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  1. "I don't suppose this is some type of furnace? Maybe burning...whatever this stuff is, could help get the power going again?" Lumina theorized, stepping closer and gazing down into the pit before them. She cringed at the smell, and found herself turning away for a moment. Upon further inspection, she became aware that the contents of the pit consisted mainly of rotten flesh and fat, mixed together with time. Crushed bones sat, sinking deeper into the fleshy contents as if it was quicksand. She took another cautious step forward, her body just barely touching the railing separating the two from the pit. "I believe I could cause a fire to start, if I focus hard enough." The girl put both of her hands out, suddenly becoming aware of an incessant headache forming in the back of her head. Her hands were heavily bruised and cut, with dry blood forming in the cuticles of her nails. She flipped them over, turning her open palms toward the ceiling. A translucent orb appeared in her hand, then. Inside the orb, smaller particles danced around, bouncing off the sides of the orb. The exterior of the orb dissipated, and the small orbs from the inside began to form into thick, rope-like ribbons of what appeared to be light. Like jumper cables, these ribbons elongated down the side of the pit, until eventually they made contact with the mass of flesh and grease. They punctured the mass, and for a moment all was quiet. In an instant, the silence was replaced by the ever so quiet sound of something sizzling. “Oh, goddess, the smell,” Lumina muttered, nearly breaking the tether between her and the flesh. A rotten, putrid smell pried its way into her eyes, burning them with its stench. It took all her power to keep her eyes focused on the task at hand. Eventually, a small flame ignited on the top of the grease, and Lumina smiled. “Oh! Oh! I did it! We got a fire goi-” Lumina was dead - or so she believed she was. The fire ignited something deep within the flesh, and it detonated. In an instant, ravenous flames climbed the sides of the pit, quickly approaching Lumina. Her eyes widened, but before she could react, the explosion rocked her body. She was thrown backward, like a ragdoll, and slammed into the wall with a deadly thud. The breath left her body, and her face collided with the floor. Stars danced in her vision, and an excruciating pain devoured her right leg. A loud groan escaped her mouth, and she tried in a futile attempt to push herself off the ground. Her arms shook, and she fell again, letting out a yelp in the process. She lifted her head and saw the crumpled body of Maat laying on the other side of the room. “M-Maat!” Lumina cried out, forcing herself to her feet. She stumbled over to his body and collapsed on her knees next to him. “I am so sorry! Please be okay! I didn’t mean to - I thought-” Lumina cried out, immediately trying to procure so restorative magic from her hands. Her body erupted in a fiery pain and she threatened to topple her. Glancing upward, she saw that the door to the room had been effectively blown off its hinges. Her ears perked up, and she could barely make out the sound of something lingering just down the hallway. They grew closer with each breath she took. Lumina had, in an instant, ruined everything they had been working towards. Who would save her now?
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  6. Lumina smiled as the jacket was draped over her shoulders. It provided a much needed respite from the cold the duo were traversing through. She moved to fit her arms through the sleeves, and tucked one of the flares away in one of the large pockets in the front of the jacket. Part of her was disappointed that there wasn’t a way to bring the rest of them, but carrying more stuff would only slow them down. With those creatures lurking in the area just outside, it was hard to make an argument for more weight. “I suppose our best bet would be to head towards the power supply room up here,” Lumina said, motioning her light towards one of two adjacent rooms located just left of the killing floor, “I don’t know if we’ll find any luck in turning on the power, but it may be the only way to get that elevator moving again,” Lumina concluded, moving to leave the room. She turned one final time to give the room a glance over. The pools of blood that had formed nearly blended into the floor due to the red light that overtook the room. The floating bullet still remained, paused in a stasis that was a hint of something Lumina just couldn’t quite place. She shook her head and pushed open the door, leaving the fleshy lockers, and the remnants of a person long gone, behind. Once the duo had left the locker room, Lumina reignited her light and felt herself jump as a large bang sounded throughout the room. One of the large oil barrels the two had seen earlier rolled into view, stopping right before hitting another one of the containers. In the distance, something hissed, as if the sound had surprised it as well. The sound was followed by erratic footsteps that smacked against the pavement with intense purpose. For a moment, Lumina threatened to lock down. She tensed up, and felt herself begin to panic as the footsteps became louder. Snarls and growls of ravenous bodies grew closer and closer. Whatever had rolled that barrel had just set off a time bomb that was soon about to go off. “W-We need to get going,” Lumina whispered, her voice shaking in fear. She took a tentative step forward, testing to see just how much noise one step made. She nodded back at Maat and the two began to double back towards the way they came. As much as she would have loved to take the quicker way to the power room, Goddess knew what things had begun to infest it while they had been in the locker room. If they wanted to avoid the creatures best they could, doubling back seemed to be their only option. Lumina moved along the cargo containers, one hand placed gently on the cold steel of the container just beside them. The other one was extended in front of her, just barely illuminating the path ahead. Every few seconds, she would glance behind her to make sure Maat was still with her. She attempted to keep the light low, lest the creatures spot it from above and make a break for her. Going on without the light would leave the two in an inky, suffocating darkness that would only confuse them more. All they needed to do was make it around this bend, and they would be in the long hallway just before the power room. The shuffling of feet could be heard just on the other side of the container, causing Lumina to stop and listen. Eventually, they faded away, and she continued. Just a few more steps, and they’d be out; she was sure of it. If the map was correct, all they needed to do was make this last turn and- Something was with them. At first, she had barely noticed it, what with the small area her light was able to illuminate. Slowly it came into view, it’s elongated arms patting along the edges of the containers that had encased it. It moved slowly, but with purpose, no doubt searching for some type of sustenance in this labyrinth. Its jaw had seemingly reversed inwards, creating an empty void where its mouth should have been. It was as if the body of a human had been used as a shell, and mutated into what it is now. Lumina let out a small cry and immediately brought her hand to her chest, snuffing out the light. She pressed her back against the container and put both hands against her mouth, stifling any cries that threatened to escape her. The creature stalked forward, its spindly arms moving to feel the floor around it. Lumina attempted to make herself as small as possible, and prayed that Maat was doing the same. Her heart pounded in her ears, and she felt her legs shake. The creature walked forward until it was just in front of Maat and Lumina. Here, Lumina could hear it making some type of wheezing noise, as if every breath was a struggle. The smell of it plagued her nose; a mixture of rot and vomit that made her nauseous. It stopped for a moment, its head turning erratically to survey the area. Lumina was sure she stopped breathing, afraid even the smallest sound would alert it to her presence. It leaned forward, coming dangerously close to the girl's face. She could feel its hot, putrid breath on her neck. Lumi! Stop crying! You’re not a baby anymore! Lumina closed her eyes shut as the voices came again. She hadn’t heard them since her visit to Nehalen, and for a while she thought they had decided to leave her alone. They visited her from time to time, reminding her of the past that continued to weigh her down. They were against her, and reminded her that she shouldn’t be afraid of the monster in front of her. She should be afraid of the one inside of her. Eventually the creature moved past her, seemingly unable to find anything to devour. Lumina waited in that darkness for what seemed like ages, afraid to even make the smallest movement. The light in her hands awakened again, chasing away the darkness. Lumina felt something warm run down her face, and realized that she had been crying. She quickly turned away from Maat and wiped the tears. “That...that was close,” Lumina whispered, taking several deep breaths, “Are you okay?” She asked Maat, turning around to look at her friend. With the situation barely contained, the two continued their journey out of the maze. Eventually, the cargo beside them ended, revealing a long, dark hallway that was no doubt the one leading to the power supply room. Carefully, Lumina and Maat journeyed down the hallway. This time, Lumina was sure to keep an eye on the threshold that separated the light from the darkness. Two doors came into view, just barely visible against the dark walls. Lumina glanced at Maat’s map again, and let out a small sigh of relief. They had managed to navigate their way out of the maze of cargo, and were now standing directly in front of what she believed to be the power room. At the end of the hallway sat another door, which she believed to lead deeper into the ship. Although unlocked, the door refused to move, even with the weight of both Maat and Lumina pressed against it. It was almost as if something was on the other side, blocking the two from entering. “Okay then, I think these two doors are what we are looking for, Maat!” Lumina smiled, thankful for this small win. She took a step forward and pressed lightly against the door. It gave a little resistance, but she was able to push it open with little hassle. It groaned loudly as it opened, causing Lumina to cringe. They had just avoided the monsters in the maze; attracting them now would only send them back to square one. “Nowhere else to go but forward, as they say,” Lumina reasoned, giving Maat another small smile before stepping into the room.
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  8. "Okay, let's stay together. One step at a time," Lumina affirmed, allowing Maat to lean on her as they made their way through the cargo. Seeing the area directly in front was easy with Lumina's light. Everything else, however, was enshrouded in a darkness that was only washed away when lightning illuminated the area. Relying on lightning to guide them around was less than desirable, but it seemed getting the actual lights on was out of the question for the moment. The cargo around them had formed in such an odd manner, making it hard to distinguish new routes from ones they had gone mere moments ago. "How do you think these containers ended up like this? There had to be some level organization at some point, correct?" Lumina wondered aloud, following a long, winding path of containers. What had happened to the crew of this ship? The disorganization led her to believe that the ship had been abandoned for a while, but someone had to have blown the horn. How did it just coincidentally come directly to them, instead of floating aimlessly in the ocean? Eventually, the two came upon a large open area where the containers on either side of them disappeared. The sound of running water was now accompanied by that of a fan, which was no doubt aiding in the grotesque smell that plagued the room. Lightning illuminated the room, which revealed a worse sight than Lumina had anticipated. A towering mountain of flesh grew from the center of the room. Whale carcasses laid on top of each other, their insides flung across the floor like some type of morbid decoration. Lumina's eyes widened as she caught movement above the bodies. Figures with ravenous hands reached into the bodies, tearing and clawing at the slimy flesh. Darkness overtook the room again, leaving Lumina and Maat and in an oppressive silence. The smell overtook her senses, causing Lumina to immediately cover her mouth, inadvertently snuffing on the light in her hand. Lumina reached out and placed a hand on the center of Maat's back, trying to orient herself in this darkness. She hadn't a clue what the figures on top of the whale corpses were, but she prayed they didn't have a keen sense of hearing. Something told her that their craving for flesh wouldn't just apply to whale carcasses. "It's okay. It's okay," Lumina whispered, trying her best to calm her nerves. The smell burned her nostrils, causing her eyes to water and her throat to ache. It hadn't occurred to her how thirsty she was. How long had it been since she had drank anything? She had eaten on the bus, so why did it feel like she hadn't had a meal in a few days? She rubbed her eyes, opened her palm, and allowed her light to illuminate the area once more. "D-Do you think this is where all that whale meat is coming from? They had so much at the store, but that doesn't make sense. All these body parts have to be rotting, so how are they selling so much in this condition? None of this is making any sense," Lumina cried softly, doubling over to catch her breath. "You'd believe there would be some type of emergency exit, but I see nothing like that. The lift may be our best option; I just pray the others aren't down with us," She said, her head moving to face the direction opposite of the flesh mountain, "I think - I think we need to go another way. There has to be a way around this," Lumina reasoned. Once Maat was ready to move, they two journeyed back into the containers once more. The boxes in this area of the hold threatened to topple each time the ship rocked, forcing Lumina to abruptly stop each time the containers made any sort of creaking noise. "Sorry. I don't think I entirely trust these things to stand up on their own," Lumina spoke, forcing a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. Eventually, they came upon a space quite unlike anything they had seen in the hold so far. It appeared to be some type of locker room, sandwiched right in between two collapsed containers. A red light bathed the room, casting everything in an eerie glow. Lumina took a hesitant step forward, and felt her feet sink into something squishy. "What is that?" Lumina cried out. Her light illuminated the floor, revealing patches of warm, lively flesh that pulsated with movement. The red light had seemingly camouflaged them, but that wasn't the worst of it. The lockers in the room of thick flesh that squirms as Lumina's light moves over them. In the center of the room, hovering in the air, was a bullet. At first, Lumina mistook it for some sort of insect descending from the ceiling, but there were no strings attached. In front of the bullet was a wall with the scorched remnants of a person long gone "This is a nightmare," Lumina mumbled, eyes moving from the wall, to the flesh lockers, to the patches of flesh beneath them. "Something sinister is at work here. Rational thinking won't work here, I'm afraid," Lumina finished, shaking her head and turning back to the lockers. "Should we open them? I don't think it can hurt," Lumina asked Maat. She could feel herself slowly losing her grasp on reality, as if the edges of her mind were fraying. What was happening to her? She took a deep breath and nodded at Maat. Together, the two pried at the doors of the lockers. The taut skin held strong at first, but slowly began to tear at the seams. The sound of bones splintering was quickly followed by the sound of flesh ripping apart. Entrails of blood and guts spilled onto the floor below them, making Lumina nauseous. Eventually, the door had been completely pulled open. The interior of the locker was completely normal when compared to the door that held it together. Lumina carefully leaned down and scanned the inside. Sitting on the floor of the locker was a black and yellow tactical case. She pulled it out and flipped open the case, revealing six flares. "These should prove useful! I'm not quite sure where we could keep them, however," Lumina wondered, crouching back down to scan the locker once more. She fished around until she eventually pulled out a hard hat and a visibility vest. "We could carry the flares in these pockets, I suppose. Do you think we should check the rest of the lockers?" She inquired, turning to Maat. As much as she dreaded it, finding a weapon would be an advantage against whatever was lurking in this hold. Those creatures were ravenous, and Lumina feared the rotted whale flesh wouldn't satisfy their hunger.
  9. I’m really sorry! I wanted to get the post up yesterday but I think the site might have been down for me? I’m not quite sure what was wrong. Post is definitely coming today!
  10. I have a super busy week so I’ll try to get a post out if I can find some free time. It will most likely come at the end of the week/start of the weekend. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience!!
  11. I really like the idea of the partners working together for a little bit before we all reconvene as a group! It’s cool to see people who didn’t really interact in the beginning get a chance to get to bond. I know this is supposed to be an awful situation but I’m a sucker for character bonding!!!
  12. Lumina smiled to herself as Maat spoke to her. The relief of having another person with her was immense. She wasn't quite sure how she would be able to pull herself from underneath the container without the aid of someone else. One wrong movement - one careless shoulder bumping into the prongs as she slid out - could cause the whole container to collapse on her. How had she even managed to end up pinned like this? Perhaps someone had intentionally set her up like this, thinking Lumina would panic and in turn, cause the container to crush her. Whoever did this, wanted Lumina to slowly lose hope before resigning to her fate. ENOUGH "H-Hey! Don't hurt yourself! I should be okay as long as I don't move too much, there's no need to rush," Lumina called out. The lie had been obvious, but causing Maat to panic would do no good. They both needed to stay calm and think this through. They had survived the shop, they would survive this. She listened quietly as Maat moved underneath her, subconsciously holding her breath. All the while, the light she had summoned was slowly beginning to dim. She focused her attention back on it, but her attempts to draw out her power seemed all for naught. Was she still recovering from the attack? How long had it been since they were swept away in the river? With no clocks or windows, it was hard to tell what time of day it was. Did time even flow correctly in this place? There were so many inconsistences; so many little things that when put together, just didn't make sense. A loud clang of metal and the sound of Maat shouting next to Lumina drew her from her thoughts. She gasped and quickly craned her head to see what happened. An oil barrel now sat next to her, barely able to fit into the space with her. It propped the container up ever so slightly, proving her just a little bit more wiggle room. "I hear you! Please be careful!" Lumina cautioned, turning once more to watch Maat as he climbed the forklift. She listened for a groan of metal, a sign that the container would come crashing down. Thankfully, nothing seemed to be too disturbed as Maat made his way towards her. Eventually, Maat was close enough that Lumina believed they could reach each other. She cautiously reached a hand out and extended her arm as best she could. Their fingers brushed for a moment, but Maat reaching any further would most certainly tip the forklift. She inched forward even more, and the light her hand began to flicker. Soon it would extinguish, leaving Maat and Lumina in a silent, moaning darkness. Maat quickly leaned forward and wrapped his hand around Lumina's. She propped her feet against the container above her and using what strength she could, pushed against it. The container let out a loud groan as Maat pulled at her, and Lumina let out a small yelp as she slid from underneath the container. In an instant, the two fell towards the ground. Lumina instinctively wrapped her arms around Maat's waist, hoping the impact wouldn't be to harsh on him. The sound of the container falling echoed throughout the room, but Lumina was already gone. The two landed on the ground with a thud, and pain shot through the arm that Maat had grabbed. Lumina smiled and, adrenaline still coursing through her veins, pulled Maat into a warm hug. "Thank you, thank you! If I was stuck under there for one more minute, I don't know what I would've done!" Lumina cried, enjoying the feeling of being near another person. It eventually dawned on Lumina that she was, quite literally, sitting on Maat. She let out an embarrassed "ohmygoodnessIamsosorrypleaseexuseme" before quickly moving to stand up. Lumina then offered a hand to Maat, and carefully helped him to his feet. With the adrenaline fading, the dull pain in her shoulder became just a little more obvious. However, Maat's condition was her main concern. "Here, let me see your back. That must've stung, that fall," Lumina said, moving behind Maat, "It might hurt for a second, but I promise it will feel better," Lumina assured. She then placed both her hands on Maat's shoulder blades. Taking a deep breath, the girl began to whisper some sort of incantation. A warm sensation would emit from her hands, slowly traveling up and down the lengths of Maat's back. It was almost as if the sensation was seeking out the cries of pain in his body, and bringing them solace. Eventually, the warmth would slowly fade away. While her power wasn't up to its usual standard, she hoped it bring Maat relief, if only for a little while. "There! How do you feel?" Lumina asked, removing her hands and moving to stand back in front of Maat. With the problem at hand solved, Lumina turned to survey the area around them. Dozens and dozens of containers surrounded, encasing the duo in what seemed to be a metal maze. The sound of waves reverberated throughout the room, making it hard for Lumina to tell just where the sound was coming from. "What is this place? Some sort of cargo hold?" Lumina questioned, slowly turning to take it all in. Nearby, a container sat open. Oil drum crowded the interior, emitting the too familiar odor of dead fish. Perhaps it would be best to avoid them for now. "I think we should try and regroup with the others. They should be nearby, right? Quill! Taylor! June! Iohmar!" Lumina called out. Her voice echoed throughout the room, and the silence the followed didn't give her very much hope. She sighed and turned back to Maat. "Are you okay to move? We can rest for a bit, if you need to. I'm just worried about the others," Lumina said, giving Maat an empathetic smile.
  13. I’ve been on cruise ships before but the ship our groups currently on really reminds of the giant cargo ship from Man of Medan. I know we’ve barely explored the setting but that’s immediately what my mind goes to!
  14. "It's - I'm okay. I just need a few minutes is all. I used some very intense magic to rid us of a creature; my body isn't reacting very well," Lumina assured Taylor, wincing once more as a head rush attacked her. This was one of most dangerous aspects of Lumina's power; one in which she had never truly learned to respect. Her whole life, restorative magic had been ingrained into her mind. She was to be a shield, a vessel of protection for those who couldn't protect themselves. Every since her journey to Nehalen, doubts had begun to sink in about her duty. If she was truly supposed to protect people, why couldn't she fight? Healing meant nothing if the attacker killed you before you had the chance to recover. When the god Gemini was killed, the burst of energy that rushed through her was unparalleled. The heat that would come to her hands every so often was welcoming. It was almost as if the power was at her fingertips, encouraging her to harness it. Her head throbbed again, as if the Goddess herself was scolding Lumina for allowing her mind drift to something so unbecoming. Before the group could dwell on their current situation any longer, the suffocating sound of a foghorn sounded in the distance. It reverberated through Lumina's body, shaking her to the core. While the ship was meant to provide an escape from this wretched shop, it was hard to believe there were no strings attached. Lumina couldn't shake the feeling that there was some malevolent force controlling the ship, feigning safety in order to lure flies into its web. It wasn't like they had a choice in the matter, however, as danger lurked right outside the door. It was either stay here and accept their fate, or make their escape into the unknown. Lumina nodded and attempted to move on her own. Her legs tried their best to function, but Lumina collapsed to her knees almost immediately. At this point, she would only slow the group down. By the time the curse wore off, the creatures outside would have no doubt forced there way inside the shop. How long would it take for them to catch up with Lumina in tow? Would it better for her to stay in the shop, and act as a distraction while the others escape? Fear had set in now, causing the young girl to shake. The mounting dread that began to fill her was excruciating. Even when she and Aedos had fought Gemini, she hadn't been this scared. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes, whether from frustration or fear, Lumina couldn't tell. Quill thankfully approached, offering to help the girl out of the building. I can't die here. Lumina reached out and wrapped her hand around Quill's. The girl rose to her feet and wrapped her arm around Quill's shoulder. Her thoughts were cloudy, but the will to survive triumphed. She had been through so much. Laying down and resigning to her fate in this cursed place was something she just couldn't accept. The group exited the shop and made their way back into the rain. Despite the cold, the rain was a decent solution to Lumina's blood problem. As they walked, the girl wiped at her face, hoping to rid herself of the blood that clung to it. Every once in a while, she would have to stop and catch her breath. Her ribs burned, but she couldn't stop. All she had to do was outlast the null effect on her healing, and she would be fine. Eventually, the river came into view. Black rapids rushed past the group, and a lighting strike revealed what should have been impossible. The trees that had been on the other side of the river had seemingly vanished, sinking into the cold depths. Had it always been like this? Lumina thought back to when the group had first arrived. The trees were always there, weren't they? No, maybe they weren't. "Where - Where are the trees? I...I don't remember the river being this big," Lumina attempted to vocalize, her words slurring in certain places. Before anyone could reply, a large, hulking object came into view. It was a large ship, much bigger than a ferry. Was it some type of cargo ship? It would have never been able to move through the river in that size. How had the river transformed in the time it took the group to escape from the shop? As the ship drew near, the dawning realization that it wasn't stopping hit Lumina a little to late. In her peripheral vision, she saw Taylor stumble into the mud. SHIELD THEM LUMINA SHIELD THEM LUMINA SHIELD THEM LUMINA Voices screamed in her head, causing Lumina to yelp and clutch her head in pain. Dizziness took over again as Lumina attempted to recite some type of incantation. Prismatic swirls of light began to form in the air. Slowly, what appeared to be glass began to form around the group; a sphere of light that would protect them from impact. It shattered as quickly as it formed. "W-What? How?" Lumina cried, eyes searching desperately for the magic. The earth rocked beneath her. She was shoved away from Quill, falling backwards into the ground. The dirt split open, and Lumina was encased in cold water. She flailed her legs in an attempt to gain some type of traction, but they connected with nothing. The rapids overtook her, and what little energy she had left was quickly lost. Lumina drifted downwards. Her hands reached towards the surface, grasping for help that would never come. Lumina awoke with a gasp. The taste of salt water still lingered in her mouth, causing her to turn her head to the side and attempt to cough out what water remained in her system. The area around Lumina was completely dark, but beneath her was a cold, metal surface. The smell of rotting fish was still present, but it would have to be ignored for the moment. She reached underneath her head, checking to see if the bleeding had stopped. Much to her surprise, the wound had began to scab over. She moved her hand and delicately placed it on her side. That familiar warmth returned, and Lumina couldn't help but smile. The aching pain in her head began to slowly subside, along with the shakiness in her legs. She reached one arm in attempt to feel around her area. Her hand had barely left her side before it collided with some type of metallic structure above her. The area beside her was much more open, but she wasn't sure how confident she was in shimmying out from whatever was above her. "Please, please work," Lumina mumbled. In the palm of her hand, a small light appeared. While it was extremely weak, it illuminated just enough that could Lumina could make out what was above her. It was some type of large, metal contain. Mud and blue, chipped paint coated its bottom. Two distinct, yellow prongs sat just below that. A forklift? Somehow, Lumina had ended up pinned right under the metal container. The only thing preventing it from crushing her were the two prongs of what she assumed to be a forklift. She took a deep breath, trying to keep herself from panicking. The metal above her groaned, which certainly didn't help her anxiety. How had she ended up here? The last thing she remembered was toppling into the rapids. Where was everyone else? More importantly, how long would the prongs above her be able to hold the container? Underneath her, the unmistakable sound of someone vomiting pierced the silence. Lumina froze, unsure if she should call out. What if it was another one of those creatures? With Lumina's current position, escaping from it would be almost impossible. Fortunately, a familiar voice soon followed. "Maat! I'm here! Are you alright? I...I can try to come to you!" Lumina called out, glancing from side to side. The metal groaned above her again, making her heart drop. "Um, I think I'm pinned under some type of forklift. It's holding some type of metal container, so the room I have to move is extremely limited," Lumina finally continued, confusion coating her voice. For the most part, she was thankful to be alive, even if that meant being stuck underneath a hulking mass that threatened to crush her at any moment.
  15. This is exciting!! I had a quick question. Does our posting order stay the same? I wasn’t sure if it would change based on who our partner is.
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