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  1. The Hummingbird

    [Chat] How was your day?

    Got off of work a half hour early and got some profitable stuff done in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Good day.
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    General chat thread

    I never actually liked bananas anyway.
  3. The Hummingbird

    General chat thread

    You never stood a chance....
  4. The Hummingbird

    Ruzahl's Spire

    Before he saw it, Garnet felt the oppressive weight of the evil gathered in this chamber. Sweat accumulated on his brow as his eyes took in the sight of the demon, whose dark ghostly mass wavered and shimmered not unlike a terrifying mirage. Merely looking at it made on feel small and insignificant. Weak and powerless, as if one were trapped in an uncontrollable nightmare. The feeling was not lost on Garnet. He wanted to turn and run, to drop the sword and forget the impossible task set upon him by the god of this labyrinth. A dragon, a pack of direwolves, Sköll himself, they were different. Those were foes that he could handle. They were mortal things, they could bleed, they could die. He was not sure the same pertained to this malicious entity. Sudden cold blasted into the chamber; flecks of snow showered over the room. Garnet breathed out harshly, seeing his breath frost in the air as the form of Sköll and Adira took shape. He was to fight both of them? Already wounded, tired, crippled – he? Above him, the demon laughed, mocking him, sharing the same doubt. Then for the first time, the voice spoke, audible not just to the mind, but to the ears. It was resoundingly powerful, echoing across the chamber, pressing against the walls and vaulted ceiling. “My brothers thought you were worth keeping alive. They said you were an artifact, the last of your kind, and thought you should live like some endangered animal. I will not make their mistake.” Though there was no one to cast it, a dark shadow appeared on the wall adjacent from Garnet. That of a man with massive wings. “He’s not the brightest, I’ll grant you that, but he will do.” The shadow broke apart like shattered glass. Inexplicably, a feather drifted down in front of Garnet, brown and rimmed with grey. Go save her, Garnet Seventeen. Before he lost the last of his courage, Garnet charged. He dashed forward, hurtling beneath the phantom demon above, toward the swirling form of Sköll. His left hand was not as good as his right, and Garnet was far from ambidextrous. But he was not weak with that hand either, far from helpless. He had trained all his life to deal with all kinds of weaknesses, and he brought to bear all he had learned now. The sword sang a vicious, wild song as he swung it into the snowy mass, the and the silver edge flashed. It was then the odd glow of the molded blade, dormant and benign before, suddenly exploded. Like a bomb it detonated, the light slashing into Sköll and the demon both.
  5. Hi and did you know that hummingbirds hum?

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    General chat thread

    My back is always straight, mostly because I have a nice set of rods fused to my spine. I'm not really that excited for Frozen 2. Say what you will, but I think they overdid it with Frozen 1. I mean, song after song after unneeded song. The opening song and "Let it Go" was nice and all, but Olaf's song about spring and sunshine and then another song about romance and love and then ANOTHER song about whatthehellever that doesn't support the story much at all... please, just get on with the story already. I loved The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, etc. but Frozen just overdid it for me. It had its moments, but it wasn't my favorite.
  7. The Hummingbird

    Ruzahl's Spire

    There was something evil in the labyrinth. Garnet could feel it, instinctively, the way prey knows it is being watched by the predator. He didn’t need any special senses or magic trails to know there was something dreadfully wrong at heart of this maze – something wrong, and lethal. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of Adira still in the wolf’s claws, and the voice urging him onward, giving sparse but adequate directions as the maze split up into different paths. Bright torches sitting on sconces were not the only decorations on the walls of the labyrinth. There were paintings too, faded images of scenery warmer than the environment of Ruzahl. There were portraits of men and women Garnet could not recognize, and her and there were the occasional carved busts of people strange to him, their granite eyes staring, watching as he went by. He felt strange – stranger. Fatigued and cold. His muscles ached. He knew what it was. He was coming close to getting a fever, possibly from infection. His spirits, already low, sank further. He had no idea where he was, and for all he knew the voice guiding him was nothing more than an auditory hallucination. You can’t afford to insult me, the voice said, as if knowing his thoughts. Keep going, you’re close. “Who are you?” You know who I am. Yes, he did know. On and on he walked, passing doors, passing hallways that led to destinations he could only imagine. All the while, the feeling of evil grew, so much that it became almost tangible, and increasingly oppressive. And it was not Sköll. It was something greater, something that should never have been created under the eyes of any watchful god. He reached another door. This one was different, carved with jagged runes and fearsome images of beasts he hoped never to see. It radiated power, magic of a kind that made his skin itch and burn. Prepare yourself.
  8. The Hummingbird

    General chat thread

    I thought you were smarter than that, Shize. Valucre is an ancient cult that has existed since time began. Its member and influence is growing, and slowly but steadily the reign of Carlos the World Administrator begins. Pretty soon, you'll have the Valucre logo stamped on your butt, and it'll be commonplace to see Valucre toys and Valucre pop drinks on the shelves of Valucreware, under the wise rule of Valucre Incorporated.
  9. The Hummingbird

    What's on your desk?

    We all have our own little base. For some it's a computer desk where we type, for some it's an art station, for others it's the bed. But we've all got things we keep nearby, so I want to know - what's on your desk? Bonus points for pics! On mine, I've got: A raven statue, a hawk statue, 3 dragon statues, and a dragon clock. A can of vanilla coke. Several stacked books. Some hot sauce I forgot to put away. A Huion display tablet. This takes up a lot of space, and is a thing of beauty, let me tell ya.
  10. The Hummingbird

    General chat thread

    So I don't recommend Doki Doki Literature Club to anyone but those who are safely on their pills. I really shouldn't have trusted Yuri... ;-;
  11. The Hummingbird

    Ruzahl's Spire

    Though Kurhunta’s gait was smooth, every step it took set Garnet’s wounds ablaze. Yet he gritted his teeth as he rode the stag, protesting not nor making any sound of aggravation, for fear of slowing the great beast. The stag was most congenial, letting Garnet guide it through the icy wilderness, following Sköll’s magic-laced path through wilds never before seen by man. Sometimes it was through groves of trees, dressed in gowns of white; other times it was through great rocky crags jutting from the ground, to be trespassed upon only with great caution. Sometimes, it was through lonely plains, where little could live and less could thrive. Soon, Garnet knew not where he was, only that he was behind Sköll… and ascending up, up into the hidden peaks of Ruzahl. It was for a long time he rode when the stag stopped. The mountain sides had grown treacherously steep. Too steep to go any farther, even on foot. He was prepared to try in any case, when he heard an odd sound. A high-pitched screech from above. He started atop the stag, as something small streaked by in a blur of dusty brown, black, and white. Twisting quickly around, Garnet spotted the bird and the telltale markings that identified it as a peregrine falcon. The fierce, swift creatures often bred in mountain ranges, but in such cold weather seeing one here was not to be expected. It whirled, climbing in elevation, though Garnet could still see it, and circled thrice. It screeched again, and flew slowly east. Garnet stared after it, then urged the stag to follow. The falcon flew high and quickly, though never too far ahead. Garnet and Kurhunta followed it gamely, until at last the falcon dove sharply, landing on an outcropping of rock. Leaning over the neck of the stag, Garnet stared at the runes carved into the stone, in a language he did not recognizing despite all his education and studying. The falcon screeched again, and flew away, mounting high into the sky until it was a mere dot that quickly disappeared. Then rock began to shake. The runes covering it suddenly lit, blazing with a blinding white fire. With a deep groan, the rock slid to one side, revealing an opening that led down deep into the earth. Within it, Garnet could see the beckoning of one lonely torch. He slid off the stag. “Thank you,” he whispered. Kurhunta snorted, turning away as Garnet slid into the opening. He fell only a few fert before landing with an echoing thud on a rough stone floor. He heard the rock slid back into place, leaving him in darkness with only the torch to see by. Taking it from its sconce with his good hand, he walked deeper into the mountain. It was eerily quiet, his footsteps sounding loud down in the mountain depths. Garnet hated being enclosed, and the feeling of claustrophobia grew stronger as he ventured deeper and deeper into this hidden path. The shadows around him grew darker, and the air smelled stale and dank. It was cold, yet somehow Garnet felt hot, and still rather dizzy, stumbling more than once as he made his way. Despite the torch, Garnet nearly collided with the closed door. Tentatively, he ran hand down the door’s surface, feeling the oddly warm stone carved with intricate designs and runes he thought might match the runes of the first rock. As he lowered the torch for closer examination, the light played over designs of dragons, gryphons, mythical birds and other fantastic creatures dancing over the smooth marble surface. There was no handle or doorknob. He pushed it against it with a shoulder, and it opened with ease. Garnet gasped as the bright light of the room flooded across him, a golden light that came from a sunglobe hanging in the center of the chamber. His eyes took a moment to adjust, and when they did, he saw what he least expected. Weapons. Swords of all sorts, knives, daggers, spears, polearms, bows, even arrows and darts, hung on the walls, displayed on tables and counters, even hung from the ceiling by intricate chains and ropes. They were all made with obsessive care, with expert hands and craftsmanship, quality that Garnet could easily see. Carbon and damascus steel, as well as fine iron and metals he knew and did not know, glittered in the light. Stepping further into the room, Garnet walked among the weapons, and stopping in front of a sword that nearly matched the one Sköll had broken. He ran his unwounded right hand along the masterwork hilt. Not that one. Garnet jumped. “Who’s there?” Not that one, the voice repeated. To your left. Garnet looked, and saw a longsword hung on the left wall. Its hilt, handle, and blade were all one piece, the pommel set with a heavy hag stone and the handle wrapped with leather. Its blade shone with an odd light. Garnet stared at it glumly. “My last sword did nothing,” he said. Do us all a favor and think for once, the voice chided. What kills a werewolf? “Sköll is no werewolf…” No. He is much more. Well? Garnet’s eyes widened slightly. “Silver… But my hand… I can’t wield it.” It is good you have two then. Leave the torch. You won’t need it. Garnet lowered the torch to the floor, leaving the flame to burn out and die. Carefully, he lifted the longsword from its place on the wall. It felt heavy, odd, weird in his left hand. He looked around as he hefted it, and saw a second door. The wave of heat and dizziness struck him again, and he faltered. Shaking it off, he shoved the door open.
  12. The Hummingbird

    Ruzahl's Spire

    Eyes wide and dulled by pain, Garnet watched as the mighty wolf transformed. Snow and frost, hurled by bitter winds, swirled around the massive beast and obscured the great body until it was no more than a blurred silhouette. Even so, Garnet could see the shape change, growing smaller and yet radiating the same amount of fearsome power. The magic present here was nearly intoxicating. So much that Garnet could almost see the aura, could almost smell the taint of the dark art the wolf manipulated so skillfully. The winds dissipated, and crystalline hail showered around the new form Sköll now donned. Humanoid, yet never farther from human, the beast strolled leisurely toward Garnet, and lifted up the blade the Edgemaster prized above all other things. “No!” Garnet cried. Too late. The blade cracked and shattered, falling into impotent shards. Garnet stared at the pieces of the sword he had been gifted so long ago. The masterpiece of a weapon forged for years under heat and cold, molded by hands and hammer and anvil for untold time… now gone, destroyed forever. Garnet glared at the wolf with hate in his eyes… Hate that turned to horror. “Adira! No! Don’t touch her, you filth!” Sköll only smiled as he opened his jaws, his scarred tongue sliding out to taste the young woman’s fingers. Then the jaws closed, and the fangs left to the wolf sheared off Adira’s smallest and ring finger. Her scream cut Garnet to the core, and in that moment he had never felt greater shame in his life. He had failed. He had failed. He cried her name, sobbing as she vanished with Sköll to a fate he would never know. All that was left was a few drops of her blood, drying, coagulating on the snow-covered ground. Around him, the wolves growled. They crouched low to the ground, and crept closer. With a bellow, the grey stag charged. Snow churned around it as it galloped over the earth, antlers plowing into the first wolf that dared to challenge it. The giant stag reared, bucked, and tossed its head, throwing the impaled wolf yards away. It circled Garnet, snorting, and in one moment, its golden eyes and Garnet’s green stare met one another. Then Garnet understood. Garnet strained against the vines that held him, gasping and crying out as the icy thorns dug into his flesh. Slowly, the frozen ropes began to crack. KRSHH. Garnet yelled, in pain and triumph, as one arm broke free. He rolled over, ignoring the agony, and grabbed one of the broken shards that was all the remained of his sword. Red shrouded his vision as he began to hack at the vines that held him. Under the shard, sharp as it was when first forged, the vines cracke and gave way easily. Gasping with the pain, Garnet ripped away the vines, tearing the thorns from his body and cast it aside. He stumbled over to his guardian and mounted the stag. His hands grasped the base of the antlers. Immediately the beast broke into a headlong rush, crashing through the thinw all of wolves who immediately gave chase. They were fast, but the stag was faster. Inch by inch, foot by foot, the wolves fell behind as the stag galloped on in great strides, never slowing until at last the howls of the pack faded and the wolves’ fierce forms vanished in the distance. At long last, the stag slowed to a trot, and Garnet leaned against its muscular neck, panting. He fell from the stag’s back and lay in the snow. Thee he finally slept. Perhaps it was an hour, or a day. When he awoke, he was hot, leaning against the body of the stag, and dizzy. Dizzy. Dizzy, and something else… Starting, his head snapped up. Despite the cold, despite that the snow was white and pristine ahead, something was wrong. He could feel it, and he could sense the difference clouded by snowdrifts and snowflakes and hail. And he knew the difference from before, as he would always know it from then on. Sköll. The magic the beast exuded could not be disguised, and while it was testament to the beast’s power, it was also a dead giveaway as a trail. Once more, Garnet pulled himself atop the stag. “Go,” he whispered. It obeyed.
  13. The Hummingbird

    Ruzahl's Spire

    This was a different kind of pain. This was exquisite, a torture he had never expected to experience. Garnet groaned as the wolf’s claw slowly pierced his sword hand, shuddered as the skin broke and began to bleed. He writhed against the frost vines holding him, succeeding only in forcing the shards of ice deeper into his body. Blood streamed down his body, soaking into the snow that was already drenched in red pools. “Fucking bastard,” he hissed and cried out as the bones snapped and parted. The flow of blood was pleasantly warm, the only thing warm in this hellish mountain range. He gritted his teeth, trying to control his breathing, refusing to beg or plead for the death that was as yet brutally far away. He couldn’t control this, the fate he had chosen, but he intended to keep at least a minimal amount of pride. This wolf would not hear him beg. Even so, he cried out again as the claw bored straight through his hand. Blood spurted from the horrific, gaping wound. He was crippled now, but he knew that wouldn’t be enough for the Man-eater. This was just the beginning. He knew he was going to be tortured to death. To think, this is what he chose! Of course, no wolf had come back with Adira. She might be safe – had to be safe. This was worth it. It was all worth it. Then, “STOP!” Garnet’s head turned, and even from his supine position he could see her, riding atop a magnificent stag. What kind of joke was this? He stared and listened in horror as she offered herself in his place, and saw the gears turning in Sköll’s head and the malicious grin that came beside. “No…” he whispered. Then, louder, “No! Adira, you can’t… I told you to run, goddamn it!” He shifted pain-filled eyes back to the accursed wolf “Don’t you dare touch her, you vile bitch! I’ll fucking kill you and feed you to your own pack!” Garnet began to laugh. near hysterics. “Not like that would be hard! What’s a toothless, voiceless, fucking dog like you going to do? Hahaha!”
  14. The Hummingbird

    Ruzahl's Spire

    As Adira spoke, the voice became much more. Where before it had been only that – words in her mind – now it exuded a presence that was so heavy it was nearly tangible. The air grew colder, seemed to thicken viscously and soak into ground and granite alike. It was hard to move, hard to breathe, hard to think. And when the Voice spoke again, it boomed in her mind, nearly unbearably loud to her inner senses. Yes. I am of the Lost Trinity. It sounded amused. Impressive, am I not? Adira wasted no time in asking for a wish to be granted. Typical of a human, always asking for things. Healthy children, saving a pet, curing illness, winning the lottery. This time, the wish was considerably significant and of more immediate importance. The Voice laughed once again, but this time with a queer gentleness, not the mocking tone it had before. Are you sure? He is so close to death. You may not make it in time. The presence exuded grew even heavier. It was as if gravity had grown tenfold, pressing down hard. Then suddenly it lifted, and it was like boulders lifting off of one’s chest. The air smelled fresh, clean, and was neutral in temperature. There came a sound, a sound like running feet through snow. In the distance and growing closer, a shape emerged, tall and massive. It loped towards Adira, slowing as it came near. It snorted, a frosty mist bellowing from its nose. It had horns, great antlers branching above its head at all angles, and long, slender legs tipped with alabaster hooves. Its fur was a perfect charcoal grey, neither too dark nor too light. There were small legends, spoken lightly and not too often of Kurhunta, a stag hunted and never captured. It wandered the mountains, glimpsed rarely. Now it knelt before Adira, its antlers brushing across the snowy ground. Quickly now! the Voice was harsh now and snapped in her mind like a thick bullwhip. He does not have much time. As soon as Adira mounted the it, Kurhunta rose and broke into a gallop, swift as the starling-swift and smoother than silk. She would not need to wait long.
  15. The Hummingbird

    General chat thread

    I once tried seaweed. It's so tasty as a snack, but it's so light it just makes me even more ravenous.