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  1. Holding tight the rope and following the others , slowly making sure that she wouldn't step on any shit or human remains she looked at Vaeril who could apparently also heard the chanting he got ready for a fight. Meanwhile Evelynn's moonstone amulet started to emit a fade blue light , looking at Evelynn knew that there was something near them. "Is it just me or is someone singing ?" Evelynn asked the others , hoping that the singing was just her brain trying to creep her out. Holding the rope with her left hand , her right hand reached for her Valorian short sword.
  2. "Yes of course" Evelynn responded as she was looking at the blueprints on the lectern making sure there weren't any mistakes. Looking up at Luca she nodded , smiling at her she grabbed a bucket of white paint and a brush and started marking the ground floor rooms slowly so that the lines could be straight. Finishing the task Luca asked her to do , she returned to the lectern and took out her "tent" from her satchel. Even though the tent looked quite small and tight Evelynn had place a magical spell on it which would extend the interior of a place. "Now if you'll excuse me i have some affairs to attend to" She told Luca before she got in her tent.
  3. "Thanks Max-" Evelynn thanked her friend as she hugged her. "And yeah i know i'm not that dumb" She chuckled , walking away she was getting ready for the Grand Opening. Putting on a velvet red dress with some black features and a black rose flower crown Evelynn was ready to start the ceremony. With some crowds of people arriving and walking around the city , enterntaining themselves with the attractions Evelynn put such as fortune tellers etc she was getting slightly anxious because she didn't know what to say for thhe ceremony. It was a nice slightly chill morning with the birds chirping around and the crowds of people walking around the city Evelynn was walking around her tent , overthinking about what to say to the people.
  4. "Alright , sounds good!" Evelynn exclaimed as she smiled at Luca , being quite ready to help her build the Hospital she knew that it wouldn't be an easy job. So with no more waiting she untied her satchel and let it drop on the ground , opening it wide she slowly pulled out a small lectern in front of the "hospital" on which she placed the blueprints and designs of the hospital. After that she grabbed her satchel and tied it around her waist , hiding it with her clothes she made sure it was tied tight. @Lucinda Valentine
  5. "The week hasn't still passed and the Grand Opening will take place tommorow sooooo I won" She sharply exclaimed , grinning at Farkis she knew that she won the bet. "Now if you'll excuse me i have matters to attend to-" Evelynn told Farkis as she walked away and started talking with Kingsly , thanking him for his help she hoped that he stayed one more day to attend the Grand Opening since if it wasn't for his troops none of this would happen. @saz@Praetorian
  6. "Just like you said , it's ALMOST up which means i have still some time left so now if you'll let me do my job i'd be grateful" Evelynn sharply exclaimed as she was getting slightly annoyed by Farkis's behavior so with no more waiting she ordered the troops to speed up their building , and somehow the troops actually managed to both build and decorate the 3rd floor. "Well i won Farkis" Evelynn exclaimed as she grinned , being quite happy that the city was finally done she was now ready to start command over the city. But to attract people to the city she needed to advertise it so she started planning out a Grand Opening of Pandora. With the streets filled with decorations and tents of random fortune tellers and other "minigames" and lamps it was quite the beautiful scenery. @saz@Praetorian
  7. More days passed with the Academy slightly finished and other lesser buildings such as the temple of the gods , the market etc also almost finished. Evelynn let out a sigh , looking at the almost-built city she knew deep down that she'd need her friends' help to maintain and take care of an Academy and a city. It was a nice , slightly afternoon , the birds were chirping and the slight breeze made sure no one was getting too warm. Meanwhile Evelynn walked around in her tent , wondering what she could do after the city's built her god father appeared out of nowhere in front of her , in his human form wearing his official clothes he just looked at his daughter , smiling at her. "Unholy fucking sh-" Evelynn tried to shout as she got hugged by her father. "Father!" She shout cheerfully as she hugged him back. "So what is my daughter doing in a place like this ?" He asked Evelynn , smiling at her as he let go off her, "Well you see , i'm building-Actually see yourself" Evelynn exclaimed as she walked up to the tent's entrance and pulled open the leather , revealing the almost-built city of Pandora. "A city for the witches ?" He curiously asked Evelynn , being really proud that his daughter managed to achieve something like that , he walked out of the tent and extended his forearm for his daughter to grab. Evelynn happily grabbed her father's forearm and started strolling with him. "Where's mother ?" She asked her father as she looked at him. "I'm right here , honey" Evelynn's mother / Ophelia said as she appeared out of nowhere in front of her husband and daughter , also wearing her official clothes , she walked up to her daughter and hugged her before joining them with their stroll. Couple of hours passed with the family taking a stroll and drinking tea while chattering. Evelynn felt like time was non existent and that she could keep having fun with her family. "You know you can stay here tonight , i've got two extra beds in the tent-" Evelynn told her parents as she was putting the teacups back in their place. "You know we can't honey and plus our schedule is quite full for this week" Ophelia comforted her daughter as she and Daemn / Evelynn's father got up. Evelynn sighed. "Alright then i'll see you soon i guess..." Evelynn responded to her family , walking up to them she hugged them both. Meanwhile Daemn placed his hand over Ophelias' shoulder. "You know , we're always watching over you little dove , making sure that you're safe and sound" Ophelia kept comforting her daughter as she cupped her face and slightly kissed her on the forehead before vanishing into thin air with her father. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The next morning most of the lesser buildings were done and only the Academy wasn't finished yet. With the 2nd floor finished , the final constructions for the last floor had started as the Valorian builders started decorating the 2nd floor.
  8. "Oh don't worry the 3rd floor is only for authorized personnel and plus we can hire guards and just tell them to guard the 3rd floor-But if you really want to we can put it on the basement i guess" Evelynn exclaimed as closed shut her notebook and put it back in her satchel so she could grab the other notebooks with the design of the hospital etc. Flipping through the pages and showing Luca how the hospital could be designed ,Evelynn just let her decide. @Lucinda Valentine
  9. "Alright so...." Evelynn started talking as she pulled out a small notebook from her satchel which she opened and handed over to Luca. "On the entrance of the hospital we could add a statue or some decorations , on the ground floor we will add the reception , the rehabilitation pool , a garden , the pharmacy and a canteen. For the first floor we will have the Patients' wards , the Asclepian Operational Rooms or as i like to call them A.O.R then a staff's only room and the Head Doctors' office. In the second floor we will have a utility room and the Check Up room and on the 3rd floor we will have the Sanitarium and the Mortuary-Oh and we will also have a basement which will contain our source of electricity" She explained to Luca as showied her the drawings and the list of the rooms in the notebook. @Lucinda Valentine
  10. This time wearing also a bandana which covered her mouth and nose with her hood , she was slightly getting flashbacks from the aftermath of the attack on the Sundered Fort , corpses lying around , people screaming Evelynn was getting a mild PTSD. Making her hands tremble she slowed down her breathing , trying to calm down she distracted herself by chatting. "It really smells like butts and dead people-" Evelynn commented , gesturing her hand in front of her face . hoping that the smell would go away. "Anyways - Does anyone know what caused this hellhole ?" Evelynn asked Shana as she quickly put on her Moonstone amulet and followed her. Meanwhile Vaeril knew what to do and just slowed down his movement until he just stood still , his eyes rolling back he slightly motioned his head back and forth as his back was slowly getting ripped open a tall demon-like creature with antlers and sharp claws dropped the stag's hide down and followed Evelynn.
  11. "I'm not afraid of death you know-But still thanks for reminding me how much time i've got left" Evelynn exclaimed with a sharp tone , looking at the blueprints she immediately order half of the troops to start building the other buildings such as the Libraries , the shops , the market , the restaurants , the temple to Daemn and the House Of Gods. Couples of week passed with some of the other lesser buildings finally constructed , Evelynn really wanted to speed up the procedure with the Academy. With the first floor fully decorated and the second floor built only two floors remained the third floor and the "basement". No matter the weather Evelynn still kept going , knowing that if she keeps trying hard she will achieve her dream. @Praetorian@saz
  12. "Blessed be-Yes what about the hospital ?" Evelynn calmly asked Luca , smiling at her she was quite ready to discuss the matters about the hospital with her friend. Slightly throwing a glimpse on Vaeril who was apparently running around and playing with butterflies Evelynn couldn't help but letting out a slight chuckle. "Do you have any ideas about it or is there something troubling you about it ?" Evelynn curiously asked Luca , wondering what she wanted to discuss about for the hospital. @Lucinda Valentine
  13. As Evelynn was patiently waiting for her Grandmother , her Grandmother appeared out of nowhere next to Evelynn which scared the heavens out off Evelynn. "Sweet Daemn!" Evelynn shouted. "Grandmother!" She shouted once more , looking quite furious. "You could have knocked" Evelynn's grandmother immediately let out a chuckle as she took a seat at the tea table. "Knock what ? the leather of the tent ?" Grandmother sarcastically asked her granddaughter as Evelynn prepared some tea for her and her Grandmother. A couple of hours passed with the two ladies talking to each other about Pandora and how it could become a great city and other random stuff. Before her Grandmother's departure Evelynn showed her the constuctions of the H.A.W.S and introduced her to the "group". A week had already passed since Grandmother's meeting and the First Floor was almost done , Evelynn had decided to also invite some Valorian builders to help her decorate the city and the buildings so while the troops and the golems were building the first floor , the Valorian builders were making designs of how the ground floor could be decorated.
  14. More days and nights passed with the constructions of the H.A.W.S's ground floor being finished the troops and the golems took a day off before continuing with building the first floor. Evelynn walked in front of the constructions and took a breath , admiring the building that was constructed , she let out a sight "Well this is it Vaeril , the Hekatian Academy of Witchcraft and Sorcery-Heh i love this name" Evelynn exclaimed as she looked down at Vaeril who was apparently playing with a butterfly , running around Evelynn. "Well come on now Grandmother will be here soon!" Evelynn raised her forearm as Vaeril took the form of a Barn owl and clawed Evelynn's forearm , standing completely still. Evelynn walked back to the lecterb and opened her satchel with her right hand before tossing out a small red box in front of her which the moment it hit the ground it slowly turned into a quite big tent which had the same magical charm as the satchel that expanded the internal dimensions of an object without affecting the external dimensions, enhancing its capacity, and rendering its contents lighter. Evelynn walked in the tent which had been decorated with some candles , a small tea table with a set of teapots , cups , spoons etc , a small bookcase , a bed and a research table.
  15. "Shut up Ewyer and enjoy the wonderful view!" Evelynn jokingly shout at him as she opened her eyes and turned to him. Letting out a slight chuckle she looked at Vaeril who now had the form of a Stag , he was waiting for Evelynn to get onto him and leave.
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