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  1. Welcome to Val ;D

    1. Doctor Bright

      Doctor Bright

      Thank you! It does mean quite a bit that I'm being welcomed. I just hope that the staff here is friendly... As I've had run in's with, 'unpleasant,' staff, in the past of-course.ย 

    2. supernal


      I like to think the staff are pretty helpful but hereโ€™s to hoping you have the same experience! Welcome aboardย 

  2. Welcome to Valucre!

    A fellow SCP fan, I see. I like the necklace ๐Ÿ‘€

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    2. Doctor Bright

      Doctor Bright

      Great! I'll take a look at it, thanks.


    3. Sanonymous


      Hey! Welcome to Valucre! I'm glad you are a fan of SCP as well, and is interested in the VCF ๐Ÿ˜„ย Would you like to have a character in the ranks of the VCF?

      Also thanks for the promo CSL โค๏ธย 

    4. Doctor Bright

      Doctor Bright

      I'm currently just looking around this enter thing, deciding if I should stay or not. I most likely will, and when I do, I'll contact you


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