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  1. If my character can turn into a ice monster or a 15 foot tall yeti and does the move that Hulk did to Loki from the Avengers movie back from 2012, then, yes.. I'm definitely in. @Phoebe
  2. "We can still try our best and find it!" He said, in a happy manner. "I'll try my best to help you find it!" He stood up from his chair with a smile. The patrons start looking at him. "Whoops.. sorry.." he sits back down and the patrons ignore him. @Waking_Warrior
  3. "Oh.. I'm very sorry to hear. May I try and help you out about this remedy you are looking for?" He asked politely, with a smile. He has found a new friend already in the Tavern. @Waking_Warrior
  4. He listened "I think a haven't met a commoner before.. it sounds interesting." He replied. "And.. may I ask on what you need help with?" He asked, sounding very interested. @Waking_Warrior
  5. "I guess I'm not the only one." He said, jokingly. "So... what do you.. do? Like, what is your hobby?" He asked her, his leg still shaking. He then notices her emerald eyes. "Woah.. she has very interesting eyes.." He thought.
  6. "Well.. nice to meet you, Nilan. You may take a seat." He said with a sweet smile across his face. His eyes are constantly moving with shooting stars and flying asteroids. "I'm... pretty new here. I'm not sure on what to do here." He said to her, his leg is shaking. @Waking_Warrior
  7. @Waking_Warrior The person sits in a gentlemanly posture on the chair. "Oh umm.. hello there." He says, still feeling quite nervous. "Nice to meet you. My name is Lance. What's yours" He asked, started feeling a little bit more comfortable.
  8. The person is wearing a blue cape, shiny light armor, and arm guards. The person has brown hair, skin a tiny bit tan and his eyes are.. very unusual. His eyes is showing many stars, nebulas and planets. He enters into the Tavern, he seems pretty nervous because he hasn't been here before. "Umm.. Hello there.." The person spoke while stepping in. He sits somewhere alone by myself and doesn't really socialize with anyone in the Tavern. Let's see if anyone might talk to him and make him feel welcomed.
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