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  1. Four WEEKS, I'll have the MONEY ....


    THe first 50 bucks, right....? PAYPAL?


    Hit me back dear....


    I STILL have you for HIRE, right?



    1. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      Yeah dude. You might want to wait a bit though till you're sure you can pay, or at least a little closer.

    2. princeben07


      I just STARTEDE the JOB!!!!


      You KNOW I'm GOOD for it!!


      I"LL SEND IT!!! MAY 12th!!



      Build me an EXAMPLE Raze.....I WILL FRIGGIN PAY YOU!!

      I NEEED you on this PReety please?


      On the Benny's PUPPY eyes?



    3. The Hummingbird

      The Hummingbird

      I’ll do a SMALL example for you because we’re friends. Otherwise you’d be charged for that too <_<

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