress’s name. ”M’lady! Lady Lucinda I demand you open this door! The lady of the household is calling for everyone to come downstairs! There’s been much fuss! Lady Lucinda!! Can you hear me?!!?!? M’lady get out if your room this instant!!” Luca turned and put her arm over her long pointy ears while growling at the door. ”Garcia......I’m coming....just five more minutes....” Garcia’s face and ears were so red that someone passing by might assume there was smoke blowing from her ears and nose. She was so unbelievably mad that she banged on the door once more and then began swearing in Silderian Elvish! Luca’s eyes widened and she gulped looking at the door. Never in her 26 years since birth knowing Garcia, had she ever heard such words come from her mouth. She was still in the clothes from the night before and her glasses were on the bed next to her, surprisingly not broken. The woman stood up and slowly walked to the door unlocking it. Garcia heard it unlock and gripped the handle swinging it open to hit Luca on the head. She then bent down grabbing Luca and carried her over to her dressing area and then set her down. “Garcia!!! I’m very much capable of changing clothes myself!!” The older woman didn’t care. She just shook her head with a disappointed frown and said. “You always take too long, you also always wear the wrong attire. Miss, in situations like these you need to dress for combat, not for style, now out on your training clothes or I’ll dress you myself. Chose wisely.” Luca gulped and quickly started to change clothes looking back at her maid who had a deadly look upon her face. Then after slipping into her tank top and shorts, Garcia pulled her by the arm giving her a pair of modest shoes. She then looked over at the guards standing in front of her Mistress’s child’s room and instructed them to protect Clara no matter was. Clara was the 4 year old daughter of the Lady Lucinda. After being dragged around the castle, Luca finally joined all the commotion. In that time, 3 guards had managed to accompany them and she effortlessly stepped through the crowd. Her eyes darted around scanning the situation. She stared at the swirling blue portal and stepped towards it but far enough away to not alarm anyone. She then caught a glimpse of Minori, queen of Erenia. Luca called out to her and widened her eyes also seeing Howard, Admiral of Gallia, her country’s mother country. “MINORI! HOWARD! What the fucking hell is this thing and what in the world is going on?!?!” @Mackenzie Rose @Jack Howard
  6. The woman grinned and she chuckled lightly at her friend’s condition. White tents could be seen in the distance with supplies organized around them. They even had a couple medically trained soldiers on scene incase of an accident. “Addy...you look....exhausted. Anyhow! I’ve brought some extra hands to speed up the work. I’d also personally like to help with the construction. Can’t let my men do all the work now can I? Looks like the floor and ceiling still aren’t finished. The floor most likely won’t be much of a problem, but the roof on the other hand might be a little tricky. I can help with that then.” A tall woman wearing a long red coat stood beside Luca. Her eyes glared at Addison and she put a hand on Luca’s shoulder. Something about her ora was hostile and there was a tight, forced grin on her face. Her long, straight light brown hair rested on her shoulders over a strap connecting to a shotgun. ”Hello.” A red head man stood on the other side with his hands in his pockets. He wore a blue shirt and grey jeans. There didn’t seem to be anything special about him. Just like Luca, his ears were also pointy but they stuck up instead of out and were much shorter. Unlike Luca and her family’s genetic disorder, his physical appearance was nothing close to his age. He must have been hundreds of years old but had the appearance of a 30 year old man. He smiled at Addison and lowered his head and then looked up again. ”Scarlet, have some of em manners and least introduce yourself. Name’s Will and I work for the Mistress, Lu. This here’s Scarlet, one of our country’s generals, yes we have multiple. Don’t think we met on the ship so it’s a pleasure meeting y’all” @Phoebe
  7. Luca stood on the shore just gazing up at the sky. A tropical bird flew over head singing a toon to the crashing ocean waves. A couple of her most trusted guards and staff stood by her side. They didn’t only work for her but they were more like family. She called out to the soldiers also waiting on the shore for their next orders. “For all the men and women who’s been assigned to start on construction, gather the supplies and please follow me.” The soldiers grabbed bundles of supplies. They travelled some distance and then finally came across the other workers who had already started on the barracks. Lucinda looked around observing their progress. She ordered a small group of soldiers to set up tents nearby. Then after gathering everyone else, they put down the supplies and came over to help. The woman looked around for Addison calling out her name. “Addy? Has anyone seen lady Addison?” @Phoebe
  8. “Sure!“ She exclaimed, and then plopped down onto her chair. The woman sat cross legged fiddling with her frills. With shaky hands, she held her margarita and took a sip. The taste sent chills down her spine and a drunken grin spread across her face. @Jack OF Realms
  9. The woman, quite intoxicated, giggled at his words. She stood up then hugging him, releasing a light hiccup. Her arm rested on his shoulder which helped her balance. Luca swayed almost hypnotic with such smoothness. Her eyes were lazy and she smiled. “Oh Jack.....the general, she has a soft spot for me, anyhow, she let me go on a journey with two silver beauties of course.” Luca’s arms slowly swung around as she pointed to a bunch of people trying to locate her 2 friends. Her finger then locked on Addison, and then Kora. @Jack OF Realms
  10. Standing behind the Knight and the young man, stood a young man, was a woman With a burgundy and white outfit on. Sangria to be exact. It was the same one worn to one of the summits, but that didn’t matter. She just stood, silent glancing around at all the people. It was so lively, and the climate was perfect, a little colder than home but still beautiful. A small golden hair pin held back her hair. Beside her, stood 3 guards, the woman knew she didn’t need them but this was an unfamiliar country and it was better to be safe than sorry. “It’s so beautiful....” She stood beside Addison grinning. It was so nice out, she just couldn’t stop smiling. (The image i posted earlier was the wrong one) @Phoebe @Kyoku
  11. Lmao it’s alright 😂
  12. Oh it was a sort of sly joke. Not really worth explaining, but uh, ye she probably wouldn’t 😂
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  14. Funny cause my oc can turn into a bear
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