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  1. The Hummingbird

    AFV Hummingbird

    For at least a week, I'm taking a much-needed break from this place. I'm going on a trip to the coast and it will do me good to not be here. No answering PMs, no rp, not anything. I'll return, much to the disappointment of many, I'm sure.
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Congratulations on your promotion! I'm pretty sure this is a promotion in your secret order of World Domination though. Not all of us are fooled.
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    My brother had given me a chunk of money for Christmas. I bought a glass table for an art station and left it to my husband to assemble it. You wouldn't (or maybe you definitely can) believe how many screws and parts there were. It took him a long time to put it all together, and then he swore he'd never do it again. It's a nice table though!
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    It's not all Roses

    Shawn had just about decided Cordeliane was something other than human when she flung herself at him. It was warm, even here in the carriage, but she shivered, and her voice was full of fear and tiredness. It appeared she had been dealing with Knox for more than a while, and knew as well as Shawn did that the Lord Scarglas would now focus on the new Earl of Kedves’ untimely death. Having faced the prospect of dying more than once, Shawn felt more annoyed than fearful. Knox had grated on his nerves since he had laid eyes on him – the man stank of greed and selfishness – but Shawn was no more frightened of him than he was of the common insect. Still, dealing with Knox would require time, energy, and patience, and that was simply irritating. Not to mention Cordeliane’s own agitated feelings… Seeing her curled into him and shaking, Shawn felt a strong anger toward the disgusting man. How dare he interfere in Shawn’s personal life? I’ll kill him, Shawn coldly decided as he wrapped an arm around Cordeliane, giving as much comfort as he knew how to give. The carriage rolled on, stopping at last before the cobbler. Shawn squeezed his wife, just a little. “Forget about the bastard for now, Corde.” ~ Send Mina to Shawn? Kay had to smile at that. Shawn was rarely ever flustered or unsure, but he was confident Mina would see him both if she revealed herself to him. Eclipse was not too fond of gods and meeting such a powerful personage would certainly humble him in more than one way. Kay was not altogether feeling like his old self quite yet, but simply looking at Orion’s unjudging face and smile made him feel better. “A race? Hah! Go, Sun Diver!” he yelled, kicking the horse in the ribs. Sun Diver immediately sprang into a heavy gallop. The larger, broader horse was not a progeny of Shooting Star, of course, and Kay lost horribly, but he was still grinning as he rode up behind Peachblossom. “Sorry tha’ took so long, Finn. Let’s get goin’, eh?”
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    Hummingbird's Art Kiosk

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    Kaess Festival of Lights - The Atrium of Lights

    Raising and lowering his shoulders in a nonchalant shrug, Kevinar smiled. “I do not squander my energies, Ser, but I do like to keep up on the latest news. As it is, magic is not my only interest, so I take more notice of the lists than you might think.” His smile widened, as if he had taken notice of the Knight’s discomfort and sought to allay it… or as if he had taken notice, and found it amusing. Although Kevinar did try to practice modesty and proper behavior, he still fell prey to human delights. “Ah, yes,” he continued when the Lady Ada spoke. “I have rarely been so far away from Genesaris myself. I find Terrenus quite engaging, don’t you? Its beauty is a rare thing to see, and this new city is quite a marvel. I look forward to perhaps seeing the queen herself,” he breathed, his eyes sparking at the thought of meeting true nobility. When her delicate touch landed on his arm, Kevinar did not pull away, but let her linger there. His smiling eyes, crinkled at the edges with mirth, swiveled first to her just briefly before turning back to the Blue Knight. He did not miss the coldness in the knight’s voice, or the sharp edges present in every spoken syllable. Even so, Kevinar maintained his easy, relaxed posture and gracious manner. “Indeed, I am proud to call the Sanguine Empire our… fatherland.” The slight hesitant pause was accompanied by a slight falter in Kevinar’s smile. The allegiance between the city and its new empirical high rule had been a trial, not all of it so enjoyable. He fell silent for just a moment before clearing his throat, raising an eyebrow as his smile returned in full force. “To foster favor? That’s an idea. I may just have to keep that in mind, my good Ser. Now-” He spun to face Ada and tilted his head to her brother. “With your leave, my Ser, I am the Archmage, so allow me to take advantage of some of my privileges – the right to dance with a fair lady.” With a sharp movement, he shrugged off Ada’s hand, only for his own to whip out, seizing her by the arm and spinning her out to dance floor. He was there with her in a blur of blue shades, taking hold of her hands and moving into the steps of a traditional dance with enviable grace and skill. No, he never squandered his energy, or time, but did indeed use them for useful endeavors, and dancing he deemed was one of them. He moved perfectly to the steady beat of the music, dipping his body slightly in accentuation of the faster rhythm behind it, enjoying the harmony of drums and wind instruments driving the elegant, but lively sound forward. The lights of the Atrium played over both their faces and forms, exaggerating their features. Ada’s fiery strands of hair were set alight by the colors, and Kevinar’s black strands reflected miniature rainbows amidst his deeper locks. He moved slightly closer to her, his face nearly touched hers as they danced. “Your brother seems quite protective… if a little stern and standoffish,” he commented lightly. “Must you deal with that every day? I prefer the more… well, my own friends and relatives are scarcely so stiff. No offense to your family, lovely lady. Forgive me if I speak out of turn.”
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I hate having to get used to a new phone, especially when the way it works is nothing like the old phone. I had my android replaced by the iphone 8+, and it's like... wtf is this?
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    Crystallo Stella

    Geography Topography The underground world of Crystallo Stella extends underground from the north where Raven’s Landing stands, through the mountain range to the south to Saint Desolatus. Entrances to Crystallo Stella are found at the base of Wicker Mountain, and the coast of Raven’s Landing hidden in the face of a cliff. Other entrances have yet to be discovered, or manmade. Crystallo Stella's underground location: Cityscape When eyes are first laid upon the capital of Crystallo Stella, ‘Nigrum Stella,’ massive buildings made of stone and quartz can be seen from high altitude on a well-traveled road deep into the mountain. The quartz mimics the sun powering much of the city, other stones give off glows of multiple colors giving a show of lights. Architecture The building architecture is very similar to the ancient romans, many have the flowing water through the floors to in home baths and mini baths that hold fish or other water living creatures often used as pets or simply food. The houses are held up by the massive carved rock pillars that are often seen to be covered by the green vines of a jungle plant that had adapted to the darker environments, as well as the climate. The roofs are open to the sky made of natural quartz crystal, which is often found incorporated into the structure of the houses, other more high-quality minerals are found in the buildings of the upper-class citizens and public buildings like the royal house and temples. Crystallo Stella appears to be a massive mountain that often changes its formation due to the high priests/priestess manipulating the mountain to allow in the elements (sunlight, rain). Climate With a steady 70/80 temperature with humidity mixing with the coolness created by the inside of the mountain. Even with the city being deep within a mountain, a natural jungle supported by the indigenous people allow for massive vines and trees to take over, with the earth having been manipulated to allow for the jungles and water to take over. Flora and Fauna Outside Crystallo Stella is a thick jungle full of thickly grown trees that cover most of the canopy, moss most often found on the trunks of the trees and on any fallen fauna. Wild flowers can be found in patches where the sun pushes through the canopy much easier. Mushrooms and many other nocturnal growing plant life can be found in the caves and in trunks of the trees. Further into the mountain thick green vines and jungle life oddly grows in the dark, natural minerals like quartz crystal can be seen protruding from the rock face inside the caverns. Demographics Culture The culture of Crystallo Stella is made up of a mix of different races: Faerie, Dwarves, Elf and Human. The differences can be seen in the architecture of the buildings that were crafted by the Dwarves working with the Fae to give the inside of the mountains life, and magic powered crystals bring light and other items to life for the people. Economy The underground City of Crystallo Stella is self-sustaining, every outside village contributes with farms, some specializing in certain crops, animals and the like. No outside commerce has been brought to the City, but with the exposure that will soon change. Religion The people worship Mother Nature, and everything given to them by her. The land is the most sacred to them, they’re often seen protecting ancient life like the tree. The high priests and priestesses can be found worshipping in the temple built around a massive tree with a face, or performing rituals for the seasons. It is said that the Tree is a link to the Tree of Life, a life line to the great mother Gaia. Parks and Recreation Landmarks and Monuments Silver Stella Castle Large white stone carved castle cut from the rock of the mountain give way to the home of the royal family, and birth to the natural spring water that feeds other streams and rivers. Luna Lake A large natural spring lake that is housed outside the castle of the royal family, often a meeting place for the people and the royal family in times of annual events. Divine Rose Tre Temple A beautiful massive tree within the waterfall that houses the priests and priestesses that worship and teach about Gaia and all that she has done for her children. Found inside the temple is an odd tree with a face, the source of worship for all the practicing citizens. Blue Agate Library of Other Worlds The Blue Agate Library can be found carved into the eastern wall of the mountains, the structure donning large carved columns and a roof made from the blue agate. Inside the library is housed works from all over the world of Valucre, pieces that are brought back from travels of outside agents of the royal family. Some of the most delicate of works are kept under lock and key and are often put on display for the people to visit. Forgotten Gardens Large dome building leading into a garden of many flowers and shrubs that grow from ground to ceiling, the all crystal cut windows allow for the rays of the sunlight to nourish the plant life. This often a popular place for families to visit or for those who are doing a hand fastening. Government Local Government The Government consists of the ruler the Queen/King, and a council of Nobles stationed throughout the underground nation of Crystallo Stella. Each of the smaller villages are ran by the nobles, each house cares for their individual citizens managing any crime that may pop up. Each Noble House has a small army that can be called upon in times of war, or diplomatic reasons. Education Academies are found in the central part of the city, it houses the teachings for children as young as 4 years of age, until they mature into young adults. This academy gives them a chance to decide to take on a trade or a specialty at the age of 18 allowing them to join guilds and continue as apprentices. Transportation Long distances of travel the people of Crystallo Stella can be seen traveling by carriage or horseback. Roads and Highways Riverways Parts of Nigrum Stella is ran through with a large river that came from the waterfalls that stem from the Temple itself. Other water sources can be found deeper in the mountain where smaller villages are stationed. The largest pool of water can be found outside the Castle, the lake provides for a cool place to retreat from everyday stress. Cab (mounted horse, etc.?): Horse drawn carriage. Private: Notable Residents Royal Aequaliter-Nubila Family; Queen Aurora Aequaliter-Nubila and Queen Mother, Iris Aequaliter-Nubila. Council of Nobles. History TBA Canon TBA Past TBA Created by: Eternity
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    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Be an undead creature who goes around drawing graffiti penises on his temples. Actually, I think you can earn anyone's wrath doing that...
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    Warning: Funny Comic

    You've got the Charrmander who gets the badass Charizard... and then you've got the special cases, like Exeggcute gets sadcase Exeggutor. Then you've got the ones who don't evolve at all, and as with life, some of them are Pinsirs, and some of them are Aerodactyls.
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    Valucre, the best roleplay site

    Nevermind. The universe dictates I must vote, and so I shall.
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    Valucre, the best roleplay site

    I would vote if I ever got a response from an administrator when I send them a PM.
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    Without Further Adieu

    What's up! I can't imagine why you've returned to this quagmire, but welcome back! Jk. It's great to see you!
  14. The Hummingbird

    Where the Cat and Wolf Dwell

    Smiling at August’s intimate touch, Shakarri took a few steps further into the apartment. She stepped cautiously, careful not to disturb the few furnishings kept there. While she knew she didn’t need to be shy, she believed in respect and gratitude when entering another person’s abode. It was the owner’s personal space, and took a considerable amount of trust and requited respect to let a stranger in. As August searched the cabinets, she bent down to rummage in her own pack. Genesarian customs often mentioned bringing a minor gift when entering another’s home. Usually a bottle of wine or some other food, something the visitor would leave behind. She didn’t have either, of course, and pulled out a chunk of smoky quartz carved into the shape of a small fox. Something she had collected from her cave. She set this beside a table lamp as August returned with rum. Taking the bottle, she took a tentative taste followed by a deeper swallow. The rum was smooth and subtly sweet, well-aged. Evidently August had good taste. She smiled and looked past August to the city beyond the window. It was impressive sight. Different and even strange, but impressive and oddly pleasant even when compared to the silence and tranquility of the forest. “Hmm… a place like this?” Shakarri pretended to think for a moment. Then, “Hmmm… no.” She took another swig of the rum before setting it to down next the lamp and fox figurine. She walked around the apartment, looking down the short hallway and sliding a hand down one wall. “For one thing, it’s too small. Azaro goes where I go. He needs space. And I don’t think your overgrown dog would like it either. A backyard for instance would be ideal. And… a different view would be nice too,” she decided. “I’d like a kitchen and a fire so I could prepare some proper meals as well. A place that I could rightfully call mine, without all this lease and renting nonsense.” She tilted her head at August with a grin. “A place like this? No. But maybe a different place… with you.”
  15. The Hummingbird

    Burdens Sleep Best in Their Tombs

    Zenahriel’s dark eyes met Rafael’s hard blue. “Feral,” he repeated. “No, that is not strong enough a word for this abomination, beloved.” His sword spun in his hand, whipping out viper-quick to slash in twain the husk of some soulless creature. Gasping, it fell quickly and the High Lord stepped over its corpse, observing what lay before them. The heart of the Citadel City lay open before them, littered with surprisingly few undead, but was obscured in such a thick wash of white the Whispernight’s well-known mist seemed more like a gripping fog. It swirled and grew around the two companions, rising in height and opacity until mortal eyes could never dream of piercing its depths. So too did it seem to thicken, like water slowly turning into a bog, hindering the movement even of the creatures that were born of the evil Mensis now hosted. The air itself pulsed an erratic beat, the rhythm of a sickened heart, and stank of a wretchedness that would make even a Devil frown. The Desolation Beast, finished with its latest banquet of dead, had strained at its leash. Now that invisible chain suddenly slacked as it suddenly stepped back, the howling horn fading to a murmur. It croaked, its head weaving side to side as Zenahriel passed it by, wading deeper into the cursed city. His hand tightened around his sword as the ground grew slick and hot, and his eyes could see the deep coppery red of a sea of blood. “Look.” A command that would seem foolishness, but Zenahriel knew Rafael was a god too, and would see as he saw. Animals kept as cherished pets decayed around them, and even trees and plants grown with love and care were now twisted distortions of their initial form. In their shadows, the corpses of men and women lay buried by the ever-thickening mist. Some lay splayed with bibles of faith still gripped in cold fingers, while others held charms meant to ward away evil. The bodies of children, twisted and broken, were scattered too, their hands clutching still at their parent’s hands or arms, or a beloved doll or toy. Zenahriel’s eyes turned a deep red, a burning crimson. It was a sight and sign of anger few had ever seen, and all those who had seen it feared it. “Disgusting.” He pulled his sword arm back, then flung it forward, sweeping the sword in a wide, piercing arc. Like glass, the mist shattered.