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  1. What do you hate to see in a post?

    It's far more acceptable if it's in the character's nature, but oftentimes I encounter situations where it just doesn't make sense, doesn't match the character's established personality, and other disqualifying factors. When you're writing that way just to garner attention for yourself, people will start to catch on.
  2. What do you hate to see in a post?

    I dislike it when people insert, like, dozens of pictures into their posts. One or two is fine. But once you start using pictures to replace your writing, or when 60<% of your post is just pretty pictures, or you find yourself willfully incapable of writing a good description to paint an image in your reader's mind (your job, really)... you might want to consider that all your graphics that crashes my computer might not necessarily be a good post. I like a nice pic as much as the next person, but please. Don't toss a dozen pictures in my direction with one paragraph made up of 40 words and expect me to go "Ooooh, that was awesome. Great writing!" I also dislike That Person. We all know That Person. That Person doesn't walk into a tavern. That Person rockets into the tavern. Doors crash down, windows shatter, curtains rise, fireworks go off, the sun explodes - That Person wants attention, and he's going to get it no matter what. And there'll be hell to pay if you don't give it to him. Not like it matters anyway, though, cause the thread suddenly becomes all about him. That Person is the Star, and all you peons are just that - suckers whose existence serve only to hold and maintain That Person's shining pedestal of awe and fame.
  3. Why that profile picture?

    The banner on my profile is a pic I found that I loved. I like birds. Moreover, a bird is my spirit animal. I also love fire. So win-win! My white is, on the other hand, a sig made by a friend. He made it while practicing on his skills with text. He has a godly psychic connection with Photoshop - I swear he can do anything with it. When he showed me, I fell in love with it so he gave me it and an avatar to go with it.

    Benny, check your inbox, okay?
  5. Character and roleplay help

    I would suggest the Wheel of Time series. It takes a while to pick up though, but if you have the patience to plug through the first half of the first book, it really pays off, and then REALLY pays of by the end of the second and third. I haven't finished the series yet, not by a long shot, but it has great reputation among writers and readers, and it easily becomes apparent why. I can also suggest books by Scott Lynch; he's a pro at dialogue with the Gentlemen Bastard series, while the somber Deepgate Codex by Alan Campbell is a blast with settings and worlds.
  6. Character and roleplay help

    I just want to say I like your character's ink powers. Very cool. It doesn't mean your character is underdeveloped. You just tend to write a little shorter. You can try going into more detail, paying attention to all the senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell). You can also give your character more to do each post. If you can't fulfill level 3 quests due to writing length, that's probably something to take up with supernal himself, as he's the one who places levels on his quests (I don't on mine, so I dunno about his own rules). Otherwise, your character's just hasn't acquired enough power or experience yet. We can all write the most elaborate and detail-filled backstories we want, but the way we write is the way we write, although all of us can improve.
  7. When Night met Rosa

    Fortune was a strange thing. Night could scarcely believe his. He stared at Dream, then at Rosa, the implications striking him quite slow, then fast and hard. A smile, a real, true, wide smile of pure gladness spread on his face then. Rosa would be staying. He would not need to leave, he would not need to miss her... He breathed in sharply as he realized he had been ready to go with her to Nvengaria when the time came. He glanced guiltily at Dream, but the Arcantian leader fed him only an indifferent look. Well, if he knew, what did it matter now? Rosa was staying. Rendered speechless with the weight of relief and joy, Night struggled to compose himself. “What can you do?” Dream asked. “Well, dressing the part is a good idea. Three tents down that way,” he pointed. “We dress in many styles, if not colors, Ambassador Rosa.” He paused, then reached around his neck, and pulled off a necklace with a pendant carved into an hourglass, half black, half white. This he strung around her neck. “This will allow you to communicate with me personally and privately, Rosa. You need only touch it.” Dream finally smiled. “Well. I will tell my people to set up the feasting tables, and I believe a magic show can be easily arranged.” He turned to Night. “You’ll have to show her the springs. It’s a sacred place and she should know of it. I’ll make it private for you two.” Night allowed a tremulous smile. “Thank you, my Lord.” He took Rosa’s hand as Dream walked away, issuing orders through voice and thought. “Let’s get you properly dressed, my love.”
  8. It's not all Roses

    Shawn stared at Cordeliane, speaking of their possible assassination as if it was something she was used to. As if it was something that happened every day. Perhaps it did. His hands, clenched at his sides, tightened until every knuckle was white as she named the only possible suspect. Knox. Of course it would be that bastard of Scarglas. His mind worked quickly as Cordeliane described what would happen should she die. He didn’t know much about succession or chains of command here in Nvengaria, but he did know one thing, for he had signed all the papers declaring so. If Cordeliane died, stewardship of her land would belong to him, and he would be as much in the way of Knox as she was. In other words, both of them had to die. That would be most convenient for Knox. “Fuck,” he whispered as Cordeliane waved away the footmen and reentered the carriage. He stood for a moment, unsure of what to do, what to say or even think. In the end he simple decided she was right; here and now was not the time nor place. He looked around, as if he could by some chance catch the perpetrator of the accident before entering the carriage himself. He looked over to his wife. She looked as calm and composed as he had ever seen her. It frustrated him. She had just nearly lost her life, he had just nearly lost his, and she sat like stone. Seriously? He wanted to knock some well-deserved fear into her. ~ Forced to look at the young knight, Kay saw no anger, no condemnation in Orion’s eyes. Instead there was sympathy, sadness, concern, and most of all understanding. Things he didn’t much expect to see and felt he didn’t even deserve in the wake of Cordeliane’s miscarriage. But it was there, and while he cringed at the way it made Orion feel, it did make him feel slightly better too. He took a few deep breaths; a calming exercise he’d learned long ago. Finally, he was able to look Orion in the eyes without being forced to. It was still hard, but it was easier. “I’ll… I’ll be fine.” But he didn’t start riding just yet. There was a pause, then, “My, uh, purpose in life was t’discover why people live. Eclipse’s is to find out why people die. Never got it. Till now.” He took another deep breath and forced a smile. “Well, c’mon. We gotta catch up to Finn.”
  9. Which places in Valucre have slavery?

    It is still a thing, and will probably always be that little stain you can't get out. It's basically a secret city underground, self-supporting and independent. The people there capture luckless wanderers, children, etc. or buy them off parents who don't want their children or under the guise of offering them a better life elsewhere, much like in what happens irl. They are then raised in the enclave as slaves, and some turn out to be trainers of slaves. While slavery is outlawed in Genesaris, there are rumors that some city governments actually have alliances with the Enclave for monetary gain.
  10. Burdens Sleep Best in Their Tombs

    Drawn by the destruction of their own kind, the undead and creatures of the shadow lands came pouring forth. From every nook and cranny they appeared, leaving trails of blood and smoke, reeking of torment and evil. Skeletons with scraps of flesh still clinging to cracked and broken bones, ghasts dressed in torn robes, spirits wreathed in iron chains, ifrits crowned with curving horns and flames, rugarus starved for the meat of humans, ghouls and vetalas and more. With shrieks of fury and hunger, they came in great droves, and the sight was enough to sicken and terrify any man. But Zenahriel was not a man. He was a High Lord, and while he kept a human form, the power he held was more than enough to handle these fiends of nightmares. He raised one hand, and plumes of shadow burst around his arm and wrist. Like snakes they coiled up to gather at his palm, and there they gathered and coalesced, growing in length and gaining solid form until, with a final burst of power, formed a sword keen enough to slice even solid stone. He stepped forward as a vetala lunged at him. The sharp teeth and blue, slit eyes blazed as the humanoid creature attacked… and was cut completely in half, from left shoulder to right hip. The creature shrieked as it fell, twitching, to the ground, blood pouring from it ruined body. Zenahriel laughed as he flourished his sword, and pressed the assault against the growing horde of monsters. Time vanished in a blur as Zenahriel and Rafael fought and slew side-by-side, the bodies of creatures and undead falling to the wayside as their swords cleaved through countless numbers of them. The Deslolation Beast howled as, regeneration complete, gave itself over to the evil delight it bore for killing and slaying all in its path. The Citadel City was red with blood and black with the tar left by evil beings. Then a shriek rang out, somewhere deep in the city depths. Zenahriel paused, his eyes narrowing as he looked far into the streets. “I think we’re getting close, my love.” He spun, cutting down a wraith. It vanished, screaming as it died a final death. “Do you feel it? I’ve rarely sensed something so evil.” He grinned. “And they call me the Lord of Darkness.”
  11. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    @Masquerade @CosmoCat There was silence for a moment, the stranger staring at the surface of the table. One hand rose, floating above the wood… and then came down with a crash. The single candle on the table jumped and fell over, the flame going out with a hiss. “I came for help!” he shouted. “Is this not the Tavern of Legend? Is this not the crossroads for heroes, new and old? That is what I was told, but I see they were wrong. It is full of cowards who seek not to adventure, but to drink themselves to death.” He glared at Silk, and then at Ike with a sorrowful look. “You are too exuberant, my friend,” he said softly. “But I do not know you.” He reached into a pocket, and withdrew a shining crystal. Multifaceted and softly glowing, this he laid gently on the table. “Not all of Genesaris is consumed with evil, but nevertheless, the horrors of Whispernight need dealing with. For those brave enough, the promises of great fortune are no ruse,” he whispered. “This crystal will take you to Genesaris, if that is what you choose. Otherwise, keep it, sell it, bury it, do what you will. My time here is done.” He stood, bowed to Ike… and Silk, and strode out the tavern door. (Exit: Stranger from Genesaris)
  12. Port Kyros

    GEOGRAPHY Topography Port Kyros and its area cover the territory of the northwestern part of the Rising West that is Genesaris including the village of Kainos. Its borders run from the coast of Raven’s Landing in the North to the southwest of Umbridge Isle, with the Wicker Mountains as its eastern borders. This spread-out, comparatively narrow piece of coastline becomes wider in its southeastern part that develops into the lush forests and hillsides, while the shadowy Wicker Mountains loom behind. Cityscape The sense of awe never fails to descend when you set eyes on the beauty of the old town. Behold the city’s white limestone streets, baroque buildings and the endless shimmer of the Tyrean. Be inspired by a walk along the ancient city walls that has stood for centuries. Although the Rising West had seen a period of abandonment, the city has bounced back with vigor to enchant visitors again. Marvel at the interplay of light on the old stone buildings; trace the peaks and troughs of Kyros's past in museums replete with art and artifacts; Meander through the charming village of Kainos, infamous for its plantations and gardens; Exhaust yourself climbing up and down narrow lanes of the coastal city walls–then plunge into the azure sea. Climate Kyros has a borderline humid subtropical and Mediterranean climate since only one summer month has less than an inch and a half of rainfall which prevents it from being classified as solely humid subtropical or Mediterranean. It has hot, muggy, moderately dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. The mountain wind blows brisk gusts down the coast between fall and spring, and thundery conditions are common all the year round, even in summer when they interrupt the warm, sunny days. The air temperatures can slightly vary, depending on the area or region. Typically, the fall days are warm with a cool breeze. Winters are among the mildest of any Genesarian city, with temperatures that are chilly in the coldest months—however, snow in Kyros is very rare. Flora and Fauna The coastline is beautiful, dotted with bays, beaches, steep cliffs and numerous forested areas. The flora of the region is characterized by diversity, but cypress, pine, and olive trees are most dominant. There are numerous vineyards and citrus fruit orchards, including lemons, oranges and tangerines. There is an abundance of aromatic plants and flowers on the slopes of the hills around Kyros and inland, as well as exotic plants such as palms, agaves and cacti. The Renaissance gardens and parks of the Nova Citadel and its city villas were cultivated and there were once many species of plants from all over the world, brought to the city by Kyros’s sea captains. Part of this botanical plant wealth is preserved in the Kainos Virdian Arboretum that highlights the quaint village. The beautiful landscape and is home to many animal species, while the Tyrean Sea hides an endless wealth of riches below. One bird species, the swift, precisely the black swift, is commonly found in the area during the summer and has become a symbol of Kyros. The black swift is an excellent flier, with a body that is extremely well-adapted to life in the air. It spends the majority of its life in the air: it finds food, mates, collects material for its nest, and it is particularly interesting that it occasionally sleeps while flying. The black swift is a migratory bird that flies in quite late, usually in the first half of spring. It is a bird faithful to its native area and it returns to the same place where it was hatched, a lifestyle that many coastal Genesarians favor about Kyros, even its ships faithfully return to its harbor home. They are unusually numerous in the historic town centre of Kyros, the Old City, where its vocalizations create a distinctive soundscape. The birds nest in rock crevices, holes in the walls, especially the city walls, or in the roofs of older buildings. DEMOGRAPHICS Culture Because of its geographic position, Kyros represents a blend of different cultural spheres. It has been a crossroad of influences of the western culture and the east ever since the Renaissance Initiative. Raveena’s regency of Kyros became a significant period of national cultural history, as Kyros saw unprecedented developments in all fields of art and culture. Economy With the Port reopened, the trade commerce supports a majority of the economy of the city second to its tourist appeal. With several new businesses flourishing after the city’s renaissance, Kyros boasts a strong and stable economy. Several types of currency flow from every part of the world that Genesaris trades with, all of which can be converted to the Genesarian coin, though it also accepts the Imperial mint from the Arcane East as well. PARKS AND RECREATION Landmarks and Monuments Nova Citadel: The Summer home of Raveena, This superb 16th-century inspired palace is an exquisite combination of Gothic and Renaissance styles beginning with an exquisite Renaissance portico resting on six Corinthian columns. The 1st floor has the sweeping arches of late-Gothic windows and the 2nd-floor windows are in a Renaissance style, with an alcove containing an intricate statue commemorating the Rising Queen. Nova Citadel is one of the few buildings in the old city was not originally part of the old city itself. Just inside the entrance is the Memorial Room of the Defenders of Kyros, a heartbreaking collection of exquisite, intricate tapestries of those who perished in the acquisition House Kaashmii, as well as the Rebellion of Himmelfestung in Renovatio. The first floors house the State Archives, a priceless collection of manuscripts dating back to the city’s birth. Though the archives are not open to the public, copies of the most precious and significant pieces are exhibited in a permanent display on the ground floor. The second story is reserved for nobility, royalty, and foreign dignitaries. Valovi Wellness: “We invite you to experience exclusive exhilarating and rejuvenating treatments in the Port City of Kyros. Awaken your senses and achieve well-being of body and soul.” Situated between the quaint village Kainos and the mountains, Valovi is home to the rejuvenating power of Wicker Mountain’s hotsprings. Catering to mundane and the supernatural, this sprawling outdoor wellness facility is the gem of Genesarian coastal charm. Take the trek from the infamous walls of the Port City, through the picturesque Kainos Village, and into Valovi—where you’re welcomed to relax and rediscover yourself. Many of the spa’s healing salves, oils, beauty and medicinal products are made locally, taking advantage of the city’s lush flora. Whether you need an adventure through the lush walkways and gardens that dot the landscape, a day at the spa, time to soak in the hot springs, or seek solace and reflection of your inner self, Valovi is yours to escape to. Yabbashael, The Capital Cathedral: Often referred to as the city of glass, this grandiose place of worship is a crowning achievement of gothic architecture, and is notably the focal point of worship in the city. Built on a site occupied by earlier churches and, a millennium before that, a temple, the Capital Cathedral began according to the design of and was largely completed by the early Third era. Yabbashael was badly damaged through the years of negligence; Raveena carried out extensive renovations and the Cathedral saw its completion in time for the Port reopening. Yabbashael is known for its sublime balance, though when looking closely, all sorts of minor asymmetrical elements are introduced to avoid monotony, in accordance with standard Gothic practice. These include the slightly altered shapes of each of the three main portals. Inside, the central choir—with its carved wooden stalls and statues representing Sauriel—is noteworthy. The treasury in the southeastern transept contains artwork, liturgical objects and first-class relics. Mass for those who practice the Sitraic Faith are often found here. Viridian Arboretum: These leafy gardens, southeast of Kyros, are the oldest of their kind and well worth a visit. It was during the Third Era that the Genesarian noblesse started to pay extra attention to their gardens. It’s unknown when they planted the first seeds and started the trend, but descendants of the city’s original populace maintained the garden throughout the centuries. The land was eventually taken over by the local academies, which turned it into a public arboretum. The garden boasts a Renaissance layout, with a set of aesthetically chosen symmetry made with plants and bushes (lavender, rosemary, fuchsia, bougainvillea), while citrus orchards perfume the air. There’s also a maze, a fine palm collection and a gorgeous pond overlooked by a picturesque statue of the Rising Queen while rich with white water lilies and dotted with bullfrogs. It’s only partially landscaped, though–quite a bit of it is wonderfully wild. The Nautilus: Once one of the three primary vessels of the Orisian Naval Fleet. This ship was captured by the Great North and was eventually retired and sold to the Rising West where it was transformed into a traveling restaurant that traverses around the continent’s coasts, stopping at Port Kyros to restock its supplies. Featuring coastal cuisine that reflects Kyros’s philosophy on fine-dining, the crew and its small army of chefs are passionate about utilizing Genesaris’s local produce, fish and exotic sealife while offering a breathtaking view of the Islands. Rain or shy, tentacles or sharks, the Nautilus is prepared to offer those on board the experience of a lifetime. GOVERNMENT The Council of Seven Like all lands within the Rising West, the port city of Kyros is subject to the edicts of its capital city Aelindra. While the city rulers are allowed to police their domains with leniency--more in line with their own beliefs and views--they are all bound to the will of the council, seeing their will done and that no transgressions be made against their edict. Local Government The Venetian Order: A council that presides over the local government affairs of Port Kyros. These five councilmen headed by Raveena are retired military personnel that serve as officials during peacetime. Each member has a legal specialty, from law to the arts to agriculture and industry—each with valuable knowledge and skills to their respective seat. They are all trained to serve as officials of the city, and preside in the courts and justice system within the city. Military Port Kyros Navy: The mission of the Port’s Naval Fleet, commonly referred to as the Senarian Navy is to defend the integrity and order of the Rising West, to promote and protect its interest in the surrounding oceans, islands and coast-lands. It carries and organizes the naval defense of the entire Genesarian Coast. There are currently nine War Frigates and twenty Sloops, Galleons, and Brigs that dedicate their service to Port Kyros and Continent as a whole. The Senarian Navy fulfils its role by preparing itself and carrying out the following main tasks: 1. Deterring the threat to Genesaris by maintaining high level of competence, training and technical quality of its ships 2. Constant control of the Ocean and coast-land and monitoring of foreign warships' movement 3. Strengthening of the safety conditions on the Oceans and preserving the integrity of the maritime borders 4. Assisting allies during peacetime in the event of natural disasters The Enforcers: Exclusive to Raveena. Many of the original Enforcers from Sigil City followed her to Valucre when she was promoted as their General and later Commander. Enforcers are volunteering Civilians who wished to have basic military and policing training to keep the streets safe. City Guard Total: 6,425 High Ranking Officers: 85 Jail Workers: 700 Capital Guards: 360 Special Assignments Officers: 43 Military: Houses 10% of The Rising West's Army, about 25,000 troops. Territory Coverage: About 300mi Radius Estimated Number of Forts (Contains a brigade): 4 Troops able to defend city within 1 day: 15,000 Time to gather entire army: 2-4 days These numbers do not account for mercenaries, assassins, or Edgemasters who might work within the city. These numbers fluctuate on a daily basis and cannot be accurately counted due to government secrecy. EDUCATION The countess has sought to rebuild and enforce the educational institutes of the Port City. As such, she oversaw several naval, technical, religious and academic institutes built to showcase the Rising Queen’s importance of a well-rounded education, as well as a nod to the importance of the arcane and the worship of the Emperor God. TRANSPORTATION Cable Cars: With the invention of the steam turret and pump, the city’s means of transportation increased, namely the use of steam to provide energy to facilitate transportation along the coast from the mountains. This technology is rare and new to Genesaris, and has met with some level of prejudice and resistance, though the city intends to overcome this obstacle to become a highlight of engineering ingenuity and technological advancement. Sloops: The most common boat of the port, these ships are lightly outfitted for defense, and can easily maneuver around larger ships at Sea. Roads and Walkways: Kyros has constructed several local roads that cascade down from the mountains and stretch all the way towards the coastal shores. The Port’s infamous sea walls are a popular place to navigate along the coast on foot. Cabs: Transportation in Kyros is chaotic and varied. The most common method is by foot, with pulled cabbies being a close second. Spellcycles and spellcabs are slowly being introduced into society, but remain sparse. Private: Personal mounts such as Thestrals, Horses, Dire Beasts, and Wyverns are scattered among the population. Upperclass citizens that can afford larger, personal ships house them in private marinas, while others have access to their own personal airship. NOTABLE RESIDENTS Queen Raveena Jhanavi Bartolome Senaria: A Terran-born Noble of Imperial ancestry, Raveena has been a long-time ally of the Carmine Empire and is the newest member of the Imperial Family as a Princess of the Empire, eldest daughter of Rafael Bartolome. A rising politician and respected ruler, she is known to rule with a passion tempered by patience and kindness. Firm and fair, she has been well received by the citizens of Port Kyros as their regent, earning respect among her appointed city officials. Resourceful and ambitious, she seeks to usher in prosperity for the Port City, and for Genesaris overall. HISTORY Canon Credentials: Port of Constantinople, Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft; The Nautilus: Pasion Pasiva
  13. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    It was clear Frank was about to speak – it was then that the door to the tavern slammed open. The iron hinges rattled loose as the door clashed against the opposite side, admitting a young man. Perhaps he once might have been attractive, even handsome. Now, he was disheveled and roughly dressed in travel-stained garb, with darker stains that looked like blood or black tar. Hair in disarray and with haunted eyes, he looked around the tavern, taking deep, heavy breaths. A sword on his back, as rough as the rest of him, jingled up and down in its worn scabbard as his shoulders heaved. “Yes… this is the place.” He wiped a hand across the dirt and grime marring his face before speaking again, louder, clearer. “Adventures!” he cried, for evidently he had heard beyond the wooden door. “For those who wish to know death and danger! Adventures, for fools who wish to know the hazards of life! Yes, I have those, for you… you jesters.” He strode forward… or would have. It was more like a stumble, and would have fallen if his hand didn’t catch on a table. He steadied himself there, unaware or perhaps not caring about the stares and looks some of the patrons were now giving him. “It is Whispernight,” he whispered. “Whispernight!” he cried. “The nation of Genesaris is plagued by the monsters of horrors of this curse. Hundreds already have died, cities destroyed… and even I, with my abilities, could not…” He shook his head, despairingly. “Truly… perhaps there is no hope.” Shoulders slumped, he loped to an empty table and collapsed into the chair situated there. Staring at the woodgrains tracing the wood, he fell into silence.
  14. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    After reading this thrice, it almost made sense. That's when I decided I needed new medication.
  15. Of Gods and Men

    Keen, unblinking eyes watched the greeting with a small amount of consternation. For he did simply look; he heard too, all his powers focused on the pair exchanging their complimentary words and congratulations. He could hear the sincerity and proper tone engage in Rafael’s voice, just as he could hear the lifeless intonation in Corvinus’s own dead speech. To say that Zenahriel disliked the contrast would be a severe understatement. A rough sigh breathed from his lungs as Rafael’s silent voice entered his mind. It was no real surprise that Rafael knew of his presence, though in all honesty Zenahriel somewhat hoped he would be able to keep this luxurious distance that made guarding his King easy work. Nevertheless, his eyes closed for a moment in relish of the loving caress always woven into his mate’s words. Then he straightened. His wings spread, and blood rushed through them in an exhilarating feeling of power and strength returned. He leaped from the spire, and his wings spread wide to catch wind and air. Sunlight set flame to the violet streaks in each feather, alighting soft rainbows in the black and electrifying the darkest of blues. Mighty strokes led him to the port where Rafael invited Corvinus in to where he did not belong – not with that dead voice and detached stare. Still, Corvinus was a king, had united lands, and was Zenahriel was not one to spoil the efforts of Rafael in being polite and courteous as all royalty should strive to be. He landed to the side of Rafael, bowing his head to his mate with a smile before stepping forward to Corvinus. With a most gracious motion he bowed to the King, sinking to one knee. His wings molded against his form, making him seem smaller than he was. “God-Emperor Crovnus, most esteemed Lord of the imperial South… and his prince,” Zenahriel recited with perfected cordiality as he rose. “May I introduce myself as Zenahriel Zacharias, An’She of Umbra? Please allow me to lead you and my small lordling into more comfortable surroundings.”