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  1. still kinda awkward with adjusting to this style of rp for me
  2. Sorry i didnt respond ealier, when i got a chance it looked like people we still doing their actions
  3. So, where are we going next with this? Ive lost track
  4. PC Name: Ash Damian, Half-Demon. Personality: Easy-going and bubbly while always trying to keep the mood on the lighter side. Has been known to be a bit of an airhead at times, but is always polite and slow to anger. Profession: Private Traderunner, Small Cargo, Ferryman and Oceanic Navigator. Proficient: Opperation of watercraft, cooking, navigation both on and off the ocean, Journyman in the ways of martial arts. He has a high skill in piloting boats and similar craft, as well as being able to barter and haggle with expertise. Shop Name: Jade Transports Shop Location: Near busy ports most often, but his ship can be spotted in almost any water dock because of his shipping requests Quests and Requirements: Usually he can be hired as a helping hand or transporter of goods and adventurers to and about their quests, as well as taking treasures and important artifacts to their needed places with both high security and safety due to his inconspicuous vessel and means Phew, hope that works
  5. Love that PfP

    1. Phoebe


      i concur 

  6. The Half-Demon was stirred from his shiny caught gaze by the tigers voice, the words taking a second to actually register. "Wait he said left? I thought it was down the hall and to the right?" Though bubble-headed as he was, Ash knew direction, only getting lost a handful of times through the five years of sailing alone. With a few quick steps he hurried himself to the chubby tiger and gave her a rather disarming smile. "Yeah, Im sure we go to the right, and yup, we should hurry"
  7. Friendships can crash down like a castle on pillars of sand sometimes

    1. supernal


      So very true. That’s exactly why structures need to be built on solid foundations 

  8. No problem for me, take your time. The less stressed you are when rping the better the rp
  9. So, where are we going next?
  10. dapper hat dapper hat whatcha gunna do

  11. May the 4th be with you, but remember that tomorrow is the Revenge of the 5th

    1. Phoebe


      H A H that is so goofy, I love it!

  12. The Half-Demon would wave Shelly off before they both started work on the Dragons wound, claiming: "It's fine, it's fine, the doctors say it will pass." Soon enough they were all in better shape mostly, the new sights causing an audible gasp to isse from Ash as he looked up to see the luminous stones that glowed like his eyes. He was naturally attracted to shiny things as all good natured outcast should be.
  13. "I wonder what little means to them, must be some big hatchlings in our view huh?" He made common small talk throughout the process, continuing to try and keep the collective moral up in such a situation. "Phew, that didnt take too long, nice work!" A hand clapped the shoulder of the woman warrior, paired with a sharp toothed grin
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