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  1. It can take a photon 40,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to the surface, but only 8 minutes to travel the rest of the way to earth. 

    1. Kyoku


      It can take 15 minutes for my dad to get to the super market, but 25 years for him to come back.

    2. MaskedHero
  2. He nodded to Howard politely, his hands shifting a bit on their grips. He had heard vaguely of this man and being that only from snippets of meetings. A glance upwards towards the front of the line would cause his attention, simply watching the woman in the distance conduct some kind of comands.
  3. Taking his kerchief from the inside of his vest, Ash was able to stifle his bleeding side with a quick tie off using the cloth. He winced a bit, but then shifted his attention to the now ever present danger that circled around them hungrily. "Is everyone else seeing these guys..?" The orange glow that left his eyes allowed him to see superior into the absence of light, making out the huge mantise beasts approach slowly
  4. "Its not the tea-...Ah, uh. Anything really, when you have a cargo vessel people pay you to send weird things and weirder people to the weirdest places. Oh, one time I had to find materials for a man who wanted to turn himself into a were rat. Paid handsomly" He gave another go at drinking the tea, first sips numbing his throat enough now to actually get some down. The heat would not seem to bother him, probably something to do with his demonic heritage. @Mackenzie Rose
  5. He winced as the tea just made his throat hurt from swallowing, setting the cup down for a bit "Oh? I mean, I dont think I'm ever stopping an Adventure, trading takes you crazy places." @Mackenzie Rose
  6. Gauens unseen gaze was directed with scepticism towards each of Minoris acquaintances, his worry constantly at the front of his brow. "Do we know what's on the other side yet, and who is leading the first party into it?" It was extremely hard to tell, but his battle instincts were subtly getting him anxious for what was going on
  7. "-Well you aren't far off, this place is a waypoint in a small trek that I'm on. I've taken this rout a few times now and still get turned around. Ah~" His dulled eyes seem to light up a bit at the sight of the hot liquid, his chin picked up fro his palms to allow the vessel to be brought up for sipping, the pain in his throat forcing him to take small drinks @Mackenzie Rose
  8. He jolted a bit at the sound of a voice, having spaced out due to the fever clouding his mind "Wh-Yes, actually... Tea with honey would be great." A weak smile was put onto his silver yet rose-tinted face, the once vibrant golden eyes of the Half-Demon were now a sickly bubbling yellow, dark circles hanging on their undersides. His elbows would rest upon the bar, allowing his chin to rest on his upwards facing palms. @Mackenzie Rose
  9. The Black Knight remained silent for the duration, his guardsman trained so well by his own commands that he directed the fluidly with only a few gestures. And he did keep to the Queens side, awaiting the anxious call to arms if needed as both him his hands took up a "Resting" position on both handles of the two infamous blades, Argos, Bane of Rulers, and Atlas, Cleaver of Men. @Mackenzie Rose
  10. The chaos spun his already foggy head, barely able to float from one crisis to the next. He did as he was told however and jumped down into the hole to begin tying survivors off with the rope. They came up soon after with a tug of the coil, but he himself did not have time to react. The already dark hole crashed in with a cloud of dust and rubble, throwing him back as he watched the tiger fall in after. Before he could reach the tiger to assist it, debris caught him, opening a long healed scar on his side, blood trickling down it. In retrospect is was not as bad as it could have been, a laceration nonetheless less. With a heave of his strength he boinked the tiger onto its yeet, wincing a bit as the exertion forced blood from the fresh cut, his now freed hand clutching it instinctively. In the dark, a orange-gold light dominated from the Half-Demon wide eyes scanning about as malicious noises struck his pointed ears
  11. Seeing three adventurous individuals rushing towards the scene as he was, the tiefling ran towards them and linked up, a coil of silken rope in his right hand "Hey! What's going on?! I just had to pull people from a falling building!" @Dabi
  12. Oh I still am, just a detail jumbled is all
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