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  1. Now, the injuries done to Khan would only apply if Khan was a human....which he was not. So, rather than the expected blood, the blade drew a strange substance reminiscent of Duck's goo, though the two were very different. It also didn't help that the substance, which had a very high energy output, in it's small quantity on the blade, heated it up a bit. While nobody would really get major burns from touching it, it might still feel as if they picked up a very hot cup without using the handle to hold it. Furthermore, the cut was basically nothing to Khan; at best he would not even know he was injured, thanks to the increased pain resistance of the nerves themselves, and at worst, dismiss it and take advantage of the faster regeneration the shapeshift body offered. While it would not heal up the wound immediately, it would certainly patch it up within a matter of minutes. This was because unless a vital organ necessary for the functioning of the shapeshifted body was hit, Khan can pay fairly little attention to most hits and rely on said natural regeneration buff to continue fighting. After all, making shapeshifted live bodies was a substantial investment in time, energy and complexity, and thus, Khan expected to see his investment paid off in excellent characteristics of said body. And it was indeed what he got. Even if he could regenerate energy over time, there was no denying that his ''hull'' was something more special, and more perfected, than many other things. @Xoco
  2. Initially, Azelhart saw Khan in his normal, peaceful form. However, a few seconds later, Khan stood up, with a less-than-happy face, and slapped him: 'I was talking about the preparations you guys have with all of your nests and rifles! Now, go away, or I will use less-than-peaceful means of making you go away, whether you want it or not. I am not being intimidated into ceasing peace and calmness.' And it would well be sensed that Khan was indeed very serious about the fact he would NOT move, Infact, he secretly weighed himself down using shapeshifting, making Khan increase his weight massively, so Azelhart could not move him. Khan was no stranger to extreme pressure, and he did not feel threatened either, and the fact he was weighting himself down (Anchoring) was nothing new. However, after some thought, Khan decided this was not worth his trouble and attention, and walked off behind the line to sit down, muttering: 'What a bunch of traitors, only wishing for standoffs and fights... If this breaks into a goddamn fight, they can bet the Three Nation Fleet and Army are not living through it.' @Xoco
  3. Khan, who was not about to be commanded by Addison, despite Khan's respect for her, he was not going to have his moment of investigations and friendliness ruined. 'Yeah, right. I have other intentions, including NOT being watched by a couple hundred marines with rifles and machine guns. I want to have my casual chat with the two, presumably because I am very interested in knowing the answers to many of the questions I have that this portal brought up.' With that said, Khan, as happy as ever, said: 'So, can't we all just have a nice, civilized chat with some drinks and all? Maybe we can figure it out in a normal manner? We don't have to fire at each other, after all.... Or use dual spears. That too.' That said, Khan was not going to be dragged away. He had no intentions of backing down from his quest of being peaceful and a pacifist, at least for now. So, Khan just...sat down right there, on the premises. @Phoebe
  4. Khan, who was not really unsettled by either the monk or the warrior, or the weaponry, was a lot more relaxed and chilled than anyone else, not really carrying a weapon of his own besides a special grenade. That meant it would be no surprise to anyone who had known Khan when he turned around to everyone for a moment and said: 'Uh...hey...guys, mind if we NOT hold the two at gunpoint? Please? I would like to have a normal chat with the two, while also not being actively held at gunpoint myself from at least a few machine gun positions.' Of course, to anyone with experience regarding Khan, they knew his plea was less of a plea and more a 'polite somewhat of an ultimatum to at least not have Khan tensed up'. The 'special' grenade was a testament to this belief. As he looked at the men aiming, his look was quite distinct, as if he insisted that it happens. @Jack Howard @Fierach @Tenkai Matsumoto
  5. Khan, who had his suspicions just confirmed regarding the innocence of those who had opened the portal, was quite relaxed at their appearance. Indeed, unlike the other commanders and Addison, Khan did not seem worried. Thus, it was no surprise when Khan got out of his tank, that by now was hidden, and walked towards the new guests. Additionally, while nobody knew it, the Bulgarian Army was ready to fight the other two armies if they actually interfered with what Khan's doing. Thus, Khan greeted the two travellers: 'Welcome to what might be the weirdest greeting scene one has ever seen. I am Khan Asparuh, nice to meet you.' @Fierach @Tenkai Matsumoto
  6. Khan, however, was a little less....tolerant towards Hawk as he was towards Howard. 'I, for one, never suggested NOT firing at tree monsters. One doesn't need to repeat to me what happened at Herograd; I know it already. I only suggested NOT firing at something that is not inherently hostile towards us, and perhaps make friends with whoever is in.' Khan's tone changed significantly, and not in the nice way, as he also said: 'And secondly, I am not a subordinate to YOU of all people. Who authorized you to assume command of me and MY expeditionary force sent to investigate what is going on? I would kindly like to ask you to NOT try and assume command of armies you are not inherently commander of. Whether you like to trust in my talent in commanding various branches of an army is a different topic, but I can definetely decide who I should not be firing at right away. Oh, tree monsters? Burn them, kill them, blow them to bits, please, and I will join you in that, gladly. But some innocent soul that randomly opened up this portal and doesn't even know of our preparations? No, I will not shoot a random person just because you think you are some kind of Army Group commander. Case closed.' Now that Khan was done raising his voice towards Hawk and his absurd statement, Khan replied to Howard, but with a noticeably more normal, calm and even somewhat happy of a tone. 'Yeah, sure. I can do that. I agree to your plan, Howard.. probably the first time you hear me agree with something, and probably not the last, I am sure of that.' @Hawk @Jack Howard
  7. Meanwhile, Khan, who had listened to all of the arguments and loud warcries, just laughed. 'I believe you all are too hellbent on actually fighting whatever comes out of the portal, and I doubt it's tree monsters. We should probably NOT fire at whatever comes out, maybe? Perhaps it's adventurers from another world, and maybe we should just wait and greet them nicely by NOT shooting.' As he continued, he also replied, with a slight change of tone: 'If it was tree monsters anyways, I doubt we will have any real difficulty in fighting them, even without all the old-fashioned gatlings and mortars you all have. We have other military assets to bring if it was tree monsters, which is highly unlikely anyway as they would have come out already. I doubt it's even Hero himself that will come out of the portal. We should just all chill.' @Jack Howard @Hawk
  8. Meanwhile, Ivan was sitting idle. While he wanted to fight, he was also uncertain whether or not we wanted to actively engage Howard, not because he couldn't be beaten, but because it would be a hassle. As he was sitting, he got an idea. Turning to Milenic, he said: 'Can you fetch me an attack boat and a Combat Jetpack Suit, along with an AK47, and perhaps an RPG from the spares? I believe there is something we can do.' Milenic, surprised, began doing what Ivan requested of him.
  9. However, Ivan was displeased. He had acted with certainty that he would do little damage to friends on the ship, while crippling any hostiles, and if Howard was not going to recognize the fact he had planned everything correctly, and pin the losses of his own men on Ivan rather than Masuda and EXPECT him to stand down, he was very incorrect. In fact, by not showing understanding and promising that there would be justice for Masuda's acts against the certain plan, he had made Ivan believe he was there to serve only his friends' interests. And he was not accepting Howard's commands. For all he knew, he was not his dad, or superior. He knew who he was answering to, and Howard was NOT that person. Besides, Ivan was perfectly willing to come to blows with him, as Howard was clearly not impartial. Turning to one of the other men, he said: 'Alright, I want you to block all paths to our current position. If they are not going to understand us with words, then they will understand us with fire. At this point, I am not going to bear the blame for the loss of our pilots. You know it was not my fault, but that shithead's fault, for detonating the explosives prematurely. Also, I hereby declare a Free Command order...do as you please, I have no specific command for you. Might as well be my last order, considering I still cannot bear the loss of pilots, even if I wish for revenge upon this...person. No, a Monster. However, if there is one thing about my order, it is that you never give in to any more demands from this damned Admiral. We are not his subordinates, and we are capable of fighting his band of men, and then some. Lastly, I want to see this person that detonated the missiles taken away, dead or alive.' Then, in silence, the men began to make cover and prepare for a confrontation, preparing dugouts and other defensive structures, and the intention was clear: Ivan did not accept Howard's demands, and was not going to listen if Howard was to blame only him and not his 'friend' for the disaster that said friend had caused by defying the plan. Also, the armour nearby was alerted of Ivan's intentions, and they promptly switched positions, and the Insurgents' Bastion had moved a bit closer to the rear. This positioning made it look like as if Ivan was no longer concerned about the pirates, but with Howard and his unit. And rightfully so, as clearly Ivan had nothing to fire at without 'risking others', and it would be better to face Howard, who might strike, than some pirates who were too busy to even consider it.
  10. 'I targeted the ship knowing that the accuracy of missiles fired at point-blank range is going to be high, and will cause little collateral damage. The pilots executed their manuevers as they were intended, and at that range, a good hit was almost certain.' he replied. 'Besides, if I incapacitate more pirates by accident, good. They are the enemy, after all.' Ivan looked at him with equal look as if he was a detective as well. @Jack Howard
  11. Ivan's immediate anger seemed to go away briefly, and he replied: 'I believe you want me to stay away and let the guy who just killed two innocent pilots get away freely, and for me to just ignore that fact. How can I know that this dude will be reprimanded for the careless destruction of property and loss of life he has created.....this is why I fired on him. To make sure he pays for his murders, even if it has to be his own life that is the price.' Now, something became immediately clear: Ivan just wanted to see justice for those that were killed by Masuda, and he didn't care what kind of justice it was. If Masuda was reprimanded and scrutinized for his acts, that would also do. But Ivan, at that moment, knowing it was his only current option available, had wanted retribution. To someone like Howard, this would be apparent: Ivan never wanted to specifically see justice as harming Masuda, but, it was his only option where he didn't trust all other possibilities, as he never would know if letting Masuda live and then him getting away with it for free would happen, and well suspected it would. @Jack Howard
  12. Ivan did not come out of the firing system. There was still time to steer the rockets away, as it would take some time for them to reach, but Ivan was determined to enact revenge. As such, when Howard banged on the door, he was no longer met by just Ivan, but by a large group of armed guards also aiming at gunpoint with automatic assault rifles. 'What do YOU want NOW? To stop me from firing after one of your ''friends'' just murdered two of my own colleagues? Or perhaps to kill me for choosing to see justice delievered?' he shouted. @Jack Howard
  13. However, Masuda's amazing feat had consequences. As a result of grabbing the missiles and exploding them in the air, the explosion ended up proving fatal, as it coincided with the retreat route of the two planes. The explosion damaged their engines and they hit the water, blowing up in an instant as they hit the waves. Upon seeing this, Ivan was speechless. Even while Howard was there. Without saying a word, he walked into the Insurgents' Bastion, quickly shoving the guy at the targeting and firing position off from his seat, and taking command himself. Quickly turning to the rest of the crew, also shocked from what happened and why he stormed in: 'On that ship, there is an ally who is infact a traitor, and me stopping the firing procedure was a mistake! At this point, I don't care anymore if someone on that ship will die! I am accomplishing my task, and killing off that damn shithead that blew up those rockets. I am getting my point across and I don't care how many of them have to die! Also, call the rest of the personnel nearby! We are preparing for a fight and a withdrawal from this entire trap once we have killed that dude!' Without any pretext, and much to Howard's surprise, as he would have also seen the two planes downed, soon, the Insurgents' Bastion fired it's own anti-ship missiles, and was not aiming at the Blackpool anymore, but straight at Masuda. He knew what he did, and he was determined to see him punished. The two missiles careened through the sky at several times the speed of sound, and were fairly large themselves. At this point, Ivan's intention was clear: He was enacting an 'eye for an eye' approach towards Masuda's murder of the two pilots, and he was not likely to back down out of his policy of revenge. @Truthless @Phoebe
  14. After a fairly long pause from Ivan, he replied: '.....if there is no trust in the decisions of allies, how is one an ally themselves....I am sure you know that trust in the efforts of others is a factor in bringing about victory. Regardless...' Ivan then turned to the Bastion system, and ordered the crew: 'Stop firing, we might hit the allies.' Noticeably, the planes were still on the attack, and they were determined to carry it out. @Fierach @Phoebe
  15. Ivan calmly turned towards Howard and said: 'Comrade, I ain't that stupid. I was attacking only once for exactly the reasons you just said. I was not striking anymore after the first sortie; I just wanted to take revenge for the beast's prior attacks. Besides, my attacks are guided, it is less likely they will cause significant harm for our friends down there. I trust the skill of my support from above and that they won't hit any friendly. I trust that for as long as they aim 5 meters away from her, she won't suffer any major injuries.' Having said that, Ivan's smile returned: 'Now, put down the revolver, everything is likely to be okay. Besides, it is very rude to threaten an ally at gunpoint. I believe you know how to be moderate...or are you still overly proud of your great victories and songs?' Ivan calmly turned back to survey the proceedings. If he was ever shot, he knew Howard would be turned into swiss cheese, as he had clearly not seen men with Kalashnikovs waiting nearby, and two M-84s that were in their dugouts waiting, and having no stigma against using machine guns and explosive shells to kill off Howard should he attack their commander, Ivan. @Phoebe
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