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  1. I can't find the song by itself, but you can still listen to it here: I fight this guy just to listen to the music. When I first stumbled on this dude and the song started playing, I was like, "Well, this can't be good." I think Nier's music is all pretty good, but this is definitely one of my favorite ones.
  2. Gabriela’s reply did not satisfy Zenahriel in the least. Her voice was too slow, too soft; she was a poor liar, and Zenahriel was not fooled. Something had clearly happened between the queen and his hostile kin and he intended to discover exactly what. But that would wait. Right now, the queen seemed determined to keep her suffering to herself, and right now Zenahriel realized he was too tired, too weary of all this betrayal to think further on this foreboding matter. “Home I will return, dead or alive.” “It will be dead,” he said. “Oh, don’t look at me like that. I said I wouldn’t kill you.” He waved a hand dismissively. “I don’t make a habit of killing mothers of innocent children. Especially when they did nothing to deserve their execution.” He pushed a foot against the wall, straightening. “But you would be dead anyway, soon enough. Terrenus is not kind to Unnaturals, vampires included. You would be hunted and exterminated like any pest.” He sighed. His wings unfurled, stretching. The pinons swept across the ground, brushing against either side of the cabin room. So great was their size they could not extend to their full length in the small space. He tensed the muscles in one, then the other, testing their strength. They felt fresh and invigorated – it had not been too long ago when he had borne Gabriela into the unwelcoming sky. “You will need protection, clearly. I threatened your life,” his lips pursed, “wrongly, so now I will see to it you return to Orisia safely, whatever the path you take.” Zenahriel looked away for a moment, the expression of his face dead, unreadable. He was not sure why he felt so obligated to stay with her. She didn’t’ want him around her, certainly. He was sure she was displeased, this so-called infatuated, dangerous child who insisted on following her everywhere. But such was the path to redemption, he told himself. Sometimes the involved never wanted to be. When he turned to look at her again, it was accompanied by a few swift steps that brought him before her. He kneeled so that his eyes met hers on a level, and his hands reached out to gentle cup her face. “You’re weak, and we can’t have you go around hunting anything – or anyone – while you’re in Terrenus.” He tilted his head to one side and pulled her to him, pressing her lips against the great vein pulsing at his throat. Drink.
  3. You're really good! Good proportions, cool clothing, nice expressions. You've inspired me.
  4. In the past, Zenahriel would have forgiven her immediately. His love for her would have demanded nothing less, even when that love could never be reciprocated, belonging as it did to the Fiend. But back then was different. He had believed that Gabriela loved him in her own way, that she had sincerely cared for him. Now he knew the truth. She thought him a child, spit on his affections, declared his love for her nothing more than uncontrolled infatuation. She even still blamed him for the loss of her memories when that distraught time was long over. I have a mate now, though. One who loves and cares for me. Why should I care for her, now? It was the truth, yet deep inside Zenahriel felt horribly empty – soulless. His eyes which had lost only fraction of their hardness, shifted back to the Queen. He wondered what his brother had done, to involve himself with Gabriela. Ryzerus had never cared about the affairs of mortals… or of anyone, for that matter. He had hidden himself away in the Cold Mountains, departing only when odd moods struck him. Moods neither Zenahriel nor Alazar ever understood. The eldest of the High Lords was dark, enigmatic, ruled by nothing but impulse. “He said nothing more,” he said, shortly. He looked away, his face a scowl as Gabriela spoke of the Devil and her unborn child. Abruptly he stood up straight and strode to where she sat, looking so sad and forlorn. He looked down at her for a moment before his hand swept outward, seizing her chin in a firm grasp. He tilted her head up, looking into her golden eyes that he believed once held genuine warmth. He looked into them for a long time, before letting her go. Yes, it was true, all of it. Her innocence, her love for the Crimson King, her happiness, even her faint guilt over leaving her kingdom to a treacherous son. His arm fell back to his side and he walked back to where he had been. When she insulted his brother, he shot her a glare. “Don’t you dare label my brother. I told you before. He cannot help it. He took the body of a killer, a dead body… and maybe…” he breathed out harshly. “Maybe he was wise to do so. If we had all done the same, we wouldn’t have to deal with these… these emotions,” he spat. One wing snapped out angry reflex before folding again. “What did he do, that you would call him that? Did he not help you?”
  5. Any lesser being would have quailed, cowering under that deadly pulse of power and those burning eyes. In fact, Zenahriel himself knew what sort of power the Queen possessed; he had fought her once, and her anger and rage was no small thing to witness, to battle. After all, she was the beloved child of Tenebre, — an incarnation of Darkness of the sort that came only once in many uncounted lifetimes. She might look fragile, a porcelain doll, but this doll had fangs. Any lesser being indeed, but Zenahriel was no lesser being. No fear showed in him, only a loathing and resent that grew as she continued to claim innocence and dared to speak of his mate. Raphael, the ancient vampire and fledgling god who had sought him out and woke him from the Great Sleep for nothing other than love, while Gabriela had stood by and done nothing. “You call your little infatuation with me love?” I did. “You’re a child.” I was. “For too long have I had to suffer under the weight of your affections.” Not anymore. She never loved me – no, she always hated me, he realized. None of it was love. It was all manipulation, a ruse, a falsehood played out with horrific consequences. His teeth clenched. He had never before felt a greater fool than now. “If you don’t believe me, ask your brother.” For a moment Zenahriel was puzzled. She couldn’t mean Alazar. The Lord of Brightstorm was off honeymooning with his wife. But that left only Ryzerus, and what would he have to do with all of this? “What, did you fuck him too?” He reached out with his mind then, touching the link that connected him at the deepest level to his elder sibling. To his consternation, Ryzerus answered immediately, opening the line of communication as if he had been expecting the contact for quite some time. Perhaps he had been. Zenahriel asked, and Ryzerus answered. The explanation did not take long, and Zenahriel was breathing hard and heavy with anger by the time Ryzerus was done explaining Gabriela’s innocence. … and you’re a fool, Ryzerus finished. She is, too. Well, well. Maybe you are suited for each other. “Why would Dollya lie?” Zenahriel demanded, out loud for Gabriela’s benefit. Because she’s a bitch. Ryzerus cut off the link, leaving Zenahriel with a blank slate. Silence passed for a while. “So, you didn’t kill her. Your son did,” Zenahriel admitted grudgingly. “So you leave your kingdom under the rule of a murderer, to trick away the Devil only to let him put his cock inside you and impregnate you with a bastard. How noble of you.”
  6. It was an honest gesture, the way the woman held out her hand. Impatient and curt, but honest. There was no need to fear such a gesture. For just a moment Valanus looked at that hand, and hesitantly reached for it. Hadn’t she helped him? Given him water? Ridden with him this far? She was a friend. But before his fingers could touch hers, his expression, filled with anxious trust, changed. Terror, sharp and hideous, flashed through his eyes. His hand snapped back and he cowered as if the woman had suddenly changed into a horrific monster. When she started counting out loud, any remnants of trust he had vanished behind that curtain of fear. “One…. Two…” She was going to punish him. If he didn’t do what she wanted, she was going to hurt him. He remembered the way she had struck Falio, very nearly caving in his skull with that rock. What wouldn’t she do to a worthless nobody like him? He was just a burden after all. For all her help in escaping Jerdosa and his companions, she was no friend at all. His hands clawed shallow rifts in the earth as he scrabbled against the ground, lurching upright. Despite his wounded leg, his flayed back and exhaustion, he moved with a speed only pure desperation and panic could grant. He scrambled up on the horse that was obediently standing a few feet away from where he had fallen. Its back was stained with spots of blood that had fallen from the tears in his back, and it snorted as Valanus climbed atop it, shaking with fright, shoulders hunched. His breath was coming in short gasps. He couldn’t even bring himself to meet the woman’s eyes. What was she going to do to him?
  7. Please do not use this thread to talk. Use the other thread in the Water Cooler. This one is only for posting your threads and summary.
  8. Update you guys: You're free to create small villages and towns not on the map and destroy those too. You know, casualties for realism and extra explosion opportunities...
  9. To keep things organized:
  10. Thanks everyone who is participating in this world-changing event! To ensure that everyone gets canonized, please post your thread(s) and your character name(s) (or whatever you used to blow the city up) here, and a summary of your thread. It doesn't matter if it hasn't happened yet or if you don't quite get to finish by the end of May - it will still get counted as long as you make an effort. I highly encourage you to look through this thread if you want to participate and rp in groups. The more the merrier! Thank you!
  11. Yes this is allowed. Go wild! Whispernight is the rising of supernatural creatures and forces, especially of the undead kind, that seek the destruction of the living. They are heralded by a sweeping mist or fog that may or may not have deadly effects on the living. Zombie dragons, ghosts, vampires, and pretty much anything you'd consider killing on principle can be encountered.
  12. I want everything gone, actually. Having one thread for the city is kind of... well, not enough, lol. You're welcome to try to save it, but it must be a failed attempt. What would be a cool idea is if you saved a bunch of civilians, which would get you a hero status in Genesaris and place in canon.
  13. Well, if someone really wants to blow it up, they can. If no one claims it, it'll be the sole city to survive.
  14. Hey Song; you sure can draft up a new article. I wouldn't mind at all! In fact, I would prefer it if some of the lore remains; that way, everyone involved in the destruction can have their name placed in canon! All that King has said is true. Whispernight lasts at maximum about a month or so. Too bad for the civilians of Genesaris. This is to destroy cities, not rebuild them, at least not immediately. After everything is said and done and the map reflects the change in the number of cities, we'll see. So at the very least, not immediately. I don't want to destroy cities just to replace them with something else.
  15. It has come again. The mysterious destructive source known as the Whispernight has awakened, bringing with it death and devastation the likes of which has never been before seen. Swarming through cities and villages, its wreaks havoc on the living and the undead alike, devouring the souls and spirits of all it touches. All things wither before it, and terror grows as it spreads throughout Genesaris at a rate untold and unknown before now. This is Whispernight: Ragnarok. The cities are in the midst of mass evacuation to the safest cities in the region. The rest are being abandoned, but in the midst of this evacuation those who feed on destruction and death arise. Are you one of those who feast on evil? Are you one of those who bring the grave to the living? Are you one of those who live to see civilization fall? Do you want to be a legend of the world ending? Become it. Be it. Bring your worst. This is serious folks. We’re working to clean up Genesaris and erase the cities that no one uses. The following are the cities that are not to be touched: To destroy a city, you can be anyone. You have until the end of May to destroy the city. The rest will be destroyed by Whispernight. If you can do it in one massive post, do it. If you want to do it in the tradition 3 page, 15 posts each, do it. If you want to do it by yourself, do it. With a group? Do it. Explosions? Welcome. Plague? Go for it. Other means? Be my guest. All you’ve got to is title it [City name: Ragnarok] Thread Title. These are the cities you can kill: Valinde Talix-Engine Kuratel Port Town Kaurilia Telerian Testerossa Ballard Bay Lanternway Talthanus Cobran Vintel Post here if you want to destroy some shit, discuss, plan, or have questions. Then… go for it. Have fun.