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  1. Cal would slowly wake up from the calls and sit up. He looked around to see where he was and scratched his head in confusion. ''Why the hell am I in the middle of a field? Did I get drunk or something? Was I brought here?'' He would then notice all the people who arrived. ''Oh, right. I came here early cos I'm meant to be helping to build something. Well, this selection of people sure is... interesting.'' He would then get up fully, stretch a bit and make his way over to the crowd.
  2. Cal would ignore the comment and hold a defensive stance, carefully watching her actions. There seemed to be no emotion in him as he stared at her. He would start thinking of the many possibilities of what she could do to try to attack him and tried to come up with a solution to counter each. It didn't matter if Lexa was ready to fight or not, he most certainly was, and there was little that could be done to change his mind.
  3. Upon noticing the cheeseburger and Lexa, he would look between the two with several questions going through his mind. He would remember that Lexa had knocked him out with an attack and immediately saw her as a huge threat. Cal got to his feet and moved some distance off, before turning to face her and summoning his weapon of choice; an inward-bladed axe with a handle that extended slightly past the blade. The extension would be sharpened so the weapon could be used in multiple ways.
  4. Cal would be taking a nap nearby in the field. It would seem he had been waiting here a while, for he was in extreme comfort. Despite all the ruckus from the people arriving, he wouldn't notice them at all and would keep his rest going. A few animals here and there would pass by, wondering if at all he was dead due to lack of motion for so long. Other than that, he would be completely undisturbed in the field.
  5. Cal would be flung towards a tree and collapse onto the floor. It's a pretty good assumption that the force of that knocked him out.
  6. Cal would take this opportunity to use the tree he was on as a launch pad to leap down at Lexa quickly.
  7. ''...'' Cal was just dumbfounded. He saw that she was using the trees to her advantage, and came up with an idea. He summoned a fireball in the air and slowly moved it towards the base of the tree that she was on.
  8. Cal would make himself visible again behind her and tap her on the back. ''Right behind you.''
  9. Cal would stare directly at Lexa before mumbling something. Within the blink of an eye, he was out of sight. He vanished with no scent.
  10. Cal would sigh before opening up a portal beneath Lexa and one above me, so that she'd fall right into grasp.
  11. Cal would spot Lexa, and realise that trying to get any closer would alert her. So he held out his hand, surrounded by a black aura, and gave the same aura around Lexa. He would then lift her off the tree and put her in front of him, before removing the auras and tapping her on the head.
  12. Cal would finish counting and look around. He couldn't hear nor pick up the scent of Lexa so he came up with a plan. Cal would get out a strange device and scan the surroundings with it. As soon as he located Lexa he would slowly creep towards her location, to avoid making a sound.
  13. ''Uhh… sure.'' Cal would close his eyes and begin counting.
  14. ''What's 'tag'?''
  15. ''Well, what do you suppose we do now?''
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