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  1. "Hmm.. Where to start, where to start.." Kyoku said as he titled his head upwards, closing his eyes as he then put his right hand on his chin. "Well for starters, our world- err, or well universe, has similar principles and laws to this world, we have stars, we have animals, we have humans, we have magecraft and magic, all of that stuff." He said as he returned to a neutral position, facing Ravenbush. @Zashiii @Peter
  2. A little later after Irryn's arrival would come a teal haired man dressed in a black uniform reminiscent to that of a black royal naval uniform. As he walked up towards the group, his golden crest which was located on the top right corner of his chest would gleam and glisten brilliantly, radiating a strange and dazzling aura and energy. His accessories clanking as his teal eyes kindly greet the group with a sort of cheerful presence, a small smile on Kyoku's face. "Sorry I'm a bit late guys! I had to sort out some stuff before coming here!" Kyoku exclaimed in a kind and cheerful manner as he scratched the back of his head, his cheerfulness comparable to that of a child's. @Zashiii @Peter
  3. Next to Addison could there be seen a young adult male with teal hair and teal eyes furiously taking notes on a wooden writing board using a pen, his hand moving quickly as sweat slide off his face. It was obvious that the man was not used to tropical climates. The man would be wearing a pair sunglasses and a black naval uniform with golden buttons, a brilliantly golden and beautiful crest could be also seen on the top right part of his chest. As the man wrote, he'd show visible signs of annoyance as he then whispered into Addison's ear to inform her about some information and such.
  4. "Oh me? Alrighty then, I dont mind starting." He said as he rubbed his forehead using his hands, closing his eyes as he tilted his head downwards. "Where to start, where to start... Hmm.. Alright so.." Kyoku would stop rubbing his forehead as he then put his hands flat on the table, lifting up his head to meet Addison's and Luca's eyes. "I was just looking around until I saw something moving in the corner of my eye.. But when I turned my head to see what it was.. There was nothing. I initially dismissed this as paranoia until I felt something watching me, like something was behind me.. But when I turned around I saw nothing again.. The whole situation was really confusing and scary for me.. I still dont know if it was real or just paranoia.." He said tiredly. @Phoebe @Lucinda Valentine
  5. Kyoku would slowly and carefully reseat himself as he then picked back up the device. Sweating immensely, he'd shift his eyes over towards Addison and mimic her moves. He'd then, after a bit of trial and error, successfully make the device work. "Ahh.. Thank god.. I think I did it.." He said in a relieved manner as he then sighed. @Zashiii @Phoebe
  6. As Kyoku held the power button of the device, I'd suddenly light up. Scared and confused, Kyoku would jump out his chair and distance himself from the device, his face clearly showing that he was overwhelmed. "WHAT DID I DO, WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT DID I DO?! AAHH!" The Ruler screamed in a confused and fearful manner as he whaled his arms around @Phoebe @Zashiii
  7. Kyoku would do what Shishi had instructed, making sure to be as cautious and careful with his actions as possible. The reason to his cautiousness being that he was actually worried and scared about what would happen if he made any mistakes. His fingers moving slowly as sweat slowly dripped off his face, his muscles tensing up. @Zashiii @Phoebe
  8. "Yeah how do we use this.. Thing? And why is mine black?" He said curiously. @Zashiii @Phoebe
  9. I request the lööps brother, with a side of L A M P

    1. Kyoku


      i politely refuse, i am saving up and rationing my lööps and L A M P S because of :B:ovid 19


  10. Your toes, forfeit them to me

    1. Kyoku


      if you want them, you'll have to take them from my cold, dead and stinky feet.

    2. MaskedHero


      Dont tempt me, you mere man of the land

  11. "I'm not exactly opposed to that idea, but if we group up, we run the risk of all getting attacked by the Creeper, we might also miss out on seeing the Creeper." He'd say as he looks around. @Lucinda Valentine @Phoebe
  12. Realizing that something was wrong in Addison's part, he'd quickly tidy himself up and get up. Speaking into the mic as he his eyes quickly averted towards where Addison was . "What's happening Addison? What's the situation over there?!" He exclaimed loudly into the mic. @Phoebe @Lucinda Valentine
  13. Alarmed by Luca's statement and the clanking of her pistol, Kyoku would open his eyes and grab his intercom device. He'd quickly put the mic near his mouth and speak into it, speaking in a slightly worried manner. "What's wrong Luca?" @Lucinda Valentine @Phoebe
  14. Kyoku would tiredly sigh as he'd wipe the sweat off his forehead, taking both his hat and his glasses off as he sits down. Laying his glasses and hat besides his left thigh, his now free teal hair flowing elegantly with the wind as he rests. He'd then use his right hand to summon a small portal, a small canister filled with glowing cubes slowly coming out of it as it lands onto his hand. He'd quickly open the canister using his left hand as he uses his main index finger and thumb to pick up a single cube, plopping it into his mouth as he puts the canister back into the portal. His eyelids closing as the glowing cube would dissolve in his mouth, calming Kyoku down. He'd then respond to the intercom in a calm and quiet manner. "Yeah, me too.." @Lucinda Valentine @Phoebe
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