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  1. The man slowly mulled over his words, gaze dislocking to wonder around the room as his hands folded over his trenchcoated chest. His solemn lips moved upwards slightly to a more aloof tightness. "So be it. If I can save the lives of men who are already made to fight, then I shall have done something with my own life." Suddenly the deep green eyes snapped back, squinting slightly at the man across the table. "I know not of this military, or most of the new ones. Is what you fight for truly peace? Nobel causes?" @Heroshima
  2. His head tilted a bit as he examined the growth, slowly approaching with his hands raised and eyes quickly flicking between the dragon and the wound. "If it smells like the mouth, then it must have gotten bit. Heads up now, we cant let those things sink their faces into us. Now..." His gaze met the dragons, squared off as he tried to calm it with his emotion, showing himself to be non threatening while the spade-tipped tail rolled up behind him and out of sight of the dragon. The head was leveled to keep his horns high and even, eyes wide as he attempted to pat the dragon on the nose.
  3. Benzen leaned back in the chair as his squared his sharp eyed gaze onto the man, the corner of his mouth twitching slightly as he chose his words. "I worked on a few of these in the army, they were primitive and almost laughably shortcoming in places. My want to improve our soldiers chances of coming home had to start with making better offenses and defenses." He slowly looked out the window to the orange sky, his face still aloof as he did so. "Are you planning on dragging me into a war." He didn't air his tone like a question, solemn. @Heroshima
  4. The mechanic was rather silent throughout the tour and trip, an aloof gaze stocked onto his face. He stood at 6'7, wide shouldered and sunskissed skin. His heavy blue eyes glanced about him for a second before he looked towards the Captain. "Tanks... as I've had the most trouble with getting the fuel tank to work right" Came the response in rather good english, an undertone of Russian in the blunt expression.
  5. Deus Vult

  6. You took my dreams

    1. MaskedHero


      What are your dreams

  7. Dashing into the darkness with (literal) blazing eyes, the Half-Demon ran forwards to catch up with the baby dragon waving his hands as he put on a wide smile. "Hey, Hey! Slow down, you're gonna run into-" He slammed into a midewaist high amount of rubble, coughing before getting up dazed "Into... a mound... mmm..." Gripping his stomach he leaned against the mound, blinking a few times before turning to follow the dragon once more, albeit a bit more carefully
  8. The Half-Demon stayed back for a second, hesitant to follow the ever adventurous party mates ever deeper into the choking cavern. The closed walls and copious amounts of dust started to stir memories in his mind that he would rather have rubbed from it. Still, in his discomfort, he forged on after a few moments of lingering to catch up in silence with the Tiger.
  9. This months been abnormally busy for me, I hope to get back to this when I get some extra energy to invest here

  10. The Half-Demon would in turn extinguish his held flame to cover his mouth and brush away the dust, his two orange-yellow eyes the only light left for him. While watching the other two look back out the tunnel, his pointed ear twitched moments before the new fire appeared at the end. "...Guys?"
  11. Gonna try and get back into this place, still feels way different than what Im used to

  12. The Half-Demon was silent as he stared down the cavern, tilting his head slowly before the pointed ears that adorned his head twitched moments before the cave-in. He darted to Tori's side and swiftly followed the three of them down to the path for shelter, his hand raising to produce a small flame for light in the darkness
  13. Ooo, Im down for this, gonna have some fun with a techo-music dj vigilantly
  14. The Half Demon ran forwards, bare feet pounding against the dry stone. He would start to slow his step to wait for the others, eventually finding himself standing a few yards before them in the middle of the hall. He bent over slightly with hand on his knees to allow heaving breaths to be taken easier, his head spun a bit from the sudden burst of energy however when the got close he sprung back up to shake it off. "How far down do you think it is?" @Dabi @Venus Sprite
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