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  1. Kora's eyes were trained to the Duck from across the room. Her fingers twitched upon Lucinda's strong approach to him. The kommandant had always held a soft spot for Luca, and was not looking to see her in further upset, following the previous events from the summit. She kept her distance and revealed no signs of aggression, not wanting to stir up tension after the company's so-called peaceful agreement with the colossal. There was no doubt, a small residual distrust that she continued to hold against him, but she figured it was an inappropriate time to present such feelings. Regardless, she watched the group closely.
  2. The kommandant downed the rest of her whiskey, and held the empty glass to the sun's light, examining the way it refracted through it's grooves. Kora smirked, amused upon hearing the interactions held between Addison and the flirtatious man and made eye contact with Luca, raising her brows at the strong fondness he expressed of Addison. "Mm- Yes, take your time catching up with each other. You're quite popular these days, Addison." She teased the Master Knight as she backed away from the group to explore the other corners of the tavern. @Phoebe @TooColeForYou616 @Lucinda Valentine
  3. "That's correct. The lot of us are from the same- er.. Company." Kora's sentence slowed as she tried to explain the group as accurately as she could to the smaller woman. Her eyes began to graze over the familiar faces that mingled about the room. @Phoebe @Csl
  4. The kommandant withdrew from her state of contemplation to acknowledge the presence of a dear friend. She tore her eyes from the half-empty cup, leading them to meet Addison's. Despite her initially tired expression, she failed to hide the small smile that soon became visible on her face. "Addison. Are you faring well today?" Kora lifted the glass to her lips, savoring the faint aroma of the whiskey before treating herself to a small sip.
  5. A silver-haired woman stood comfortably with her back rested against the tavern walls. One hand cradled and spun a crystal glass of amber liquid, and the other stayed tucked under the opposite arm. Her eyes bore into the beverage as her mind floated deeper into her thoughts. The buzzes of conversation around her were muffled out by her tranquil concentration.

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