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  1. This is exciting!! I had a quick question. Does our posting order stay the same? I wasn’t sure if it would change based on who our partner is.
  2. Time seemed to stand still as the girl laid on the floor. Her vision still hadn’t adjusted properly, causing Lumina to only be able to make out blurry shapes as the rest of her friends poured into the shop. Her head throbbed, and a metallic smell invaded her nostrils. She knew it was her fault; using such an advanced offensive spell when she could barely work through the beginner ones. That was the one rule with her magic that she just couldn’t seem to grasp. As much power as the spells gave, they also took. One spell that was too much for her body to handle would - quite harshly - kill her. Did she really have a say in the matter? It was better for her to die and open the way for her friends, then to die knowing she had been the one that had smothered their salvation. The pain was excruciating at first, like little needles carving their way down her scalp, and eventually moving down her spine. No matter how much energy she put into the action, her legs seemed to be out of commission, too. She was freezing too, whether it be from the rain or the blood that stained her clothes, it was hard to tell. Maybe it was for the best that her vision was obscured, lest she had to see the sorry state she was in. Tentatively, Lumina raised one shaky hand and placed it against that back of her head. A large slash rain diagonally down the back of her head, and it seemed like her blood was refusing to clot. Eventually, things seemed to calm down, if only for the moment. A familiar voice rang in her ears, asking her if she was okay. Lumina tried to form the words, but they collapsed on the tip of her tongue. An exhaustion so intense it prevented her from even speaking, how dreadful. As much as she wanted to cry, it would do no good in a situation like this. Morale was low enough, and giving up hope even before despair had begun to set in would be an awful way to go out. She couldn’t give in. “D-Don’t worry about me,” Lumina finally croaked, even flashing Quill a warm - albeit weak - smile. Her vision slowly began to adjust, and she could finally see that they managed to shut both the entry points of the shop. In her ears, Lumina could even make out the sound of some type of engine running. Had they been able to get things moving? Slowly, Lumina reached up and gripped the edge of the counter. “I...I can’t stay down forever,” Lumina said, ignoring the pain in her head and moving to stand. Her legs threatened to collapse underneath her, and her white jacket was now completely stained crimson. Only the tips of her hair remained blonde, and bits and pieces of flesh were strewn about her hair. Her forehead had also been lacerated, causing a stream of blood to run down the side of her face. “What good would it do if your healer died? I pray I’m stronger than that,” Lumina voiced, her tone seemingly returning to normal. She even smiled again, this one much stronger than the one on the floor. “Is everyone okay? Does anybody need healed? I’m unsure of how much time we have, but if anyone thinks they’ll be unable to make it to the boat please tell me!” Lumina finished, following her statement with a series of coughs. Glancing downward, she saw that they had drawn blood. Using her free hand, she unzipped her jacket and threw it to the side. Underneath, the black long-sleeved shirt she was wearing seemed to have avoided most of the carnage. She reached down and put a hand against her side, wincing as a sharp pain electrified her body. A familiar glow emitted from her hand, but the warmness she was used to seemed to be missing. For the moment, it seemed like her injuries were unable to be healed. It was obvious this was retribution from the Goddess herself; retribution for the girl using a power beyond her limits. Lumina had no choice but to repent.
  3. I’ll keep that in mind going forward!! Lumina’s light combustion spell was definitely a one time usage type of spell that she probably won’t be able to cast for the rest of the thread. Any type of offensive spell really exhausts her, so that was more of a last resort. Blowing up Nemesises left and right would definitely be a fun killer!! 🤣
  4. I've really been enjoying the thread! I only started taking my writing hobby a bit more seriously a few months ago, so this is all still fairly new to me. With that in mind, I really am loving the whole setting and vibe that's going on here. When I originally joined I wasn't quite sure what direction I wanted to take Lumina's character in but this thread has definitely helped me figure things out. I agree with @Tyler. The early set-up was exactly what I picture when I think "Lovecraft." The monsters appeared sooner than I was expecting, as well, but I think they're a great introduction enemy for the group to encounter before they head into town! I'm really excited to see where things go from here!
  5. Lightning danced across the sky, illuminating the courtyard once again. From where she was standing, Lumina could make out several figures looming just beyond the gated fence at the end of the courtyard. From one moment to the next, they began to slowly scale the fence until they landed in a pile on the other side. Four creatures now loomed in the courtyard, sitting right in front of the door of the ferry shop. “Iohmar, we have to get back inside the garage. The doors in there still need barricaded!” Lumina called over the thunder. The convenience store was quickly being taken over by the creatures, so relocating to the ferry shop would probably be their best course of action. Despite her reasonable thinking, Lumina felt her legs shaking as she slowly began to make her way across the yard. The last time she was in close quarters with the creatures, one grab had left her wrist bruised and nearly broken. She couldn’t afford to be caught in its grasp again. “I’m going to run for it. I should be quick enough to slip past them, I pray,” Lumina called again. Not wanting to waste any more of what little time they had, Lumina made a dash for the door. The creature standing directly standing in front of the door turned to Lumina as she approached. This one had some type of fishing net wrapped around its head, leaving it bloated and purple. Glancing downward, Lumina made notice of the way the rain had transformed parts of the terrain into slick mud slides. Just as she approached the monster, Lumina dove for the ground. It certainly wasn’t the most clothing sensitive technique, but it allowed the girl to slide directly underneath the creatures legs. What traction it was able to find in grabbing her clothes quickly proved to be ineffective due to the rain. Before it could turn to meet the girl once more, Lumina had already rushed into the ferry store. “Oh no, I did love this jacket,” Lumina mumbled, glancing downward at the once white coat. Before the creature could attempt to enter, Lumina put her back to the door and braced for the blows that would no doubt come from it. Eventually, the slamming stopped. It was almost as if the monster had become transfixed on another situation in the courtyard, and decided to leave Lumina. Had the group in the other store been able to escape and make their way into the courtyard? Getting past just one of the creatures had proven difficult for her, and knowing the others would have to deal with even more if they wanted to cross the courtyard didn’t help with her despair. “I have to...have to block the front door,” Lumina spoke to herself in an attempt to relax. All things considered, the ferry shop was relatively quiet. The only sound being that of the downpour above. Quickly, Lumina moved to the front of the store. It was then she felt a small breeze blow through her hair. The back door to the ferry shop hung open, rocking back and forth on rusty hinges. Lumina stood for a moment, eyes widening in fear as she realized what that meant. Something had already gotten inside. The shelf beside Lumina toppled over, causing Lumina to shriek. If she hadn’t moved sooner, it would have no doubt crushed her. Behind the shelf sat a large, grotesque figure. This one’s eyes had been gouged out, leaving rotting sockets swarmed with maggots. Lumina slowly backed up, her eyes frantically searching for some way out of this disaster. Going back into the courtyard seemed to be her only option. Running for the back door would only lead her to more of the creatures, while going back the way she came would allow her to get assistance from the others. Lumina spun and made for the door, only to be yanked back immediately. The creature had grabbed a fist full of Luminas hair, and swiftly lifted the elf into the air. Lumina attempted to squirm in the creature's grasp, and managed to land a single kick right in its face. The creature, in a fit of what appeared to be rage, threw Lumina across the floor, sending her straight into the counter. What little breath she had left in her lungs was quickly snatched by the impact, leaving her fighting to breathe. Relying on pure adrenaline, Lumina stumbled to her feet, once again making for the back door. Her path forced her to cross over the shelf that she, Iohmar, and Maat had dropped on the original creature. Lumina jumped over the shelf, landing directly on a pile of blood that had yet to dry. This caused her to slip, forcing her to make friends with the floor once more. The creature had managed to keep up, and bent over to lift the elf up in a choke hold that threatened to crush her lungs. It slammed her against the door, and her head ricocheted off the steel part of the door frame. Her vision was slowly fading to black, her last sight would be that of the soulless creature strangling the life from her. I’m sorry, Aedos. THUMP THUMP THUMP "Let us in!" Behind her, someone called out for help. Lumina, having realized she was acting like a barricade for the door, quickly snapped back to her senses. With what little strength she had left, she reached up and placed her hands on either side of the monster's face. “I’m so sorry,” she managed to croak. In a flash, tiny lights began to peak out from the bloated flesh of her assailant. In the next moment, these lights connected, forming what seemed like a beautiful constellation of stars. The creature let out one final howl before the prayer activated, causing the lights to shoot outward. All that was left were the blood splatters on the wall. Lumina fell to the ground, gasping and heaving. She quickly turned and yanked the door open, allowing Quill and the others to enter. That spell had exhausted her for the moment, causing her to slump backwards onto the floor. A pool of blood slowly formed underneath the girls head, dying her once shiny blonde hair a vibrant scarlet. “The back door....needs barricaded.”
  6. Yes! That’s not a problem! I’ll get a reply out sometime this weekend 🙂
  7. “I-Infected? I don’t think so - I mean, I feel fine!” Lumina spoke, suddenly extremely anxious about the situation. Certainly there was no way that creature could’ve transmitted some type of disease to her from simply grabbing her wrist? The young elf held her wrist up to her face and eyed it closely. It was odd that her magic had been unable to completely clear up the bruising. Had this been the result of the infection? Would Lumina slow start to morph into something like the creature that had attacked them? Maat appeared behind her then, stating that he hadn’t thought of the possibility of an infection. That comment didn’t help Lumina’s paranoia, and the other’s reactions only added to her fear. Quill took her hand and examined it, stating that next time she should try not to get into grabbing distance in the first place. Lumina nodded, biting at her lip. She moved and placed the palm of her hand on her forehand. The girl whispered to herself, reciting the prayer she had become more than comfortable with. A small light appeared against her forehead, then. After a brief moment, it faded, and Lumina smiled. “My body’s reacting normally to my magic. I’m going to pray that means there’s no infection. I...I’ll keep my distance, just to be safe,” Lumina concluded, a hint of sadness tinting her usually cheerful voice. Before she could think about the situation any longer, Quill reentered the room, stating that they would need to lock the room again. Lumina nodded and moved back into the grocery store. Her eyes moved to the windows, and widened at the sight of the figures outside. The stalked towards the store, oddly reminiscent of the creature that had attacked the group minutes prior. Maat yelled for the girls to help stack stuff in front of the windows, and Lumina quickly obliged. She moved to push one of the tall cabinets in front of the window, and began to fill it with cans of whale meat to help add some much needed weight. Above them, the lights flickered on. “Oh, it feels so good to see again!” Lumina cheered, taking her victories where she could get them. Once the shelf was sufficiently filled, she backed away from the window. Part of her was nervous the glass would shatter any moment, sending the shelf toppling onto her. It wasn’t particularly in her interest to make a bad situation much worse. Would it be possible to summon it now? Lumina glanced down at her hands. She hadn’t used her new power in combat yet, but a dire situation may call for it. After all, that was the reason she decided to develop it in the first place. Her healing could save her after a fight was over, but it wouldn’t save her if the enemy was able to strike her down before she got the chance to escape. No. Conserve it when there’s no other choice. The girl snapped from her thoughts and turned to glance out into the courtyard. Through the rain, she could barely make out the figure of Iohmar standing in the courtyard. A frightening thought dawned on her, and she turned to look for Maat. “Maat - the door you came in earlier - is it locked? There’s the fence in the courtyard, as well. You don’t think they’d be able to scale it?” Lumina questioned, turning to make her way towards the door outside. If the group was completely surrounded on all sides, how would they escape? Would they be able to survive against the onslaught of these creatures? Lumina prayed for her goddess’ assistance, and for the salvation of the poor souls that had been corrupted by these creatures.
  8. Yes, Lumina did leave the Jerry can in the ferry store. Sorry for not clarifying that!!
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    ~ THREADS ~ [GS] Gemini - Completed The young Elf, Lumina, journeyed to Nu Martyr in hopes of aiding the citizens caught in the riots that followed the PRIME's assassination. After arriving, Lumina came into contact with Aedos Chanaril, the Duke of Nu Marty. Lumina was unaware of his status at the time, but assumed he had been of nobility due to his clothing. After narrowly avoiding an attack from the giant assaulting the land, Lumina and Aedos worked to evacuate the villagers out of the village and towards a location where they could be rescued. Unfortunately, the beast that attacked the duo prior had been able to catch up with the group, forcing Lumina and Aedos to attack the giant head on. The two eventually became exhausted, leaving little hope of survival. Lumina had been forced to use Sovereign's Light, which caused her to pass out from exhaustion. After coming to, the girl witnessed another woman appear in the sky and strike the giant down. Lumina had assumed the woman was some sort of divine intervention sent to aid the two, but in reality, the woman was Lilith Reiter. After the god had been defeated, an airship belonging to House Chanaril arrived. Aedos', having been critically injured due to the use of Old Renovation magics ,was rushed into surgery. Lumina decided it would be best to stay by Aedos' to support him when his surgery was completed. Although unsure of the road ahead, Lumina was determined to brave this new frontier with compassion and empathy. *Following the events of Gemini's attack, Lumina began to train her more offensive spells. Part of her reasoning was seeing how little damage she was able to do to the god. Her healing wouldn't save her in dire situations where she would have to defend herself or protect those who couldn't fight. Her first major project is to develop a melee weapon that she could summon when necessary. A journey back to her village may be necessary in order to acquire the tomes she studied when first developing her magic. She believes there may be more advanced tomes locked away in the Chapel located in the center of the village. This is all mere speculation, however. Dead God's Inheritance - In Progress
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    [GS] Gemini

    Lumina smiled at Delphina. So that’s where the resemblance came from! It was hard to disregard the similarities between the two, even before knowing they were siblings. It was very probable that the older woman that had been with Delphina earlier was the grandmother of the two, but that assumption was much more out there. It was obvious the woman was close with Delphina, so offending her would no doubt put Lumina in an awkward position. “Aedos - pardon me, the duke - was fearless. I tried my best to support and heal him whenever he was knocked down, but his drive was evident. It was an honor to help him,” Lumina explained to Delphina. Before their conversation could continue further, a worker came to speak with Delphina. Lumina turned to survey the area around her, not wanting to eavesdrop on the conversation. The airship seemed to be extremely vast, and the medbay was only one small part of it. "I have to head over to him right now and start his surgery, but feel free to wander around and get used to the airship. We'll be arriving at the Chanaril Mansion in a few hours; once we get there we can of course sort out the logistics and decide on how to best fit you into the House." Lumina nodded at Delphina as she left. Chanaril Mansion? It certainly sounded lavish. It was hard for her to imagine fitting in with these nobles. Lumina had little experience with politics, not even recognizing the Duke of Nu Martyr when he was standing right in front of her. The girl pushed the thoughts aside and moved to climb out of her bed. Her right leg still ached, but the rest of her body appeared to be healing relatively quickly. She turned to make the bed before leaving the room. The airship was extremely difficult for Lumina to navigate. She didn’t want to accidentally stumble into a place she wasn’t allowed, so she made it a point not to rush into any rooms where people were working. Eventually, she came upon a large window in one of the hallways. The scorched land below them was quickly falling behind. Her mind wandered, then, to the family she had met earlier. They had come so close to losing their child, and Lumina didn’t want to think what would have happened had she not been there. Her own village intruded her thoughts. Lumina hadn’t been there when the reckoning had been set upon her village, but would things have changed if she had been? Would she have been able to shift the course of the village on her own? Would she be able to change the course of the fate she was heading towards? Her eyes moved to stare at her reflection. Despite all the injuries, she still recognized the girl staring back at her. Her grip on the railing loosened ever so slightly. For the first time in a while, all the whispers in her head ceased. Her breathing slowed, and she felt herself relax. Just because her fate was decided didn’t mean her story was too.
  11. Lumina sat in the pile of miscellaneous garbage, her free arm wrapped snug around the orange jerry can. Her wrist ached with a fiery pain, but it had to be stifled for the moment. The monster continued its assault, this time interrupted by several jolts of electricity running through its body. Maat came and helped Lumina to her feet, and the two quickly moved to help Iohmar push the shelf on top of the creature. With her injured wrist, Lumina opted to instead push the shelf using her shoulder. Eventually, the shelf toppled on top of the creature. For the moment, she believed that it had survived and the shelf was merely an annoyance to it. The shelf eventually crushed the attacker, sending its insides sprawling across the floor. Lumina’s nostrils flared and she could feel her stomach ache at the site. She turned away and moved to lean on the counter. Iohmar approached her, thanking her for the rescue. She smiled and shook her head. “I truly thought the can would be more effective. That was a hasty decision from me; if I hadn’t been able to break free…” the girl shook her head and turned to roll her sleeve up. Where the monster had grabbed her was a dark purple ring around her wrist. Small red spots erupted in some spots, hinting that the monster had been able to rupture her blood vessels. Its strength was truly terrifying, but Lumina felt pity for it. There were clearly human aspects of it left, but those aspects had been tainted by the atrocious flesh that covered most of its body. Lumina shook her head and moved to delicately wrap her hand around her wrist. She breathed deeply for the moment, reciting a small prayer under her breath. The fiery pain was quickly replaced with a cool, refreshing feeling. It almost felt like her arm was falling asleep. After a moment, she removed her hand and flexed her wrist. The spot where the bruising had been its worst was now gone, replaced by her usual fair skin. “That’s better. I believe it would be best to go inform the others what has happened. I pray there was only one of them roaming around,” Lumina announced, moving to leave the room. Her rushed exit was mainly due to the absolutely horrific smell coming from the monster. Had it been possible that killing it had caused an even worse smell to emit from it? Lumina hurried over to the building across the courtyard, hoping the other group hadn’t traveled too far from where they had left them. Upon entering the store, Lumina’s heart sunk. The group was gone, and the girl began to panic. What if they had left to find help? Navigating the storm would be extremely difficult, and with the added threat of monsters, Lumina worried it would be impossible. Luckily, the sound of voices interrupted her thoughts. The girl moved towards them, and came upon Quill, Taylor, and June. “Oh goodness! Ladies, something just attacked Maat and Iohmar. It was a person but I’m not entirely sure if it was a person because there was a grotesque hunk of flesh on top of it so I’m beginning to believe that something infected it but it was really strong and nearly broke my wrist,” Lumina rambled, trying to her best to appear coherent in front of the trio. It was obvious, however, that the attack had left her shocked.
  12. Sorry it's taking me longer than I would like to get a post out! I had a crazy schedule with work this week so I'll be trying to get a post out tomorrow or saturday!
  13. I haven't forgotten about our thread! Aedos and Lumina are first on my to do list! I had a meeting today and have been working on interrogatories all day so I haven't had time, but Aedos is 'bout ta get back in actions. Soon!

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      Woohoo! It's great to see you back! I'm super excited to get back into our thread. I hope everything has been going well on your end!

  14. Titus reentered the room with a drink in his hand. For a moment there was a silence between them, only accompanied by the sound of Titus sipping on his drink. Marina kept her hands clasped behind her, keeping the barrier that was her smile up. Suddenly Titus reached out and grabbed Marina’s wrist, closing the distance between the two of them. Titus was much taller than her, so she ended up colliding with his chest. “Marina, let’s do something fun tonight. There’s that curfew but I could hire someone to come cook for us tonight,” Titus whispered in her hair. Marina, suddenly unsure of what to do, remained silent for the moment. It had been a while since Titus had shown affection like this. When they had first gotten married Titus was at his flirtiest. He wanted to constantly be around Marina, and made sure that she was happy. Once Titus’ began to work more, however, the spark between them began to fade until it was barely an ember. His carefree and aloof behavior turned into diligence. He was gone more and more often, and their relationship faded with him. But here, in his arms, Marina felt her heart flutter. “I would love that, but I thought you had that conference?” Marina asked, her head still resting against his chest. “Yeah, but it won’t last that long. Marina....I miss you. I feel like we barely see each other and when we do you always look like you’re worried about something. Can we please just have tonight?” Titus spoke, his arms moving to wrap around Marina. Had something happened? Just yesterday, he had mentioned how he didn’t have time for dates that interfered with his work. What had changed his mind so much? “I have to go see my mom later, but I’d like that a lot. It’s a date!” Marina replied, finally glancing up to look at her husband. He was looking down at her, and smiling. It felt good to be like this with him. It was obvious that Marina hadn’t married her best friend, but getting closer to Titus again might’ve been exactly what she needed right now. ~ The slums hadn’t changed much since Marina had last visited them. Rows of apartment buildings sat together along the street. Some were in better shape than others, but overall the buildings left much to be desired. Groups of kids played in the middle of the street, playing with a half deflated soccer ball. Despite the less than adequate living conditions, there was a strong sense of community in this part of the slums. Families had worked together to help rebuild some of the buildings that had collapsed, which in turn allowed their kids to bond. Marina’s family had been lucky enough to find a decent apartment with the money Marina had pooled together for them. Still, Marina couldn’t help but feel bad for her parents. They didn’t deserve this; nobody did. That was the tragedy in all of this. All the augmentations and modifications couldn’t change the fact that things were becoming worse. “Marina! I was starting to think you missed the train!” A familiar voice called out to Marina as she made her way down the sidewalk “Thomas! How are you?” Marina said, spinning around to meet her brother. Thomas was a few years younger than Marina, but the two had been close her whole life. He shared the same blonde hair that Marina had, and she swore they had identical noses. Or maybe that was just all the genetic work she had done talking. “Mom wanted me to keep an eye out for you, said she was worried about you missing the curfew,” Thomas explained, moving to pull Marina into a hug. “I’m cutting it a little close, but who cares? How hard are they going to enforce a nine o’clock curfew? I’ll be fine,” Marina assured Thomas. The two left the street and entered one of the many red bricked apartment buildings. Upon entering her family's apartment, Marina was immediately greeted by Edie, the family’s Siamese cat. She was a little chunky, but she was probably the cutest animal Marina had ever encountered. “Edie, what are they feeding ya? Let me help you out,” Marina whispered, squatting down to pick the cat up. She turned the corner and entered the kitchen. Her mother stood there, peering over a pot of some type of stew. “How are you hun? I was just gettin’ worried and sent Thomas out to make sure you got here okay. Things have been a little coocoo bananas since that plant exploded,” Marina’s mother, Annette, spoke. She was a short, slender woman with glasses. Cooking had been Annette’s passion her whole life. While moving to the slums had forced her to become a little creative with her recipes, any meal could become successful with heart and dedication. “How’s Titus doing? You should bring him down some time!” Annette continued, wiping her hands on her apron. “Could you imagine me trying to get Titus to agree to that? He barely sits down when he’s in the house; the train ride would kill him,” Marina replied, laughing and sitting down at the counter. She thought back to earlier that day, when Titus had made that offer to Marina. Her stomach lurched, then. Guilt was always with her for the things she did behind his back. The envelope of money for her family sat in the bag just beside her. Money that Marina had promised was going to charities that needed it most. “Hey, I have a present for you,” Marina finally said, reaching over to pull the envelope out of her bag. “Sweetie, I can’t keep taking money from you. It’s not right for me to siphon my daughter like this,” Annette sighed, looking at Marina from above her glasses. “Mom, trust me, it’s fine. Titus and I don’t mind, it’s the least we can do for you. Please, just take it,” Marina said, sliding the envelope across the table. “Thank you so much. I’ll trade you some soup!” Annette laughed, turning back to the cupboard to grab some bowels. “That’s perfect, mom.”
  15. I'm still definitely in this! I was waiting for Lilium to post as well but I'll get working on a post within the next few days! 🙂
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