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  1. Basic Name: Lyanna Ebonheart Race: Human Age: 450 Birthplace: Unknown Class or Occupation: Witch / Member of the SoW Personal Hair: Brunette Eyes: Ash gray Skin: White Body: Slim Height: 6ft11 Weight: 60kg Abilities and Resistances Witchcraft : Lyanna was born with the powers of a witch and can succesfully casts spells , hexes , curses and charms that will help her on her life. Basic Alchemy and Herbology: Lyanna knows how to brew some basic potions and identify some common herbs and plants. Demonology : Lyanna has studied Demonology for over a decade and is perfectly able to conjure a demon. Longevity : Being a witch Lyanna's aging process has overly slowed down , causing her to age a lot slower than a mundane human. Devil's Magick : One of the most dangerous types of magic , with it Lyanna can terrify , mentally torture and cause agony and huge pain on those who defy her. Familliar's protection : As long as Lyanna's familliar Nyx is still alive she will be protected from hexes and curses. Equipment Grimoire Don't get fooled by its thin size , the grimoire contains tons of usefull and powerful spells , curses , rituals and generally incantations and chantings. Lyanna was given the grimoire by her mother the moment before she got arrested for practising evil and malevolent witchcraft. The grimoire also holds a spell that won't allow anyone other than Lyanna open it , any attempts will result into agony and pain. Moonstone Medallion In the darkest of times the medallion will bring light out of darkness. Lyanna was given the medallion by her grandmother on her 16th birthday. Magically extended satchel Despite it's small size the satchel can fit a whole room inside it , which is quite helpful as Lyanna has most of her books , ingredients and clothes stored in there. Personality Smart Cunning Sharp-tongued Bold Feministic Bit of sadistic Backstory [Redacted] Pictures Lyanna Ebonheart Nyx @Fallen Joy
  2. "Thank you!" Evelynn smiled as she thanked Shanna for the grimoire. Putting it on her satchel she just looked at the chaos that was happening between Shanna and Ewyer "Don't!" She shout as she stopped them from attacking the creature. "Can't you hear what it's saying ?" Evelynn asked them as she looked at the abomination of faces and mouths. "It's....crying." She exclaimed with a confused tone , taking out her grimoire she quickly flipped through the pages before she suddenly stopped. "Injure it but don't kill it!" She instructed the group as she let go of the grimoire which somehow started levitating in front of her , making it able for her to read. She opened her hands as if she were to hug someone. Her lilac eyes slowly started to glow as slight gusts of wind blew her raven black hair.
  3. Her lilac eyes focused on the horse for a minute before she got distracted by Luca's arrival. "Morning!" She greeted her friends with a warm smile before she walked up and hugged them both. "How was your travel ?-Hope you didn't have any distractions" Evelynn asked them as she tied the horse's leash around a pole. "Now where do you want to start from ?-Maybe Leyawiin's ?" Leyawiin's was a pretty popular shop in Roselen , it had quite the number of customers every day. Founded by Mysta Leyawiin the shop is now under her daughter's (Yana) control , a young , fancy and friendly woman that is known for her clothes' designs. Generally Leyawiin's is a pretty big shop with a huge variety of clothes , garments and boots , it perfectly fits with Roselen's aesthetic. @Lucinda Valentine
  4. It was a nice and sunny morning the sun was slowly rising and the birds were chirping. Evelynn had woken up and got ready for her job with Luca. Putting on her black cardigan , white shirt , black pants and black boots , she combed her hair for a bit and then went to the stables from where she climbed up on her horse and made her way to Roselen. Luca was a pretty dear friend of Evelynn as she is one of the faces that had helped her out when she had arrived in Valucre. The road to Roselen must have been around 30-60 minutes but luckily for Evelynn she used her personal shortcut which shortened the trip to about half an hour, Finally arriving at Roselen , Evelynn couldn't help but get amazed by the city's buildings. After a couple of minutes of horseback riding around the city Evelynn had finally arrived at the destination on which she was supposed to meet with Luca. Seeing that she wasn't there Evelynn got off her horse and held its leash as she slowly petted it. @Lucinda Valentine
  5. "Nacht!" She shout with an angry tone as she looked at Ewyer butcher the mage , quickly walking to him and Shanna she looked down at the butchered mage. "You didn't really have to kill him" Evelynn exclaimed as she slightly covered her nose with her fingers. "We could have asked him some questions you know" She told Nacht as she smelled like roses ,probably because of wearing all those flower crowns. Meanwhile Vaeril stood next to Evelynn and looked at the butchered mage with his empty dark eyes. "Now what ?" She asked Shanna as she helped her up. "Do you want me to use necromancy so that we can speak to the mage and ask him some questions ?"
  6. Basic Name: Evelynn Nightmoor Race: Human , demigoddess Age: She looks like 27 but she's actually 32 Birthplace: Valoris Class or Occupation: Sorceress for hire , major of Pandora Personal Hair: Crow black Eyes: Lilac purple Skin: White Body: Slim athletic Height: 6ft3 Weight: 65 kg Abilities and Resistances Sorcery: After her transformation Evelynn tapped in a new kind of magic that no longer needs herbs or material stuff it only needs energy. Astral Projection : Evelynn is perfectly capable of travelling to the astral realms. Water Bending : Even though Evelynn doesn't really use it on a daily basis she still uses it in case of emergencies. Witchcraft : Even though Evelynn doesn't practise Witchcraft she still has vast knowledge over that matter. Archery and Swordfighting : Growing up Evelynn was taught by her parents how to use a bow and a sword Equipment Vengeance This dagger of Valorian steel is able to cut through skin like paper. Given to Evelynn by her grandmother , she uses it in case of need. Death's Kiss This nifty self bow is made from ebony wood and wolf sinew. It was given to Evelynn as a gift for her 15th birthday by her parents. Thread History (If you want to learn about Evelynn's backstory just check the old post)
  7. Closing shut her eyes Evelynn slightly opened her arms like she was ready to hug someone but she really wasn't she just took position for the dispelling, "Ad quos eieci te appositi fuerint posita, quae in hoc circulo" She started chanting as she slowly opened her eys which started to glow. The circle's magic started to slowly fade away as Evelynn's eyes got brighter and brighter. "I banish thee magic that has been placed upon this circle you're no longer needed!" She calmly chanted as her eyes slowly turned back to normal. "Huh ?" Evelynn looked around them to see that the colours were drained by Shanna's magic. "What was that ?"
  8. "We have errands to attend to , am I correct ?" Evelynn asked Lexa as she looked at her. It was really strange , Lexa's childish behaviour really reminded Evelynn of her little sister Alice whom she loved very much but sadly had died from Shadow Pox , a strange rary disease that turns its victim into horrible monsters that will forget who they were and get pretty violent when they see a human. Smiling at Lexa , Evelynn had small glimpses from the past when she used to help her small sister braid her hair , put on a flower crown and generally help her do stuff. @Priestess | Assassin
  9. "Ah Lexa there you are!" Evelynn cheerfully said as she quickly strolled infront of Lexa's door , with her owl familliar on her shoulder she gave Lexa a warm smile. "I'm Evelynn by the way Evelynn Nightmoor!" She introduced herself as she kept smiling. "And this Vaeril" She looked at Vaeril who hoot-hooted cheerfully as she looked at Lexa. "Now whenever you're ready we may leave!"
  10. "I'm still here!" Evelynn exclaimed as she untied a small amulet off her neck. "Just wanted to try out my Amulet of Shad-" Tumbling over a dead corpse Evelynn almost fell but thanks to Vaeril , he caughter her middair. "Thank you Vaeril-Anyways what is so important about these books you want ?" She asked calmly as she looked around. Holding the chakram on her right hand and a fire sigil on her left hand she was ready to attack on sight. @Raptor @Pala (Imagine that its red and has a sun in the middle)
  11. Holding tight the rope and following the others , slowly making sure that she wouldn't step on any shit or human remains she looked at Vaeril who could apparently also heard the chanting he got ready for a fight. Meanwhile Evelynn's moonstone amulet started to emit a fade blue light , looking at Evelynn knew that there was something near them. "Is it just me or is someone singing ?" Evelynn asked the others , hoping that the singing was just her brain trying to creep her out. Holding the rope with her left hand , her right hand reached for her Valorian short sword.
  12. "Yes of course" Evelynn responded as she was looking at the blueprints on the lectern making sure there weren't any mistakes. Looking up at Luca she nodded , smiling at her she grabbed a bucket of white paint and a brush and started marking the ground floor rooms slowly so that the lines could be straight. Finishing the task Luca asked her to do , she returned to the lectern and took out her "tent" from her satchel. Even though the tent looked quite small and tight Evelynn had place a magical spell on it which would extend the interior of a place. "Now if you'll excuse me i have some affairs to attend to" She told Luca before she got in her tent.
  13. "Thanks Max-" Evelynn thanked her friend as she hugged her. "And yeah i know i'm not that dumb" She chuckled , walking away she was getting ready for the Grand Opening. Putting on a velvet red dress with some black features and a black rose flower crown Evelynn was ready to start the ceremony. With some crowds of people arriving and walking around the city , enterntaining themselves with the attractions Evelynn put such as fortune tellers etc she was getting slightly anxious because she didn't know what to say for thhe ceremony. It was a nice slightly chill morning with the birds chirping around and the crowds of people walking around the city Evelynn was walking around her tent , overthinking about what to say to the people.
  14. "Alright , sounds good!" Evelynn exclaimed as she smiled at Luca , being quite ready to help her build the Hospital she knew that it wouldn't be an easy job. So with no more waiting she untied her satchel and let it drop on the ground , opening it wide she slowly pulled out a small lectern in front of the "hospital" on which she placed the blueprints and designs of the hospital. After that she grabbed her satchel and tied it around her waist , hiding it with her clothes she made sure it was tied tight. @Lucinda Valentine
  15. "The week hasn't still passed and the Grand Opening will take place tommorow sooooo I won" She sharply exclaimed , grinning at Farkis she knew that she won the bet. "Now if you'll excuse me i have matters to attend to-" Evelynn told Farkis as she walked away and started talking with Kingsly , thanking him for his help she hoped that he stayed one more day to attend the Grand Opening since if it wasn't for his troops none of this would happen. @saz@Praetorian
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