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  1. I can run a solo thread even with my schedule, as I can post at my personal pace.
  2. Basics Name: Vasen Galaeron (Vasen Gillick) Age: 29 Gender: Male Details Appearance: Vasen is a tall, lanky man with hawk like features and short greasy black hair. Personality: Eccentric, manic and introverted Vasen deals poorly with people; more interested in his 'projects' or furthering his knowledge then any meaningful human connection. He values knowledge and data above all, and is willing to take risks simply to learn. He has many eccentric quirks, from his chosen attire to his tendency to ramble to himself whenever he discovers something he finds interesting. When forced to pay attention to human interactions he is callous, dismissive and devoid of empathy, Goals and motivations: Expand his gifts by any means necessary, complete his 'projects' and further his knowledge. Background Birthplace: Andelusia, UM. Current Place of Residence: Drasir, UM. Current employment / role: Local Doctor and Coroner, noted for his willingness to buy fresh bodies or bodies with unusual traits. Family / close associates, if any: None alive. Affiliations (guilds, businesses, noble houses, etc.): Owns a lucrative Doctor/Surgery office in Drasir where he performs surgeries with an audience and offers general medical care. Also works for the local "Government" as a forensic coroner and buys corpses for 'medical research' no questions asked. Mastery of dominion, or examples of uses of dominion, if any: Fair; learned of his powers by chance a few weeks after the Fae bolstered them. Has raised a number mindless thralls and a few capable of following commands. Has recently begun experimenting with creating creatures from body parts, rather then complete corpses.
  3. If the corpses heal themselves over time and don't decompose then I'm perfectly fine with the power as is; though I'd like to make a suggestion as to add a bit of flair to it. Allow me to modify corpses or make 'flesh constructs' at high cost. Think Frankenstein, but more bizarre. This would turn my character into more then 'Evil Necromancer'. Some examples would be let's say my character hears about a larger then normal, four armed goblin - he'd scramble to find, kill and dismember this creature and then graft it's unique features onto one of his loyal thralls. Or he hears about a man with a eagle eyes, or a great warrior with freakish strength, etc etc.
  4. My schedule is currently very, very swamped but what little time I have had to play with ideas has left me with an observation of my assigned power. It is mostly a 'fluff' power - due to the sheer amount of blood required to raise a combat capable corpse it can't be used 'in combat', and due to it's limitation on corpses requiring their musculature for locomotion it basically has no effective use. Rigor sets in quickly, meaning roughly 72 hours of the creatures 'lifespan' will be spent stiff, after that subsides the muscles decay rapidly. It has an effective combat shelf life of a week or less? I can raise a single cognitive, combat capable minion every two months. Just to be clear, I have zero issue with it having zero combat utility. Not every power needs to be a combat power, and not every interaction needs to be combat.
  5. I apologize for my delay, I work in a hospital as security and while I'm hardly as vital or busy as a nurse or doctor I've been VERY busy. I will try to get a post out this week, but I quite honestly can't promise anything.
  6. What it contained was three fire breathing horrors. Jiv'undus had entered the room proper, dismayed to see three of the dangerous insects feasting on barrels tucked deep into the far left corner. They paid him no attention as they gorged, their horrific front mandibles crushing wood barrels like twigs. The Kharn silenced his steps, slowed his breathing and slipped into the deepest part of the pitch darkness that was cellar. His years as an assassin made him near imperceptible to any humanoid ears, his further years roaming the Deep Realms had further refined him to deal with the oft sightless horrors which stalked the caverns for prey; in short if he did not want to be heard not even the most alert beast would hear him. Slowly he stalked up to gorging horrors, and once in range his legs propelled him forward like a spring. A hellacious knee crushed one instantly, it's body slamming into the wall in a sickly 'splat' which - that alerted the remaining two, whom turned to face him with a sharp hissing inhale. The sound of shattering glass mixed with the sound of ignition as they breathed fire in unison, and just as quickly burst into flame as the flammable liquid Jiv'undus had tossed from the shelf at the same moment mixed with the wine they were already covered in. The pair loosed deafening, pained screeches as they ran aimlessly - slamming into walls before slowing and eventually curling in on themselves in their death throes. The screech had alerted others, and he could hear they angry legs clacking against the stone floor as they rushed from adjacent rooms toward him. It was time to set some traps.
  7. Jiv'undus wasn't quite sure how to deal with the girl; she was skittish and flighty - she clearly had worries, but wasn't forthcoming. Jiv'undus found that a smart tactic, information was a greater weapon then any blade and it was best to keep it close. His time alone in the Deep Realm had dulled his sense of caution, which is why he had dropped his illusion. She did give him some information; she was an exile. From what or from where the Kharn did not know. "An unfortunate plight, and one I know well." He eventually replied, unsure of what to say in truth. He was poorly equipped for emotional support, and the stunted awkwardness in his tone and wording made that all too self evident. @Waking_Warrior
  8. A night of partying had proved harder on the body then Jiv'undus had expected; he had been drunk once or twice, but never so much as he was last night drinking with Lupin. The Leader of the Crow Company had allowed to the secretive Kharn ample opportunity to indulge in all the delightful vices his Matron's had kept from him when he was but a tool of the dangerous hierarchy of the Deep Realm. Jiv'undus took one glance back the the 'Crow's Nest', the tavern Lupin had recently started renovation on, it was going to be the Kharn's home for the foreseeable future that reality left him with a mixture of hope and dread. He had never really been allowed to 'hope', and it was that which made him dread - the second he lost his apathy for life, he worried he'd so too lose his edge. It mattered not in the end, Jiv'undus was committed to a path and he would face those consequences when they came; first came the test. It was a formality in truth, a task given to him by Lupin to steal expensive collector's tea leaves from a wealthy Aligorian politician and fanatical tea aficionado. The bitter surface plant water was not something the Kharn enjoyed, but it's value as a commodity was undeniable and from what Lupin had told him, it was fairly well guarded; in part due to it's location at a politicians home and in part due to it's raw value. Shielding his eyes from the freshly risen sun, the Kharn still wasn't used to it, Jiv'undus began a purposeful walk to the district of Aligoria which housed the rich and powerful. He did so not as Jiv'undus the Kharn Assassin, but instead wearing his trademark illusion - an elaborate facsimile of an olive skinned human with short dark black hair and a well groomed 'musketeer' mustache and soul patch named 'Malek', a slave and barkeep in his home of Triel'daer. It was the face he wore even for his new allies in Crow Company, and it was likely the disguise he would wear for as long as remained on the surface world. @Mickey Flash
  9. "I could use a room, and while I wouldn't call myself a tea connoisseur I'm sure I can make do." Jiv'undus quipped, leaning back in his chair and letting the tension drop - the pair had a good rapport, Jiv'undus felt and it made Lupin easy to work with; especially for a surface dweller. "Tell me more about this tea collector. Location, security, any intel you are willing to share." Jiv'undus said, taking a long gulp from his glass and pouring another as soon as he had set the glass down. The Kharn made a note to be careful around wine the next time he was presented it, as it was dangerously addicting and the effects were already dragging his focus and caution into downward spiral. While Jiv'undus didn't know if the Crow Company would be his permanent team, the idea of having a team at all to have his back was oddly comforting. Years wandering alone in the eerie silence of the Deep Realm had effected him more then he liked to admit, and the constant requirement to be on permanent alert was not something that lent itself to a fulfilling or enjoyable life. Which was something increasingly Jiv'undus felt he wanted, his time as an assassin at the beck and call of a matron was simple but freedom from it had taught him that with it's rigid simplicity came an emptiness which the people on the surface realm did not seem to suffer from. "But perhaps we can save this job talk for another night, I'm find this drink a bit to engrossing to let go." Jiv'undus said, an earnest chuckle following behind it. It was the first time the Kharn had ever requested leisure over action, but he couldn't deny it felt good to be able to say it.
  10. Jiv'undus found the meeting place easily enough, and he had arrived hours ago - he sat at the table closet to the door, with his angle allowing him to watch it or escape through it at a moments notice. The Kharn was wearing his favorite illusion, his Dark Elven features hidden by an elaborate facsimile of an olive skinned human with short dark black hair and a well groomed 'musketeer' mustache and soul patch named 'Malek', a slave and barkeep in his home of Triel'daer. Jiv'undus was a naturally cautious individual, but it was not caution alone which had delayed him from making his presence known for the job at hand. It was the job itself which did that, hunting a psionic beast was not something an assassin oft did; less still when his only weapons were the body he was born with. Call it cowardice or prudence, Jiv'undus didn't much care either way, the Kharn was not going to step up and take the job until he was confident his skills were even up to the task. A bit of intelligence gathering and recon had told the assassin only a partial story - mad men, a village gone berserk and horrific beast known as a 'Eldritch Hydra'; it was a surface monster Jiv'undus had no knowledge of, and from what he could gather he was not alone in this. It was this limited intel which left him hesitant, it was hard to gauge one's owns talents objectively against the target if the target was some unknown horror causing men to go mad. As a member of the Elfkin, he was fairly resistant to psionic attack and at the monastery he had learned his skills at had further hardened him against it's influence; but that was against Kharn casters and the rare juvenile illithid. In truth, the assassin knew he was going to accept the job - his life as a professional killer had never been his choice, and with new found freedom of decision he had found his decisions increasingly pushed him toward more overt operations, even if his skill set did not measure up to his ambitions. Done convincing himself he was up to the task Jiv'undus approached the bar, waving the barkeep over with his stolen cocksure grin. He knew who 'Jared Haywood' was already through eavesdropping and observation, he was the roguish lout playing cards and getting cheated at every tun - though his body language suggested he knew that already. "I'm looking for a 'Jared Haywood'." He said as Maggie approached, she quickly pointed at the gunslinger and Jiv'undus turned; adjusting his black overcoat and white ascot to look more presentable. He approached openly to the table. "Which one of you is 'Jared Haywood'?" He asked, though he was already making eye contact with the man as he did. At a glance Jiv'undus looked like a plucked up human merchant, with a black overcoat, a grey vest underneath that and a white ascot tucked into the collar of the vest. He had no visible weapons, but a keen eye would notice the seemingly 'rich' attire was gusseted in all the right places to allow free and flexible movement suggesting he was more prepared then he let on.
  11. Potential brain damage you say? Sounds fun, I'll nominate Jiv'undus if you'll have him.
  12. Hey hey hey. My character Rivan the Red just recently got out of a Vanoran prison for piracy. Strapped for cash and with big dreams he is looking for a quick buck, irrelevant of the danger. This has led him to the job posting to explore a hidden grotto which recently appeared beneath the city, the promise of treasure and pay from the Government means a quick buck, but even Rivan knows he can't do the job completely alone. OOC I'm looking for 1 to 3 players to take the Vanora quest 'A World Below', a class B quest which has the potential be part of a multi-quest chain; commitment to only 'A World Below' is expected.
  13. Jiv'undus openly laughed, having little care if the burly human thought he was laughing in his face or laughing at the situation - the former was far more likely for a Kharn. As abruptly as his laugh started it ended, letting a long silence hang in the air as his expression shifted from the bemused cocksure grin the disguise that was 'Malek' oft sported to an expression which looked like a mixture of boredom and disappointment. "I think I need more drink." Jiv'undus suddenly said, as the final syllable escape his lips he leaned back far in his chair, and as it would appear he would tip over the balance point he simply vanished. Shadow walking was perhaps Jiv'undus most visually impressive skill. "I'll take that." He said suddenly, many feet away standing just beside the bartender. Casually he grabbed a full bottle of wine and strolled confidently back over to Lupin, before tossing the bottle at him lazily. As the bottle sailed through the air it suddenly stopped, a floating black hand made of a smokey substance gripping it tightly in a grasp which chilled the bottle so rapidly it was visible on the thick tinted glass. Jiv'undus took a seat once more, allowing the floating hand to pour him a drink which he sipped with a pleased murmur. "I have no experience with wine, but if the stuff from a jackbooted thug's tavern is this good, perhaps I should form a habit of it." Jiv'undus tone was playful, but his expression was far from it. Two could dance the line between gregarious and stabbing insults, but then again - Jiv'undus never cared for blades. "You are right about some things." Jiv'undus leaned forward in his seat. "If I don't want to be seen." He sipped. "I won't be." Jiv'undus dismissed the magical hand, letting the bottle fall into his own grasp. "You are wrong about others - you see me as I want you to, a rogue, a scoundrel perhaps a thief." He let the tone hang in the air a bit, he was having fun playing theatrics; something he rarely got to flex in the dangerous underbelly that was Kharn society. "Allow me to rectify that misunderstanding. Name anyone, they'll die before the sun rises tomorrow." He let the confidence in his voice ooze as he slowly poured Lupin a drink, leaned close and with meaningful eye contact. "It can even be you." He added, his face once more returning to the playful, cocksure grin.
  14. Liquor Wyrm Spider The Liquor Wyrm Spider is a large winged arachnid which ranges in size from house cat to medium sized dog; a rare but dangerous pest the Liquor Wyrm Spider lives mostly in caves and swamps but often infests wine and liquor cellars. Named after it's veracious appetite for liquor and it's ability to breathe fire and fly the Liquor Wyrm Spider can actually ingest any flammable liquid and then convert it inside it's stomach into a highly flammable gas which it expels from glans in it's mouth which it then ignites by slamming it's extra front appendages together creating a spark and continuous stream of flame. It breeds once yearly and lays but a single egg, which hatches within two weeks of being laid - they grow to full size between two and three months after hatching. Due to their single offspring yearly birth cycle and frequent clashes with society they are very rare, and oft killed on sight due both to their economic damage and their ability to kill with relative ease. In their natural habitat they drink methane rich swamp water and eat rotten meat, needing a far larger amount of it to produce less powerful flame, this diet also makes them generally smaller being no larger then a house cat. Those gorged on liquor in their growth years grow much larger and with the more flammable liquor in their system can produce intense streams of flame. It is conceivable that if one was so inclined they could breed a Liquor Wyrm Spider to be larger then even those observed so far.
  15. Another harsh open echoed through the dank cellar as Jiv'undus slammed the wooden door open, met almost immediately by shrill hiss and a gout of flame behind it. Jiv'undus immediately stepped to the side of the door way, allowing the flame to roar past him and tickle his senses with it's heat. The angry spider hurled itself through the gap, hissing and clacking as it sought out what had disturbed it's home - much to Jiv'undus surprise the massive, cat sized arachnid was winged, and appeared to be covered entirely in a sticky red liquid which fell off it in globs. At first the Kharn thought it was covered in old blood, as if it had burst from a living creature and dreaded the reality that these spiders incubated their eggs in flesh; it would be all but impossible to effectively care for one long enough for it hatch if that were the case. However, as it turned to face him the smell became overpowering. It was not blood which bathed the incest horror, but wine - furthermore it's color was a natural red, mixing with the sticky old wine to give it a blood soaked appearance. It's appearance became less relevant as it reared back, the hiss of it's inhale so sharp it hurt the Kharn's ears; sparks formed as it slammed it's massive front appendages together. It did not breathe fire, but instead a flammable gas which was ignited by slamming it's extra front appendages together in front of it's mouth, which were covered in a hard ridged exoskeleton producing sparks. As fascinating as the unusual creature's biology was Jiv'undus had little time to marvel at it, jumping into action as soon as he heard the inhale Jiv'undus struck out with his foot kicking the creature hard into the wall. It made a panicked shriek as it exhaled it's gas without a spark, and immediately Jiv'undus was on it slamming his knee in a dropping attack into it's back. It's legs flattened as it failed to hold it's own weight and Jiv'undus, their panicked skittering growing rapid as Jiv'undus began to slam his elbow into the top of it's 'head'. A few powerful blows later the creature lay still, the Kharn's black clothes stained with old red wine and the sickly yellow guts of the arachnid monster. "These things are going to be a problem if they come in groups." Jiv'undus declared to himself, realizing his lack of a weapon meant he struggled to instantly kill things that weren't humanoid. It had been a recurring problem in the Deep Realm, but most creatures which stalked those caverns were solitary - a horde of fire spewing spiders would likely overwhelm the assassin in pitched battle. But the Kharn was committed, seeing the horrifying power of the creature only heightened his desire to make one his own. Carefully he peered into the room the spider had charged from, and confident it was alone he entered - it was a wine cellar, with barrels stacked high in wooden supports on all four walls, although over half of them had their sides ripped open and their contents stained the floor and the barrels near them. Near the center of the room was a chest of some kind, longer then it was tall and with it's lid open - inside was some scattered coin and a large, old halberd. It was not a weapon Jiv'undus had any skill in using, and in the tight confines of a cellar was more harm then help. The gold was useful, and it was quickly pocketed. There were two exits to the wine storage room, one to the left which according to the map led into a rectangle shaped chamber and one straight on which led to a larger but similarly shaped chamber; both were connected to the same room further beyond. As it seemed the spiders had a taste for wine Jiv'undus wagered that the room to the left housed more liquor of some kind and so headed toward it, the door less arch giving him only a glimpse of what the room contained.
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