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  1. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Moving slowly with grace and patience, Kassandra circled Corvus. Her green eyes never shifted from this evil she had captured, just as her power never wavered, never faltered even as the walls of the alley shook and deformed under Corvus’ wrath. It was considerable strength this raven held, but it was not enough. Not today. The people at the mouth of the alley scurried on, unaware of the conflict occurring only a few feet away, and Corvus was unable to break free of her bonds. Kassandra made a full circle around Corvus, and turned to face the caged raven who spoke at last. Then Kassandra smiled, every tooth showing. “Yield,” she echoed. Her head tilted, birdlike. “Hmm, I suppose it will have to do, my pet. But be warned,” she gestured around her, to the pentagram suspended behind her and the cross holding Corvus prisoner, “this will happen again if you disobey, little bird. This, and worse.” It was a slight, almost unseen gesture that caused the cross to disappear as though it never was. The rotating pentagram shuddered, then broke apart, dissipating into a green mist that itself slowly vanished into the stale air. The feel of Kassandra’s power, dark and heavy, lifted. Once again the witch was a comely lady dressed for celebration and nothing more. Kassandra examined her clean, flawless nails, in no hurry. She dusted off a piece of the alley walls from one shoulder. Then, “Kneel.” A heavy, unyielding weight pressed down against Corvus’ shoulders, forcing her to do just that. Kassandra sauntered over to Corvus and crouched down before her, her eyes full of amusement and something more. “You are fascinating, little Raven. Our time together will be memorable, I am sure. Now you can be sure of one thing; I always keep my promises.” She leaned back, hands flat on the dusty ground, one leg crossed over the other as she regarded Corvus with interest. “Tell me of this Red Yusuke, pet, and all these other characters who thought you good as dead. Else how shall I help you with your goals?”
  2. What are you playing?

    Kingdom Come Deliverance for PC. So far I'm having quite the time. My only gripe is I have to feed the bastard daily.., but you know, realism ftw. Didn't have any problem running the game, no crashes yet, no game-ending bugs. Voice acting is good, graphics are good, controls are smooth. Fighitng is kind of weird; learning how to chain my attacks well enough is probably going to take some work, but I'm not scared off. Anyway (no spoilers, we know his family dies from game summaries) damn, when his mother died, I was like O_O and then T-T Got to applaud the game for that moment. The only "Bad" thing is all the loading times, especially when talking to people. It's enough time for me to lift my glass of lemonade, take a judicious sip, then set it down. I know it doesn't take long to do that, but it's actually a long pause when you just want to begin a chat with an NPC in a game.
  3. What are you playing?

    My first playthrough I got the best ending, lol. I'm playing the New Game+ with the intention of getting the other good ending. Have no intention of being an ass to Ciri though just to see the bad ending I already saw on Youtube. >_>
  4. Feast or Famine

    I solved this quest in Grandia 2.
  5. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Her smile never wavered, but instead grew wider. As if witness a grand event, or peering into the fortuitous future, Kassandra’s breathing quickened ever so slightly as her eyes followed Corvus moving o her proper place. However, when Corvus stood in her proposed area, Kassandra was once again the epitome of calm. Her composure was that of stone. She observed Corvus standing there, facing her placidly, fingers weaving together. This natural killer, made and perhaps born a murderess, was beautiful: those hot, honey-gold eyes, glinting in the faint light of the alley set off by the sparkling black dress, that dark hair, those fine features, and the grace with which she moved, like a stalking leopard. But most of all, that ferocity in her every manner and spoken word. It was strikingly beautiful. Beautiful in the way all things dark and evil were beautiful, and Kassandra loved it. “My little raven,” she purred. “There are some things you must learn. No, listen,” she raised a finger. “You were so very nasty to that cabbie, but perhaps he deserved it. Still, you were so very careless. Losing your temper, and then killing him in plain sight? Did you want us to get caught? Oh, don’t give me that look.” Kassandra took a step closer to Corvus, one head tilted like a curious bird. Her hands tightened round each other. “I think, dear raven, you must be tamed.” Her hands suddenly separated, splitting apart serpent-quick. In a flash of murky light, a dismal marsh-green, Kassandra’s power did not blossom, did not bloom, but exploded, crashing forth like a wave of darkness and shadow in their purest form. Corvus was suddenly unable to move as a pentagram made of that green light and that same power materialized behind her, rotating slowly. “Traicere!” Kassandra shouted. At one of the pentagram’s tip, a wiked symbol appeared of curving, elegant lines. “Lux!” A symbol made overlapping circles appeared at another tip. “Spacium!” A symbol of stars. “Mors!” A symbol, vaguely resembling a skull. “Consummavi.” FWOOM In a sudden fog of paralyzing agony and overflowing shadow, Corvus was no longer on the ground but suspended in the air, crucified on a cross so stygian black it could barely be seen. Kassandra walked closer, the pentagram following her with every step. Her expression, so calm and kind before, was now a vicious glare, nearly tangible in its leashed anger. “You are a very bad pet,” Kassandra said. Her voice was a whisper, yet clearly heard, a deadly dirge in a black hallway. Beyond, celebrators walked by, oblivious. “You will no longer do as you will, Corvus. You will do as I will, by my command, and no other. Or you will enjoy this again.” A whirlwind flashed around the crucifix, blades of air slashing across Corvus, and each touch was a searing, continuous pain. Kassandra waited for a moment, dress swirling in the wind, then continued. The wind and pain abated. “You will find me a kind master, pet, as long as you obey me. You want revenge, yes? You want blood and death, no? You want freedom most? Indeed, I will give you all of this and more. We – oh yes, we – will hunt those who caused you to be trapped in here,” Kassandra smiled wickedly as she flashed a familiar red jewel, “and slaughter them as all things should be. We will find this Red Yusuke, should she live, this Black Queen of Orisia, this Roen Jaeger, and many more who will beg to be our slaves. What do you say to that, my bold little raven? No more talk of how I need riches and wealth. Let us talk instead of what you want, and what you need.”
  6. I'm back...again? Shit. I don't know.

    Hello, this Penguin Overlord Insurance Agency. We will be happy to cover limb replacements of the cybernetic variant, complete with heat-seeking laser beams. Please sign your soul and future away here, on the dotted line. ........................................ Please be aware that while we will take everything you own, you will still have to pay an interest of up to but not limited to 70%.
  7. It's not all Roses

    Screams of horror split the air as the tree toppled. Branches split and foliage scattered as the force of hitting the ground broke the limbs apart. For moment there was nothing but confusion, aid in the midst of it all, someone disappeared, and no one would ever know who exactly had so carelessly felled the tree. Men and women scrambled over to wreckage, cutting and pushing and pulling away the heavy debris, breathing frantic prayers that the two were unharmed. Light from Cordeliane’s shield glowed amidst the scattered branches, covering both her and Shawn. She had tackled him just in time, ling on top of him as the tree had fallen. There were leaves and twigs in her hair, and there was a long cut tracing down Shawn’s cheek, but otherwise they were unharmed. He stared at Cordeliane as the workers pulled them out of the rubble, standing them up, checking for injuries, asking them if they were all right, asking for forgiveness. “You…” Shawn looked inexplicably angry. “You!” he suddenly yelled, almost screaming at Cordeliane. He grabbed her by the shoulders, looking like he was about to murder her or at least the next closest person to them. “Are you all right?! What the fuck happened? Almost killing us both is what you call progress?” he barked at the cringing workers. Kay stared at Mina as she told him of her experiences, all of them truly awful. He did nto know the gods or powerful leings she spoke of, not this Mithros or the Warriors. But the softness of her voice as she spoke, the implication of all other words, was enough to relay to him the terrible path she had walked and still overcome its tragedy. It seemed wrong, but it somehow felt like hearing her story mitigated his experience with the Spidrens, and made him feel slightly better. “You’re not s’posed t’touch me,” he mumbled, halfheartedly trying to pull away from her. He crumpled against her instead. He scrubbed tears from his face with one arm, trying to calm his breathing with exercises he learned in the army. It was quite a while before he regained some composure, but it still helped, and when he was finally able to look her in the eye it was without fear. “You’re a weird Goddess, y’know? Didja know… some speculate that… Altus was human, once.” He didn’t know what that had to do with anything. He sat back, knees drawn up. “How can I tell Orion what ‘appened? All I’ve been doin’ is hurting ‘im.” He shivered. Sun Diver lowered its head and nudged one shoulder. “Yeah… I guess I better… go bac, huh?” He stood up hurriedly “TH-thanks, Mina. But… pleased don’t’ stand in front o’ horses again? That… I almost ran you over, y’know.” Sun Diver trotted back to Orion and Finvarra, snorting. Kay was on its back, shoulders hunched, face red. “S-sorry ‘bout that, just kinda lost my ‘ead for a moment, there. Look, uh… ” He swallowed, looking away. “Finn, can you just… I dunno, get lost for a second? I gotta talk to ‘Rion.”
  8. When Night met Rosa

    Ruined? Night raised an amused brow. He had heard only the barest minimum of Nvengaria, not enough to know the views on women and the laws forbidding them from spending time alone with an unmarried man. Had he known, he would have been astonished, perhaps even horrified. The mainland harbored no such restrictions and viewed woman at a much higher status. Even society itself aimed to please them more than men. As it was, he did not know, and didn’t care at the moment. He had found somebody to love, somebody who did not fear him or his touch, or looked at him with fearful awe or greed for high status. He grinned when Rosa asked if Dream would approve. He might not – had had not even approved initially of Eclipse’s marriage to Cordeliane – but what other choice did his mighty leader have? “Does it matter, Rosa? Dream must approve. I am sure he does not want to marry you... himself…” His breath caught, voice trailing off. Marry? Of course, that was where they were headed, was it not? Yet the thought startled him. It had happened too fast, so unseemly fast, yet it was right. But to think of marriage, a marriage he felt so sincerely good for, was completely unexpected. He pondered this as Rosa hid behind one of Twilight’s massive wings. He walked over to where he had laid his tunic and pulled it on a she dressed, and a small cast of magic dried his skin and wet clothing quickly as if he had baked in the sun for an hour. Rosa called him then, and Twilight lifted one wing so he could get to her. Her wet skin plastered the dress to her, leaving little to the imagination. Night flushed again. She had that effect. He motioned for her to turn around and lightly touched one of her shoulders; she would feel a queer tingle as magic soaked up the extra moisture and expelled it in a faint mist into the dry air. Then he went to fumbling with the satin strings. “All right,” he said when he finished a last. “Twilight, will you give us both a lift again?” he asked the mighty griffin. The faster he could confront Dream, the better.
  9. Burdens Sleep Best in Their Tombs

    At one time, Zenahriel would have fiercely defended his brothers’ reputations, ignoring their faults and, as Rafael saw it, their irresponsibility. Now it seemed that time had passed. As Zenahriel looked down on the filth that was Mensis, he realized that the negligence shown by his kin was simply inexcusable. All well and good that Aletheiar had found love and happiness, and Ryzerus’s agendas were as incomprehensible and enigmatic as always, but to leave Genesaris floundering as it was now… no. What Rafael said, all of it was true. Brows furrowing, Zenahriel glared across the ruined expanse of the Citadel’s ruins. He meant this cursed place to be the first to be freed from the corruption Whispernight had wrought upon it, and most certainly not the last. It was time for a change – a change to the usual hands-off approach Zenahriel often took in the most recent generations of the High Lords’ reign. “We will talk of this later,” Zenahriel murmured as Rafael moved on to more important matters. He nodded as Rafael indicated the land and its magic. “The magic supports the land and is the land… and the people of it,” he clarified, both for himself as well as his mate. Genesaris was a world of sorcery like no other place, entwined and united with powers beyond the scope of most human perception. With the coming of evil and darkness twisting the land upon which he and Rafael stood, so did the nation’s ecosystem and populace itself being to fall apart and decay. Zenahriel’s eyes followed the trajectory of Rafael’s blue gaze, knowing well what he was looking at. The monster Sauriel had defeated languished in darkness not its own, restless, tormented, and hungry, always hungry. Its punishment was eternal subservience to the Blood God. “He will grow more powerful as he feeds,” Zenahriel warned Rafael. “Be sure you do not lose control of him, my King, if he unwisely chooses to defy us.” He smiled suddenly, wingstips brushing across the earth as his wings flared, showing off the vibrant black, violet, and blue highlights among the overlapping feathers. “Call him out, Lord. This should be quite the show.”
  10. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Though Kassandra’s eyes wandered, she was listening. Yes, she looked beyond Corvus to the bustling streets, the people and buildings, the colors, all the sights and sounds to be had. Her green eyes settled on a booth selling wares of solid gold, skillfully wrought into shapes of mythical beasts and exquisite jewelry. The young man entrusted with the task of selling these fine pieces was not minding his business; his eyes were on a young woman, a few stalls down selling silver rings. He was in love; she was not aware he existed. It was a sort of tragedy, and made for a strange scene as Kassandra took in Corvus’s words. Where did Corvus come from? A guild? An organization of sorts that trained people such as her to be only killers? A secret college of assassins? A prison that secretly raised murderers and hitmen? Kassandra’s head tilted to one side, considering, wondering at the origins of her pet. Any and all of these scenarios was tragic, too, and piqued her interest. She was about to ask, to extract details, when blood rained. Crimson splashed the over the gold pieces and smaller bits of the driver’s body splattered over the silver rings. Bystanders screamed and ducked for cover from the perceived assault while guards and wayward warriors here for entertainment alone rushed over to the grisly scene. It was clear a few gifted men and women had sensed the rush of power as guards questioned those nearest the murder, but none knew from where. Only Kassandra, a safe enough distance away, knew the culprit. Her lips pursed as she frowned at Corvus. She spun around, her green, silver-toned dress swirling about her legs. “You wish to learn, my bold little raven? Come, then.” She stalked away, leaving the bloody massacre of a man whose wife and three children would dearly miss. Amid the chaos, the ring seller, fleeing from the interrogations of an overly inquisitive guard, would bump into the gold merchant who would proceed to offer support and comfort. They would marry three years later. Kassandra walked down the streets, weaving a path through the throngs of men, women, and children. The some of the colorful chalk on the street found its way onto her dress, coloring the edges a bright red and giving it a faint ombré appearance as she swept along without pause. Until finally, in the midst of the celebration, Kassandra swerved into a dark alley, left abandoned for brighter areas. She stopped in the middle of this dark road, surrounded by twin brick walls and disarrayed trash. Kassandra glanced behind, as if to make sure Corvus had not become lost, before turning to the darkness before her. “I’m here,” she said, her voice echoing slightly. An odd yelp sounded from the back of the alley, a strange mingling between bark and screech. Silver light glittered from the shadows, chasing the darkness away like waves of water into oil. The light rose up, coalesced, solidifying into that of a large fox – a vixen – with silver fur and nine tails waving around her slender, glistening body. “Raven, meet fox,” Kassandra said pleasantly. “Hageshi-ri has formed a deal with me, darling raven. I will restore her shrine – it matters not where – in return for her loyalty and service. Fox magic can be very, very useful.” She bent down to one knee and scooped up a rock, dusty and dirty. She beckoned to the fox. “As promised, my pet. Inside.” The fox’s body suddenly dispersed into tails of light, white and silver awash in magic and powerful energy. With a flash, they dissolved and merged with the stone Kssandra held, and the rock itself changed, the granite brightening, turning into a gleaming white stone, smooth as silk and a perfect sphere. With a pleased flourish, Kassandra stashed the stone into a pouch at her side. “Now, my little fledgling, go stand where Hageshi-ri was, will you?”
  11. Eldritch Whispernight

    It could be. Who knows what the Old Ones looked like?
  12. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Hands folded calmly in her lap, Kassandra gazed out the window. To be sure, Avylon was a splendid place – worthy of praise – though hardly did it warrant the driver’s clear obsession. Still, Kassandra enjoyed the view. There was color everywhere, augmented by great towering vases of flowers and roses of every scent and shape, silk ribbons, crystal chandeliers, lights, and music, dancing and laughter from every man and woman and child. It seemed everyone in the world was here… and therefore, endless opportunities. Sighing, she breathed in the pleasurable aroma of exotic foods as the carriage rolled to a stop nearby one of the many eateries with a clear view of the city proper. The driver was still ranting on and on, and Kassandra herself was growing tired of his voice. She meant to tell him to be silent, or at least depart quickly so as to save herself the displeasure of listening to him further, but Corvus was less patient. “SHUT UP!” Kassandra sighed again, looking to one side as Corvus seized the cabbie by the throat. The carriage rocked violently, tilting on one squealing wheel as her black-garbed pet expressed her thoughts and feelings in a most inappropriate way. Inappropriate… but impressive. The white horse attached to the carriage reared slightly, snorting in agitation as Corvus released her unfortunate victim. Kassandra smiled to herself as the driver rushed off, screaming and whimpering into the crowd of people. That was what you got when testing the wrong person. Despite Corvus’s words, Kassandra was in no hurry to exit. She rolled her shoulders, stretching the muscles across her back before sliding gracefully across the seat to the open carriage door. She too was dressed finely; she had chosen a dress of fine silk, a seductive form-fitting green with a tone of silver beneath. With a slit to expose one leg, it swirled around her ankles as she stepped out of the carriage into the street. Her auburn, waist length hair fell around her shoulders in lazy waves, framing her face and making her green eyes stand out. Her only jewelry was what appeared to a be a sizable ruby hanging around her neck, sparkling in the vibrant lights of Avylon. “Hmm. How pleasant,” she murmured. A jovial man approached, with a tray of chocolate samples to offer them. She plucked one and nibbled at it delicately before shifting her attention to Corvus. She could feel the impatience, the rage, the power of the woman, and it truly delighted her. It was like having a wild-bred panther as a pet. Deadly, perhaps impossible to completely tame, but inherently exciting and rich in experience. A challenge with many rewards to reap. “Calm yourself, my little raven,” she chided gently. Popping the last of the chocolate past her lips, she reached into the carriage, drawing out a black handbag and hefting it onto one shoulder before shutting the door. “We’re here to enjoy ourselves, and not merely draw attention.” Placing hands on hips, she observed the city. So large. So colorful. So auspicious. “Where shall we go first, fledgling? I sense many possibilities here. Surely you do, too, and I am in no hurry at the moment.” My client can wait. “Is there anywhere you would like to explore?”
  13. Eldritch Whispernight

    Looking for more to do with Whispernight? Check out the new quests centered around Eldritch horrors! Like the other quests, these are repeatable, and you choose your prize for completing a quest, hopefully without dying! See you there!
  14. Eldritch Quests

    Each quest is repeatable, and no permission to take on one is needed. Rewards or lack thereof are ultimately determined by the player. No prerequisites needed. Have fun! Eldritch Quests Tree of Evil Villages scattered all over Genesaris have been cursed by Whispernight. Ghouls and ghasts haunt their town day by day, demanding sacrifice and blood. Few enter, and fewer leave. It appears the cause of this curse is a mysterious tree that grows in the center of the accosted village. Radiating evil and corruption, these trees are protected by a host of demons and ghosts, and holds power of their own. Cut any of these trees down, and free the village from Whispernight’s evil. Phoenix Fire The glorious phoenix is often associated with rebirth, but even these creatures were unable to escape the corruption Whispernight brought with it. A twisted shadow of what they once were, phoenixes of black fire, blood, and rotted flesh fly over the Cold Mountains, destroying all they touch. Bring down any of these tormented creatures of myth and legend; if it is reborn anew from its own ashes, legend states you may claim it as a mount, loyal to only you. False Gods The Yum Janus Tavern, located in various places all over Genesaris, has been a refuge for the weary traveler for many a generation. Now these rest stops have attracted eldritch abominations of unspeakable evil. Patrons of the taverns have been turned into monstrous creatures; others who have escaped transformation have turned to either victims of slaughter while some have turned to worshiping these nightmare creatures. Seek out one of these taverns and destroy the false god that rules over it, but beware the ancient power of the abomination and its tormented disciples. Eldritch Horde The once-peaceful hills of the Great North are plagued by eldritch monsters so evil they rot all they touch and the minds of those they speak to go mad. It is fortunate that these particular creatures rarely venture out, but some of them grow powerful, and grow bold enough to leave this sanctuary of their kind to assault and burn down nearby villages, stations, and towns that once knew nothing but tranquility. It has become popular to go here, and should one survive the eldritch abominations living here and their powerful voices, one may find a great hoard of Black Exalta Crystals hiding within the bodies of the slain. Perhaps the power of the crystals and these eldritch horrors are related. Corrupted Waters The sea off the coast of the west is haunted by eldritch abominations unlike what anything Valucre has ever seen. Grown to massive heights, towering over the tallest of fortresses, these bizarre creations roam the waters and come ashore regularly to torture the citizens there. Each one seems to favor a particularly coastal village or city. Down one and save many… but killing even one will be the challenge of a lifetime. Moonwood The largest lake of Genesaris nourishes the Moonwood Forest, a peaceful place known for its pure-white animals and spirit creatures. Many of these creatures of lake and wood are now corrupted versions of their former graceful, elegant selves. However, destroying one claims that creature’s trapped soul; downing one returns the creature to its original self and binds the creature to you, allowing you to summon it at will. Unfortunately, many of those who venture into this forest are cursed themselves, as the growing darkness of Whispernight seizes hold of the soul and twists it beyond recognition. Sky of Terror Monstrosities within the skies of Genesaris terrorize land dwellers everywhere. Airships are being used to down these nightmare creatures, but more than one have been destroyed. Put your piloting skills to the test and see if you can light these nightmares on fire and send their twisted corpse crashing down. Borrowed ships are yours to keep if you survive, and any mysterious loot these creatures may have are yours as well.
  15. What are you reading?

    The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman. It's got a lot of romance, and I usually don't read romance, but I love her writing style. Not too heavy, not too light. Needed something as break from The Wheel of Time books.