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  1. Syn tilted her head, a small frown appeared on her face as she glanced down at Lexa again. She lightly shook her head, scooping up the small hippo in her arms. “You don’t, understand dear?” She questioned, rubbing her eyes once more as a small hum escaped her pursed lips. She stayed quiet for a moment before walking towards Lexa. “What are you feeling right now? What emotions, dear. You can tell me.” Her lips curved into a small smile as she asked, lightly patting the hippo on the head before she set him down to the side as he simply started to explore the room. Her eyes studied Lexa for a moment as she scratched her head a little.
  2. The woman rubbed the dark circles under her blue eyes gently as she yawned. Syn ran a few fingers through her hair as she lightly shook her head, holding a small leather notebook by her side. She spun on her heel to face Addison and Lexa, a tired expression spread over her face as she smiled to her friend and the newcomer. “Addison darling, how are you?” She sounded, exhausted. Syn started to pace around the room before walking over to the corner where a small enclosure was stationed. “See ya got a new friend, Addy.” She gave a quick glance to Lexa before starting to rummage through the enclosure, a small look of panic appeared on her face for a moment before she heard the ruffle of leaves. Syn sighed in relief before she opened up the small door to the enclosure, a hippo started to plod along the floor before it sat in between Syn’s legs making a small noise as a way to seem intimidating. However, the hippo was anything but intimidating. The woman stepped to the side, scooping up the hippo in her arms as she patted its head lightly. “Shhh, it’s alright.” Syn whispered. Soon enough the hippo silenced itself, analysing the strangers that stood before him. “Finally, sorry about Shrubs. He’s just very protective when it comes to new people.” She smiled back to her friend, setting Shrubs down on the floor to wander around. However, instead of walking up to Addison and Lexa he sat down with a tiny thud in front of Syn’s legs. Once the hippo calmed down Syn finally collected herself, her attention fully on Addison and Lexa. She smiled softly, drumming her gloved fingers on the the leather book she held in her grasp. “Lovely to meet ya sweetheart, how ya doin?”
  3. Emm

    [GS] Taurus

    Mr Usu stayed quiet for the most part, his focus switching from each individual in the room before his gaze settled on Addison. He started to study her movements, his gaze narrowing ever so slightly. The man stepped into the room, shoving his hands in his pockets as his eyes continued to watch the conversation between Addison and Omar. The longer the conversation went on, the closer Mr Usu got to Omar, his footsteps were quiet as he moved during the time that Addison caught his attention with her large movements and her false accusations. Once Mr Usu was in close enough range, in one swift movement he grabbed a needle from his pocket and stabbed Omar in the neck injecting some sort of anaesthetic, his eyes widened as he sighed before quickly shoving his hands back in his pockets. He took a few steps back before squealing in excitement: “I did it! Oh my goodness- Did I do good?!” His voice was surprisingly feminine as he took one hand out of his pocket to scratch the back of his neck. “Glad I can finally change back now.” He muttered under his breath before taking a step back, the man shut his eyes for a moment before he started to shrink in height standing at a small 5”3. He opened his eyes revealing a pair of piercing blue eyes whilst his face contorted into a woman’s face, she was a tad pale which made her blue eyes stand out even more so. She shook her head a few times as silver locks of hair started to tumble down in front of her face, reaching down to the middle of her back. She had a tiny hint of elegance about her which was complemented by an overwhelming sense of confidence as she placed her hands comfortably on her hips. Syn started to lightly bounce on the balls of feet whilst she drummed her fingers on her waists, glancing to Addison. For a moment she was calm until she glance down at the needle sticking out of Omar’s neck. Her blue eyes widened before she exclaimed incredulously: “Wait, is he dead?!”
  4. Emm

    [GS] Taurus

    Mr Usu’s eyes lingered around the tavern before he was disturbed by the scuffle he heard from upstairs. Removing himself from his post, the man started to make his way up to the room that the noise was occurring from. His footsteps began to get heavier the closer he got to the room as he lightly scratched the back of his neck. Once Mr Usu found the room where the commotion seemed to be coming from, knocking on the door lightly. After he knocked gently on the door the man lifted his head. His eyes settling on Omar as he frowned slightly. “Is everything alright here?” He questioned before switching his eyes to the three figures in the dark room. The man sighed shaking his head. “Ah.”
  5. Emm

    Smol Boi

    Syn’s blue eyes scanned each little hippo whilst she drummed her fingers on her waist. Her eyes fell onto the excited hippo pushing itself by the glass, a smile glossed over the woman’s face as she watched for a moment before muttering “Well, aren’t you a sweet one?” She crouched down and simply pat the animal on the head a few times before standing up. Syn’s eyes then darted to the small hippo that starter to analyse her. The woman’s lips curved into a small smirk before she narrowed her eyes at the creature. Syn lifted her hand up as she watched the creatures eyes follow her hand with its big eyes as it occasionally tilted its head before she placed it by her side. She quietly stated: “You’re an interesting one, gotta keep my eye on ya.” Before she turned her attention the hippo that seemed to be hiding from her. She pouted as she crouched down near the small animal, Syn spoke softly as she took her glove off. Holding her hand out, “It’s alright little one, I won’t hurt ya. I just wanna say hi.” She flashed a soft smile as she waited for the hippo to makes it way over. Slowly but surely the creature started to make its way, sniffing the older woman’s hand before tilting its head. “See, I’m not so scary after all.” She lightly pat the creatures head before standing up again, watching the animal make its way back. She pointed to the one on the mushroom, nodding before she stated. “That ones caught my eye, so I think I gotta go with him.” She chuckled lightly as she watched its reaction just to find the hippo continuing to analyse her every move. “Definitely that one.” @Phoebe
  6. Emm

    Smol Boi

    “So far I like the hippo, and maybe the small p-“ her eyes widened as she heard Addison, spinning on her heel in the direction of the small ball of fluff. She smiled delightfully before the woman made her way to the small furry creature, her eyes scanned over its body before she knelt down. “A rat? I don’t think- Well maybe. I work with metal not with animals so I have no clue.” She chuckled lightly as she scratched her head. A gloved finger ran across its small frame, the small animal squeaked and with that she stuffed her hands back in her pockets. Syn stood up before she turned to Addison, a smile beaming across her face. “I think I know the perfect one- The tiny hippo!” @Phoebe
  7. Emm

    Smol Boi

    “This ones interestin’.” She glanced down at the centipede before she held her hand out. Although it might be incredibly stupid she done it anyway, the small centipede started to slowly make its way into the palm of the woman. Syn watched the creature walk around on her palm whilst she tilted her head, she felt each individual leg on her hand as she analysed the animal in front of her. Syn glanced back at Addison before she set the little creature down back where she found it. “It’s gonna be tough to pick, they’re all good in their own ways. Even that little guy.” She pointed to the centipede. @Phoebe
  8. Emm

    Smol Boi

    She glanced at the small pup in front of her, Syn watched its small eyes dart around, before she crouched down and placed her hands on her knees. She glanced up at Addison before giving a small nod “All of the creatures are so beautiful here, all so unique. It’s hard to pick one. You probably know me better than most people, so what animal would you say would suit me best?” Syn raised a brow as she spoke, her smile visible from the corner of her lips before her eyes became fixated on the small pup. A small hum escaped her lips as she drummed her fingers on her lap whilst she thought. @Phoebe
  9. Emm

    Smol Boi

    Once she heard Addison, Syn stood up as she gave one last glance to the small hippopotamus. She dusted the dirt of her outfit before she made her way over to the small rabbit creature. “A Jackalope?” She tilted her head as she studied the statue-like creature from its horns down to its small rabbit feet. “It’s beautiful, weird, but beautiful.” She crouched down to the rocks level as she fiddled with the pin attached to her torso, her lips curved into a small smile whilst she watched the creature. Syn turned to Addison, placing her hands comfortable on her waist as she drummed her fingers on her side. “These creatures wouldn’t be the ideal pet would they? What did the books tell you about this creature then?” @Phoebe
  10. Emm

    Smol Boi

    Syn sighed as she rubbed the back of her neck, her eyes glancing down at the floor for a minute. “What gave it away?” She flashed a smile as she shoved her hands in her pockets, simply shrugging. As the pair walked through the pet shop, her face instantly lit up almost like a child as the sounds and the sights of the different animals caught her attention. As they wandered aimlessly out of the domestic section, Syn tilted her head as she glanced down at the little mushroom. She crouched down to the same level of the small hippopotamus a small smile spreading across her face as she dug her foot into the mud. “You’re an odd one, aren’t ya? Well that makes two of us.” She stated quietly as she nodded. She then glanced around the area to notice its siblings, a small chuckle escaped her lips before her gaze returned to the small creature on the mushroom. @Phoebe
  11. Emm

    Smol Boi

    As the pair walked through the bustling streets of the land, Syn couldn’t managed to keep her eyes off the buildings. She wore a shiny Erenian badge that was sewn onto her jacket, every so often she’d fiddle with it out of nerves or just a simple habit. Although she enjoyed adventuring the new lands it was no secret she missed her home and her family. She missed her daughter dearly as well as Minori’s father, to an extent. Though the pair were known for their dysfunctional friendship, there was a certain degree of trust and comfort they acquired over the years and she missed having that comfort to talk to someone. Once the pair arrived at the door of the petting zoo, the woman’s face lit up with curiosity and excitement. She raised a brow as she turned to Addison, bouncing on the balls of her feet. “A pet? For me?” A grateful smile emerged from the corner of her lips as she gave a nod to Addison. @Phoebe
  12. Once the scanning was over Syn let out a sigh a sigh of relief, she nodded to Addison before curling her fingers up once more. Her transformation took place again as she returned back to her normal state, however she didn’t look exactly well. She was a tad more pale, her cheeks a little red. Although, for the most part she seemed perfectly fine. “Thank the lord it’s over.” She muttered as she rubbed her temples, her blue eyes darting around the lab again. She was a tad shocked at the embrace before she wrapped her arms around Addison, hugging her with a considerable amount of force. “One step closer dear, you’ll get there.” She pulled away from Addison as she smiled at her, placing her hands on Addison shoulders. “I believe in ya.~” @Phoebe
  13. As the boy became in closed in all areas Syn shut her eyes, a rush of anxiety and nerves started to overcome the woman. She had never been the biggest fan of anything to do with science, so this was a first for her. Whilst she had her eyes shut she started to lose herself momentarily as she found herself deep inside her mind, images started to flash through: some good like her family, Minori and her home. However some were not so pleasant such as the past few events like Vita’s murder. Before she knew it she found herself blocking out all sound as a way to keep the form of the boy, normally shifting wouldn’t of been a problem to her. This time it was different: she felt as though there was more on the line than just to be a simple comfort blanket in the form of a cat or a fun little game of manipulation, this would decide who Addison chose to go after and if god forbid Syn made a mistake- that would weigh on her shoulders for an extremely long period of time. Finally she called out: “I mean, it’s not the ideal situation but at least I’m not dead!” @Phoebe
  14. Syn started to drum her fingers lightly on her thigh as she took a few deep breathes in. The laboratory the pair sat in scared the woman half to death as memories flashed through her mind from the childhood she never dared to explain whilst she fixed her gaze onto the flashing monitors however, to the eye she simply looked as though she was daydreaming. After a few minutes of sitting there she heard her name, gazing up to Addison before she stood up making her way towards the lamp-shaped object. She slipped her gloves off before tossing them to the side of her as she shut her eyes, losing herself in her thoughts. The woman didn’t say a word as the past few events raced through her brain: faces, places, plants passed through her before she settled on the boy that caused all the trouble and grief. She gave a little nod before whispering under her breath: “Focus.” With that, she curled her fingers as her skin started to change her eyes never opening as she feared she would lose the face. Her body shrunk to the height of the child however given that Syn herself only stood at around 5”3 there wasn’t much change, throughout the process it was all going smoothly as she was beginning to take the form of the boy. She stopped once she was shifted as she glanced to her hands before lightly touching her cheeks. Syn stood in the form of the boy, looking identical to the image she remembered. “I-I think I done it.” She stated dryly, her voice altering to the tone of the boy before she coughed a few times rubbing her throat. @Phoebe
  15. After the illusion ended, Syn dropped to her knees almost gasping for air. Her hands dug into the wasteland as her blue eyes became centred on the cocoon. Whilst her gaze became centred around the cocoon she became lost in a whirlpool of thoughts, visibly she looked as though she was day dreaming however it was much deeper than that. For Syn in front of her stood three familiar faces, the children scarred her mind from the previous event. Although one face did seem to strike out, the final boy. Once she analysed his facial features she raised her hand up as the essence trailed from her finger tips up her arm, burning into her mind before she snapped back into reality. “I-I got it. I know the face.” She panted as she pushed herself up off the ground, she wasn’t hurt just simply exhausted. In the blue pools that were her eyes concern and great worry started to whirl around in her gaze as she turned to Addison. For a moment she turned cold, conflicted by what is right and what she considered to be moral. For Syn killing or harming a child seemed one of the most terrible acts someone could commit however, after the damage that was done her guilt soon turned into anger. However, if there was a chance that the boy could be spared, she was willing to take it. With that she dusted herself off and put on a brave face giving a nod to Addison. @Phoebe
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