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  1. After quite some time, Cal is able to get up again. ''Heh... thing's dead now. This is just for extra measure, though.'' Cal would summon a few fireballs in the air, and direct them at the presumed corpse of the creature.
  2. Cal would start attempting to get up again from the attack, but still struggling a bit. ''I might be able to get up shortly, but you can try to get it killed before that happens if you want.''
  3. ''Do me a favour and make sure that what I just did wasn't a waste to the battle.''
  4. ''Damn, can't remember the last time I used that. I really need to be able to cope with the backfire of my own attacks.''
  5. Struggling to cope with the attack, Cal would yell loudly, as a ray of light descended on the creature, turning into a giant beam that damaged it massively and cancelling the attack altogether. The amount of energy the attack required would make him collapse on the floor, unable to move by himself.
  6. Cal would push forward through the attack, in the hopes that attacking the creature would interrupt it.
  7. Cal would point the tip of the knife's blade at the creature, getting ready to launch an attack. ''This should be easy.''
  8. Cal would walk out and see the creature. ''That may be your opinion on fighting, but everybody sees things differently from each other. And as for fighting, I take any chance I can get to do so.'' He would take out a kitchen knife from his pocket. ''You should always remember to never judge a book by its cover.''
  9. Cal would be filled with glee upon hearing the explosion. ''It's been a while since I've heard problems like this, and those usually lead to fights.''
  10. Within the blink of an eye, Cal had disappeared from the tavern entirely, as if he never was there to begin with.
  11. ''Yeah, it has been quite some time. Anyways, I'm gonna head off, see if other people I remember are here or not. Might be able to see Jax again, but who knows?''
  12. ''No, I came here off free will. Your boss probably ain't firing you, but I don't know what's been going on.''
  13. He would have a sincere look. ''Lillith was never my girlfriend. I just guarded her for a period of time. As for the knife, I learnt magic that's used by the knife, which is why I mainly use it.''
  14. ''I do still have it, yet I don't use that as much anymore. Nowadays I stick to a knife.''
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