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  1. Syn remained quiet for the most part, a small hum escaping her lips as she frowned. She slipped off her gloves as she tied her hair back into a small pony tail, glancing at Addison and then to Lexa. She couldn't help but feel a slight sting, she wasn't expecting Lexa to trust her but she hoped she would a little. The woman spun on her heels as she paced around the room, her small leather notebook tucked neatly under her arm, whilst she walked her small hippo companion ran in between her steps making a few noises as it begged for her attention. She sighed, turning to face the pair. "I can leave you two to chat if you wish? I need to take the little guy out for a small walk and get him something to eat. You two want anything?" She tilted her head as the hippo grew more excited whilst he started to weave in between the woman's boots. A small smile appeared on the woman's face as she watched the hippo run. It was clear his patience was wearing thin, however she attempted to calm the hippo down by giving him a few pats on the head. The woman crossed her arms over her chest as she bounced on the balls of her feet, glancing directly at Lexa with a soft gaze. "I know you don't trust me dear, but I wouldn't hurt you. I'm a mother, I would never dream of hurting a child. I know trust is a delicate thing that needs to be earned and cannot be bought, but I just want you to know that I would never do anything to harm you." @Phoebe @Priestess
  2. Syn fumbled with her gloves nervously as she frowned, with a sigh she managed to calm herself down a little before turning to Addison. She gazed down at her boots as she lightly tapped the floor before her gaze switched to Addison. "If she doesn't trust me, like this. How would shifting- Help?" She fell silent, shaking her head as she spun on her heel. Her calm demeanour seemed to have vanished, a nervous and panicked one replacing it swiftly followed by a wave of anxiety. The woman ran a few fingers through the white strands of hair as she painted a smile on her pale face. She spun back around, giving a quick glance to Lexa before gazing back to Addison, reluctantly she nodded before stating: "Never mind, it's worth a shot." With that, she slipped the leather gloves off placing them on the desk next to her. Her eyes fell upon her hands, collecting herself as she attempted to wash away the nerves. For a moment she was calm, the woman closed her eyes the colour of skin switching to a light grey for a minute before her body started to shrink. Her hands and feet were soon replaced by four paws whilst her body started to be covered with a layer of white fur. There sat a small white cat, a small name-tag hung around it's next whilst the pair of eyes darted around the room. The cat made its way towards the pair, it's fluffy swaying behind her. The cat started to wander around before leaping up on the desk, curling up. It raised it's head, the small ears twitching. After a few minutes of being the small cat, she shifted back. Her white hair started to tumble over her face as her body grew into the woman she was, though this time she seemed more relaxed than before. Her hands were stained grey as she picked up the gloves, placing them back on, Syn bit her lip as her eyes darted from Addison then to Lexa. She soon returned to her calm state, smiling to Lexa as she leaned on the desk. "That's not all! I can be anyone or any object, as long as I have a clear image of the person or whatever I'm shifting into!" She chuckled lightly, "Could even switch to Addy if I really wanted to." Syn shrugged, tapping her foot on the floor as she continued to smile. "So, what do ya think of my trick?" @Priestess @Phoebe
  3. The woman tilted her head, raising a brow. Her eyes never left Lexa as she folded her arms over her chest. Syn had always been one to have a calm demeanour, this time was no different. She thought for a small moment before she sighed, smiling once more. “I’m here to be ya friend darling, to have someone new you can trust. I want everyone to have someone they can trust and get along with.” She shrugged lightly as she spun on her heel, picking a small notebook off her desk. She traced the cover of the book as her lips curved into a small frown. Syn shook her head, turning back to Lexa. “I wouldn’t hurt ya or anything, I just wanna be your friend dear.”
  4. Syn tilted her head, a small frown appeared on her face as she glanced down at Lexa again. She lightly shook her head, scooping up the small hippo in her arms. “You don’t, understand dear?” She questioned, rubbing her eyes once more as a small hum escaped her pursed lips. She stayed quiet for a moment before walking towards Lexa. “What are you feeling right now? What emotions, dear. You can tell me.” Her lips curved into a small smile as she asked, lightly patting the hippo on the head before she set him down to the side as he simply started to explore the room. Her eyes studied Lexa for a moment as she scratched her head a little.
  5. The woman rubbed the dark circles under her blue eyes gently as she yawned. Syn ran a few fingers through her hair as she lightly shook her head, holding a small leather notebook by her side. She spun on her heel to face Addison and Lexa, a tired expression spread over her face as she smiled to her friend and the newcomer. “Addison darling, how are you?” She sounded, exhausted. Syn started to pace around the room before walking over to the corner where a small enclosure was stationed. “See ya got a new friend, Addy.” She gave a quick glance to Lexa before starting to rummage through the enclosure, a small look of panic appeared on her face for a moment before she heard the ruffle of leaves. Syn sighed in relief before she opened up the small door to the enclosure, a hippo started to plod along the floor before it sat in between Syn’s legs making a small noise as a way to seem intimidating. However, the hippo was anything but intimidating. The woman stepped to the side, scooping up the hippo in her arms as she patted its head lightly. “Shhh, it’s alright.” Syn whispered. Soon enough the hippo silenced itself, analysing the strangers that stood before him. “Finally, sorry about Shrubs. He’s just very protective when it comes to new people.” She smiled back to her friend, setting Shrubs down on the floor to wander around. However, instead of walking up to Addison and Lexa he sat down with a tiny thud in front of Syn’s legs. Once the hippo calmed down Syn finally collected herself, her attention fully on Addison and Lexa. She smiled softly, drumming her gloved fingers on the the leather book she held in her grasp. “Lovely to meet ya sweetheart, how ya doin?”
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