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  1. When the bullet went through the hatch, it flew towards Lance's face. He saw the bullet with his star clustered eyes, making him use his powers to turn his skin into ice in a instant. The bullet impacted his cheek, making a slight crack sound. The bullet fell and landed on the ground, looking crushed. "Ow.." Lance said as he placed his hand on his cheek on where the bullet hit him. He pulled the hatch fully open and went inside. He ran towards the person. While running, he charged up a orb of ice on his plam and threw it at the person, making the person freeze like a statue. Lance slowly came to a stop and looked at the person. "Okay, it's safe now.. I believe." He said as he skin turned back to normal. He made another orb and placed it on the person's shoulder, just incase it moves again. @Phoebe
  2. Lance looked at Addison. "Maybe.. well, whatever it is.. let's continue, shall we?" He said as he kept going down into the deeper parts of the sewer. "Dark.. really dark." He said. When they both made it to the deeper part of the sewer, Lance could still smell more piss, shit and bloodied corpses of the alligators. He could hear the sounds of water dripping and impacting the floor. Also, he could see a hatch on the floor with help of the Master Knight's pendent, filling the darkness with light. "Hey, look over here." He said to Addy as he went over and knelt down. He grabbed the handle, feeling it's smooth metal. He then opened it. He looked to see what was inside. @Phoebe
  3. Lance grabbed the handle if his sword, pulling it out of his sheath. He ran past Addison and went for the alligator. He swung his sword at the alligator's head, aiming to drag it across the creature's body. The alligator struggled, trying to get away from Lance's sword. The blade slid through it's centre of mass, splitting bones, organs, flesh and hide. It's organs made a squishy sound when being sliced to bits. He took out his sword from the alligator, leaving some mushy, gross organs and bright red blood on his blade. He cleaned the blade with his sleeve, leaving blood on it. He turned to the Master Knight. "To be honest, this is disgusting..." Lance said to her, putting his blade back in his sheath. @Phoebe
  4. The clone was slowly crushed and melted. The alligator that was infront of them slowly started creeping towards them both. Lance then raised his hand and pointed it at the gator. His hand slowly started to turn blue, freezing his hand as ice particles started coming out. A small, blue orb appeared on his palm, getting a little bigger and brighter with ice. He then blasted a beam at the gator, slowly freezing it like a ice sculpture. After freezing the gator, his hand turned back to it's normal skin color. "Oh man, that was so COOL." He nudged the Master Knight, smiling at her. @Phoebe
  5. Lance turned around to The Master Knight. "Oh, yeah. They are linked to my head. I can talk to them telepathically or verbally. When they listen to my orders, they start doing it" He said, whirling back around as the clones disappear down the dark tunnels. "They.. kinda act like zombies if I don't get them to do anything. So.. they have to do something unless you want a mindless ice clone." Lance then closed his eyes, and the visions of his disempowered counterparts began to rush into his mind all at once. He saw one of his clones going through the tunnels, the stench of the fresh piss sliding down the walls. There was a wall infront of the clone, meaning a deadend. The clone turned back around to go to Lance and Addy. The clone then slowly disappeared into the ground, turning to ice. He then saw another vision of the clones. He saw that one of his clones found a river of sewage water. A blood corpse of an alligator floating on top. There was a knife in the alligator's side and a piece of clothing hanging off of it's mouth. The clone then picked up the alligator and turned back around to go report to Lance. The clone would come back to Lance and showed him the alligator corpse in it's arms. "Addy, we found something." His eyes lit up with excitedly. "Alrighty, all clones come to me!" He yelled out. All of the clones came out of their tunnels and goes to Lance. All of the clones, except the one that holding the alligator, slowly disappeared into water. "Alrighty, show us." He said to the clone as it turned around and goes into the tunnel, leading them both. @Phoebe
  6. "Yes I do. Magic." He grinned. He stood in a straight position, his feet together and his hands at his side. He lifts his leg up and stomped, freezing some part of the sewer and the ice clones started climb out of the ice. He then turned to the clones. "Alrighty. I want all of you to go search every tunnel in the sewer. If you find anything about the criminal, return to me and Lady Addison. If you find a deadend, you come back to me and disappear into water." He said to the clones. "Ok? Alright, go ahead." He stepped aside as the clones started going in their individual tunnel. He waited for them to finish searching around in the tunnels and report back to him. @Phoebe
  7. @Phoebe Lance was looking around the room when Addison spoke to him. "Huh?" he replied at first, whirling around to face her. "I mean no!" He shifted his eyes over to where the hole was, triggering a moment of thought. His eyes lit up, and he started stepping towards it. There was a loud sloshing sound as his body turned to liquid, slowly seeping downward through the hole into the sewer, where he quickly reformed once again. He eyed the floor, where an old, rusty makeshift hammer was lying in the dark, covered in cobwebs. He knelt down, picking the hammer up gingerly, dusting the cobwebs aside as he did so. "I found something!" He yelled to Addison, his voice echoing throughout the the sewer tunnels. He reached up, handing the hammer to her, and crawling out of the hole shortly after.
  8. Lance just stayed quiet, still sitting at the same seat he was in. He starts getting a little bit bored so he uses his magic to make a tiny snow many. He smiles joyfully on what he has created. @Waking_Warrior
  9. Lance was flying around outside, waiting to see if any danger is going to happen. He is ready to attack if anything does happen. He looks around from the sky, noticing nothing.
  10. Lance then gets up and starts walking around, meeting new people. Some people might even question his eyes or on what he does.
  11. "I'll try my best." He said with a smile and continues throwing snowballs at a tree. "I can probably scare the enemy away." He said.
  12. Lance then grabs the person's hand and looks at them. "Nice to meet you too, I'm Lance." His eyes are very noticeable, still moving with stars. "How are you?" He asked with a smile.
  13. Lance just sat on the ground and waits until something happens or someone talks to him. Lance thinks that he is the youngest one here, but it doesn't really bother him. He then starts playing around with his ice magic, making a snowball and throwing it.
  14. There is person walking nearby. His appearance looks quite normal but one thing is very unusual about him.. his eyes.. His eyes are constantly moving with many stars, planets, galaxies, literally space in his eyes. His hair is light brown, his skin is a tiny bit tanned, he is wearing light armor, arm guards, a sword strapped on his back and his blue cape. The person then walks up the hill, towards the people who are already there. "Hi! Lance Galaxus is here!" He said in a happy manner and a smile.
  15. If my character can turn into a ice monster or a 15 foot tall yeti and does the move that Hulk did to Loki from the Avengers movie back from 2012, then, yes.. I'm definitely in. @Phoebe
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