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  1. Among rather cheerful soldiers, a man dressed in more casual clothing lazily walked around. Each step looked like he was walking on clouds, then, hearing the knight’s comment, she shrugged his shoulders and made his way over fiddling with the cigar resting on his bottom lip. The stranger seemed to have ginger hair as well along with a few scrapes running along his jaw then creeping their way up to his nose and eyes. His faded blue eyes scanned the strangely dressed man and he sat down beside him. The eleven man smiled and then spoke... “You know, if you’d like to borrow a serrated boot attachment of mine...., it should....make the blow a Tad’bit more joyable...well...if you were ta kick‘Em in the first place...Oh ye manners of what’deverr- Will’s the name though I bet a tough guy like you don’t pay’tention to That-stuff....Wait what’s with the armour...” He started to lose track of his words and didn’t even bother to finish his sentence. Instead, the man grabbed a pack of regular cigarettes and tossed one up into the air catching it with 2 fingers. “Want one?” @Praetorian Meanwhile, the duchess dusted off the shirt of the man before her. Pausing, she looked back realizing that she had just ran away in the middle of some conversations. Unprofessional? Just a little.... Bringing her mind back to her present actions, after realizing her position and his, she gulped not knowing if they noticed her not address him formally. Her mind started brainstorming, overthinking....”As usual”..... After coming to a conclusion, she curtsied in front of him addressing the man by his last name followed by an apology. “Sir Nacht, it’s an ‘Honour’ to have you help us in the coming months. My apologies for the inconvenience, it won’t happen again” The woman’s tone was calm and sincere but her eyes told a different story. She so desperately wanted to ruffle his hair but now was not the time. @Pala “Right, right so everyone please gather around!” Garcia left the car, locking it, to find Luca. Her eyes scanned the crowd just witnessing the duchess rudely rush away from people who she had be talking to. She walked up to 2 women standing more than a couple meters a part and raised her voice for them to hear her over the chatter. “My apology ladies, the Mistress has been very busy lately and sometimes forgets to end her thoughts or conversations she is having with others before rushing off to nothing new. After everything starts she should start to calm down some, but for now, just please be patient with her....Again, my apologies...Though from what I hear, it seems like she’s about to brief everyone on the basics, we should start moving to get a front spot in the crowd” @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor @Elle Will suddenly focussed his attention towards the front of the moving crowd and raised his voice signalling everyone to follow the woman’s instructions. “Alright y’all better quit your chatter and get a move on! The lady said gather round!” He then pointed out maelstrom who seemed to having a little trouble. Not knowing what was really going on, he walked over tapping the armour and then shouted in his face. ”Hey you! I said get a move on didn’t I?! We can figure out whatever is going on in a minute! Now get up, and move!! @Maelstrom (I’ll post for cal and do the speech after dinner, please, everyone hold their posts until I finish) @Cal
  2. Luca smiles as the knights and soldiers chatted amongst themselves. Aside from the restless bunch, she was relieved to know that there wouldn’t be much trouble with communication. Her eyes then darted over through the crowd to Evelyn and she raised her voice just enough for the woman to hear. “Good morning to you as well miss Evelyn!” @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor “Address me formally? We’re friends aren’t we?” The duchess clasped Lia’s hands with a chuckle and smiled. It had been so long since they had seen each other. Almost 7 years. Quite the long time indeed. Luca had so many questions to ask. How had the king been? Was Jax really dead? Who became the next monarch? Her mind was itching with curiosity but it really wasn’t the time... “Lucinda will do just fine! Though, it really has been too long, we should catch up over some tea if we get the chance! Oh sorry excuse me one moment-“ @Elle The other turned and looked at the two men standing not far from her. We’re her actions too bold? Back home, she was well liked by her staff for her friendliness so formality was never really the issue...Being a leader was nice but the last time she played the roll of a formal influencer was as a child and those weren’t fond memories.......For only a second she paused and then said “Apologies for my rudeness, anyhow, Asher and Maelstrom...I look forward to working with you both! Oh yes the plan well let’s see- Oh my! What was that?!” @Maelstrom @Praetorian She rushed through the crowd of soldiers briefly glancing back at the others and made her way to where the thud had come from. To her surprise, standing before her slightly covered in dirt was the husband of her very close friend. She raised a brow and grinned at the man. “Good morning Ewyer! That’s quite the landing you did! Are you alright? @Pala Meanwhile, a soldier who was passing by on horseback chatting with his coworkers noticed the boy strangely laying in the grass near the road. Her steadied the stallion and called out to the boy. His friends insisted they keep moving but the man’s persistence was strong. “Excuse me!!! Are you alright?!!!! Do you need assistance?!!” @Cal
  3. Luca narrowed her eyed on the soldier mocking her and raised her hand out the car window. As his eyes met her’s, he stumbled on his words and quickly apologized walking away. Her focus was then drawn back to the man standing front of her. She smiled at his question and then chucked. ”Please don’t stress over such a simple matter. I’ve been addressed as many things but I most like Lady Valentine or M’lady.” @Praetorian The looked at the other man and gave him a warm smile. She recognized the voice and addressed him as well. “That goes for you too sir. Also, I haven’t formally been introduced to my knights yet so would you mind telling me your names?” @Maelstrom Her eyes then travelled back towards the direction of which everyone was arriving and saw familiar violet hair and heard such a familiar voice...but who was it? The woman’s eyes lit up when Lia came into view. She opened the door of her car and stepped out to give her a hug. ”Good morning! So you got my letter. I’m so glad you could come!” @Elle
  4. Garcia turned to face the man gazing at him through the car window. Luca on the other hand, was quite startled by his sudden appearance when with the sound of hooves pounding against the dirt road. With a cup of room temperature herbal tea on the seat beside her with a small radio quietly playing classical music, she looked up at the man. Almost spilling her cup all over the nice leather seats, she smiled at the man. Because the Duchess had a chance to speak, Garcia rolled down her own window and spoke in soft words to the man. Her golden eyes dimly glowed examining the man’s armour. “Oh hello sir! Yes yes everything is alright. The mistress and I were just waiting for everyone who we invited to help build this lovely town. Thank you for inquiring but really, we’re alright.” Luca looked up at him and her point ears twitched out of curiosity. Was he familiar? Has she seen him before...? ”Wait a minute, you’re one of the knights from the Rose Keep, correct?” There were wooden posts where the other horses had been tied up. A couple wagons and cars were starting to be parked and the soldiers were talking amongst themselves. One of them looked over. “Rumours? What Rumours? About the guards? Fella care explaining what you mean? Also, we’re all here to rebuild the city...weren’t you debriefed?” The soldiers turned quieting their conversations to look at the knight. He looked different to them. One remarked, ”Hey you, aren’t you a knight or something? What’s with the fancy armour?” @Maelstrom
  5. Bright and early on a brisk summer morning, Lucinda Valentine, Duchess of Roselen, sat in the back of her classic white car which had been parked on the side of a road. Around them, were vast fields with flowers and tall grass and an abundance of life. Luca’s heart ached for the land she planned to destroy...but for her people...she’d do anything.The woman’s green olive coloured eyes sparkled as the sun slowly began to reveal itself past the tree line in the distance. In the driver’s seat, Garcia sat reading over one of the blueprints made for the hospital. Her eyes narrowed down on the words mapped across the page. This was new technology to them both, but she sighed handing the paper back to the Duchess. Through the rear view mirror, her she smiled seeing silhouettes in the distance. The sound of motor engines and horse shoes clashed in a symphony disrupting the piece of the calm meadows. This would be a big task expected to take a long while to accomplish so the duchess needed all the help they could get. Along with the soldiers of her Atlasian immigrants known as New Gallians, she had invited her knights and some friends to join with the construction. With her hands on her lap, the Duchess patiently awaited their arrival. @Praetorian @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor @HyoDoin @Peter @Cal @Pala @Maelstrom @Elle
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  7. I would like to join too plz!
  8. A week later, preparations had already been on their way. The food storage was large and still growing. The people seemed to have adapted to these temporary living conditions. Though, just like her old home, there must have been other inhabitants in the area. Such a lush forest filled with treasures, and no other group had taken advantage? Unlikely..... She glared at the Forest, if just for a second. The place she felt safe, she place which gave life, was going to be the reason her people fell? Not a chance...Her eyes looked past the crop fields and in the direction of the Rose Keep. Would it be right to call them now? So soon in their assessment? In a battle, the people would be at the mercy of the enemy. For the few about to defend themselves, such as Luca, that wouldn’t be enough to protect everyone. Negations was the better...safer...option to see how they’d share the land. Though...she knew nothing about them..This might be problematic in discussions. It would be a shame if she offended them in any way. “Should I talk to Addison....? Or maybe send a messager..? Though I still have no idea if there really are these foreign people living in our area- the, area.....” She stood outside her tent not sure of what exactly to do. Leadership was something handed to her, but never once had she had to deal with possible threats. That was usually taken care of..This was quite the change indeed. @Phoebe
  9. Luca crosses her arms and murmured to herself. “I think it just sounds like a medical operation....but I guess if everyone seems to like it...”
  10. Y’know I was thinking, I’m going to drop out too. Cause honestly, it makes no sense for Luca to be there lmao. But thank you for letting me join! @vielle
  11. Hey y’all! Just letting you know that I expect not to be on val for the next couple days. It’s the end of the school year and teachers are giving all their work in handfuls all at once. It’s quite overwhelming and I need to take a quick break to focus and do my work well. 😋

  12. In the hall, on her way outside, she paused in the middle of the hall and put her hand to her head. What in the world..? A talking device? But there was nothing in her ear. As they spoke she leaned against the wall as the guard rushed over. Her eyes paced up and down the hall trying to figure out what was going on. Her long pointy ears twitched and then reddened. Since she couldn’t figure it out and was starting to feel dizzy from the sudden surprise, the only option that made itself available was attempting to talk back. ”U-Um hello there...I do indeed govern this part of the empire, but I still have my superiors..May I ask where exactly you’re talking from...and why it’s hurting my head so much...? Also, the little dagger is just for my training. I may be a high official, but I can’t entirely rely on others to protect me. I had left it in the courtyard the other day and didn’t want it to be misplaced..” The confusion was making her lightheaded. This had never happened before, ever, in her life. How in the world was someone capable of such a type of magic? @Maelstrom
  13. Luca tapped her foot and then paused. “Externus.....It makes sense..Hmm...”
  14. A quiet clicking noise could be heard throughout the courtyard. Someone was walking down the stairs to approach the front. It looked to be a woman, and the sound of her heels tapping against the hard ground echoed. As they got to the front, looking for something, they paused turning to the crowd of people. The figure pulled down the hood revealing a beautiful, young, tanned woman with sparkling green olive coloured eyes. Eyes would look up in confusion. Her silky, long brown hair hung down resting on her shoulders as she gave them all a smile and a wave. One of her personal guards cane walking after her standing to the side also scanning the crowd. It was many more than she had expected but in truth, Addison was a woman of many connections, so this wasn’t a very big shock. Then, putting her free hand behind her back, she signalled to the guard where a dagger she was looking for was. He quickly walked over and picked it up putting in his pocket. Then, with her arm in his, they walked back out of view.
  15. “What in the world is swadia”
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