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  1. Work Rants, unbelievably stupid questions...

    Have I got a good one today, guys! Me: *working working working* Customer: "Hey.." Me: "How can I help you?" Customer: "I don't know if you noticed, but someone brought their dog in and it went on the floor." Me: "Are you serious?!" I march over and there, on the floor, in the middle of the goddamn store, is shit and pee from (hopefully) a dog. I turn around to the dismayed courtesy clerk who has to clean up the mess. Me: "Can you believe this?" (I almost said "Can you believe this shit" but I didn't want to make a pun.) Him: "Yup." He tries to sweep the shit up, but it's still moist and leaves a nice brown smear. Him: "*Sighs* I have to go get the mop..." Customers aren't supposed to bring their dogs in the store but since anyone can go and buy a vest that says "Service Animal" anyone can bring their damn dog in. Please, folks. Do the courtesy clerk a favor and keep your dog out!
  2. Genesaris Canon and Lore Updates

    Canon and Lore Update: Shigurui [Port City, Ragnarok] Daoda | To Erect an Empire! Note: Since some member's names have odd characters and are messing with my posts, I'm now only going to post a limited number of the participant's names. Please browse through the RPs themselves to contact the members for requests!
  3. When Night met Rosa

    Night’s face was still slightly red when Rosa pulled him over to Twilight. Her exuberance was contagious however, and a hesitant smile floated over Night’s usually placid face. For reasons he could not and dared not try to explain, seeing her so happy and excited was pure pleasure. Not for years, and perhaps not ever, had he felt so… what was it? Content? Peaceful? At ease? Perhaps that was it, for happy was too strong and too weak a word. The children were practically screaming with excitement and elation at the mere thought of getting to fly on Twilight, but their voices seemed to fade away as Night looked up at Rosa seated on her griffin. She looked as regal as the beast, as grand and magnificent. It was not so hard to see that she was a princess then. Swallowing, Night looked at Twilight, who nodded at him. It seemed a very strange-looking gesture when given by an animal. Of course, Twilight was not just an animal. Feeling as though he were going mad, Night reached out to grasp Rosa’s hand and hoisted himself up behind her. He was almost surprised the griffin did not try to buck him off immediately. He felt a touch on his mind and he fumbled for is pendant, glancing over at Dream who stood in the same place, casually munching on fruits and oats. The amusement in Dream’s voice was quite palpable, though not too unkind. Do try to stay on the griffin and not throw up, High Seer. It would be most embarrassing. You’d better hold on to her. Do have fun, won’t you? Night slid his arms around Rosa’s waist tentatively, grasping his hands together. He was growing more and more unsure of himself with every passing moment, and unsteadiness he hadn’t felt for ages. But it was far too late to back off now, and he didn’t want to disappoint Rosa either. “I…” Am not ready for this. “I’m ready?”
  4. I turn 43!!!

    Late to the game, but I was at work. Happy Birthday, Benny!
  5. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    Lol can't argue with that.
  6. Can I get your discord?

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      I need the number thing at the end of it.

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      The Hummingbird


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  7. Game of Thrones- Thread Contains Spoilers and Stuff

    I didn't really watch the show all that much, but I've read up to part of the way through A Dance with Dragons, and I must say Dany is, so far, a shitty ruler.
  8. Genesaris Canon and Lore Updates

    Canon and Lore Update: Crimson Tears
  9. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    This isn't Terrenus! Genesaris doesn't care if you're a vampire or demon as long as you're not blowing up cities.
  10. When Night met Rosa

    Dream listened closely as Rosa divulged the full extent of a griffin’s abilities. In truth, he had forgotten what she had said when she had first come to them, but now it came rushing back. It explained much, all the odd silences, the slips of tongue, the unusual bluntness often all too absent in the camp. He rubbed his chin as she told him even arrows would fly true, and that the feathers of a griffin were, as it was, invaluable. He hoped none of his people wished for his death and happened to come across a stray feather. He imagined the deadly deployment of archers who had fletched their arrows with griffin feathers. It was not a pleasant image. Night, who was thinking the same thing, blinked at the sound of his birth name and flushed slightly, once again liking the way his true name rolled of her lips. He meant to say something, but it was lost to him when she took hold of one of his hands, squeezing it gently, rubbing it like a lover might. He only stared at her, trying to find words and utterly failing. One of Dream’s eyebrows lifted as he looked at Night and then to Rosa. “It is fine,” he said. “My feet will remain firmly planted on the ground, but thank you for the offer.” He turned towards the children playing with Twilight. By then they were all clambering over the massive creature, laughing and cheering as they lavished attention on the great beast. “Children!” Dream called. “Leave the griffin alone for now. Behave, you can watch him fly with Rosa and Night.” The children found this idea splendid. They tumbled off of Twilight and rushed a few feet away. “Fly! Fly!”
  11. Landfall.

    Thick snow and particles of ice crunched beneath the boots of the man who began his steady walk towards the so-called Blood God. They were brown calfskin, lightweight and worn, hardly fit for the freezing mountaintop and not at all for the craggy stones and roughly hewn ground. Even so, the man tread with an uncommon, inhuman grace, hands in the pockets of grey slacks. A shirt of the same pale, dusty tone, flickered in the gusty wind, partially blending with the snow and the tiny flakes that began falling from the sky. It might be that the Blood God looked upon the High Lord with bored derision, perhaps even contempt. But the molten gold eyes, so like the Black Queen’s, that looked back held a sort of wary interest, as if seeing something for the first time that could be life-changing… or prove to be an unpleasant disappointment. But wary though it was, that careful gaze was unafraid of the black-clad being before it. The men were about twenty feet from one another when Ryzerus tilted his stride, pacing a circle round the Blood God, drawing slowly closer to the center, to the God himself. Those golden eyes never left their focus, which remained the Blood God’s body, slowly traveling up and down that powerful yet mockingly deceitful form. Seconds and minutes passed, the air growing colder, the wind harsher. The snowflakes had grown larger, collecting on the ground, steadily piling on hair and shoulders. Ryzerus finally stopped in front of the Blood God, ten feet away. He ran a hand through auburn hair, shedding some of the snow before speaking in a voice that held a strange amount of mirth. “So. What shall I call you? Raphael? Sauriel? Blood God? My Lord, even?” A slow, disdainful smile crept over Ryzerus’ lips. “I was so eager to meet the man who so ungratefully almost murdered my brother, but here he stands, and I am unimpressed. Fascinating. Can I see them? Your wings, I mean. His wings. The ones he gave you?”
  12. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Petyr Baelish is clever as balls. He's my favorite character - almost like Tyrion, if Tyrion knew how to keep his mouth shut and was a manipulative game master. Anyway - Currently working on breaking the bank with some early Christmas shopping. Not sure where I'll put the boxes though...
  13. Hey! (A rather simplistic thread title)

    Hello Tsar, welcome back! I'm Hummingbird, board leader of Genesaris. If you have any questions about my land, I'm the person to go to! Your English is perfect, and you probably speak it better than most native speakers do, lol. I tried learning Japanese, but I just couldn't do it, an ended up learning a little bit of German instead.
  14. Flight of the Falcon

    Even bound against the tree, Val’s body shook with uncontrollable spasms. He swallowed, staring over at Jo as if he couldn’t believe she didn’t know what Level Eight was. He looked over at Falio, who merely shrugged and nodded as he shook the water bag experimentally. “Level Eight is where they send all the bad slaves,” Val said hoarsely. He slumped against the chain, though his eyes remained wide and haunted. “They hurt you, they torture you, they… they…” His voice broke. “Falio, please don’t let them, I’ll be good, I promise.” “Heard that promise before, kid.” Falio shook his head as he tipped the waterbag over Val’s mouth, sending a stream of the refreshing liquid down Val’s throat who swallowed, desperate to ease his burning thirst. “Jerdosa is really mad at you, so you’re gonna be down there a while.” When Val choked, Falio took that as a message he was done drinking. The mage screwed the cap back on and leaned against the tree, glancing over at Jo. “Jerdosa and his gang are slavers, lady. Slavery’s illegal in Genesaris, but it still exists, and it’s still got supporters like you saw in Joran. You’re goin’ to the slaver’s best home just a few miles from here. Underground, where you probably won’t ever get to see the sun again. Not that you’ll remember what the sun is after a trip through Level Eight. Bird boy here is lucky, Jerdosa likes to use him to hunt, but I doubt he’ll do the same with you, whatever you are.” Falio straightened and raised an eeybrowa t the two captives. “I’d get some sleep if I were you. You’re in for a long day tomorrow, and after that, however long it takes to reach the Enclave.” Falio left them then, quietly returning to his place among the other men, making not a sound as he lied down and closed his eyes. “We’re so fucked,” Val whispered.
  15. Pictures of Us

    Y halo thar beautiful... you single?