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  1. Wren's face shifted into a contradicted expression. She was definitely following the marshal's ideas, but she could not help but feel slightly intimidated by their complexity. Prior to entering this new world, the woman had little experience with portals, dimension jumping, or anything of the sort. She was open to learning more about the mechanics of it, but it was early for her to trust her own judgments on the issue. However, she was rather infamous for jumping into unpredictable and foreign situations out of impulse, meaning she was willing to try anything. The main question for Wren was "How much worlds are really out there? How far were they going to have to search?" She was not even familiar with the consequences of the transportation at mind. "Portal sounds about right." The Aeronaut confirmed. "How familiar are you with the use of them? Unfortunately, I can't say I've traveled through one- aside from just earlier today." @Hawk
  2. "Right. The reports mentioned that the attack involved a huge deal of fire, buildings practically erupting into flames. I doubt they'd retreat somewhere underwater." She crossed her arms, laying out the possibilities in her head. The odds in favor of finding them in the world back home were far too small. What frustrated her most was that there wasn't much to track. It was a clean warp, leaving behind little to no evidence besides live witnesses. "Do you think they're in this world?" @Hawk
  3. "Thank you. I'll make sure to be of help." She smiled softly with gratitude. Wren figured that like her, Hawk was also searching for a lost soul. He had shown her compassion that only someone could give, if they suffered the same feeling. They were going to do their very best to locate the warped city, and they were prepared to find their answers, as grim as they may be. She was fully aware that the odds of finding the survivors were slim. It was even more likely that they would uncover more corpses than living people. But she was ready to face that. She was ready to bring them home. "So how long have you been working on the search?" This time Wren spoke with more confidence, now that she didn't have to bottle up all her wishes. @Hawk
  4. Wren hummed in thought, seemingly bringing herself to face emotions that she had long neglected. She sighed, failing to tear her eyes from the desk's dark mahogany surface. The response she let out was filled with little sureness, as if she herself could not quite grasp the complete reality of things. "I suppose that's the half of it." Justice for her home was definitely an appeal to Wren. However, Atlas was only a fraction of what she defined as "home". But it was her first, thus holding a worthy amount of importance to her. Amidst all her traveling, the woman had settled into countless havens and domains, but she found that none of them meant as much to her as her next one would've. The one that she had only finished the rough blueprints of. A house not only for herself, but for him as well. The woman moved a hand up to run her fingers through her head of lengthy strawberry locks. She lifted her gaze from the wooden grain to meet the marshal's sharp stare, managing to withstand the burning of her own eyes. Truthfully, she didn't mind the questioning. It forced her to get a grasp on herself, guiding her to see clearly through parts of her mind that she couldn't make out. "I lost someone important to me, and I don't think I'll ever be okay until I find him. I just need to know where he is." Wren's confession came out with unexpected guilt and defeat. @Hawk
  5. "Herograd, actually." She nodded her head towards the worn flag. The woman grinned to herself as she reminisced the early days of her childhood. To her dismay, she could barely make out any memories, aside from the precise interior of her old room. "I left for work as soon as I was old enough. Always a traveler." Wren shrugged. As Hawk began to clear the wooden surface, she tore her eye's from the walls of the room, finally taking a seat in the singular chair. She managed to situate herself comfortably in the foreign office, allowing her hands to rest folded in her lap. She leaned into the warm material of her jacket, feeling a bit more settled into the new area. "Were you born in Atlas?" She tilted her head, curiously. @Hawk
  6. "No worries, a little mess never bothered anyone. Sorry for such an abrupt arrival- I honestly did not expect to be leaving Gallia within such a narrow time frame." Wren allowed herself to inspect the interior of the compact office. She carefully stepped inside, wheeling the trolley in one hand, while her other remained securely under the rough strap of her satchel. Her eyes wandered to the all too familiar colors of the Atlesian flag, which peeked out from behind the deep blood stains. It had been long since she had visited her homeland, and it brought her slight sadness that it was too late for her to do so. But then again, it gave her even more reason and purpose to assist with the search. The surrounding mess almost brought Wren a comforting reassurance, that she could trust Hawk as an associate. Rather than leaving an impression of disorganization, it spoke to her as signs of hard work, and productiveness. "I hope we didn't interrupt your work too badly." The woman took note of the blueprint-covered desk. @Hawk
  7. Nodding in understanding, the lady moved her eyes to scan the open corridors for unwanted spectators, thankfully meeting nobody of such. "Very well then, thank you for escorting me, Miss Nacht. I hope to meet with you again soon, perhaps on a more casual occasion." Wren thanked Addison, rocking on her heels as she rested her hands comfortably back on her trolley. @Hawk @Phoebe
  8. "It's been about 2 years since I've postponed my study, but if I can remember correctly, I left off with no more than 3 theories." She rummaged through the crisp pages of a leather padded journal wrapped under her arm. Her bangs fell messily into her vision as she rushed to find the right section. From how messily written the notes were, she became aware of just how berserk she had acted back when the warp had happened. She vaguely remembered the sleepless nights, staying up reading books full of magic nonsense that she would never grow to understand. She had isolated herself from the rest of the upper world, keeping herself locked down in the basement of Rheya's innovation quarters, determined to find an explanation for the nation's disappearance. "Though it's safe to rule out two out of three of my theories, as there were too many contradicting factors. Only one of my conspiracies remains un-tainted, that Atlas is wherever those "Wood Entities" are. I was able to collect a small selection of witness reports. Based on what they saw, i'm quite fixed on the idea that the missing people and our city, were moved farther than any of our current technology can take us, if anywhere at all." @Hawk @Phoebe
  9. The aeronaut enthusiastically nodded in response. It was uncertain that they would even find a single body, let alone the remaining survivors. But she had grown out of sitting around- waiting for someone else to solve her problems. People were never meant to mourn forever. She was more than grateful for the Master Knight for visiting her back in the Gallian Capital. For if Addison had not sat her down to talk, she would have never escaped the helpless abyss of staring at empty blueprints, each holding the same fate as the crumbled ones littering the floor. "Surely. I'm just glad that to know that I have somewhere else to look. For years now, I've searched everywhere but the right places." Wren chuckled lightly, following her statement. @Hawk @Phoebe
  10. Wren had previously been appreciating the fresh structure of the fortress as she trailed behind Addison, snapping back to the task at hand having arrived at their destination. Amidst her marveling, she was interrupted by the sight of unfamiliar faces. Her attention was caught by the woman who she had merely just become acquainted with days prior. She listened intently to the Marshal's introduction, slowly becoming more and more timid upon his becoming familiar with his description of work. She briefly removed her hands from the handle of the bulky trolley that she dragged by her waist. Pushing her hesitation aside, the pink-haired lady smiled sympathetically at the man. She had yet to meet another person who had been affected by the so-called "blip", in the same way that she had. Now knowing that there was another person she could relate to in the same way, she spoke to him with great respect in her voice. "I'm honored to meet you, Mister Hawk. I truly look forward to our work together, and I seriously hope to contribute to the best of my ability." She held out a slender hand, her fingers littered with a set of elegant rings. @Hawk @Phoebe
  11. Kora thought deeply about what Addison was proposing. She kept in mind that they would not be killing the entity, but weakening it to a state ideal for capturing. But she could not help but think that they were unprepared, in a sense. Before deciding to contribute to the discussion, she stood idle and listened to the surrounding members. Glad to see that others held similar opinions, she cleared her throat. "I personally think that it's also a matter of knowledge. How well do we know this thing?" The Kommandant spoke up from her position at the back of the room. Her arms laid folded across her chest and she leaned against the wall casually, eyes studying the glowing slide. "We know it's a god, but gods are no generalized entity- they hold specific and complex powers, thus there are specific and complex ways that correlate with how to deal with them." Her usual monotonous voice was laced with a hint of question, signalling that she was in thought as she spoke. The silver haired lady stood among a room filled with individuals that had capabilities she'd never think to doubt. But she kept in mind that they were also people who the Bastion could not stand to lose. "What is the best way to incapacitate it? Mortars were not designed to cause destruction to celestial beings. Similarly to what the Admiral said, it'd be like throwing eggs at a brick wall. This isn't an impossible task, but I feel that the plan needs more time to be re-devised if we're leaning towards a no-casualty mission."
  12. Hearing all the commotion Addison's reaction had manifested, the Kommandant would gently place a hand onto her friend's shoulder. The automaton began to lightly massage patterns into the material, with the intent of taking a more careful approach in composing their leader. Though she had never seen the woman in such a frazzled state, Kora knew that Addison needed to be calmed for anything to progress properly. She scanned the faces of the crowd before leaning her head forward and closer to Addison's ear, speaking in a low whisper. Kora's usually calming tone was contrasted by the evident sternness in her voice, being careful not to raise it, all the while expressing her sense of eagerness. "Addison, please. You mustn't do this now.. Pull it together."
  13. Having kept close to her friend, Kora peered discreetly over Addison's plated shoulder. A wince would have flickered in her expression upon every small sense of bicker that met her ears. After a small sigh- crossed with a slight biting of her lip, she moved her lingering gaze from Khan, back to the Master Knight as she voiced her disapproval regarding his behavior. The Kommandant relayed possibilities and analogies birthed from her own thoughts as she stood with her arms crossed, eyes fixed between the vivid blue and the self-claimed travelers. Despite her seemingly collected demeanor and unbothered expression, it was these types of situations that made her grow the most uneasy. Her blade shined securely along the edge of her waist as she did her best to properly assess the current dilemma. A large gathering in an open place, all centralized around a single unpredictable scenario. Truth be told, for once- she had absolutely no judgment or idea of what to expect.
  14. It was an ordinary day in the Final Bastion. The residents shuffled around the halls of the stone fortress, fulfilling their daily tasks as per usual. Kommandant Kora's boots clicked against the wooden boards of the basement's archive. Filing cabinets filled to the brim with a countless variety of documents surrounded the silver-haired woman as she worked diligently. However, her productive drive was eventually interrupted as the ink press released a scratchy groan. "Out of ink?" Kora scowled as she craned her head to align with the printer's ink barrel. Sure enough, she was met with a barren chamber, that only had dark pigments lazily dripping down its walls. Sighing, the woman exited the archive with hurried steps, eager to resume her task. "Milk bottles- no. Bamboo.." Her metallic hands traced the label of each parcel in the courtyard. Luckily, the deliveries had arrived fresh in the morning, meaning there was sure to be new ink for the press. Several wooden crates piled up atop a single wagon on the edge of the Bastion's soil. "Here we are." Kora heaved a large canister from one of the crates, swinging it under her arm to better support the heavy container. As the automaton carried the ink across the courtyard, she paused as her sharp eyes caught glimpse of something peculiar. Faint transparent blue shards had gathered and hovered in a mystique fashion in the middle of the open space. Curiously, she stepped closer to it. To her surprise an other-worldly hum became audible, the shards beginning to swirl with smoky blue ribbons that mapped their trails. Golden wisps began to frame the blueness, and that was all Kora saw before she swerved on her heel, rushing to alert Addison of the potential discovery. 3 hollow knocks sounded out from one side of Addison's office door. "Addison? I'm sorry to intrude, but I think we've got a matter of importance!" She'd deliver 2 more solid hits to the wood.
  15. Kora's eyes were trained to the Duck from across the room. Her fingers twitched upon Lucinda's strong approach to him. The kommandant had always held a soft spot for Luca, and was not looking to see her in further upset, following the previous events from the summit. She kept her distance and revealed no signs of aggression, not wanting to stir up tension after the company's so-called peaceful agreement with the colossal. There was no doubt, a small residual distrust that she continued to hold against him, but she figured it was an inappropriate time to present such feelings. Regardless, she watched the group closely.
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