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  1. Cal would spot the walkway and head over to it. Seeing how durable it most likely was, he held his axe upwards, the blade glowing orange. He swung down with tremendous force to deal quite a bit of damage to the bridge. He repeated this until there was a noticeable gap formed from the attacks. He then swung his axe normally at the handrails to split them apart from each other, before getting safely onto his side's vessel. He clutched his chest and started towards his room where he laid down to rest.
  2. Cal would keep moving about, dodging shots and attacking any and all enemies that he got close enough to. He wasn't going to give any of them a chance to retaliate when he was close enough, so he started attacking weaker points on each target's body to cripple them long enough to kill, or just kill them outright. Knowing that there was a lowering, limited amount of enemies, he kept attacking and running around as quickly as possible to get the job finished.
  3. Feeling the circuits heating up was all Cal needed. He looked at the other ship and saw the other crewmates shooting these strange guns and knew exactly who his targets were. He would summon his axe in his hand before rushing onto the other ship, slashing away at any target that got in his way while he started searching for Lexa, making sure each was dead before progressing further.
  4. ''Alright then. If I need to kill anybody, I'll tell you 'bout them after.'' With that, Cal made his way over to the deck. He started to look around for anybody that might try to kill either himself or Lexa. Knowing that Lexa went to the other side of the ship after smelling blood could mean somebody had a ranged weapon, he mainly focused on watching the other ship.
  5. ''Are we there or are there just some bastards nearby? Either way, I'm ready.'' Cal would stretch quickly before heading just outside the room.
  6. Cal would hesitantly lower the wall and reverted his hand to normal. ''You remember me now? No more aggressiveness?''
  7. ''So you could keep track of where I was.''
  8. ''Your memory must be atrocious if you've forgotten who I am already. I'm Cal, and it's you taking me to a place where we're off to murder people. Now get down from there, you're going to hurt yourself.'' Cal knew her intentions very well and was trying to get her to calm down peacefully, however he was ready to fight if need be. He raised a wall of bones in front of him to protect himself from an attack that Lexa could potentially use against him. He made his hand start glowing with a black aura, to be prepared for if she was coming close for an attack. If she did so, he'd simply use that hand to keep her stuck in the air, floating.
  9. Hearing the screams, Cal would rush over to Lexa's room and look around. ''What happened?''
  10. ''Alright then, I'll just wait in here for most of the trip if that's alright with you.''
  11. ''...Yeah, I understand. How long till we get there from now?''
  12. ''Yeah I can swim somewhat. The place we heading underwater or something?''
  13. ''When I need to, I'm pretty good at being sneaky. It's pretty easy to scare people too if you're good at it. Just standing in a place that you weren't in a moment before like you were there the entire time does wonders in terrifying people, which could catch them off guard if we're going to be caught.''
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