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  1. (OOC: Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for all the views and I hope your all enjoying the story so far. However, due to rather unfortunate circumstances, Trioxion and his character Viper will not be continuing further into the story with us at this time. For those of you who are also following Asunder and Calamity of the Heart, I'm sorry but those are going to be on hold until further notice. Again, thanks so much everyone! -Melfina-) The night had passed uneventfully, as Jade remained in the tree, having managed to tie her legs to the branch she sat on so she wouldn't fall off, and dozed, in and out of sleep for the next several hours. It was fully light when she came all the way back to her senses, blinking at the deep blue of the sky. She stared at it, she'd been born on a space station, and most of the planets she'd been to were polluted and then she had spent ten years on board a prison station. She'd almost forgotten what a sky even looked like. Untying her legs, she started inventorying her pockets, seeing what all survived the crash with her. Paper clip? Not a bad thing to have. Small flask of fresh water, that might get scarce here. Small spool of copper wire, a few detonator buttons, miniature precision tool set. It was a little smooshed, but a two inch thick and four inch long brick of C4. She smirked. Derrick had said it was ridiculous to bring C4 down with her. She had put it in her pocket anyway. And her stay-lit matches, oh goodie! Those would come in handy for use with the C4, and her lucky grenade. Her boot knife was still there too. Awesome! Suddenly the forest below her went silent, and she stashed everything back into her pockets again. She'd have to finish inventory later. Silence like that usually meant trouble. She scanned the ground, looking for any signs of disturbances, and spotted him. Thomas was headed her way, and fast. She was actually surprised a big guy like that could move that nimbly on his feet. She was slightly impressed, but that was dashed by the sudden look of annoyance that crossed her features, as she quickly dug in her pockets. That high up, she'd also spotted the fifty or so odd looking natives that were chasing him Thomas. Pulling out the grenade and the C4, she looked at everything, taking in every detail, calculating measurements, and muttering equations as she ripped some of the putty-like explosive off the brick then returned it to her pocket and squishedit around the sides of the grande, being sure to get it seated well in the grooves. That aught to double the blast zone. As he ran, if he looked up, he'd see Jade stand up on the branch, and back up to the trunk, grenade in one hand, thick massive vine in the other, blade in her teeth. She saw him coming, and as he passed beneath the branch, she took a couple of short breaths, "Alright, c'mon, ye've got th's." She muttered and took off running the length of the branch, and when she reached the slenderest part that would hold her weight, she used her momentum to turn and launch herself out into the air, the towards Thomas's pursuers. She angled into a dive, looping the vine around one leg, from hip to ankle, and locked her other leg around to hold it in place as it grew taut,reaching the length she'd hoped as it gave her a painful jerk, and she swung towards the ground, picking up speed as the world around her started to blur and she twisted, pulling the pin off the grenade and as she reach the center pendulum of the swing, she stuck the puttied side of the grenade to a log and off she went, the foliage dragging as she zipped past with enough speed to break the wind. By barely an inch, she missed Thomas, and back up into the canopy she swung, taking the blade from her mouth as she reached the apex of the swing, and she used gravity to twist herself around and in one deft slice severed the vine, sending her flying through the air towards the next massive tree. "HIT TH' DEEEEEeeeeccckkkk.....!" Would echo after her as she shot through the air, and quickly unwound the rest of the length of the vine from her leg. Oh she hadn't thought this one all the way through, as she sailed just underneath her target, instead of just over. Improvise time! In a heartbeat, she shifted her weight and used the vine like a whip, wrapping the other end of it around the branch and then twisted herself so it also wrapped around her arm. The pop of her shoulder dislocating as the vine went taut again, was sickening, and stopped her downward descent, to merely hang there before the vine unraveled itself, and, dazed from the immense pain she fell fifteen feet and landed in a heap, where she felt the ground get rocked in the near distance by the C4 powered grenade, hearing screams of surprise and terror. Getting up, she shook her head and stumbled as she set her shoulder up, then slammed it hard into the tree trunk next to her, gritting her teeth as she had to do it again before it popped back in. Huffing, she rotated her arm and made sure it was back in place before leaning against the tree to wait for Thomas to catch up.
  2. She turned round and round and round, watching him draw the haphazard lines in chalk on the floor around them, and then nearly threw up when he pushed her back out of the center, and then set the severed head there, and stomped on it, the sickening squishy crunch making her shiver as his boot fell heavily through the skull. It was grotesque, but once again she couldn't help but watch as the runes glowed, and he grabbed her hand, the floor falling away and then they were sucked through it, only to reappear very high up in the air, and falling. He'd let go of her hand, and her life started flashing before her eyes. "What did you do?!" She yelled at him, being heavier than she he was beneath her, and he hit first, again she heard the sickening crunch of bone, and then she landed on top of him, hard. She rolled off him, clutching her ribs and trying to breathe from how hard the wind had been knocked out of her. After a few moments, her lungs unlocked and she gasped in deep gulping breaths as she lay there, the purple tinge fading from her cheeks now. Once she'd caught her breath, she looked over at him, and slowly sat up, wondering if he was still alive. She doubted he was dead, even as mangled as he was. She looked behind her, up at the building they'd fallen to the base of, seeing the single name displayed there over the doorway. 'Frost'. Another vision struck her, of vampires, standing inside the building. As if they were waiting for them to arrive, or at lease, for Vendetta. Poor Andromeda was just dragged along for the ride, or so she had at first thought, then in a crazy twisted turn of events, had would up...Queen of the Clowns? Was that right? Is that what they were? She was so confused. She came back to reality, and leaned over to poke Vendetta. "Hey...Are you dead...?"
  3. She already felt bad about losing her violin, he didn't have to be so mean, but then again, what did she expect, after hanging in that rack all night. Still, the harshness with which he spoke took her aback. Then he was dragging her along with him, up the stairs, where she narrowly mussed the wall sliding down behind her. She looked up at him as they climbed the stairs, her free hand still clutching his shirt around herself. He was focused, looking straight ahead. At the top, there were several clowns waiting for them, all of them looking nearly as twisted and deranged as he was. She stepped behind him, avoiding their gazes. Only to step back a few feet when the woman approached and went to her knees. He looked at her and she jumped, gasping softly as her hands covered her mouth, staring wide eyed as the blood sprayed and jettisoned out of the severed neck and head. She couldn't tear her gaze away, as he carved numerous symbols into the woman's body. She stood, still frozen as he stood and approached her, and she closed her eyes as he reached out and drew a symbol on her brow in the woman's blood. He started to speak and she looked again, entranced by his hands. It was as if he had the extra arms of the dragon tattooed to his back. She watched with mixed feelings, staring at him and the corpse as he trans mutated the body, turning it into a Violin. She backed off a step from the clown that was suddenly on his knees before her, offering up the violin. It was..Beautiful. The bones lined the edges and the neck, the deep crimson stain of the rest reminded her of blood in shadow. He was speaking again, and she became extremely confused as he named her queen? That didn't make sense, but he ordered them to disperse, and fetch her some food. She took the violin from the clown before her, and he whisked away with the others. She was about to ask him, to try to clarify her confusion here, just last night she was tortured, and now, she's queen? That about as twisted as everything else that'd happened. Then those thoughts were gone as she was presented with, oh real spaghetti! "Thank you.." She said to the clown that had brought it. He bowed and was gone again. She gently set the violin down, and went to town on that spaghetti, not realizing how ravenous she had been. She looked up at him, talking to her now as she stuffed her face. "What boo.." She didn't get to finish her question as her eyes seemed to glaze over and her hands with the bowl and fork lowered in slow motion as she was suddenly very far away from there inside her head, a lone noodle randomly hanging out of the corner of her mouth making the scene slightly more comical. *The city loomed darkly overhead, the streets dark, and illuminated only by the dim yellowed street lights.Very few cars passed on the street as things seemed to zoom past her, like she was flying in a dream. Trigryphon. Where the hell was that? Then the scene would shift, and she stood before a large, square-ish black painted building with darkly tinted windows, the image of a bloody hurricame painted on one side of the structure. Above the door, there was only one word. "Frost." And she saw that creepy book again, the cover greenish and streaked with purple, the colors of decay, and in the center of the book was a solitary eye. As she looked at it, she took in it's leathered and weathered surface, and then the eye would suddenly open, it fely like it was staring at her, trying to grab hold of her. 'Come to me...' It said. 'Bring him...to meeeee..." And then the vision was gone, and she returned to the factory, where she found herself staring at him again. "A book? Does it have an eye on the front cover?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. "I saw one. Just now, in a city called Trigryphon? And a large building with a hurricane on the side, it said Frost over the door."
  4. As she lay there, she watched him get up and move over to the dresser, where he started applying white and black make up to his face. She took in the tattoos that littered his back that was turned to her, as she lay there wondering what she had done, to wind up here, like this, in the dungeon chamber of a madman. Her wounds had healed, she didn't understand why, thinking back ho him wanting her to tell him about her wings, and her shoulders again ached with the phantom pains of the knife lashing across her back like a whip. She couldn't tear her eyes away from him, noticing the haunted, agonized look in his eyes right before he smashed the mirror. She sat up and slid back against the head board, pulling his shirt tighter around herself, the fear creeping back in the closer he got, but he stopped, and it was like he was a completely different person. The tone in his eyes had softened, as did his features, some what, the scars on his face wouldn't allow for much, and he proceeded to mention food. He had her attention, hunger overtaking the fear. When he held his hand out, saying he was hoping she would come with him, she hesitated. But if she didn't go, would it set him off again? She glanced at the rack. Would he strap her back in that thing again? She shuddered, but then she felt compelled to take his hand, getting up off the bed, using her free hand to keep his shirt clenched around herself. He was definitely different, even felt different as she took his bloodied hand, and she stood there for a moment, still just staring at him, but it was like she was actually *seeing* him this time. Having no idea where it came from, she blushed and looked away. She hadn't spoken since her voice had given out the night before, but she would nod, to scared of what he might do next if she declined his request to join him. Plus the amulet around her neck seemed to burn less as she complied. Her eyes widened slightly as a thought struck her and she started looking around the room, frantically at first, but not seeing what she was looking for, sadness crept in over the fear, deep and harrowing and she visibly dulled, that light that had attracted him to her dimming as her heart sank again. "My violin..." She said softly, not even realizing she had said it instead of thinking it. She didn't remember anything between blacking out at the store she destroyed, to waking up chained to that rack. That violin was the only hing she had that she'd ever been able to rely on. Even in her darkest times, her music had always been there, and now she felt an emptiness she'd never felt the likes of before. Like a piece of her was just...Gone.
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    -Get up...- The whisper in the back of her mind made her jolt upright in the bath tub the captain had her in, blue eyes wide. She looked at her hand, the gemstone embedded in her palm pulsating. She could feel it, see the color brighten and dim and the next time, she felt it rather than heard it. -He needs you...IT COMES!- As the words screeched in her ears, the entire ship was rocked as the deck outside the cabin exploded from the force with which the lizard had come up through it, all she and the captain heard was wood rending, splitting, splintering. Melfina was out of the tub before the captain could stop her, and out onto the deck in all her wondrous naked glory as dawn came, the sky staining red as the sunlight skipped off the clouds and reflected off the slight fog bank, illuminating her blonde hair, with sparks of red and gold light as she emerged from the captains quarters in the crimson reflected mist. It was all happening so fast. The wind picked up and in the silence that followed her catching that beast's attention, she pulled out a punch line. "Red dawn at morning," She grinned wickedly. "Don't you know, sailors take warning!" She grabbed hold of Pollux with the hand that held the jewel, and then quickly let him go again after she got his blood on the stone. She knew this was one way to activate it, but didn't want to drain his soul out like she had the reptilians on the island. And activate it did, and she almost lost it for the sheer number of voices that clamored in her head of a sudden. "Sssirened WENCH!" The reptile brought it's arm back and lashed the spinal whip at her now, lashing the tip of it at her feet. "I'll make you watch asss I devour him!" Melfina would lift her hand, so the serpent could see the stone that was now glowing in her palm as her anger came forth again. This beast was trying her patience, very much so, But she would need another way to defeat it, as killing it didn't work, her venom didn't do much but get the creature high and send it on a wild trip that ended with a bullet in it's skull. Which was trying to reform and solidify to regenerate back into the the correct cranial structure. It hissed at her, and flung the whip out again, the end of the spine wrapping around her hand grotesquely, and she grabbed it, pulling the lizard forward as it jerked back on the whip to try and free it. It was much bigger than she, so she would have to have to keep it off balance, as she collided with the monster and bit him again. The reptile screeched and grabbed her by the hair, pulling hard and then throwing her when she released her fangs. -Let me out..- The voice rang in her head as she landed and the hulking lizard turned towards Pollux again, it's forked tongue zipping in and out of it's scaled maw as it drooled. "No.." She muttered. Last time she had let the stone be in control, it had been disastrous. This time, she was focused, and needed to get this thing under control. -He will die...- Her eyes widened. She steeled herself. No, she could do this. Could she do this...? The stone seized it's opportunity in her moment of doubt as the captain and the doctor, followed by the rest of the crew, began to unload their weapons into this abomination, and it merely laughed and continued it's staggering gait as her venom sent it on another wild ride. -Yesss, YES!- The voice became much louder in her head as she rose from the deck, her eyes once again taking on that grayish hue as whatever power resided within the stone took over once more, and she moved more fluidly than water, the captain and crew dropping their weapons and staring, slack-jawed at this naked blonde little thing that looked so fragile, streaked across the destroyed deck, the gemstone in her hand pulsating a red light as a symbol etched itself across her palm, burning horrendously as she leaped up onto the reptilian's shoulders wrapped one arm around it's neck, making the thing tilt it's head back as she pulled up under it's jaw, and slammed her palm down on it's brow, right above it's eyes. It screamed, clawing at her, it's talons tearing into her flesh as she still refused to let go, the burning sensation worsening in her palm as the symbol burned itself deep into the lizards scaly head, and then the burns returned, starting at her fingertips and spreading slowly up her arm towards her elbow. It finally threw her off, and it fell to the deck, writhing in pain and screeching in an ear-splitting octave as it tore at it's head, trying to remove the mark. Melfina rose again, her eyes sill blank and grey, the hand with the jewel raising once again as she approached the reptilian, muttering in a language that was long dead, the symbol seared into her palm glowing brightly again, as well as the one one the reptile's brow. Within a few moment's, it would quit struggling, and Melfina would relax, her eyes returning to blue as she fell to her knees. "What did you do to me?" The large lizard hissed at her. "What iss thissss?" "Quiet, you." Melfina said, as the captain threw a cloak over her bare skin, the wounds already starting to close thanks to the gem. It wouldn't let it's host perish. The large reptile snapped its mouth shut and remained silent. "You'll do as your bid or the Stone will have you." She said, pulling the captains cloak tighter around her. "Now, get this mess you've made cleaned up. Find something to repair the decking with.And leave Pollux alone!" "Of coursssee..." He hissed, and set himself to work repairing the torn planking of his exit through it. "That was...Quite th' show." The captain said, helping her up again. "You must be fond of this man, then?" "I uhm..."Melfina was blushing now. She didn't know what to say to that. And the captain merely laughed. "Come long, now that the show's over, lets get you cleaned up again, and put into something nice."
  6. The amulet had indeed burned, when he had strapped it to her neck, but she couldn't feel it anymore, laying unconscious on his bed now, her breaths short and ragged, his black shirt, and probably his silken sheets, were ruined. Once she was out of the magic restraints, her wounds started to heal, much faster than a humans. It would still take several more hours, but she wouldn't have a single mark, save for the burns on her neck from the amulet, and the nail struck through her arm. Her breathing became less ragged, and leveled out, but she was trapped in a nightmare, reliving in the dreams what he'd put her through in waking. -Your mine...And I am so yours..- It echoed as she felt his forced kiss again. The nightmare shifted, and she saw a book, grotesquely ornimated with a large eye in the center of the cover. Strange, cloaked figures, fire, rituals and dead languages she couldn't understand. She didn't know the place, it was some field, with a Barr-row. They ringed the book, casting their magic, and sealed it away. When it was over, one of the figures lifted a hand and pointed, straight at her, and then her mind's eye was filled with the vision of the cover of the book again, it's single eye popping open to stare into her very soul... She gasped deeply, waking from one nightmare, right back into the other one, as she breathed hard, trying to get her bearings straight. She still felt drained, and weak, her body sort of numb as she lay there, heaving for breath. Slowly, she realized she was lying on a bed, a rather comfortable one at that, and let her head turn, immediately regretting it as the amulet around her throat shifted and instantly seared into her again. "Aahhh....." She could only muster a pained moan as it burned her continuously. She reached up out of impulse, to try and get the thing off, but again his words echoed in her mind and her hands stilled. -Don't you even dare...- Echoed maliciously through her mind and her hands dropped back onto the mattress, enduring the burn until it faded again. Rolling onto her side, she curled up into the fetal position, grasping the edges of his shirt and pulling it closer around her against the chill in the chamber. Her eyes widened and her breath caught again in her throat. He was there, at the foot of the bed, sitting on the floor with his back to her. She couldn't move, again, frozen, staring at the back of his head. She really hoped he didn't notice she was awake, but her own confusion she had not realized he was there. She wanted to cry, but no tears came this time. He'd already gotten all the tears she had to offer for now.
  7. Melfina


    Melfina was the only one the creature was ignoring, it's attention on Pollux and the ships crew. It had Pollux..The thought slowly registered as she rose from the floor of the cell, anger bursting inside her that this reptilian had him. Lunging, she caught the beast's other arm, and held on as she bit down, hard, into it's disgusting flesh. Her sharp fangs tore into his flesh as her venom streaked into it's bloodstream. It screeched and flailed it's arm and stub, trying to get her off. It dislodged her, and she took the chunk of it's flesh with her as it threw her to the floor. She came back again, diving under it's swinging grasp and bit him again, this time in the calf. By now, her venom was already taking hold of the Reptilian and he fell to his knees. "Mermaid!" It hissed at her. "Sirened wench! I'll sink this ship! I'll.." He didn't get the chance to finish as the Captain's skirt twirled around the reptilian and a pair of knives found themselves buried in it's eye sockets to the hilts. "That's about enough o' that." She said, clapping her hands together. "Doc, set 'im up." She said, Pollux wounds were more serious. "Tend to him." She said, then she turned and knelt next to Melfina. "Yer brave, lass." She continued. "Come along, let's get you cleaned up and fed." Melfina would then find herself lifted by the arm, the captain supporting her to walk. "Bring him when you get him cleaned up." She told the doctor. "She just took that thing down a few pegs fer touchin' him." The big man would nod, and she would go topside with Melfina in tow, taking her to the captains quarters. Once inside, she would set Melfina at a large polished wooden table, and readied a bath, pouring the boiling water out of cauldron over the fire into a large brass tub. She then proceeded to undress the poor girl as the water cooled. "Alright, you, in ye go." She said, and smiled as Melfina sank into the water. "Ye didn't change..." She said, confused. Melfina showed her the palm of her hand. "It's this.. whatever it is, is responsible." She said. She'd never been in hot water before. It was kind of nice, but not something she'd want to stay in forever. "I see." She said, turning away to find her something far more appropriate to wear than that horrid toga thing she had promptly thrown onto the fire. "Shame your friend can't see." She said, picking a short skirted dress much like her own, but blue instead. "Your goin' t' look lovely in this."
  8. When he slammed the syringe into her chest, and punched the push on it, it took only a second before her eyes snapped open and she inhaled a deep, sharp breath, then heaved several more deep breaths, her body feeling almost numb from the adrenaline overload. Her heart raced, her mind raced..Clink! and her attention was drawn to him explaining the chains of the contraption she was now realizing she was chained into. "Wh.." She tried to speak, but between the adrenaline and an already dry mouth, she couldn't. Her breath quickened as he drew the knife up the seam of her shirt. Take some things from her? What was he talking about? Within another moment her shirt was off, and she was panicking again, struggling against the chains, to no avail, as they drained the power she didn't know she had. "please..." She choked out. "I..don't know what happened.. what are you....? No, no no ....." **several hours later...** She still hung from the chains, limp now, her upper body leaned forward, her head down, bloodstained hair hanging over her shoulder as she just, hung around. Barely breathing, the adrenaline had worn off, and now she was nearly delirious. Long thin gashes ran down her arms, and ribs, her back and shoulders, "X" carved over her shoulder blades where her wings had burst forth from earlier. He didn't find them. -Why?- She asked herself. It was easier to just not move, and let the chains support her weight, even though the metal cuffs were cutting into her wrists, each small movement sending a trickle of fresh blood down her arms. The floor was stained a wonderful crimson, and that's what had her attention. She was staring blankly into it. -what did I do?- She jerked, hearing her own agonized screams in her ears again, begging him, pleading that he stop, but that had only seemed to excite him more. Finally, she had grown silent, numb from pain sensory overload, and now she felt all tingly. The blood pool began to dance as a delusional hallucination, caused by blood loss, and smiled a little, watching it ripple and splash, when in reality it wasn't doing anything but spreading out further across the floor of his bedroom.
  9. Once all three shuttles had launched, they had swept into formation and although it was against her better judgement, Viper was alone on one of the shuttles with a few scientists and lots of toys. She stood behind the pilot's chair, staring out the front window as they entered into the atmosphere. "St'y 'n form'tion." Jade said, leaning back slightly and crossing her arms. "I've g't a bad feelin' about this." She saw the swarm before it hit the shuttle Thomas was in, and then he was outside the shuttle?! She slapped her forhead. Oh, this was going to go like this, was it? The swarm split when the missiles fired, and regrouped to go after the ships, causing them to crash instead of land. Thomas went down with a missile, her own shuttle was having difficulties as these things lodged in an engine, causing it to blow and spiral out of control. "'OLD ONT' YER ARSES!!!" Jade yelled as she grabbed something to use for an oh shit handle, and braced for impact. The shuttle hit hard, the nose digging deep as the ship skid, the plating on the outside coming off first. The jerking and jolting threw their equipment everywhere. A tree came through the front windshield panel and took out both pilots. In the next instant spark were flying as the ship continued to come apart as it skid for what felt like forever, the screech and squall of the metal plates bending, then snapping, and ripping metal was an entirely new sound altogether, mixed in with the cries of the scientists. The nose collided with solid bedrock, the momentum carrying the rear of the shuttle straight up, launching Jade from the now opened hole in the hull, the heavier equipment falling down to crush the rest of the passengers as she ship fell back onto it's belly again, their blood spilling down the nose and out across the dirt. Several hours later Jade would wake with a splitting headache, lying on the ground about eighty yards from the crash site. She was on her back, looking up at alien foliage, good thing the atmosphere was breathable or she would have been screwed. It was dark out, and quiet. Save for her breathing, which was kinda jagged. Her rib cage hurt. Carefully she felt under the vest, testing her ribs. Cracked, but not broken, good she could work with that. Something rustled and she froze. It hurt, but she wasn't about to give away her position, not just yet. She wasn't sure where she was, or what might be out there. Slowly, she exhaled, and inhaled until it hurt, and held it, her bright green eyes taking on an eerie glow as her vision switched to infrared perception, and then widened. FUCKFUCKFUCK! They were already there, they had watched her check her ribs. Saw reaction to a noise made nearby, and now knew that she was looking right at one of these things that was standing in the brush near her head. What in the flying...They backed away from her, for now, there had to be at least twenty in the group. As soon as they were far enough away, Jade was up as quickly as she could get, and ran, not even bothering with checking for more injuries just yet. They watched her go, but did not persue. Finding a nice tall tree, she climbed it, and settled in with her back against the trunk, and breathed a slow, shaky breath. Her ribs were on fire, her head felt like staring at white light for hours on end, and the air wasn't exactly right, it was heavier, like there was way more humidity in it than there should have been. From up there she could see the fires from a second crash. First light she would head over there and see what she could salvage, if anybody was alive.
  10. Her breath caught as they continued yelling at them through the megaphones. And then everything started happening so fast. "Butterfly girl!" She heard, and assumed that was the signal, firing her weapon without hesitation into the propane tank bomb he'd set up by the door. She wasn't fast enough, stumbling as everything around her suddenly went up in mass chaos as one bomb after the other detonated, and she was surrounded by the ensuing BOOOOM as the storefront exploded outwards and upwards, the rest of the store blowing up in rapid succession. As everything around her turned into flames and billowing smoke, and rushed blasts of air batting her to and fro from the explosions, she muttered one word, "Activate.." Suddenly those translucent wings of light that Vendetta couldn't get out of his head, where spreading from her shoulders in a burst of blood that made her scream as the long withe feathered extensions shot into existence, the crackling and popping of the wings joints and bones into place could be heard over the crackling of the flames. She stood there, hunched over, hair falling loosely over her shoulder, her arms swaying slightly, those glorious white wings standing straight up, dripping in blood and sinew from the muscles and flesh their eruption from her back had ripped and shredded apart, reflecting the golden and red lights of the fires that now burned all around her. She looked like a glorious vision of Death rising from the flames of hell as the wings came down in one powerful down stroke, the rest of the glass blowing out of the windows and towards the cops from the force of the rushed air. Hey eyes were wide, as she felt like she was moving in slow motion, her blue orbs solidly colored, the black pupil barely pinpoints, and there was nothing registered in her gaze as she turned slowly, silence from outside as the cops recovered as best they could, and began to open fire. The bullets seemed to have no affect on her as she closed her wings around herself as a shield, and reached a bloody hand out, her own blood, still flowing freely from the wound openings at the base of her wings, she reached through the narrow opening between her wings. A ball of light gathered gathered in her hand and lifted from her palm. The gunfire stopped, as the back door was kicked in, and everyone watched the pretty little ball dance as it glittered and she straightened again, her wings shifting down slightly as she looked at it, stared at it. A nervous trigger finger went off, the bullet grazing her arm. She didn't even flinch, but every uniform in the place suddenly found themselves dead as the little ball of light exploded with laser like projectiles with deadly aim. Blood sprayed everywhere, again. And she dropped the ball, it sank to the floor quickly, and she dove on Vendetta, wrapping her wings around them both as the orb ignited, and the white light spread out in a dome form, incinerating everything just as she folded her wings around him, and they vanished, only to reappear in the old industrial part of town. Crashing hard she skid on her wings and back across the blacktop, before coming to a halt. Drained, her eyes closed and the wings vanished in a spark of light, and she was out, her breaths shallow and ragged. What did she just do...? Was the last thought before the darkness took over. She'd done too much damage to herself, and was now paying for it. She really hoped she'd die, then she wouldn't have to worry about this madman she had just unwittingly saved as well.
  11. Melfina


    Melfina woke when Pollux began to stumble about the boat in a panic, throwing up over the side, and when she moved to help him, she froze, seeing it. The black ship emerged from the night like a blot of ink staining the ocean's surface, it's black sails blotting out the stars, and the hull took on a ghastly sheen as it slowed and came to a halt, drifting long with their tiny craft. Ropes dropped down the side, and at first two men slid down onto the boat. She was too weak. That damned muzzle, she was slowly starving, but she was still trying to keep him alive. "Pollux..." She said, as one of the pirates lifted her from the bottom of the boat. She never should have fallen asleep, now she was too weak to fight back. Her muscles burned, and moving made her feel like an octopi tossed around in a rip current. She tried to push away from the pirate, but it was useless, and then she wasn't sure what happened as she suddenly felt extremely dizzy and fainted, losing consciousness as the pirates hauled her ab Pollux on board, as well as their multiple bags of jewels. "They 'ad dese wif 'em, Cap'n." Said the one with Melfina hanging limply over his shoulder. "Bags n bags o jewels. This'n's got a weird collar, da other one looks like 'e's been run tru da meat grinder." "Turn around, let me see the girl." The woman who answered to Captain stepped forward, her outfit much cleaner than the crews, and a pretty velvet short skirted bodice styled dress, high boots, and a feathered hat over her thick black curls. "Gimme the Snips." She said, pulling melfina's head up by the hair and inspecting the collar and chains that held it to her neck and head. She held a hand out, and a rather bulky looking pair of tin snips were placed into her palm. "One of ye, 'Old her head." She said, wrapping melfina's hair into a twist an handing it to another pirate, who jerked her head up not so gently. "Easy, ye lout!" The captain snipped at him. "'Old her there...there we go!" She said, snipping the chains that held the muzzle to her face, and then set to work using the powerful snips to tear through the wood of the collar around her neck. "Much better." She said, handing back the snips to one of the sailors and turning to give her attention to Pollux. "These two are not who we seek!" She said, looking at the shredded puppet looking man before her. "But them below, tell the doctor to see them." She said. "Let her stay with him, she may be his eyes, seeing as he has none." A few of the crewmen would laugh at the joke, and then the two would be escorted below decks, and melfina haphazardly and unceremoniously dumped into a heap on the floor and would push Pollux in after her, slamming the cell door closed behind him. Then it was just the two of them again, but not for long, as the doctor came to call. He would be a big burly man, but he radiated calm and was quiet. He checked Melfina from outside the cage, but had to go in to look Pollux over. "Easy there, blindness." He said, his voice like a thunderous boom. "I'm a doctor. Let me have a look at you." He shook his head. "Looks like you've had a run in with the Reptiles." He said. "And your traveling with a mermaid. Oh yes, I know. So does the Cap'n. She wont come to harm here, the cap'n is a very fair lady, an' she takes a fancy to young pretty things." Wait, what the hell did that mean?! Didn't matter, he was already gone again. Not long after, Melfina would wake again, and groan, very slowly sitting up. Feeling weak, and unsteady, she remained seated. "Where am i?" She asked, not remembering the ship at first, and then spotted Pollux. "Hey, hey, can you hear me, Pollux?" She said, carefully crawling over to him, to sit with her back against the bars and lean on him slightly. "I'm here.."
  12. Her face would turn beet red as he stripped, right there in front of her and turned her face, covering her gaze as she did, and shook her head when he asked about the pants before donning them anyway. Once he was decent again, he told her to start gathering a few things, and she glanced out the doorway she stood next to. How easy would it be to..And He found the guns. Nope! Never mind! Was her thought as she staggered away from the wall and found herself something to wear; jeans that were just slightly too big, and a dark blue t shirt. Once she was in fresh clothes, she found backpacks and a duffel bag and did as he bid, filling the backpacks with supplies, and a few other things fell into the bags that she didn't have time to take out, like make up, and a brush, no wait, she would need that. Then she made it to the gun counter and started loading in the ammunition. She had no idea which ones to grab, so she just filled the Duffel with everything she could find that held gunpowder, and several different guns. "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" She heard it and ducked low like he had, dragging the bag of ammunition and weapons, two bags of supplies with her, to crouch down in the aisle with him. What the hell was she thinking?! She was asking herself that a lot today, but it looked as though if she wanted to stay alive, she'd better stick with him. After today, there was no way those cops were going to let her get away. She sat in the aisle, and tried to catch her breath. That bag of Ammo was no joke. At least if she were going to die, he wasn't going to let anyone else do it, so that was a sort of twisted relief as she looked between the shelving. "They're everywhere..." She said, her voice barely a raspy whisper, as she shouldered first one backpack and then the other, her violin seated firmly in the bottom pack against her back. She would move quicker that way, and passed him the bag of 'goodies' he asked for. And noticed his shaggy, ragged hair cut. He looked much different with shorter hair. More...Maniacal, as he laughed at the police outside. She didn't know how far they would make it, but she was ready as she would ever be for whatever was to happen next.
  13. When was the last time she had eaten? She thought about it as they continued to speed up. "I don't..know." She said, looking out the window to realize that they were going too fast. She felt the gears shift, and the vehicle continued to barrel down the road, faster and faster. "Look out!" She tried to tell him, but it was already too late, and it happened so fast, falling first into one of the doors, and then tossed around the back of the car like a doll as it hit the curb and flipped, glass and metal flying everywhere as his laughter echoed over the vehicular carnage. She had grabbed her violin on instinct and held it close. Then the building. She got low in the back seat and covered her head with her hands as they crashed through wall after wall. She felt them go airborne again and did not want to look. then the car landed hard, and she crashed into the ceiling twice, before falling onto the door, and then the floorboard, covered in cuts and bruises, broken glass, and her head hurt, very badly now. She met his gaze, and blinked. "What...?" She asked as she found herself being pulled from the wreckage and set on her feet, then he grabbed her wrist, twisting it hard and holding onto her like his hand was a vice, and he led her over to the store he intended upon, and left her standing there still dazed. How could this madman even still have this much enthusiasm? She felt like death incarnate, her long hair messy, clothes torn, a dazed look on her face as he ran back past her and dove head first into the doorway, shattering the glass with ease. Then she giggled. "Miceses.." He'd said it a moment ago, but had just registered that he had tried to make a funny. She giggled more, then turned and followed him in with a few very shaky steps, a slight smile on her face after the laugh, light as it was, but her eyes were still dark, and for a third time, laughed again as she watched him slide into the shelving. Was she losing her mind? Maybe, as she sank to the floor in a fit of hysteria that lasted long enough to make her ribs burn like hot irons were placed there. She would tilt her own head now, after catching her breath, "Butterfly...That's not.." And very quickly decided to shut up, before her mouth got her in trouble, her wrist where he'd clenched her burning from where he'd held it so tight, her skin already starting to discolor for a bruise. "Never mind.." She said softly, the dazed feeling going away. Looking down she realized that she still had her violin, and it was undamaged, miraculously. But, why was it there again? That's right, her captor had brought it with them out of the police station. Again, Why? And why the hell was she still alive?! Any normal person, the car ride would have definitely killed them. Her head still pounded, but she got herself up off the floor before that maniac decided to manhandle her again. And the alarms were making her head ring painfully. "Are you alright...?" What the hell was she thinking?! She wasn't, that was the problem, it hurt to think. You don't ask a mad man if he's alright, the answer is always no! But it was too late to retract her question. She wanted to go home, but then remembered she didn't have a home to go back too, and wished those damned alarms would turn off. "Shut up!" She yelled, probably getting a strange look from her captor. She was talking to herself now too? But no sooner than she spoke, the alarms cut out and shop grew quiet, and much less painful to her head. Feeling woozy again, she leaned against the wall by the door frame, and tilted her head back, a hand on her brow. Not good, she felt weak and it was getting worse. Sirens would spring up in the distance, quickly growing louder the longer the two stayed in the store. But she had a feeling that whatever was about to happen, she wouldn't be leaving with the cops.
  14. Melfina


    She had cleaned his wounds as best as she could, then she'd set about getting enough of the bags emptied into each other until she had enough bags and after ripping them apart, she had tied the ends together and made a canvas to shade him, tying it off to the sides of the boat so that it would be secure and waited, watching him for several hours before she realized it was starting to get dark. There were no provisions on the small craft, only the two of them, and the jewels. Her stomach had been gnawing at her for days now, but she had no way of getting that damned muzzled collar off. Sighing, she carefully dove over the side of their craft, her legs becoming her glorious tail. Oh how wonderful the water felt! Water, that's what she needed. What Pollux needed. She had to find him fresh water and some sort of food out here that he could eat. Once underwater, she dove, and it seemed like she swam forever down into the blackness of the water. A few moments later she would come jettisoning back up out of the dark, something in her hands. She'd found exactly what she had needed, but there had been a slight problem. The moss was the bed of an octopus den, and it had been home. Tentacles shot out of the black water below her, and she swished her fin, dodging left and right as she sped away with a few strokes of her powerful tail. She loved it, she thought that swimming at high speeds was what it must feel like when the birds fly. She would have to ask Pollux if he knew how birds felt when they fly. Granted that was if she could keep him alive long enough to get them help. The sat water stung between her shoulders as the thin scab covering the burn mark where she'd been shot soaked through with salt water, cleaning the wound. Nearing the surface, she was relieved to see that the boat had not drifted far in her absence. Pulling herself back on board again, she looked at her fin, and it returned to a pair of legs, again, almost instantly. Was this a power of the gem as well? Donning again the toga-like garment she had been wearing, she nestled into the bottom of the boat under the canopy where Pollux lay and gently put his head back onto her lap. "Can you hear me?" She asked, smoothing his hair back. She tilted his head slightly, pressing the wet moss to his lips. "Drink. It will taste a little funny, but that's just the moss." She continued. "It's a special kind of sea moss, it makes fresh water if you pour salt water over it. They eat the salt." The long hours would stretch away into the night as they continued to drift, the current taking them wherever the ocean willed that they go. It grew cold, and in an attempt to get warm she curled up next to him for warmth in the bottom of the little boat, and she would drift off to sleep.
  15. The slap did indeed bring Andromeda back to her senses, the sting almost reminding her of her foster father's slap earlier that morning. "Ow.." She whispered, then gasped and became pale again as she realized that that maniac had hold of her by the arm and was very close, way too close for comfort, as she leaned back slightly to compensate as he leaned in. She looked down at the dead gang members that now lay at their feet as they stood by the car. It was all she could do to muster a very slow nod in response, terrified he could just end her like he had the others, but in light of he voicing his plans for the night, she wondered momentarily of death would actually be the better option, rather than be dragged along with whatever his scheme was. Not entirely sure, but praying she was right, she reached for the handle on the car door, never taking her eyes off him, it was like she was trapped in his wild gaze. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she quietly got in the back seat, and promptly closed the door, sitting still and straight in the seat, staring ahead with her hands folded in her lap. She was already pale, and the scenarios running through her head were not helping as she suddenly wondered if he even know how to drive...? Then decided that it didn't matter, she would likely be dead by morning, and the way things were looking, maybe the sooner the better. She thought back to, she wasn't sure how long ago, there were blank spots, and then the long sit in the dark, but her foster parents and the house she'd lived in for four years. She almost would prefer to be going home to a beating for not going to school, than sitting in the back seat of that car, a madman right outside, dead bodies all around the car, and she was right in the midst of it all. If the police caught them, they would stand about as much chance against that green haired psycho as the gang members that now littered the street with their blood. Oh god, the blood. She felt her stomach churn again as the smell decided to revisit her nostrils, and probably much to his great amusement, she heaved, but nothing came up. Her stomach growled after that. She realized that she'd not eaten in a couple of days. She'd brought home a B on her semester report, and that was the punishment. No food till the grade came back up to an A. And the retching hurt, her stomach tied up in knots as she coughed. She just wanted to cry, but it wasn't happening. She was all cried out for now, so she stared blankly at the back of the passenger seat as she waited for him to get in, and quite possibly drive them to their deaths.
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