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  1. I think Silence'll do well as a scout, and and point person. Good excuse to be a distance away if the cargo proves... volatile.
  2. Hi. I'm from the older thread. I suppose you guys are taking it over. I would like to join. What would be the best way for me to do that?
  3. I prefer to not keep any attachments. Maybe'll that'll change through roleplay.
  4. Well you see. I have a character with a sneaky set of skills. Sneaky skills that can be used in many ways. He takes his jobs seriously, and best of all, he isn't the type to blab to anybody. Because he can't talk.
  5. Are the mafia in need of a professional cleaner?
  6. Rogue followed Rabat and the others. He walked lightly, with mannerisms more like a prowling beast, standing still ever so slightly now and then and cocking his head, as if listening for a call only he could hear. As the sound of hoofbeats and activity reached them, Rogue would quickly overtake the others. He tapped Rabat on the shoulder, and motioned toward him and the others. Then he pointed down and brought one finger up to where his lips would be under the mask, as if telling them to stay down, and be silent. He tapped himself on the forehead, and pointed ahead with two fingers, indicating he would go on ahead and take point. Swiftly, he padded on ahead. Rogue did not rely on the camouflage of his cloak at the moment, only in his natural skills, staying low while darting inbetween the rows of bookshelves. He would peek out at the prospective enemies if he could. If they could smell him, that would make things a little more difficult.
  7. Rogue felt the weight of the bag, and tucked it away. It was acceptable down payment for such a risky venture and use of his skills. As the tail circled around the rogue, he crouched,and then took a giant leap backwards, arching up into the air. Half way through the jump he drew his cloak around him, and seemed to shimmer away from sight. If he landed somewhere, it was quiet. It wasn't until a few seconds later that Rogue shimmered back into view, walking up softly behind Minerva, and wagging a finger at Mephisto, along with a playful shake of his head. Please don't try that again, the mute seemed to say. Stepping aside from the group for a moment, Rogue dipped into an exaggerated bow, as if presenting himself, before drawing his sword through a set of flourishes. The intent was clear. His forte was stealth and swordplay. His disadvantages... Well, one of them was pretty clear immediately.
  8. Rogue drifted off mid-sign at the cat. A guardian creature of the library? Its presence lent some more gravitas to Rabat; and that the invoker actually did have a mission of some sort and wasn't more akin to a more common variety of street soothsayer shouting about deeds and sacredness. He put up both arms, one under his chin, as if he was thinking, and then tapped his temple and pointed at Rabat. Rogue was not aware if Rabat was the poster of the job or the first to respond, and merely advertised for others to join.
  9. It was a odd party to be sure, the righteous, fervor-filled Rabat, the demon-tainted Minerva, and the masked Howl made for strange companions. They were so strange that the mute rogue fit in just fine. He spared the others a glance, or at least they might've thought he did with the way his head turned toward them, face covered entirely by his cloth-mask before turning back to Rabat and following him through the doors. The assassin would tap the man gently on the shoulder. He put his right finger pointing down into his left palm facing up, and then split the sign by chopping his right into into a flat palm, before pointing at himself again. His right hand made the brief sign of money once more before then holding three fingers spayed outwards, consisting of his index, pinky, and thumb. For jobs like this, Rogue preferred some form of payment up front, preferably half. Even collateral of some sort was fine.
  10. Rabat the Righteous said a lot of words. It was well, for the Rogue said very little. None, actually. There was no sound, except for those who reacted to him pushing his way gently through the crowd. The masked, robed stranger stood before Rabat and drew his sword, holding it before himself upside down as he bowed, clearly presenting himself to the Invoker and offering himself to his services. Then he made a gesture in his other hand as if rubbing two coins in his fingers. What was the payment or reward?
  11. @Csl Rogue pointed at Gwen and made the universal sign for "okay" when she attempted to communicate with him in sign language, as if to say she was fine, or okay. He appreciated the effort, not many knew how, and even less tried, and when the waitress returned with his order, Rogue dipped his head forth in a shallow bow from his seat, and brought his right hand up flat near where his lips would be, and moved it forth toward Gwen. It looked a little as if he was blowing her a kiss, but the beautiful waitress probably got enough of that daily. It really just meant "Thank you".
  12. @Csl Rogue looked up at the waitress, and inclined his/her head in greeting. It must've been a man, or so she might think. His features were all obscured, but the stranger's build was unmistakeable. Then again, there were plenty of well-built women out in the world too. If there was any hint to be further gleaned from speech, Gwen would be disappointed there as well, for the stranger never spoke. He simply pointed to two items on the menu, holding it up for her to clearly see what he was gesturing towards, and held a single finger up after each. Hopefully she took Rogue's meaning, as he had pointed at a jasmine tea, and a cream of mushroom. He then put the menu down. Tapping it twice with his fingers to draw the waitresses attention, he looked away, and put his hand up to his chin, appearing contemplative, before pointing at himself, and signing.
  13. I think some characters here though, are quite capable of battling beings like SCP-682 or SCP-O76-2, if not defeating them permanently.
  14. Silent and faceless, Rogue entered the tavern. Swathed from head to toe in a camoflauged robes and a shimmering dark cloak, he first stopped by the arms check and handed in his weapons. First his sword, then his dagger, then some knives, and more daggers. The whole process of disarming took about five minutes, blade after blade, and when he was finally done, Rogue took a seat in a corner both, motioning toward one of the waitresses for a menu.
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