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    1. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      Yeah dude. You might want to wait a bit though till you're sure you can pay, or at least a little closer.

    2. princeben07


      I just STARTEDE the JOB!!!!


      You KNOW I'm GOOD for it!!


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  2. Neon lights and obnoxious reflections would have blinded his eyes, if he had been human. It was fortunate then, that Ryzerus was far from that, though his outer form protected the fact. Still, the visual effects were irritating. Such demonstrations were rare in Genesaris, which seemed to favor natural light and casual fires, and so this was more than a little distasteful. But all those here, even those with gloomy expressions and doomful words, seemed to enjoy or at least not mind the disgusting display. Of course, he was not here for the lights. Nor was here for the food, with smells that wafted through the air in tantalizing scents, both strange and pleasing to the senses. He wasn’t even for the music, vibrating through the room and pounding across the floor. He wasn’t here for the raves below, or the clicking machines below that, or the mystery even further down. No, such things held no interest for him, and in truth he wouldn’t be here at all if he wasn’t a little disconcerted… because something here was not right. Be that is it may… … he was here to check in on her. He reached out, just a little, his mind tracing the line that had wrapped itself securely around his target. It had weakened over time, but it was still strong enough to follow easily. Taking hold of it, he stepped deeper into the flashy restaurant, immersing himself completely in the lights, the noise, the repulsive setting and set himself to endure. There was already a mass of people in attendance here, and surely more in the floors beneath the main. He wondered if she had really planned this entire party, or if someone else wanted to throw this celebration for her. He doubted she had that much money… but of course, there were always courses of luck, and altruism existing in people eager to assist the downtrodden. Irritation growing, he had to weave through quite a few people and tables before finally seeing her, still far off, talking to someone. Someone? With that tail, those clothes, that whiff of smoke and fire, that sense of power… who else could it be? Ryzerus had heard of him. The Outsider. Roen. The Devil. Whatever. Blast it all. Ryzerus considered barging in on her conversation, then decided against it. The last thing he wanted here was a scene. So he donned his mask and became Duncan, her patient and watchful friend, and seated himself promptly at the bar. He would wait.
  3. This is totally out of my comfort zone. I'll be there.
  4. My favorite? SCP 890 Just read that shit. Objects transmuted into living tissue and then operated on, transforming back once the surgery is complete. That's awesome stuff right there.
  5. Lady in the Water by Night Shyamalan. Everyone wanted a horror movie with a stellar twist ending. This really wasn't that, but I still enjoyed this movie. I love mythology and fairy tales so this was right up my alley.
  6. Primarily making them, but if you have thoughts on playing them too, I'd like to hear it.
  7. Another question - Are video games art? I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this.
  8. Listening to Sabine in silence, Zenahriel pondered the idea of greeting the dawn. Worship of the sun was a common thing, for it was that celestial body that gave life and nourished the earth. It was the sun that gave its light to the moon, so that even the night had its own mystical beauty. But he had never heard of worshiping a dead god, and never seen people dance or sing to such. What could the purpose be, praying to a deity that existed now only in the hearts and minds of people? Perhaps, Zenahriel supposed, it was to maintain hope… faith, in something greater… He did have much time to finish the thought when the ship’s engines shifted and roared once, driving the ship to a smooth landing on a grassy field still dark with night shadows. The queen exited her room, and she was the very epitome of beauty and elegance despite her awkward walk. The colors she wore complimented her smooth skin and left nothing to be seen but the shape of her almond eyes, the contours of her body and the darkness of her hair. Zenahriel smiled as he followed her and her ladies outside, keeping a respectful distance as the prayers began. It was perfection, the way the songstresses wove their art. Their lilting voices matched their movmeents as they danced and sang to the approaching sun. The sky grew bright and brighter with gold and pink hues, with indigo shadows fading away as sunlight began to wash over the meadow and set afire the reds and brighter colors of the dresses and cloths swirling about. Zenahriel watched them with something akin to awe, for he had never seen anything like this, anything approaching this kind of elegance and grace created for the pleasure of a god. His eyes drooped slightly as he took in the dancing, the twisting and curve of bodies, legs, and arms, and listened to the lovely voices joined in utmost harmony, bound together in revenant purpose. His body loosened as he relaxed in the scene, and the sun breached the horizon. “Saa grieevos daa!” A shiver passed through Zenahriel as the queen greeted the sun with a strong, resonating voice. The rising sun flashed in the queen’s molten eyes, and for an instant Zenahriel felt a strong love for this Empress who stood in the light of the dawn. A figure such as no one had ever seen before. How many things had he never seen before? Zenahriel wondered. How many more things did he not know of till now? Lord of Darkness, Lord of Nothing, he mused mirthfully. All too soon the prayer was done and the sun was sent well on its way, its golden rays flowing over field and hills, brilliant as they washed over the sky that began to turn a bright and blinding blue. But it was then that the Queen halted, an abrupt, jarring movement that caught Zenahriel’s eye. He turned toward her, alarmed, and saw it. The prince was coming. The queen looked shocked, standing still. Zenahriel was at her side in a moment, offering support where it was needed, shouting commands for help and aid. As the sun’s light bathed her in warmth, chilling with apprehension, the blessed prince was coming.
  9. For a moment, Kaige could but stare blankly at the lady who nodded to him. So tired was he that he could see little of her but her fine attire, the smooth skin, her night-dark hair and her almond eyes. Yet as he took in her features, recognition and then surprise lit his eyes. He glanced around to see the reverence and dutifully bowed heads of his fellow laborers None of them had expected such a figure to make an appearance here, and she could be no one else. The visage was how he had envisioned her to be from the descriptions given by others. The Queen of Hyperion, Empress of the West. Raveena. He did not leap or bound to his feet. Were not sudden movements and abrupt gestures rude amidst royalty such as she? Keeping his face neutral, he rose to his feet and bowed, one foot out with the other in. Laying one hand across his waist and folding the other behind his back, he made the bow customary in the Cold South. Black strands of hair feel across his face as he maintained the bow for three seconds. Only then did he dare straighten and approach her. Kiage was not aware how he moved, but others were. He walked graceful and silent, almost a surefooted dance, and his long stride nearly that of a stalking predator. Neither protruding rock or jutting root cut or marred his carefully measured steps, and his burnished green eyes were steady on hers. They were respectful, but not fearful, not embarrassed, not abashed. Here was a man who feared nothing. He was tall, surpassing six feet, with lean muscles, and dressed in a plain linen tunic and slacks for the hard work expected of him. She outshone him by several degrees. But as he stopped a respectful distance from her and bowed one more time, his face glowed with a smile that would have made swoon many ladies. “Your Majesty,” he said softly, clearly. “I, Kaige Severos, am honored to greet thee.” He straightened again, smoothing down the wrinkles in his shirt. His smile widened, almost a grin. “They call you the Glory of the Dawn, and it easy to see why. Ah, but forgive me. T'was my humble wish to speak with you, your Excellency.”
  10. I'm really interested in wines, especially what Fracture produces in comparison to Genesaris and Renovatio. I've always imagined Fracture's wines, ciders, and teas to be especially sweet, because I've envisioned Fracture to have, if not a lot, than special tree fruits, orchards, and vineyards because of all the tree huggers and nature enthusiasts there.
  11. I wasn't saying you wanted a boring world. Sorry if it seemed that way. It would just boring to me, personally, because, as I stated, I read too much of it. I like my magic, my mystery and my unexplained occurrences.
  12. I don't want to see this. Why? Because I've read books with magical worlds, full of amazing things and creatures, where the magic just disappears. Just like that, the world becomes amazingly boring. If I want a world without magic, I'd get off the internet and go outside.
  13. Though he was a stranger, the men and women were eager for his help. Willing to overlook his different, sometimes odd mannerisms and habits, the carpenters, construction workers, engineers and gardeners had all offered him a decent amount of pay of he only did the work expected of them all, and he had accepted. Now his wiry strength and dexterity were well put to use. Throughout the day, he helped haul wood, stone, and brick to their proper placements. He held iron and steel steady for workers, sometimes even operating machinery used to form foundations or erect structures a man alone could not. He learned quickly and worked hard, and while the odd jobs he assisted with were heavy and demanding, he enjoyed it. Today, he rested beside a cooking fire, watching the stew inside reach a low boil at the side of several other men. All were tired and hungry, but felt pleased as their eyes wandered over the beginning of Brehill. The framework of several buildings had already been erected, with a handful boasting the start of a few rooms. The ground for the planned hydroponic gardens was being laid out, as were the foundations for the greenhouses. A small hanging garden, made of elaborate stone and hung with flowers and vines, was already complete. It helped morale and boosted general overall mood and motivation. “We’re starting on the hospital soon,” one worker said presently, stirring the stew with a wooden ladle. “State of the art. Gonna need a lot of help. You up to it, Kaige?” “If you need me, I’m there,” Kaige said. “Good man.” The stew cooled quickly as the pot was removed from the fire, and generous portions served to those waiting for the meal. The workers treated each other as equals here, teasing each other in good nature about their eating habits and supposedly ugly faces. Even Kaige was drawn into the social aspect of the lunch, almost forced into talking in response to some clever witty insults thrown at him. “Your mother must’ve sobbed a lot when you were born! Almost as much as when I bedded her last night.” “Good one. Unfortunately, I refuse to a battle of wits with someone clearly unarmed.” The banter continued even when the stew was gone and they went back to work, with Kaige given the job of carrying portions of the wooden support beams to the hospital grounds. All were made of solid oak and heavy pine. Still, he worked his hardest and in time was due for another break. He sat by the fire again, wiping sweat from his brow and counting how many beams were left to carry.
  14. This was when a guy named Angel was still an admin. We were joking around, I forget about what, and he changed my name to TheHummingbird, because, I'm so fierce or something. It just so happens that is my spirit animal, so it stuck. People still often call me Raze though because that was my name for years. To be honest, I still prefer it. Don't ever use my real name. If you know it, there's also a good chance you've used it in a demeaning way and I hate you for doing that.
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