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    [GS] Gemini

    Lumina smiled at Delphina. So that’s where the resemblance came from! It was hard to disregard the similarities between the two, even before knowing they were siblings. It was very probable that the older woman that had been with Delphina earlier was the grandmother of the two, but that assumption was much more out there. It was obvious the woman was close with Delphina, so offending her would no doubt put Lumina in an awkward position. “Aedos - pardon me, the duke - was fearless. I tried my best to support and heal him whenever he was knocked down, but his drive was evident. It was an honor to help him,” Lumina explained to Delphina. Before their conversation could continue further, a worker came to speak with Delphina. Lumina turned to survey the area around her, not wanting to eavesdrop on the conversation. The airship seemed to be extremely vast, and the medbay was only one small part of it. "I have to head over to him right now and start his surgery, but feel free to wander around and get used to the airship. We'll be arriving at the Chanaril Mansion in a few hours; once we get there we can of course sort out the logistics and decide on how to best fit you into the House." Lumina nodded at Delphina as she left. Chanaril Mansion? It certainly sounded lavish. It was hard for her to imagine fitting in with these nobles. Lumina had little experience with politics, not even recognizing the Duke of Nu Martyr when he was standing right in front of her. The girl pushed the thoughts aside and moved to climb out of her bed. Her right leg still ached, but the rest of her body appeared to be healing relatively quickly. She turned to make the bed before leaving the room. The airship was extremely difficult for Lumina to navigate. She didn’t want to accidentally stumble into a place she wasn’t allowed, so she made it a point not to rush into any rooms where people were working. Eventually, she came upon a large window in one of the hallways. The scorched land below them was quickly falling behind. Her mind wandered, then, to the family she had met earlier. They had come so close to losing their child, and Lumina didn’t want to think what would have happened had she not been there. Her own village intruded her thoughts. Lumina hadn’t been there when the reckoning had been set upon her village, but would things have changed if she had been? Would she have been able to shift the course of the village on her own? Would she be able to change the course of the fate she was heading towards? Her eyes moved to stare at her reflection. Despite all the injuries, she still recognized the girl staring back at her. Her grip on the railing loosened ever so slightly. For the first time in a while, all the whispers in her head ceased. Her breathing slowed, and she felt herself relax. Just because her fate was decided didn’t mean her story was too.
  2. Lumina sat in the pile of miscellaneous garbage, her free arm wrapped snug around the orange jerry can. Her wrist ached with a fiery pain, but it had to be stifled for the moment. The monster continued its assault, this time interrupted by several jolts of electricity running through its body. Maat came and helped Lumina to her feet, and the two quickly moved to help Iohmar push the shelf on top of the creature. With her injured wrist, Lumina opted to instead push the shelf using her shoulder. Eventually, the shelf toppled on top of the creature. For the moment, she believed that it had survived and the shelf was merely an annoyance to it. The shelf eventually crushed the attacker, sending its insides sprawling across the floor. Lumina’s nostrils flared and she could feel her stomach ache at the site. She turned away and moved to lean on the counter. Iohmar approached her, thanking her for the rescue. She smiled and shook her head. “I truly thought the can would be more effective. That was a hasty decision from me; if I hadn’t been able to break free…” the girl shook her head and turned to roll her sleeve up. Where the monster had grabbed her was a dark purple ring around her wrist. Small red spots erupted in some spots, hinting that the monster had been able to rupture her blood vessels. Its strength was truly terrifying, but Lumina felt pity for it. There were clearly human aspects of it left, but those aspects had been tainted by the atrocious flesh that covered most of its body. Lumina shook her head and moved to delicately wrap her hand around her wrist. She breathed deeply for the moment, reciting a small prayer under her breath. The fiery pain was quickly replaced with a cool, refreshing feeling. It almost felt like her arm was falling asleep. After a moment, she removed her hand and flexed her wrist. The spot where the bruising had been its worst was now gone, replaced by her usual fair skin. “That’s better. I believe it would be best to go inform the others what has happened. I pray there was only one of them roaming around,” Lumina announced, moving to leave the room. Her rushed exit was mainly due to the absolutely horrific smell coming from the monster. Had it been possible that killing it had caused an even worse smell to emit from it? Lumina hurried over to the building across the courtyard, hoping the other group hadn’t traveled too far from where they had left them. Upon entering the store, Lumina’s heart sunk. The group was gone, and the girl began to panic. What if they had left to find help? Navigating the storm would be extremely difficult, and with the added threat of monsters, Lumina worried it would be impossible. Luckily, the sound of voices interrupted her thoughts. The girl moved towards them, and came upon Quill, Taylor, and June. “Oh goodness! Ladies, something just attacked Maat and Iohmar. It was a person but I’m not entirely sure if it was a person because there was a grotesque hunk of flesh on top of it so I’m beginning to believe that something infected it but it was really strong and nearly broke my wrist,” Lumina rambled, trying to her best to appear coherent in front of the trio. It was obvious, however, that the attack had left her shocked.
  3. Sorry it's taking me longer than I would like to get a post out! I had a crazy schedule with work this week so I'll be trying to get a post out tomorrow or saturday!
  4. I haven't forgotten about our thread! Aedos and Lumina are first on my to do list! I had a meeting today and have been working on interrogatories all day so I haven't had time, but Aedos is 'bout ta get back in actions. Soon!

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      Woohoo! It's great to see you back! I'm super excited to get back into our thread. I hope everything has been going well on your end!

  5. Titus reentered the room with a drink in his hand. For a moment there was a silence between them, only accompanied by the sound of Titus sipping on his drink. Marina kept her hands clasped behind her, keeping the barrier that was her smile up. Suddenly Titus reached out and grabbed Marina’s wrist, closing the distance between the two of them. Titus was much taller than her, so she ended up colliding with his chest. “Marina, let’s do something fun tonight. There’s that curfew but I could hire someone to come cook for us tonight,” Titus whispered in her hair. Marina, suddenly unsure of what to do, remained silent for the moment. It had been a while since Titus had shown affection like this. When they had first gotten married Titus was at his flirtiest. He wanted to constantly be around Marina, and made sure that she was happy. Once Titus’ began to work more, however, the spark between them began to fade until it was barely an ember. His carefree and aloof behavior turned into diligence. He was gone more and more often, and their relationship faded with him. But here, in his arms, Marina felt her heart flutter. “I would love that, but I thought you had that conference?” Marina asked, her head still resting against his chest. “Yeah, but it won’t last that long. Marina....I miss you. I feel like we barely see each other and when we do you always look like you’re worried about something. Can we please just have tonight?” Titus spoke, his arms moving to wrap around Marina. Had something happened? Just yesterday, he had mentioned how he didn’t have time for dates that interfered with his work. What had changed his mind so much? “I have to go see my mom later, but I’d like that a lot. It’s a date!” Marina replied, finally glancing up to look at her husband. He was looking down at her, and smiling. It felt good to be like this with him. It was obvious that Marina hadn’t married her best friend, but getting closer to Titus again might’ve been exactly what she needed right now. ~ The slums hadn’t changed much since Marina had last visited them. Rows of apartment buildings sat together along the street. Some were in better shape than others, but overall the buildings left much to be desired. Groups of kids played in the middle of the street, playing with a half deflated soccer ball. Despite the less than adequate living conditions, there was a strong sense of community in this part of the slums. Families had worked together to help rebuild some of the buildings that had collapsed, which in turn allowed their kids to bond. Marina’s family had been lucky enough to find a decent apartment with the money Marina had pooled together for them. Still, Marina couldn’t help but feel bad for her parents. They didn’t deserve this; nobody did. That was the tragedy in all of this. All the augmentations and modifications couldn’t change the fact that things were becoming worse. “Marina! I was starting to think you missed the train!” A familiar voice called out to Marina as she made her way down the sidewalk “Thomas! How are you?” Marina said, spinning around to meet her brother. Thomas was a few years younger than Marina, but the two had been close her whole life. He shared the same blonde hair that Marina had, and she swore they had identical noses. Or maybe that was just all the genetic work she had done talking. “Mom wanted me to keep an eye out for you, said she was worried about you missing the curfew,” Thomas explained, moving to pull Marina into a hug. “I’m cutting it a little close, but who cares? How hard are they going to enforce a nine o’clock curfew? I’ll be fine,” Marina assured Thomas. The two left the street and entered one of the many red bricked apartment buildings. Upon entering her family's apartment, Marina was immediately greeted by Edie, the family’s Siamese cat. She was a little chunky, but she was probably the cutest animal Marina had ever encountered. “Edie, what are they feeding ya? Let me help you out,” Marina whispered, squatting down to pick the cat up. She turned the corner and entered the kitchen. Her mother stood there, peering over a pot of some type of stew. “How are you hun? I was just gettin’ worried and sent Thomas out to make sure you got here okay. Things have been a little coocoo bananas since that plant exploded,” Marina’s mother, Annette, spoke. She was a short, slender woman with glasses. Cooking had been Annette’s passion her whole life. While moving to the slums had forced her to become a little creative with her recipes, any meal could become successful with heart and dedication. “How’s Titus doing? You should bring him down some time!” Annette continued, wiping her hands on her apron. “Could you imagine me trying to get Titus to agree to that? He barely sits down when he’s in the house; the train ride would kill him,” Marina replied, laughing and sitting down at the counter. She thought back to earlier that day, when Titus had made that offer to Marina. Her stomach lurched, then. Guilt was always with her for the things she did behind his back. The envelope of money for her family sat in the bag just beside her. Money that Marina had promised was going to charities that needed it most. “Hey, I have a present for you,” Marina finally said, reaching over to pull the envelope out of her bag. “Sweetie, I can’t keep taking money from you. It’s not right for me to siphon my daughter like this,” Annette sighed, looking at Marina from above her glasses. “Mom, trust me, it’s fine. Titus and I don’t mind, it’s the least we can do for you. Please, just take it,” Marina said, sliding the envelope across the table. “Thank you so much. I’ll trade you some soup!” Annette laughed, turning back to the cupboard to grab some bowels. “That’s perfect, mom.”
  6. I'm still definitely in this! I was waiting for Lilium to post as well but I'll get working on a post within the next few days! 🙂
  7. I wasn't sure how much control we had over the monster, so let me know if there's anything I need to change/edit! 🙂
  8. Lumina followed Maat out of the room, gladly leaving the hatch and its contents behind. Despite Maat’s reassurance, Lumina couldn’t push the fear from her mind. Uncertainty and hesitation had been disastrous in her past, leading to deaths that could’ve been easily prevented if she had acted sooner. “Lumina, there still may be a chance for you. Pray for you salvation,” a familiar voice in her head spoke, causing her to stop for a moment. Her nostrils flared, her eyes widened. How long had it been since she heard that voice? Certainly more than five years, if her memory served her right. Lumina had shared a deep bond with her brother as both of them were practicing the same type of light magic. He was much more experienced with it, and would be the one the elders called when someone in the village had fallen ill. Oh, how she wished to speak with him again. The rain continued to fall, getting caught in Lumina’s lashes. For a moment she was lost in memory, ignorant of the fact that Samuel was no longer alive. Lumina raised a hand and wiped at her eyes. Whether she was drying rain or tears was hard to deduce. She followed Cecil and Maat back into the shop, careful to keep her composure. The shop was silent, save for the noise of what Lumina guessed to be crying. Quill appeared next to them, then. She guided the trio towards the bathroom door that Taylor had attempted to open earlier. The smell was immediately noticeable, rotten and putrid. Lumina peeked over Maat’s shoulder as he investigated, letting out a small gasp as the figure became illuminated. It was a body. The man had been pinned to the wall with a knife, causing the ceramic tile behind it to completely shatter. Lumina backed away from Maat and put a hand over her heart. Panic began to set in. What had been able to completely shatter the tile behind the man? She moved over to Taylor and put a gentle hand on her back. It was obvious that Taylor had been the one to discover him, which wouldn't be easy for anyone to discover. Maat then mentioned Iohmar, to which Lumina nodded and moved away from the two girls. “We’ll get Iohmar and come right back. Stay safe, everyone,” Lumina promised, giving the group a small smile before turning and following Maat. She was barely halfway through the courtyard when the sound of Iohmar yelling pierced through the sound of the downpour. Lumina looked over at Maat, making sure he heard it as well. Without much more hesitation, she bolted towards the door of the shop. The killer of Ernest could have very well been hiding in the shop while the group was exploring, making Iohmar a very easy target. “What happened?” Lumina called out, entering the shop. The light from the flood lamp illuminated a single, towering figure. For a moment, she was unsure of what she was looking at. Fish hooks clung to its back, and pieces of wood and sea shells hung from its body. The smell was horrible as well, reminding Lumina of the body they had found mere moments ago. Her eyes moved from the shape to Iohmar, who had been backed up against a wall. Just beside Maat and Lumina were piles of cans, along with one larger orange one. Lumina carefully lifted the orange canister, careful not to make too much noise. With one heavy swing, she brought the canister down on the back of the monster's head. The thing barely reacted, only turning to look at its attacker. The monster reached out and clasped its hand around Lumina’s wrist. Fiery pain shot up the girl's arm, causing her to let out a shrill shriek. Lumina panicked, trying to gain some type of traction to pull herself out of its grip. The floodlight illuminated an object in its hand, which Lumina realized to be some type of long fishing knife. As a last resort, the girl put a foot up against the creature’s torso and pushed. The creature released Lumina, sending her falling backwards into a pile of junk that had been set out. Luckily, the canister of fuel Lumina had attempted to attack the creature with landed in her lamp, relatively unharmed.
  9. I can definitely go next! I'll try to have a post out within the next few days 🙂
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    [GS] Gemini

    Lumina let out a sigh of relief when Delphina informed her that the villagers were safe. She thought back to the young boy she had healed when she had first arrived in Nehalen. Leaving him had been no easy decision, but it brought her peace knowing he had been saved. Aedos, on the other hand, worried her. His condition was horrific when Lumina left him, and he had used that magic as a last resort. If Lumina had been stronger, maybe he wouldn’t have been forced to use it. Old Renovation magic was a completely new idea to the young elf, but nonetheless she tried to follow Delphina’s explanation to the best of her ability. Aedos had only used the magic once before, which conveyed perfectly just how dangerous the magic was. Lumina’s offensive magic came at a cost, as well, but she didn’t believe it could ever get to the extent of Aedos’. Delphina continued, going on to explain what the giant actually was. “A...a god? Oh my word, I had no idea,” Lumina replied, eyes wide and mouth opened. She had helped destroy a god. The last thing Lumina killed that she could remember was a wild wolf that had attacked her on her way here. She was still getting over that, but a god? Two days ago, she would have never guessed she would’ve gotten herself tangled up in such a complex situation. Ancient magic and destroying gods? It was certainly a new horizon. Before Lumina could ask Delphina any further questions, a worker came over and placed stacks of food on a tray in front of the girl. She had forgotten how long it had been since she had eaten. Maybe a day or two? “Thank you! This is all so generous, I’m so sorry I can’t be of more help,” Lumina smiled, gently and slowly digging into the food in front of her. Spices and flavors she had never encountered before surprised her taste buds, causing her to smile again. As she ate, Delphina asked a difficult question. "So Miss Lumina, what do you plan on doing now? Will you be.. staying with Aedos?" Would Aedos want her to stay? To some extent, Lumina thought that Aedos might be angry with her. Using her magic had incapacitated her, and in turn left Aedos alone with the god. She replayed it over in her head, what may have happened if she had been just a little bit stronger. Would the woman in the sky still have appeared? If she could’ve held out just a bit longer, would it have been necessary for Aedos to sacrifice himself? Lumina shook her head and wiped at her mouth. After a moment, she turned to look at Delphina. “If it’s not too much trouble for everyone, I really would like to stay and give Aedos any support I can. He saved me, and I feel like leaving him without a proper thank you isn’t fair. I can do my share of work to stay, if that’s necessary. Oh, I don’t think I caught your name? How rude of me, for you to know mine but me not to know yours,” Lumina questioned, trying her best to keep a smile on her face. Despite her attempts, the intrusive thoughts still sat heavy on her mind.
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    [GS] Gemini

    The edges of Lumina’s vision darkened again, threatening to topple her. She shook her head and turned to look at the airship. Exiting it was two women:. The first one approached quickly, ripping open Aedos’ shirt and placing her hands on his chest. Lumina nodded as she spoke, obviously exhausted. “His...arm? He...he used magic on the giant. I don’t...I don’t understand,” Lumina spoke, her words slurring at the end. Glancing downward, Lumina caught sight of what the woman was so hysterical about. Aedos’ left arm was completely gone, as was his right eye. How had she not noticed? Lumina moved to hold Aedos head in her hands. She whispered a prayer, hoping that it would have some effect on his injuries. This one seemed to be beyond her capabilities, however. The second woman approached. She appeared much older than the first girl, and carried a prestigious air. Both reminded Lumina of Aedos. Both shared his blonde hair and similar facial features. Was it possible that they were family? Lumina’s head turned towards the sky, towards the airship that sat a fair distance away from her. The flag, Aedos’ noble attire, the airship; it was all starting to click into place. Aedos held some type of leadership in this place, but it was hard for Lumina to determine exactly what that was. The older woman then mentioned the younger girl being the blood of Chanaril. Aedos...Chanaril? The name sounded familiar, but still foreign in Lumina’s mind. She shook her head and scolded herself. It was selfish of her to be thinking of Aedos’ past while he was dying in front of her. Thoughts like that led to sadness and hurt, which Lumina wouldn't allow herself to succumb to. "Bring the Duke aboard the shuttle and load him into medbay three. Call the head doctor immediately." There it was. The statement that confirmed all of Lumina’s thoughts. Aedos wasn’t just a noble, he was the Duke of Nu Martyr. Medical staff rushed towards the two, taking Aedos towards the med-bay. Lumina sat there for a moment, still trying to process everything. Before she could think further, more medical staff approached. Her heart hurt for Aedos. He had used that magic knowing what he would do for him. She prayed again, this time for hope that there would be an opportunity to speak to him again. “Thank you so much,” Lumina mumbled as they helped her to her feet. They began to guide her towards the medbay. Once they reached Lumina’s designated bed, the girl quite literally flopped on top of it. She turned on her back and stared at the ceiling. People rushed all around her, but they were all a blur in the corner of her vision. One figure stood out, however: the younger girl that had first approached Aedos. She sat next to Lumina’s bed. Lumina slowly sat up, trying to regain all the strength she had lost. “I’m Lumina. I came here from Lagrimosa after I heard of all the destruction that had happened. I was so worried for the villages, and came to provide healing for some of the larger villages. That giant...beast began to attack so Aedos and I attempted to keep it away from the villagers. He used some type of magic and it was almost like the beast was being ripped apart. Another woman appeared in the sky, just before you landed. She completely destroyed the monster, but I have no idea where she went. There’s villagers still out there. We were trying to move them to Darling’s point, but I’m unaware of how far they got. Please, you have to help Aedos,” Lumina rambled, trying her best to remain calm. Her heart was racing, both for the villagers and Aedos. They had to be saved, because the young girl refused to fail again.
  12. Part of Lumina was glad that Cecil was the one that offered to help her with the generator. She felt bad after seeing the man hit himself outside, and worried that he would feel outcast from the rest of the group. If there was any chance of them getting into Pellas, it would require that they work as a team. Despite her attempts to maintain a conversation with the elf, it was hard for her to keep eye contact with him. Every glance she gave caused him to look away. It wasn’t difficult to know he was staring at her. Whether the stares were out of mere curiosity or something more escaped her. She stood directly behind Cecil as he inspected the generator, careful not to get in the way. Her eyebrows furrowed when he licked the liquid coming out of the machine, and only became more confused when he proclaimed that it was fish. “Fish? Maybe they were creating some type of fuel out of compost?” Lumina questioned, unsure of any other reason the fuel would taste like fish. Her eyes moved back to the hatch in the corner of the room. It was possible that there was some type of storage down there; perhaps the fuel in question was just below them. Before they could investigate further, the two were joined by Maat. Once again, Lumina jumped at his entrance. Despite her best efforts, Lumina had failed in getting her nerves to calm down. This place just oozed uncertainty. She would be lying if she said she wasn’t fearful of what sat on the other side of each locked door. “Oh, thank you! It wasn’t that difficult. Someone left the key on the picnic table outside,” Lumina responded to Maat, smiling and gesturing to the doorway. She purposefully didn’t acknowledge the thing she had seen in the sky, despite her gut telling her to bring it up. The idea that it was just a rain cloud was slowly falling apart the more Lumina thought about it. That...thing stood out from the sky. It moved with purpose; not with the winds that carried the clouds beside it. It didn’t fit; it didn’t make sense. Lumina let out a sigh and moved to crouch down beside the hatch. Her first thought was to pull on the lock to see if it was already unlocked, which to no one’s surprise, didn’t work. “Oh dear. This is definitely illegal. Um, you may want to cover your eyes. This is going to be bright,” Lumina called out, moving to clasp her hands around the lock. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The lock in her hands began to hit up, and a small sizzling noise could be heard. A bright light would then erupt from her hands, accompanied by the smell of something burning. The area where the body of the padlock met the metal arch had been completely seared off, allowing Lumina to easily pull the lock off of the latch. With the lock gone, all it took was one long pull to lift the hatch up and reveal the contents inside. The area inside the hatch was cast in a deep red glow, illuminating what appeared to be a large pool of unmoving water. It became obvious to Lumina then that the room underneath them had been completely flooded. “Well, it looks like there’s no going down. Unless somebody feels like going for a dive in rain water, I don’t think there’s any going further,” Lumina explained. Her eyes then caught sight of markings on the wall. Against her better judgement, Lumina lowered herself onto her stomach and used the first rung on the ladder to peer head first into the hatch. On the interior walls of the room were several silver scratch marks that ran in all directions. Her head turned to peer into the water a few inches from her face. Lumina’s reflection stared back, completely still. The lock on the hatch wasn’t to protect goods locked away in storage, it was to keep something in. “I truly do not mean to scare anyone, but those are most certainly claw marks on the walls. You don’t think there was something locked down there?” Lumina questioned, quickly moving to stand up. It was hard to hide the fear in her voice. Would it have been possible for an animal large enough to create scratch marks like that to enter with the rain water? Before Lumina could speak further, another noise erupted outside. It was barely perceivable through the rain, but the shriek was unmistakable. “Please tell me I’m not the only one who heard that,” Lumina laughed, trying her best to remain calm.
  13. Delicate hands wiped at the steam that had fogged the mirror, revealing a familiar face. Marina Kliners latest genetic augmentation had proven to be a success. Her dimples sunk a little lower into her face, but the difference was evident. It had been her fourth augmentation this year, but she knew it wouldn’t be the last. Plastic surgery had its inconsistencies, what with the sagging and drooping. It was so harsh on the face, as well. All the pulling and stretching was bound to leave room for error and flaws, which was just unacceptable. Genetic augmentation allowed things to settle into place as the blueprint for life was rewritten. Her first one had been to get rid of all the obnoxious acne that plagued her face., which had slowly vanished within a week. With everything in order, Marina turned to leave the bathroom. The electronic display that her husband had installed into their living room beeped the time at her. 3:20 PM; 10 minutes before he would return home. She hurried into the master bedroom and changed into a loose fitting sundress that her mother had given her. Her light blonde hair was pulled back into a low, and an almost too perfect smile was flashed into the mirror. As if on cue, Marina’s cell phone chimed, signaling an incoming caller. “Mom! How are you?” Marina answered, turning the phone on speaker and setting it on top of the marble kitchen counter. “Honey! We missed you last week....do you plan on coming over later” Her mother asked, static cutting her voice in and out. It had been years since Marina’s family had been forced into the slums, and the reception there still hadn’t improved. Even with the latest phone Marina had gifted her, her mother’s voice was barely perceivable on the other side. “Um, yes! I think I can make it. Titus has a conference tonight with some investors. Around five I think? I can catch a train,” Marina responded, her eyes shifting to glance back at the clock. 3:25 PM. “Have you been watching the news? That recycling plant that exploded…that news station has everyone thinkin’ it’s a terrorist group. There’s a nine o’clock curfew! You’ll be sprinting around trying to make it before the lock everything down! Maybe you should wait until this all settles?” Her mother informed her. The plant exploding hadn’t bothered Marina as much as it should have. The sector in which she lived in had been gated since she had moved her, and security was always tight. Rosarie Heights had been tucked away from the rest of the city, leaving it one of the few living sectors that hadn’t completely collapsed on itself before the fall. Important political figures and leaders in the field had flocked here after evidence of a collapse surfaced. Families that had been raised in this sector were forced out in order to make sure there was enough room for those who were deemed worthy. “I’m a fast runner, I’ll make it!” Marina joked, “Listen, mom. I gotta go, but I’ll see you later, yeah? Titus should be here any second, you know how he gets,” Marina finished with a laugh. “Okay, hun. See you then!” The phone beeped, leaving only silence. Outside, the sound of a car door slammed. A sound Marina had trained herself to listen for. It meant Titus was back, and it was time to put her face on. She opened the front door and smiled at him. Like always, he seemed to be thinking about something. He didn’t let this show, however, what with his perfectly combed hair and perfectly fitted suit. There was little room for error when it came to him. “Hey! How was your day?” She asked, moving to let him enter. “Fine. Everyone’s busting their asses with the recycling plant. My Dad is really sold on the idea of terroism,” Titus responded, removing his jacket and throwing over the leather couch in the middle of the room. “It’s scary, hopefully they get it fixed soon,” Marina remarked, shaking her head. “Marina, it’s a recycling plant. God knows how long it will take them to get it up and running again,” Titus replied. He moved into the kitchen to grab his usual beverage. Titus and Marina had meant in High School, and one summer fling had quickly turned into a romance between the two. Titus’ father had been a well known scientist in the genetic field, which meant he had money. Marina wasn’t daft; she excelled in her classes. In the final class ranking, Marina had placed 5th. To no one’s surprise, Titus was valedictorian. It became obvious what she had to do, then. The nanomachine plague had been the first affirmation that what Marina was doing was right. Titus was smitten with her, but Marina didn’t harbour the same feelings. They had gotten married young, but Titus assured his parents that it wasn’t the right thing to do. Marrying Titus wasn’t a union of love, it was a union of survival. If Titus knew that, however, was something Marina couldn’t judge. Just as she had theorized, things began to fall apart. Global fear had caused a rift in social classes. Marina’s family had been forced into slums. Just as she hoped, Titus asked her to move in with him. Marina helped manage all the money that went to Titus, which allowed her to pool together a fund for her family each month. She had been able to convince Titus to use a cut of his pay every month to donate to different charities, but he didn’t know which charities she was donating too. It was selfish, she knew. In times like these, however, selfishness paved the way for survival.
  14. I can definitely have Lumina open the hatch in my next post, if that’s alright with everyone! I will be posting sometime this weekend 🙂
  15. I was brainstorming over some character ideas this morning and had a question or two regarding dynamics in the city. Would there be an upper class or a "noble" class? I'm assuming some people are better off than others but I wasn't sure how large the gap was between them. I was thinking of having my character be some type of vanity obsessed woman. She's used advancements in the genetic field to augment her features and give her what she believes to be eternally beautiful features. I wasn't entirely sure on some of the more specific details so I just wanted to check in and what everyone's thoughts were on this. 😀
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