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  1. Cool headed, despite there being an argument amongst several representatives, Khan also gave an idea. Seeming to have a hint at what Shikai was thinking, he added: 'Perhaps we can not massacre the ''squatters''....Lately, I have had few instances of actually killing people. That said, I do have a plan for action when we are ready with our new shiny factories. There is a settlement to our Northwest, practically bordering us, and recent intelligence reports have told us of several engagements with it by others, who we associate with our rivals. These rivals, and their community, Externus, have also been dealing with natives, and they have even failed to deal with some of them.' 'What I am saying is: We build those damn factories, and we can bust open that settlement, which is probably less defended now, and could well contain many valuable goodies for our..heist. So, if we strike it, and take it over, we get a lot of resources, and we don't even have to change their repressive ways afterwards! After all, if it makes them profit, it will probably make us profit if we just maintain the status quo there after our assault. Besides, it will cover one of my flanks, and that is always good!' Khan, remembering one of his old partners-in-crime, murmured: 'I just wish I had some of my old friends around, this would have been much easier with their help....' @danzilla3 @Djinn&Juice @DocterDuck
  2. Still down for a ww2 or early cold war-tech playtest! *Either endless Bf 109 E-4 spam, or endless MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-19 and possibly, MiG-21 spam* (dun take the joke too seriously thoo)
  3. I mean, he did have a chance to use proper AA defenses, so next time these two meet, the lack of anti-air missiles on the ships might compromise the deterrence, and we just hope he learns the lesson after that one engagement. History is full of weird choices, and here we have one. I know it ain't fun, but he had the chance to do well (considering he has rocket submarines that are practically as good as mine (their info will be included soon) magitech engines and possibly even electrical automation and radars?). Now he is locked in, and his fleet is severely compromised (except the submarines) should it come to blow with the air force. I just hope that after that battle comes (it could possibly even be done during a playtest of the current battleship system), that he does learn the wonders of better AA defense, and he might still stand a chance. Also, fire-and-forget missiles are mostly infrared (barring the AIM-120, which has radar), so flares (they might give the heat seeking missile a false energy source, and if they do, it will follow those), and laser jammers (to blind the seeker/sensor, making the missile lose direction). Furthermore, Khan has drone decoys and can intercept anti-air missiles with other anti-air missiles. Also, @Heroshima yeah I do. Even when you click on my profile and then click 'About Me' I have included a link to the project where the tech stuff lays with a lot of explanations. Also, it will be updated with all of the naval assets Khan has when I get home from Greece, which will happen on the 12/13th.
  4. First, you can still jam modern missiles, it just requires a good jammer. Second, yeah, I agree, and Khan (my character)'s own missile stockpiles have a focus on sensors and often, penetration. So his rocketry has laser-like accuracy and will score hits, but it rarely one-hit kills. Often, it might require a second (or third in very case cases!) hit to actually sink a ship from his AShM's. Also, bigger ships with thick armour might even survive 3 hits consistently before being sunk. Obviously, it takes some time to lock in a second missile, so there is still a chance for a larger ship with capable AA that has high-quality rockets involved to survive an encounter with a squadron through the sheer deterrent of capable anti-air and the hits needed to sink one (Unless it's Khan's personal MiG that has many more missiles, no plane of the Mikoyan fleet can sink a larger ship alone, as they carry two!) vs the potential damage and losses. The real challenge of anti-ship missiles are the fact there are only a few of them, so even though they are quite powerful, it's not possible to fire them after the first few sorties, unless a carrier exists to resupply them (something Khan does have, but wants to build one for Genesaris.) Yeah, not every ship is suited for survival, but that is just how it is. It is possible to actually live through a sortie full of these, however. You just need a very capable ship with impregnable air defenses that can even target the highest-altitude sneaky bois, and it could happen.
  5. To be honest, this is great!... for a WW2 setting, which is alright! If there is one, I am super inclined to use the Messerschmitt Bf 109 'Emil'-4. Just know that modern jet fighters actually use air-to-ship missiles, which are hard to Dodge for most ships.
  6. Welcome, comrade, and greetings from Bulgaria! I am sure there will be plenty of people willing to help out newcomers to the concept of roleplay in valucre! The Tavern , and it's OOC thread, is a great place to start your journey, and get accustomed to others before you actually jump in the real roleplay! (Coming from someone who totally skipped the Tavern because I was on the Nationalist-Communist Bulgarian bandwagon train for integrating two lores, and currently still sorting out past some others' bullshit decisions.) I am sure you might even find an RP partner there that will stick with you! (Or just chat with people about roleplay opportunities, that also works for many others.) Finally, good luck, and may patriotism fortune be with you! *wave + salute*
  7. As Khan walked into the assembly building with them, he already saw a debate among representatives.The National Assembly, was, after all, a Parliament, and he, alongside his guests, would sit at the top seats. 'Well, guess what. It is your lucky day! We are in no short supply of paw prints and actual blueprints, because one of the representatives apparently loves animals so much, he uses valuable government paper for these. I should probably thank him for his incredible thought processes..... Though really, I guess this coincidence saved his head, as in any other case, I would not recommend to my staff to print paws on my blue paper.' @Djinn&Juice @danzilla3
  8. Of course, he was still calm as ever, and, accustomed to the lack of personal space, it was unsurprising to his comrades for him to say, as he turned to the Legate: 'Whether I have done something to outperform my father is a topic of it's own, but what I do know is that I have made good use of what he had left me when I took over for him; the cavalry army. I doubt there are many here in our world that can be confident and proud of this; to have a loyal, disciplined, skilled cavalry formation with a high level of readiness that is supported by just as well-crafted siege tools, and just as good engineers, logistics crew, and recon. While I cannot say anything too special for my foot soldiers, I can be confident to lead the men on horseback towards the war, conquest and domination you wish to see from me. I may not have the same traditions, but that does not mean they are worse.'
  9. Ah, I see a comrade joining us! Make sure to read that New Member Guide, it has some incredibly useful stuff!
  10. Agent Knockout

    Limited GM

    Well, I am the guy who has had a hard time trusting people with managing events they are also involved in...so for me, a third party game master who does not participate in the event itself, nor has affiliation with any of the peoples involved, is a great idea! Just do what Ataraxy said, and get people who know what administration and impartiality are, and this could turn out to be a great addition to the forums!
  11. Of course, Boris was briefly shocked Adrya's straight-forward attitude, and the fact her address seemed one of slight anger because he got carried away with the show. However, that was not going to spook him. His people knew him to be a calm leader, and he would demonstrate hospitality. 'Well, we have come here to seek an alliance with the Pact, and join the war, to both bring peace to the region, and reap the benefits of conquest. We have been eyeing an opportunity for some time, and we recently got it thanks to a shift in the landscape of our House.' Having said the first part, he took a deep breath, as if knowing the next thing he might say might be viewed with some distrust. 'As for greetings, I just got briefly carried away with the show. 'Anyway, I would like to give my formal greetings to you, Dominus (Boyar/Kralitsa) Adrya. I, Tsar (Knyaz), Boris, feel grateful to be here.' Assuming Adrya was a military leader with military traditions and ruthlessness at heart, he gave her a Bulgarian salute, with the palm facing downwards. Meanwhile, his calm attitude was obviously felt, helping alleviate any anger or nervousness felt by others towards him, and making his speech have the genuine feeling to it, as if he was not lying, nor being disrespectful. @Wade
  12. Carefully listening to what General Shikai had to say, Khan said this: 'Well, in the end, it is to establish a foothold in the region, and perhaps rejoin with some of my old buddies to see if they have any goals of their own.. I mean, that, and obviously revenue. As for how the Dead can help achieve the goals....' Taking a deep, deep breath, he continued: 'Currently, we are in the process of building military infrastructure and facilities, as well as research laboratories, however our progress has not gone according to plan, and we have received invaluable intelligence of rival settlements in the area building up their own militaries. On it's own, that is no danger, but considering that we have had little time to improve 'The Gate'. As Khan said that word, he looked back to that weird, and somewhat big portal. This means we cannot rapidly respond to an attack with the full force that the overall federation has, and have to rely on the small garrison force here for the most part. So... this is where the Dead comes in. By using the Dead's resources and protection, we can finish the construction significantly faster, and begin the production of every model available to the Federation, and even begin the research on new models that might end up being invaluable to our effort.' Khan had exhausted himself from all of the talking, and stopped for a very brief moment. 'We should probably discuss further in the Assembly building, as well as answer any other questions there.' @danzilla3 @Djinn&Juice
  13. Now, on my comment: Let's be real, I never play roleplay games... I am a lot more into Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooters. That said, my favourite moment recently was a Heroes and Generals game. Now, I have quite a bit of stuff there, especially as a tank crew, but I did not want to play tank crew that game, so I went with infantry instead. After some fighting, my team (Germany) and the enemy team (USA) stalemated. Upon hoping that I could break the stalemate, I run into the reason why my team was doing so poorly: An M2A2 light tank (and 2 gunners inside) camping the control point and, with their machine guns as primaries, gunning down the infantry before they can even get to the Panzerfaust rifles to take shots. I said: 'Okay, I will go tank crew and kill it'. And while on the way, I get hit and destroyed by a Hellcat camping the bridge I need to take in order to get to the camping lightie. Thus, it is a 'damned if I do', and 'damned if I don't' situation. However, I see another tank (a panzer III), rushing down, and I decide to give the tank crew another shot. Now, as much as I like criticizing pz. III users in 'War' scenarios(because they waste our limited medium tank resoruces while dying quickly), I had to give the guy commanding that specific pz. III some credit, because he went in the direction of the camping tank destroyers and distracted them, allowing me to get across and make it to the control point. Now, idk what ya all think, but 2 machine guns as primary does not compare to a high-velocity 75mm panther gun, and I quickly shut down this nuisance. Realising the control point also oversaw the stairway connecting the USA's primary spawnpoint with the Point, I decided to take some revenge and camp it instead. Because we were Defenders, we only had to seize this second point to win. So, after about 30 seconds of sitting in one place and using my secondary machine gun to kill anyone who made it all the way through the stairs, we won! I felt really proud when my team started commenting 'That panther manuever tho, nice job'.
  14. To be honest, I kinda want to ask a question: What would you consider 'your favourite moment ever' when playing a video game?
  15. This meme might not relate to Valucre nearly as much, but I still feel as it is awesome, so here we go!
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