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  1. Scarlet looked at Howard after he kissed her and smiled, she held his hand tight leaning against him as her eyes then turned to look around the room. She really did not want to see anyone die, but Howard was right she did not know how ships computers that well enough to be a part of one. She would have to study more but by the time Scarlet knew about it, someone would be dead at that point. Scarlet took a deep breath and sighed as she just kept looking at the small crowd. "You are right jack, as always. I really don't want these people to die. I don't think it would be right. I know you are saying that it's good for the army but you can't ask people to die so easily." Scarlet said quietly to Howard as she felt a little guilty that the people who worked hard to build a wonderful ship along with the rest to just die, but she can some what understand the 'will to die' for someone for she would do the same for Howard. She also knows he would do the same for her. Scarlet looked at Howard, took his hand and she kissed it. "I love you baby, you won't lose me. I know you have lost so much already, I won't be one of them. I know you need me as much as I need you" Scarlet said to him as she kept leaning against him as he kept telling people the rest of the plan.
  2. Scarlet opened the door and walked into the room. Scarlet looked all around the room, she saw that everyone was scared at what Howard was planning on doing, but she found it interesting for she already saw the plan. She took a step up on the stage looked at Howard, knowing he was not going to like was she was about to say but did she care 'no, not really'. She looked back at the people. She took a deep breath and sighed before saying. "I would not mined being a part of this, I looked at the schematics and I think this could work. I don't have kids and Howard you love ships as much as I." She said as she slightly looked at Howard before looking back at the crowd and continued what she was saying. "I know it's not rightful to ask someone to give up there life so easily, I know some of you have kids. So, I'm not asking. I have been working and making things for almost all my life, I somewhat know how ships works. I think I could be a part of this ship and not minded it" She reached for Howard's hand and took it in hers as she kept looking at the crowd. She held his hand tightly as she had a little bit of tears going down her face but she tried her best to not show it. She kept talking with her voice getting a little shaky. "I know I might die, but I have come to terms will it and I'm not scared. I volunteer to be apart of this ship and the others." She had finished with what she wanted to say with a sigh and tried to stay as brave as she could, being slightly scared but she knew she had to keep it together. This was going to happen, she just hoped Howard would not be mad at her for saying this as she let go of his hand.
  3. Scarlet stood there with her left hand on her hip as Howard moved closer to her. She lifted her head up as she saw he was leaning down to kiss her, she kissed him back, blushing as her eyes turned a deeper violet. She was then snapped out of her own thoughts when he broke the kiss and made his remark by calling her 'Love Girl' just to mess with her, to which she just chuckled. He complemented on her dress and called her beautiful blushing again but then she regathered herself as her eyes turned back to her normal dark blue color. "Well a girls got to try and look decent for her lover and the public." She said smirking at him and nudged him a little in the side, before he scratched her head. "Well, I'm ready when you are. Lover boy." She said as she chuckled. As Howard moved away to walk down to the dock, her eyes following him as he moved to give the order for the soldiers to start moving. "His backside still looking good." She said to herself blushing a little at her own thought, only then to just push that out of the way and look somewhere else. When the order was given, to her dismay she jumped a little. As the soldiers started moving she looked to Howard who was looking at her. Scarlet heard his remark about her flying there so to mess with him, she gave a smirk. "I might as well fly, you lot take way to long to get anywhere. I mean by the time we get there, I'll be 30" She said laughing but then opened her wings like she was going to fly away, just to mess with him but she closed her wings and just walked down to the dock. "Oh don't look so sad, I'm messing with ya. I love you baby." She said as she hit him a little on the side as she walked passed him, then she turned around to look back smiling at him, before running to him as her wings helped her jump up to hug him and hoped he could hold her for the whole trip, for Scarlet had no shoes on.
  4. A young beautiful girl with long blood red hair and dark blue eyes, wearing a blood red dress with two cuts in the dress, one right above her chest and the other in the front, stopping just above her thighs and red stockings that went past her knees. Looking no more than the age of 25, she was running around the masts of the ship being childish as ever. Her name was Scarlet wind Tail. Scarlet had been with Howard since 'That party'. Who knew that Scarlet's clumsiness would get her to bump into Grand Admiral, Jack Howard himself. Scarlet felt so bad that day, she apologized for a good bit but he reassured her it was fine. They started talking about Scarlet's life, she explained that she did not want to be in the life her mother had planned for her as a' Noble Lady'. The word in which Scarlet always hated. Scarlet told him about her workshop and how she was an inventor, how she had a notebook filled with all the things that was going to be made or have yet to be made. She even told him that big dresses were not her favorite and that heels were not her strong side. What started as strangers became Friends, but then a tragedy hit that night, which made Scarlet leave. Howard's former lover Tozi had killed herself that night. The next day shocked Scarlet, Howard went looking for her and found her in her workshop, then from that day on she has always been with him. The day Howard saw her wings, when she was fighting, the feathers of her wings were blades. After all the fighting calmed down and she was covered in blood, she thought he would tell her to leave and never come back from the horror he saw, but he did the complete opposite he welcomed her with open arms, a feeling she had not felt in a while. The more and more time she spent with him, Scarlet fell in love with Howard. As time went on she learn more about his history in a very painful crying moment she had with him, let's have it be noted he cried more, and she just hugged him. Now she was here with him battle after battle, and now she was here as his lover. She ran her hand across the wood of the mast as she ran around it, only then for the memory of their time together hit her and she smiled at how many times he tried to make her happy or made her happy. She then placed her back against the mast and sat down on the bottom mast, she moved her head up to look at the sky as her long hair moved through the small breeze, her eyes caught a figure in the sky what looked to be an airship. Scarlet reached up behind her and got out her notebook and began to draw in it, the airship. Her mind was thinking of a ton of things she could add to it if only she could get her hands on a model of one, she could make a home out of one then she would never have to hide her wings, and she could always fly over Howard then fly down to see him with her wings. Her mind was interrupted when her lover Jack Howard called her down from the mast, she looked down at him, smiling as her eyes changed a little bit of a violet showing love. "Be right down, lover boy!" She yelled to him as she chuckled but then she remembered he has not seen what she was wearing, so she wanted to see his reaction. Scarlet closed her notebook and stood up, putting the notebook back behind her where her daggers were, she walked to the edge of the mast that almost overlooked the water. What happen next no one knew but Howard. On what she was going to do. Scarlet jumped off the mast to the water. In result her wings came out ripping the back of her dress, her wings opened up showing a wingspan of 15 feet and height 17. "Well, can't put my wings away now." She thought to herself, as her wings opened to catching her, so she did not fall in the water as she leaned her body to the left, her left wing hit the water as she turned. She moved her wings in a downward motion to lift her in the air. Scarlet's beautiful black wings lifted her up into the sky, as the feathers caught the sunlight as she flew around the ship. Only then to land right in front of Howard. Scarlet closed her wings closed behind her making a little tail like trail, that dragged behind her. "Ello, lover boy. So, we stopped here?" She said almost in a joking attitude way, as she looked around the ship, the port, then back to Howard giving him a smile and looking at him with light violet eyes, that only he knew what that meant. She put her left hand on her hip as she stood there wearing the new dress she made. Waiting for his reaction as she already knew a little bit of what the others were thinking. The dress= https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/657028589992280072/692621358722711552/603b2c84a960d6ea062852c732916ae5.png
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      Scarlet Wind Tail

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