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  1. Taking hurried strides alongside Hawk, Wren replayed the trio's encounter with James intently in her mind, despite having just escaped it. Briefly glancing downwards, the aeronaut took notice of how her fists were harshly wrapped around the strap of her satchel, so much so that her fingernails dug roughly into the soft leather. It was a familiar action that she found herself to repeat in times of agitation. Luckily during such stressful times, she still found herself capable enough to keep a level head. Though it was only now that she came to realize how sensitive she was to the entire situation, as well as how prone she was to becoming frustrated whilst pursuing it. Admittedly. the entire conversation had intimidated her more so than she had imagined it would. James was undoubtedly someone who knew what he was doing. What struck Wren off-guard was how difficult it was to enforce the mission's importance. But complaining was beyond her at this point. They asked for help, and it would be given upon locating the lost. Aware of how difficult and heavy the next task would be, Wren attempted to replenish her wary conscience of its motivation. "I will not let the disappearance of something so great be deemed a cold case." Unfortunately, they had a simple objective that required complex tools. She feared that none of the books, experiments, and studies could prepare her for what needed to be solved next. @Hawk @Phoebe @Fierach
  2. "This place carries a very ominous atmosphere.." Kora would put a gloved hand over Lance's arm, squeezing it affectionately. The general was a sucker for chilling situations, finding that the suspense never failed to serve as a mere catalyst for her peaking intrigue. Eerie settings such as the one they currently waded through reminded her of old tales from her younger days. Stories in which local elders would tell to scare children away from the sketchier areas; Places that she now found herself treading through all too often than she would have preferred. As the faint silhouettes came into sight, Kora's eyes lingered on each of the moving shapes. "Do you know what lurks the lands around here?" She'd ask Addison. @Phoebe @DaiPie
  3. Wren returned Hawk's glance with a determined nod, feeling encouraged by his small gesture. While the main discussion was in regard of safety and threat, the scientist's mind wandered to different questions, or more specifically, the biggest one at hand: Where? Though he was stubborn, Wren understood James' concerns for his men and the mission. It was clear that he lacked trust in their capabilities, which was reasonable for someone who had likely seen far more worlds than she ever had. Though she knew little to nothing about the knight and could not bring herself to agree with everything he had said, the woman could see a point; They would have to convince James that they'd have the preparations and that they would have an answer to that question. "We'll have to look closer... It's far too early for us to know exactly where they are." She began. Though her answer was initially directed towards the marshal, she found herself turning towards James, her eyes sparkling with certainty. "But we assure you, Mr. Eredas, that we will find out where they went." @Fierach @Hawk @Phoebe
  4. The woman briefly met Hawk's gaze, not surprised to see that his eyes were too, filled with displeasure. For a moment, she almost spoke up, but she knew that an action so unprofessional was beneath her. Thankfully Hawk began to respond, saving her from what could've been a potentially impulsive outburst. Now is not the time. As the marshal explained, Wren internally worked on composing her short-fused temper. She couldn't help but feel so responsible for what had happened to Atlas. Even though she was nowhere close to being at fault, she felt that it was her duty as a person who was simply capable, to look for what was lost. This was more than a recovery mission. This was finding closure for the remaining souls who had their homes, loved ones- lives, ripped away from them. They were mourners who were forced to live with the sudden weight of not ever knowing where Atlas had gone. Sure, there were people willing to accept it, knowing that what the city had faced was far beyond the world they were used to. @Fierach @Hawk @Phoebe
  5. Wren followed the group, her interest peaking as soon as she laid her eyes upon those in the midst of training. She was used to a military where soldiers carried firearms over swords and marched on command. This was unlike any training she was ever witnessed. The Aeronaut eyed James curiously, familiarizing herself with his appearance. He was the first from another world, that she would be meeting. She stood silently as Hawk greeted James, unconsciously remaining behind Addison, who she felt most acquainted with. Though, her shyness did not stop her from bearing a friendly grin. @Fierach @Hawk @Phoebe
  6. The Kommandant put her mind to the evolution of the newly birthed empire. Kora was not close to the man, yet she was still aware that much of the nation's success had been supported by the extensive naval system led by Jack Howard himself. She had no reason in arguing against his qualifications for the position, or her given role to support in his stead if anything were to happen. The official stared into Addison's eyes genuinely. "I stand by your choices."
  7. "I'd agree that it's rather fitting. Wise suggestion, Master Knight." Kora would lean forward and send Addison an impressed grin, satisfied with the name's ring.
  8. Wren reviewed their options for a moment before settling with the one Hawk had proposed. It was clear that they wouldn't get too far without someone with proper portal knowledge. "Okay, yeah." The Aeronaut nodded, running another hand through her hair. "What relationship does the Bastion have with Mr. Eredas? Is it safe to put our trust in him?" The woman had missed out on the history between the Bastion, and the people on this other side of the portal. Did they have conflict? Tension? She had no idea. Wren knew that she had quite literally walked into a new world today, and that she was navigating blindly. And if her new associates trusted this "James" guy, then she would put herself forward and force herself to do the same. @Hawk
  9. Wren's face shifted into a contradicted expression. She was definitely following the marshal's ideas, but she could not help but feel slightly intimidated by their complexity. Prior to entering this new world, the woman had little experience with portals, dimension jumping, or anything of the sort. She was open to learning more about the mechanics of it, but it was early for her to trust her own judgments on the issue. However, she was rather infamous for jumping into unpredictable and foreign situations out of impulse, meaning she was willing to try anything. The main question for Wren was "How much worlds are really out there? How far were they going to have to search?" She was not even familiar with the consequences of the transportation at mind. "Portal sounds about right." The Aeronaut confirmed. "How familiar are you with the use of them? Unfortunately, I can't say I've traveled through one- aside from just earlier today." @Hawk
  10. "Right. The reports mentioned that the attack involved a huge deal of fire, buildings practically erupting into flames. I doubt they'd retreat somewhere underwater." She crossed her arms, laying out the possibilities in her head. The odds in favor of finding them in the world back home were far too small. What frustrated her most was that there wasn't much to track. It was a clean warp, leaving behind little to no evidence besides live witnesses. "Do you think they're in this world?" @Hawk
  11. "Thank you. I'll make sure to be of help." She smiled softly with gratitude. Wren figured that like her, Hawk was also searching for a lost soul. He had shown her compassion that only someone could give, if they suffered the same feeling. They were going to do their very best to locate the warped city, and they were prepared to find their answers, as grim as they may be. She was fully aware that the odds of finding the survivors were slim. It was even more likely that they would uncover more corpses than living people. But she was ready to face that. She was ready to bring them home. "So how long have you been working on the search?" This time Wren spoke with more confidence, now that she didn't have to bottle up all her wishes. @Hawk
  12. Wren hummed in thought, seemingly bringing herself to face emotions that she had long neglected. She sighed, failing to tear her eyes from the desk's dark mahogany surface. The response she let out was filled with little sureness, as if she herself could not quite grasp the complete reality of things. "I suppose that's the half of it." Justice for her home was definitely an appeal to Wren. However, Atlas was only a fraction of what she defined as "home". But it was her first, thus holding a worthy amount of importance to her. Amidst all her traveling, the woman had settled into countless havens and domains, but she found that none of them meant as much to her as her next one would've. The one that she had only finished the rough blueprints of. A house not only for herself, but for him as well. The woman moved a hand up to run her fingers through her head of lengthy strawberry locks. She lifted her gaze from the wooden grain to meet the marshal's sharp stare, managing to withstand the burning of her own eyes. Truthfully, she didn't mind the questioning. It forced her to get a grasp on herself, guiding her to see clearly through parts of her mind that she couldn't make out. "I lost someone important to me, and I don't think I'll ever be okay until I find him. I just need to know where he is." Wren's confession came out with unexpected guilt and defeat. @Hawk
  13. "Herograd, actually." She nodded her head towards the worn flag. The woman grinned to herself as she reminisced the early days of her childhood. To her dismay, she could barely make out any memories, aside from the precise interior of her old room. "I left for work as soon as I was old enough. Always a traveler." Wren shrugged. As Hawk began to clear the wooden surface, she tore her eye's from the walls of the room, finally taking a seat in the singular chair. She managed to situate herself comfortably in the foreign office, allowing her hands to rest folded in her lap. She leaned into the warm material of her jacket, feeling a bit more settled into the new area. "Were you born in Atlas?" She tilted her head, curiously. @Hawk
  14. "No worries, a little mess never bothered anyone. Sorry for such an abrupt arrival- I honestly did not expect to be leaving Gallia within such a narrow time frame." Wren allowed herself to inspect the interior of the compact office. She carefully stepped inside, wheeling the trolley in one hand, while her other remained securely under the rough strap of her satchel. Her eyes wandered to the all too familiar colors of the Atlesian flag, which peeked out from behind the deep blood stains. It had been long since she had visited her homeland, and it brought her slight sadness that it was too late for her to do so. But then again, it gave her even more reason and purpose to assist with the search. The surrounding mess almost brought Wren a comforting reassurance, that she could trust Hawk as an associate. Rather than leaving an impression of disorganization, it spoke to her as signs of hard work, and productiveness. "I hope we didn't interrupt your work too badly." The woman took note of the blueprint-covered desk. @Hawk
  15. Nodding in understanding, the lady moved her eyes to scan the open corridors for unwanted spectators, thankfully meeting nobody of such. "Very well then, thank you for escorting me, Miss Nacht. I hope to meet with you again soon, perhaps on a more casual occasion." Wren thanked Addison, rocking on her heels as she rested her hands comfortably back on her trolley. @Hawk @Phoebe
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