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  1. Imgur all the way. Come. Be one of us.
  2. Though he never ceased watching her, Rysorian’s cold eyes grew just slightly distant. His steps never faltered, keeping up the ruthless beat the instructor shouted out with increasing speed, but his grip on her hand and waist grew just a little tighter. When she complimented him on his dancing, his entire body grew tense and his eyes scornful, as if she had insulted him instead. “Dance!” “Dance, bitch! Faster! Dance! Dance! Hahaha!” Those memories would never leave him, nor would he forgive them. His teeth gritted as he just barely resisted the urge to push Olympia away, and made up an answer that was clearly a lie. But he didn’t really care if she believed him or not. What she thought, what she felt, mattered little. “It’s boring. A waste of my time – “ “Faster, Kadje!” the instructor yelled. “Now!” Bitch. “And a waste of yours if you don’t step quicker,” Rys snapped. Per the instructor’s commands, Rys spun Olympia in a tight circle and caught her, dipping her low to the ground before lifting her up in another quick whirl, ending it with a quick unified bow. Usually that was when the couple would kiss to the sound of applause. An elegant execution, but not enough for the teacher, who ordered them to start over again. And again, and again. By the time it was over, all the dancing and the demonstrations and the yelling had almost everyone but Rys panting from the exertion.
  3. Unperturbed by his laughter, Rasihl leaned back in her chair, her face unreadable. Again she lifted the teacup, bringing the fine porcelain to her lips and sipping the sweet steaming chai. She appeared relaxed and composed, but underneath that cloak and hidden well behind her stern eyes was a coiled spring of tension, ready to be released at a moment’s notice. Her hawkish gaze never faltered, and never wavered even when the owlet made a crude proposal. She laughed. It was a pleasant sound, light and tinkling. But it was full of poisonous mockery too, aimed fully at Kazuhiko and his outrageous words. With a few quick swallows with no heed to the heat, she drained the cup and set it down, spinning the cup between two hands as she set her elbows on the table, sneering at the man. “Sure, owlet. You tempt me so much. Let me just strip right here, sexy.” Derisively, she slid her hands down her tall, slender form, for a moment accentuating the full curves of her body. She knew she was attractive, beautiful even, but she was no whore to be taken in lightly. Especially not by the likes of this sad little brute. She stood up then, turning her back contemptuously. “I require a bath,” she said. “You may fetch me a bathrobe if you want,” she said scornfully to Kazuhiko, as if he were a mere servant. “I came here for a good time, not to be disappointed with the likes of you.,” she said as she strode across the floor, headed to the proper of the bath house.
  4. I feel the same way, Atarazy. I just want to run away somewhere. Disappear.
  5. Tales of Berseria. Pretty good so far, lots of fun. My only complaint is there's no jump control! Oh well. This just means there's clearly not going to be any platform puzzles. I hate those.
  6. Night smiled. He thought it was odd that Rosa was so sheltered she would not know the value of her own treasures. “Perhaps in Nvengaria they might be worth only a few gold, but here those gems are worth a fortune. Keep them hidden, or a few might go missing,” he added. Thievery was rare among the Arcantians but not entirely unheard of. When Rosa smiled at him, the expression made her seem all the more beautiful, and he could not help but smile back. Though he said nothing, he hoped no one would come looking for her for a long time… and it was not just because of her ability to shut his pain away. Sighing, he moved to his own bedroll and put it to use. Arms crossed behind his head he stared up at the tent ceiling, thinking. He liked it when Rosa spoke his true name. It sounded good, nice in a way that it did not when spoken by others, even Dream himself. His eyes flicked over to her, watching until her breathing slowed and evened. Night was honest with himself. I am… attracted to her, but soon she will go back home, and I will forget, and find another woman whom I will love. After all, she is a princess and I… His thoughts stopped there, and he forced himself to think of other things. In time, his eyes slowly closed, and for the first time in years, he was whisked away into a dreamland free of pain. His visions were mirages that whirled around him, chaotic and furious as they always were, but this time he flew with them, laughing and crying.
  7. Silence returned Kazuhiko’s greeting, but this did not mean he was being ignored. In fact, Rasihl’s grey-green eyes watched him closely and carefully, like a falcon measuring its chosen prey. She continued sipping her tea however, composed and serene even as the man sat down beside her as an old friend would. One eyebrow rose – he emanated a strong presence that was at once familiar and completely foreign. “… unless you have a desire to freeze out there.” Adryn set down her cup suddenly – thump – and leaned toward him. Her head tilted to one side, peering at him past the pale golden strands of her hair, the bulk of which was tied back in a severe fashion. She was wearing a coal-black dress today, covered with a cloak to keep out the chill of the eternal winter outside, and it was a far cry from the brilliant red she had worn that day at the party. But it was unmistakably her. And unmistakably, it was him. “Oh really…” she smirked. “Am I that unmemorable? I’m hurt.” One hand lifted and, viper-quick, reached out and tapped Kazuhiko’s nose once. “Owlet.”
  8. I drink Canada Dry Ginger Ale all the time. Like right now, for example. It makes my taste buds happy.
  9. He can take as many roles as he wants, but Patrick Stewart will always be Captain Picard to me.
  10. I decided I'm done with sleeping 12 hours a day. This amount of sleep started happening when my depression kicked into high gear. Well, fuck that, I got things to do. So of course I'm stricken with insomnia again and didn't sleep a wink last night, lol. I could call into work, but then Mike would be sad. I don't want my wonderful boss to be sad (and I probably wouldn't have a job anymore). Hopefully after tonight my schedule will be on the road back to normal.
  11. Night did not know what to expect when Rosa stood and walked to him. A rebuttal, perhaps, or a remark that he should compose himself better. Why not? He was a seer, the next highest in rank to Dream. Everyone, including Night himself, expected more of him. Thus he resigned himself as deserving of whatever sharp words Rosa had planned for him. Instead, her hand reached up to hold his cheek, and the touch startled and shocked him, holding him in place. He stared at her, her hand warm against his skin, and an unfamiliar heat passed across his face as she spoke his birth name, the name only the closest of friends and family knew. A name only the gods could freely speak. But more than that, the certain vehemence in her eyes was something he had seen so little of before. When she promised to find a way, he could almost believe it. But it was her next move that truly stunned him. Arcantians did not show compassion, did not freely show love so easily. It was their culture and respect for another’s privacy that separated them at certain distances. Even in private, a small gesture like holding hands was an intense show of care and concern. But a kiss? Her face was so close to his, revealing features and fine lines he did not see before. It only amplified and cemented how beautiful she was. It was enough to take any man’s breath away, and he stared at her even as she moved back to the bedroll to play with the sparkling gems that seemed to belong in her hands. He swallowed. “In… indeed. Your griffin is… well. Yes.” He glanced at the precious stones in her hand. One rarer one he recognized – a sunstone. Its reddish-gold hue sparkled even in the encroaching darkness of night. It was only in the very rarest of mines that this particular stone was found, and in the smallest of sizes at that. What she held would be highly prized by any jeweler, the pride of any collector. But then again, so would any of what she held – more rubies, sapphires, immaculate emeralds, pink topaz, sizeable garnets and more. “Those are worth… a great sum, Rosa. You could quite possibly buy a castle with the lot of them,” he told her. He smoothed back his hair and then sat down on his own bedroll next to hers. “I did not know Nvengaria had such gems the size of these.” He looked beyond the tent walls and suppressed a yawn. "It is getting late. Shall we sleep? I will wake early and show you more of our land tomorrow, if it pleases you.” Supposing no one comes looking for you by then.
  12. If Rosa was expecting a sagely answer to her question, she would be disappointed. Leaning against the table, Night looked down for a moment, his odd turquoise eyes pensive. When he finally spoke, it was soft and regretful. “I do not know, Rosa. But… wisdom and enlightenment come in many forms. As does the path that takes you there. And this is only one belief that I spoke of.” He tilted his head at the ground, frowning in thought. “And just because something is believed in… does not mean it is true.” He straightened, turning to look at the stack of books. They were old tomes, of varying sizes and translated languages. Many had footnotes and comments in the margins, written by scholars who studied deep and hard into the book’s archives of knowledge and information. “The gods… they are above us, Rosa. I do not understand them or their ways. More than likely I never will.” He glanced back at her as he restacked the books. She was truly odd, this princess. He had met with royalty before, and none of them had any interest in knowledge. Oh, they might have been intelligent enough to grasp complex concepts and puzzling abstractions, but the need to use that intelligence was sorely lacking. Rosa was different. Far different. Night was growing slightly uncomfortable and Rosa questioned the likeliness of siring a heir to his power. “No, not my cousin. My father was a seer. As was his before him. Before that, the mother, But always, when a seer bears a child, the firstborn is the one with power. I am firstborn, Rosa. And any child I will bear will have the power. It is my duty to marry and be sure I sire the next seer.” He straightened the books. “There was another seer… but he was captured by the Terrans. He is presumed dead. So all duties fall to me. I must… well. I have no choice.” When she spoke of her intention of not leaving, it provoked something unexpected – anger. The first time Night showed anger. He spun around, glaring at her, harsher than he intended. “There is nothing that stops the pain, Rosa! When you are forced to leave, the pain will return, and in time it will kill me. I accept that fact, as must you. Thank you for your concern, but…” He stopped, chest heaving. He looked away, and an awkward silence passed. “I… am sorry. I did not mean to…” his words trailed off, vanishing with any trace of anger. Then, “Do you have any other questions, Rosa?”
  13. I made a snazzy banner for our shop thingie lol

  14. You'll do great. Blow them out of the water!
  15. Olympia’s dancing mistress was well-known throughout the castle. She was strict and severe, not given to needless formalities and blunt to a fault. But she knew her craft well, and had taught all manner of people to dance. From the poor to the wealthy, from the common to the royal – they all learned to glide over the floor by the time her lessons were finished. Her narrow eyes flickered over Olympia and Rys as the latter came to stand by the Princess’ side, and then nodded once. A slender wooden switch snapped twice upon her palm as she spoke with short, brusque sentences. “The Hesitation Waltz, your Grace Melisende. It is a simple ballroom dance for couples. Very fashionable today. If you please – “ She beckoned, and a tall, slender man in a rather flamboyant outfit stepped out of the shadows and came forward. The dance misress placed the switch between her teeth, speaking around it. “We shall demonstrate. First, take his hand in yours, like so, as he places his on your lower back…” It was a simple dance, traditional and not too risqué. The dance instructor droned on as she explained the dance, her partner remaining silent and looking quite bored as he executed the steps with practiced finesse. They made it look quite easy and even pulled off a twist and spin at the end, bowing to each other. They repeated the dance three times at varying speeds, and at the end of the third, the dance instructor swished her switch back and forth, motioning to Rysorian and Olympia. Despite the dance name, Rys didn’t hesitate. He snatched up Olympia’s hand and stepped forbiddingly close, his other arm reaching around to claps her just above the waistline. In less than a second he was moving to the beats the instructor snapped out along with sharp claps – “One, two, three, four! Quicker, Kadje, and you, Melisende! This is a waltz, not a moonwalk!” Rys had not been boasting or exaggerating. It was clear he had danced before, and his body moved with a nearly sensual grace as he moved with Olympia across the marble floor. He stared at her eyes with that same unnatural intensity, as if daring her to make one clumsy move. “I detest dancing,” he whispered once, when they had moved out of easy earshot of the dance instructor.