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  1. Both spirit animal and master liked in the direction the energetic Brielle looked towards. At first, Kou didn't understand why she lashed out, was she not comfortable with the presence of the opposite sex? No that couldn't be it, since the barkeep was male. With further inspection, she could discern the fancy but dirty clothes. Type that would pay for a simple workers salary for at least a year. " Hm.. Well Isn't he well off."* She commented in an amused but passive tone. A scoff escaped Salji's mouth as she just continued to wine and dine. And the food proved much more pleasing than she originally thought. @RentedRed
  2. Quick soft scuffles of footsteps echoed down an ill chiseled tunnel. Obviously this was gnoll illusioned Magician, sweeping the crudely shaped rooms for one in which would potentially hold his gear inside. After stumbling into one room full of foul shit towering to the ceiling.. Another one just littered in valley of bones, add on the constant every present stench, when the Magician entered a room full of crying fat round gnoll babies, he was feed up. Some ugly little face started in awe at the larger form of themselves, some cried more. However all would see the hands of the gnoll form a hand seal with disgust clearly within his eyes. Immediately the room's temperature escalated, visibly causing discomfort and sweat to start to profusely manifest on their dirty little skins. Sparks of flame danced in the air above them. Becoming more tangible and thicker as time went on when suddenly a large ball of fire hovered above them as if the sun itself decided to whimsically rise within the room. " Unfortunately I can't stay long.. Fortunately I don't care. Hope to never see you in the next life." Waving one hand downwards, the faux sun dropped and exploded like a bomb. The flames locked outwards like a tide rushing to find shore and ignited all the children and items within the room. See his work done and still very much wishing to leave, he turned to leave until a gleam of metal caught his eye. " You gotta be kidding me..." Indeed the gleam was something of worth — his gear. Apparently these shit for brains tossed his gear in to be 'toys' or could be this was a storage. Either or, he had to transverse through the crumbs of gnolls to get them. Feeling already somewhat exhausted mentally, another wave sent of a blast of wind to make a pathway and quench the flames. In which he waltz over and inspected his gear before donning it. " Now I should really leave." @danzilla3
  3. Subconsciously shifting into a demeanor befitting a practiced shaman, took a sideways glanced at the map. It was rather worn from what she could tell, crested repeatedly from either nervously looking at it or months of servicing. Unfortunately, the lass didn't recall any information from memory. This being due to being a shaman from the great north, information about the south wasn't worth knowing unless you transverse to the southern regions regularly. At the time she didn't, but unforeseen circumstances uprooted her life and now she wandered the land to better understand her lineage. Though that was a secondary goal, the first — something revealed at a later time. Outwardly lass face was laced with confusion, brows furrowing and unforrowing constantly for afew moments of contemplation before shaking her vibrant dark hair. " No, I've never traveled this region, nor do I have recollection of obtaining information about this region.. However, call it a profession's hunch — the line between mundane and unmundane is obscured." The air was very serious, almost stagnant and suffocating. Though this was a subconscious action in fear of something, and that something would be the leaking of Kou's spiritual energy. Though it wasn't enough to scare the obvious none existing patrons, so the overall effect was minor. But the excited woman would hear the sound similar to rattling of chains before it all dissipated. A nudge from a fuzzy white antler knocked both of them from a fake simulated pink atmosphere from those looking from the outside. Looking away quickly Kou leaned back into the chair, prior mannerism replaced by the laziness of a youngin. " Her name Salji. Weird I know with the fake she has antlers, but I guarantee you she 100% hind and not a stag.." ' A beautiful hind to boot.. Is that alcohol I smell? Haha old man green would be jealous.' Salji commented, moving her body to hover next to the Brielle, eyeing the cup she held. " Salji you can't have any for the last time!" Kou hissed. It was unbelievable, she couldn't allow the hind to acquire alcohol, last time she froze a Forrest in the middle of the night.. The bears almost thought winter came early. " Call me Kou, just a wandering shaman, sha'wo'man." @RentedRed
  4. Dan has already taken over and I asked prior. Everything's peachy 👍🏾
  5. Oh well Isn't this surprising? Didn't expect the chalvery to come so soon.. Well it wasn't for him he knew, only portraying a nobleman didn't mean he has the actual connections — Yet. Now that an unknown group invaded the gnolls campment and so rudely disturbed their feasting time, the tension was relieved from the hidden mage. Though the bigger dilemma evolved, how the hell was he supposed to get out and get his gear now?! " Tch." Mentally he wished to burn them all down, but he didn't have the energy to back up such a feat. So he did the next best thing — with what's seemed like practice movements, Manuel stealthy raised one hand, this one specifically being his right, held two fingers together while positioning hsi hand close to his chest. Nothing of note seemed to happen at first, but beings with high sensitivity to the flow of energy 'magic' would feel some sort of uniformity to the natural magical energy in the surrounding. When the battle official ensued, a smile would appear on the Magician's face, 'Now!' At the bottom of the pit, the first few inches of soil turned alarmingly brittle and exploded upwards into fine dust. The growing cloud masked the 'food bags' before and gnolls still in the pit, along with everything above. He created his moment to act, spending no extra thoughts before leaping forward into a somersualt and grabbing the dagger he acquired before. Quickly the acrobatic side of him took over, rushing forward in the dusting storm, finding a gnoll fumbling around and leaping onto his head and using it to spring upwards. Swiping upwards a glistening dagger flew before pausing in the air as if frozen. Telekinesis, one of the abilities given to him as a child, the most versatile and his favorite. Landing upon the dagger, he also used this as a means to further his leap to flip out of the hole. Landing amiss the chaos above. A sweeping and grasping motion with his left hand sent the dagger to his original launching point and flew back into the grasping hand. A small trail of blood dripping from the blades edge. " Too bad, you've missed a chance for a fine meal." He replied with a small chuckle. Now out of the biggest problem, the next was finding his gear and exiting this hell hole. Sighing deeply he regretted not adding a tracking device to his equipment. Looking left and right in puzzlement, where should he look? Maybe send a wind blast to clear out the dust and begin his search. But that would remove his cover and the new threat wasn't an easy enemy to beat. The man chopped a gnolls head with one swipe! Cold sweat ran down his back at the thought of it being him instead. 'Fine!' Channeling his mind, he reformed the prior hand seal and slowly his visage changed to resemble a gnoll. It was rather weak given the circumstances, but was enough to not draw attention while he rushed out towards the side the gnolls funneled out from. One wouldn't expect the a prisoner going 'deeper' into camp instead of escaping. With a pseudo plan in place, the Magician quickly weaved through the onslaught between both parties, rushing down a tunnel. @danzilla3
  6. Not particularly caring enough to fix her slumped posture, Kou half-attentively watched the lady approach. She currently was 5 insults deep with Salji over her fixation on intoxicating beverages, something she herself til yet understand how it was possible for an animal spirit to acquire such taste. With squinted eye's and a accusing expression, the little shaman would hold her hot tongue and fight the urge not laugh after a sudden stumbling slam intruded on her mental thrashing. " Ah! Are you alright?" She asked, eyebrows clearly betraying and diminishing her overall look of concern. ' Hahaha, that human is funny. I can smell the rich aroma from a good drink, ask her what she had will ya?' Salji chimed in. Taking this chance, Kou would actually study the woman before her. Immediately telling she wasn't so simple, there was more to her than meets the eye. But it was a vague instinct, one birth through her fair share of reading and communing with all life as her profession. The woman's upbeat attitude let her know she was okay, and her counter question dragged the shaman from her inspection. Escort request? Was such a thing posted? And it was departing today? No matter how she tried to recall reading anything posted about it or passed by word of mouth, she couldn't. But that's when Salji's voice entered her mind. ' What you seek starts here. It's what Kudan-san said right?' The overgrown deer shook her head, casting a condescending look at Kou before the smell of food stirred her to sit up. Obviously her timely words of remembrance helped jogged the clueless shaman and clear up the feeling of being out of the loop. She had known something here was worth checking it out, but was it the escort mission itself or the woman before her... Asking Kudan-sama for guidance would be a good choice, however she hated how taxing it was, furthermore it took awhile fore him to recover. ' Enough, it's best to go with the flow. Let the future play itself out.' Giving herself a peep talk, a smack rang out as both her hands forcefully meet her cheeks. " Y-Yes! Is that why you're here drinking alone?" She asked. The inn-keeper dropped the food and water at the table, in which Kou tactfully placed beside her for Salji to indulge gleefully. @RentedRed
  7. Currently just made a shaman who has contracted spirits. Plan to have one of these spirits end up being a freak incident and turning her part animal.
  8. " No No, Salji.. You can't just freeze any animal you come across. Even if they refuse to provide information." " And furthermore, how this place looks I wouldn't want to be here either. But Kudan-sama said this was worth checking out, well more like ' What You seek starts here~'...Whatever that's supposed to mean." Although seemingly weird, a bronze skinned woman appeared to be conversing with herself. traveling down the unpaved roads leading to the worst for wear town, Rislinn. On closer inspection she sat upon a massive animal strongly resembling a deer. Though it's white fur and branching antlers varied slightly. Was it a special subspecies? you could say that, though they both wouldn't tell. Continuing with her banter with the deer, they strode into the town finally. " Well we're here Salji.. Lets get you feed." Slipping down from Salji's back, the girl walked directly into what she assumed was a inn like establishment. Deer and woman entered, their height almost equal with each other, painting an odd picture. A side-ways glance told the deer to find a place to themselves, while the woman unhurriedly walked to the counter. Noticing a brown haired woman already there, she'd weakly smiled before paying more attention to the inn keeper. " Excuse me Keeper, could I have water and some food?" She asked politely. ' And Beer!' 'NO!' 'Tsk.. You're no fun Kou~' Reaching to her side, she pulled out a small coin pouch and counted out a few coins, then swiftly turned around. If looks could kill, Sajli would be venison by now. Seconds later the faux anger dissipated, quickly slumping at the table the massive deer idly laid near. @RentedRed
  9. EPITHET: Obtain via IRP NAME: Kou La’Hirsch IS A(N): Human GENDER: Female AGE: Old enough MARITAL STATUS: Single SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Bisexual HEIGHT: 5’ 8” WEIGHT: 115 Lbs ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral STATUS: Alive EYES: Hazel SKIN: Brown/Golden HAIR: Black BODY: Slim thick with yo cute ass FACE-CLAIM: See image. Salji included PERSONALITY: Trying to take on the aspect of shamans, being one for the people foremost but not directly crossing into the path of fate, Kou followed the same ruling. However she was too curious about the civilized world. She likes being around people but doesn't like questions to be directed at her. She likes to help but follow her teachings strictly at the weirdest times or certain rules and sometimes don't utilize her full capabilities. TRAITS: Honest, Open to abstract ideas, Seeks the most agreed upon choice. However she fairly shy when it comes to relationships and revealing not so ideal information to her companions obtain via shaman divination. Likes to keep a neutral front, but she's a very outgoing girl so its a big conundrum. RELIGION: Elementare (Elementals Gods), Ratharo (God of Prophecies), Altus Arcantium (Secrets/Mysteries) ABILITIES: Hunting/Scavenging, Pole-arm Adept, Spirit Magic At Least half a decade as a hunter/gathering in various woodlands and tough to live regions. Skilled in using any type of pole-arm, be that staves, spears, pikes etc. Preferably likes to use spears with stave like modifications to still utilize magic. Through practice and teachings of using the non attributed magic — Spirit magic, giving added devastation and more efficiency from all levels of spells cast. However the drawback is the required bonding with a spirit animal, the stronger the better; Depending on the type the better. To gain another spirit requires a rigorous and strenuous journey to find and subdue. SPIRIT MAGIC: (Max 7 contracted spirits, 5/7. Besides Salji, each contracted spirit requires a gesture and small prayer request to allow requested tasks to be attempted.) Dodomeki: A minor contracted spirit needing medium amount of spirituality. With its many eyes allows her vision to expand 360 degrees and provide much more clarity. However its upkeep limits her to just physical attacks. Kudan: A major contracted spirit needing a taxing amount of energy no matter its usage. The Kudan spirit comes with two distinct uses, one being able to predict future outcomes or good or bad situations/thoughts etc, similar to divination and need a sort of medium to imbue its energy into. Or two, seeing a set sequence of possibly futures that could span many years and generations. As for the former, extreme spiritual exhaustion occurs and only physical means are capable, latter extreme exhaustion leading to needing rest immediately. Also limited to once every 3-5 days. Lindworm: A Minor contracted spirit. When using the Lindworm, basic forms of camouflaging type aspects are given. But this only the minor use of the Lindworm, the main use being the negating of damage by ‘shedding’ the skin and becoming anew. Simply put, Kou is able to cast off prior damage to a faux body and continue on. This is limited to twice a day, while the bonus function is the immediate solidification of any acquired knowledge not already known, becoming imprinted as if she already knew. Krampus: A major contracted spirit. Only able to be utilized in cold temperatures and/or snowy weather, Krampus is an combat oriented spirit whose Demonic heritage provides its own unique skill set, and it's goat side with more physical prowess. Great in combination with Salji. Non-Contracted spells: By calling on and praying to the respective elemental gods name, some nature/element magic can be utilized and also ‘blessed’. Though this is achieved via channeling through the main medium spirit (Salji). In this case Salji , has access to Glizer and Luquura (Wind and Water), and as a boon, she has the ability to channel both elements for Eis/Schnee (ice/snow). Furthermore, she's able to use basic spirit energy to try and heal. However the effects are similar to a basic bandage and anything serious should be handled by an expert until she obtains the correct spirit. Salji: Main contracted spirit. Is a Dvalinn/Duneyrr, a deer who feasted on Yggdrasil's branches and was ultimately imbued with a strong connection to the spiritual plane. Thus allowing various elemental feats. BIOGRAPHY BACKSTORY: Kou, a pitiful child born to refugee parents in a few years subjected to the ‘suspension bridge’ effect, ultimately abandoned her after being called back to their families. Thus obtaining new lives, openly ignoring the child born to them. Though the heart and mind would never forget, the circumstances would not allow them to take her in without causing another similar situation. Due to this little Kou was given to a remote tribe family who unfortunately couldn't have children of their own. A blessing in disguise, she had the aptitude to learn spirit magic, this test done by a wandering shaman. Not long before both parents and herself were relocated to the shaman;s hidden village affiliation. It was soon found out she had the abnormal ability to commune with all spirit types without corruption, and with another blessing to even boost contracted spirits energy by two-fold. Using this ability with the teaching provided, she ultimately became a sort of protege. Sadly or deemed so by fate, she could erase the years with her actual parents. Developing a hidden free spirit that's only noticeable at certain times but enough that would lead to her faster partners and teacher to send her into the mass land of Genesaris early. About 30+ early compared to other shaman clansmen. REPUTATION: In remote lands, she’s known as the ‘Beautiful Shaman’. RELATIONSHIPS: Shaman Mother, an old woman who took her in and taught her the ways of shaman-hood after checking her aptitude with spirit magic. Village Chief, an old warlock who helped her with the visual aspect of magic theory and knowledge of the world. PARAPHERNALIA ITEM 1: ‘Kawe’ spear of possibilities Its potential isn't fully tapped, only solid fact known is that Kou is able to channel elemental magic through it for even better results and its damage akin to the best cudgels and swords in durability and sharpness. Perfect for a spear user. ITEM 2: Shaman Bag Expertly crafted carrying-bag that shaman’s used to hold their various herbs and potions, to the various mediums for spirit magic. ITEM 3: Book of Everlasting Documented knowledge of various shaman ways from numerous tribes and the correlating gods, herbs, rituals. Simply an encyclopedia of the numerous shaman classifications and all their info she's written down/given. (Doubles as diary)
  10. Obviously he wasn't no fool, taking the dusty prisoner's warning immediately to heart. With an inaudible thud he fell stomach first to the ground. Time wasn't on his side once again, having not the time to shuffle quickly to the side before the gnoll's cannon balled into the pit for the smelliest of spoils. Using a mild version of a tangle net to alert him of those around him, manuel's allowed his telekinesis sort of blanket the area, very softly. It was akin to running into a spiders web — surprising but not enough for concern. Taking note of what resisted the gentle net, the gnoll quantity was committed to the magician's mind, alongside the overall dimensions of the pit. Not being a half-hearted actor, he keep the facade of being a frail noble and visually shivered in assumed cold and fright a few times. Hopefully this would deter the them enough remove any suspicion... Since his next action involved using telekinesis to steal a dagger from one of the gnoll carrying a corpse. ' Nasty creature's.. These bodies smell horrible, probably taste like month old stale venison.' He inwardly rebuked. If lucky, he'd quickly disguise the dagger just enough and let it lay near one of the still 'unripe' prisoners. Shaking and quiet, he abide the time until the dirty mongrels left the pit to what he assumed was to feast... Didn't their parents tell them eating food from the floor was dirty? Or cold food hurt the stomach.. pft brave creatures indeed. Now that all he could do was wait, for his final spontaneous plan, just so happened came to him while suffering from the gnoll stench, he took a peripheral glance at them. Their 'unique' build would definitely come in handy at some point.
  11. Inwardly groaning, he pushed himself up using his hands and knees. It took him all put two seconds for his eyes to adjust to the dark the stale musky smell to assault his nose and made him want to remove anything and everything he consumed prior. " Arpf — you gotta be kidding." He mumbled. That when a shifty voice finally registered. Since he was still somewhat crouched over, both hands covered his face momentarily while he began utilizing a more potent illusion. Too late to change his skin tone and beard, he simply changed the color of his eyes to green and exaggerated crow's feet. To top it off, some silver hair's streak through the black jungle of hair he had on his head. Although this was a rather weak disguise, he could always fix it once he get out of his current predicament. " Y-yes I was by myself m-mister! Do you know where we are? Am i going to die? What do they want? Money? I have a wife and kids!" Like a switch, he changed his whole demeanor to resemble a scared minor noble. A young man just seeking to enjoy his simply life with a bit of extra flavor due to his family's background. Who would have thought he'd get kidnapped!? " Do you know a way out?" This question was obviously going to be answered with a no, but it would help solidify the feeling of hopelessness hes portraying. furthermore, the magician already knew how he could get out, it was just a matter of when. One must fully commit to the role! @SteamWarden
  12. Needless to say, the magician was out cold for most of his journey to god knows where, he'd definitely give that god Vinij some words. Not like it would do anything though. Plus it was sort of thrilling.These were his immediate thoughts upon slowly waking up. Mind cloudy and hands tied, he knew he was in some shit. Not even mentioning the fact he was stripped down to his compression shorts. Without the basic tools of the trade, a lot of unsavory types would be counting the days til steel meets neck, and neck meets floor. Only hoping the daisy's above them were pretty enough for a Sunday morning burial. Now the real question was, were these bindings magical in anyway? would it stop his non-magician abilities. " Tsk. Soju, oh goddess you've done me wrong once again... Oi —! How about being a bit more careful, this ride bumpy as hell. Didn't your boss tell you don't bruise the merchandise?"
  13. So I've made my post in TOL, however where do I post to accept a quest? The boards don't allow thread posting. Like I stated I want to try intermediate escape.
  14. A frown soon surfaced his face, though no one could see it due to the mask. Still waiting on his drink, the honey colored globes called his eyes scanned once more around the tavern. Even with its high amount of occupants, there was plenty room for the magician to 'stage' a show. It would have to be fairly tamed in nature since this particular place had plenty muscle to spare. Ah, maybe he shouldn't have let the thoughts surface, the urge to try something grew like hunger. Damn, he really wish that drink was here. And atlas his silent prayer was answered, a clear mug was set in front of him, chilled and its allure begging him to drink it all. " T-This?!" How could he not know what this delicious substance was! Soju! The drink that even topple the most experienced of drinkers. His eyes squinted to almost slits underneath the mask. Did this fellow know of his travels? Maybe a unknown fan? Ha! Who cares, let's drink, his philosophy was to live in the moment, when you can. Twirling the card in his right hand once more he flicked it onto the counter. what was once a card was now a small amount of money — perks to being not only a tradition magician, but also an innovator. Obviously this money was enough to pay for a few mugs, and to confirm this, he simply lifted back his mask enough to drain the first mug savory fluids without yield. Finishing he asked for two more, which after those turned to four more, needlessly to say he got a lot of stares, astonished, amused, disgusted, even malicious intent, clearly wanting to rob the little magician of his 'accumulated' wealth. From robber hands to another, the man in Spanish attire didn't mind. Though at one point he did feel a few drinks didn't taste like the first. Seeing as how he was drinking unmixed soju, no real flavor should be tasted. Shrugging it off to being an mug not fully washed, he suddenly stood, eyes sweeping the growing audience and bowed deeply. Somehow not spilling liquor all over the floor he introduced himself. " Ladies, gentlemen, and those who creepy crawly in the dark! Tis' the moment of rebirth no? Like the phoenix or better yet the cicada! We all should and have shed old burdens and started anew.. Likewise I feel the need to do the same." He paused, the momentousness of his voice slowly receding to give some emotion. " For I hold a secret... It's nothing to outstanding I assure you. What was once human, bipedal being is no more. I am, The lady of the lake! —" Shouting loudly, he swung his arms wide. Inside he was laughing with glee, outwardly he tavern seemed to be slowly flooding with water, seeping through the creaks everywhere. But that soon changed as it build up akin to the rush of a flood created by a tsunami! As the drunk and mostly gullible patrons yelped in fright, he waved his free hand and summoned the sword hilt back to him. Raising it high, it shown in glistening blue light. The scene really resembled the lady in the lake, relinquishing Excalibur. However those not easily deceived noticed it was all just an illusion. A well made one however. Once the sword was back in his hands, that's when he knew he should leave, finally feeling the hidden 'muscle' peering at him particularly. The story was far-fetched, but it was passable fun. Manuel quickly exited the tavern, mug and tidal wave of illusion water with him. He could only chuckle as he shouted backward in an ethereal voice, " You've been visited by the Unruly Magician!" Imaginary water phased out, leaving a man in red, black, and gold merrily trotting down the road with a mug almost empty of soju. Darkness akin the abyss creep up on his mind and vision, causing him to mumble," Vinij is this your doing?" Moments later a body was being carried away through an unconcering alleyway, a glass mug broken... hmpf so much for a fresh start.
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