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  1. Lightweight/Portable Gear (Now, there is a lot of gear to cover here, so for right now the most popular ones among Khan will be covered and the rest later.) Relic of Independence Said to be the very symbol of Khan's achieved goal towards national independence. This shiny somewhat golden sword/relic is a valuable treasure and an even more valuable and versatile tool. Now, like all swords, it does all normal sword stuff, like swinging, stabbing and slashing. It's first major advantage is it's ability to increase the potential harm that an enemy takes because this blade is far sharper and makes some very, very deep and lasting cuts. The second major advantage is it's direct link to Khan himself. This means, in effect, that the sword cannot be used by Khan's pure form. However, this also means that when Khan is in a host body, this sword will not be destroyed until the host body is destroyed, at which point it will just retract itself back into nothingness, just as it came. Also to note is that this sword is required to be in Sword Mode for some of Khan's abilities to work, and for others to gain new options. Without it being in Sword Mode, Khan cannot access these options and cannot draw energy to use them until the sword is in Sword Mode. However, if an ability requiring the sword mode was used and then the sword was switched into the other mode from Sword Mode, that ability will remain active for as long as it is intended to originally. For example, even if Khan uses Weaken as a projectile then switches from Sword Mode, the projectile will continue travelling and the effect will still be felt by the foe if they get hit, as the energy was already spent on that projectile. However, why would Khan even switch away from Sword Mode if it is so crucial? The other mode is Transformation. In this, the sword stops being a...well, sword. It can then become many things, most of which will be discussed in other portable pieces of gear, but it is worth nothing that Transformation has two limitations: The fact it takes some time, usually several minutes, for a transformation to succeed, and the fact that the only allowed weapons are ones that are considered 'Portable', as in 1-3 men can carry and use the tool along with all of it's assets. This means that the RoI cannot turn into an airship, but could turn into a rocket launcher or a machine gun; something that 1-3 men could fully utilize. Weapons made by Transformation fire rounds with golden-ish tracers. Among their bonuses are: Increased Penetration for all Projectiles, increased accuracy for the guns themselves, hydrogen-based propellants, and finally the rounds themselves share the 'deep wound concept' with their sword counterpart, furthering harm. Also, Khan does not have to carry rounds, as they are simply assembled with energy every so often, enough to sustain fire with the guns for a significant amount of time before actually needing to halt fire due to an ammunition shortage.
  2. Update: Because of a recent database incident resulting in a substantial lore loss, equipment for Khan will be made in a separate sheet and include more details than planned.
  3. Oh nice, Blackblood has expanded!

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      Agent Knockout

      Well, if it is any consolation, I still have a lot more lore to write, as well as other stuff. And I have even suffered extensive setbacks......so I am in a really interesting position at the moment.

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      I thought you were moving on from Nork cause u were leaving Val

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      @AtaraxyΒ Well I was partially leaving Val because I felt like it was becoming a burden because of all the stuff I had to do.

      (Also I thought my job was going to go to hell in a handbasket within the next couple of months, and it never did, so...)

  4. Khan could sense the tension running around. It was not even hidden that Duck's appearance had caused everyone to be edge. At least not to him. However, Khan was not worried by Duck, and never was. He knew he was safe from any harm Duck might ever do to him. If anything, they were more akin to partners-by-circumstance-and-goal than actual rivals, even if they both did not want to admit it. Another thing that was clearly felt was Khan's calm. Unlike what was expected of him: To be aggressive and even murderous, Khan took a look around and walked around a bit with a relaxed attitude in mind. 'What's the tension guys? Come on, cool off with some alcohol!'
  5. Yeah I know when that happens. It happens quite often to me that I am overwhelmed with schoolwork while still having so much to do in Valucre to set myself up. Edit: Forgot to put this in, but it has not been just schoolwork. I also find myself indecisive when it comes to drawing the line between what can be used in Khan as is, and what needs canon for the sake of it not being voided into inconsistence.
  6. πŸ¦€KHAN IS BACKΒ πŸ¦€Β πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€

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  7. Just politely reminding you, though this also means Khan is incredibly chill, something that will sure please some of us.
  8. @Jack Howard By the way, the Khan in the tavern is not exactly that Khan you know. He has some timeline-based differences, and the two most notable differences are that the 'modern' SSK(SSU) is in a totally different location, where the kingdom you know is a colony when put in Perspective and that the 'wall' was never actually built.
  9. As everyone was talking, somebody entered the tavern. At first glance, it would be just any other man coming by to get a drink. But not him. He wore a green coat proudly, with multiple medals and orders on display, as well as two tri-color flags. to hide his strong armor underneath, and not really one of steel, but a strong composite of several materials. Of course, aside from the coloured coat, he also wore some thick boots made of the finest furs. On his back, a sword lay. It was common for him to have one, as he, while ever so calm, still did not trust his surroundings. Said sword also looked like it was made of gold, or at least it shone gold. The man himself was odd. He looked nothing like the locals one might expect, with a unique look on his face, green eyes and black-ish hair. Despite having human looks, he did not bleed blood from one of his injuries, a small puncture on the way, but rather, a blue substance clearly unknown in origin. He was also fairly tall, and fairly heavy, an imposing figure indeed. As he looked around with his eyes always open, as he would let no troublemaker near. His choice of drink in hand was also weird: An alcohol bottle, probably lighter alcohol. As he continued looking around, he noticed a few familiar faces and said: 'Well, now. It seems that fate made us meet once more. I am surprised that this many people from my background are here. I guess I can't complain, because it is certainly better than not having you guys.'
  10. Basic Information (Note: ??? in this category means there is no real way to obtain evidence, and all that have tried or try have failed, and even Khan cannot reliably provide such evidence. It also means that regarding Khan, it does not even exist. Unknown in this category means that there are ways to obtain proof and knowledge about them, however they are currently not known. This also means Khan has not spoken on the topic if there was evidence available already.) Name: Asparuh Former Titles: Prince of The Onogur Khanate, Khan of the First South Slavic Kingdom, Khan of the Second South Slavic Kingdom Current Titles: Secretary-General of the Greater People's Republic of Bulgaria(Third South Slavic Union), Patron-God of the Bulgars Age: Varies/??? Birthplace: Unknown/ Somewhere near Dnieper River, Onogur Khanate Race: Unknown Ethnicity: Tatar Slavic/Bulgarian Physical Description (Note: ??? and Unknown mean the same as the above category) Eye Color: Unknown (Research has reliable evidence that there is a preference to blue, red and green eyes.) Hair Color: Unknown (Research has reliable evidence that there is a strong preference to brown and black hair, likely due to ethnicity relations.) Height: ??? Weight: ??? Blood Type: ??? Appearance: Unknown (There is some evidence from the latest round of researching 5 months ago that he prefers his ethnic kin's look over all others.) Personality Now, despite so many details about him being unknown, and many without even ways to obtain evidence on, one thing that has well been established over the years is his personality. Khan is the very definition of a patriot, or even a borderline nationalist. He loves everything Slav and Bulgarian. Period. He has protected them for a fair amount of time against their greatest threats, and has spent countless days governing them. He has executed other emperors, and even witnessed one of his future Khans turn a skull of one such Emperor into a drinking cup, as per tradition in a language only known by a few from his kind and nobody else, even those who claim they know 'all languages.' He is very well known for being total opposites of himself. One time he is strict, disciplined and aggressive, enforcing strict military conduct, being extremely vocal about even the slightest issue. 5 seconds later, he is relaxed, a little drunk, and calm, while probably still being vocal about his problems, except with a vodka or rakija bottle in hand. This has lead to at least a dozen serious friendly fire incidents, including an instance where during an anti-air exercise, his lack of strictness nearly caused one of the modern aircraft partaking in the exercise to get hit with a live Anti-Air missile and get destroyed, the plane only being saved by the pilot's quick reactions. Quotes 'Come on, we have a journey to start through the Dnieper, and it will be very long and many of us will die in the process, but one can hope we reach a land where we will not be followed by our deadly enemy.' -Khan, after a retreat sometime in 668. 'I tell you. That Emperor, Constantine, is dead. Yeah, that bastard does not get to bathe in Messembrian waters anymore. Convinced his men he had run away, too. I pity them.' -Khan, after the establishment of the first SSK. 'Our men have been slaughtered, and our defenses decimated. A retreat is inevitable. For now, we have to say goodbye to our sacred land and move on, for we do not want to stay here, as nobles, at the mercy of the foreign Turkic yoke.' -Khan, during his retreat through the Danube river in 1396. 'After nearly 500 years of brutal oppression by the yoke we call the Ottoman Empire, our hope is not yet lost! Now, what we must do is cross our faithful Danube river once more on this ship, and join our Comrades already fighting! For Bulgaria, and for Liberty!' -Khan, in 1848, as he forces the captain to come ashore so his men can board the ship and sail back to Vidin. 'Come on now, there is no way that there is an active missile in the launch tube. I removed it myself. So, let me press the button.' -Khan, right before the friendly fire incident involving the Anti-Air Missile. Immortality Paradox Now, Khan is fairly old. He has seen many, many things. This has lead to him being called 'immortal' and 'unkillable' human many times. However, Khan was never human to begin with, nor immortal, but he managed to be. The reason for his ''immortality'' is exactly the lack of human aspect in him. He is above that. His existence is rumored, and likely true, to have started a very long time before the appearance of the first humans. However, many also think it is a boon to be immortal. However, for Khan, it is not always amazing to be immortal. While his ancient life and little evolution means he appears to almost everyone else as 'energy in a weird protective hull', something that by the laws of physics, is indestructible, regardless of the attacker, even if they happened to be considered multiversal, it also means he has little way of truly interacting with everybody else. In a way, he is, and has been stuck for many millennia as nothing but a mere witness to what is happening around him, having little influence, but also staying preserved and intact. Not only that, but his immortality has been dependent on the factor that was his pure form. If he were to turn into another, more impure form, he would not get to retain his immortality until he either switched back, or his impure form was destroyed, trapping him in pure form until he did make another 'impure' form, which sometimes takes weeks or months. Speaking of forms... Shape-shifting and the Impure Forms As a response to the massive development in various life forms, human or otherwise, Khan began to try more seriously, and more quickly, to find ways to make a form able to interact with other living beings, while also keeping a gateway to his 'pure' form, in case his personally made host suffered a devastating blow that would end up rendering said host unusable and possibly also carrying the shockwave to his pure form, causing a Resonance Counter-Event and damaging the 'hull' portion of the pure form, and if there was no gate, Khan would be shut off from his pure form as it wandered off. While not in any way threatening to Khan's pure existence, a Counter-Event is still a concern as it has been proven to leave somewhat lasting harm. By the pure randomness that is Nature itself, he got the chance in the year 640, and successfully made a host body in the person now known as Khan Asparuh. Khan's Shape-shifting Ability allows him to make copies of various objects, as long as it is actually possible to make a copy. While the preparation is clearly observable, it is fairly brief, sometimes taking only less than 5 seconds to prepare a copy of a small object and move in with his (observable) pure form. The copy of the object is effectively identical to the original object itself, though there have been cases of minor imperfections. A nice thing about the objects is that aside from hiding Khan's pure form, it also conceals him from many abilities that rely on Aura, Smell, Vision(of the original form of Khan, the stone itself is just another object identical to all others, there is no way to have an ability to distinguish those from others.)and other 'Sixth Sense-related' abilities, allowing him to hide better from a would-be chaser. The downsides are that he cannot really move while in an object, and the object itself will show clear imperfections and faults if subjected to extreme pressure. Also, this ability allows him to make Host Bodies for him to use to interact with others. This is a much longer process, taking days, weeks or even months for a Body to be made. However, an obvious immediate benefit of this is that, aside from the great deal of concealment it offers, it shows no imperfections, even during pressure, and Khan can use it to move and interact just like any other person would. Those host bodies are even fairly resistant to damage themselves, and unless directly nailed in a critical area (see Organs below), can even survive hits from very powerful sources, such as VERY high-caliber artillery guns and heavy bombs, as well as other things that can level a big building, with reasonably little damage. In essence, they are superhuman in every way. Unlike Objects however, Bodies are far more complex, and in a way, very vulnerable. They do not function in any way known to others, but they still have some vital areas that are needed to actually sustain it. The first area is the Energy Hull, also known as the Heart. It is the central pathway in the network that sustains the host body. While a hit to a part of the network is a bit concerning, a hit to the Energy Hull, located somewhere in the chest of the body, is quite dangerous. Such a disruption releases great amounts of energy inward as a shockwave, often triggering a Resonance Counter-Event(RCE from now on) and inflicting deep lasting harm on Khan's 'pure hull'. This has most notably been done by Addison Nacht, during the Coalition war of 1860, where a spear stab through the energy hull nearly collapsed the titan himself and forced him to retreat from the frontline for the duration of the war. However, it is quite hard to precisely hit it and trigger such an event, so it is no weakspot. Besides, while a grave injury, it does not stop Khan from continuing a fight. It just threatens his stability significantly. The second area is the Gateway. This is the link between the Energy Hull and the 'Pure Hull' that houses Khan's pure form. While it cannot be hit, it serves as the link to the RCE and also as a way for Khan to rapidly (and we mean really really rapidly, far faster than the speed of sound) escape the host body should he need to. If he does, then the Gateway is shut off rapidly (at around the same speed too) and destroyed, sealing himself in his safe, but stuck-in-Limbo protective hull. The third area is the Central Database. Located somewhere in the Head, and fairly small, it is arguably more vital than the Heart, and much like a real brain, stores information, except on a permament basis, and also enhances telepathic communication. However, a precise blow to this organ will result in either (or both) of two things: Brief Disorientation, known as a Stun, where Khan is not able to attack for a brief period of time and suffers seizure-like flashes, with the possibility of a brief blackout/passing out. The second is a RCE. In addition, a host body allows Khan to use his various powers, which are: Abilities and 'Energy X' Khan has a lot of Abilities which rely on several factors, but most importantly, Energy. However, the energy used is like no other, and dubbed 'Energy X'. There are various myths around the fact Khan's energy is based on love of country. What is known is that it is not like any other, and is recoverable overtime, based on whether he is Calm, in a Fight, or if there are other sources of energy, specficially electric or chemical energy, nearby. The first ability is Energy Wave. Relatively inexpensive(2-3% of energy X), Khan is able to send out a shockwave. While it does little harm, it has a push-back effect that is not to be taken lightly, as it is a part of his fighting style. It may also repel slower projectiles like fireballs and arrows with precise timing. With the RoI, it is able to be fired from the relic itself. It can also push back Khan himself, allowing for 'Rocket Jumping' and 'Super Rocket Jumping.' Limited by a very short cooldown, allowing him to chain energy waves. Another option for Energy Wave with the RoI is a Shield Barrier. This sub-ability forms a strong shield for Khan to use to block some damage, while still remaining inexpensive, at only around 5% energy X used per cast. The second ability is Elemental Blast. Still fairly inexpensive,(7-9% of energy X) Khan sends a projectile from an element of his choice a fair distance forward. (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) Short cooldown, can be constantly casted, though not chained, during a fight. With the RoI, there is also an option for a Holy Blast. (8-10% of energy X)This sub-ability allows khan to focus an area around him, quickly regenerating wounds on friends, helping them recover, though this is not to be considered a full heal, but more of a first aid/support heal, and also damaging any demonic or otherwise anti-holy beings that dare step in the area. Significant cooldown, usually once or twice per fight only. The third ability is Weaken. Somewhat expensive (15% of energy X), it lets Khan target the nearby area in a radius similar to a Holy Blast, exhausting his enemies by quickly draining their energy and making them feel tired and lessening their capability to cause damaging blows. It may also occasionally cancel charge-up actions if the energy needed for the sustaining of the action was lost by this drain. Even though energy is drained by this ability from enemies within the radius and converted to energy X, on one enemy alone, it usually doesn't offset the cost of this power, requiring 3-4 enemies to offset it. Also, this ability is limited to only a few times (at best) per fight, sharing a similar cooldown to Holy Blast. With the RoI, he has the option of shooting a fast-travelling Projectile at an enemy, and upon collision, spreads in a smaller area, draining energy and weakening the opponent, arguably even more because of the higher concentration. The fourth ability is Holy Storm. Fairly expensive(20% of energy X), this ability is several rapid waves of holy water, proven to be incredibly harmful to demons and helpful in regeneration to allies, being able to both injure demons and unholy beings, as well as provide a substantial heal to the faithful and the allied. With the RoI, Khan can also fire a fast-travelling Projectile at an enemy, and either stun them(if not unholy/demonic but still enemy), totally cripple them (if unholy and enemy), or hasten their regeneration many times over(if ally) Usually this ability is only available once per fight, though it might see several uses occasionally. The fifth ability is Stealth Surge-Liberation Blow. Fairly expensive(20-25% of energy X), this ability allows Khan to make the host Body disappear and go Undetectable for about 10 seconds, totally concealing him. While concealed and invisible, he also moves at a far greater speed. Though he can see as normal, his ability to track is impaired as he can not see other people while in Stealth Surge, instead needing to use things like audio cues and blood to locate them. After 10 seconds, or when Khan is ready to strike, he quickly leaves Stealth Surge, retaining his movement for a very brief period of time. If he does choose to strike, he enters Liberation Blow. This is an extension of Stealth Surge where if a strike is initiated after Stealth Surge ends, the lunge will be with great speed and the strike will hit especially hard, often knocking down or incapacitating opponents with the strike if aimed correctly, thanks to the sheer amount of momentum Khan carries in the lunge at the end. Requires RoI in Sword Mode to be usable. Most likely only available 2 times per fight. The sixth ability is Wrath of the Khan. Very expensive(About 40-45% of energy X), this ability is a burst of lightning carrying significant charge and thus potential harm. It also emits a Dual EMP when fired, stunning electronics and weakening magic alike for a little while. With the RoI, this ability receives a conductor, and can do two things: If fired like a projectile, have a stronger initial speed. However, if protective gear is worn by Khan, there is a more interesting option, consisting of stabbing the enemy AND casting the ability through the sword. This leads to a strong lightning strike directly on the person, resulting in very serious damage and almost certainly loss of consciousness if one cannot cope with the sheer strength of that lightning. However, it actually requires Khan to stab them, which is often a decision only a madman would take as it requires going melee range against other potentially dangerous opponents, and this variant is rarely employed. It sees most plausible effectiveness against those who rely on a melee weapon to fight battles with. Passive: Containment Property- Khan cannot have energy X stolen from him, and energy X itself is an unknown variable to all but him, and even if obtained, said figures could not hope to transform it into another type of energy. Special Ability: The National Anthem of the People's Republic of Bulgaria(Mila Rodino) 'In the face of true danger, He calls upon his nation's spirit with the special song to help him show foes that the light of the Bulgarians still shines as bright as ever.' Sometimes, drastic actions are needed, and drastic powers along them. With this ability, by simply thinking about the song when the time is right, an explosion of aura happens around Khan, giving allies more courage and determination, reinforcing their strikes and hardening their defenses for a bit. This explosion of aura also results in a more controlled energy surge, granting Khan a red barrier close in composition to that of his hull, which protects him and is almost impossible to break through. It also amps up his capabilities in every parameter greatly, hardening hits own hits, boosting his agility and sharpening his senses, making him a true fighter ready to take on all that oppose him. However, it also comes with consequences. The Anthem itself only lasts so long, around 3 minutes. Additionally, this surge of energy is costly, and drains almost all of Khan's precious energy X reserves, leaving him more vulnerable after this ends. Furthermore, it shrouds his rational thinking as the surge overloads it temporarily, and triggers Aggressive Mode, making him far more reckless and careless about what happens around him. While this is not always bad, as his far-enhanced strength and protective barrier would make quick work of anyone standing in his way, it also presents an unknown variable in strategic manuevers and even results in friendly fire incidents by a Khan who does not see a difference in who he strikes. Other things: A very good singer when it comes to his home language, and just in general, as well as having mechanics' skills.
  11. There's no need to fight, I wil probably be with you both. I mean, why would I need to choose between the two? They are simply not competitors, so I can have both as friends. I imagine blackblood is even a nice choice. Other news: I am going to write the lore sheet on Khan today and possibly seek canonization on many of his items, just to feel safe and secure regarding their uniqueness.
  12. Welcome to Valucre!! πŸ˜„

  13. Oh, okay. I thought I had to, but I will still probably provide a detailed description of the items when I make the character lore and post it. I don't necessarily use fantasy items in a roleplay, but rather, I prefer using high tech gear with attention to realism and using real world references along with limited fantasy. Some of the most crucial gear for my character is infact, inspired by the real world, and specifically, Soviet gear, with my own unique approach to it's strengths and weaknesses, along with keeping in mind the real life ones, to avoid making a total fantasy and something incomparable. I also really like realism when it comes to using them. Obvious example is: If a shell can punch through several hundred millimeters of steel(RHA), then I don't expect a stone giant to withstand the hit from the shell. I expect it to get penetrated and probably destroyed unless there is something to either prevent the hit from occuring(such as a barrier, sometimes) or something that increased the thickness to more than the penetration..or a miss. There is nothing perfectly accurate, after all.
  14. I mean, I didn't particularly say writing stories. I mean giving detailed RP information on my most preferred topics. The best example that I can outright give is the gear and vehicles/tools for the character if they need a canonization process. I have no problem providing an extensive overview of the history, characteristics, and capabilities of that, and is something I quite enjoy doing, having made a fairly solid base to write them to begin with. I also sometimes get carried away while writing an action and send up making it several paragraphs longer than I need it to be. So the majority of the settling wouldn't be me having to make the lore; it would be me needing to insert it, as there is a lot to insert for just my character: From joining a scenario or a quest, to successfully bringing all of his preset gear(including the fact he is supposed to have an artifact, a ground vehicle, an aircraft, and one of his own airships, among other light gear in his base kit so the first roleplays are more comfortable and diverse ) in here through canonization is going to be the really time-consuming part.
  15. So, I am Agent Knockout (AgentKnockout), or to go with a more real name: Kris. I enjoy RP in general, especially as I am a patriot about my homeland and often have it as a part of a roleplay when it comes to characters and other references, often writing a significant amount of data about them, and recently I got notified of this site by a certain person, and now I am here. To be honest, I am not sure of what to expect, but I am sure it will be fun regardless. I will certainly enjoy writing a lot of posts, pages and paragraphs, especially on my more preferred topics. I will also enjoy the relative seriousness of the environment, that much I know. I will also feel pretty nervous at the beginning with all of the information and things I need to do, and that doesn't even include character information and tools for me, as I already have those.. now that I think about it, it is going to be quite time consuming, but also pretty rewarding when I am done with it. So with that, glad I am here! (Yes, I am very bad at writing personal introductions, so for my own sanity's sake, I will end it right here.)
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