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  1. As Nacht went to approach the undead, Kyoku would carefully watch his movements. Nothing as much as taking action and stopping him but rather readying himself just in case anything went wrong. A small amount of magical energy gathering in his right hand as he carefully observed Nacht's movements. Memories of the expedition trips in Okona flashing before his eyes before he shook his head to get rid of the thoughts. The expedition had done it's toll on the Ruler's mind. And combined with being reminded of his past, it had changed him. He worried about his allies and friends more than ever before. But not just because he wanted to keep them alive. Sure, that was one reason, but it wasn't what kept Kyoku so eager to protect his allies. It was rather a means to ease his personal guilt. The guilt of not being able to do anything in the face of death. It wasn't entirely moral obligation. And he was aware of that. It was mix cowardice, and selfishness. Or that's what he told himself. He had forgotten a key component that made him who he was. Regardless, he still had faith in Nacht in what he was doing. He knew just going in and taking care of the problem for him would essentially be looking down on him. He knew Nacht was both strong and educated. So there was no reason to intervene whatever he was planning. Still though, he couldn't help to just keep an eye on him and ready his magical energy incase anything went south.
  2. let me in.. LET ME IIIINNN!!..
  3. "Fine.. I guess it can't be helped.. I'll go along with you guy's plan, we'll sneak around. I unfortunately do not have any high level concealment spells so I cant help much. Evelynn' idea sounds good to me though." Kyoku said desummoning his sword, his blade quickly vanishing into thin air. @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor @Pala
  4. "But wouldn't you think that these undead would pose a threat in the future and to future adventurers? I think i'd be better to just take care of them now. And if your worrying about bringing any attention to ourselves, then just dont use your gun. I doubt beating these things up with our melee weapons and fists would cause any loud commotion. And i doubt these will take up a bunch of time, there doesn't seem to be a lot anyways. I dont think it's necessary to go through all that trouble. And it's not like were running low on time." Kyoku said as he looked towards Nacht, lowering his weapon as he does so. @Pala
  5. Kyoku would carefully exit the ship and onto the rocks, not wanting to accidentally fall and be pierced by one of the jagged rocks. His face distraught as he looks around, the scene was absolutely dreadful. The whole place had look like some remains of a warzone, it was almost depressing. Nonetheless he walked forward and took the engagement. This wasn't the worse thing he's seen after all, so there was no reason for him to feel afraid. "I say we take care of them quickly without expending too much of our energy. It'd be better to just get rid of them now." Kyoku said as he summoned his azure blade into his right hand. Quickly getting into an offensive position, waiting for everyone else's queue. @Peter
  6. Kyoku

    [GS] Taurus

    "Damnit all! First the lightning and now this! Im already tired enough from using this spell! Making me work even more!.. This is so annoying!" Kyoku would exclaim outloud in an annoyed manner as he points his sword towards his dragon. Moving his sword in a circular motion as his dragon follows his movements. The dragon wrapping around Taurus's arm in a spiral like manner as it opens it's mouth. It's jaw's glimmering as it attempt's to bite into Taurus's arm. @Fierach
  7. Kyoku

    [GS] Taurus

    Though the lightning was unexpected and surprised Kyoku, he remained calm and collected. Though the lightning was both fierce and unpredictable, his barrier could withstand it. There was no reason to worry, if his allies had come this far, then this lightning was nothing. Through the trials and tribulations, this was but a small one. Merely a small obstacle. Though Kyoku did not expect this outcome and had made the situation worse, it was fine. That was merely just the beginning, he was going to level out the playing field. And so, The Grandian Ruler went on to pour in the last remaining amount of magical energy needed to complete the spell. Letting out a tired breath of air as a he does so, the magic circle behind Kyoku changing its color from blue to a bright white. The brightness of the magic circle like that of a white dwarf star as the dragon begins revealing itself. The dragon crawling out of the magic circle using its icy claws as it unleashes a ferocious roar, its scales a frosty blue and its body akin to that of a serpents, both long and slim. Kyoku's eyes glowing with an unmatched determination as he opens his mouth. "Waste dragon! Now that you have awakened, I command you! As the Grandian Ruler, I order you to open up an opportunity for our allies! Devour the enemy infront of us!" Kyoku exclaimed out loudly in a powerful manner, his voice booming across the battlefield. Despite that it was evident that he was drained of his energy, and frostbite was now appearing on his face, he showed no weakness. Despite the demerit, he stood strong and kept his strong eyes on Taurus. He was absolutely positive that his spell was going to be successful. Despite the fact that he did not have alot of opportunities to use spell, he took his time to master it and refine it. It was a creation originally derived from the Arcana style that he polished himself. And so, The Grandian Ruler went on to point his brilliantly blue blade towards the fiery god, guiding the dragon using his sword as it flies towards Taurus. The frost dragon flying towards Taurus's legs like an arrow, using the magical energy Kyoku had supplied it to fly. The icy serpent like creature attempting to wrap itself around Taurus's legs as a misty air is released from its nostrils. "Alright Houghton.. Let's get out of here.." Kyoku whispered into Houghton's ear in a tired manner. [ Reference to the dragon. ] [ OOC: I accidently reset my post so it's not good as the last, i apologize if it looks weird or has some errors ] @Fierach @Toast
  8. "Sounds better than the random words I came up with." Kyoku said in agreeance.
  9. "Hmm.. If were going for aesthetically pleasing and simple and easy to remember names then.. How about Famelle? Or Islid?"
  10. "Hmm.. You do make good points.. But nothing is impossible.. Not in this world.. Ahem.. I apologize for getting ahead of myself and acting upon my ego.. I tend to be a bit impatient and immature at times." Kyoku said in a more monotone and calmer tone, clearing his throat after he does so. @Jack Howard
  11. Kyoku would think for a hot second before responding, putting his right hand on his chin as he thought. Howard made made some good points, still though, Kyoku wasn't going to stand down. He was going to stand by his choice of name. "Who said the name "Zenithia" was merely focusing on our military power and might? Its supposed to represent our power as a whole. And it's not about being "cocky" , it's about being a proud nation. Why should a nation be proud of one thing, why should it focus on one thing? Why not be proud of itself in general? Why not the entirety? Tell me Howard, educate me if you can." The Grandian Ruler said in a controlled, yet loud voice. @Jack Howard
  12. "I don't see why we need to have a name that shows our industrial and magical side. The name "Zenithia" already conveys a meaning of power. It also has a unique meaning of its own. Is that not what your trying to aim for? Trying to convey the power of our empire?" Kyoku said as he shifted his eyes towards Howard's, showing tones of sternness @Jack Howard
  13. "Oh my god, so adorable and precious! Awhh!" Kyoku quietly squealed to himself, completely overwhelmed by Lexa's cuteness.
  14. yes yes let hyo join he is my boy
  15. "I mean i like the idea but.. In my opinion.. The name just sounds a bit.. Wack.. Excuse me if that came out as rude.. But Atlerica? It sounds a bit weird, maybe we could think of a different name using the same concept. Maybe its just me, and i dont mind if everyone else likes the sound of it, but i personally just think its a bit odd. It also doesn't really inspire anything in me." Kyoku said shifting his gaze towards Howard. @Jack Howard
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