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  1. Well, ima trya toa makea character... a!

    this is just a draft.

    Red (Jax) Jack Jackson

    appears as an aged undead, but at times he’s stronger, his age can vary from a young man to old.

    he is a ghost, barely able to interact with the rest of the world in most situations, probably a good thing considering his nature.


    his height is around six feet two inches, and his hair and beard (when he has on) are dyed blood red and braided. He would wear a tattered red reinforced jacket/gambeson than would have segments going down to his knees, guarding his thighs. The sleeves are rolled up and cuffed to allow him to wear engraved shackle like bracers. His breeches were well made and pocketed, and of course, as any good bandit lord should have, living or dead, a fine pair of steel toed, fitted, calve cuffed boots. Though his attire would most often seem poorly fitting in his normal skeletal form, one cannot help but respect the craftsmanship and detail he himself put into his gear.

    weapon wise, he was a duelist at heart. In his right hand he hefted a hefty curved sword, more cleaver than cutlass, and in his left was a main gauche, a short thrusting sword meant for piercing armor, breaking blades, and general parrying. He normally had a selection of throwing knives and a grappling hook at his disposal, and was oddly renowned for his weaponizing of random objects.

    none of this matters much as, he is indeed trapped in ghostly form. He is a simple and stubborn spirit, wanting to be remembered, if not revived again all together. He offers training and information to those desperate enough to make a deal with this ethereal cutthroat, and can serve as a steadfast ally, as well as keeping your wits sharp... 


  2. So, to all interested, I am somewhat new to rp.

    primarily I use my own book world for when I dm, and usually I’ve gotten positive feedback!

    I have a simple magic system in place, solid geography, mythology, and geo political factions all wrapped up in my little world called Belith!


    Beliith is the mortal plane, between the ascendant realms collectively called Urbelith, and the gaping abyss of souls called Vosbelith.

    In Belith, the main factions I tend to introduce first in linear rp are the kingdom of Cordain, and the Vulrish empire!

    Of course, both have their own cultures, and benefits to being a part of, though I apologize in advance if there’s a learning curve if you rp with me. I’m still new to this all and appreciate patience as much as any interest.

    1. Csl


      Generally most roleplay here takes place in the world of Valucre, but if you're looking to RP in a place outside the world of Valucre, the Alternative forum is the place for that ^_^

      You can throw up your lore in User Lore for reference, and post an Interest Check in the Watercooler if you're looking to dm a thread about it!

    2. Ymir Dogblood

      Ymir Dogblood

      Ok thank you so much!

  3. Thank you very much miss flash! I look forward to getting to know everyone!
  4. I have plenty but that may be the problem. None are usually used by me in traditional rp
  5. So um... how might one such as this dogblood start?
  6. Hello everyone, I’m Ymir, that writer guy! my best friend recommended I share the literary cancer that is my work on a broader scale, so here I am! Im terribly shy and of course a trifle new to all this sort of pish posh, but I encourage you to come say hi! im usually working on my books, the chronicles of belith, so I’ll reply whenever I am able!
  7. Welcome to the site!

    1. Ymir Dogblood

      Ymir Dogblood

      Thank you kindly!

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